Yellow Walkthrough

Pokemon Yellow is based on the cartoon. You play as Ash and the Pokemon you start off with is Pikachu, a cute yellow rodent. Jesse and
James of Team Rocket are in this game as are their Pokemon Koffing,
Weezing, Ekans, Arbok, and Meowth. Basically, the objective of the game is to travel around the "world" collecting creatures called Pokemon. You catch them by throwing an item called a Poke Ball at them when you encounter one. Each one has different powers. Aided by Pikachu, you travel facing trainers as you go and gym leaders to earn badges to become a Pokemon Master. You also run into your rival, Gary, several times throughout the game. He always seems to be one step ahead of you, though. By the way, Gary starts with an Eevee.

Every Pokemon from red and blue has been redrawn and looks much better.

You influence what form Gary's Eevee takes. If you lose the lab battle, he gets Vaporeon. If you win the lab battle and not fight at Route 22, he gets Flareon. If you win the lab battle and fight at Route 22, he gets Jolteon.

He learns new moves this go around. They are:
Lv. 6-Tail Whip
Lv. 8-Thunder Wave
Lv. 11-Quick Attack
Lv. 15-Double Team
Lv. 20-Slam
Lv. 26-Thunderbolt
Lv. 33-Agility
Lv. 41-Thunder
Lv. 50-Light Screen
He also follows you around! His mood changes depending on what happens. If you win a battle with him, he is happy. If you black out, he is angry. If you deposit him, he is angry. Ungrateful little !@#$%*#@, Isn't he?

Starting the Game
When you turn on your Game Boy, you will see a Nintendo logo, and then a little star flying over the GameFreak logo. Then, you'll see a little Pikachu running towards you, then he'll shoot across the screen, run closer to you, then he'll start surfing, then get a little closer, start flying on balloons, and then when he reaches you, he'll Thundershock you. He'll say "Pika!" then. Press the start button and choose New Game. Enter your name and your rival's name when Oak asks you to. Once that's done, it's time to begin playing Pokemon Yellow!


You start out with Professor Oak asking you a whole bunch of questions. He will ask you what your name is and your rival's, and will generally explain the world of Pokemon to you. Then, you're set loose.

Welcome to Pokemon Yellow! You begin in your room, playing the Super NES. You are Ash, living in the town of Pallet. The first thing to do is to go withdraw the potion from your PC. Then, go downstairs and leave your house, and just like red and blue, you walk out into the grassy area north of Pallet Town. Try to leave town, and Professor Oak will come and say not to go into the wild without your own Pokemon. Then, a wild Pikachu attacks! Professor Oak catches it, and then tells you to come to his lab. There is only one Poke Ball on the table. Gary is there, too. Oak tells you to take the Poke Ball, but Gary whines. Gary wants it! When you go to pick it up, Gary shoves you out of the way and snatches the Pokemon! It is and Eevee. Oak calls you to him and he gives you the untamed Pikachu. As you try to leave the lab, Gary challenges you to your first match. Gary sends out a Lv. 5 Eevee, and you send out your Pikachu. Keep using Thundershock and you'll win. This battle is ridiculously easy, but sometimes it's just impossible to beat him. Eevee is stronger than Pikachu. If you lose, shame on you. If you win Pikachu will grow to level 6 and you get $175, but if you lose, Gary gets the bragging rights. All of a sudden Pikachu just pops out of it's Poke Ball! Oak says that this Pikachu won't stay in it's Poke Ball. Talk to Pikachu to see how he's feeling. Now return to your house, and talk to your mom, she will give you both a rest for free (How nice...) Now exit your house and head north to the grassy area.

Route 1
Now that you have a Pokemon, go on to the bush in the north and level up. Don't worry about catching those Pokemon yet, since you don't have any PokeBalls anyway. Level up your Pikachu to 12 or so. Yes, 12. If you can't be patient enough to take up about 10 extra precious minutes to level up, then stop, take the game out, and sell it right now. If Pikachu faints (make sure that it doesn't, run from battles if you need to), you'll be back in your house, talk to your mom and go back onto route 1. Make your way through the route and talk to anybody you see, one guy will give you a free potion, another will tell you a "faster" way to get home.

Viridian City
Go directly up and right to that first building (with a "poke" sign on it) and go inside, go up and talk to the nurse behind the counter (yes, it's a nurse, whistle!) she'll offer to heal your Pokemon, select heal. Now go northeast to the pokemart (with a "mart" sign), you'll receive Prof. Oak's Parcel. Go back to Pallet town, picking fights as you go.

Pallet Town
Go back into Oak's lab and talk to him, he'll give you and Gary each a Pokedex. Now go into Gary's house and get a town's map, despite what Gary said, his sister will still give you map. Head back to Viridian City and continue to level up you Pikachu.

Viridian City
Now heal your Pokemon. Go to the Pokemart and buy a few potion's, some Antidotes, and 6 pokeballs at the pokemart, you'll need them later. Go back to route 1. Capture a Pidgey and raise it to level 10, capture a Rattata and raise it to level 7 (it should have learned quick attack). Your Pokemon should be around level 12 or above, above would be great. Go back to Viridian City. Go to the poke center and heal your Pokemon.

Route 22 & 23
This is a great place to capture new Pokemon. Don't miss Nidorans, Spearow, and especially Mankey. You'll want to catch a Mankey here and train it until it learns Low Kick. That will come in handy when fighting Brock. If you go to far you will run into...Gary. He has added a Lv. 9 Spearow to his lineup since your last battle, and Eevee has grown to Lv. 8. Use Pikachu's Thundershock on Spearow and Mankey's Low Kick on Eevee. You will receive $280 for beating him. On Route 23 the guard at the gate won't let you through, so let's get the badges shall we?

Viridian City
Head toward route two and stop when you see an old man. Go left and you'll see a broccoli like bush. Press A and you'll find a secret potion. A man in the road will attempt to catch a Rattatta, but will fail. Keep going up to get to the Viridian Forest.

Route 2
Switch your Pidgey as you're leading Pokemon. Now go north into Viridian Forest. (Don't forget to heal your Pokemon at the Viridian pokecenter first)

Viridian Forest (Pokemon catching spree)
Now with a level 10 Pidgey leading, Pikachu at level 16, a level 8 Rattata (you won't be using this much, only to catch some Pokemon), and a level 12 Mankey you're ready for the forest. Immediately go up and turn right into that bush of grass. Now you can find the caterpillar Pokemon Caterpie. Use this chance to build up your other Pokemon. Fight with a Caterpie until level 12 (it'll evolve twice). The final evolution of Caterpie is Butterfree; his psychic attack Confusion will be a big help soon! Remember to go back to Viridian City if you need medical help.

Viridian Forest (getting through the forest)
At the entrance, head northwest to find a pokeball. Go back to the entrance and go right again, follow the path to find a bug catcher trainer, it should be no problem if you have a level 12 Butterfree and a 12 Pidgey. Go up the grass bush, you'll be challenged by another bug trainer. Go up and get the potion, remember if your monster have fainted or has really bad/low health (what I mean by bad is situations like poisoned, etc.), go back to the Viridian City poke center. Use potions and antidotes only if you really must. Keep on going, follow the road as it zigzags through the forest. Keep on going until you reach another fork in the road, you should be facing south when you encounter it. Go right and down to find another potion. From there make your way to the northwest. There's another bug trainer in your way but it's nothing you can't handle. Go north and exit.

