Super Smash Brothers Characters, Moves, and Codes

General Codes
New Outfits
Change character outfits at the character select screen by pressing the four C buttons

Secret Characters
Jigglypuff-Beat one player mode, at any difficulty
Captain Falcon-Beat one player mode, at any difficulty, under 20 minutes
Ness-Beat one player mode, at normal difficulty, with 3 lives
Luigi-Beat practice one mode, with all 8 initial characters

Secret Stages
Mushroom Kingdom-Beat one player mode, with all 8 initial characters, play all 8 arenas in versus mode

Item Switch
Fight 100 multiplayer battles to earn the Item Switch option in the Vs. menu. From here, you can select which weapons you want to appear in a multiplayer fight by turning them on or off, and also how often they appear.

Sound Test
Complete the practice mode for both Bonus levels with every single character for the Sound Test. It can be found in the Data menu.

If you want to find out what the special moves do for yourselves, then this section will give you some hints without giving away too much. These are the moves all the characters can use. Some characters have slight variations on these moves.

Right = towards
Left = away
Up = up
Down = down
A = 'A' button
B = 'B' button
C = any 'C' button
R = 'R' button
Z = 'Z' button
L = 'L' button

Basic Moves
Every character has the same move configuration, which means the same button does the same thing for every character. This convenient fighting system allows you to switch easily between characters without having to get the hang of basic moves all over again.

Normal Attack = A. A medium-strength hit, like a punch.
Shield = Z. You can shield yourself from harm for a short while by using your force field (e.g. Link has a Hylian Shield). Don't hold it too long, if it breaks you'll become dazed.
Grab the Edge = Z + Direction of the edge (Move Control Stick), If you're flung off the edge, and can't quite make it back, press toward the edge of the field. You will grab on to it and pull yourself up.
Jump = Up or C. A jump.
Toss = R. Basically a grab, throw or suplex. Press R to grab, then R again to execute a standard throw, or Left to pull off a backwards throw. Backwards throws are usually slightly more powerful. You can't use a Toss move while holding a weapon, instead you'll just drop it.
Aerial Attack = ? + A in the air. Each character has several different air attacks.
Low Attack = Down + A Button. The A Button commands your basic attacks. If you press Down and tap A, your character will perform a Low Attack.
High Attack = Up + A Button. Do the High Attack to smack your competitors that will send them flying.
Special Abilities = B Button. Every character has a Special Ability. Unlock it by pressing B.

Advanced Moves
In addition to the regular moves, an arsenal of advanced techniques that will throw the competition for a loop is at your character's disposal. School the other players with power-ups of use the Triple Jump to make an amazing comeback from certain doom. Learn them well.

Pick up/throw = A. Get near to a barrel, crate, or other item, stab A to pick it up, then A again to throw. Some stuff's too heavy to move with. You can usually throw things in almost all directions. You can also use A to pick up weapons or power-ups.
Use weapon = A. Weapons replace your Normal Attack. Each weapon has different effects, and thus sometimes-different buttons are required to use them.
Power Attack = Right + A. Halfway between a Normal Attack and a Smash Attack.
Smash Attack = Tap (direction) + A. These are what you'll mostly be using to knock your opponent off the edge. Super powerful but slow to execute. Have fun.
Throw weapon = R or Z + A. Used to chuck your weapon in someone's face.
Double Jump = Up or C while jumping. An impossibly high jump addition. Useful for getting back into the arena, and jumping up to higher platforms.
Fighter Stance = L. A simple taunt. Each character has a different one.
Power-Ups = N/A. From time to time, power-ups will appear on the playing field. They are special weapons that pack a mighty punch, so use them wisely.
Upward Super Attack = Up + B Button. This attack makes you jump making a strong kick on your opponent!
Downward Super Attack = Down + B Button. This is like the same as the Upward Super Attack but you kick on the ground!
Triple Jump = Up, Up, Up + B
Combining the Double Jump and your character's upwards special move, the Triple Jump is the best way to get back onto the level. This can save you more if you fall off bad.

There are undoubtedly other little tricks and moves, which even the programmers don't know about. Experiment, experiment, experiment.

The Regular Characters and their Special Moves
This is a more in-depth look at the eight starting characters and their special moves. For each character, thee are descriptions for there three special moves, and their throws.

