Pokemon Ruby/Sapphire Walkthrough

The following walkthroughs are used with permission from kyogre.net

A. Littleroot Town - A whole new adventure begins.

Significant Places: Your house, your Rival's house, Professor Birch house.
This is the begginning of your adventures. You started out in a truck. It appears that your family is moving in. There will be Machoke carrying stuffs around, and your mom will tell you to go to your room. Go and take a potion out of your PC,look at the clock and set up the time. Now your mother will allow you to come down.

Now, if you look at the TV, you'll know that your father is a gym leader. Now go out. Head to the lab and you'll discover that Professor Birch had went out. You can't go out of the town either, as you'll be stopped by a small boy syaing that it's too dangerous out there. So, there are only one place to go - the neighbour's house. Go up to the second floor and you'll see your rival. After talking to her, head back t othe entrance of the town. This tiem you could go out.

After walking for a while, you will see Professor Birch attacked by a wild Poocyhena. He will ask you to choose a ball from his bag to help him. you will have three Pokeball to choose from (No prize for guessing that these are the starter. These three starters are: Treecko (Grass), Torchic (Fire), Mudkip (Water). Choose which starter you want, and you will fight the Poochyena
Poochyena lvl 2 You shouldn't have any problem beating this Pokemon. Your starter level should be strin genough to beat Poochyena.

From the three Starter, Grass and Water will have a type advantage for the first gym. However, Torchic will evolve to Combusken at level 16 which can learn Double Kick. Personally, Torchic would be the best choice considering that there is only a few Fire types in the game. At the same time, Fire type is one of the most useful, especially against the Elite Four.

Starter Evolution and attack learned

Treecko lvl 16 (Grass)
Pound -
Leer -
Absorb 6
Quick Attack 11
Pursuit 16
Screech 21
Mega Drain 26
Agility 31
Slam 36
Detect 41
Giga Drain 46

Grovyle lvl 36 (Grass)
Pursuit 17
Screech 23
Mega Drain 29
Agility 35
Slam 41
Detect 47
False Swipe 53

Sceptile (Grass)
Leaf Blade 29
Agility 35
Slam 43
Detect 51
False Swipe 59

Torchic lvl 16 (fire)
Growl -
Focus Energy 7
Ember 10
Peck 16
Sand Attack 19
Fire-Spin 25
Quick Attack 28
Slash 34
Mirror Move 37
Flamethrower 43

Combusken lvl 36 (Fire/Fighting)
Double Kick 16
Fire-Spin 25
Bulk Up 28
Quick Attack 32
Slash 39
Mirror Move 43
Sky Upper 50

Blaziken (Fire/Fighting)
Slash 32
Blaze Kick 36
Mirror Move 49
Sky Upper 59

Mudkip lvl 16 (Water)
Tackle -
Growl -
Mud-Slap 6
Water Gun 10
Bide 15
Foresight 19
Mud-Play 24
Take Down 28
Whirlpool 33
Protect 37
Hydro Pump 42
Reckless 46

Masrhstomp lvl 36 (Water/Ground)
Mud Shot 16
Foresight 20
Mud-play 25
Take Down 31
Muddy Stream 37
Protect 42
Earthquake 46
Reckless 53
Swampert (Water/Ground)
Muddy Stream 39
Protect 46
Earthquake 52
Reckless 61

After you have beaten the Poochyena, Professor Birch will bring you back to his lab in Littleroot Town. Here he will thank you and let you keep the Pokemon for saving him. He will tell you that his daughter/son is currently on route 103. He will ask you to go there. Now it's time to continue and head for the next town. Exit the town and head to route 101.

B. Oldale Town - The Pokemon Center and your Rival

Walk along route 101. There's nothing here, except some wild Pokemon, namely Zigzagoon and Wurmple. You can't catch them yet, so level up one or two levels. Soon enough, you'll be on your way to Oldale Town.

Not much to see here. This town just like Viridian in R/B/Y and Cherrygrove in G/S/C. As usual, there is a Pokemon Center to heal your Pokemon and also a Pokemart. Buy some potions and left for the next route. As usual, Nurse Joy is still in every Pokemon Center. Now the Pokemon Center has it's own escalator. On the second level of the Pokemon Center, you'll be able to find three booths - One for Battling, One for Trading, and one for Mixing Records.

Head North, and after walking for a while, you will find your rival. Be prepared for your first battle. You should have levelled up your Pokemon during the journey so far. The Pokemon he choose will be a starter Pokemon that has a type advantages over your Pokemon. Your rival's Pokemon will be at level 5. It shouldn't be hard to beat him/her if you level up enough. If your rival is a boy, his name would be Brendan, if she's a girl, her name would be May.

Rival Battle Brendan/May

Treecko lvl 5 or Mudkip lvl 5 or Torchic lvl 5 (Depnding on your starter)

For Example: If you choose Treecko the grass starter your rival will have Torchic the fire starter. This battle should be simple if you level up enough. Presumably, your starter should be at leve 7-8. With this, you will not face any difficulties beating her/him

After beating your rival, go back to Oldale Town and you are now allowed to buy the items in the shop. At the entrance of the town, you will see your rival. Talk to him/her, and he/she will tell you to follow him/her back to Littleroot Town.

Now, go back to Littleroot Town and talk to Proffesor Birch. He will give you 5 Pokeball and a Pokedex. Exit the town, and before that while passing your house, your mother will give you a running shoes.

