Pinball: Ruby and Sapphire

Release Date: Japan August 1st, 2003, United States August 28th, 2003, Europe November 14th, 2003.

At E3 Nintendo revealed the follow-up to Pokemon Pinball, Pokemon Pinball: Ruby and Sapphire. In the game there are two new tables that are similar looking to Ruby/Sapphire. There is a considerable amount of mini games to find; now more than 200 Pokemon to be caught in the game. Another new feature is if you play the game on the Game Cube Game Boy Player with the Game cube Controller the controller will vibrate when the ball comes in contact with any part of the board. Otherwise, the game is very similar to the original Pokemon Pinball; you hit the ball, score point, scare the Pokemon out into the open, catch them, evolve them, and record them in your Pokedex.


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Pokemon Pinball RS Walkthrough
Game Info
Pokemon Pinball R/S is the sequel to Pokemon Pinball. Your goal is now to catch the original 151 Pokemon, plus the Pokemon from Ruby and
Sapphire. The graphics have been improved in R/S as compared to the original.

Control Pad Move Cursor - allows you to select on the screen.
Left – Left flipper and will put Pikachu on that side.
Start button - Pauses the game.
L button - Tilts the field to the right.
R button - Tilts the field to the left.
L+R buttons together - Tilts the field towards the top of the screen.
B button - Cancels
A button – Confirms and the Shooter for the ball. Right Flpper and will Pikachu on that side. In Ruby Makuhita can punch the ball.

Getting Started
In similar fashion to Pinball, you’ll have two different pinball boards to play on, one Ruby and one Sapphire. After choosing your field you choose the speed to play at, either Normal or Slow.

Catching a Pokemon
You must be in Catch`em Mode to catch a Pokemon. The ball must go through the Loop on either board at least 2 times, and the letters G and E must be lit. The ball must be then shot into Sharpedo or Wailmers mouth depending on which board you are on to start Catch em. A shadow of a pokemon will appear and then you must proceed to hit the Chinchou or Lotad or Shroomish bumpers to break the shadow apart. After the Pokemon appears, you must hit it with your Pokeball three times to catch it within the 2 minute time limit.

Evolving a Pokemon
You must be in EVO Mode to evolve a Pokemon. Your ball must go though the left loops on the board three times. The mart will change to an evolution gate, and after shooting your ball into it you will be given a menu to choose which Pokemon you want to evolve. You will have two minutes to get the necessary items to evolve your Pokemon (EX; Experience Points, Heart; Happiness, Cable; Trading, Grass Stone, Water Stone, Fire Stone, Link Cable), when all the items are acquired shoot your ball into the hole in the center of the field and it will evolve.

Hatching and Catching a Pokemon
You must be in Egg mode to hatch a Egg Pokemon. You will either have to hit Cyndaquil 4 times in Ruby or light the four Egg Stand lights in Sapphire to start the mode. The egg will hatch, and roam the board for one minute and you must hit it twice to catch it.

You must be in Travel Mode to Travel. In Ruby you first hit Chikorita, then Linoone, then Gulpin, and when three appear you start Travel Mode. You must knock the ball though the left or right hoop and put the ball into the Center Hole. You get one minute in travel mode and you are put in different areas to catch Pokemon. In Sapphire it is basically the same except you must hit switches on the wall next to Seedot or Zigzagoon.


There are many different Pokemon on each field and what you encounter depends if you have two or three arrows lit in Catch'em mode.

Forest: Silcoon, Zizagoon, Duskull, Slakoth, Nincada, Cascoon, Trekko
Volcano: Numel, Torkoal, Koffing, Slugma, Torchic, Vulpix, Skarmory
Plains: Electrike, Poochyena, Zangoose, Jigglypuff, Nuzleaf, Castform, Taillow, Magnetmite, Kecleon, Volbeat, Voltorb
Ocean: Wingull, Tentacool, Wailmer, Magikarp, Carvahna, Luvdisc, Relicanth, Staryu
Safari Zone: Duduo, Girafarig, Pikachu, Meditite, Heracross, Psyduck, Wobuffet, Rhyhorn, Pinsir
Cave: Solrock, Mawile, Loudred, Grimer, Machop, Shelgon, Nosepass, Abra, Makuhita
Ruins: Beldum, Regirock, Registeel, Regice

Forest: Silcoon, Cascoon, Zigzagoon, Slakoth, Duskull, Nincada, Tropius
Lake: Marill, Corphish, Goldeen, Barbroach, Feebas, Clamperl, Lombre, Mudkip
Plains: Electrike, Poochyena, Taillow, Jigglypuff, Illumise, Nuzleaf, Voltorb, Roselia, Magnetmite, Seviper
Wilderness: Cancea, Geodude, Baltoy, Absol, Vibrava, Lileep, Swablu
Ocean: Wingull, Tentacool, Anorith, Magikarp, Clamperl, Relicanth
Cave: Abra, Lunatone, Loudred, Makuhita, Grimer, Nosepass, Grimer,
Sableye, Shelgon
Ruin: Beldum, Regirock, Registeel, Regice

Hatch Only Pokemon
To obtain these Pokemon they much be hatched.
Wurple, Lotad, Seedot, Ralts, Surskit, Shroomish, Whismur, Azurill, Skitty, Zubat, Aron, Plusle, Minun, Oddish, Gulpin, Spoink, Sandshrew, Spinda, Trapinch, Igglybuff, Shuppet, Chimecho, Pichu, Wynaut, Natu, Phanpy, Snorunt, Spheal, Corsola, Chinchou, Horsea, Bagon

When a ball passes though an Out or Return Lane a light will become lit, when all four a lit another hole will appear in the center of the table. Shoot it into there and various items will show and when it completes that will be your prize.