Key for descriptions of attacks:
Toss: A Toss (throw) attack.
Ranged Attack: An attack that travels a distance, eg. a Boomerang.
Aerial Attack: A move that should be pulled off in the air for greatest effect.
Power-up: A move that must be charged up by holding a button.
Extra Weapon: A move that produces a weapon that can then be used in a variety of ways.
Shield: An advanced form of the Z - activated shield.
Ability: An ability unique to that character.
Special: A move that does not fit into any other category.

Mario [Mario Brothers]
Everyone's favorite fat Italian plumber. There's no way Nintendo could have missed out Mazza for their reunion of characters, and he's quite good. He's got a high jump, a decent speed, but his attacks are mainly geared towards being up close and personal.
Fire Ball (Ranged Attack) B
The requisite bouncing flame from the 1985 original. It bounces nearly all the way across the screen.
Coin Punch (Aerial Attack) Up + B
A super-fast flying multi-hit combo than can wallop the enemy about 10 times, with each hit resulting in a coin being knocked out. Looks great, and can be an extension for a Double Jump when you're trying to get back into the arena.
Mario Cyclone (Special) Down + B
Mario spins around with arms outstretched, walloping anyone caught by the move about ten times. Then he uses a standing double punch to knock them upwards. Top! Follow this up with a Coin Punch for an effective combo.
Bowser Swing (Toss) R
It's what Mario does to Bowser at the end of Super Mario 64! Mario grabs the enemy by their legs, swings them round a bit, then lets go. Throws them sideways, rather than up.

Donkey Kong [Donkey Kong]
The game needed a super-strong, beefy character and D.K. fills in quite nicely. This huge ape, can be one of the better characters in the game, if mastered correctly. Donkey Kong is the most powerful character in the game, and with his wind-up move you can launch people off the platform. Make sure your face doesn't connect with his punches, 'cos IT WILL HURT, and he has a neat extra that could turn the tide of a match. But what he has in power he lacks in speed and recovery, making him one of the slowest characters in the game. Another great thing about Donkey Kong is that you will most likely have to get his damage above 100% to get a kill, because he is so big. If you can master and use Donkey Kong, you will be a killing machine.
Giant Punch (Power-Up) B
He has to wind this punch up by holding B for about three seconds until it's fully powered-up, but even when you go to punch, it takes at least another second before he actually executes the move. That said, it does an obscene amount of damage.
Monkey-Back (Toss) R
D.K. holds the enemy on his back with another tap of R allowing you to carry them around. Tap another button and you'll throw them. When you're about to die, try grabbing an opponent that's hardly hurt and plummeting to your doom. That'll really get 'em annoyed. However, it won't get them as annoyed as this - lob a weapon straight upwards, grab someone, and just as the weapon's about to hit the ground, tap R again, so that it lands in the victim's stomach. Absolute evil.
Haymaker (Aerial Attack) Up + B
Spins his fists round and hits people, yadda yadda yadda... Good for getting back onto the level.
Strong Kong (Ability) A
You know the barrels and boxes that sometimes appear in the levels? Well, with any other character, you can pick 'em up and throw 'em, but you can't move 'em. D.K. can, with his super-strength. Useful if you want to stop people nicking whatever's inside.
Hand Slap (Special) Down + B
High power attack that's only short-ranged, but sends 'em flying upwards. Keep on pounding them for a one-hit-wonder win.

Link [Zelda]
In a game that doesn't have Link in would be a fair bet. On the whole, it's very difficult not to choose Link as a favorite character. There's something for novices and experts, and he's so versatile, you'll be wishing for some of his moves when you're playing as someone else. His sword spin is perfect for clearly out enemies, his bomb is a powerful attack, and his boomerang is a fairly good long range attack that can score you two hits. He is pretty powerful too, in fact, Link is almost too good. But he can't jump very good, and none of his moves can count as a good comeback move, except maybe is sword spin. If you take full use of all of Link's move he is tough to beat. Be prepared to be called a stuck up person by your mates if you can only win with Link.
Spin Attack (Aerial Attack) Up + B
Link spins round with his sword, creating a surprisingly long-ranged attack that can also be used as a kind of Smash Attack, as it sends them flying. It's not necessarily an Aerial attack, cause it's just as good on the ground as it is in the air. As with most Up + B attacks, it's also used for getting back into the arena.
Bomb (Extra Weapon) Down + B
Link produces a bomb from the vast depths of his green/blue/red/off-white dress. Stabbing A throws it, but bear in mind that it needs a lot of force to explode on impact. So, try holding a direction on the analogue before pressing A. Even better, try Double Jumping over someone, and throwing it down on their polished butt.
Hookshot (Toss) R
The R button will make Link spear the nearest opponent with his stretchy metal thing, then a further tap of any button makes Link kick them. Hard.
Boomerang (Ranged Attack) B
Couldn't be simpler, but offers a wide range of flash moves to be used with. For example, throw it over someone's head, grab them with the Hookshot, and then kick them into it as it returns. Have fun, and remember to experiment. Like the Bomb, pushing a direction on the analogue sends it further.