Pewter City
Heal your Pokemon. Now put Butterfree in front and head into the pewter city gym. Fight the Jr. Trainer, whose Pokemon are Diglett and a Sandshrew. Face Brock. Brock will have a level 10 Geodude (Tackle, Defense Curl) and an level 12 Onix (Tackle, Screech, Bide, Bind), but if you have Butterfree, you'll take him to school. Go all the way with Harden and the Confusion attack, but have Mankey backing him up just in case, his Low Kick will kill them very fast. Don't even think about using me. Beat him, and you'll receive the Boulderbadge, which will raise your defense a little, TM 34 Bide, and $1188. After you finish Brock, go and buy 4 or 5 pokeballs at the pokemart. Heal your Pokemon and head northwest to the museum. Talk to everyone, you'll be able to fix the clues together later. Go right from the entrance to the museum and you'll find another bush looking thing, cut it later when you get HM 01 and go inside, you'll find a scientist who will give you Old Amber. Oh, 1 more thing, get an escape rope, you'll need it pretty soon.

Route 3
Ah, nothing like a scent of fresh air as we step outside, its time to set out on foot again. There are several trainers on route 3, some can be a big pain in the butt, but most you should be able to get through with no problem. Just follow this formula: use Pidgey against Caterpie and grass Pokemon and Pikachu against flying Pokemon. Capture a Sandshrew on the way. Build your Pikachu's level up against Spearows and Pidgeys. After a long walk, we come to the entrance of Mt. Moon. Heal your Pokemon at the pokecenter right next to the entrance and enter Mt. Moon.

Mt. Moon
Mt. Moon is a long cave that takes a long time to solve, but you can really train your Pokemon here. Go through all possible paths to gain experience. Put a Pikachu in the lead for Zubats, if a trainer sends out a rock type Pokemon send out Butterfree, if they send out a plant or bug Pokemon use Pidgey. Then capture 2 Clefairies (1 for trade) and teach yours Water Gun (TM 12). Be sure you also capture a Geodude and a Paras before you are out of there. Oh and by the way, use the escape rope you bought to get out of Mt. Moon if you're in trouble.

Walk through for items: (entrance) go up and left, you'll face your first trainer (hopefully, no wild Pokemon bothers you). After defeating him, go and get the potion to the left, then go down, you should see another item, it's TM 12. Now go east, you'll be challenged again. Follow the trail up and right, go through the ladder on the right, follow the road to another ladder, as soon as you walk out of that ladder, you'll find your first team rocket member and a HP UP on the stairs. Go back up to the main floor when you finish the rocket. Go south and you'll be challenged yet again, getting fun isn't it? Go southwest from there to find yet another potion. Go east and you'll find some rare candy (raises one of your Pokemon level by one) go up north to get an escape rope. Be sure to challenge that trainer you passed. Go up north and face yet another trainer, switch your Pidgey or Butterfree into the leading Pokemon before you challenge her (I'd go with Butterfree, you'll need a level 17 Butterfree as soon as you exit Cerulean City). Then go left and then down into another ladder, follow the road to another and challenge the team rocket member, remember to swap your Pokemon back before the challenge. Get TM 01 (mega punch) and go back to the main floor. Face another trainer to the south of you. To the left is another one guarding a ladder. Be sure to get the moon stone on the top left corner before going down the ladder. When you've entered the ladder, follow the trail to another rocket, beware of this one, he can give you a hard time. After you beat the rocket, go back up the OTHER side and follow the road, you'll find some Clefairies here, challenge another rocket member. Right near the end, you'll fight a scientist that gives you a fossil if you beat him. Getting the Helix Fossil gives you Omanyte and the Dome Fossil Kabuto. Anyone is fine. Right when you're about to leave, Team Rocket will appear to fight you. They're Jessie and James! The Pokemon aren't powerful, and will be easy to beat. Beat Team Rocket, and exit the cave. Your reward for beating them will be $420. Head west. Go down through the ladder and another one and you're home free, thank goodness!

Route 4
After that long, (cough, cough) long walk, we're heading towards Cerulean City. Be sure to pick up TM 04 (whirlwind) and do something with it, it's useless, so sell it. Your Pikachu should be at level 22 (don't fight ground type Pokemon like Sandshrews with Pikachu). Jump over the hedge on the east and head towards Cerulean City.

Cerulean City
Heal your Pokemon and buy some more pokeballs, deposit all the TMs and escape ropes you didn't use and use your rare candy and HP UP on a Pokemon. Deposit your Rattata too, if you haven't already. Also store the moonstone into your PC too. Don't forget to get Bulbasaur from the house (the correct house is the one where you traded for Jynx in red and blue). When you want to get Bulbasaur, you have to get your Pikachu to become very happy (it has to be waving its hand after it jump up and down), it has to be at level 20 and best of all is to beat Misty first. The best and fast way to get Pikachu to be very happy, you have to let it be the first on the front and without letting it faint till you reach Cerulean City and NEVER PUT IT INTO "BILL'S SYSTEM"! (It will make Pikachu to become very unhappy). Head for the Gym, right next to the pokecenter. If you have a level 22 Pikachu, it'll be a very short fight, just use thunder shock. Go into the backyard of the man that tells you about the badges. You can get a rare candy back there, it's in the center of the yard.

Cerulean City Gym
You can tell that these guys love water, they've transferred the gym into a pool! You'll face 2 lieutenants before you meet Misty.

Misty has a level 18 Staryu (Tackle, Water Gun) and a level 21 Starmie (Tackle, Water Gun, Bubblebeam, and Harden). Pikachu or any other plant type Pokemon would do. Do not use fire, what ever you do. Her Starmie will be the hardest. Pikachu is super effective against it, but as we have learned in the cartoon, even Electric Pokemon can have trouble against strong water attacks. Starmie will constantly use Bubblebeam, a powerful water attack. Get lots of potions and keep using Pikachu and Butterfree. The first step to beating her is probably putting her Pokemon to sleep, and using Pikachu to beat them. The Cascade Badge will allow all Pokemon up to level 30 obey, use CUT anytime, TM 11 Bubblebeam, and $2079 will be your rewards for defeating her. After beating Misty, pat yourself on the back for beating the most difficult gym leader. With the Cascade Badge in hand you can also get Bulbasaur from the trainer next to the pokecenter!

Bike Shop
After defeating Misty, the road to the north will open up, but first visit the bike shop on the southwest corner. They sell bikes for the cheap price of $1,000,000 dollars? Nothing is cheap here.

The Nugget Bridge
Team Rocket has 6 members guarding route 24, but before you can do much, you'll have to face Gary.

Vs. Gary
Ash versus Gary III is uninteresting because he now has four Pokemon from levels 15-18 and they are quite easy to beat. He has a Lv. 18 Spearow, Lv. 15 Sandshrew, Lv. 15 Rattata, Lv. 17 Eevee. Use Pikachu on the Spearow and either Sandshrew or Mankey on everything else. Mankey's Low Kick is super effective against the Rattata and the Eevee. Your reward for beating him is $595.

