Pokemon Red/Blue Walkthrough

The Basic Storyline
You are a 10-year-old boy named Ash (his real name, but you can name him whatever you want) living in Pallet Town with your mother in a world full of animals called "Pokemon". Pokemon are caught and trained to do various things from battling other Pokemon to building houses to flying people to places. Your rival, Gary (also his real name; again, you can name him what you want) lives next door to you. You and Gary have just turned 10 and you can now get your Pokemon Trainer's License. When a person turns 10, they can go see Professor Oak, who just happens to be Gary's grandfather, and get their first Pokemon. This "starter" Pokemon is used to battle other wild Pokemon and weaken them so they can be caught. The Pokemon that are caught can in turn be raised and used to capture other wild Pokemon. The trainer does all this with a final goal of conquering the Elite Four, a foursome of the most powerful trainers in the world. To beat the Elite Four, a trainer must have some very powerful Pokemon. All trainers have a dream to accomplish what has just been said.

Pallet Town
As you start your new game, Professor Oak will give you a small introduction about Pokemon. He will then ask you for you name. You can then either pick one of the three names the game already has or you can make up your own.

This is the starting place of your adventure and the game, a small town by the name of Pallet. After choosing the name for your hero, you will find your self in your room playing an SNES. Go downstairs and your mom will tell you that Prof. Oak, the town's expert on Pokemon, wants you. To get him to bring you to his laboratory, try to leave the town by walking North into the tall grass, you will hear someone say, "Don't go in there!" and Prof. Oak will come get you. Oak will tell you that you can't leave and that you need your own Pokemon for your own protection. He leads you to his lab and he will give you a little information on Pokemon and their habits. Before very long, Gary will walk up and start asking why they are there. Prof. Oak then tells you that he will give you a Pokemon to start off with. You can see a table with 3 Poke Balls on it. In this order, from left to right, the Pokemon are Charmander, a fire-type Pokemon, Squirtle, and water-type Pokemon, and Bulbasaur, a grass-type Pokemon. Gary will always pick the Pokemon that is right of the Pokemon that you have picked, which is elementally superior. Water beats Fire, Grass beat Water, Fire beats Grass. If you choose Bulbasaur, he gets Charmander, if you get Squirtle, he gets Bulbasaur, and if you get Charmander, he gets Squirtle. This is all rather silly as you don't have any elemental attacks yet, only physical ones. When you try to leave, Gary will challenge you to a Pokemon duel, he's not too hard to beat, just keep attacking and he'll go down.

Beating it will give you a nice boost in experience (Your Pokemon will raise a level too), and $175, making your money total $3175 now. Gary I'll say he'll say he needs to train or something. If you lose, then he'll say that he is the best and something else about how great he will be. Your first Pokemon will be level 5 to start with, so if you keep it strong, it will be a very good asset. Go back to your house. On the PC, you can withdraw a Potion from your hard drive. Your mom will, starting now, give free rests to you and your Pokemon, acting as a Pokemon center without the computer. Feel free to explore the town and talk to everyone. After that you will have to go North to Viridian City.

Route 1
This leads north to Viridian City. You'll encounter Pidgey, a flying type, and Rattata, a normal type, but you cannot catch them right now so just defeat the Pidgeys and Rattatas for exp. points (try to raise your Pokemon at lease two levels). If your Pokemon gets hurt of faints you can take them to your house and your mom will heal it.

A boy on the way explains that he is a Poke Mart worker at Viridian City, and he will give you a free sample of what you will get from the marts, a potion! What a nice guy.

Viridian City
Viridian City is the first town with a PokeCenter and PokeMart. In a PokeCenter you can revive all of your Pokemon, with full HP and all nasty things taken off (poison, for example). All of this is free of charge, as well. Also, in the PokeCenter, you can go into the PC and Install/Withdraw Items and Pokemon. Better get used to it, you can only carry six Pokemon at once and about 20 different items at the very most. You will also be able to reach the Cable Club, where you can use a cable-link up to hook up with a friend's Gameboy and either trade Pokemon or fight, which can be quite fun.

Once you reach Viridian City you should go to the Pokcenter and heal your Pokemon. Go to the Mart and Talk to the Shop clerk, he will hand a parcel to you to deliver to Prof. Oak back to Pallet Town. You can jump over the little barriers, you will save time and also you'll encounter fewer battles.

Give it to Prof. Oak and upon delivery and he will give you and Gary each a Pokedex, which is an electronic encyclopedia that tells you all the Pokemon you have seen or captured. It catalogs all of the Pokemon in the world and tells you their stats, names, exp, and even a brief description of the creature itself, plus a rather large picture. However, it only tells you the ones you see or capture, which means to get all 150, you'll need to search EVERYWHERE! He will tell you of his dream to complete the Pokedex (by capturing/having captured all Pokemon in the game) to you. Gary will act arrogant and will once again boast that he will do it faster that you will. He'll walk off; you won't have to battle Gary this time. Before leaving, go to Gary's house (right next to yours) and talk to his sister, she'll give you a "Town Map", contrary to what he said, which shows a map of the entire world. Head back to Viridian.

There you should buy Pokballs, maybe an antidote or two as a cure to poison, Potions are not needed really because you are close to a pokcenter. In the area, Pidgeys and Rattatas are the only Pokemon found and you might want to catch a few of them. For exp. points, you can head West and battle Gary, but your Pokemon should be level 12 or above. Go west towards the Pokemon HQ, and Gary will show up. He captured another Pokemon. After you fight him, he will tell you need Badges to go through. Around here, you can also pick up a few Nidorans.

The gym's doors are locked, and they won't unlock for a very long time until you've beaten the other 7 trainers in the game. Talk to the old man to learn how to capture Pokemon. A boy will talk about caterpillar Pokemon. About the old man, if you go left from him, you will see a tree. Go around the other side and you will get a POTION. Now Head North to Viridian Forest.

Route 2
Make sure to pick up a Pidgey and/or a Ratatta. You can get higher-level ones in the future, but if you train hard they will grow stronger better than the higher-leveled ones. You can also get Caterpies and Weedles. You cannot pick up the items to the right just yet, but you will go back later in the game.

Viridian Forest
In the forest there are 3 easy trainers in the forest, they are Bug-catchers and use bugs so if you chose Charmander this should be REALLY easy, if you picked Squirtle or Bulbasaur then it will still be easy but not as easy as Charmander. First of all, right when you get in, there is a man next to a tree. Go above the man, look at the tree, and press A for an Antidote. On your way through Viridian Forest, you should pick up a Pikachu, a Caterpie, and a Weedle. Don't get Kakunas and Metapods, since Caterpie and Weedle will evolve into one eventually. Go West from the beginning and you can pick up a Pokeball, but you do have to walk through the grass. Go Northeast of the beginning to fight a trainer (You have to fight this one), His Pokemon are: Weedle level 6 (Bulbasaur is immune to the poison in poison sting), and Caterpie level 6. From there go North along the road, the next trainer is optional and has 2 Lv. 7 Weedles and a Lv. 7 Kakuna. The final trainer has a Lv. 9 Weedle. Keep going North and you'll find an Antidote. Go along the road and you'll find a split towards the end, go south and you'll find another item. Make sure to pick up all the items in the forest, they make nice additions to your arsenal. A certain Pokemon you should look for is Pikachu, although Pikachu is here, he is weak and doesn't have many moves. But he is effective against Misty. It's only weakness is against ground Pokemon. It will learn decent attacks later on as well. DO NOT turn it into a Raichu to right away so it can learn some of the moves it can only learn in the Pikachu Stage. Once out of the forest, You'll have to go to Pewter City.

Pewter City (Boulderbadge)
In Pewter city you must fight Brock. If you don't you cannot proceed to Mt. Moon. The Gym here starts out with a JR. Trainer with a Lv. 11 Diglett and Lv. 11 Sandshrew. You probably never met these two, but a good hint is that Diglett will be strong against your Pikachu if you have one, so use water on it. Water also works well on the Sandshrew. Plant does too.