With this running shoes, now you can run by holding the "b" button of your gameboy. Running Shoes will allow you to travel much faster. It could be used anywhere except in building.

Now, head back to Oldale Town again. You might want to capture some Pokemon along the way. Once in Oldale Town, exit the town using the west exit to route 102. You will find yourself in a route with a few trainers. In this route, you'll be able to catch Pokemon such as Ralts (they are quite rare though). Continue walking along the route and soon you'll arrive at Petalburg city.

C. Petalburg City - Meet your Father here

Significant Places: Petalburg Gym, Wally house

Go to Pokemon Center to heal your Pokemon and stock up on the potions. Now go to the gym. A trainer called Wally will come and begged your father to be given a Pokemon. Norman will lend him a Zigzagoon which will be used to catch Ralts. Afterwhich, he will take you back to the gym leader. It is your father. He will told you that did not have enough experience, and you need 4 badges before you can challenge him. Take note of this and come back to this gym after you've got 4 badges. Now head to the west exit of the town and make your way to the route 104. Figh some of the trainers here, you might want to catch a Pelliper if you want. At the end of the route, you'll end up in Petalburg Forest.

Petalburg Woods
Petalburg Woods will remind you of Viridian Forest. There are heaps of Bugs Pokemon bugging you here. Soon enough, you'll bump into a researcher which was attacked by Team Magma/Aqua. This will be your first ever meeting with Team Magma/Aqua, but it certainly won't be the last.

Team Magma/Aqua
Pokemon: Poocyhena

After defeating him, make your way out of teh forest. There are parts of the forest which you will need cut in order to access it. Come back later to acess this area and grab some items.

D. Rustboro City - Home to Devon Corp
Significant Places: Devon Corp, Rostboro Gym, Cutter house

Rustboro City is among one of the biggest city in the game. On the North-East, is the building where you will get your Poke-Navi later on the game-the Devon Corp. Heal your Pokemon and head to the gym. The Gym is awfully similar to Pewter City Gym in term of layout and even the type used.

Rustboro Gym
Gym Leader: Roxeanne
Type: Rock
Badge: Stone Badge

Geodude lvl 14
Nosepass lvl 15

This could be hard, especially if you choose Torchic as your starting Pokemon. However, if you level up enough during your journey here, you should be able to beat the gym leader and get your first badge and TM 37. If your starter is Torchic, I would recommend to level it up and evlove it immediately into a Combusken in order for it to learn Double Kick which will be helpful against Rock type.

After you step out of the gym, you will see one of team Magma/Aqua member. He will head North, followed by a man in the green suit that you encountered earlier in the forest. Make your way to a tunnel, North-East of the city. Here the man earlier whom you saved in Petalburg Woods will tell you that team Magma/Aqua has run off with the Devon package. In front of the cave's entrance, you will see an old man called Mr Briney that tells you that his Wingull was taken hostage by Team Magma/Aqua. So, go inside and fight the member of Team Magma/Aqua. Once you've beaten Team Aqua/Magma talk again to the guy in Rustboro city who inform you about Team Aqua/Magma.

He will take you to a building, the Devon corporation and give you a Poke-Navi-A new version of pokegear in which you can see the map for your reward of beating team Aqua/Magma. The president of the company will also give to you two things to deliver. One for the champ of Pokemon Leauge, and the other, the Devon package itself for Captain Slate in Slateport City

/Poke Navigator\
Here the features of te Poke Navigator

1. Hoenn Map-Choosing this option will display the map of Hoenn and your current location.
2. Condition - This will show your Pokemon constest stats as well as other Pokemon that have been in a contest before.
3. Trainer-eye-this shows you all trainer that you have fought. There are 70 trainers in total, and you get an additional star if you managed to find all of them. You can battle that trainer again if a pokeball symbol is flashing beside their name.
4. Exit
5. Ribbon- this option will show all the Pokemon that have gotten their ribbon. This option only available if your Pokemon has gotten at least one ribbon.

Before continuing any further make sure you get HM 01 from the house beside Rustboro Pokemon Center. HM 01 is CUT, you can use it to cut bushes as well as grasses.

After rescuing Wingull, it's time to take the rough sea. Go back to Touka Forest and went back to the entrance. (the entrance that is near the beach). Near the forest, there is a house belonging to the old man which Wingull you rescued from Team aqua/Magma earlier. Talk to the Man, and he'll take you to Dewford Town.

E. Dewford Town - What's hip?
Places of interest: Dewford Hall, Granite Cave, Dewford Gym

Not much to do there, except that you might want to fight some trainers in the North. There is a cave up north. Leave this for a while. Talk to the fisherman by the Pokemon Center to get an old rod. There's a building called Dewford Hall, grabbed the TM 36- Sludge Bomb and run. (everyone here's is obsessed with something :P). Anyway, you could also get a silk scarf from the man living on the house by the jetty. Silk Scarf will raise th power of normal Pokemon moves when you let a Pokemon hold it.

What's Hip and Happening?
On Dewford Hall, you can set the trendy phrase. To do this, talk to the man outside the building. Say no and you'll be prompt to enter a new phrase. Of course, at some instance, some phrases could led to a hilarious situation :P

Dewford Town Gym
This is a fighting Gym. At first it might be hard to see anything as everything is dark. However, the light is slowly lit once you beat the Junior Trainers.