The Nugget Bridge
On Nugget Bridge, you're going to need to fight 5 people to get the nugget. At the end, the Team Rocket member will fight you. Beat him and the rocket will give you a nugget, sell it off to get $5,000, sweet!

Route 24 & 25
Go north and find TM 45 (Thunderwave, your Pikachu should already have learned this, sell it). Talk to the trainer here, and he'll ask you if you want his Charmander. Pick yes, and now you've got yourself a Charmander for FREE! Try to catch Venonant, Bellsprout, and Oddish. After you pass the trainers to the east, you'll see a house nearby, go in it. Note: By now the rest of your team expect Pikachu should be up to level 20, and Pikachu should be higher.

Sea Cottage
Now you get to meet Bill, world famous Pokemon researcher! Er, um, well, you get to meet a talking Pokemon. Actually, you find out that that is Bill. Talk to him, and he'll walk into this teleporter thingamajig. When this happens, go and activate his PC by walking up to it and pressing "A". He'll re-emerge as a normal human being. Talk to him again, and he'll give you the S. S. Ticket, which you need to board the S. S. Anne. If you exit and enter again, you can check his
PC and see a picture of Eevee, Vaporeon, Jolteon, and Flareon. Head back to Cerulean City.

Cerulean City
Go to the pokecenter and heal your Pokemon. Make sure you have at least 2 awakenings and 2 pokeballs. Exit the pokecenter and go to the house on the northeast corner that has an Officer Jenny next to it, go out to the backyard and defeat team rocket. As a reward you will receive the TM Dig. Dig is an excellent ground attack and can also be used to escape dungeons! Go heal your Pokemon and come back here again. This time, go right, all the way right, then south, you'll eventually find a road that looks like it's for luxury people, this is route 5.

Route 5
Be sure to drop off a weak Pokemon at the daycare. To do this, jump down the middle path to reach the Daycare Center. You can choose to leave one of your Pokemon here to be raised at the price of $100 for each level gained (1 step=1 exp.). The disadvantages here are that you can't choose which moves your Pokemon have and they do not evolve here. Also in the tall grass above the daycare center is your first chance to capture Jigglypuff and the elusive Abra. Here is a secret to capture Abra, use Butterfree and the Sleep Powder attack to keep Abra from teleporting out of battle. Now it is easy to weaken and capture him! From there go right into the underground path. The guy there will give you a Machoke for a Cubone. Return when you've got a Cubone.
When you make this trade, the Machoke goes to you and evolves into a
Machamp! Easy power. When you enter the path, from the steps, take one step forward and press "A". You'll pick up a Full Restore. Head out of the place and you'll emerge on.

Route 6
Come out the other side of the underground path and capture more Pokemon you may have missed, then fight the six trainers and walk into the Vermilion City. One of the bug catchers has a Lv. 20 Butterfree.
That thing is a PAIN. Be careful!

Vermilion City
The first thing you should do is go to the Pokemon Fan Club. Talk to the chairman and listen to him brag about his Pokemon. When he finishes, he'll give you a Bike Voucher, which can be exchanged for a Bicycle in Cerulean City. Buy some super potions and some pokeballs, you should also have 2 or 3 awakenings. Go heal your Pokemon and explore the whole town, going into each house. One guy will give you an Old Fishing Rod. Return to Vermilion City after you get the bike, make your way east of town and down the tiled bridge. Flash your ticket to the guard, and he'll let you on the S.S. Anne.

S.S. Anne
Too bad they don't allow any cycling around here. Explore every room, go the east way first (go down the stairs on the southeast side of the ship when you first enter). Visit the kitchen second. Go back to Vermilion City and heal your Pokemon every time your Pokemon are almost dead, fight every fight you can, and go to the captain last. You should also visit the deck to gain experience for your Pokemon. To do this, go left at the entrance, (visit the stairs on the right first and the kitchen second) then go down the stairs you found. Go south to the next stairs, and DON'T go right yet. When you have reached these stairs, keep on going west. To visit the captain, go left when you first come in, then down but DON'T go into the stairs, go right and then go up, but before you can go into the captain's lounge, you'll hear an annoying voice.

Vs. Gary
Gary has trained his Pokemon since your last encounter, now they are at levels 17-20. This is a good gauge for how well you are doing, if this battle is tough you may need to get more experience for your Pokemon. Gary's pokemon are Lv. 19 Spearow, Lv. 16 Rattata, Lv. 18 Sandshrew, and Lv. 20 Eevee. This battle should be a piece of cake. On Spearow, use Pikachu. On everything else, use Mankey/Primeape and Low Kick. Your reward for beating him is $1300.

Captain's lounge
Go up to the captain and press A, you'll rub his back and he'll give you HM01 Cut! Like Dig this can be taught to a Pokemon as an attack, and also serves, as a way to cut down small trees that will get in your way! Note: Do not look into the captain's garbage can. :)

Bye, Bye S.S. Anne
Get out of the ship and watch the cruise ship leave. Then head for Diglett's cave to the right of the entrance of S.S. Anne.

Vermillion City
Now that you have Cut, cut the bush on the south and go into the gym.

Vermilion City Gym
First talk to the guy on the right when you enter, he'll tell you that you need to solve a code to reach the lieutenant, defeat the 3 trainers in the gym and talk to them, they'll tell you how to solve the code. There are 2 switches randomly hidden inside of the trashcans there. You have to just keep trying to get the two correct ones. Remember, after you've found the first switch, the second switch will be either in the can above, below, to the left or right, or, in some very rare cases, inside of the same can. Once you find the 2 switches, you can battle Lieutenant Surge.

Lt. Surge
When you've solved the code, challenge the lieutenant. He has a level 28 Raichu (Mega Punch, Thunderbolt, Mega Kick, and Growl). He is quite difficult. If you got a Sandslash, this battle is really easy.
Just keep using Slash until the Raichu faints. Once you beat Surge, he will give you the Thunder Badge which raises speed a little, allows you to use FLY anytime, TM 24 (thunderbolt), and $2772 will be your rewards for defeating him. Go talk to Officer Jenny. She is very near the gym, walking around outside. She'll give you Squirtle. To level up Squirtle, head right, past the docks, and into the cave.

Diglett's Cave
Capture a level 22 Diglett, or if you are lucky a high level Dugtrio! This is a really good place to level up Squirtle, and you should have at least a Wartortle before you leave. Go out on the other side of Diglett's Cave.

Route 2
In the first building you come to, you can trade a Clefairy for a Mr.
Mime. Keep going past this building and into the next. Talk to
Professor Oak's Aide and, if you have 10 Pokemon or more, he'll give you the HM 05. Catch an extra Pokemon that can learn this and teach it to him. You'll only use it once, so you shouldn't teach this to any of the Pokemon on your team. Re-enter Diglett's Cave and when you get to the end, you can go right to Route 11 and fight some trainers, or you can do the essential, which is to return to Cerulean City.

Cerulean City
Now, go to the Bike Shop. It's on the last line of buildings. Once you have that, exit the shop. Don't forget to get Old Amber at Pewter City. Go right a little and you should see a plant that you can cut. Cut it, then go right, and then go up. You should come to a place blocked by a bush (it will be to your right). Now keep heading right onto Route 9.