Brock, the Gym Leader has a Lv .12 Geodude and a Lv. 14 Onix, 2 Rock-type Pokemon. Water works very well on these. Brock's Pokmon are easily beaten by a Squirtle or Bulbasaur at level 17 or above, Charmander's just out of luck and will have to make it with what he has (Evolving a Caterpie and/or a Weedle is a good choice if you're using Charmander). Be careful for the Onix's BIND (a multiple-hit move in which your Pokemon is immobile during it) and BIDE, a move where it absorbs damage for some turns and returns it double. When it does BIDE, beat him very quickly or do non-damaging attacks like TAIL WHIP or GROWL, so you are debilitating him without taking damage. If you defeat him, Brock will congratulate you and give you BIDE, TM 34. Give it to a Pokemon with high hit points, and it is best used against Pokemon with high defense and high offense, because the damage done doesn't care about the enemy's defense at all. The BOULDER BADGE increases you Pokemon's attack power a bit, also flash can now be used (Badge moves such as FLASH, CUT, FLY, STRENGTH, and SURF can only be used when a HM is equipped to a Pokemon.)

Tip. Work Bulbasaur to level 13 or so until he learns VINE WHIP. This attack should kill each of Brock's
Pokemon in one hit.

You can look around the museum, but the $50 it costs is unreasonable, since you can't get anything there except looking at fossils of Aerodactyl and Kabutops, two extinct Pokemon, which you might get later. Get some supplies and head to Mt. Moon. You'll want to get some potions, an Escape Rope or two and some more Pokeballs if you need them. Now would be a good time to level up your beginning Pokemon. Get them to about level 20 or so.

Route 3
This leads east from Pewter City to Mt. Moon. Get Spearow, a flying type if you want. But it is very crucial for a collector before entering Mt. Moon to pick up a Jigglypuff, a normal type in the grass, since this is the only place you'll see it. There are also many trainers along the way, they aren't nearly as strong as Brock but they still can be tough, beat them for money and experience. Train the Pikachu if you have one and your original Pokemon strongly.

You will meet two new kinds of trainers: Youngster and Lass. The former likes Pokemon such as Rattatas, the latter likes "cute" Pokemon like Clefairies and Jigglypuffs.

Mt. Moon
Heal up at the Poke Center. A man will sell a Lv.5 Magikarp to you. It seems weak but will evolve into the powerful Gyarados at Lv.20. See if it is worth the $500 he wants. Don't worry if you don't get it, though, since you can get it later by fishing for it.

Time to walk into the cave! You will meet two new kinds of trainers (again). Super Nerds, who likes nerd stuff like Voltorbs or Magnemites, and Hikers with rock Pokemon like Geodude. There are also many Pokemon's in the cave, Zubat (a poison type beaten by Pikachu easily) and Geodude (very strong rock type weak against water) are more common than Paras (Grass type) Pokemon and Clefairies (normal type who are indigenous to this place and this place only). It is strongly suggested getting a geodude here as well. It will help immensely in the battle again Lt. Surge, and it will eventually add three Pokemon to your pokedex. After walking in, take a left and you'll get TM12, which contains WATER GUN. Going up will yield a Potion and a Bug-catcher. Now, you can go east further into the cave with a few trainers loafing around. Going south at the fork will let you take a Potion, a Rare Candy (automatic Level Increase), and an Escape Rope (Lets you go to the last Poke Center). Under the first stairwell, there is a Rocket (gang members with a variety of good Pokemon), along with a HP-UP that increases a Pokemon's HEALTH permanently. Keep on going, past a Lass with a pair of Lv. 11 plant Pokemon (Bellsprout/Oddish), and go into the second staircase. Another Rocket is here, guarding TM01 (MEGA PUNCH). You will also find an Ether hidden in a solitary rock. Going up, left, and finally to a staircase guarded by a Hiker. Above him is the first piece of the Moon Stone, so don't forget to get that. Enter the staircase and fight 3 Rockets in a row and finally a Super Nerd with a Grimer, a Voltorb, and a Koffing. Here you can get one of two fossils. Take the Dome Fossil on the left, or the Helix Fossil on the right. The Helix Fossil will become Omanyte and the Dome Fossil will become Kabuto when you take them to the Pokemon Laboratory on Cinnabar Island. Since can't get these Pokemon until later in the game store the fossil in your PC as soon as you get to Cerulean City. The trick for the first great ball is when you get out of Mt. Moon and walk to the right you see land that is surrounded by ledges. When you stand on the steps or the little opening, take 2 step up one step to the right, then one step to the left and press the A button and you will find the first great ball.

Route 4
Out already? After you cross the last ledge, you are stuck and you can't return. If you missed anything or you want to catch any Pokemon you missed do it now. So take the TM04 on the way first. Hop along the edges gradually to the right until you get to a city.

Cerulean City (Cascadebadge)
The Gym here is owned by Misty, who has a Staryu and Starmie. Did you get a Pikachu in Viridian Forest? If you did and you own a Squirtle or a Charmander gain them to high levels before the fight, If you have Bulbasaur it'll still be easy so don't worry. Pikachu can make short work of both of them if you trained it well. (Lv. 20 or 21 recommended) If you need to you can catch Oddish\Bellsprout to help you, you only HAVE to fight one other trainer; the one near the beginning of the gym is optional. Watch out for Starmie's BUBBLEBEAM, a strong water attack that does a lot of damage and may reduce speed. Misty is difficult if you chose Charmander. Her Pokemon are Staryu at level 18 and Starmie at level 21. If you win you'll receive the CASCADE BADGE, it allows ALL Pokemon up to level 30 to obey, you get the BUBBLEBEAM TM, now you can also use CUT.

If you go to the 1st house on the Northwest side of the city, a guy in there will tell you the badge's uses. You can go into the backyard and find a Rare Candy, You'll have to search a bit but its in the middle of the two rows going horizontally (Rows meaning spaces North to South in space). Bikes are too expensive right now but you'll get one soon enough. You can trade a Poliwhirl for Jynx here. The Jynx can only be gotten this way. Poliwhirls evolve from Poliwags and will be very easy to get in the future.

Road to Bill's house/Bill's house
From Cerulean City, head north and fight Gary again. He now has a Lv. 18 Pideotto, a Lv. 15 Abra, a Lv. 15 Rattata, and whatever he started with. After beating Gary, head back to the Pokecenter and heal up and head back up and fight the trainers. This is actually one of the best places, at this point in the game, to build levels because of the amount of trainers. When you fight them, rotate different Pokemon in every battle, so they all get up a few levels. After defeating Gary, you'll stumble across Nugget Bridge. There are five trainers here, with Pokemon ranging from L14-18. Fight the 5 trainers in a row for a prize, but you will then find out that it was a plan by TEAM ROCKET to recruit new members. You'll refuse the ROCKET's order and fight him, getting a Nugget (useless object, sell it for $5000) if you win. The path is now cleared, so make your way to the Sea Cottage. Go east here, through Route 25. There are lots of trainers in the way so you may have to go to the Pokecenter in Cerulean. Once you get to Bill's house you'll see a Pokemon but no Bill. Talk to the Pokemon and do as he asks. After that he'll give you a ticket to the S.S. Anne. Bill will also share information about Eevee and its evolutions.

You can get Bellsprouts (BLUE) / Oddish (RED) and Abras here. (Route 24 and (Route 25) Go into the grass to the West of the bridge and get an Abra. The Abra is unique to this city, so get one. It's recommend get two because one can be traded away later for a Mr. Mime. To catch an Abra, just throw a Pokeball at it (its not a guaranteed catch but its the best way right now). Abra only has the TELEPORT move, but when it evolves at Lv.16 to a Kadabra, it will get more attacks. It is also a good "utility" Pokemon because Teleport can run away from battles and return you to the last Poke Center.

Cerulean City Continued
Go back to Cerulean and go to the house previously blocked by a policeman. The policeman has moved so you can get into the house. You'll find a ROCKET in the back, fight, beat ROCKET and he will give you the TM 28. (An excellent TM because it is very powerful and is useful against electric Pokemon as well.) Go back in the house and the guy doesn't care anymore so just keep it! Onward south, there is a Pokemon Daycare Center. The man there will care for one Pokemon and raise its level while you are gone for $100 * (1 + no. Of levels it gains). (Tip: each step you take your Pokemon at the Daycare gains 1 experience point). The risk is he that if he doesn?t evolve at the right time, the attacks he learns are chosen by the game. Catch a Mankey (red) or a Meowth (blue) on your way to the tunnel. At the end of the road, there is a big building that is a gatehouse for Saffron City. At this point, the guard will not let you through. The smaller building is the entrance of underground passage to Vermilion City. You can trade a Nidoran (m) for a Nidoran (f) here.

