Pokemon XD: Gale of Darkness Walkthrough Part Two

The following synopsis are courtesy of Pokemon Source Advance

Parts of a Scooter

So, we head out. Out to Gaeton Port, cause that's our only lead. When you arrive, there's a trainer immediately in front of you. You can ask to battle her.
Chaser Laken - 340p
-Swablu (f) lv17
-Feebas (m) lv17
-Wingull (f) lv16

She offers to battle again sometime, but not now. let's get to the parts shop. Perr says his grandpa's gone out and wont be back for a while. Just then, a news flash, about you! It's about how you fended off Cipher at ONBS and at Phenac city, and how everyone should be on guard! Perr then says you should go off to Dr Kaminko's manner where he is.
As you leave, you meet Mr Verich again, and he greets you warmly. But then walks off after congratulating you.
****trainers in Gaeton Port****
Now, when you get to Kamiko's house, Chobin stops you again! Guess who he thinks you are? A burgalar, obviously

Kaminko Aide Chobin - 1560p
-Sunkern (m) lv26
-Gyrados (f) lv26

Chobin then demands a rematch, but Kaminko steps outside. Chobin calls you a burgalar, and Kaminko says that 'it' should deal with you. Kaminko offers you the chance to flee, but if you say no, Kaminko says 'let us begin' and calls for the ultamite robot-pokemon to reveal itself. Robo-Groudon, piloted by Chobin.

Robo Groudon Chobin - 1820p
-Sunflora (m) lv26
-Gyrados (f) lv26
-Hoppip (f) lv26
-Tropus (m) lv26

Kaminko is surprised that robo groudon lost, but Chobin (finally) realizes that you're NOT a burgalar. Boy, he needs his glasses checked. Kiminko then says he's going to stop building robo-kyogore because robo-groudon failed so badly. They're giving it as scrap to the parts shop. Chobin at least, keeps robo-groudon. You can now enter the manor. and, Chobin grabs your PDA number.
Mankan is in the robo R&D room, which is a branch of the Kaminko lab you were in last time. Pop through the door adn grab the elevator. There's a rare candy far on the left, behind robo-kyogore, and Makan right on the other side of it. You startle him, but he agrees to modify your scooter and haul robo-kyogore away. You then get back a hover scooter!

The lost Libra

Now we get to go to the new base. GASP! It's the Libra! It's torn to shreds and laying in the sand. What could have done this? (we know, but the character doesn't, Shadow Lugia!) Pop in the huge hole, and you get an email from Justy, saying the pregym is open for buisness. That's nice. There's a box right in front of you, , so push it into the hole in the overpass. then head over it, carefully, you can fall off the edge. There's an iron on the other side. Grab it, and go through the door. Head south, then up some stairs, and run into a cut scene, where some guy is yelling at two peons for letting one of the pokemon from the ship escape. Gorigan, the big guy blames Snattle that someone managed to show up here, and sicks the peons on you. Gorigan and one peon then head back to the lair, where they make shadow pokemon.

Cipher Peon Smarton - 1080p
-Huntail (m) lv 27
-Cacnea (f) lv27
-Teddiursa (f) lv27
-Koffing (f) lv27

When you win, a worker comes out of the ship, and calls you a tough guy. He just happened to find the ship, and decided to live there. He offers to let you rest inside. Strange guy. He asks you then to find out what's making the weird noises down in the ship's hull. So, down the stairs, and you find a Battle CD18. So, down the next stairs ,and there's a puzzle.
Push the box one square east, then run up top and drop off into the hole to the top. push the box down, and head around again. Walk across the bridge you made to grab 2 PP UPs. drop into the bottom hole, and push the box up two spaces. Run to the top layer and across again and grab the Fire Stone. Perfect. drop off wherever, and go to the bottom of the screen to the stairs. Head downwards. Another puzzle.
run to the top level, and all the way that you drop off. push the box down, so you can get out, then back up so it completes the lower bridge. run across it to get a Max Ether. Now, drop off and push the box up to finish the top bridge, and cross it to get through the top door.
Next room, push the rightmost box up to the second last space. then the other box up one. run all the way around, and push the second box to the right , then push it up one. Now you can head top level and grab both the Yellow flute and the TM35.
Now, up the stairs. There's a luxury ball right at the top of the stairs and Bonsly at the top of the room. When you approach him, he runs to the other side of the hole. But, you can't get it no matter how much you try. Heading back up, you run into the weird guy, who tells you to be gentle to it, because it must be scared. I don't know why Michael didn't think of that, but sure. Run all the way back to Bonsly, and WALK not run to Bonsly. He'll run off as your PDA goes off for a message asking you for an interview. He runs off somewhere, but he dropped a leftovers, so take it as a momento.
You've got to find Bonsly as a random pokemon in the Oasis Poke-spot. walk up to him slowly, and you'll catch him automatically. Return him to his owner to receive a Bonsly Card to use in Battle Bingo.
You've got to go and find the little girl again, and tell her the pokemon's gone. But as you leave, three SNAGEM thugs show up with a Gloom, and tell you to remember the name. They want your snag machine, and they want it bad. Gloom hits you with Sleep powder, and they grab your machine! They say GONZAP will be pleased. You wake up with the weird guy. He explains that Snagem was a team that was together with Cipher last time the situation was bad, but gives you the location of their base.

