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Japan Stadium Box

This game is unlike all the other Game Boy games. The object is no longer to collect Pokemon, but to battle them in one on one matches. You input commands from a menu then watch them battle. This game has been a big success in Japan. The game's graphics are incredible, from the Pokemon themselves to their stunningly animated attacks. The game features 40 built-in creatures (see the list below for details) that you can build up and send into battle, similar to the many virtual pets incessantly beeping from children's pockets all across the nation. The good news: Pokemon Stadium's monsters don't need to be fed. The bad news: they aren't confined to the cart.

The Japanese version of Pokemon Stadium shipped with an innovative, peripheral called the GB64 Pak. This device plugs into your controller's memory card slot, similar to the Rumble Pak. If you happen to be the happy owner of one of the Game Boy Pokemon games, plug that Game Boy cart into the 64GB Pak, switch on Pokemon Stadium, and swap data between the two games. Players can use the Pokemon they have captured in their Game Boy cart to fight in Pokemon Stadium. Pokemon Stadium is also to include a feature that allows players to play the Game Boy versions on their television set, using the N64 controller and the GB64! This way, you can bring the monsters you have discovered in the Game Boy Pokemon into the N64 game and view them in their 3D-color glory.

Here are the 40 Pokemon appearing in the game......
Venusaur Dugtrio Gengar Scyther Vaporeon Dragonite
Charizard Primeape Onix Jynx Jolteon Nidoking
Blastoise Arcanine Hypno Pinsir Flareon Cloyster
Beedrill Alakazam Electrode Tauros Aerodactyl Starmie
Fearow Machamp Exeggcutor Gyarados Snorlax Vaporeon
Pikachu Golem Chansey Lapras Articuno Moltres
Nidoqueen Magneton Kangaskhan Ditto Zapdos

Features of Pokemon Stadium include:
Computer (Pasokon): There are four boxes with 30 slots each on the Game Boy Pokemon cartridge, so you can save the details of 120 monsters. Since that's not nearly enough memory to store all your horde, this option allows you to transfer the info onto the cartridge itself. Transfer the monsters back and give them to your buddy.

Picture Book: (Zukan): Allows the creation of an electronic "photo album" of your collection, categorizing the monsters according to the 151 different species. You can then view them in all their animated 3D-polygon glory. The Zukan mode also includes maps that show the exact locations and habitats of your monsters.

Quick Look (Ichiran): For a rapid review of your collection, this option lists the monster name, type, number, techniques, and other stats. It also shows which items are stored in the computer (on the cart), so you can employ the "Use" tool to quickly select the monster you wish to put into combat.

GB (Game Boy): This function enables you to play the Game Boy Pocket Monsters game via the N64 (using the machine's controllers) on your TV screen.

Collection (Temochi): This is a database of all the monsters. Players can check out the attributes of their brood, as well as size up the opposition, and discover which attacks may be used against them in the upcoming battle.

Registration (Touroku): This feature allows players to import their friend's Pokemon to fight against whatever they want.

Tournament (Stadium): Send your monsters into battle against computer-controlled monsters or your friends' creatures.

When you prepare your monsters for combat, assign specific moves to the C-Buttons and then trigger the attacks and defenses during battle. The monsters then enter a ring and battle each other in smooth, polygonal 3D. As you can see, the general monster designs are traditionally Japanese-cute style. However, once these guys show off their fire, lightning or rock attacks, you gain new levels of appreciation (or fear) for your little monsters.

This amazing 1-2 player game was supposed to be coming to our shores sometime 3rd quarter of '99. But, Nintendo released Pokemon Stadium 2 in Stadium 1's place. Keep training and collecting Pokemon so you can whoop all of your friends in full 3D combat!


Limited Information and Pictures - The Pokemasters and IGN.com.

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