Samus Aran [Metroid]
A bio-suited bounty hunter. Most people from the N64 generation probably won't know that this gal starred in several ancient games on the NES, SNES and Game Boy. One of the easiest characters to master, this bounty hunter is a instant favorite with many. Anyway, Samus is a bit of a mixed bag. She's an incredibly slow walker, but has some powerful attacks, and is a complete winner in the air, so jump around a lot. It's clear up attack even though weak, can score you up to ten hits, and annoy your opponents. The blast charges up like Donkey Kong's wind-up move. The bomb will temporally stun opponents so you can land a blast on them or a smash hit. Hit with a Charge Shot and you won't be seeing your enemy for a while.
Screw Attack (Aerial Attack) Up + B
An extravagant multi-hit combo spin attack. This is the reason why Samus is so great in the air.
Mine Drop (Aerial Attack) Down + B
Unfortunately, Samus doesn't have a direct downwards Aerial Attack, so she has to make do with this. It can be a decent move, but it'll need practice. It's fairly similar to Link's Bomb attack, but with advantage that they can't hurt Samus. However, you'll find that they won't do much damage, and they're quite hard to aim as they fall quite slow.
Charge Shot (Power-Up) Hold B
You can fire it normally with a tap of B, but to do the real damage, you'll have to charge it up by holding the button down (which requires you to be stationary). Once charged, you're free to move, and a further tap of B will send a huge ball of energy shooting across the screen. Anyone caught by it will be in a whole world of hurt. If it's charged up, the Charge Shot could be a useful substitute for a Smash Attack.
Laser Grapple (Toss) R
Identical to Link's Hookshot attack in all respects expect for it's appearance. It looks better, okay?

Fox McCloud [Star Fox]
This feisty spaceship-flying.... er, fox is probably one for the experts. Sure, he's fast, nimble, and has one of the highest jumps, but some of his attacks just don't cut it against characters like Mario and Link. He hasn't got an effective downwards attack, and his upwards attack takes ages to charge. So, clock some hours in the Training Mode with him before you try him for real. Fox's agility could make him a very good fighter. His blaster is the best long range attacke in the game, and normally racks up about 5 damage points each time it hit. Fox is also has one of the biggest jumps, and combined with his comeback move, can get you back on the platform from a mile away.
Fire Fox (Aerial Attack) Up + B
Takes about one lunar month to charge up, but it causes a significant amount of damage. Try it out, but make sure that you're not going to be hit before you launch.
Blaster Shot (Ranged Attack) B
Sends a pretty pink ray out to fry your enemies. It may look and sound weak, but it causes a considerable 5% damage with each hit. Keep them pinned down, and they'll gradually start to get worn down. Also useful for shooting people trying to get back onto the arena.
Reflector (Shield) Down + B
Same as a normal shield, but reflects projectiles like Fire Balls with double damage at double speed. Needs expert timing. Try reflecting a Shell for millions of damage. This shield can break over time, just like the normal one.

Kirby [Kirby's Dreamland]
Kirby can eat people to nick their abilities, he's got the best downwards attack ever, the gift of flight, and a lethal rapid-fire punch! Admittedly, he's a beginners choice, but is one of the best characters in the game. He has a good combination of speed and power, and his comeback move is one of the best in the game. The only problem is he doesn't really dominate in any area.
Stone (Aerial Attack/Shield) Down + B
Marvelous move! Kirby turns himself into a rock and drops... well, like a rock, onto an opponents head. Plus, it makes you invincible for about two seconds, which is better than a shield! The only disadvantage is would be the fact that Kirby will slide on graded surfaces when performing this move, so exercise caution.
Swallow (Special) B
Kirby gobs the opponent, and steals their 'B' attack! For example, he'll steal Mario's Fire Ball or Samus' Blaster Charge. The best bit, though, is that he'll also take on the appearance of the character that he eats, stealing a monkey suit from D.K. or Link's pointy hat! One problem, though. Kirby'll lose the abilities after he takes a certain amount of damage, or if you press the L button (Fighter Stance)
Final Cutter (Aerial Attack) Up + B
This move consists of Kirby producing a bright blue blade of energy, leaping up into the air, bringing it down again and creating a wave of energy that courses along the ground, knocking down anyone in his way. A 3-hit combo is possible with this.
Suplex (Toss) R
This is mad! Kirby grabs the opponent, jumps up off the top of the screen, then slams them on the ground with a mighty explosion.