Lair, first run

The new area is a giant pyramid, that you've probably seen in the previews. Team snagem is there, talking to Zook, the guy from the beginning. One Snagem says they should leave this guy to Gonzap, but they should continue because they finally found Cipher. They call Zook a lunk and tell him to move aside, so he attacks them.
Biden vs Zook
Team Snagem Biden Oddish (f) lv27
Thug Zook Zangoose (m) lv28+ SHADOW POKEMON

it's a one hit win for Zook, and the snagem says that Gonzap should have the Snag machine by now. They then decide to run off and regroup at the hideout. By now, Zook noticed you, so he decides to take care of you. He mentions Gorigan who is apparently some boss in Cipher, before he attacks.

Thug Zook - 620p
-Zangoose (m) lv28+ SHADOW POKEMON
-Doduo (f) lv26
-Carvannah (m) lv26
-Seviper (f) lv26
-Relicanth (f) lv26
What? a shadow pokemon and no snag machine? This is a problem. Just KO it, remembering that it's not the first time you've seen it and it won't be the last.
Zook thinks you fluked out, and says he WILL see you again. But, before you can enter the base Secc emails you and he says it's urgent. So, we've got to head back to ONBS in Pyrite.
Back all the way back at ONBS, Secc asks where the Snag Machine went. And then he explains about Snagem and their relationship with Cipher. He'll look into Snagem. He received an email from someone who fled Cipher's base. They would have sent a news team, but it was probably a trap. So, they're sending you because they know you can handle yourself. His name is Hordel, and he's out at the Outskirt stand. He's counting on us.

Snagem Hideout

The outskirt stand is a grounded train. As you arrive, your Miror radar goes off, and Miror B appears to be in the ... outskirt stand. Well, you see Folly and Trudy when you start to walk up, so that makes sense. They still want to catch every pokemon, ever. Miror B then walks out of the train and notices you. "what perfect timing" he says. He decides to beat you for exercise.
Wanderer Miror B - 580p
-Lombre (m) lv26
-Lombre (m) lv26
-Lombre (f) lv26
-Nosepass (m) lv26+ SHADOW POKEMON
-Lucidio (f) lv26
Drat, this is pokemon two we've missed due to Snagem, they'll pay for this!
After his latest defeat, Miror says he'll get you next time, and runs off at full tilt. So, inside. News flash! ONBS explains how you found the SS Libra in the northern desert, and how i was deserted. Hordel is immediately to your left. He was afraid a Cipher would find him before you. He mentions that that their base is their the KEY LAIR to produce shadow pokemon. He hated working there, so he escaped, and took one shadow pokemon with him. And he's heard of how you purify the shadow pokemon, so he wants to give you his Shadow Togepi. But you need room in your party to grab it. As you leave, Secc emails you saying he's found Snagem's base, right where it used to be. And gives you the location. The man in here sells diffrent types of Pokeballs, if you're looking for something to spend those few dollars you have on.
When you leave, a man Willie comes out, and says he regonizes you. he offers a battle, and won't take no for an answer.
Rider Willie - 260p
-Zigzagoon (f) lv24
-Zigzagoon (f) lv24
-Linoone (m) lv26
-Linoone (m) lv26
(remember me from the first game?)

Head to the Snagem Hideout, and get an Email. Realgam tower is now open. They look forward to your participation.
Now, we go inside and are immediately noticed. He thinks you're a new recruit
Team Snagem Agrev -540p
-Murcrow (f) lv26
-Oddish (m) lv26
-Golbat (f) lv26
-Absol (f) lv27

Now he's sure you're a recruit. So, he lets you by without any arguements. to the right is a healing machine. straight up is a chest with 3 ultra balls. Go up the stairs to the left. Head south, and there's a chest hidden behind a vending machine. 2 Hyper potions. Talk to the guy right below you and he knows you're here for your snag machine.
Team Snagem Jedo - 520p
-Koffing (f) lv26
-Oddish (f) lv26
-Dustox (m) lv26
-Quilfish (f) lv25

He says he should have put you to sleep again, when he loses. He says the Boss, Gonzap, has the snag machine already and is mighty tough. Head straight down, there's a hole in the wall leading to a staircase.
Up the stairs, and head south then right, where a Snagem is trying to pursuade some guy to join up! But, he fights you when he notices you listening in.
Team Snagem Golit - 640p
-Remoraid (f) lv25
-Octillery (f) lv26
-Sandslash (m) lv27
-Loudred (f) lv26
-Crawdaunt (m) lv32