Route 9
This is a good place to level up. Level up Wartortle because you'll need to use him to fight Erika (yes, that sounds weird, but you'll see why later). You should also level up Primeape, because you'll need him later on. His Karate Chop attack does well against Erika. When you reach the end of Route 9, you'll see a PokeCenter, the very short Route 10 (which has 1 trainer), and the entrance to the Rock Tunnel.

Rock Tunnel
This place is a pain. The trainers here can be major pains in the butt, because some of them have really powerful Pokemon like Slowpoke.
Luckily, this place has only one main path, but it is really long, and the constant encounters with trainers and wild Pokemon can really weaken your Pokemon. Go to every path to gain valuable experience. This is a good place to level up your Pokemon. Don't use Pikachu unless you absolutely have to. Put a grass Pokemon in front, and be sure to capture an Onix.

Route 10
After exiting the rock tunnel, you'll need to defeat a few more trainers before you can reach Lavender town. There's a bush on the very north east of the route, go to it and press A to find a secret ether, which replenishes your Pokemon's abilities PP.

Lavender Town
Go to the pokecenter and pokemart and go west. There isn't much you can do in this town, but you should be able to heal your Pokemon and start buying some Great Balls. (don't visit any other place except for the name rater just yet).

Route 8

This is another good place to level up. The only way to have a Kadabra with Kinesis is to catch a wild one. Catch one here if you want that move, but beware, they still have that same annoying habit that Abra has (TELEPORT!). Just keep heading west and you'll eventually come to two buildings, one to your left and one to the north. Enter the one to the north. You'll enter another underground passage. Keep going through there.

Route 7
Go northwest to reach Celadon City, you might also consider gaining some experience in the field of grass nearby.

Celadon City
This city is HUGE. There's a lot to do here. The first thing you'll want to do is go left until you enter the path with Snorlax blocking the way. You should see a place just before that that you can Cut. Do so and go up and left. Enter the house once you exit the gate, and talk to the girl there. She will give you HM 02, FLY.
Here's something you can do really quickly. Fly to Pewter City, and go to the 2 buildings at the top. To the right you'll see an opening in the gate. Go inside, use CUT to cut down the bush, and talk to the scientists inside. One of them will give you the Old Amber. Deposit it for now, you won't need it yet. Return to Celadon City. Right before the PokeCenter, you should see an opening where you can go north. Go their, head west, and then go up again when you see another opening. Head west again, and you should come across a building you can enter from the back. Enter it, follow the staircases, and you should come to a small room with a PokeBall sitting on a table. Get it to get A very rare Pokemon called Eevee, evolve it into a Flareon, Jolteon, or Vaporeon with the appropriate stones found in this city. You can buy evolution stones from the Poke Mart to evolve your Eevee into your choice. Now exit, and head to the Celadon Department Store. Talk to all the people behind the counter, (even if you're not buying anything), a man will give you TM 18 for free Go to the very top floor, activate the vending machines, and buy 2 Fresh Waters, 1 Lemonade, and 1 Soda Pop. Give 1 of each to the girl walking around and she'll give you TM 13, TM 48, and TM 49. Now buy some great balls, some revives and some paralyze heal. Also buy a Pokedoll and any Fire, Leaf, Thunder, or Water Stones you may need!
You now have two choices:
1) Trade over a Magmar from a Blue version of Pokemon (recommended).
2) Buy a Vulpix from the Game Corner (if you can't trade).
If you trade a Magmar, you won't be able to use it on Erika because it won't obey you. If you buy a Vulpix, use it on Erika, along with
Wartortle. Erika's Gym is on the last line of buildings on the left of the city. You'll have to use CUT to get there. (Note: It is a good idea to also teach Sandslash TM 48-Rock Slide.) There's a peeping tom outside of it, it's a wonder why, the gym is full of girls.

Vs. Erika
Erikas got 3 grass type Pokemon, a level 29 Tangela (Mega Drain, Vine Whip, Bind, Constrict), a level 32 Weepinbell (Acid, Razor Leaf, Sleep Powder, Stun Spore), and a level 32 Gloom (Acid, Petal Dance, Sleep Powder, Stun Spore). Flareon or Charizard will wipe them out faster than you can say good bye. Primeape's high attack can also defeat them easily. Erika will be quite difficult if you don't know what to use against her. Amazingly, a fire Pokemon with ember is not a good choice against her. Ember is a weak fire attack and you cannot afford to let Erika attack you. When she does, she'll most likely poison, paralyze, or confuse you. Instead, use a psychic Pokemon or plant Pokemon. Plant Pokemon can't poisoned and psychic Pokemon can really pound plant Pokemon. Defeat her to get the Rainbow Badge which all Pokemon up to level 50 obey, allows you to use STRENGTH anytime, TM 21 (Mega Drain), and $3168 will be your rewards for defeating her. Too bad Giga Drain isn't in Yellow Version, but Mega Drain is powerful enough.

Game Corner
Go to the slot machines building (it's to the left of the pond). GO inside and walk to the back of the room. You should see a Rocket standing there with his back to you. Talk to him and fight him. When you beat him, he'll move away. Activate the poster by pressing A. A secret door to the right. This turns out to be a Team Rocket base entrance!

Getting through this place can be kind of a pain. Level up anyone that you need to. For Giovanni, you'll need to use your Primeape and/or either your Gloom or Wartortle. You should work on getting Blastoise here mostly, but if you don't get him, wait until Saffron City. Here's a short guide to getting through here if you don't want to fight all of the Rockets:
1) Go directly right onto the stairs next to you.
2) Go down, and then go left.
3) When you see the Rocket walking around, go up to a set of stairs.
4) There will be a "maze" that you'll have to get through in this room. It's not quite as difficult as the other one will be.
5) When you get to the end, go on the stairs.
6) Now go up and left. Fight the Rocket member there, and talk to him after you defeat him. He'll drop the Lift Key.
7) Return to the area that number 3 is remarking to.
8) Go through the other "maze" and into the elevator.
9) Ride the elevator to B 4.
10) Fight Jesse and James. They'll have an Arbok, a Weezing, and a Meowth. No sweat.
11) Enter the room that opens when you beat them.

Vs. Giovanni
Giovanni has 2 ground type Pokemon, including a Ryhorn and an Onix, he also has a Persian, a team of water/grass and fighting Pokemon will fit perfectly, use the water/grass Pokemon against the ground Pokemon, and the fighting Pokemon against the Persian. Or, you can use Primeape's Low Kick on every one of these for an easy victory.

Celadon City
Go east to 7, be sure you have the bottle of water with you, go into the guard house leading to Saffron City, After you get into Saffron City, Head east to Lavender Town.

Lavender Town
Go into that big tower. If you did previously you will know you'll need the Silph Scope. Enter the Pokemon Tower (the large tower to the right of the city).

Pokemon Tower
Before you can do much, the annoying voice strikes again.