Gym Leader:Brawly
Type: Fighting
Badge: Knuckle Badge

Machop lvl 17
Makuhita lvl 18

It should not be hard to beat this Gym Leader. A Fying Pokemon will be a great help here. So get a Kadabra (If you managed to capture an Abra from the cave). After the battle, the gym leader will give you TM 08-Bulk Up.

Head to the cave North-west of the Island, the Granite Cave, and make your way through until you meet Steven. Once you delivered the memo, the champ will left after giving you TM 47.

Go out and now you're ready for the next part of the journey. Make sure you get the HM 05 FLASH from a hiker inside the cave. HM 05 FLASH would be able to be used to light up caves.

Once you have delivered the memo, talked to the Mr Briney who brought you here with a boat. A second option to go to Slateport city will be available. Hop on the boat, and you'll end up in a beach. Fight the trainers for some experience and make your way north to the next city. In fact, by defeating all the trainer in the beach you'll get something from Mr.Sea.

F. Slateport City - The gateaway to the sea
You will find Team Magma/Aqua crowding around a building. That's the ocean museum. If you tried to get out of the city and head North, you'll find your way blocked by several minions of team Magma/Aqua. There is also a contest house here. (the red building). In this house, you could participate in the contest. However, you would need to obtain the contest pass first from Verdanturf Town. Talk to the little girl to obtain Pokeblock Case. By obtaining this, you would be able to blend berry using the berry blender. With this, you will also be able to enter the Safari Zone. (later in the game). This is a key item that you definitely must get.

So, in Slateport city, head for a building that resemble a warehouse and talk to the man with the balding head called Dock. He will tell you that Capt Slate is nowhere to be seen. Now head back to the Ocean Museum. You'll discover that team Magma/Aqua has entered the museum.

The Ocean Museum is full of Team Magma/Aqua member. Talk to one of the member at the ground floor. He will remember you as the little twerp whom he fought earlier. He'll give you TM 46 (Thief). By using this TM you'll be able to steal item off wild Pokemon.

Head for the stairs and talk to the scientist. Suddenly, two Team Magma/Aqua member will come and you will fight them. After beating them, the leader of Team Magma/Aqua will come, and they will teleport away. By doing this, you'll rescue Dr Slate who'll be thanking you for the Devon package.

Heal your Pokemon and head North. You will find that now team Magma/Aqua is not blocking your way anymore. So just went straight and turn right. Here you will battle your rival once again. His/Her starter Pokemon will have evolved by now. So make sure that you levelled up for this fight.

Rival Battle #2:

If you choose Treecko as a your starter
Shroomish lvl 18
Wailmer lvl 18
Combusken lvl 20

If you choose Torchic as a your starter
Shroomish lvl 18
Numel lvl 18
Marshtomp lvl 20

If you choose Mudkip as a your starter
Wailmer lvl 18
Numel lvl 18
Grovyle lvl 20

After you managed to beat your rival, you can continue on your journey. Before that though, your rival will give you an itemfinder. You should be familiar with this item if you've played Pokemon before. For the sake of the unitiated though, the Itemfinder helps you to find hidden item on the ground. If your item finder indicate that there are items nearby, your character will immediately faces that direction after you use your itemfinder. If you happen to stand just under the item, you'll spin around in the area.

Now, just continue along route 110 and you will find yourself in Mauville City. At the junction between route 103 and 110, there's a trick house. Look for more details about it in the trick house section of this FAQ.

G. Mauville City - The Electrifying city
There is a bike shop here. Talk to the owner, and he will give you an acro bike in which you can hop around. There are two choices, the Mach bike and the Acro bike. The Mach bike could be used to get past ledges and mud-ramp, whereas the Acro bike could be used to hop around and could be used to get past the white ramp. To view the manual for both bike, check the notes on the table.

Now you will be able to enter the bicycle-only route. Not much there, except some trainers which you can battle. It's also serves as a shortcut from Mauville to Slateport and vice versa.

In front of the gym, you will meet Wally, the guy who you encountered at Petalburg City gym earlier. Wally will be your second rival. He insisted to challenge the gym leader despite the objection of his uncle. To prove himself, he will challenge you for a battle. His Pokemon will be a level 16 Ralts. It shouldn't be hard if you can make it so far into the game.

Trainer: Wally
Pokemon: Ralts lvl 16

After the battle, Wally will exit the town and head West to Verdanturf Town. In Verdanturf, you'll be bale to find the first contest house. On the route between Mauville and Verdaturf, you'll also be able to find the Day Care Center.

Now head to the gym. This gym is an electric gym, so if you have ground/Rock Pokemon it will be a great help here. You'll need to zig-zagged you way through before you reach the gym leader.

Gym leader: Wattson
Type: Electric
Badge: Dynamo Badge

Magnemite lvl 22
Voltorb lvl 20
Magneton lvl 23

This should be easy, especially if you have a fire Pokemon in your team. Use a fire Pokemon to finish off Magnemite and Magneton. After winning the battle, you will get the badge as well as TM 34. If you start out iwth Mudkip and has evolved it, this battle will be a breeze.

After you have beaten the gym leader, talk to the scientist living on the house right of the shop in the town and he will give you HM 06 Rock Smash. With Rock Smash, you can destroy rocks and you can continue to north to route 111.