Coins are spent in the PokeMart to buy supplies.
In Ruby the coin ramp is to the right of the Chikorita and runs to the left of Cyndaquil, you can get 1, 5, or 10 coins.
In Sapphire the coin ramp is to the left of the PokeMart, you can get 1, 5, or 10 coins.

The Pokemart is important for buying items. Hit the gate with a ball to open. In Sapphire hit Plusle and Minun. In Ruby the mart is in the top right corner, in sapphire it is middle-left.

Item Panels
Items that can be found in the slots or in the PokeMart
10 Coins: 30 second ball saver - Cannot lose a ball for 30 seconds
20 Coins: 60 second ball saver great - Cannot lose a ball for 60 seconds
30 Coins: 60 second ball saver ultra 90sec - Cannot lose a ball for 90 seconds
40 Coins: Ball upgrade - Your ball will be upgraded by one level
40 Coins: 30 sec. Timer bonus - Next timer that appears will be increased by 30 seconds
50 Coins: Double Pika-power - Pikachu and Pichu will guard the lanes until you lose a ball
60 Coins: Bonus Challange Whiscash/Pelipper - Enters the Spheal/Sealeo Bonus Challange
60 Coins: Bonus Challange Duskull/Kecleon/Kyogre/Groudon/Rayquaza - Enters the individual Bonus Challenge
99 Coins: Extra ball - Adds an extra ball.
Coin +10 - Adds 10 coins
Coin +30 - Adds 30 coins
Coin +50 - Adds 50 coins
Max Upgrade - Your ball will become a Master Ball
Bonus Multiplier - Adds the number shown to the Bonus Multiplier
Catch'Em Mode Start - Automatically starts Catch'Em Mode
EVO Mode Start - Automatically starts EVO mode
Small - Adds 100-900 to your score
BIG - Adds 1,000,000-9,000,000 to your score
Arrival - Makes Jirachi appear

Ball Upgrades

Pokeball - Normal score
Great Ball - Double score X2
Ultra Ball - Triple score X3
Master Ball - Quadruple score X4

When your ball goes through a Field Multiplier Lane located above the bumper the lane lights up, and if you light up all three your ball increase by one level for a limited time.
In Ruby above the Pokemart is a switch that will also upgrade your ball.

Charging Pika
To charge the Pika Thundershock defense that allows you to keep your ball when it ends up in the exit shoots, you must hit the ball on the right or left ramps so it hits the flap. When the flap is hit so many times, it will charge Pika.

Bonus Stages
Here are your opportunities for BIG Points and to capture RARE Pokemon.

This bonus can be found after catching three Pokemon; it is only available through Sapphire. Two Duskulls will appear at a time, you have two minutes to hit 20 Duskulls, and then a Dusclops appears. Direct hits are not affective and Dusclops will hold the ball if shot at directly, you need to bounce them off the grave markers. Hit him 5 times and you will receive 30,000,000 points.

You can reach this Pokemon from either field. Your goal is to hit the Pokeball up the ramp so the Spheals will go through the ring. Hitting the Spheals with the ball will so get them though the ring. You will get 5,000,000 times the number of Spheals and 1,000,000 times the number of Pokeballs.

This bonus can be found after catching three Pokemon; it is only available through Ruby. Kecleon will be camouflaged on the field and you have to hit it 10 times. Hit the three with the ball to get the binoculars to see Kecleon.

This bonus can be found after evolving, catching or hatching three Pokemon; it is only available through Sapphire. Kyogre will release whirlpools to disable your ball. You must hit him with the ball, and at certain times Kyogre will dive underwater. You must hit him 15 times to win, do the stage twice to capture Kyogre. Your reward will be 50,000,000 points.

This bonus can be found after evolving, catching or hatching three Pokemon; it is only available through Ruby. Groudon will have Rocks protecting him at first, break them with two hits, and then four pillar of fire, also hit them to break them. Groudon will repeat this process, and occasionally use Fire Balls to disable your ball. You must hit him 15 times to win, do the stage twice to capture Groudon. Your reward will be 50,000,000 points.

This bonus can be found after evolving, catching or hatching three Pokemon. Rayquaza will be all over the place on this stage, and will use Thunder and Extremespeed to disable your ball. You must hit him 15 times to win, do the stage twice to capture Rayquaza. Your reward will be 99,999,999 points.

In order to catch Jirachi you must be in the Ruins. You’ll find it in a slots panel, and if you are able to complete the panel Jirachi will appear dancing. You have to hit it three times in thirty seconds to capture Jarachi.

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