The person at the underground passage speaks of hidden items. There have been two items found there, a Full Restore and an X special. Keep your eye out for them because they're invisible!

Route 11
Don't forget to get the exclusive Drowzee here. It is one of the first and one of the best psychic Pokemon.
On the way, you can also get Meowth (BLUE). The only places to capture him are by Cerulean, Vermillion, Celadon, or Lavender. His PAYDAY attack will give you money in battle, equal to 2 times your level.

Vermilion City (Thunderbadge)
In Vermilion you have a few things to do. Here you can get the Bike Voucher by visiting the Pokemon Fan Club and talking to the club president. It will let you get the bike in Cerulean City for free. (Like you are ever going to get $1000000...:) There is also an old man who will give you an Old Rod, which could fish for Magikarps only. This is quite a good time to start training a Gyrados though... another thing is that a boy will trade a Far'Fetched, a "sword-fighting" bird Pokemon for a Spearow. Get the Bicycle with the Bike Voucher and use that, The Bike speeds your journey up A LOT.

This is the only place you can get one... After that, go to S.S. Anne to the south.

S.S. Anne
You can get on the boat with the S.S. Ticket. On the boat, there are many good trainers and items so make sure your Pokemon's levels are high, this is also a great place to build levels. If you go into the kitchen you will find a Great Ball in one of the trashcans of all places. Try to search all the rooms because they're some great things in there. Gary will be here (again) with a different appearance. After you beat him you can talk to the captain of the ship. Press A and you'll rub his back, which will make him feel better. He will give you your first HM, HM 01(cut) after you help him through his seasickness. Then boat will take off when you exit. Don't forget to pick up BODY SLAM, an awesome fighting move that can cause paralysis. The HM is very important. It will now let you do things you couldn't do before, like going back to Pallet Town, or getting Old Amber in the back door to Pewter City's museum.

Lt. Surge is an electric type Pokemon gym leader, so got to the Diglett's cave. It's to the east and has some high-level Digletts and Dugtrios. If you get them they will help you a lot against the boss because they should be almost totally immune to the attacks of the electric Pokemon. If you can't catch one, go back to Mt. Moon and get a Geodude. Now, teach HM 01 to a Plant-type Pokemon. The move is even good in battle sometimes!

Vermilion City Continued (Thunderbadge)
Go to the southwest of the city, CUT a bush, and go to the Gym. The leader there has an electric lock door. You have to search the trashcans and find one switch (It's random), and another switch, which is always BESIDE it. Lt. Surge's electric pokemon are Voltorb at level 21, Pikachu at level 18, and Raichu at level 24. Digletts, Dugtrios, Sandshrew, Sandslash can defeat them easily, as well as anyone you gave your DIG technique to. Water or fire will not do well against him. The THUNDER BADGE speeds up your Pokemon a bit and lets you use FLY. Talk to him afterwards to get TM 24, which contains THUNDERBOLT, a powerful version of THUNDERSHOCK.

One of the Prof. Oaks' aids is also in a building to the east. He will give you the Itemfinder if you have more than 30 Pokemon. This item finds items... duh. But not too important really. By him is a guy who will trade a Nidorino for your Nidorina. From here you should go through the Digletts cave again.

Diglett's Cave
Not much here, Ride your bike through. It will lead you near Pewter City and you can do things you couldn't do before. If you see a Dugtrio it very rare so be sure to catch him. Once through the cave you'll see a house. There you can get the HM 05 (flash) from one of Prof. Oak's aides if you caught more than 10 Pokemon and the items you couldn't before (with CUT equipped onto a Pokemon). A person will trade a Mr. Mime for an Abra. So if you have a spare one, trade it. (This is the only way to get a Mr. Mime) Then go back and up to Cerulean City. From there go east into the Rock Tunnel. Go back and East through the mini-maze.

Just stay on the middle track and go North on the last turn if you're going on a track where at the beginning there was a man near a sign your going the wrong way, you should see a track going left, a man, and another man but not in the same place. Go Northeast and you should be on a direct track where a Jr. Trainer (Female) is waiting for you, fight her and go east. Here you can catch Ekans (Red), Sandshrew (Blue), Spearow, and Drowzee.

Rock Tunnel
Just before the Rock Tunnel you should be at a river with a nearby field and a little barricade you can jump over. Go South to the Poke Center and heal your Pokemon, now go north and catch a Voltorb. It is very dark inside; you need a Pokemon equipped with HM 05. Equip Flash on it and proceed into the cave when you are ready. When you first enter the cave, it is pitch dark. Use Flash and then you can see everything. There is one path to follow and it is pretty straightforward. As soon as you enter and use Flash, start heading to the right. There is an opening blocked by a trainer and you must get past him. Once you do, keep heading right until you hit a dead end. Then head up and you should see a staircase. Go down it. After you emerge, go down and keep heading left. After a little bit, you should see another trainer blocking your path. Defeat him to get through. Then keep following the trail until you enter a room with the next staircase. There are 2 Pokemon trainers in this room. You only need to defeat one of them until you can get to the next staircase. After you use the staircase, you should end up near a Pokemon trainer. Fight him and go to the right and then go down and then go right again until you see yet another Pokemon trainer. Defeat him so you may get to the next staircase. When pop up, go to the right and down until you see a Pokemon trainer and fight him. Then go up a little more and fight another Pokemon trainer. After that, head up and there will be another Pokemon trainer but he you can avoid. When you pop out, there will be two Pokemon trainers blocking your way and you need to defeat them as well. After that, keep heading down and then head to your left and fight the net Pokemon trainer there. Once you do, head left and go down. There will be another Pokemon trainer and the staircase out of here. You can avoid this trainer so head out. Pick up an Onix and a Machop here if you want. It is quite long and there are quite a few Pokemaniacs and Miners in there. Here you can catch Zubat, Geodude (if you don't have them), Onix, and Machop. Luckily, a Poke Center is right by the entrance to get you started up.

Lavender Town
Once out of the cave you should be just North of Lavender Town. You don't have to fight the trainers so just go to the Pokecenter and heal up. In the northeast section of the town there is a big building, Pokemon Tower. But you can't do much there now. There is, however, a man who will "rate" and rename your Pokemon. You'll hear a lot of stories. Mainly about a Cubone who lost his mother, the leader of the Volunteer Pokemon Center, Mr. Fuji, is missing, and the ghosts in the Pokemon Tower.

To the south are many fishermen eager for battle. Let them have their fun. This is a good chance to train electric and plant Pokemon. That includes Pikachu. One of the fishermen actually has 5 Pokemon though
(Gasp) luckily, they are all Magikarps. Now proceed west.

Route 8
Near the city, the BLUE players will find Meowths, Sandshrews, and Vulpixs, while the RED ones will find Gowlithes, Ekans, and Mankeys. You'll have to fight at least 1 trainer. After some collecting, go west through the tunnel to Celadon City. Train a while here, as you are almost half way through the game.

Celadon City (Rainbowbadge)
Welcome to the biggest city in the entire game of Pokemon! You have a number of things to do here in Celadon. Now there is a secret here. There is a Pokemon, Eevee that you can get for free! All you do is go behind the Poke Center and follow the path until you get to the opening. Then go through the opening and then follow the path until you get to the back door of the Celadon City Mansion. Go in and keep following the path. When you get to the final floor, there will be a scientist that will tell you a little about Eevee and then there on the table, is the Poke Ball that contains Eevee!

You can buy stones from the Mart to evolve him -- and many others for this matter.

Fire Stone: Vulpix -> Ninetales
Eevee -> Flareon
Growlithe -> Arcanine

Leaf Stone: Weepinbell -> Victreebell
Gloom -> Vilepume
Exeggute -> Exegguter

Water Stone: Staryu -> Starmie
Shelder -> Cloyester
Poliwhirl -> Poliwrath
Eevee -> Vaporean

Thunder Stone: Pikachu -> Raichu
Eevee -> Jolteon

Although you can't buy it, you can do these with the Moon Stones:

Jigglypuff -> Wigglytuff
Clefairy -> Clefable
Nidorina -> Nidoqueen
Nidorino -> Nidoking

The Gym leader Erika uses plant Pokemon. Erika isn't too hard to beat, Just Use a fire or bird Pokemon that's around the same level as her Pokemon. You're gonna have to battle at least 3 trainers. You MUST come with a Pokemon with CUT equipped. The easiest way to go is on the right side, and then hug the left side. Erika's Pokemon: Victreebel Lv l29, Tangela Lv 24,Vineplume Lv 29. The RAINBOW BADGE makes Pokemon up to level 50 obey, and you can use STRENGTH. After the battle, you will receive a TM with MEGA DRAIN. Give it to your favorite plant Pokemon. This useful move does a lot of damage and gives half of it to your Pokemon as health.