H. Fiery Path
After walking for sometime you will arrive at a junction. One to the left and one ahead. As for now, you cannot choose to go ahead as the sandstorm will be blocking you. Now, Go and enter the cave. There are paths blocked by a boulder which you can't move yet since you didn't have strength yet. Find your way to the exit and just follow the path until you encounter a town. Before that, you might want to get TM 43 from the trainer in front of the big tree. Along the way, you will passed an area covered with Volcaninc Ash (Route 113). At Route 1113, lie the Glass Workshop. Talk to the owner who will give you a soot sack. Using this soot sack, you could collect ashes while walking in ash-covered grasses. You could exchange this ashes for Flutes, as well as secret base decorations. The flute works just like Pokeflute, for example blue flute awakens a sleeping Pokemon, and Red Flut cancels out the effect of attract.

Yellow Flute 250 ashes
Red Flute 500 ashes
Blue Flute 500 ashes
White Flute 1000 ashes
Black Flute 1000 ashes
Pretty Chair 6000 ashes
Pretty Desk 8000 ashes

I. Fallarbor Town
Not much to do here. Get the TM 28 Dig from the small boy in one of the house. There is however, the move tutor. (For explanation on the move tutor, refer to the sub-section on miscallenaous section).

Fallarbor contains the second contest house. If you have gotten the contest pass easlier from Verdanturf, and win any of the beginner contest, you can have your Pokemon to participate in these contest.

In one of the house, you will learn from the girl there that a scientist called Professor Cosmo has gone to the golden cave in the south. After you have rescued the scientist, go back and talk to him to get a TM. Ouside the town, is Lannette's house. She is Ru/Sa version of Bill in this game. After you meet her, your Pokemon box PC will be renamed LANETTE's PC.

Heal your Pokemon, stock up on the potions and left the town. After passing the bridge, you should find yourself among a rocky terrains. There are plenty of secret base around this area. Walk a little and you should find an entrance to a cave - The Meteor Falls.

J. Meteor Falls - Revelation of evil plot

Enter the cave, and you will see team Aqua talking to a scientist. Soon, Team Magma will confront team Aqua and both of them will left. Talk to the scientist, and you will learn that team Magma/Aqua has run off with a meteorite. Take note of this place. Lateron when you have gotten the waterfall, you'll be able to go deeper to the cave and eventually reach a place where you can catch the elusive Bagon. Now, its time to proceed with the journey, you might want to capture Solrock or Lunatone (Depending on your version), to add a psychic Pokemon to your arsenal.

Now, continue walking. The cave is a short one, and you should be able to go out of it effortlessly. Now you will find yourself back on the path to Rustboro City.

From Rustboro city, make your way back to Mauville City by going to Shidake Town. To go there, head East from Rustboro City and use rock smash on the boulder. You will get HM 04 Strength for smashing the boulder, however you can't use them yet until you beat the 4th gym. From Verdanturf town, just continue Eastward until you reach Mauville. From Mauville city, head North until you arrive at the cave again. This time go to the house to take the cable car up to Mt Chimney.

K. Mt Chimney - Stop Team Aqua/Magma!
Once you stepped out of the cable car, it will be on a volcano that was snowing. You will see members of Team Magma and Aqua seems to be having a fight. You cannot go to the town yet, as team Aqua/Magma is blocking the way. Head up, and fight the Team Aqua/Magma members on the way. At the top, you will find Archie/Maxie (leader of Aqua/Magma team) near the stolen meteorite. Defeat him, and he will left the volcano. The leader of the other team will come and thank you for beating his opponent.

Team Aqua battle
Mightyena lvl 24
Golbat lvl 24
Sharpedo lvl 24

Shouldn't be too much of a problem, provided that you've level up enough for this fight. Now with team Magma and Aqua gone you should be able to continue further down to the town through the Jagged Path

Jagged Path
You'll arrive at Jaged Path soon. There is really nothing crucial to the game here, there is a wild Spoink that you could catch though. Make your way down, until you reach a city - Lavaridge City.

L. Lavaridge Town - The Fiery Town
It will be helpful if you have a water Pokemon here, as your next fight will be a Fire Gym.
Enter the gym, and you will notice something like a spring in each section. This is just like Sabrina's Gym in R/B/Y and G/S/C. Walking to the hot spring in the gym will teleport you to the other section. Work your way to the gym leader, and defeat it. Now you should be able to use strength outside battle. If the area here seems foggy and you are using the emulator, check the FAQ section. You shouldn't encounter any problems with the graphics if you are playing using legitimate cartridge.

Gym Leader :Flannery
Type: Fire
Badge: Heat Badge

Slugma lvl 26
Slugma lvl 26
Torkoal lvl 28

Use Water Pokemon or Rock Pokemon here. After you managed to defeat him, you'll receive TM 50 which contain Overheat, a move more powerful than Fire Blast in term of base damage. It is also a good move to use on contest However, it gets weaker each turn. This battle should be a breeze if you leveled up enough.

Once you stepped out of the gym, your rival will come and give you a Go-Google. Now you can go through the desert to collect the fossils. You can take the fossils to Rustboro City to revive them. Before you go, don't forget to collect Wynaut egg's which is pre-evolution of Wobbuffet from a lady on the back of Pokemon Center.

As you might have known, with Rock smash you will be able to smash the rock hat block the cave in which you rescue the old man's Wingull. You'll find a blackbelt showing his frustation at not being able to meet his lover thanks to the rock.