Yoshi [Mario Brothers]
This character's cuteness must be in violation of public decency. Even the noise he makes when he jumps can melt brains down to the consistency of fruit pur?e. Do not, repeat DO NOT use his finishing pose unless you want your soul to be stripped from your body and cast into the ether. Careless cuteness costs lives. The adorable green dinosaur, has some useful moves but overall isn't a very well rounded character. Yoshi's egg toss take time getting use to since the harder you push on the control the farther it goes. The eat command turns your opponent into a egg and stuns them for a few seconds. Yoshi is the highest jumping character in the game, but if you use up your double jump, none of Yoshi's moves serve as another jump. Also one thing that is bothersome is that he moves like he is on ice. Only choose Yoshi if you really like him, otherwises don't use him.
Egg Throw (Extra Weapon) Up + B
A very powerful weapon. Yoshi lobs an egg upwards, which then explodes like a firework. It's inaccurate but deals a lot of damage.
Hip Drop (Aerial Attack) Down + B
With a cry of "Brrriiing - hup!", Yoshi brings his green butt down on your head. Very powerful.
Egg Lay (Special) B
This is grim. Yoshi swallows the enemy with his long tongue, then farts them out as a huge egg. The enemy will stay in the egg for a little while, defenseless and unable to move, allowing the other players to pound it. If you're very lucky, you can fart them out over a ledge, making them drop to their doom.
Swallow Spit (Toss) R
Like Egg Eat, but instead of pooing them out, you gob them out with considerable velocity.

Pikachu [Pokemon]
Pikachu can electrocute you with a 10,000 volt lightning bolt. Yes, it's the most popular Pokemon ever, Pikachu. As a fighter, he's extremely powerful, but horribly easy to knock off. His lightning moves are evil. Pikachu is the speedest character in the game. If used properly, Pikachu can run circles around a character like Donkey Kong, or Ness. His long range attack is unique because it goes up walls. His comeback move is a great move, and leaves you invincibility for a short period of time. The electric strike can be used as a clear out move, hurting anybody above or around you. The only HUGE probably with Pikachu, is that he can be killed if his damage is near 60% or 70%, but if you master Pikachu's art of fighting then you will be raking in the points.
Thunder (Special) Down + B
This has got to be one of the most powerful move in the game. A thunderbolt strikes down on Pikachu, zapping anyone above him. It also creates an electric field around Pikachu, which hurts a lot.
Thunder Jolt (Ranged Attack) B
A jolt of electricity spews forth from Pikachu, bouncing along the ground, until it hits someone. Rather niftily, it also goes up and down walls!
Quick Attack (Aerial Attack?) Up + B
Bit of a weird one, this. It's obviously used for getting back onto the arena, as Pikachu whizzes upwards, then you can either angle it left or right, the odd thing is, it doesn't actually hurt anyone. Mystery.
Somersault (Toss) R
A standard throw. Pikachu vaults over them, grabs them, then throws them over his head. Try the backwards throw, which involves Pikachu holding them on his back, then electrifying them so that they blast off!

The Special Characters and their Special Moves

Jigglypuff [Pokemon]
Sadly, though, Jigglypuff is absolutely appalling as a character. She's easy to knock off, weak as heck, and hasn't got any decent moves. Her sleep move is fairly good when you are surronded, but it leaves you open to attack. Jigglypuff can also jump fairly high. Despite Jigglypuff being small, it isn't very fast, or powerful, but it does have a good defensive rating because of his sleeping move.
Sing (Special) Up + B
This is okay, I suppose. Basically, Jigglypuff sings a little song, and anyone who touches her falls asleep, as if their shield had been broken. However, you can still hit her, thus stopping her singing. Once they're asleep, you can blat them. Extra disadvantage: can't be used to get back into the arena.
Rest (???) Down + B
Seemingly useless, eh? Aha, matey, that's where yer wrong. You see, although it's insanely tricky to pull off while facing off your mates, if you connect with an opponent just as you flash before falling asleep, you'll send them sideways - at a similar rate to Luigi's Flame Punch. If you don't hit, you're trumped - you'll take a nap for a while...
Pound (Special) B
It's a punch.