Walk around for a bit. There are many interesting things in Celadon.

It has the biggest Poke Mart in the game. You can buy stones, items, TMs, and drinks.

On the roof there's a vending machine, get 2 waters, a lemonade, and a soda pop. Give one of each type of drink to the girl who says I'm thirsty, and she'll give you TM 13 (Ice Beam), TM 48 (Rock Slide), and TM 49 (Tri Attack). You may also want to buy a few drinks for yourself; they give a lot of healing. Get an extra drink; you'll need it to give to the road guard later. On one of the floors you can get a free Counter TM.

The TMs they will sell:

TM33 REFLECT $1000
TM37 EGG BOMB $2000
TM05 MEGA KICK $3000
TM09 TAKE DOWN $3000

2.Game Corner
Play the slot machines here, but you need Coin Case and coins to play. Go to the Diner and talk to everyone. Talk to a man who says he lost all of his money because of the Slots. Some of the people playing will give you coins and a bunch of people will hint at a hidden door in the Rocket Game Corner. You can also buy coins, 50 of them for 1000. Some coins are also hidden. The slots will seem rigged, but sometimes give a lot.

You can trade coins for Pokemon/TMs next door. A list of Pokemon that could be bought there:

(First window)
Abra - 180 (RED) / 120 (BLUE)
Clefairy - 500 (RED) / 750 (BLUE)
Nidorino (BLUE) - 1200
Nidorina (RED) - 1200

(Second window)
Scyther (RED) - 5500
Pinser (BLUE) - 2500
Dratini - 2800 (RED) / 4600 (BLUE)
Porygon - 9999 (RED) / 6500 (BLUE)

(TM's for sale)
TM23 3,300 Coins
TM15 5,500 Coins
TM50 7,700 Coins

Talk to the ROCKET by the picture to reveal a secret entrance - the ROCKET hideout. Fight the guy and press the switch behind him. First, you must navigate some small tile mazes. Step on an arrow one to move that way, and you'll keep moving through arrows until you find a 4-square tile, which will stop you. You'll find these again later, so get used to them. After appearing down in the base on B1, go left and defeat the Rocket, then go down and pick up the Escape Rope. Now go down the steps to B2. You don't need to worry about the tiles on B2 yet, so just go down and left, defeat the Rocket, then go down the stairs behind him to B3. Go down and defeat the Rocket, then keep going down to find TM 10 (Double-Edge). Now, work your way over to the tiles. Go to the left and hop on the < arrow. After stopping, go down and step on the > arrow. After stopping, go back towards the arrow, and then go down. Do NOT use either of the > arrows right below you. Instead, go left, down, and go on the TOP > arrow. Upon stopping, go left and defeat the Rocket, then go down, right, and up to the staircase, leading to B4. Go down and left to find a HP Up, then go all the way up to the top of the room. Go left and into the small alcove below the Rocket to find TM 02 (Razor Wind). Now defeat the Rocket, and he'll give up the Lift Key. Now go back up the steps to B3. Go up to the ^ arrow, then go right to find a Rare Candy. Now, go left, then up to the next ^ arrow. After stopping, go back to the staircase leading to B2. NOW you have to worry about the tile maze here. From the start of the tile maze on B2, use the lower < arrow. When you stop on the other side, backtrack to the item you missed (Nugget). Double back to the stop panel, then grab the item below it, by going down, then left, and up (Moon Stone). If you want to, use the > arrow right there to find TM 07 (Horn Drill). After getting it, go right and up to the ^ arrow. This path will take you back to the first stop panel. Go down to the two > arrows and use the lower one. Now, go straight right from the stop panel to the next > arrow. After stopping, go left to the < arrow. After stopping again, go right, down, and take the lower < arrow. Upon stopping, go down, right, up to the double ^ arrows. After stopping, go down 1 step, then left to pick up the Super Potion. After doing this, go up to the < arrow, then go UP this time from that panel and step on either the > or ^ arrows, which will lead you to about the spot you got TM 07. Re-follow the directions from TM 07 until you reach the two < arrows, which you took the lower one. This time, take the upper one. After stopping, go down to the > arrow and follow that path. Now, go up, and right to the staircase to B1. In this new room, defeat the two Rockets, then pick up the Hyper Potion in the upper-left corner. Take the staircase back to B2, then go up and right to the door. Now that you have the Lift Key, you can activate the elevator. Take it to B4. Upon exiting, go left, down, and all the way left to find an Iron. Now go back and talk to the Rockets. After defeating both of them, go to the back and talk to the man in the suit to battle...Giovanni, he has a level 24 Rhyhorn a level 25 Onix and a level 29 Kangaskhan. Now after you've fought Giovanni, he should drop the Silph Scope, the one for the ghosts in the Poketower. Now, take the elevator to B1, then defeat the two Rockets on the way out. Finally, you're out of the base. Now go back to Lavender Town.

Lavender Town Continued
After getting the Silph Scope, go back to Pokemon Tower where nothing has changed, and prepare for a long journey. Channelers are hanging around possessed by ghost Pokemon. Fighting Pokemon are useless here, because ghosts are immune to physical attacks. In the Pokemon Tower you will encounter Gastly, Haunter, and Cubone. There are a lot of ghosts around, when you fight them the silph scope automatically identifies them. Catch a Gastly (unique to this place), Haunter or a Cubone here if you like. On the 3rd floor in the upper-right corner is an Escape Rope. Defeat the trainers here, then go up to the 4th floor. Pick up the Awakening, Elixer, and HP Up, go through more Channelers, then go up to the 5th floor. On the 5th Floor someone has made you a "healing tile" to heal your Pokemon up, so you can build good experience there. All the Pokemon are around levels 20 - 25. Pick up the Nugget, then go up to the 6th floor. Defeat the Channelers and pick up the X Accuracy and Rare Candy, then try to go up to the 7th floor. Once you've made it to the 7th floor a ghost will fight you (pre-programmed battle) This ghost is a Lv.30 Marowak, Cubone's mother and you cannot capture her, but if you win, her soul will be freed. Use a water Pokemon and it should be easy. You step up to the last floor, and realize that TEAM ROCKET is behind this! Beat them; go back in his house, and if you talk to him he will give you the Poke Flute, which allows you to awaken the sleeping Snorlax that has been blocking your way. Now you should be able to wake up the sleeping Snorlax to the West.

Celadon City
Go West from Celadon City. On this road, a Snorlax is sleeping, and you must wake him up. If you have the Poke Flute, you can wake him up and fight him, make sure to capture him because there are only 2 Snorlax's in the entire game. Cut down a nearby bush and go up and left. Go through the building and into the house you find. The girl inside will give you HM 02 (fly). Used in battle, it is similar to DIG. Used outside, it will bring you to a Poke center already visited.

Cycling Road
This leads to Fuschia City. This is a cycling road, so you will go down automatically. There are a few Riders and Cueballs on the way also. The former usually has nasty Pokemon (Grimer, Koffing, etc.) and the latter with fighting Pokemon. It is quite a nice ride, if your Pokemon could survive the poison. When you see a gatehouse, a boy inside will trade a Lickitung for a Slowbro. This is the only place you can get a Slowbro. Around here, you can begin to catch Dittos. Use a Magikarp against it, let it transform, then it will be easy to catch.

Fuschia City (Soulbadge)
You can see many trainers if you go to the shore, the meadow, or east of the town. If you go east, and up, you will see a road leading to Lavender Town. Another Snorlax is on this road, so if you couldn't get the first one this is your only chance left to catch it. Save your game and try to catch the Snorlax. Go north, and you'll see a hut where the person will give you the Super Rod. Even more north will let you see that the city is connected to Lavender Town. Then go back to the city.

Go north to the Safari Zone. The Safari Zone is a strange place. You will get many items and unique Pokemon that can only be caught in the Safari Zone. In the Safari Zone, the battle system works a bit different. For one, you don't use any Pokemon! Instead, you throw rocks and bait at the enemy, then use a "Safari Ball" to, hopefully, catch your target. There is a fee $500 to enter. This includes 500 steps inside the park, and 30 Safari Balls to catch Pokemon. Everytime you take five steps, a few seconds are taken off the timer, and when time is up you start back at the Fuchsia City entrance! There are four areas here. There is the Center Area (where you start), Area 1, Area 2, and Area 3. Each contains a different set of Pokemon with different odds.