This will lead to Verdanturf town. However, to fight the next gym leader you must head back to Touka City. The first city with a gym). When you break the rock, the blackbelt will give you HM 04 STRENGTH in return for destroying the rock that block the way between Rustboro City and Mauville City.

M. Petalburg City once more - The Power of Slaking
Make your way into the gym. Once you stepped into the gym, you will be able to see two doors. One on the left and one on the right. this is the basic structure for each room in the gym. Take the right one, and you will find yourself in another similar room. You need to beat the Junior Trainer before the doors will show up. There are two types of doors, "accuracy" and "speed." You should be able to find the gym leader easily, and the type that this gym is using is normal type, so Fighting Pokemon will come handy here.

Gym Leader: Norman
Type: Normal
Badge: Balance Badge
Slaking lvl 28
Vigoroth lvl 30
Slaking lvl 31

Slaking is one of the Pokemon with the highest attack in the game. Finish him as fast as possible before it can cause serious damage to your Pokemon. It characteristic make it it will only attack each odd turn. With one of the most powerful attack in the game, your best shot at betaing him would be using a Pokemon that could knock him as fast as possible or using a ghost type. You'll receive TM 42 for beating the gym leader.

Another strategy would be to used detect for every odd turn that Slaking attack.

Once you've beaten the gym leader, you can use surf outside battle. Now go out of the gym and enter Wally's house on the left. Talk to the man (Waly's father) and he will give you HM 03 Surf. Teach your Pokemon surf (if you do not have any water Pokemon, catch that racoon Pokemon). Now make your way to Mauville City (The city where you get the bicycle), either passing Oldale City or Verdanturf Town. Once you are in Mauville City, exit the city using the East exit. Here with surf you can cross the water and end up on the other side. Walk further right and go up when you arrive at a junction.

Walk your way up through the routes until you see a building. Here you will meet Team Magma/Aqua once again. If you need to heal your Pokemon, go to the bed in the left side of the building. Fight the Team Magma/Aqua members on the first floor, and take the stairs. Defeat team Magma/Aqua including their leader. Talk to the scientist, and he'll give you the elusive weather Pokemon-Castform.

Now you can go past the bridge which was earlier blocked by two team Magma/Aqua members. You'll soon meet your rival once more. Defeat him/her, and you'll get HM 02 Fly. Now you can fly to the previous town that you've visited.

N. Fortree City - Camouflage and Trees
You will end up in a city soon. However, if you tried to go to the gym you will find something is blocking you. So, go out of the city to the east and continue on until you reach a bridge. Here you'll met Steven once more. He told you that it was Kecleon, the chameleon Pokemon that was camouflaging as an invisible wall. Upon this, you will fight a lvl 30 Kecleon. Defeat/capture it, and go back to the town. Steven will give you a Devon Scope. By having this, you'll be able to see the Kecleon. Now you will be able to enter the gym. The gym specializes in Flying type, and involve a few puzzle to solve before you'll be able to reach the gym leader.

Gym Leader : Winona
Type: Flying
Badge: Feather Badge

Swellow Lvl 31
Pelliper Lvl 30
Skarmory Lvl 30
Altaria Lvl33

Use an Electric Pokemon to take out Pelipper and Swellow. Fire Pokemon for Skarmory, and an Ice Pokemon will do the job for Altaria. You will get TM 40 for beating her.

Now, make your way out of the town along the path. After walking for a while, you will see two team Magma/Aqua members rushing down the path. You'll overheard their conversation that they are heading for Mt Pyre.

Anyway, now you can choose to go to Safari Zone, to Lilicove City to heal your Pokemon, or to give the team Magma/Aqua a chase. If you want to go to Safari Zone, you'll need Pokeblock Blender from the little girl in Slateport Contest house.

O. Mt Pyre and the Orbs - Legend Revisited

Now make your way down the road until you reach a lake. Surf to the center, and find an entrance to a building. The interior of the building will remind you of pokemon tower in R/B/Y version of pokemon. Just like Pokemon tower, you'll be able to catch Ghost Pokemon here. You can also get Sea Incense and Lax Incense which are necessary in order to get Azzuril and Wynaut.

Enter the place. This is Hoenn version of Pokemon Tower. Ghost Pokemon will be floating around, so if you want one, this is a good place to catch them. Instead of climbing the stair, exit the tower using the other doorway. You will end up in a mountain. Go up to find and old couple and Team Magma/Aqua. As always, blast them away and talk to the old couple which will give you a blue/red orb (depending on the version) in return for helping them. If you talk to the old man, hell tell you a brief story about the Epic Battle that took place between the two legendary Pokemon ages ago.

By stealing the orb, Team Magma/Aqua had upset the balance of nature in Hoenn. The two orbs have always been used to keep the nature's balance in Hoenn, now with team Aqua/Magma stealing it, a catsthrope seems inevitable. If you want to learn more about this, talk to the old man who will tell you the story about Kyogre and Groudon. Before you leave, you might want to check the grassy area here, to find for the rare psychic Pokemon - Chimecho.

Now head back to Slateport City. (City with Ocean Museum). Go to the pier North East of the town. You will find a crowd there. A discovery has been made. An underwater cave at route 128 has appeared.

Talk to the Capt Slate and enter the building. You will see the leader of Team Magma/aqua (You do not fight him this time though), and he will escape using a submarine. Now it's time to give team Magma/Aqua the chase.

