Seafoam Island now offers limited hosting!
Seafoam Islands Terms of Service and Information:
Sites Accepted: Anime, Gaming, TCG/CCG, Others by discretion.
Hosting is BYOD (Bring Your Own Domain).
We do not offer subdomains at this time.
Please read my webhosts Terms Of Service @
Our TOS:
1. No MP3s, ROMs, Warez, Spam, IRC, or Bittorrent.
2. No Adult Content (Hentai, Porn, etc.).
3. No stolen content or pictures.
4. Site must be already created.
5. Site must be accessible to the general public.
6. Site must have good layout and be easy to navigate.
7. Site must have content and cannot be used only for miscellaneous purposes (I.E. Downloads, Image, Backups, Redirect, Forum, or Oekaki Housing)
8. Must agree to put up our Clicksor advertisement where we choose on your layout. (Ad's displays Text and Image ads, Ads are customizable to size and color depending on package chosen, NO POPUPS OR INLINE ADS).

Plans Plan I Plan II Plan III
Disk Space 250MB 500MB 750MB
Monthly Bandwidth 5GB 10GB 15GB
Domain / FTP Features
Domains Allowed 1 2 3
Parked Domains Allowed 5 10 15
Subdomains ( 5 10 15
FTP Accounts 5 10 15
Email Features - Standard CPanel Features
Email Accounts 5 10 15
Account Features - Standard CPanel Features (PHP, CGI, etc)
MySQL Databases 5 10 15
Control Panel Features - Standard CPanel Features
Control Panel Yes Yes Yes
Pricing Information
Plans Plan I Plan II Plan III
Pricing Information Free w/ad Free w/ad Free w/ad

9. Sites that are empty, not used, or closed will be removed after two weeks.
10. We reserve the right to modify these terms and packages without notice.
11. We reserve the right to deny service at our discretion.
12. Any violation of these rules can lead to immediate suspension or termination.
13. We reserve the right to suspened or terminate this service at any time without prior notification.

Meet the requirments and are interested?
Contact Me!
Owner: mewthree w/armor
E-mail: Click Here
AIM: armormewthree
MSN: mewthree_armor AT yahoo DOT com
YIM: mewthree_armor
GIM: mewthreearmor

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