Captain Falcon [F-Zero]
This racing machine from the F-Zero games, is also a fairly good fighter. He's certainly one for the experts, as his moves are very powerful, but need precise timing to work properly. Falcon's main weakness is that he dosen't have a very good clear out attack, therefore it is harder to get back on the platform when you are knocked off. He also lacks a good long range attack, making battles close combat matches. Captain Falcon is for more advanced players, because there is a delay between his moves. It can be very hard to master his moves. Give him a go.
Falcon Punch (Special) B
A massive punch that takes ages to charge, but competes with Pikachu's Thunder move in being the most powerful attack in the game. A great substitute for a Smash Attack.
Falcon Kick (Aerial Attack) Down + B
This is a bit like Fox's Fire Fox move. If you move the Control Stick in any direction, you can angle the Falcon Kick almost anywhere. It's powerful, quick to pull off, and it looks great. A marvelous move.
Falcon Dive (Aerial Attack) Up + B
This is weird. If you connect with this in mid-air, the Cap'n will grab hold of the enemy for a second, then boot them away in a flash of flames. It's powerful, and it could also be used to get back onto the arena.

Luigi [Mario Brothers]
Mario and Luigi are about the same, except Luigi can jump farther and his fireball goes a little faster. Luigi is easy to master, because his moves are pretty basic. His fireball is one of the best long range attacks. A good character, but can easily be beaten by a character like Kirby. He's basically a faster, weaker, higher-jumping Mario, with some other slight differences...
Fire Ball (Ranged Attack) B
It's like Mario's Fire Ball - but it's green! Oh, and it flies straight instead of bouncing.
Coin Punch (Aerial Attack) Up+ B
Same as Mario's.
Luigi Cyclone (Special) Down+ B
Same as the Mario Cyclone.
Bowser Swing (Toss) R
Same as Mario's.
Flame Punch (Special) Up+ B when close
Ooh, now this is odd. Normally, when you push Up+ B, Luigi does his Coin Punch, BUT, when you're really close to an opponent and you do it, Luigi pulls off a huge upwards punch, sending them flying upwards, ablaze. Try it out for yourself.

Ness [Earthbound]
He's a bit... well... different. His moves are nothing like anyone else's. Probably the most unknown character in the game. Incase you don't know Ness was the little boy that stared in the SNES RPG Earthbound. Ness is the second most powerful charatcer in the game, but like Donkey Kong he is slow, infact he is the slowest character in the game. But his comback move is one of the best in the game. Also you always find yourself having to use all of his moves. If mastered Ness is one deadly kid.
P.K. Fire (Ranged Attack) B
A little flame flies out of Ness' hands, and if it hits anyone, it creates a mini inferno. Great for keeping your opponent pinned down, and it does a fair amount of damage.
P.K. Thunder (Ranged Attack) Up + B
This is cool. It's actually a guided projectile. Once it's launched, Ness is frozen for a while, as his brain overloads. But, you can guide the thunderbolt with the Control Stick. It's great for getting people who think they're safe, behind a wall or something. But it's real strength is when you curl it around and hit yourself in the bum, sending you flying. Bash into someone on the way, and they'll be hit as if by a freight train. You can also use this technique to get you back on the arena, but it could take some practice.
Psychic-Magnet (Special) Down + B
Well, it definitely isn't a magnet. Instead, a colored shield envelops Ness, and any projectile attacks (Mario's Fire Ball, etc.) that hit him actually heal him! Groovy!

The Arenas
Smash Bros. has a variety of arenas, one for each of the starting characters, and they all have distinct differences. Here they are...

Peach's Castle (Mario, Luigi)
A fairly small rope bridge, with a little platform in the middle. There is another platform underneath the bridge, directly below the small one, through which a moving platform slides. There is a bumper above the small platform which moves around, and two small slopes in the upper left and right corners. Lakitu flies around in the background.
Hyrule Castle (Link)
Large level consisting of one main part, with two graded roofs leaning down on either side. On the right side there is a small covered tower. In the middle of the level, there are three platforms leading upwards. Whirlwinds appear at regular intervals. If you're caught in one, you're hit for 14% damage and sent flying upwards!
Saffron City (Pikachu, Jigglypuff)
The top of Silph Co. The main building has a raised box, from which Pok?mon randomly appear. To the right of this, there's a small helipad tower, and to the left there's another small tower. Just to the left and right of this small tower are two hovering platforms that move up and down. The Pok?mon that appear from the box are:
Venusaur Uses Solar Beam, which fires very rapidly and can keep you up in the air for multiple hits.
Charmander Uses Ember, which attacks much in the same way as a Fire Flower.
Electrode Uses Explosion, which hits with the same force as a Bob-Omb.
Chansey Uses Softboiled, which throws out an egg that contains a power-up. Heals you a little if you stand right next to it.
Porygon Uses Tackle, attacking quickly. For some reason, Porygon shouts out "Rancid!" whenever it appears. Extremely weird.
Look closely in the background, and you can see Pidgeottos, Fearows and Butterfrees flying around! Very occasionally, Moltres will zoom past, too.