CENTER AREA: Nidoran F (Blue), Nidorina, Nidoran M (Red), Nidorino, Parasect,
Venonat, Exeggcute, Rhyhorn, Chansey, Scyther (Red), Pinsir (Blue)
AREA 1: Nidoran F, Nidorina (Blue), Nidoran M, Nidorino (Red), Paras, Parasect, Doduo, Exeggcute, Kangaskhan, Scyther (Red), Pinsir (Blue)
AREA 2: Nidoran F (Blue), Nidorina, Nidoran M (Red), Nidorino, Paras, Venomoth, Exeggcute, Rhyhorn, Chansey, Kangaskhan, Tauros
AREA 3: Nidoran F, Nidorina (Blue), Nidoran M, Nidorino (Red), Venonat,
Venomoth, Doduo, Exeggcute, Kangaskhan, Tauros

The 4 hardest Pokemon to catch are Chancey, Scyther, Tauros, and Kangaskhan, mainly because of their rarity. It is hard enough to find these Pokemon, and really hard to catch them. For Scyther/Pinsir, just go buy them at the game corner. This will save you a lot of trouble. A good strategy when catching Kangaskhan is to throw a Safari Ball at it right away. Almost 100 percent of the time they will bust out and run, but a very small percentage of the time they will stay in the ball. The Chancey is also kinda hard to get. The trick is to keep throwing Safari Balls at him. Throwing rocks at these Pokemon usually just makes them run, and throwing bait doesn't help much either because when you throw a ball at them after bait, the ball will miss. Throw ball, after ball at Chancey, and sometimes it will stay in the ball. You can usually throw 3 or 4 balls at him before it runs, and sometimes you can throw 5. Chancey will usually stay in the ball the 5th time. The last, and hardest Pokemon to catch, is Tauros. Once again, just throw a Safari Ball at it on the first turn. 99 out of 100 times it will break out, but that 1 time is the one that you will catch him. The Safari Zone can be a maddening place. It cannot be stressed enough that catching these Pokemon is just pure luck. You're just going to have to throw the ball and take your chances. You can fish for Dratinis here, as opposed to the 4600 coins (BLUE) / 2800 (RED) you need to pay for it in Celadon City. Let's see, 4600 coins equal $ 92000, (unless you had a very good winning streak). 2800 coins is cheaper, or $56000. Either way, you can rather pay the $500 for entering the Safari Zone, and you will still get more bang for the buck because you can capture other rare Pokemon. First you must find the GOLD TEETH and the SURF HM. To start out, go all the way right, then up, then right to Area 1. Go right to the first staircase, then go up them, then go up and pick up the Carbos. Go back towards the steps and go left, and down the steps at the end. Go up, and to the small peninsula going into the center pond to get TM 37 (Egg Bomb). Go left, then up some more to find a Max Potion. Go right, up the steps, right, down the steps, and right to pick up a Full Restore. Now go up and all the way left, to the passage to Area 2. Go left until you can't anymore, then go up to the raised land and go up the steps, then go left, then down, then down the steps. Now go left, then up, then right to pick up TM 40 (Skull Bash). Now keep going right, then up, then left to find a Protein. Now keep going left, then all the way down to find the passage to Area 3. Go down and pick up the Gold Teeth, then go left and down to pick up TM 32 (Double Team). Now, Go left, up, and into the house. Talk to the man to receive HM 03. Now, equip it with a Water-type, then leave the house. Go down, and Surf across the pond. Go down, then right to pick up a Max Potion. Go up the steps, then right, up a couple steps, then right, then go down the steps. Go left to pick up a Max Revive, then go right to find a passage to the Center Area. Go right, and Surf to the island to pick up a Nugget. Then, surf right, then down, then go out the exit. You should be almost out of time by now. If he asks if you want to leave, say yes. Now go to the Warden's house. Give him the teeth and he'll hand you the STRENGTH HM 04. Both of these are crucial to the game. When SURF is used in battle, it is a good water attack. STRENGTH is a very strong fighting attack. In the overworld, SURF can be used by water Pokemon to travel on water while STRENGTH is used to move boulders. A Rare Candy is in the ball on the other side of the room. Next door to the wardens house is the Fishing Guru's brother. Get the GOOD ROD from him. It is the second most effective rod. Why not fish in the lake?

If you think you're ready after you pick up a few more Pokemon go challenge the boss Koga. If you picked Bulbasaur this will be an easy task, Bulbasaur is almost completely immune to poison, for Charmander or Squirtle a Victreebell or Vileplume depending on which version you have. His men are psychic Jugglers (who can call back Pokemon at will) and animal Tamers (Robert Garcia rip-offs). The Gym is made up of invisible walls. Just go through, beating the trainers as you move along, until you get to the leader, Koga. Koga has Pokemon with status-problem causing skills of sleeping, paralyzing, and poisoning so carry allot of antidotes unless using Bulbasaur. He has Koffing, level 37, Muk, level 39, Koffing, level 37, and Wheezing, level 43. For beating him you receive the SOUL BADGE, the defense of your Pokemon increases a little and it allows you to use SURF and you'll get TOXIC, a strong poison attack that will do more damage with each additional poison hit. Now is the time to go through the gate to Saffron City, which is between the other four cities on your Map. Remember; give a drink to one of the guards. When you give the drink to the guard all the guards will let you through.

Saffron City
There are 2 Gyms in this city. Next to Sabrina's Gym is the Fighting Dojo. This Gym is for fighting Pokemon only and you'll fight many BLACKBELTS. Since they have fighting Pokemon, your best bet is to use psychic Pokemon like Kadabra and Drowzee. Ghost Pokemon also works well because they are immune to physical moves. It's is actually possible to beat the two with a low-level ghost Pokemon! The best blackbelt will use two Pokemon's against you, a Hitmonchan and a Hitmonlee, and if you beat all the trainers you get the choice of Hitmonlee or Hitmonchan. Hitmonlee is a Kicking based Pokemon and Hitmonchan is a Punching based Pokemon. Now head over to the Silph Co. building at the center of town.

Silph Co. (Marshbadge)
By now, the guy in front of the Silph Co. building has fallen asleep (He'll be off to the side and won't stop you). This place is HUGE! Imagine an 11 story building full of warp tiles and Rocket members. 28, to be exact, and that doesn't even count two special guests. Now, the warp tiles. They will teleport you from floor to floor, and sometimes get you confused. You won't need to use them, except to get to the end. There are many Items and Rocket Gang members in here. Once you go inside its a maze, First you must fight many people including scientists. Get the Card Key first, you need to do this because you need the Card Key to open all the electronic doors in the building. So, use the elevator to go to the 5th floor, then left, defeat the Scientist, then down, past two doors. Step on the tile to be teleported to the 9th floor. Go up 1 step, and then step on the tile from the top. Upon going back on the 5th floor, make 1 step down, defeat the Rocket, then go right to pick up the Card Key. This is the list the items by floor:

1F: None
2F: TM 36 (Self Destruct). You must talk to the lady in the upper-left room on this floor to receive this. It also requires either the Card Key or coming from a teleporter on the 3rd floor, near the staircases.
3F: Hyper Potion. Requires the Card Key. From the staircases, go left, down, defeat the Rocket, then open the two doors leading left to the item. (Remember this area. You'll be coming back to it.)
4F: Escape Rope, Max Revive, Full Heal. Requires the Card Key. From the
staircases, go left, down, left, defeat the Rocket, then open the leftmost door to find the room.
5F: Card Key. See the above directions. TM 09 (Take Down). Requires the Card Key or coming from a teleporter on the 3rd floor, in the lower-left corner. Open the door near the Rocket member leading to the Card Key (see above). Protein. Requires the Card Key. Open the door above the one to TM 09.
6F: HP Up, X Accuracy. Requires the Card Key. From the staircases, go left, down, and open the door (lower-left corner).
7F: Calcium. From the staircases, go down the narrow hallway, left to the left wall, then up. Gary (see below). Lapras (see below). TM 03 (Swords Dance). Requires the Card Key. Right from the staircases, defeat the Rocket, and then open the door right below him.
8F: None
9F: Healing Lady. Requires the Card Key. From the staircases, go down the hallway, defeat the Rocket, then open the door. Look near the beds. Or, go through the teleporter on the 3rd floor, in the room where you got the Hyper Potion. Defeat the Rocket, then go down and open up the door.
10F: TM 26 (Earthquake), Rare Candy, Carbos. From the staircases, go left, down; defeat the Rocket, then collect.
11F: Giovanni, Master Ball

