Gold/Silver Information

If you have a Pocket Pikachu, version 2, it can send gifts to your Gold or
Silver game! You decide how many watts to send, and the gift varies
On the Pocket Pikachu, go to the gift icon, then choose send. Choose the
number of watts you want to send, from 1 to 999. Then on the Gameboy, start
the game, and on the startup menu, choose Mystery Gift. Now point the two
infra red communication ports at each other, and press the "A" button on
both. Pikachu gets all excited, and your gift appears in the gameboy.

To collect the gift in G&S, you go upstairs in any PokeCentre, and talk to
the guy you see behind the counter.
Gifts sent will include:
200W Bitter Berry
300W Great Ball
400W Max Repel
500W Ether
600W Miracle Berry
700W Gold Berry
800W Elixer
900W Revive

New Bark: No Mart
Cherrygrove: PokeBall, Potion, Antidote, Parlyz Heal, Awakening.
Violet: PokeBall, Potion, Escape Rope, Antidote, Parlyz Heal, Awakening, X-Defend, X-Attack, X-Speed, Flower Mail.
Azalea: Charcoal, Pokeball, Potion, Super Potion, Escape Rope, Repel, Antidote, Parlyz Heal, Flower Mail
Goldenrod: See in the Walkthrough under Goldenrod City
Ecruteak: PokeBall, Great Ball, Potion, Super Potion, Antidote, Parlyz
Heal, Awakening, Burn Heal, Ice Heal, Revive
Olivine: Great Ball, Super Potion, Hyper Potion, Antidote, Parlyz Heal,
Awakening, Ice Heal, Super Repel, Surf Mail
Cianwood: No Mart
Mahogany: Rage Candy Bar, Great Ball, Super Potion, Hyper Potion, Antidote, Parlyz Heal, Super Repel, Revive, Flower Mail
Blackthorn: Great Ball, Ultra Ball, Hyper Potion, Max Potion, Full Heal,
Revive, Max Repel, X-Defend, X-Attack
Vermilion: Ultra Ball, Super Potion, Hyper Potion, Revive, Parlyz Heal,
Awakening, Burn Heal, Lite Blue Mail
Saffron: Great Ball, Ultra Ball, Hyper Potion, Max Potion, Full Heal, X-
Attack, X-Defend, Flower Mail
Cerulean: Great Ball, Ultra Ball, Super Potion, Super Repel, Full Heal, X-Defend, X-Attack, Dire Hit, Surf Mail
Lavender: Great Ball, Potion, Super Potion, Max Repel, Antidote, Parlyz
Heal, Awakening, Burn Heal
Fuchsia: Great Ball, Ultra Ball, Super Potion, Hyper Potion, Full Heal,
Max Repel, Flower Mail
Celadon: Poke Ball, Great Ball, Ultra Ball, Escape Rope, Full Heal, Antidote, Burn Heal, Ice Heal, Awakening, Parlyz Heal, Potion, Super Potion, Hyper Potion, Max Potion, Revive, Super Repel, Max Repel, TM10, TM11, TM17, TM18, TM37, Poke Doll, Lovely Mail, Surf Mail, X-Accuracy, Guard Spec, Dire Hit, X-Attack, X-Defend, X-Speed, X-Special, HP-Up, Protein, Iron, Carbos, Calcium, Fresh Water, Soda Pop, Lemonade
Pewter: Great Ball, Super Potion, Super Repel, Antidote, Parlyz Heal,
Awakening, Burn Heal
Viridian: Ultra Ball, Hyper Potion, Full Heal, Revive, Antidote, Parlyz
Heal, Awakening, Burn Heal, Flower Mail
Pallet: No Mart
Cinnabar: No Mart
Secret Mart on Mount Moon: Poke Doll, Fresh Water, Soda Pop, Lemonade, Repel, Portrait Mail
Indigo Plateau: Ultra Ball, Max Repel, Hyper Potion, Max Potion, Full
Restore, Revive, Full Heal

