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Aliases: Seafoam Island, SIVPH, mewthree_armor
About Me: Well there's really not that much to tell ya...I first saw Pkmn in Jan. '99 when a WB station went on the air in my area and got hooked.
Ways to contact me: Feel free to talk to me anytime I'm on one of these!
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AIM: armormewthree
MSN: mewthree_armor AT yahoo DOT com
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If you wish to submit something or find some kind of error IM'ing me is the easiest way to contact me or you can Click Here to e-mail me.

Co-Webmaster: Umbreon14
About Me: Well, I first got into Pokémon when I saw the commercials for Gold and Silver back in 2000. I got them for Christmas. And I have been hooked ever since.
Ways to contact me: Feel free to contact me for anything! :)
MSN Messenger: same as e-mail
AIM: AteensRule01

Are you interested in joining the fine staff at Seafoam Island? READ HERE!
PLEASE READ AND UNDERSTAND these requirements before applying for staff:
1. You NEED to know HTML and FTP, or at lest have reasonable experience with them.
2. You NEED some previous experience with other webpages or being a webmaster.
3. You NEED the proper software to edit webpages, such as Microsoft Frontpage, Macromedia Dreamweaver, or similar suite, and have the basic skills to use them.
4. IMPORTANT! You need to be mature AND old enough to work on a webpage.
5. You need to be ready to do some serious work.
6. Finally, you need to be ready to knock some sense into me because I am a stubborn person:).

If you meet these requirments, IM'ing me is the easiest way to contact me, but in this case I'd prefer that you Click Here to e-mail me. I will provide you witha copy of the staff application uppon contact.

Positions Available:
1. Game content maker (Especially Ruby/Sapphire & Fire Red/Leaf Green).
2. Episode Guide Writer. Badly Needed*
3. Pokedex Editor/Builder. Badly Needed
3. TCG Deck Author.*
4. Graphics Specialist (Linking Buttons and Top Banners).*
5. Fan Artists and Fan Fiction Writers.*
6. News Updaters Badly Needed
7. Anything else depends on your skills.
*These positions are exempt from most staff requirements. Please contact me for more information.

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