Pokemon Ruby/Sapphire Extra Walkthrough parts

The following walkthroughs are used with permission from kyogre.net

Below are some miscallenous info about thing to do while playing the game and after beating the game.

A. Back in Littleroot Town

Once you continue the game, you'll end up in your room in Littleroot Town. Now go down the stairs. Here, you will see The fihft gym leader (which is also your father) and your mom talking. The fifth gym leader will walk up to you and handed you a boat ticket. You can use this boat ticket to go from Slateport City to Lilicove City and the reverse. You can also go to battle tower. To hop on the boat go to the harbor in the two cities mentioned.

B. Safari Zone
The new safari zone in Hoenn is located near Lilycove city. Here you can capture some Pokemon such as Rhyhorn, Girafarig. First of all, to enter Safari zone you need to have Pokeblock Blender that you get from a girl in Slateport City. Once inside the safari zone, the format is the same like safari zone in R/B/Y. You will be given 30 Safari ball, and you cannot use any Pokemon to weaken the opposing Pokemon.

There are three main areas in Safari Zone. In the first area, you can catch Wobbuffet, as well as Pikachu. To go to the second area, you would need to get an Acro Bike. Went to the white ramp, and to get to the other side press B+the direction you want it to hop simultaneously. (you must get the timing right in order for this to work). In this second area, you will able to catch Pokemon such as Heracross and Phanphy. To get to the third area, you will need a fast bike. Go to the mud-slide and use your Mach Bike to climb it. In this area you will be able to catch Pinsir.

Pokemon catchable in Safari Zone:
Rhyhorn (3rd area)
Phanphy (2nd area)
Heracross (2nd area)
Pinsir (3rd area)

C. Sky Pillar and Pacifidlog Town
Previously, before you beat the elite four you can go to this town. However, you can only knows about the existence of a secret island then. Now that you've beaten the elite four, you can go to the secret island.

Now, before you do anything else, go to Slateport city and head to the bike shop. Talk to the man, and you will receive a fast bike.

Go back to Pacifidlog Town, and surf eastward. Try to surf to the North, if you have beaten the elite four you'll find a new path at the middle of the route taking you North. Surf around there and you'll find a patch of land with a cave. Go through the cave, and you'll end up in another place. walk a bit and you'll see a gigantic tower.

Sky Pillar.

First Floor
This is straightforward, just head for the stairs and climb up to the second floors. There are wild Pokemon here, use repel if you want to.

Second Floor
You might have notice that crack in the floor. To be able to get past them, you need your fast bike. After you managed to get through all the crack, head for the stairs

Third Floor.
There are two stairs here beside the one that you entered from. Go to the right stairs, as the middle stairs is blocked.

Fourth Floor
Probably the trickiest part of all. This will require you to get through all the crack at one go. You can't stop, or else your bike will lost its momentum. Go to the middle roughly where the area of the middle stairs in the previous floor, and drop down.

Third Floor
Go to the stairs and climb to the next level

Fourth floor
Once you stepped out of the stairs, move to the left and climb the stairs.

Fifth Floor
This is as straightforward as the first floor, just find another stairs up

Sixth Floor
Be prepared to fight another Legendary Pokemon

Rayquaza lvl 70
This Pokemon is a Dragon/Flying legendary Pokemon. However, it has some Dragon move as well. Also in terms of stats this Pokemon is the strongest the game. Use an electric Pokemon to chip down his HP. and keep trying to throw Pokeball.

D. The Three Regi
The Regi are the new legendary trio Pokemon in the game. To get them, you must do certain things. First, you need to catch a Relicanth and a Wailord. Now, go to Pacifidlog Town, and surf to the west. You'll encounter water with strong current here, make your way to the spot where you can dive. Dive underwater and keep going till you see an inscription in braille. Emerge back and you'll find yourself in a cave filled with brailles. If you translate this, the braille will gives you the alphabet.

Location of Relicanth (coelancatch Pokemon): Underwater, near the 8th gym. (it's quite uncommon)

Location of Wailord: Evolve it from Wailmer which could be found from Route 122 using a good rod. You could also try fishing at route 129. Wailord is quite rare there.