There's a lone rare candy in the back of the room, so grab it. Back to the stairs, and left is a chest with 2 revives, then you CAN sneak past the next two guys on the way to the next stairs. They are;
Team Snagem Hobble - 560p
-Girafarig (f) lv26
-Smeargle (m) lv27
-Pelipper (f) lv25
-Machoke (m) lv28

Team Snagem Jinok - 520p
-Kecleon (f) lv25
-Aipom (f) lv26
-Volbeat (m) lv25
-Yanma (f) lv25

Now, down the stairs at the end of the hallway is a room. Head south, and while the Snagem has his back turned, grab the PP UP in the chest. If you want to fight him;
Team Snagem Gaply - 560p
-Ariados (f) lv26
-Beautifly (f) lv28
-Sneasel (m) lv28
-Delibird (f) lv28
-Xatu (f) lv27

Head north past the stairs, to meet another snagem who you can walk by if you'd like;
Team Snagem Fudlo - 560p
-Graveler (f) lv25
-Rhyhorn (f) lv26
-Stantler (m) lv28
-Misdreavus (f) lv28
-Tropius (m) lv27

Now, head all the way back up to the second snagem guy, because this staircase leads to the exit. To the right, is a set of stairs down. Follow the path, there's a TM29 slightly obscured by the staircase. You don't have to fight the Snagem here.

Team Snagem Biden - 540p
-Oddish (f) lv27
-Crobat (f) lv26
-Torcoal (m) lv26
-Belossom (m) lv26

Now, up the stairs he's immediately beside, and there's a cutscene with Gonzap and a Snagem complaining how the snag machine doesn't fit on his arm, being the huge beefy guy he is. Wakin regonises you, and decides to fight.

Team Snagem Wakin - 640p
-Gloom (m) lv28
-Gloom (f) lv28
-Mantine (m) lv28
-Fortress (m) lv31
-Grumpig (f) lv32

Gonzap wants you to join him, and he'll give you the snag machine back. Then he says he'll give it back if you beat him, anyways!

Snagem Head Gonzap - 3200p
-Electrode (u) lv30
-Nuzleaf (m) lv32
-Vileplume (m) lv30
-Wishcash (m) lv31
-Skarmory (f) lv32

What an honest villan, he gives you your snag machine back at the end of the battle. He also gives you GONZAPS KEY, for a chest on the first floor. There's also a chest on the south end of the floor, with 2 full heals.
Now, head all the way back to the second guy you fought, and down to the staircase. Then, all the way along the left path, and then upwards and down another set of stairs. There's a TM30 in the previously locked chest along the hallway, so grab it and leave.

Cipher Lair, Lower Half

Having the snag machine back, i suppose we can head to the Cipher Lair again now. And, no more stops along the way. You'll see Zook again on your way in, so you should stop and finally grab is Shadow Zangoose.
Thug Zook - 520p
-Zangoose (m) lv28+ SHADOW POKEMON
-Doduo (f) lv26
-Carvanah (m) lv26
-Seviper (f) lv26
-Relicanth (f) lv26

So, you clean him up in honor of him teasing you with his shadow pokemon over, and over again. He runs off (presumably crying) when you beat him. Time to bust into this Shadow Extravaganza!
A pair of thugs will come charging out at you and block your way. One will regonize you from TV, but as they try to block your way, Gonzap arrives! He tells them to let you through, or you'll flatten them. Wakin, Gonzap's man hits the pair of those dudes with sleep powder, and you can run on by. Up the long stairs, into the dungeon!
Through the door straight ahead from the entrance are a few workers who explain that this place is a straight factory to produce shadow pokemon from the ones that used to be on the SS Libra. There's a chest in here, with 3 Hyper potions.
left then north of the entrance is a chest with 2 revives, and a staircase. Head downstairs, time to plumb the depths. Immediately right of the stairs is a ninja, lying in wait. On the ceiling.
Cipher Peon Kollo - 1280p
-Clamperl (m) lv31
-Octillery (m) lv31
-Lanturn (m) lv31
-Relicanth (m) lv32

Past him is an asspembly line, and a chest with TM24. That was a little anticlimatic. Oh well.
Finally, we're at the bottom of the base. Now, since this isn't the end, we're going to go all the way back to the entrance and search the top floor.