Sector Z (Fox McCloud)
The Great Fox from Lylat Wars. From left to right:- the nose cone, which is slightly graded, a flat part, the wings (significantly graded), and then a drop down to the engines. To get back up onto the wings, you'll need to use a Double Jump. Now and again, Arwings will try to attack you. They fire lasers (which have double the power of most Smash Attacks) either horizontally, or as a strafing run, diagonally. If you are on top of an Arwing when it flies away, you'll DIE.
Congo Jungle (D.K., Giant D.K.)
A flat, long platform, with two graded platforms above it. Two smaller moving platforms rotate anticlockwise in the middle. Moving underneath the main platform is a Barrel Cannon, which can get you back into the arena.
Planet Zebes (Samus, Captain Falcon)
An irregular main platform, with three large platforms arranged above it. There is another, small, moving platform on the far right. You can't fall off this level very easily, instead you'll mostly fall into lava-like acid. The acid rises at certain points.
Dream Land (Kirby, Kirby Team, Ness)
A main platform, with three flat, straight, smaller ones above. At regular intervals, there will be gusts of wind which affect your movement.
Yoshi's Island (Yoshi, Yoshi Team)
Similar to the Dream Land arena, except the platforms are graded towards the center of the level, and there's no wind. Additionally, clouds appear on the side of the arena that can be stood on, but disappear after a while.

The "Special" Arena
Mushroom Kingdom Stage (Mario)
The level itself is smashing. It's based on the 1985 original Super Mario Bros. The ground consists of two large 'blocks' , with a pit in the middle. Above the pit, there are two platforms, placed together on a rope like a pair of scales, so if you stand on one when no-one's on the other, it'll sink. There are three other small platforms arranged across the level, and another, bigger suspended platform on the left. Note that on this level, you can't fall off the sides. On the right main 'block' and the left suspended platforms there are a warp pipes. Press on one of them, and you'll either come out of the other, or drop out of another pipe in the pit. Piranha Plants lurk in these pipes. Also, at random points, POW blocks will appear in the air. If you punch these, everyone on the ground will be sent flying upwards, and take a 20% hit. If you're in the air, though, you'll be safe.