Go to the middle slate of the braille and use dig. This should break open the stuff. Go into the next room, and put Relicanth as your first Pokemon, and Wailord as the last Pokemon in your party. Press on the slate, and now there should be an earthquake. There should be a message saying that a door was heard to be opened somewhere. Now leave the cave to capture the three Regi.

Now, to find Regice, go back to Dewford Town, and surf to the North. Surf around until you find a little island with a guy surrounded in trees. Now go left and keep surfing up. You'll find yourself in an island with small mountain. Go in, stand in the middle of the braille wall, and press A. Patience is golden, so wait for a few minute and a door leading to a lvl 40 Regi-Ice will appear.

Go to the Safari zone, and go left instead of entering until you see a stairs. With a super Nerd standing near it. go up the stairs and continue north. You'll find yourself in an area that's raining. As usual you'll encounter the braille, in the cave. Go to the middle of the cave and use fly. Go to the next room, and Regi-Steel should be there now.

Go to Fallarbor Town. go right, until you reach a desert where you find the fossil. you should get into another mound and an entrance. go to the middle of the braille slate. Move to the right twice, and down twice, use strength and a door leading to Regi-Rock will appear.

E. Shoal Cave
Shoal cave is located north of Mossdeep City. When it is high tide, the cave is flooded and you will be able to get 4 blue crystal. When it's low tide, you'll be able to get items such as TM 02 Dragon Claw. The cave is also the nest of ice Pokemon such as Snorunt.

If you gave the 4 blue crystal and salts to the old man when the cave is flooded, you'll get a shell bell which have a somewhat similar effect as leftovers.

F. Latias and Latios
Latias and Latios appears randomly throughout the grassy areas and the water. To trigger the event, you'll need to watch the TV stating that a strange Pokemon has been sighted over Hoenn. This could only be gotten after you have beaten the Elite Four.

To capture Latias and Latios, you need some luck. If you know about the three legendary dogs in crystal, you should know what comes ahead. Battle with Latias and Latios are random anywhere on grassy area in Hoenn. It is recommended that you carry a master ball along if you haven't used it on Rayquaza. If you are playing Ruby, you'll be able to capture Latios in the wild. Whereas if you are playing Sapphire you'll be able to capture Latias. Of course, the best and most effective way here is to use the master ball.

In addition to that, you'd be able to capture the other Lati at Southern Island. To get there, you'll need the Eon ticket whoch could be gotten from Pokemon Center, NYC. Before that, you'll need to edit your profile and entered the phrase "Mystery Events is exciting." Once you've gotten the ticket, go to Slateport harbor and you'll be taken to Southern Island. Remember to bring all the necessary equipments as you could only visit this island once.

Below are the statistics of the Pokemon as well as their natural moves.

HP: 80
Attack: 90
Defense: 80
Speed: 110
SP Attack: 130
SP Defense: 110
Total Stats: 600

Lvl 1 Psywave
Lvl 5 Parting Gift
Lvl 10 Helping Hand
Lvl 15 Safe Guard
Lvl 20 Dragon Breath
Lvl 25 Protect
Lvl 30 Refresh
Lvl 35 Lustre Purge
Lvl 40 Psychic
Lvl 45 Recover
Lvl 50 Dragon Dance

HP: 80
Attack: 80
Defense: 90
Speed: 110
SP Attack: 110
SP Defense: 130
Total Stats: 600

Lvl 1 Psywave
Lvl 5 Wish
Lvl 10 Helping Hand
Lvl 15 Safeguard
Lvl 20 Dragon Breath
Lvl 25 Water Sport
Lvl 30 Refresh
Lvl 35 Mist Ball
Lvl 40 Psychic
Lvl 45 Recover
Lvl 50 Charm

G. Meteor Falls
The Dragon cave, is located at route 115. It is the place where Dragon trainers train and the only place where you get Bagon. To get Bagon, make your way to Nicholas the Dragon Tamer. Head down, and turn left. Head for the stairs down. Surf at the water to a small chamber. On a small strip of land on the top, there is TM 02 Dragon Claw. This is also the only area where you could get Bagon.

H. Battle Tower
After you have received the boat ticket, you will be able to go to the Battle Tower. I'm still quite not sure on how the new battle Tower works, but it appear that you can compete in two categories, "up to level 50" and up to level 100. Another thing to taken note of, is that you can't use any of the legendaries Pokemon in the battle tower.