Cipher Lair, Top Half

Head back to the entrance and then left then south, and there'll be something you haven't seen in a while, a NINJA!
Cipher Peon Ibsol - 1240p
-Plusle (f) lv30
-Dustox (m) lv30
-Xatu (m) lv31
-Volbeat (m) lv30

There's a staircase after this battle, head up. there's a box. push it up to get 1 Full Restore. run down, then up again, push it right to head up and grab 1 Elixir. Now head back to the entrance. Immediately right of the entrance is a ninja;
Cipher Peon Grezle - 1240p
-Minun (m) lv30
-Beautifly (f) lv30
-Ledian (m) lv28
-Illumise (f) lv31

That's right, they slice they dice, and they're back! If you thought your ceilings were safe, you were mistaken, and there's a whole whack of trouble right up ahead. A little further, another ninja.
Cipher Peon Humah - 1240p
-Seviper (m) lv29
-Murkrow (f) lv29
-Paras (f) lv28+ SHADOW POKEMON
-Growlithe (m) lv28+ SHADOW POKEMON

And this is the introduction of dual shadow battles, where the people start to have more than one shadow pokemon each. Personally i think they ran out of space to have only one per person, but i may be wrong.
After the battle, there's a staircase to the north, grab it. There's a heal machine at th etop of it. Use if you need to, and head out of the room, then into the hall. It's a puzzle.
If you head south, there's a box you can push down, and that lets you into a room where a ninja lies in wait. On the ceiling.
Cipher Peon Gorog - 1280p
-Shellder (f) lv29+ SHADOW POKEMON
-Rhyrorn (f) lv29
-Swalot (f) lv29
-Golbat (m) lv29
-Sharpedo (m) lv30

This room has a staircase and a chest with a PP Up. Run up, then back down the stairs. Then, push the box to the right to get to the other staircase here. Downstairs, you're leapt upon by a ninja!
Cipher Peon Jelstin - 1280p
-Roselia (f) lv32
-Hoppip (f) lv32
-Masquarain (m) lv31
-Bellossom (m) lv32

There's a chest right beside you, so open it to get 1 Rara candy, and the second chest has 3 ultra balls. Fantastic. Head back up. And back to the first stairs up (the one you ran up to reset the maze) Up those stairs is another major peice of the maze. Run around the centre room exiting it right and running clockwise, to push one box onto the moon panel, then run through the moon door that just opened. Right behind it is a chest containing a max revive. Run around the hall, grab the 3 full heals in the little branch and push the box downwards onto the sun panel. The sun door on the bottom of the room opened. Note, you only have to open these doors once. Go through and up the stairs, after defeating a slightly late ninja;
Cipher Peon Lok - 1240p
-Beedrill (f) lv30+ SHADOW POKEMON
-Furret (m) lv30
-Togetic (m) lv31
-Pigeotto (m) lv30+ SHADOW POKEMON

Up the stairs and to the right, there's a chest with 2 Hyper potions. To the left of the stairs is a ninja.
Cipher Peon Kleto - 1240p
-Absol (m) lv30
-Smeargle (f) lv31
-Donphan (m) lv30
-Ampharos (m) lv31
-Tentacruel (m) lv31

Further to the left is a set of doors, leading to two woman telling you who's in charge, Gorigan. Outside the top door is a 1 HP Up. Followed closely by a ninja.
Cipher Peon Flipis - 1240p
-Chimecho (m) lv31
-Kecleon (m) lv30
-Noctowl (f) lv30
-Mightyena (m) lv29

Further along is another ninja, no real surprise there.
Cipher Peon Targ - 1320p
-Ninetales (f) lv30
-Jumpluff (m) lv30
-Azumarril (f) lv32
-Tangela (f) lv30+ SHADOW POKEMON
-Butterfree (f) lv30+ SHADOW POKEMON

He's in front of a set of stairs, but first there's a room with a scientist Who explains about Shadow Pokemon
Cipher R&D Hospel -1550p
-Ariados (f) lv30
-Girafarig (f) lv29
-Vileplume (m) lv31
-Stantler (f) lv31
-Granbull (f) lv31

There's something shiny on the table, grab it, shiny means important! But, there's a ninja in the way. Why do they sit on the ceiling in the corner of an insignifigant room in their own base?
Cipher Peon Snindle - 1400p
-Shedinja (u) lv31
-Wobuffet (m) lv30
-Vibrinah (f) lv35
-Magneton (u) lv30+ SHADOW POKEMON

Grab the SYSTEM LEVER and we can finally go up the stairs. We wind up outside, and you can see a huge Peon. Talk to him to challenge him.
Cipher Peon Fudler - 1280p
-Machoke (m) lv31
-Golem (m) lv31
-Fortress (m) lv31
-Mantine (f) lv32
-Crobat (m) lv31

When you beat this lug, run around to the opposite corner of the roof, and save. and there's another Lug guarding what he says is a control machine, and he's got two tough shadow pokemon.
Cipher Peon Angic - 1400p
-Golduck (f) lv33
-Hitmontop (m) lv33
-Hariyama (m) lv34
-Venomoth (m) lv32+ SHADOW POKEMON
-Weepinbell (f) lv32+ SHADOW POKEMON