P. Lilicove City - Shopping Time
After you have done all of the above, now head to Lilicove City. Go to the Dept store in the North of the city. You'll find your rival waiting there. Defeat Him/Her, and head to the eastern part of the town which is a coast.

Rival Battle: May/Brendan

If you choose Treecko as your starter:

Swellow lvl 31
Wailmer lvl 32
Shroomish lvl 32
Combusken lvl 34

If you choose Torchic as your starter:

Swellow lvl 31
Numel lvl 32
Shroomish lvl 32
Marshtomp lvl 34

If you choose Mudkip as your starter:

Swellow lvl 31
Numel lvl 32
Wailmer lvl 32
Grovyle lvl 34

Use Surf to the north and you'll see a cave which is the base of Team Aqua/Magma. Enter and beat the living daylight of them. Make sure you get the Master ball. Once you've beaten the leader, you'll never be able to get back to this place again.

Now you'll be able to surf further to the right. So Surf your way to the next town. You might also want to fight some swimmers along the way.

Lilicove City Dept Store
Lilycove City Dept Store is the biggest Pokemart in the region. No Pokemon game is complete without the presence of mart that rivals those the like of Celadon and Goldenrod Pokemart.Here, you'll be able to find variety of items ranging from the usual items that could be bought from the ordinary Pokemart, as well as TM to secret base decorations.

First Floor:
Nothing here, this is the lobby. Head left for the lift and right for the stairs.

Second Floor:
All your daily trainers need. pokeball, Antidote. This floor has them all.

Third Floor:
This is the right place to buy items to enhance your Pokemon ability. Items such as Carbos and Calcium will delight your Pokemon. The items are a little bit pricey though.

Fourth floor:
Definitely a section where the battler will love. You can buy TM here, such as Hyper Beam. The TM that is sold here, definitely are those that you won't encounter often in the wild.

Fifth Floor:
The haven of all Secret Base Lover. From Pokedoll to picture, this section is the perfect place to buy decoration items for your secret base.

There's nothing here, unless you've seen the announcement that there will be a rooftop sale. Once you see this announcement on the TV, head for the rooftop to find various rare secret base decorations items for sale.

Q. Mossdeep City and The Final Showdown
The 7th gym battle (at last!). You might want to get a good rod from the fisherman in one of the house there. Not much to do in the city. Heal your Pokemon and head for the gym. Here you need to pull down all the four switch first to be able to reach the gym leader. In my opinion, this is the most unique and the hardest gym leader battle. Unlike other gym leader fight, you will fight a 2 on 2 battle. In fact, this is the only times where you will fight the gym leader in a 2 on 2 battle.

Gym Leader : Liza and Tate
Type: Psychic
Type: 2 on 2 battle
Badge: Mind Badge
Lunatone lvl 42
Solarock lvl 42

This could be a though battle. Send out Water Pokemon if you have one. Try to take down the weaker of the two first (Solarock). Surf works quite well here, considering that both Pokemon are part rock. You win TM 04 Calm Mind if you beat the gym leaders in addition to the badge.

Now, Go to the house North-West of the Pokemon Center.This is Daigo's house. He will give you HM 08.

With this HM, you'll be able to dive underwater in a deeper water (the darker blue color). Now Rune City, the place of the last gym will be accesible. You can go there if you wish. However, there are nothing you can do at the moment as the gym is locked.

The Final Showdown against Magma/Aqua - Seafloor Cavern.
Surf to the South and dive underwater if you see a deeper area of water. Find a cave with a submarines and suberged back. Now continue surfing and you'll find yourself in a cave. Be prepared to fight your final showdown against Team Magma/Aqua. Make sure you bring a Pokemon that knows strength and Rock Smash, as you will need them to progress further down the cave.

On the first chamber you will see two boulders and one rock. Go to the left, smash the rock and push the boulder down. Now head to the right and push the right boulder to the right. By doing this, you could continue straight. Fight the trainer and go to the nect chamber using the cave opening instead of climbing the stairs.

Here, you will see something like this:
(#) - Boulder
# - Rock
XXX- Wall
! - You are here

(7)# (6)
(4) (5)
(2) (1)

Push Boulder no 1 up, head left and oush Boulder 2 to the left. Now continue upwards and push Boulder 4 to make the way. Go to the boulder 5 and push it all the way to the right. Head up and push Boulder 6 up. Finally, head left, smash the rock and push Boulder 7 out of the way to go into the next chamber.

Here, you'll be in a room with 1 Pokeball. It contain TM 26, Earthquake. Continue to the next room.

(7) (8) (9)
(5) (6)
(3) (4)


Push boulder 1 one square up, Push boulder 2 one sqaure right. push Boulder 3 to the left. Push Boulder 6 to the right. Finally push boulder 9 to the right.

(9)(A) (B)(C)
(4) (5)


Push boulder 2 up one square, Push Boulder 1 and 3 to the side. Push boulder 2 aside. Push boulder 7 up. Push Boulder 6 and 8 to the side. Push boulder 7 again up one square. Push both Boulder A and B up. Now push boulder 7 either to the left or right.

Now you should end up in a chamber full with mist. Make your way down the flight of stairs. In the centre, you will see a lava/lake with Groudon/Kyogre. Go near it (at the center), and Archie/Maxie will suddenly appear. Time for final battle vs Team Aqua/Magma.

