Pokemon Mystery Dungeon: Blue Rescue Team

Release Date:
Japan - November 17, 2005
North America - September 18, 2006
Europe - November 10, 2006

Overview from Nintendo

What if you woke up one day, and you were a Pokemon? What if all of the sudden you find yourself in a NEW world, where you can speak and interact with other Pokemon? The adventure begins when you and your partner Pokemon set out on rescue missions in a world ravaged by natural disasters. But what is your true purpose and destiny in this Pokemon world? That's the REAL mystery …


  • An exciting and dramatic story pulls you into an involving world of Pokemon never seen before
  • Use various moves and items to complete your rescue missions and increase your rescue team's reputation
  • Meet more than 380 Pokemon on your journey. Become friends with them and call upon them for help whenever you need to
  • Strategic battles enhance the adventure as you explore deep dungeons and towering mountains

The contents of Pokemon Mystery Dungeon Blue Rescue Team and Red Rescue Team are about the same, but there are a few differences. There are several DS-specific features of Pokemon Mystery Dungeon that you'll be able to enjoy only when playing Blue Rescue Team, such as a dual-screen view, touch-screen control and wireless connectivity. So, if you've been waiting to pick up a Nintendo DS, there's no better time than right now.

You come to the rescue!
Many Pokemon are in danger as natural disasters are devastating the land, and it's up to you, in your new Pokemon body, to form a rescue team. To find the truth behind all these disasters, you will need to explore one dank dungeon after the next.

Since there are no trainers around, you will need to lead your team in battles, but your team members aren't as apt to follow your orders as they would a trainers. No trainers means no Pokeballs. So, to get other Pokemon to join your rescue team, you'll need to find ways to coerce Pokemon to join your side. The more rescues you make, the better your Rescue Team ranking. Your ranking can influence whether Pokemon agree to join your group or not.

Journey in the dungeon
Dungeons are unique. Every time you enter a dungeon, it will have a new, randomly generated map. Item locations, stairs and enemies will change their location each time you explore. Don't bother going back and sketching where you found a rare Pokemon: It won't be there the next time you explore.

If you fail in a dungeon, there are serious consequences. You'll lose all your money, many of your items and experience you've gained during your expedition. But don't worry -- just as other Pokemon have called for your help, you can call for help from other Pokemon Mystery Dungeon players. They can then go into the dungeon where you met your match to rescue your party, allowing you to salvage the money, items and experience you would have lost.

The game system you're using determines your options for how to connect the game versions. DS gamers can use the wireless mode; GBA users must use the GBA Game Link Cable. You can always write down and exchange Wonder Mail using a password system as well.

This is a new kind of Pokemon game, but many things remain the same as in previous Pokemon RPGs, including the turn-based battles, diversity of Pokemon and the moves they learn. The game provides all sorts of new ways to confront your enemies. Your Pokemon still have their traditional moves, but those moves have new traits that let you customize complex strategies. You can link together moves and have them all execute in the same turn! Although these moves cost more points, the turn-saving combinations radically change how you view combat.

Visit Pokemon Square
After you rescue Pokemon, head to the Pokemon Square, which serves as a base for your operations. The Pokemon-shaped buildings house all sorts of shops and services. Once you establish a base, Pelipper will deliver missions for you to undertake. You can buy items at the Kecleon Store, and Kangaskhan Storage is a place that will hold on to your items while you're in a dungeon. If you're looking to hone your fighting skills, go to Makuhita Dojo to get in some practice.

More than 380 kinds of Pokemon are available to travel with you, but first you need to make sure they have a place to stay. For this, you need to unlock a Friends Areas. You can go to the Wigglytuff Club to buy entry to a Friends Area. Sometimes you'll earn entry to an area as a reward or you can meet special Pokemon to unlock their Friends Area. Once you've earned entry to a Friends Area, you can visit it and talk to the Pokemon who have joined your party.

Features unique to Nintendo DS
Although there are two similar versions of Pokemon Mystery Dungeon for both Game Boy Advance and Nintendo DS, the features of Blue Rescue Team for DS further enhance the game's experience.

You can control your team and access menus via the touch screen, view your map in real-time on the top screen and connect wirelessly with other players who have a copy of Pokemon Mystery Dungeon: Blue Rescue Team. Another advantage to having a Nintendo DS is that you can trade back and forth between Blue Rescue Team and Red Rescue Team by inserting the two games into the Nintendo DS's two game slots.

Mysterious Dungeon Blue Screenshots (DS):

The Game Map:

Screenshots from GameKult.com; Dungeon map from
Pokemon Elite 2000.com

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