Legendary Beasts
Releasing the Legendary Beasts from the Burnt Tower is pretty easy (and it is described fully in the Walkthrough!). Catching them again is much harder!
These beasts wander around Johto. They only go in the grass, so you don't need to look in buildings or caves. However, there doesn't seem to be any
pattern to where they do go!
Common starting points seem to have been RT 29, RT 37, and RT 45/6. Once they have been spotted but not captured, their whereabouts can be monitored using the Pokedex. A word of warning, though, if you look on your Pokedex and see that there is a Beast on, say, RT 37 and you are on RT 45, by the time you get to RT 37 it is almost certain to be gone.
It appears that the Beasts change location every time you enter a city or cave. They also seem to get fed up waiting for you to find them if you are in the right area but don't come across them, and they will go away.
One suggestion is that you pick a route with only one patch of grass to search through. Then keep walking from the grass to the nearest city and back, remembering to check the Pokedex to see if the Beast you are after is in your patch when you are! Because the Beasts like to wander, sooner or later you WILL be in the same patch at the same time.
If you want to go hunting for Legendary Beasts, a good plan is to start by buying LOTS of Max Repels. That way you wont get caught in battles with other Pokemon who just waste your time. The lead Pokemon should be somewhere between L38-41 (39 is a common suggestion - but on the other hand I did find
Raikou when my L15 Togepi was the lead Pokemon.) Haunter is a good Pokemon to use, equipped with Mean Look (to stop the Beast escaping), and Hypnosis (to put it to sleep and hopefully allow you to pick it off at your leisure).
A move with a set amount of damage like Dragon Rage or Seismic Toss is good so you won't accidentally kill the thing off with a critical hit.
Remember, even if the Beast escapes, it retains any damage done to it, so it is that bit weaker next time you fight it.
Suggested balls to use include Fast Balls (slip Kurt a few white apricorns!),
or Ultra Balls. And of course, there is always the Master Ball.