Once you clear this guy out of the way, run past the scientist and grab the much coveted TM26 (Earthquake). Now, chat up the scientist and he'll see the control lever you have. If the voltage on the computer changes slightly, the entire base will shut down. What a convient self destruct mechanism, eh?
Cipher R&D Acrod - 1750p
-Grumpig (f) lv34
-Seadra (f) lv34
-Camerupt (f) lv35
-Seaking (m) lv34
-Piloswine (m) lv34

Cleaning him out, you then have full access to the Control machine. Time to raise the voltage on the machine. KABOOM! Every few steps until you get off the platform is another KABOOM! then, when you get off it, Peon Smarton comes out the door right below you. He's mad at you for stopping things, clearly.
Cipher Peon Smarton - 1440p
-Huntail (m) lv36
-Cacturne (f) lv35
-Weezing (f) lv35
-Ursaring (f) lv35
-Arbok (f) lv33+ SHADOW POKEMON

Now, we can head in that doorway. Gorigan's inside, all blinged out. He's astonished that you've cleared through ALL the shadow pokemon they've made. He's upset that you ruined his good standing in Cipher's head's eyes. He attacks, like a monkey.
Cipher Admin Gorigan - 3700p
-Lairon (f) lv36
-Sealo (f) lv36
-Slowking (f) lv36
-Ursaring (m) lv36
-Primeape (f) lv34+ SHADOW POKEMON
-Hypno (m) lv34+ SHADOW POKEMON
You can steal the monkey from the monkey, but i guess you can't... take the monkey... out of ... the monkey... *sigh*
Once you've wiped the floor with this monkey, he says he's going to blow up the factory. Master Greevil appears on the big screen. Hmm, he looks a lot like Mr Verich. He seems to remember you, and he clears up the fact that he is DEFINATELY Verich, and very evil. AND the head of Cipher. He says that even though you wiped out their factory, their plan is unharmed, they have completed XD001! The shadow pokemon who cannot be purified. He's going to activate it and he dares you to stop him.
He even tells you he's on Citadark Island, off Gaeton Port. His impenatrable fortress. Gorigan warns you the place is crawling with Shadow Pokemon, and lets you know that it IS shadow Lugia (you the player, because Michael doesn't know Lugia had the ship). He runs off, and leaves a list of all manufactured Shadow Pokemon on the desk. Grab it, and it downloads into your PDA. Eighty-three pokemon. Kinda discourages you, eh? Onthe bright side, you never need to visit the Safari zone again, every rare pokemon is right there on the list.
Now, we get to head all the way out of the base. When you pass the healing machine someone cries out, "we were robbed!" and he stops you right outside the door. Someone stole a shadow Pokemon, with hair like a ball and a mowhawk. Sounds like Miror B's henchmen. That means Miror B is ready to be hunted down again. I guess we need to head to Gaeton Port!

Citidark Isle

Back in Gaeton Port, you can battle the girl at the gate, as usual, and in the Krabby Club, you can grab a Battle CD06 where Mr Verich was standing last time you were here. But that's everything , so head out. You might notice there's a strange boat parked at the dock. You'll need to find it's owner. Head over to the parts shop and Perr says he's finished work on the Robo-Kyogore. So, go chat with his grandpa, and explain what's going on. He explains how Citadark Isle is surrounded by a perpetual storm and can't be approached by sea or air. Until, of course he build Robo-Kyogore. He decides to prepare it for launch, specifically for you. As you leave, Dr Krane sends you an Email saying that he wants you to visit him before you head out on your final leg of the journey. Mankan from the shop stops you on your way out, pointing out the cool ship at the dock is your Robo-Kyogore. Great, we can leave whenever you want. Now, back to the Lab for a breif stop with Dr Krane.
He's in the left room on the right hand side of the lab, and he greets you when you walk in. He says he has something for you. He opens up a secret passage to the basement and you follow him inside. He'd like you to use a Master Ball to help you on your way, it's in the only visible chest. Exellent. Now, we can Catch Lugia! So, time to head off to Citadark Isle on Robo-Kyogore!
Step on it to view a cutscene of the sweet ship motoring towards a lava covered isle, and parking you right besides Verich's yacht. As you head up the dock, a sailor notices you and has a problem with you showing up without having been on his ship.
Navigator Abson - 720p
-Crawdaunt (m) lv33
-Pelipper (f) lv33
-Mantine (f) lv33
-Golduck (f) lv33+ SHADOW POKEMON
-SableEye (f) lv33+ SHADOW POKEMON

He heads off to report that you've shown up. Head down to Verich's ship and offer to let the sailor take a ride on the Robo-Kyogore sometime and he'll give you Battle CD31 as thanks. The elevator won't open, So now, we head inside.