So the following Pokemon are not allowed in battle tower: Regi Steel, Regi Ice, Regi Rock, Kyogre, Groudon, Requaza, Jirrachi, Deoxys.

You'll fight a 7 consecutive random battle. Below are my battle tower team:

Mirror Coat
Destiny Bond

Ice Beam

Aerial Ace
Brick BReaker
Sunny Day

TIPS: Try to bring a team that could cover as many weakness as possible.

By winning 50 vitories in a row and 100 victories in a row, you'll be able to get Silver Shield and Gold shield respectively. They are secret base decorations.

I. Hidden Machine
In total, there are 8 HM in this game. Each time you beat a gym ,you'll be able to use a HM outside a battle. There is one new HM, Dive which will allow you to dive underwater, and now Rock Smash is a HM. However, HM 06, Whirlpool is missing from the game.

Here are the list of the HM.
HM 01 Cut - With this HM, you can cut some trees
Location: House Beside Rustboro Pokemon Center
HM 02 Fly - You can fly back to all the town you have been previously
Location: You receive this from your rival after beating him/her in the bridge
west of Fortree City
HM 03 Surf - Allow your Pokemon to surf in the water
Location: House beside Petalburg City gym
HM 04 Strength - Allow your Pokemon to move boulders
Location: Destroy the rock in the cave where you recue Wingull earlier
HM 05 Flash - Lighten up light in dark caves
Location: Hiker in the cave North-West of the second gym
HM 06 Rock Smash - Allow your Pokemon to smash rocks
Location: Mauville City, House east of the shop
HM 07 Waterfall - Allow your Pokemon to climb waterfall
Location: Kyogre/Groudon Lair
HM 08 Dive - With this. you'll be able to dive underwater
Location: Mossdeep City, Steven's house

J. Evolution stone
Below are the location of some evolution stone. (e-mail me if you know more about it)

Thunder Stone-Power Plant
Water Stone-Wrecked Ship
Fire Stone- fiery Path
Leaf Stone-Route 119 (surf down the river west of Fortree City)
Moon Stone - Meteor Falls, steal from Lunatone
Sun Stone - Lilycove City space research center, steal from Solrock)
Everstone - Granite Cave, steal from Geodude

if you found some colour fragments, you can exchange it with a man at water route 124 (there is a houses) near Mossdeep City. the fragments can be found under water.(red fragment for fire, green for leaf, blue for water, yellow for thunder, and so on).

K. Fossils
In Ru/Sa, there are two new fossil you can get, the root fossil and the claw fossil.

To get them, go to the upper-right corner of the dessert. Just like Helix fossil and Dome fossil in R/B/Y, you can only choose one of the two fossil. Once you have them, go to Kanazumi city and enter the building in which you get your Poke-Navi (It's in the western part of the town). Go to second floor, and talk to the scientist. Make sure you have an extra space in your team to get the resurrected prehistoric Pokemon. Come back to the building after some time, and your fossil should have been brought to life by now. The Pokemon that you will get will be a lvl 20 Lileep/Anorith (depending on the fossil you chose earlier). They will evolve at level 40. If you choose the claw fossil, you'll be able to get Anorith. If you choose the Root fossil you'll be able to get Lileep. Anorith is a rock/bug type, whereas Lileep is a rock/bug type.

L. New Mauville
Items: Escape Rope, Full Heal, Paralyze Heal, Thunderstone
New Mauville is located just south of Mauville City. You need to get the Basement key from the third gym leader sometimes later in the game. After you get surf, you'll find Wattson standing in the middle of the town. He will tell you that there are something wrong with the generator at New Mauville, and give you the basement key. So, exit the town and head southwards. Near the entrance of the cycling rod, surf eastward and you should see a cave. Go in, and you'll see a steel door. Since you've got the basement key, you could go on.

Here, you can capture Pokemon such as Magnemite and Voltorb. You can also get the Thunder Stone here in the same room as the generator. By fixing the generator, the third gym leader will give you TM 24-Thunderbolt as a reward.

