Pokemon Green and Japan Blue Version for the Game Boy

Green Box
Japan Blue Box  

The Story behind the Japan Green and Blue Version's Pokemon Green, The "Odd" Man out or sometimes known as the worst Pokemon game ever. Is green the Re-named Blue Version, which was released in America? No, not quite! Pokemon Green is commonly mistaken for the Blue version re-named. Green is a different version of the other two, it was the first game of Pokemon launched in Japan (Released February 1995), and was the initial kick for what Pokemon is today. Pokemon Green never made it to American, Australian or European shores. As many of you know that in Japan, Pokemon in Japan was originally 1st released in Red and Green versions while Red and Blue versions were released here in the U.S (apparently Nintendo of America thought the color blue was a better choice than green for westerners). The development of this game nearly led the developers (Gamefreaks) to bankruptcy, before they finally completed it and released it in Japan. Green did poorly in Japan. The only way to get Pokemon green is to go to Japan or order it from Japan because this game is never coming to America. There are basically no copies left for sale and the game is rare so if you were to buy it would most likely be a private sale. So don't waste your money trying to import it unless you're a serious collector! The big difference in the three versions is that you catch/see different Pokemon in this game cartridge, you have the ability to buy more things from the shops, it's in color, and the graphics are horrible. Pokemon Green was not a success at all. The only thing wrong with this game is the graphics; they're terrible and can be a headache to look at over periods of time. The title screen in Pokemon Red USA looks exactly like the Green, Gengar fighting Nidorino. Some differences between the American Red and Blue and Green are in the U.S. versions you have to trade to get a Lickitung or Jynx but in green you can catch them in the wild, and in Green version you can buy items like HP UP in Pokemarts where in the Blue version you could only find them on the ground with the Item Finder. Other differences are that the Pokemon and people look different, also the Pokemon locations are different, some of the walls are a different colors, Mewtwo is also in a different area of the game. The real challenge in the game is that some of the puzzles and mazes are a little bit different, the caves are enormous labyrinths and it was very hard to find the way out, that would be interesting wouldn't it?They simplified the caves for Red and Blue USA. Also, green is supposedly to have Mew in it unlike Blue does, also you supposedly can catch/see all 150 Pokemon in one game cartridge without trading to capture all of the Pokemon unlike Red and Blue where you can't find a few of them. When Pokemon came to America, it came as Red/Blue, making Green obsolete because you could already get all 150 Pokemon between Red & Blue. Some people think Pokemon Green is the best of the three versions and doesn't get the respect and popularity that it deserves. Too bad Green never made it's appearance to North America, it would've been interesting to see all three starters (Charizard, Blastoise, and Venusaur) out there, but in the long run the only ones missing out on Green were Bulbasaur fans looking for a nice Green cartridge. So if you haven't played this game there is absolutely no need to worry ^_^. If you want a walkthrough for this version, just find an USA Red/Blue one, they are the same! What very few people don't realize is that the U.S. Blue version is different than the Japanese Green version. In Japan, their third release, Pocket Monsters Blue version, was quite unique in comparison to the original Red and Green, and also different from the English versions, as well. It didn't take long until Pokemon fever was in full swing and the people were crying for more, so Nintendo released a third Pokemon game in Japan, Blue. This third Pokemon game was only game was only available for a limited time, sold in small quantities which could only be bought through a special postal system. What's so different about the Japanese Blue that sets it apart form the Red and Green versions? Well, the most noticeable change was that all of the Pokemon had been redone to look better. (Consequently, these 'redone' Pokemon were also used in the English Red and Blue versions of the game). Another was that Pokemon could be found in places that they originally weren't in the Red and Green versions. Dittos were added to the Rock Cave and Lickitung could be caught in the wild. Also, the Unknown Dungeon was totally redone, with an all new layout (also used for the English versions of the game).


Green Box Front/Back Fighting Intro Two
Oak Introducing Pokemon To You
Oaks Example of an Pokemon
Choose your characters name
Choose your rivals name
You leaving your house
Oak Finding You Leaving Pallet
Oak's Lab One
Naming Chosen Pokemon
Oaks Lab Pokemon Chosen
Oak's Lab Pokemon Just Chosen
Rival Challenging You
Rival Battle
Chosen Pokemon Battle One
Chosen Pokemon Battle Two
Choosing Attacks
Green Map Pallet
Walking North of Pallet
Reading North of Pallet
Talking North of Pallet
Green Pokecenter One
Green Pokecenter One 
Forest Battle
Pokemon Stats One
Pokemon Stats Two
Pokemon Stats Three
Rattata Appears
Pidgey Appears
Pokemon Captured or Defeated
Level Up
Nidoran Female Appears
Nidoran Female Battle

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