Vs. Gary
Our Buddy is now up to 5 Pokemon on his team, all ranging from levels 22-25. His team looks very balanced; yours will need to be too if you want to beat him! If Gary chooses Jolteon he has a Lv. 25 Fearow, Lv. 23 Shellder, Lv. 22 Vulpix, Lv. 20 Sandshrew, and a Lv. 25 Eevee. If Gary chooses Vaporeon he has a Lv. 25 Fearow, Lv. 23 Vulpix, Lv. 22 Magnemite, Lv. 20 Sandshrew, and a Lv. 25 Eevee. Use Pikachu on Fearow, use a water Pokemon on Sandslash and Vulpix, use Gloom on Shellder, and use Primeape on Eevee. This battle is really easy.

Pokemon Tower
The ghosts here are a pain in the butt. Only special attacks affect them. Grass attacks are pointless, along with Fighting and Normal.
You should evolve Wartortle into a Blastoise here, and you should work on Magmar or Vulpix, whichever one you chose. Remember the Silph
Scope? This is where you need it. Otherwise, you wouldn't be able to defeat the ghosts. There is a healing area for your Pokemon on the fifth floor, a perfect opportunity to gain levels.. Use it as many times as necessary. When you reach the end, right before you step onto the stairs, a level 30 Marowak will attack you. You cannot capture this Marowak since it is a ghost. Defeat him and go upstairs. Jesse and James will attack you with their Arbok, Meowth, and Weezing. They're as easy as always. Walk up and talk to the man, who is Mr. Fuji, who was missing from Lavender Town. Out of gratitude for trying to find him, he'll give you the PokeFlute. Keep this with you at all times. It will instantly wake any active Pokemon that is asleep. Now head west to?

Saffron City
There's a lot to do here, too. When you enter the outside gate, the guard will stop you. This is what you need the Fresh Water for. He'll take the water and let you through to the city. First, go down to the last line of buildings and into the Mr. Psychic's house. Talk to him and he'll give you TM 29, Psychic. Teach it to Magmar. Now go to the top line of buildings. You'll see 2 gyms. The larger one is Sabrina's Psychic Gym, which is also being guarded by a Rocket. Go inside the smaller one. It is a fighting gym and is very easy to beat. Use it to level up your Pokemon. When you win, you can choose from two fighting Pokemon, Hitmonlee and Hitmonchan. Choose Hitmonlee, his attack is much higher and he learns better moves. If you want, you can replace Primeape with Hitmonlee. Both are near equal in power. Now, head to the Silph Co. building, which is the tall building in the middle of the city.

Silph Co.
Getting through here is pretty straightforward. If you don't have a Vileplume yet, do your best to raise Gloom to level 38 when it learns Petal Dance and then evolve it. If you want Solarbeam that badly, you'll have to wait. There's a TM for Solarbeam (TM 22) on Cinnabar Island. If you're using Vulpix, you should evolve it at level 35 when it learns Flamethrower. Here's another step-by-step trail of the area. It is the quickest route, but I recommend that you still fight all the trainers. Note: On the ninth floor, there is a woman that will let you rest for free. You need to have the Card Key to get there.
1) Go to the fifth floor.
2) Go as far left as possible and all the way down until you approach a
Rocket next to a warp. Take the warp, then immediately re-enter the warp and walk down. You should now be facing the Rocket mentioned above.
3) Waste the Rocket.
4) Go right until you find the Card Key. Exit the same way you did as in #2.
5) Next, go to the third floor.
6) Walk down until you come to the very first Rocket (he cannot be avoided).
7) Waste the Rocket.
8) You'll see a door to your left. Open it.
9) There will be a warp inside of that area. Take it.
10) You'll now enter an area where you will see Gary at the bottom and a guy to the left. Haven't you learned to leave me alone Gary?
11) Waste Gary.
12) BATTLE: Gary
13) Pokemon: If Gary chooses Jolteon he has a Lv. 38 Sandslash, Lv. 35 Ninetales, Lv. 37 Cloyster, Lv. 35 Kadabra, and a Lv. 40 Jolteon. If Gary chooses Vaporeon he has a Lv. 38 Sandslash, Lv. 35 Magneton, Lv. 37 Ninetales, Lv. 35 Kadabra, and a Lv. 40 Vaporeon. This battle is really easy, but if your Pokemon are not high enough, you'll get your butt kicked but good. Use a water Pokemon on Sandslash and Ninetales, Pikachu on Cloyster, and Sandslash on Kadabra and Jolteon.
14) Talk to the guy. He'll give you Lapras once you beat Gary. If you need medical help, go to the southwest corner on the 9th floor.
15) Take the warp at the bottom of the area.
16) Walk down. You will encounter Jesse and James for the last time in the entire game. They were so easy too! Oh well. They still don't have a Persian. Idiocy.
17) Waste Jesse and James.
18) Go right and up and through the door. You'll run into Giovanni.
19) Waste Giovanni. Giovanni has a Lv. 37 Nidorino, Lv. 35 Persian, Lv. 37 Rhyhorn, and a Lv. 41 Nidoqueen. Use anything that need experience on Nidorino, Primeape's Low Kick on Rhyhorn and Persian, and a water pokemon on Nidoqueen.
20) Talk to the president (the guy in the chair) once you beat Giovanni. He'll give you the Master Ball, which will catch any Pokemon at anytime. Since you only get one, save this for Mewtwo. There, now wasn't that the most annoying thing you have ever done? Don't worry, it gets worse. You've now got a choice. You can try to battle Sabrina (TRY is stressed), or you can travel to Fuchsia City to battle Koga.

Saffron City Gym
Step on the first warp tile and keep on stepping on the tile that's above or below you to get to the next room, sooner or later you'll get to a large room with a girl in it, this is Sabrina. Sabrina will be a tough opponent, but she only has a level 50 Abra (FLASH?!?!?!), level 50 Kadabra (Kinesis, Psybeam, Psywave, Recover!!), and a level 50 Alakazam (Psychic, Psywave, Reflect, Recover !@#$%). Be sure to have a lot of potions, if you have a Charizard, get it to level 45 and keep on using slash, it'll finish them with 2 or 3 strikes each might be more with Kadabra or Alakazam because of their move recover), if you have Venasaur, keep on using razor leaf, except on Venomoth, on which you should use a fire Pokemon instead. Use anything you can to beat her. This battle is VERY frustrating. Things to use are regular attacks, because they seem to have some kind of resistance to many special attacks. You will probably not beat them on the first try. Good luck! When you've beaten Sabrina, you'll get the Marsh Badge, which will allow for all Pokemon up to level 70 obey, TM 46 (Psywave), and $4950 will be your rewards for defeating her.

Routes 12-15
After getting your 5th badge, head back to Lavender Town, then head south, be sure to pick up the super rod on route 12, you'll see some grass fields, you can capture some new Pokemon the ever elusive Farfetch'd. Don't forget to get TM 20 and iron, also a little gift from Oak's aid. There are lots of bikers (poison Pokemon), and bird catchers around here too, easy if you have a well trained Pikachu and a well trained Kadabra/Dugtrio. Oh, and by the way, if you try to capture the Snorlax with the Pokeflute, save before you do it as you only get two chances in the game.

Fuchsia City
The city is really a maze itself, to reach the pokecenter and the gym, you'll have to head to the west of the city, not out of it, and follow the little path leading south, visit the gym right after the pokecenter. Again, there's a lot to do here. The Safari Zone is here, where you can catch different kinds of Pokemon without using your Pokemon to weaken them.