The Power-ups.
This is where Super Smash Bros really gets fun. Power-ups either drop down on their own, or appear in crates, barrels, or little pink bottles. Hit 'em or throw 'em to break 'em open. Watch out, for booby-trapped bottles that explode when hit. Press A to pick up a weapon, then either A to use it, or R to throw it. Chucking a weapon at someone usually deals twice as much damage, but it could disappear.
Weak, but so light, you can smack an enemy as many times as you want. Get 'em cornered and watch their health meter drop. It also the best weapon for shield breaking. The Smash Attack breaks the shield instantly.
Beam Sword
Glorious, glorious weapon. This is almost identical to a lightsaber, and it's fabulous . You'll definitely be having fights over who gets this. Super range and damage, and a lethal Smash Attack easily make it one of the best weapons.
It's the hammer off of the old Donkey Kong games, but I don't quite know how to describe this. Here goes - AAAAARRRRRGGGGHHH! If someone gets a Hammer, RUN! They can't jump high, use any other moves, or move very fast, but each hit will send you flying up into the air, with a staggering 30% damage, the equivalent of two Smash Attacks.
Homerun Bat
Evil, is this. The standard attack's fairly powerful, but the Homerun Bat's real strength lies in it's Smash Attack, which knocks the opponent off the level no matter how damaged they are.
Another nasty, gittish weapon. Throw it at someone, and it explodes with the force of, say, C4. You do NOT want to be on the wrong end of this. Don't hit it, else it'll blow up. If you leave it alone, it'll start wandering around, ready for some idiot to walk into it.
Motion Sensor Bomb
Motion Sensor Bomb, my foot. It's a proximity mine from Goldeneye. The thieves. Still, it's rather nifty. Throw it in someone's face, and it'll drop and stick to the floor, where it's hard to see. If someone walks into, they'll be blown up just as if they were hit by a Bob-Omb. Worst bit - walking into a mine you previously placed because you forgot it was there.
Star Rod
Use a normal attack, and it just blats them. Use a Smash Attack, and it fires a spinning star that's twice as powerful. The star's quite long-ranged.
Fire Flower
Spurts out a continuous flame. Toast an enemy until it runs out of ammo, then you can just chuck it in their gobs. Great if they're cornered.
The Super Mario Bros. power-up that makes you invincible for a short while. Make the most of it!
A superb weapon. Fires a powerful laser bolt horizontally. If you're timing is good, you can play keep-ups with another player. Chuck it at someone when it runs out of ammo. Doesn't have a Smash Attack.
Maxim Tomato
This tasty snack heals 100% of damage.
From Zelda! Totally replenishes your health. There're sure to be fights over this one.
Poke Ball
I left this brilliant item till last, as this section's quite big. Throw a Poke Ball and one of 13 different Pokemon will emerge to attack the nearest enemy. The Pokemon are as follows:
Charizard: Stays still and uses Fire Spin, which shoots fire to the left and right. Use the area covered by flame as a shield.
Koffing : Uses Smog, creating a cloud of poisonous gas. Don't get caught!
Snorlax : Jumps up to the top of the screen, hurting anyone in the way, then uses Body Slam, falling down to severely crush any enemies beneath it.
Onix : Flies up to the top, and uses Rock Throw, knocking down several boulders that can damage all those below.
Chansey : Uses Softboiled, producing eggs that can be thrown as a weapon, or broken open to reveal a pick-up.
Blastoise : Uses Hydro Pump, shooting water horizontally. Can cause multiple damage.
Hitmonlee : Uses Hi Jump Kick, a very powerful but inaccurate one-hit attack on one player.
Starmie : Flies to the nearest enemy and uses Swift, a rapid-fire attack that can hit several times. Often gets it wrong and flies to a totally different place.
Beedrill : A single Beedrill flies off one end of the screen, then summons a swarm of Beedrill who fly in the opposite way, and perform Twineedle on anyone who's unfortunate to get in the way.
Goldeen : The booby prize. Uses Splash, which doesn't do a thing!
Mew : Mew is very rare. It just seems to fly up off the screen, without actually doing anything. It gives you an extra 18,000 points if you get it on one-player, though.
Meowth : Uses Pay Day, rapidly firing out coins. The damage received depends on the proximity to Meowth himself, so the closer you are, the more coins'll hit you, and the more damage you'll take. I've seen someone take as much as 120% damage from a Meowth - the same as four Bomb-Bombs.
Clefairy : Uses Metronome, performing a random Pokemon attack.
Bear in mind that Pokemon that you released can't hurt you, so try and lure other fighters into their attacks. Team up with your Pokemon! Catchphrases: "Poke Ball - GO!"