Citadark, Floor 1

Walk in the cave to find a heal machine and a PC, perfect. Head left, and down the hall, through the door to the other hall, and a ninja will land nearby.
Cipher Peon Haben - 1320p
- Masquerain (m) lv33
- Dunsparce (m) lv33
- Roselia (m) lv33
- Spinda (f) lv33

But, there's nothing at the end of the hall, so back to the entrance and head right. a Chaser thinks you chased Verich off, then fights you back.
Chaser Furgy - 740p
-Xatu (f) lv34
-Dodrio (f) lv34+ SHADOW POKEMON
-Wishcash (m) lv34
-Raticate (m) lv34+ SHADOW POKEMON

Through the door, and kinda left is a chest, with 1 max elixer. Now, through the door to meet a burly sailor, who offers to battle to keep in shape
Sailor Golos - 592p
-Aron (m) lv34
-Corsola (f) lv34
-Pupitar (f) lv37

He was standing in front of another door, so head through it and left. All the way around the hallway, another trainer will stop you before the elevator.
Hunter Jetsal - 544p
-Sneasel (m) lv34
-Girafarig (f) lv33
-Golbat (f) lv33
-Seaking (f) lv34

After this guy is the room with the elevator save before you head in, because Lovrina will come up the elevator just before you grab it for yourself. Remember her? She says she's finished all the finishing touches on XD001 and it cannot be purified, ever.
Cipher Admin Lovrina - 3900p
-Gardevoir (m) lv36
-Gorebyss (f) lv36
-Roselia (m) lv37
-Farfetch'd (m) lv36+ SHADOW POKEMON
-Alteria (m) lv36+ SHADOW POKEMON

Citadark, Floor 2

Master Greevil will be mad at her again, but that's not out problem as she runs off. Down the elevator. Head around the hallway, you'll meet the first peon who isnt a ninja in ages.
Cipher Peon Bastil - 1400p
-Crobat (m) lv35
-Seviper (m) lv35
-Chimecho (f) lv34
-Masqurain (m) lv34

Further along the hallway is a room with a guy on a bed. Ignore him and head further along the pathway. Head across the bridge and turn south at the fork to grab 5 Ultra Balls, then back north and around. There's a door north, with a peon behind it.
Cipher Peon Litnar - 1560p
-Electrode (u) lv34
-Misdreavus (f) lv34
-Claydol (u) lv36
-Kangashan (f) lv35+ SHADOW POKEMON
-Banette (m) lv37+ SHADOW POKEMON

Before we head up the elevator, we're going to head right where a ninja will appear on the other side of a doorway;
Cipher Peon Graston - 1480p
-Absol (m) lv35
-Ninjask (f) lv34
-Sandslash (f) lv37
-Mawhile (f) lv35

Further in the room is a chest with 2 full restores. On the other side of the elevator is a room with a chest with 3 Hyper Potions. Now time to head up the elevator to get two emails. They're both from Eagun from Agate, who doesn't know either how to type and made a mistake with the first email. The second one doesn't say anything either, it's a little amusing.

Citadark, Magma Chamber

Ahead of you is a block you can push off the edge. Do it. Now, head down the hill, and to the chest which has 2 revives. Now head south and right and push the next block off the edge. Head back to intersection and left. Push another block off the edge and clean up the lava. Head back to the intersection and down where the lava used to be. Up on the other side, and to the right and all the way around, pushing a block off the edge right at the end. Now all the way back to where you dropped the block in the lava. You can grab the chest with 2 White Herbs. Now we head through the new door. But there's a peon right before you get there.
Cipher Peon Grupel - 1520p
-Houndoom (m) lv37
-Ninetales (m) lv37
-Vileplume (f) lv34
-Magmar (f) lv36+ SHADOW POKEMON
-Pinsir (m) lv35+ SHADOW POKEMON

Through the door, head right and around the magmafall. There's another Heal Machine there, so head through the door. Down the hallway is a peon guarding an elevator;
Cipher Peon Kimly - 1480p
-Mightyena (m) lv35
-Stantler (m) lv34
-Zangoose (f) lv37
-Sharpedo (m) lv35
-Sunflora (m) lv34

Past this girl is a PC. Use it if you need, then head up the elevator.

Citadark, Upper Magma Chamber

Eagun will send you an email again, saying nothing. Head down then left, then up at the fork. There's a branch off leading to a trainer and a chest with 2 Hyper potions;
Chaser Nalix - 720p
-Dustox (m) lv35
-Beautifly (f) lv35
-Sunflora (m) lv34
-Illumise (f) lv36
-Volbeat (m) lv36

Back on the main road, head north and through the door but not before there's a fight;
Hunter Ibran - 720p??
-Wheezing (m) lv35
-Fortress (f) lv35
-Wobbufett (m) lv36
-Dodrio (f) lv37
-Skarmory (m) lv34

From here head through the middle door, and grab the visible chest. It has 1 PP Up. Head along the corridor and back into the magma room. Theyr'll be two fights;
Rider Kulig - 360p
-Azumarill (f) lv34
-Pelipper (f) lv36
-Ariados (f) lv35
-Octillery (m) lv36
-Qwilfish (f) lv36