Safari Zone
It's at the very north of the city; there will be at least 15 species of different Pokemon, as well as some Pokemon that can only be captured in the Safari Zone, but the main thing you need to do here is find the Gold Teeth and get to the end. Just so you know Exeggcute, Marowak, Tangela, Kangaskhan, Tauros, and Dragonair can only be found here! Pokemon found in Safari Zone:
Entrance: # 29 Nidoran (F) # 32 Nidoran (M) # 33 Nidorino # 46 Paras # 47 Parasect # 102 Exeggcute # 111 Rhyhorn # 114 Tangela # 133 Chansey
Section 1: # 29 Nidoran (F) # 30 Nidorina # 32 Nidoran (M) # 102 Exeggcute # 104 Cubone # 105 Marowak # 123 Scyther # 128 Tauros # 133 Chansey
Section 2: # 29 Nidoran (F) # 30 Nidorina # 32 Nidoran (M) # 111 Rhyhorn # 102 Exeggcute # 104 Cubone # 111 Rhyhorn # 115 Kangaskhan # 123 Scyther # 127 Pinsir
Section 3: # 29 Nidoran (F) # 32 Nidoran (M) # 33 Nidorino # 102 Exeggcute # 104 Cubone # 105 Marowak # 114 Tangela # 127 Pinsir # 128 Tauros
Enter the Safari Zone (which costs $500). You'll find yourself in the area known as the Entrance. Go up and right into Area 1. Go left, up the ladder, left, down the ladder, left, up to another ladder, right, down the ladder, right, up, left, down, left, and into Area 2. Go left, up the ladder (not the one by the sign), left, down, down the ladder, left, up, right, up, left, down, and into Area 3. Take the very first item ball you see, and you should get the Gold Teeth. Now, go left, and into the house. Talk to the guy and he'll give you HM 03, Surf. Now exit the Safari Zone. Go near the gym, and give the Gold Teeth to the man. He'll give you HM04 Strength so you can move, say, that boulder in the warden's house?

Fuchsia City Gym
If you look closely at the screen, you'll see tiny dotted lines. This is the invisible wall, go around it and finally reach Koga. There will be a few trainers. Funny that this gym calls themselves ninja trainers, they train psychic and poison Pokemon, maybe they should try out for Sabrina's gym instead. Koga is at the very middle of the gym; He will have a Lv. 44 Venonat (Toxic, Sleep Powder, Psychic, Tackle), Lv. 46 Venonat (Toxic, Psybeam, Supersonic, Psychic), Lv. 48 Venonat (Psychic, Toxic, Double-Edge, Sleep Powder), and a Lv. 50 Venomoth (Toxic, Double Team, Psychic, Leech Life). The antidote for poison Pokemon is psychic Pokemon, so use a psychic. A Kadabra/Alakazam or a Dugtrio will make this a pretty short fight. Beat him to get the Soulbadge which will allow you to use SURF anytime, and you'll also get TM 06 (Toxic), and $4950 will be your rewards for defeating him.

Routes 16-18
Capture a Raticate and a Fearow on the way, before you go to Cycing Road make sure you have the Bicycle and the Pokeflute. Along the way if you need a "break" with your fingers and your bike, press B to stop. If you have already gotten rid of or have captured the Snorlax in the way, then cut the bush blocking the way north. Now keep on going west, you'll see a little house with a girl inside, talk to her and she'll give you HM Fly (go back to any city you've visited already). Head towards Cerulean City now.

Cerulean City
Be sure to have a Pokemon with Surf and a Pokemon who has Fly with you, head east towards Rock Tunnel. Before Rock Tunnel, head towards the edge of the river to the north and dive into the water using surf, keep on paddling towards the south until you reach a big building, this is the power plant.

The Power Plant
Put a Dugtrio in front. Be sure to get a Magnemite and a Magneton if you can, as well as Muk and Grimer. Make your way through, getting the rare candy, carbos, HP UP, and TM 33/TM 25. Be careful, lots of the items on the floor are actually level 40 Voltorbs. At the near end of the power plant you'll come across a bird looking Pokemon?..

Vs. Zapdos
Save before you meet this guy, you should not have any problems with Zapdos, just get his energy down and throw ultra balls at it, it took me 2 tries to get him, I think he is the easiest out of the 3 legendary birds. Exit and fly back to Fuchsia City.

Sea Route 19
Head south of Fuchsia City. There are lots of trainers here, but no problems for you. Keep on heading south west until you reach an island with 2 cave entrances, go into the one that you can.

Seafoam Islands
As you are descending through the levels, push the boulders into the pit, the idea is to block the river below so that you don't get washed away. At the 3rd level, push 2 boulders down to the 4th level, jump in after them. You'll land in the water, head north until you see Articuno, another bird.

Vs. Articuno
Aritcuno will give you trouble, you'll need to get it's health way down, and use many ultra ball. If you have trouble try-using Sleep or Paralyze attacks to make it easier to capture!

Sea Route 20
After you get out of the islands, head west and you'll reach Cinnibar Island. The gym is locked, wonder if there's a key?..

Cinnibar Island
You'll see the Gym right away, but if you try to go in, it will say the door is locked. More on that later. By the way, do you remember the fossil you got in Mt. Moon? You can revive it here. Same with the Old Amber from Pewter City. You can revive that too. Go to the building to the left of the PokeCenter. If you go right (inside of the building) you will see three doors. Go in the second one and talk to the scientist in the upper right hand corner and he'll give you TM 35 (Metronome). Exit, then enter the third door. Talk to the scientist that is walking around. Give him your fossil, then exit the building. Go right back in and your fossil will be Kabuto (if you chose the Dome Fossil) or Omanyte (if you chose the Helix Fossil). Now, give him the Old Amber and repeat. When you return, the Old Amber will be Aerodactyl, a powerful rock/flying Pokemon. Now, go into the PokeMart and buy an Escape Rope. See that large building to the left of the Gym? Go inside.

Pokemon Mansion
This place is a pain. Enemies and trainers constantly attack you.
Here's the quick way outta here:
1) As soon as you enter, go up and onto the set of stairs.
2) Now go right (not up the stairs), up, and left into a room with 2 beds at the bottom and stairs at the top.
3) Go down and right. You'll see a statue. Activate it and choose
4) Now go right a little and down as far as you can. Enter the doorway.
5) You'll see 2 holes at the bottom. Go down the first one that you see.
6) You will land on the first floor. Go left, all the way down, then right to a staircase.
7) Now go up, left a little, down through the doorway, and activate the statue there. Choose "yes". You'll also see an Item Ball. Get it, it's TM 14, Blizzard. Teach it to Blastoise.
8) Exit the other doorway that was previously blocked and return to the staircase that you took to get in here, but don't go on it.
9) Go right, up, then into the room with three beds and a statue.
Activate the statue and choose "yes". Now go out and left.
10) When you reach the end, go down. Pick up the Item Ball and you will get the Secret Key.
11) Remember the TM for Solarbeam? You get it here. It's on the table outside of the room with the Secret Key. Teach it to Vileplume, if you want.
12) Remember the Escape Rope I told you to buy? Use it now. There is no other way out. Wasn't that a major pain? Back to the outside.