If you don't take any teleporters, you will end up at the 11th floor, with a room you've never been in behind a wall you can't get past. The solution is to go back down to the 3rd floor. Go toward the middle of the room and head left into the first of two rooms. Take the teleporter in the room, and you will be warped into a small room with Gary in it. Challenge and beat Gary then talk to the guy in the room. He will give you a Lapras, an ice type Pokemon. Take the next teleporter, and you will be in the room you saw from the 11th floor. Beat the trainer, open the door, and challenge... Giovanni again! He is not that much tougher than the last time you fought him. He is easy with Squirtle or Bulbasaur, since he uses ground Pokemon Water and Grass Pokemon are effective. Beat him and talk to the Silph Co. president (the man in the chair). He will give you the best ball in the game, the Master Ball. It has a 100% chance of catching any Pokemon. SAVE IT! It's VERY important because you only get 1 Master Ball, so use it wisely. Go to the PC in the room and deposit it. Now you have a choice at this point... either waste it on some arbitrary Pokemon, or use it on crucial one-time Pokemon including the Legendary Birds, Snorlax, and Mewtwo. The Birds are Lv.50 each and are very powerful in their own element, the Snorlax are Lv. 30 and are quite good, while Mewtwo is "THE" perfect Pokemon and starts at Lv. 70. Now Team Rocket has left town so you can now Go and defeat Sabrina.

Back to the city. The man blocking the door has left, so enter the gym. Now you can enter Sabrina's Gym and fight her for the Marshbadge. There are Psychics and Channelers here, and the trainers here use psychic type Pokemon, so be ready. Watch out for psychic Pokemon and use bug or ghost Pokemon against them. The gym is somewhat of a maze, consisting of 15 rooms, each connected by teleporters. You don't have to fight any trainer besides Sabrina, just go into the opposite portal unless you want Exp. Points. To go directly to Sabrina, the gym's leader, and keep on going in the teleporter to the top or bottom of the one you just came out of. You will eventually get to her. Your Pokemon should be about level 30 or above. She has four Psychic Pokemon, a Kadabra, level 38, a Mr. Mime, level 37, a Venomoth, level 38, and a Alakazam, level 43. Beat her to get the Marsh Badge, which ensures any Pokemon up to level 70 will obey you. She will give you PSYWAVE after the battle, a psychic attack.

A girl living in a house to the left will trade TM31 for a Poke Doll. It contains MIMIC.

To avoid the PowerPlant and the Seafoam Islands, equip FLY to a bird Pokemon and fly to Pewter City, Go north to the Museum and CUT the bush in the front. In the back talk to the guy near the item on the pedestal. He'll give it to you. Now its time to go to Cinnabar Island. First you must FLY to Pallet Town. Save your game and go south. From here SURF down south, catch a tentacool on your way you should eventually find Cinnabar Island.

Power Plant (optional)
Once you have taught Fly to a Pokemon, Fly back to Cerulean City. Take the east exit out of town and go as Far East as you can. You will see a small break in the rocks blocking off the water. Get right in front of the water and use the Surf skill. Swim up and around until you get to the other shore, and enter the Power Plant. There are lots of Electric Pokemon here. You can get Pikachus, Raichus (Blue), Voltorbs, Magnemites, and Electrabuzzes (RED). (Some Voltorbs are hidden as Poke Balls; they are Lv. 40 each! There is also a Lv.41 Electrode masquerading as a Poke Ball). First, go forward. Pick up the first item ball for some Carbos. Now keep going up, then right, then down. You can pick up all the item balls in the first passage to the right, but they're all Pokemon. Keep going down, all the way to the bottom, to the small room, then go right to pick up TM 33 (Reflect). Now, go up, and then right through the main hallway. Watch out for the next two item balls, they are Pokemon. Go down the next small passage, and go left. Pick up the item ball, it's TM 25 (Thunder). The one to the far right is a Pokemon. Now, go back to the main hallway and go up, then left a little ways, then up. On the left side of the room is an HP Up, the right a Rare Candy. Go back to the main hallway, then keep following it (the rest of the item balls are Pokemon) until you find Zapdos. Near the end is Zapdos, the Legendary Electric Bird. Before talking to him, SAVE YOUR GAME! The main reason for coming to the Power Plant is Zapdos. Zapdos is one of the Legendary Pokemon, and he will only appear in your game once. He is found near the exit of the Plant. It is strongly suggested not using your master ball at this time. The master ball should be reserved for Mewtwo. Zapdos is at level 50, so he is really kind of hard to catch. The best idea (and this works on all 3 of the legendary Pokemon) is to freeze them with and ice attack like icebeam, ice punch, or blizzard. Once he is almost dead and frozen, just throw a bunch of ultra balls at him. He will eventually stay in the ball. Once you are done with the Power Plant, use Fly again to take you back to Fuchsia City.

Seafoam Islands (optional)
Before you come here, heal your Pokemon and go to a Mart. First prepare with Ice Heals, the highest potion, 2 escape ropes, and lots of Ultra balls. Take a Fire Pokemon (Ponytas a great choice if you don't have Charmander), an Electric Pokemon (A well leveled Pikachu or Raichu is good), a Pokemon with STRENGTH, a Pokemon with SURF, and your starting Pokemon (If you don't have Charmander), you should also bring a high level Butterfree or a high level grass Pokemon (With sleep powder). SURF until you get to the Seafoam Islands. On you way here you can catch a Tentacruel if you like. You can catch a ton of new water type Pokemon in the cave. On the first floor you can get Seel, Slowpoke, Psyduck, Golduck (red), Horsea (red), Krabby (blue), Shellder (red), and Staryu (blue). On the second level you can catch Staryu (both), Dewgong, and Seadra (red). On the third you can get Kingler (blue). The forth floor has Golbat and Slowbro (blue). On the forth floor, if you have all the boulders in the water, you can fight Articuno, the Legendary Ice Bird Pokemon. Save your game and go inside. To get through to Cinnabar Island, you will need a Pokemon who has the Strength ability. First, after entering, go up, then right, and push the boulder into the hole. Go up the steps, but don't go down the ladder yet. Instead, go up, right and down the steps and push that boulder into the hole. Now go down the nearby ladder and push the boulder into the next hole. Go back up the ladder, then go to the other ladder and go down it. Go down the steps, then down, right, and up the steps. Go right, up (Don't go down the ladder yet), right, and down the stairs to push the boulder down into the hole. Now go back up the steps, then left, down (Still skip the ladder), left, and down the steps. Now, go all the way left, then all the way up, and down the ladder. Now go all the way right and push the boulder down the hole. One more to go. Now, go back left and up the ladder, then go all the way down, all the way right, up the steps, then down, up, and (Finally) down the ladder. Now, go down, left, and down, then down that ladder. Now, go right, down, right, down the steps, then left. To get one boulder into each hole, first push the boulder blocking the passage to the left hole all the way left, then push the boulder above the left hole down the hole. Now, go to the two boulders near the right hole. Push the RIGHT one up as far as you can, then push the left boulder one space down, two spaces left so it's above the hole, then push it down the hole. Now, go right, up the steps, left, up, left, up, right, down the steps, then down the ladder. Go right, up, right and up the ladder. Go up the last ladder, the go down the steps and push that boulder into the hole. Now, go back up the steps and down the ladder, and then go down the next ladder. Now, go left, down, left, past the ladder, go down the steps, and Surf left, then all the way up to Articuno's platform. SAVE before you talk to him. Articuno is at level 50, and he is pretty hard to catch. Use the same techniques as you did with Zapdos, and you should be able to catch him. Try putting him to sleep or paralyzing him. Now, to get out, go back to the main platform, and go down the left ladder. Go up the steps, then left, down, right (Avoid the ladder), up, right, down the steps, and Surf to the other side. Now, go right, down, and down the ladder. Just go up the ladders until you reach the exit.