Cipher Peon Jargo - 1480p
-Delibird (m) lv36
-Grumpig (f) lv36
-Swalot (m) lv36
-Relicanth (m) lv35
-Golduck (f) lv37
-Quagsire (f) lv35

At the end of this long path is a chest with 1 Elixir. Okay, so head all the way back to the intersection, and this time head left. All the way left, and then up is a ninja who drops down on you;
Cipher Peon Kolest - 1600p
-Camerupt (m) lv37
-Weezing (m) lv37
-Muk (f) lv38
-Rapidash (f) lv40+ SHADOW POKEMON
-Magcargo (f) lv38+ SHADOW POKEMON

Before you reach the end of the room, another fight appears;
Cipher Peon Kolin - 720p??
-Cacturne (f) lv37
-Ninetales (m) lv37
-Torkoal (f) lv37
-Mantine (f) lv37

There's a chest before the doorway, with 2 Full restores. Now you head through the door. Head down the hall from here there's two big lugs who leap upon you. They're named after feul, so burn 'em bad.
Cipher Peon Karbon - 1640p
-Medicham (m) lv38
-Golem (f) lv38
-Xatu (f) lv38
-HitmonChan (m) lv38+ SHADOW POKEMON

Cipher Peon Petro - 1640p
-Grumpig (m) lv39
-Skarmory (f) lv39
-Metang (u) lv39
-Hariyama (f) lv39
-HitmonLee (m) lv38+ SHADOW POKEMON

Now that these two are piles of ash, although not literally, you can pass by and head up the elevator. hop on the floating platform heading right, then transfer to the next one. It takes you down to where you can grab the chest with 2 Max potions, and then head back up.

Citadark, Elevator Room

Now, back from the start take the left mini-elevator downward. Then, head south and a meet a ninja;
Cipher Peon Jaymi - 1600p
-Yanma (f) lv39
-Roselia (f) lv37
-Smeargle (m) lv39
-Vileplume (m) lv37
-Altaria (f) lv40

Further along the path around in a circle is a chest with a whopping 3 rare candies. But on the way back a scary ninja spooks you!
Cipher Peon Gromlet - 1760p
-Banette (m) lv40
-Sableye (m) lv40
-Dusclops (f) lv40
-Crobat (m) lv44
-Wailord (m) lv44 (isn't he gigantic?)

Now we can head south from the spiral, and into a new map. There's a chest here with 1 PP Max. Head back in the other door and up the mini-elevator, and along the path to the next elevator.

Citadark, Hooks and holes

Here, Eagun spams you again, so ignore it. Head left, and go to the yellow hook. Now, left again and grab the pink hook. There's a chest with 3 Timer balls. Grab the red hook, and head south and take the elevator. Head right, and a ninja will watch your head;
Cipher Peon Geftal - 1640p
-Lanturn (m) lv41
-Magneton (u) lv41
-Likitung (f) lv38+ SHADOW POKEMON

Head up and grab the 3 Max ethers from the chest. Drop down the last (glowing) hole before the wall and onto a chest with 1 Max Revive. grab the orange hook, then the pink hook, the red, then run south and onto the elevator again. Run all the way around the center wall and grab the 4 full heals in the chest. drop down the last (glowing) hole on the right and grab the 2 revives at the bottom. get on the light blue hook and head north. Then the pink, the red and the elevator.
Head all the way aroudn the wall again and take the passage just between the two pits at the end to find a hidden ninja. There should be a prize for finding them all.
Cipher Peon Leden - 1680p
-Stantler (f) lv41
-Exploud (m) lv41
-Scyther (f) lv40+ SHADOW POKEMON
-Chansey (f) lv39+ SHADOW POKEMON

Citadark, Plateau

Beyond, is an elevator, take it up. head left from the elevator, and Snattle will come up the other elevator in the room. He's still mad at you for ruining his plan, and for putting his defeat on TV. He wants to become Govenor of Orre, and he's going to wipe you out this time.
Cipher Admin Snattle - 4400p
-Metang (u) lv42
-Quagsire (m) lv42
-Scizor (f) lv42
-Solrock (u) lv41+ SHADOW POKEMON
-Castform (f) lv42
-Starmie (u) lv41+ SHADOW POKEMON

Once you've beaten him again, you can take the reight elevator, to the entrance. But there's a Cipher waiting for you.
Cipher Peon Keef - 1760p
-Shuckle (m) lv44
-Blissey (f) lv42
-Weezing (f) lv41