Aqua Leader Archie
Mightyena lvl 41
Crobat lvl 41
Sharpedo lvl 43

Magma Leader Maxie
Mightyena lvl 41
Crobat lvl 41
Camerupt lvl 43

Defeat the leader, and the whole place will shook and the legendary Pokemon make it's exit. Soon, a leader of the rival group will arrive and you'll find yourself in the sea. If you are playing Sapphire, the seas will be stormy due to Kyogre's escape. If you are playing Ruby the weather will turn extrely sunny due to Groudon escape. The Legendary Pokemon had been awakened from its deep long sleep.

Suddenly, Steven will come and explained to you that the Legendary Pokemon has been awakened and it has cause a major climate catasthrope in the region. Now, you must head for Sootopolis City to stop this mess.

R. Sootopolis City - A city long forgotten
Head to the left part to the town until you see Steven talking to someone. This is the gym leader of Sootopolis - Wallace. After this, Wallace will take you to the cave which you couldn't enter previously. This is the Cave of Origin. Legend said that life beagn at cave origin and ends at Mt Pyre. Its time to descend to the ancient cave to stop the Legendary Pokemon once and for all.

Cave of Origin
HM needed: Flash

Enter the cave and make your way to the bottom. Make sure you bring with you a Pokemon who knows Flash. Here you will find the legendary Pokemon that escaped previously. In order to progress in the game, you need to defeat or capture the Pokemon. It will be at level 45, and it will be a major boost to your team if you managed to catch it. Also, remember to get HM 07 Waterfall from the cave.

Back to Sootopolis

Now heal your Pokemon, and head to the gym. You need to solve a puzzle to get to the gym leader. In order for a ladder to apear, you need to step one every single block of ice, and a ladder will appear. Otherwise, you'll fall down to a place infested with junior trainers. Get your electric Pokemon out to beat the gym as it is a Water gym. Now you'll be able to use waterfall outside battle. With 8 badges you can go to the Pokemon leauge now.

8th gym puzzle:
You'll be familiar with this puzzle if you have played Zelda: Link to the past before. The objective of this puzzle is to step on all the ice squares once. If you stepped on it twice, you'll fall down to the basement where junior trainers await.

Follow the numerical value from the lowest to the highest to get through the puzzle.
For the third puzzle, follow it in alphabetical order first before numerical value.


1st puzzle
An easy one

6 7 #
5 4 3
# 1 2

In other words: up, right, up, left, left, up, right

2nd puzzle
A little bit challenging

6 7 8 19 18 17 16
5 # 9 10 11 12 15
4 3 2 1 # 13 14

In other words: up, left, left, left, up, up, right, right, down, right, right, right, down, right, up, up, left, left, left

3rd puzzle
The hardest of the puzzle. If you cant figure it out by yourself, follow the following guide.

5 6 9 10 13 14 Q P M L K
4 7 8 11 12 ## R O N # J
3 2 Y X U T S D E F I
# 1 Z W V A B C # G H

In other words: up, right, right, up, right, right, down, right, up, up, up, left, left, down, left, up, left, down, down, left, left, down, left, up, left, down, left, up, left, up, up, right, down, right, up, right, down, right, up, right

Gym Leader: Wallace
Type: Water
Badge:Rain Badge

Luvdisc lvl 40
Whiscash lvl 42
Sealo lvl 40
Seaking lvl 42
Milotic lvl 43

It will be an easy battle if you have an electric Pokemon. If you are playing Ruby, you might want to send Groudon out first for the sunny day effect. If you win the battle, the gym leader will give you TM 03. With this, you'll complete your collection of badges. Time to head for the leauge.

S. The Last route to Victory - Ever Grande
HM needed: Everything except Cut, Fly
Now get out of the city and surf eastward until you encounter a waterfall. Now that you've earned your 8th badge you can climb the waterfall. You'll end up in front of a cave and there are also a Pokemon center to heal your Pokemon. Before you enter the cave, you might want to take note that you can catch Luvdisk by fishing in the water. Sometimes, you can find Heart Scales attached to Luvdisk, or you can just snatch them away using Thief (TM46) or Covet. These Heart Scales could be used for the move tutor. (See sub-section on Move tutor for more information on the move tutor.

This will be the last cave before you'll reach the new Pokemon Leauge. The Trainer and the wild Pokemon here will be stronger than any Pokemon that you've fought previously. This is also a great place to train before your final challenge. Work your way to the exit. You might need to use Flash in order to lighten up the cave. There are loads of level 30+ and 40 + Pokemon here. You might want to get some if you still need some pokemon to fill up your team.

Victory Road consist of three level, ground floor, Basment 1, and Basement 2. You'll need Flash for the basements. Both entrance and exit are located in the ground level. However, this is blocked by ledges which require you to go to the basement in order to reach the exit.

Once you enter the Cave, head north until you see a flight of stairs. Climb it and follow through the path. Fight the trainer and go down the ladder.

Here, head south and push the boulder aside. Afterwards head east and you'll be blocked by a rock. Smash it to go through and climb the stairs. Follow the path and go down the stair t ofigh a cooltrainer. Head South following the path until you see a ladder. Climb down the ladder to get to Basement 2

Here, go north fighting a trainer on your way. You'll meet a small lake. USe surf, and head west until you see a patch of land wit hstairs leading to basement 1. Climb the ladder. Head South and to the East. Push the boulders and teh rock aside and climb the ladder to go to the ground floor. You are almost on your way to the exit now. climb the stairs north of you and just follow the path. Before the exit of the cave, you'll battle Wally once more. So make sure to heal your team.