Cinnabar Island (Volcanobadge)
South of Pallet Town is Cinnabar Island. The island is like a normal town, with the exception of the Pokemon Lab. Here you'll want to take the fossil from your earlier adventures and enter the Pokemon Laboratory and get some new Pokemon. Depending on what fossil you got in Mt. Moon; you can get Kabuto or Omanyte. The Dome Fossil becomes the Kabuto, and the Helix Fossil becomes Omanyte. You can also get Aerodactyl if you picked up the Old Amber in Pewter City's museum. Just give your items to the man in the last room, exit the building, walk around or go to the Mart and then back into the center to pick up your new Pokemon. Repeat with the amber and you'll get Aerodactyl. Three people there will trade your Raichu for an Electrode, your Venonat for a Tangela, or your Ponyta for a Seel. Non of these are too important, but they can rack up experience quickly since they are traded Pokemon.

Now go and heal your Pokemon, buy some supplies, buy some Burn heals, and save. The Gym at the moment is locked, so you need the key. It's located in the building in the top left corner of the city. This is the only building with random battles on the island. Unfortunately, the place is in ruins. A group of scientists genetically engineered the ultimate fighting machine Mewtwo, from the cells of Mew, the rarest Pokemon. Unfortunately, Mewtwo, escaped, destroying the lab in the process. The key to the Cinnabar Gym is in here, though, so you need to go in. To get around, you must flip the switches on the statues to open the doors to get deeper into the mansion. Also in this building are diaries. Read them if you wish, they contain information and tell the story of the two rarest Pokemon of all: Mew and Mewtwo. There are a few new Pokemon to catch here. You can get Grimer, Muk, Koffing, Wheezing, and Ponyta in both versions of the game. On the second floor, in the blue version only, you can catch Magmar. You can also get Growlithe (red), Vulpix (Blue). First, walk up the red carpet. Inspect the 5th box from the entrance on the right side to find a hidden Moon Stone. Then, keep going up, then right, then up, then right to find an Escape Rope. Now, go up the steps. Go down and defeat the trainer, and then inspect the statue near the steps to flip the switch. Now, go right, up, and up the lower staircase. Pick up the Max Potion, then go down the staircase and use the upper one this time. Go down, right, down, then all the way right, past the statue, to find an Iron. Now, go back and flip the switch on the statue, then go down, right, and defeat the Scientist. Walk by him, then go down the staircase and find the Calcium. Now, go back up the staircase, and then fall down one of the edges near the Scientist. Pick up the Carbos, then go down the staircase to the basement. Defeat the trainer, pick up TM 14 (Blizzard), then flip the switch and go all the way left for a Full Restore. Go back towards the switch, then go up, right, down, right, up, defeat the Scientist, then go up. After going up, go left and go up at the second passage to find a Rare Candy, then go down, right, and into the other passage and flip the switch. Go back to the main hallway and go all the way left. Pick up TM 22 (Solar Beam), then go down and pick up the Secret Key. Now exit the building (If you have an Escape Rope its easier) and you can now fight Blaine, the Fire gym leader.

The gym leader, a mad scientist named Blaine, uses fire Pokemon. He has: Growlithe 42, Rapidash 42, Ponyta 40, Arcanine 47.If you chose Squirtle or Charmander this will be a cinch. Use A strong Water Pokemon or semi-strong water Pokemon and a semi-strong fire Pokemon to absorb the damage. You will have to defeat almost every trainer here to advance. The VOLCANO BADGE increases your Pokmon's abilities a little. He will give you a very powerful fire attack (FIRE BLAST), and the seventh badge. Now you only have one more Gym left...

Viridian City Continued (Earth Badge)
From Cinnabar Island Fly to Viridian City. Save and go to the gym. The eighth and final badge is located at Viridian City. Here is the final Gym...Remember that locked Gym at the beginning of the game? It unlocked now, and the final leader is there. Beat all the trainers and fight the final Gym Leader. The boss is no other than...Giovanni! He wants to use this place to get more ROCKET members and start anew! Are you going to let him? No! Squirtle and Bulbasaur will easily beat all Pokemon in here; any psychic Pokemon will have no problem killing them, Charmander should be substituted for a high level bird Pokemon (level 50 Fearow is a good choice) a high level Water or Grass Pokemon (In here either is good) If you have a high level dugtrio or other guy with dig use him against the poison type Pokemon. His Pokemon are: Dugtrio 42, Rhydon 50, Nidoking 45, Nidoqueen 43,and Rhyhorn 45. Beating him gives you the EARTH BADGE, which makes all Pokemon obey. Now that you have all 8 badges, go west to the Pokemon League HQ. Gary will be on the road again, challenging you for the final (?) time.

Pokemon League HQ
Now, heal all your Pokemon and stock up on items. Get about 20 ultra balls (if you can afford it), a bunch of Max Potions, a few escape ropes, and a few Full Heals. Also make sure you have Pokemon with the Surf and Strength skills. Now exit Viridian City to the west, and enter the big building. As you enter Route 23 a guard appears at each checkpoint. As long as you have all the badges, he should not bother you much. This is a Very large building. You can get Dittos, Rhyhorns, Arboks (red), Sandslashs (blue) and some other good Pokemon here. As you reach the end of Route 23, you will see a door, you have reached the...

Victory Road
Before you lie?s Victory Road, the last challenge to trainers before they reach Indigo Plateau. Victory Road is filled with some of the greatest trainers in the world. To pass through this maze you will need a Pokemon with STRENGTH, all the skills, and best Pokemon you have. There are TOUGH Pokemon here (Lv. 40 Marowaks, Lv. 40 Venoats, etc.) and very skilled trainers. To get through, you must solve another boulder puzzle. Thankfully, it isn't as complicated as in Seafoam Island. Basically, all you do is push the boulders onto pressure plates to open the doors. You can also try to catch Moltres, the last of the Legendary Birds. If you ever mess up, just enter the previous room and come back and the boulder will be reset.

You can catch three new Pokemon here. On the first floor, there is Machoke and Marowak. On the second floor there is a Venomoth (both). After entering, you'll see a boulder to your left. You need to push it to a pressure plate not too far away. To do this, push it down 1 step, right as far as it will go, up 1 step, right as far as it will go, 2 steps up, 1 step right and 1 step down. Now, go back to where the boulder was and go up the steps. You can now go past the door. Go right, up, right, down the steps, right, up, and left. There are two items here. The upper one is TM 43 (Sky Attack), and the lower one is a Rare Candy. Push the boulder toward one of them to get the other, then come back and get the other one. Now, work your way back to the left-right intersection and go left. Defeat the trainer, then follow the path. Defeat the next trainer, then go up the ladder. The next boulder you see is easy. Push it 1 space left, as far down as it will go, then as far left, as it will go. Now, go up the nearby steps and defeat the trainer. Follow the path on the raised land and defeat another trainer. Now, go down one of the staircases and go left. You see a pressure plate, but no boulder. You'll be able to solve it later. For now, just go up from the plate to find TM 05(Mega Kick). Now, go down, and ALL the way right, then follow the path to the ladder. Pick up the Full Heal, then go past the ladder and go up, then right. Defeat the trainer, then pick up TM 17 (Submission). Now, go back to the ladder and go up it. You'll see a boulder. First, go up, then right. Defeat the trainer, then pick up the Max Revive. Now, go left, past the boulder, and all the way left to another ladder (remember to pick up the item near there, which is TM 47, Explosion). Go up it, defeat the trainer, go right to pick up the Guard Spec., then SAVE YOUR GAME because Moltres is right there. You will find Moltres (he is on the second floor). He is the third and last of the Legendary Pokemon. Once again, freezing attacks work very well against him. Also try confusion, paralyze, and sleep attacks.

After catching him, SAVE. By now you will probably be VERY worn-out, but still wondering how come Gary was again one step ahead of you, as explained by the people in the cave. Go back up the previous ladder. Go back to the boulder, because you need to push it to the next plate. Push it 1 space up, as far left as it will go, 1 space down, 4 spaces left, 3 spaces down, and 1 space right. Now, go back to where the boulder was, then go left and up the staircase. Defeat the trainer, then follow the path to the next staircase. Defeat the two trainers, then follow the path right to the boulder near a hole. Push the boulder down the hole, then jump down it. Now, push the boulder all the way left to the pressure plate. Now go up one of the sraircases, then go right to the ladder. Follow the path until you get outside. Now, keep following the path, past the statue mini-maze (keep right) until you reach the double doors, signalling you have made it to...