Cinnibar Island Gym
With the Secret Key, you can unlock the door to the Gym. Getting through here can be confusing. You'll see a small box in every area that has a trainer in it. Activate the small box and you'll be asked a question. Answer it correctly and the door will open without having to battle. Answer incorrectly and you will have to fight the trainer. Here are the correct answers, although they are easy: 1) Yes, 2) No, 3) No, 4) No, 5) Yes, and 6) No

Vs. Blaine
Blaine's Pokemon are pretty hot stuff, but you can take care of them with a water or rock Pokemon. He has a level 48 Ninetails (Confuse Ray, Flamethrower, Tail Whip, Quick Attack), a level 50 Rapidash (Growl, Stomp, Fire Spin, ?), a level 54 Arcanine (Arcanine-Fire Blast, Take Down, Reflect, Flamethrower). After you defeat him, you'll be awarded with the Volcano Badge which will raises special a little, TM 38 (fire blast), and $5346 will be your rewards for defeating him. You only have one gym match left!

Sea Route 21
Head north of Cinnibar Island and use surf, go all the way back to Viridian City, put a water or grass Pokemon in front and head into the gym, you know, the one that you couldn't go into before.

Viridian City Gym
This is just like the game corner, with all the arrow pointing things, go on the one to the north, and make your way to the 8th trainer, and it's??

Vs. ????????
Giovanni!!! Giovanni??? The leader of Team Rocket? Giovanni will have a Lv. 50 Dugtrio (Sand-Attack, Earthquake, Fissure, Dig), Lv. 53 Persian (Slash, Screech, Fury Swipes, Double Team), Lv. 53 Nidoqueen (Thunder, Tail Whip, Earthquake, Double Kick), Lv. 53 Nidoking (Thunder, Earthquake, Thrash, Leer), and a Lv. 55 Rhydon (Rock Slide, Fury Attack, Horn Drill, Earthquake). He will be a TOUGH battle, but a combination of a fire Pokemon, water Pokemon, psychic Pokemon, and grass Pokemon will make this a short fight. Talk to Giovanni after you beat he and receive the Earth Badge, which makes ALL Pokemon obey, TM 27 (Fissure), and $5445 will be your rewards for defeating him. You only have one gym match left! Giovanni will then disband Team Rocket and dedicate his studies to the world of Pokemon.

Route 22
We've been on this route before, and um, oh no, not again

Vs. Gary
You think he'd learned his lesson already, but noooooo. He will be pretty hard, considering that his Pokemon are at high levels. Use this to test your team for the Elite Four, if this match is easy you are in good shape! If Gary chooses Jolteon he will have a Lv. 47 Sandslash, Lv. 45 Exeggcute, Lv. 45 Ninetales, Lv. 47 Cloyster, Lv. 50 Kadabra, and a Lv. 53 Jolteon. If Gary chooses Vaporeon he will have a Lv. 47 Sandslash, Lv. 45 Exeggcute, Lv. 45 Magneton, Lv. 47 Ninetales, Lv. 50 Kadabra, and a Lv. 53 Vaporeon.. Now, keep going west. It's time for the Pokemon League, but first, the most annoying cave in the game.

Victory Road
Ah, yes, the road to victory. Well, victory is a pain in the @#$%^&! Before you go on, make sure that you have someone with Surf and Strength, you'll need them. Before the actual dreaded cave, there are 8 guards asking to see your badges. If you don't have one of the badges you can't go through. Well, onto the dreaded cave. You'll need Strength to push boulders around onto switches. The steps to get through will be listed in the usual step-by-step format. And remember, if you mess up with a boulder, you can exit and re-enter again or go up a ladder and back down (or vice versa) to reposition the boulder where it is before you push it:
1) Push the first boulder you see to your right onto a switch.
2) You see a ladder near the entrance? Go up.
3) Go right. You'll see a boulder and 2 items. You can push the boulder and get one of them, then exit and come back and get the other. The item on top is TM 47, and the one on the left is a Rare
Candy. Now, go back up that ladder and towards that trainer.
4) BATTLE: Cool Trainer (f.)
Pokemon: Lv. 44 Persian, Lv. 44 Ninetales
I'm not going to do this for every trainer, just a few. Also, I'm not going to give a strategy, it is just intended to give you an idea of what to do.
5) Go down the ladder and towards that other trainer.
BATTLE: Cool Trainer (m.)
Pokemon: Lv. 42 Ivysaur, Lv. 42 Wartortle, Lv. 42 Charmeleon, Lv. 42 Charizard
Again, by now, you should know what to do, so on we go?
6) Go up the ladder.
7) Now go down and you'll see another boulder. The switch that you have to push it onto is n the bottom-left corner of the room. Now go up the ladder that is near the boulder.
8) There's another trainer there.
BATTLE: Blackbelt
Pokemon: Lv. 43 Machoke, Lv. 43 Machop, Lv. 43 Machoke
9) You can go down the ladder, or fight the trainer there first.
BATTLE: Juggler
Pokemon: Lv. 41 Drowzee, Lv. 41 Hypno, Lv. 41 Kadabra, Lv. 41 Kadabra
10) Now go down the ladder and go right, up, left, and you'll see a trainer and an item ball. Keep going up, then to the left for another trainer and an item ball.
BATTLE: Cool Trainer (m.) (first trainer mentioned above)
Pokemon: Lv. 44 Persian, Lv. 44 Golduck
BATTLE: Juggler (second trainer mentioned above)
Pokemon: Lv. 48 Mr. Mime
11) Go back down to the ladder that was there and go up it.
12) Go up and you will see a boulder. To the right is a trainer, and
to the left is a switch. Don't take the boulder there yet, though.
BATTLE: Cool Trainer (m.)
Pokemon: Lv. 43 Exeggutor, Lv. 43 Cloyster, Lv. 43 Arcanine
13) Head left to the switch (without the boulder) and go up the ladder that you come to. You'll meet a trainer.
BATTLE: Pokemaniac
Pokemon: Lv. 40 Charmeleon, Lv. 40 Lapras, Lv. 40 Lickitung
Now go back down the ladder, get the boulder, push it onto the switch, and go back to where the boulder first was. You'll see a ladder to your right (and down a little). Go up to meet another trainer.
BATTLE: Cool Trainer (f.)
Pokemon: Lv. 42 Parasect, Lv. 42 Dewgong, Lv. 42 Chansey
14) Head past the trainer and follow the path until you reach the ladder. There are 2 trainers waiting.
BATTLE: Cool Trainer (f.)
Pokemon: Lv. 43 Bellsprout, Lv. 43 Weepinbell, Lv. 43 Victreebel
BATTLE: Cool Trainer (m.)
Pokemon: Lv. 41 Kingler, Lv. 41 Tentacruel, Lv. 41 Blastoise
15) That's the end of the trainers. Okay, so I did list them all. Big deal. Now you've got a strategic advantage, if you know what you are doing. Now go all the way to the bottom and you'll reach a boulder right by a hole. Push the boulder down the hole, then jump down and follow it.
16) Push the boulder as far left as you can and you will reach the switch. Go up the ladder to the right and go all the way to the end, where you will reach another ladder. Go up it.
17) Go up and you'll reach another ladder. Go down it.
18) Now exit to the right. Didn't you just hate that?