M. Special Pokemon
Here are the list of Pokemon that is special in the way that you get them.

Treecko/Torchic/Mudkip - Given to you by Profesor Birch at the beginning of the game.
Lileep/Anorith - Revive the fossil that you found in the desert.
Castform - Talk to the man in the building west of Fortree city once you've beaten team Aqua/Magma.
Kyogre/Groudon - Cave behind the 8th gym.
Rayquaza - Secret tower East of Pacifidlog town.
Latios/Latias - Found randomly in the wild.
Regi-Ice - Cave on the western part of Hoenn
Regi-Rock - Cave in the desert
Regi-Steel - Cave west of Safari Zone
Wynaut - A lady in Lavaridge town will give you a Waynaut egg
Beldum - Steven's house, after you've beaten the league

N. S.S. Tidal
After beating the elite four, your father will give you an S.S. Ticket. By using this ticket, you'll be able to hop on board the S.S. Tidal, the invention of Capt Slate. To hop aboard, go to harbor at Lilycove or Slateport. You can either choose to go to the battletower, or taking a route between the two cities mentioned above. There are a few trainers here. For those who have been playing Pokemon Gold and Silver, SS Tidal works the same way as SS Aqua does. You only need to sleep in your cabin for the ship to reach its destination.

O. The Nickname Rater, Move Tutor and the move Forgettor

You can find the Nickname rater at Slateport City. You can have your nickname rated and changed. you can't change a Pokemon nickname that you've gotten from a trade though.

To the right of Mauville City on Route 118, you come to a watery edge, there is a pokemon trainer who is the classic fisherman guy with teh red baseball cap and jacket, near him is a rock, on the north side of the rock if you check it, there is a "Heart Scale: Its a lovely scale. It is covetted by collectors". You can give these heart scales to the move tutor. The move tutor will teached moved that your pokemon learned naturally and has forgotten it earlier. You can find him at Fallarbor Town.

The Move forgettor allow you to delete moves off your Pokemon ,even HM moves. He could be find in Lilycove City.

TIPS: You could steal Heart Scale from Luvdisc. While not all Luvdisc has them, but it shouldn't be too hard obtaining some heart scale.

P. Game Corner
First, you'll need to get the coin case. To do this, you'll need to buy a Harbor Mail. (could be bought from Slateport Pokemart for $50). Next, trade it with the girl living beside MAUVILLE city Pokemon mart.

In the game corner, you'll be able to purchase either 50 coins for 1000 Poke, or 500 Coins for 10000 Poke. Talk to the girl beside the counter to get a free doll. There are two kinds of games here.

The Slot Machine
In the slot machine, your objctive is to get three of the same kinds, either vertically, or diagonally. (depends on how many coins you useD). If you use 1 coin, the only line that will be counted will be the horizontal line running through the middle. Betting 2 coins for all the horizontal lines, and 3 coins for all the horizontal and diagonal lines.

The Roulette
There are two roulette machines here. One with the minimum wager of 1 coins and one with the minimu wager of 3 coins. Upon selecting the machine, you'll be taken to a screen showing a 4 times 3 box, each box with a picture of Pokemon (Waynaut, azzurill, Skitty, Makuhita) and colors (yellow, green, purple). You could choose how you want to bet. Betting on one box (e.g. yellow Waynaut) will get you a return of 12X the bet amount if the ball landed on it. Betting on a Vertical line (e.g. Azzurill line) will get you a return of 4X the bet amount. Betting on a horizontal line (e.g. Purple Line) will get you a return of 3 X the amount)

TM 32 1500 Coins
TM 29 3500 Coins
TM 35 4000 Coins
TM 24 4000 Coins
TM 13 4000 Coins

Treecko Doll 1000 Coins
Tochic Doll 1000 Coins
Mudkip Doll 1000 Coins

Q. Diploma
Once you've completed your Pokedex, you can go to the Lilycove Moetl. This is where the Gamefreaks team is staying. Go to the second floor and Talk to Satoshi Tajiri, he'll giev you a diploma certifying that you've completed the Pokedex.

What do this diploma do?
Nothing, just for bragging rights.

R. The TV
Sometimes, it might be a good idea to watch the TV. Mainly there are some important events that the TV triggered.