Indigo Plateau/Elite Four
This is a Poke Center and a Poke Mart. This is the final test, the only battle that really counts. If you have only been building up one Pokemon the entire game, you might have a little trouble with this fight. First, before even trying to fight the Elite Four, go back into Victory Road and build up some levels. Once you have gotten about 4 Pokemon to level 60 or above, you will be able to win the final challenge. Also, before entering the battle, go to the store in the Indigo Plateau and buy lots of Max Potion, Revive, Full Heal, and Full Restores (You'll need them more than anything). These items are essential to winning the next battle. You don't need much else in items, a Pokeflute you should take too. Now, bring only your strongest 6 Pokemon and try to make sure they're over level 60. Go though the door at the top to fight the Elite Four, a group of the most powerful trainers ever. All their Pokemon are over lv. 50 so be prepared for your final and the greatest challenges of the game yet. You're going to need four knockout Pokemon, and TWO back-up powerhouses for the last two slots.

Now, the roster.

The first, Lorelei has a group of icewater type Pokemon. An electric type can dish out SUPER damage for the first Three, and use a fire type for the last 2. Fighting, or psychic Pokemon will also due in this round. She starts with a Lv. 54 Dewgong, secondly a Lv. 53 Cloyester, then a Lv. 54 Slowbro. A Jynx (Lv. 56) follows the battle, and finishes off with a Lv. 56 Lapras. They can be hard if you are not prepared. Prize $5544. After beating her, heal any Pokemon that are injured, or have status problems, and head to the next fight.

The second man (Bruno) has rock / fighting Pokemon. To be exact, he starts off with a Lv. 53 Onix. After that, he switches off to fighting and gets out a Lv. 55 Hitmonchan and then a Lv. 55 Hitmonlee. After the fighting duo, he gets a Lv. 56 Onix and finally his ace card, the Lv. 58 Machamp. Bring a water and a psychic/ghost Pokemon for the fighters and a water Pokemon for the rock. Grass, ice, and ground Pokemon will also due in this round. The reason he is so weak is that his Pokemon are strong but slow, so if you use a Pokemon that is super effective against him, you will kill him without having him attack even once. Prize - $5742. Take him out, heal your Pokemon, and get ready for the next battles, cause they start getting pretty hard.

The third lady (Agatha) has mind-controllers at her control, kicking off with a Lv. 56 Gengar. Then, a Lv. 56 Golbat will try to CONFUSE you into submission. A lighter challenge (Lv. 55 Haunter) comes in afterwards. You might think she ran out of good Pokemon, but a Lv. 58 Arbok comes out next, followed by a Lv. 60 Gengar. She has some other creepy Pokemon. A psychic Pokemon will make this round very easy when against the ghosts, any other strong Pokemon for the others. Your psychic Pokemon will really do damage with the Psybeam and Psychic attacks. An electric type is recommend for the Golbat Remember, she is one of the only trainers who can call back Pokemon at will. Put them to sleep first and then attack. Beat her and heal. Make sure to save some Full Heals for this fight because her ghosts and snakes and bats can cause some pretty bad status problems. Prize - $5940. Now, get ready for the fourth battle.

The forth man (Lance) has awesome Dragons to fight you. He said he trained for a long time, no wonder he starts off with a Lv. 58 Gyrados! A pair of Lv. 56 Dragonairs follows the fight. A Lv. 60 Aerodatcytl next (Musta got that at the lab too). Finally, he brings out his long-trained and VERY hard-to-get Lv. 62 Dragonite! One word... watch out for HYPER BEAM! (A strong electric can beat the Gyrados easily. As for the dragons, use an Articuno or an ice type if you have one. It can go ahead and take on all four. The Aerodacytl is another good target for a water type.) His Pokemon are tough, but can be easily beaten with any ice Pokemon. Icebeam and Blizzard will take them all out. Prize - $6138. Beat him down to get to the final battle. Before confronting Gary, make sure your Pokemon are in top fighting condition. Now go get him.

After 4 long, hard battles, you will realize that another had already defeated the Elite Four! Who is it? Why, it is Gary! After he tells you of his ambition, you fight his 6 strong Pokemon with what is left of your six. All of Gary's Pokemon have different classes, so you will need at least 2 or 3 powerful Pokemon to beat him. He starts with a Lv. 61 Pidgeot, which is easy to defeat. (A small-fry for an electric) Then he calls a Lv. 59 Alakazam, (pound with everything you got) followed by a Rhydon. (Use a water type to get full effect) His last three differ, depending on which Pokemon he choose at the start of the game. If he picked Bulbasaur, he will have Gyarados, level 61, Arcanine, level 63, and Venusar, level 65. If he picked Charmander, he will have Exeggutor, level 61, Gyarados, level 63, and Charizard, level 65. If he picked Squirtle, he will have Arcanine, level 61, Exeggutor, level 63, and Blastoise, level 65. They will come out in rotating power order (Water-Fire-Plant. Fire-Plant-Water, or Plant-Fire Water). (A water type gets the fire, electric gets the water, and psychic for the plant) Beat him to beat the game. If you defeat him you will receive a prize of $6435. Prof. Oak will come, and congratulate you. He will then record you and your Pokemon in the Pokemon Hall of Fame. Congratulations! Your next job is to collect all 150 Pokemon! Prepare for the ending of Pokemon?

or is it?

Unknown Dungeon
Once the credits finish, you will end up back in Pallet Town. About the only thing that has changed is that on the computer you can now see what team you used to beat the Elite Four and Gary. After you have beaten the Pokemon League, go back to Cerulean City, heal your Pokemon in the Pokemon Center; pick up your Master Ball from the PC. Exit the city to the north, over the Nugget Bridge (Route 24). At the end of the bridge, take a left and you'll notice some grass area with water around it. Surf into the water and swim south until you get to a cave. In standard fashion for many caves/dungeons, the Pokemon you can catch depends on the floor. This cave contains many second-form Pokemon, at L45+ from everywhere (Dodrio, Venomoth, Kadabra, Rhydon, Marowak, Electrode, Chansey, Wigglytuff, Ditto, Parasect, Raichu, Arbok (Red), Sandslash (Blue), etc.). You can either expand your Pokedex or gain about 1,000 Exp. per fight. You can also catch the genetic Pokemon, Mewtwo. After entering, follow the path to the first ladder and go up it. The path is easy to follow, just remember while going up to go right to pick up a rare PP Up. Follow the path up to the ladder. Go down the steps and surf right. Pick up the Max Elixer while you're there. Go up the next steps and up the ladder, after picking up the Nugget. This path is REALLY easy to follow, just remember to pick up the Full Restore on the way. From that ladder, Surf through the water left to find a Full Restore. Now go back, and follow the path on the bottom of the screen to the next ladder. This path is a little harder to navigate, just don't forget the Ultra Ball. At the end, you'll go down a ladder. Follow the small path to the ladder going to the basement. Go right after going down the steps to find a Max Revive. Then, just follow the path, finding another Ultra Ball on the way. Keep following the path until you find a monster. SAVE YOUR GAME NOW! After saving, talk to Mewtwo to fight. He can only be seen once, is at lv. 70 and is super strong, super fast, has tons of HP, a high special rating, and looks cool. Mewtwo is really hard to catch and is no pushover, he will do a lot of damage against you. He has Swift, Psychic, Recover, and Barrier at his command. Which means 2 attacks (one fast and one powerful) and two defenses (one for healing and one for defense), making him a balanced and powerful Pokemon. Did you save your Master Ball? If you did, just use it on the first turn. It is possible to catch Mewtwo without the Master Ball, but it is hard. If you don't have it anymore, just follow the same methods as you did in catching the legendary birds. Get him real low in HP like 1 or 2, and make sure he has a status problem (the best is freeze, but sleep, confusion, and paralize works well too). Now start throwing Ultra Balls. It might take a bunch, but Mewtwo is worth it! Good luck catching him and it will be worth it. GOOD LUCK HUNTING!!!!!

The Ongoing Quest
There is always the quest of catching all 150 Pokemon... If you manage to do this, head back to Celadon City, go to the Celadon mansion. The Gamefreak staff will give you a letter certifying your achievement! Remember that you need to trade a lot to achieve this goal.

Your Mark in History
You can now use the computers to connect to Pokemon League. It will show pictures and stats of the teams who won the game in a Hall Of Fame that looks pretty good and shows your Pokemon in winning glory!

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