Altaria lvl 47
Delcatty lvl 46
Roselia lvl 47
Magneton lvl 44
Gardevoir lvl 48

This will be your last rival battle. Take note that you must not lose this battle, or you'll end up in the Pokemon Center that you last visited. To prevent the agony of starting over the gruelling Victory Road, save your game before you fight him. Heal your Pokemon, and once you are done with your preparation it's time to face him and defeat the last obstacle to the Pokemon Leauge. Depending on your team, hopefully you have all your six Pokemon at full health. Wally is not that difficult to defeat. Just match up a Pokemon that have a type advantage to his Pokemon. This way, even if your Pokemon level is slightly lower, you'll be able to beat him. After you've done with him, make your way out of Victory Road. You'll arrive outdoor. Follow the path and soon you'll see a grand building - The Pokemon Leauge.

The League
Once you've managed to get out of the cave, you will find a huge building. This is the Pokemon leauge and your final challenge. Heal your Pokemon and stock up on healing item such as Full restore and revive. You should be able to beat the elite four using a level 45-55 Pokemon. If you think that your Pokemon isn't strong enough, you can left the League and come back later. You can fly there easily, by fying to the top part of Ever Grande City on the map.

Now walk to the guards and talk to the mafter you've done with your preparations. They will allow you to pass, and soon you'll be on your way to challenge the first of the elite four.

T. Elite Four - The Final Obstacle
Here, you will battle the elite four, and the champ. Each of the elite four will have 5 Pokemon, whereas the champ will used 6 Pokemon. Here are my recommended types to have:


First: Sidney
Type: Dark
Mightyena lvl 46
Shiftry lvl 48
Cacturne lvl 46
Sharpedo lvl 48
Absol lvl 49

Use a Fighting Pokemon to finish off Mightyena and Absol. Fire Pokemon for Shiftry and Cacturne. While for Sharpedo you might want to use an electric type to beat him. You shouldn't be having problem beating him. If you do, I would suggest to leve lup your Pokemon first. Once you beat him, head for the next room to find the next elite four awaits.

Second: Phoebe
Type: Ghost
Dusclops lvl 48
Banette lvl 49
Sableye lvl 50
Banette lvl 49
Dusclops lvl 51

Ghost Pokemon could cause you some problem. Unlike in R/B/Y where they have poison as their second type, ground move won't work that effectively anymore. Send your strongest Pokemon to win this battle. Otherwise use psychic except for battle against Sableye which is part Dark. Head for the next room for the next battle.

Third: Glacia
Type: Ice
Glalie lvl 50
Sealo lvl 50
Glalie lvl 52
Sealo lvl 52
Walrein lvl 53

Get those Fire and Electric Pokemon for this match. Use a Fire pokemon to beat both Glalie, as for Sealo and Walrein, send an electric Pokemon that can finish them in one hit, or else you'll be in trouble when they attack with their ice move. send out an Electric Pokemon against the Sealo family, but make sure you finish the job in one turn before they can use Ice beam on you. Head for the next room for the next battle.

Fourth: Drake
Type: Dragon
Shelgon lvl 52
Altaria lvl 54
Flygon lvl 53
Flygon lvl 53
Salamence lvl 55

If you are playing Sapphire and have captured Kyogre, this battle should be a breeze. Use an Ice move to defeat all the Dragon Pokemon and soon you'll be on your way to fight the Champ.

Now, it's time to battle Steven the Pokemon champ. You have met him throughout your journey, and it's time to battle him.

Champ: Steven
Type: Steel, Ground
Skarmory lvl 57
Aggron lvl 56
Claydoll lvl 55
Cradily lvl 56
Armaldo lvl 56
Metagross lvl 58

Steven will start with a Skarmory, so put a fire Pokemon in the team. Use Flamethrower/Overheat to finish it out. The next Pokemon may not come out in order, but we shall discuss them according to the order above. Aggron is next, if you have Blaziken send out a Sky Uppercut/Brick Breaker, you should be able to knock it out easily seeing it has double weaknedd to fighting.

Next Claydoll, a Ground/Psychic Pokemon. You might want to send out a Water Pokemon here and just Surf/Hydro Pump the critter to death. Cradily is next, if you are playing Sapphire stick with Kyogre and use Ice Beam. Armaldo is your next foe. It is a Bug Pokemon, but considering its second type which is Rock, sending a fire Pokemon is not a viable option here, especially if you have sent out Kyogre earlier.

Metagross, Steel/Psychic. Fighting Pokemon would be of a no use here, you'll be taking the risk to use them, as Metagross knew Psychic. Take out a pure Fire Pokemon (Ninetales, Torkoal) and use all your strongest moves.

After you succesfully beat the elite four plus the champ, Professor Birch and your rival will arrive (Don't worry, you do not need to fight her/him). After some dialogue, the champ will take you into the hall of fame where the trainer and their Pokemon will be honoured. Now you can check your Pokemon that have been included in the hall of fame by checking your Poke-Navi.

Now, Watch the ending rolls, it will show all the caption of Pokemon that you have gotten so far in the game, as well as all the people in the production team.

The End? Not yet, there are still some things you can do within your game. After you continue your game, you'll end up in your room. Go down the stairs and your father will give you an S.S ticket. Using this ticket, you'll be able to visit the battle tower on board the S.S. Tidal

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