1. Latias/Latios - In order to catch Latios and Latias, you'll need to watch the TV at your house first after you've beaten the elite four.
2. Pokemon Outbreak - Namely Skitty and Surskit. Remember Remoraid, Yanma or Dunsparce in G/S/C. Skitt yand Surskit are normally hard to catch, when the TV reported an outbreak of Surskit or Skitty, you'll have a significantly higher chance of encountering them in the wild.
3. Lilycove City Clear out sale - You'll need to watch the TV to know when this is being held. By missing this sale out, you'll miss a variety secret base decorations, such as the TV (ironic, isn't it), and Rhydon Doll.

S. The Lottery
You could buy a Pokemon lottery ticket at Lilycove department store, ground floor. Just like Buena in G/S/C, the Lottery ticket worked in a similar way. If your lottery number matches your Pokemon ID, you will win the lottery. The more number matches, the more exclusive will the prize be. To boost your chance of winning the lottery, you'll need to do a lot of trading. Each ticket is free, but you coudl only buy them once a day.

T. Berry Master
Ever wonder where you could get those berries that you seem you can't get. You could get these berries form the berry master wives. They lives on a house at route 123. The berries that she'll give you depends on the phrase that you entered.

Below are the phrases that you could put in, and the corresponding rare
berries that you will get.
Great Battle - Spelon Berry
Super Hustle - Belue Berry
Challenge Contest - Pamtre Berry
Cool Latios - Durin Berry
Overwhelming Latias - Watmel Berry

Note that some of the saying only appears after you've done certain events. For example, for the words "Latias" and "Latios" or for any Pokemon for that matter, you'll need to encounter them first before the word is available.

U. Abandoned Ship

Abandoned Ship lay on route 108, between Dewford Town and Slateport City. In order to complete this quest, you would need to have a Pokemon with the knowledge of Surf and Dive.

When you arrive, head straight. This will take you to a room with 4 cabins. Head to the staircase in the North-East. This will take you to another room. You could see a sailor here, with one cabin with locked door in his right. This is the storeroom. You need to get the ley first before you continue. Now head to the staircase at the North-West end of the room. Here's another room. Grab the Pokeball and go out. You'll find yourself on the entrance at the first level of the ship. Go up to the second level and enter the room. Talk to the scientist, and he will explain that Capt Slate wanted him to investigate the ship. Before you left, he will give you the storeroom key.

Go back to the locked room. Opened the door and grab the item, now go back to the room with sailor. Enter the midlle room at the cabin in the bottom row. Here you will see water at the south end of the room. You'll also see deeper patch of water which you can dive. Use dive there

Go along the underwater path, and resurfaced when you can do so. You'll find yourself at another room. Here's there are six cabins. Some of them are locked. Go to the third cabin in the South to get a Water Stone. Flashing lights means that there are hidden items there. (the key to the other locked cabins).

Now, you can get the scanner. Head back to Slateport harbor and talk to Capt Slate. HE'll exchange you the scanner for Deepseatooth, or Deepseascale - you choice. Both are needed to evolve Clamperl.

V. Pokemon Center
Pokemon Center could be found at almost every town, with the exception of Littleroot Town. At first level, there is Nurse Joy. Talk to her to heal your Pokemon. On her left, there is a PC which you can use to deposit Pokemon and items. The people at the first floor will talk to you miscallaneous info about Pokemon.

At second floor, there are three counters. To use this three features, you'll need to link to another Ruby/Sapphire games. These are:

Pokemon Cable Club Colloseum
Here you can battle your friends. There are three types of battle. Single Battle will allow you to battle your friends on a 1 on 1 matches. Double battle works the same way, only this time the battle will be a 2 on 2. Multi Battle is an option for four trainers. On the left, there is an info showing your battle record.

Pokemon Cable Club Trade Center
Here you'll be able to trade Pokemon with your friends.

Pokemon Cable Club Record Center
Here you'll be able to mix record with your friends. By doing so, your friends secret base will appear in your game. The guy at Mauville City Pokemon Center will change as well.

W. Mossdeep Space Center
At Northeast of Mossdeep City, there is a space center. Here you'll find a white rock outside the center. Meanwhile, inside the center you'll learn some information regarding Houen. The scientist at the end of the first floor will talk to you about the number of successful launch. The number of launches, depends on the time that you've spent on the game. There is 1 launch per week. Currently, there aren't anything significant about this building.

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