The One-Player Guide
Right then, the one-player game. The game you'll be playing if there's only one of you. The path is as follows:
Vs. Link An easy warm-up battle. He even lets you have the first hit!
Vs. Yoshi Team (18) Fight 18 Yoshis consecutively! Still fairly easy, as they hardly attack you and one hit usually sends them over the horizon.
Vs. Fox McCloud The first of the tricky fights. The computer's pretty nifty with the furred one.
Bonus 1 Hit all ten targets within 90 seconds. Trickier than it looks. If you're trying to get Captain Falcon, commit suicide immediately.
Vs. Mario Bros. (2) It's you and a randomly chosen teammate against Mazza and his bruzza. A pretty easy task.
Vs. Pikachu Easy! Pikachu's light as a feather, so it's simple to knock him off.
Vs. Giant DK You have two friends to help you annihilate the huge Kong. Just sit back and wait for your mates to knock his health down, then stroll in for the kill. He'll accumulate damage surprisingly quickly.
Bonus 2 Stand on all the platforms before the time runs out. As with Bonus 1, take your life by hurling yourself into the depths if you're after the F-Zero pilot.
Vs. Samus Aran Simple enough, as long as you avoid the lava and wait for her to fall in herself.
Vs. Kirby Team (8) Fight eight Kirbys, each with different abilities randomly nicked from the other 11 characters. They have an evil habit of ganging up on you.
Vs. Metal Mario Nasty. Although he's easy to damage, it's a different matter trying to knock him off. Remember that he can't jump very high.
Race to the Finish! Easy-peasy. Leg it past the Polygon Team members, hop over the bombs and bumpers and you're home free. Still, it's quite hard to get a Perfect bonus.
Vs. Fighting Polygon
Team (30) Absolute gits. 30, count 'em, thirty polygonal renderings of all the characters go all out to vaporize you. A fiendishly tricky fight on the harder settings.
Master Hand Aaarrgh! Rock-hard boss alert! He flies around, performing devastating attacks that can easily knock you off if you're above 40% damage. Here's his moves list:
Finger Gun: Shoots up to three bullets. Unavoidable, so shield yourself. His least dangerous attack.
Hand Flick: He flicks his hand twice across the arena. Evade this attacks.
Hand Swipe: A powerful swipe from one side of the arena to another. Just jump it.
Big Punch: He disappears, then punches you from the distance. Simply shield it.
Poke: Aargh! Evil attack! Sparks will appear from his finger, then he'll repeatedly poke you. You'll need to evade this, as it'll bust your shield. Can kill you even on 0% damage.
Rocket Punch: He'll fly off like a rocket, only to punch you from the distance. The flames coming from him hurt you too.
Drill: He repeatedly mashes you by twisting on your head.
Smash Punch: A huuuuge punch. He'll hover at the top of the screen, then punch down on you. Easy to shield.
You'll have noticed that there are certain point bonuses achieved in one-player fights achieved by doing certain things. Here's a description of most of them:
FIGHTER STANCE: Do your fighter stance (L) just before your enemy dies.
CHEAP SHOT: Use the same moves most of the time to get a shocking -99 points! Horror!
SINGLE MOVE: This is a variation of Cheap Shot, which you get by doing only the one move over and over again, without using any others though. This is actually a good one, as it gives you points.
STAR FINISH: When you get your enemy to disappear into the background or foreground.
POKEMON FINISH: When a Pok?mon finishes off your enemy. Duh.
HEAVY DAMAGE: Inflict more than 200% damage on a single opponent.
KIRBY RANKS: When fighting the Kirby Team, defeat them in the order in which they appear.
YOSHI RAINBOW: When fighting the Yoshi Team, defeat them in the order in which they appear.
SPEEDSTER: Finish a match quickly.
SPEED KING: Finish the game quickly. Given after you beat Master Hand.
SPEED DEMON: Complete the game in under 8 minutes. Given after you beat Master Hand.
NO MISS CLEAR: Given after Master Hand, beat the game without losing a life.
GOOD FRIEND: Beat the Mario Bros. without your ally dying.
TRUE FRIEND: Beat the Mario Bros. without your ally getting hurt once.
PERFECT: Given on Bonus Stages when you complete them without getting hurt.
STAR CLEAR: Finish while under the influence of a Star (ie. Invincible)
SHIELD BREAKER: Given when you break an opponent's shield in a match.
NO ITEM: Finish without picking up an item.
SMASH-LESS: Finish your opponent without using a single Smash Attack.
NO MISS x ?: Finish a match without dying. These are consecutive awards, by that I mean for each consecutive match that you finish without dying gives you another 50000 points.
FULL HEALTH: Finish with an unincremented health meter.
NO DAMAGE: Finish without getting hurt at all.
SHOOTER: Finish a match using only a gun-type move, like Samus' Charge Shot or Fox's Blaster Shot.
JUDO WARRIOR: Finish a match using only Toss moves.
SPECIAL MOVE: Finish a match using only your three B-activated Special Moves.
BROS. CALAMITY: Knock off Luigi in the Vs. Mario Bros. fight without hitting Mario.
ARWING CLEAR: Given when an ARWING finishes off Fox on his level.
ACID CLEAR: Given when Samus dies by falling into the acid on her level.
COMET MYSTIC: When you finish off your opponent by making them disappear into the background (ie. Star Finish), do the same to yourself to get this award.
PACIFIST: Finish without damaging your opponent.
BUMPER FINISH: When your opponent is defeated with a Bumper.
VEGETARIAN: Collect 3 Maxim Tomatoes during a fight.
HEARTTHROB: Collect 3 Hearts during a fight.
DK DEFENDER: Defeat Giant DK without any of your allies being defeated.
DK PERFECT: Defeat Giant DK without your allies getting hit. Very tricky.
BUTTERFLY: Defeat your opponent while he/she's climbing back on.
BOOBY TRAP: When your opponent is defeated by walking into a mine laid by you.
MEW CATCH: This award is achieved when Mew appears from a Poke Ball.
??? CLEAR: Depending on which difficulty level you beat Master Hand, you'll get an easy, very easy, normal, hard or very hard clear bonus. The harder the clear, the more points you get.
There are probably others.

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