Now the elevator is available to go most of the way up without a problem. So, from the front of the plateau, head towards the back. Ardos is waiting for you. And, he remembers you and says that he wasn't helping you, but punishing Zook, and didnt realize you'd be so much trouble. So, he attacks to take you out.
Cipher Admin Ardos - 4600p
-Swellow (m) lv43+ SHADOW POKEMON
-Alakazam (m) lv44
-Kingdra (f) lv44
-Heracross (f) lv44
-Electabuzz (m) lv43+ SHADOW POKEMON
-Snorlax (m) lv43+ SHADOW POKEMON

He realizes that he should have beaten you earlier, and now he must defer you to Master Greevil. Now that he's destroyed, you can go behind to the door. Inside is another PC and healing Machine. Perfect. Save. Head straight inside, and meet Greevil. He's only slightly surprised that you won. But, he can only stand it so much longer. So, he puts a gigantic glass wall in front of you. I guess you've got to leave to find a way through it. When you try to leave, Gorigan arrives via the last elevator on this level, and he's kinda happy to see you. It means he'll get to fight him one last time.
Cipher Admin Gorigan - 4500p
-Slowking (m) lv42
-Ursaring (m) lv43
-Aggron (m) lv43
-Walrein (f) lv44
-Poliwrath (m) lv42+ SHADOW POKEMON
-Mr. Mime (m) lv42+ SHADOW POKEMON

Citadark, Underpass & Main Chamber

Now, the elevator is open, and down it is a peon. You're going to have to fight her.
Cipher Peon Kolax - 1760p
-Glalie (m) lv41
-Amphros (m) lv44
-Breloom (f) lv42
-Donphan (m) lv44
-Dugtrio (f) lv40+ SHADOW POKEMON

Save before you head up the next elevator, and get ready for the fight of the game. But Greevil sends bodyguard Red, Eldes after you, first.
Cipher Admin Eldes - 4700p
-Ninjask (f) lv45
-Manetric (m) lv44+ SHADOW POKEMON
-Salamance (m) lv50+ SHADOW POKEMON
-Flygon (m) lv45
-Marowak (f) lv44+ SHADOW POKEMON
-Lapras (m) lv44+ SHADOW POKEMON

You're probably going to need to heal after this battle. And you'll absolutely want to save. Up next is the fabled Shadow Lugia. Eldes says you could probably stop their plan if you keep going. However, you shouldn't underestimate him. Eldes leaves, and opens up the path to the Heal Machine and the PC, so you can heal and save before the last fight.
In the far back right corner is 1 Max Revive. In the front left corner is a room with an elevator. take it. You're confronting Greevil in a small round room. He's upset that you've derailed every one of his plans. But, he has one trick up his sleeve. He thinks you have the right to know before he destroys you. He created a shadow pokemon that resisted purification entirely. Next, he plans to create shadow pokemon that don't even need trainers. He would be the only human involved, and he could take over the world with no bothersome people involved. Then he opens the roof. He introduces his faithful servant, XD001. Shadow Lugia. He attacks you to celebrate his plan coming to frutition.

Citadark, Endgame

Grand Master Greevil - 5300p
-Shadow Lugia (u) lv50+ SHADOW POKEMON

Use your master ball, because you're going to have a really hard fight with a ton of shadow pokemon and no time to save right after. If you absolutely insist, remember that you will need some pokeballs left over after
When you DO snag it, Greevil yells at you, and he says he will personally see to the destruction of your pokemon.
Grand Master Greevil - 5000p
-Rhydon (m) lv46+ SHADOW POKEMON
-Moltres (u) lv50+ SHADOW POKEMON
-Exeggutor (f) lv46+ SHADOW POKEMON
-Tauros (m) lv46+ SHADOW POKEMON
-Articuno (u) lv50+ SHADOW POKEMON
-Zapdos (u) lv50+ SHADOW POKEMON

Greevil is crushed and dejected as Ardos comes into the room. He reccomends destroying the whole island with you still on it. Greevil, however, says that it would destroy the shadow pokemon data and all his allies as well, so it's nto a great idea. Ardos, however, argues that those things can be replaced. He has a helicopted ready for their escape, but Eldes shows up, and is ashambed of Ardos. He's a lot more moral and honorable. Ardos says that clinging to honor will be the end of cipher and that's no good. Greevil reluctantly agrees. Eldes says that Cipher is already finished, and there's no point in escaping, because they have to start from scratch anyways. Ardos is still stubborn, and orders Greevil to destroy the island. Greevil apologises for being about to destroy the island, but Eldes, Greevil's son, urges him once more, to stop. Eldes says that Greevil can't take over the world with just strong pokemon, and points to you as an example. Ardos tries to quiet Eldes down, but he won't have any of it. Eldes offers his hand to Greevil to stand again and regain some dignity. Eldes then takes you aside ands thanks you for ending this nightmare. He looks forward to battling you in the future, but not as enemies.
Suddenly, the storm around Citadark Isle breaks and when you arrive back there is a huge celebration in your honor. Even Jovi is happy to have you home. The game saves, and finishes. The end...?

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