Vs. Moltres
This guy is as easy as Zapdos, get his energy down to a minimum and throw ultra balls at it.

Indigo Plateau
Well, you've survived the road to victory. Now it's time to challenge
the Elite Four. Make sure you've built your Pokemon to at least level
60. This is the last place to heal all your Pokemon, and make sure you buy plenty of Full Restores, Hyper Potions, Revives, and Full Heals. You'll need them. Now you can fight the Elite Four! Save before you enter the door to the elite 4. There is no going back after you enter.

The Elite 4
These guys are a real pain in the butt. They got their act together since red and blue and are much harder.

Vs. Lorelei
The first person to fight is Lorelei. Her Pokemon are Lv. 54 Dewgong (Rest, Bubblebeam, Aurora Beam, Take Down), Lv. 53 Cloyster (Ice Beam, Clamp, Spike Cannon, Supersonic), Lv. 54 Slowbro (SURF, Psychic, Amnesia, Withdraw), Lv. 56 Jynx (Thrash, Ice Punch, Doubleslap, Lovely Kiss), and a Lv. 58 Lapras (Hydro Pump, Blizzard, Confuse Ray, Body Slam). Beware, she may be the first trainer, but she can be pretty hard. Use a Thunder, Fire, or a Plant Pokemon against her. With the exception of Jynx, a well-trained Pikachu using his best electric attack should be fine. Use a fire Pokemon against Jynx. ) $5544 will be your reward for defeating her.

Vs. Bruno
His Pokemon are a Lv. 53 Onix (Rock Slide, Dig, Screech, Slam), Lv. 55 Hitmonchan (ThunderPunch, Ice Punch, Double Team, Fire Punch), Lv. 55 Hitmonlee (Double Kick, Double Team, Mega Kick, Hi Jump Kick), Lv. 56 Onix (Earthquake, Screech, Slam, Rock Slide), and a Lv. 58 Machamp (Karate Chop, STRENGTH, Leer, Submission).
Nobodys sure how Bruno got into the Elite Four. Easy, easy, easy. Use a flying or psychic Pokemon against the fighting Pokemon and water or grass against the onixes. $5742 will be your reward for defeating him.

Vs. Agatha
They say that she wields ghost Pokemon, she wields poison Pokemon. Her Pokemon are a Lv. 56 Gengar (Mega Drain, Substitute, Confuse Ray, Lick), Lv. 55 Golbat (Supersonic, Wing Attack, Leech Life, Toxic), Lv. 55 Haunter (Dream Eater, Hypnosis, Lick, Confuse Ray), Lv. 58 Arbok (Glare, Acid, Screech, Wrap), and a Lv. 60 Gengar (Hypnosis, Dream Eater, Confuse Ray, Psychic). This is a major pain. A Psychic can defeat all of them, but you may not survive the entire time. Remember that normal attacks don't affect the ghosts! She is the most annoying trainer of all, because fighting ghost Pokemon is no fun. $5940 will be your reward for defeating her.

Vs. Lance
The last to fight is Lance. He will be the hardest of all, and he trains powerful dragon Pokemon. His Pokemon are a Lv. 58 Gyarados (Hyper Beam, Dragon Rage, Leer, Hydro Pump), Lv. 56 Dragonair (Thunderbolt, Slam, Hyper Beam, Thunder Wave), Lv. 56 Dragonair (Bubblebeam, Ice Beam, Wrap, Hyper Beam), Lv. 60 Aerodactyl (Hyper Beam, Wing Attack, FLY, Swift), and a Lv. 62 Dragonite (Hyper Beam, Fire Blast, Blizzard, Thunder). This battle is HARD. Use an Ice or and an Electric Pokemon against him. Beware, though, his dragons can take anything. They all have certain moves that can kill any Pokemon in one hit. Like his Dragonite has Hyper Beam, Blizzard, Thunder, and Fire Blast. If you had raised Articuno a few levels, its ice beam will make losers of Lance's Dragons; start with Pikachu against Gyarados and the legendary ice bird should do the rest! You'll have to experiment with this one though. However, Lance is not the last person. $6138 will be your reward for defeating him.

Well we find out that someone has reached the elite 4 before us, and it is none other than?

Vs. ????

Gary!!! He will be a lot harder than the rest of the elite 4. If Gary choose Jolteon he will have a Lv. 61 Sandslash (Poison Sting, Slash, Earthquake, Fury Swipes), Lv. 59 Alakazam (Psychic, Psybeam, Kinesis, Recover), Lv. 61 Exeggutor (Barrage, Hypnosis, Stomp, Leech Seed), Lv. 61 Cloyster (Clamp, Ice Beam, Aurora Beam, Spike Cannon), and a Lv. 63 Ninetales (Quick Attack, Tail Whip, Confuse Ray, Fire Spin), Lv. 65 Jolteon (Thunder Wave, Pin Missile, Quick Attack, Thunder). If Gary choose Vaporeon he will have a Lv. 61 Sandslash (Poison Sting, Slash, Earthquake, Fury Swipes), Lv. 59 Alakazam (Psychic, Psybeam, Kinesis, Recover), Lv. 61 Exeggutor (Barrage, Hypnosis, Stomp, Leech Seed), Lv. 61 Ninetales (Quick Attack, Tail Whip, Confuse Ray, Fire Spin), Lv. 63 Magneton (Thunderbolt, Thunder Wave, Screech, Swift), and a Lv. 65 Vaporeon (Aurora Beam, Hydro Pump, Quick Attack, Mist). If Gary choose Flareon he will have a Lv. 61, Lv. 59 Alakazam, Lv. 61 Exeggutor, Lv. 61 Magneton, Lv. 63 Cloyster, and a Lv. 65 Flareon.

BIG pain in the butt. Have a water pokemon for Sandslash, a fire or electric Pokemon for Alakazam, for Exeggutor a fire Pokemon, for Cloyster a electric Pokemon, for Ninetales use a water pump, and for the last Pokemon which varies use your best judgement and a superior Pokemon. It's harder than it sounds. Two Words-Good Luck, you'll need it! $6435 will be your reward for defeating him.

Congratulations, you've beaten Gary and the Elite Four! Pat yourself on the back, you are now the undisputed Pokemon Master! Professor Oak inducts you and your Pokemon into the hall of fame! But you're not finished yet! There's 150 Pokemon to catch!

The Unknown Dungeon
Once the credits finish, you will end up back in Pallet Town. About the only thing that has changed is that on the computer you can now see what team you used to beat the Elite Four and Gary. Now that you are a master, go back to Cerulean City and head towards route 24 (north of Cerulean City), jump into the water to the south and start swimming until you reach the entrance, and go into the Unknown Dungeon that was blocked before. Be sure to have the master ball with you, there are many Pokemon in here. In this cave live some of the strongest Pokemon you have ever seen.
Get to the end of it, and fight Mewtwo, the most powerful Pokemon. He will be at Level 70, and will be nearly impossible to catch with an Ultra Ball. He is the strongest Pokemon that has ever lived. If you saved your Master Ball, use it! The rest of the things you can do now is catch and train as many Pokemon as you can. Good luck!

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