Most Pokemon in this game evolve by experience. That is, train them up
enough and they will evolve! One way to increase a Pokemon's experience is
to have it as your lead Pokemon, then change it to actually battle an
opponent. This works well if you know your stronger Pokemon will be able to
withstand the enemy attack, but it can be a nuisance because it wastes a
In RBY you could get EXP.ALL which shared the experience points in battles.
In G&S they have improved this - you can get EXP.SHARE which you get the
Pokemon you want to train up to hold. It does not even have to appear in
battle, and it gets half the experience points! This way your stronger
Pokemon can be the lead Pokemon and your Pokemon-in-training still gets
experience points.
Where do you pick up EXP.SHARE? Just take the Red Scale you found in the
Dragon Cave and give it to Mr Pokemon (at the place you got the Mystery Egg).
He will give you EXP.SHARE in return.
Pokemon Evolutions
In this section you will find out information on some special pokemon
evolutions. Stone Evolutions, Trade/Item evolutions and Happiness Quota
Evolutions. Oh and a special case evolution with Tyrogue!
Some pokemon need stones to evolve. You can find most of the stones at the sea cottage on Route 25 in Kanto. There you will find Bill's Grandfather who will give you stone depending on which pokemon you show him.
Show him: Lickitung -------------> Everstone
Vulpix/Growlith -------> Fire Stone
Oddish ----------------> Leaf Stone
Pichu -----------------> Thunder Stone
Staryu ----------------> Water Stone
I read somewhere that the grandfather will only give one stone of each but I am not sure about that.
To get the Sun Stone you will need to win First prize at the Bug Catching Tournament.
To get the Moon Stone you can find one on Route 27 inside the cave. But you can get more Moon Stones if your lucky your mom will bye you one.
Fire Stone: Vulpix ----------> Ninetails
Growlithe -------> Arcanine
Eevee -----------> Flareon
Leaf Stone: Weepinbell ------> Victreebel
Exeggute --------> Exeggutor
Gloom -----------> Vileplume
Thunder Stone: Pikachu ------> Raichu
Eevee --------> Jolteon
Water Stone: Poliwhirl ------> Pliwrath
Shellder -------> Cloyster
Staryu ---------> Starmie
Eevee ----------> Vaporeon
Moon Stone: Nidorina --------> Nidoqueen
Nidorino --------> Nidoking
Jigglypuff ------> Wigglytuff
Clefairy --------> Clefable
Sun Stone: Sunkern ----------> Sunflora
Gloom ------------> Bellossom
As in RBY, four Pokemon evolve when you trade them. They are: Alakazam from Kadabra; Gengar from Haunter; Golem from Graveler; and Machamp from Machoke. This is just a simple trade.
In G&S, trading can be even more fun (and you get different Pokemon!) by
trading Pokemon who are holding an object. It works like this:
Give Scyther Metal Coat to get Scizor
Give Onix Metal Coat to get Steelix
Give Poliwhirl Kings Rock to get Politoed
Give Slowpoke Kings Rock to get Slowking
Give Seadra Dragon Scale to get Kingdra
Give Porygon Upgrade to get Porygon 2
Of course, the person you trade to will have to give your new Pokemon back, but at least then both of you will record having both Pokemon, even though only you actually hold it.
And of course, if you trade an RBY Abra in to your Gold or Silver game, it
comes to you holding TM09 - Psych Up. This is handy because TM09 cannot be found or bought in the game!
Some Pokemon only evolve by happiness. If the Pokemon is happy it will
evolve, otherwise it will not. These Pokemon are:
Chansey into Blissey
Cleffa into Clefairy
Eevee into Espeon or Umbreon
Golbat into Crobat
Igglybuff into Jigglypuff
Pichu into Pikachu
Togepi into Togetic
There are things which will make your Pokemon happy. First, and probably
most obvious, is to keep it in your party all the time. No Pokemon will feel
happy in a box! Let it hold items, a good choice is the item which will increase the power of its moves, for example Pink Bow will increase the strength of Normal moves, so give it to Igglybuff. Obviously your Pokemon will want battle experience, but should it faint or suffer status changes like poison or paralysis, heal it up as soon as possible. A good way to gain experience for your Pokemon is to take it to Pokemon League, this not only increases the happiness factor but also helps level it up faster (have it as your lead Pokemon then switch in battle). Pokemon enjoy being groomed. There are two places you can do this, they are the Underground Salon, and in Pallet Town. In the Underground Salon, in Goldenrod, there are the two Haircut Brothers. The older one charges more, but he is more experienced. You can only get one haircut per day. In Pallet Town, if you visit Blue's sister Daisy between 3:00 and 4:00 in the afternoon and she will groom your Pokemon while you have a cup of tea. Pokemon also like to be given "steroids" - protein, carbos, iron and calcium. This is pretty effective, but also quite expensive! Pokemon do not like to be put in their box, and they do not like being traded. Putting it in Day Care will not help either. If you want to check how happy your Pokemon is, make sure it is the lead Pokemon and go visit the Happiness Rater in Goldenrod. She lives in a house behind the Mart. When she says it trusts you or it loves you, it is nearly ready to evolve.

In this section you will find all necessary information on berries (what kind and where to find them)
Wild = Items attached to pokemon when encountered in the wild
Trade = Items attached to pokemon when traded from other games
Gift = Items recieved through Mystery Gift

Description: Restores 10 HP
Location(s): Routes 11-29-30-38-46, National Park(prize), Trade, Wild, Gift
Description: Cures confused pokemon
Location(s): Routes 1-31-43, Blackthorn City, Gift
Description: Cures frozen pokemon
Location(s): Route 44, Fuchsia City, Pewter City, Wild, Gift
Description: Restores 30 HP
Location(s): National Park (prize), Trade, Gift
Description: Cures burned pokemon
Location(s): Routes 26-36, Pewter City, Trade, Gift
Description: Wakes up sleeping pokemon
Location(s): Route 39, Pewter City, Gift
Description: Cures all conditions
Location(s): Gift
Description: Restores PP
Location(s): Roue 35-45, Trade
Description: Cures paralyzed pokemon
Location(s): Route 8-46, Violet City, Gift
Description: Cures poisoned pokemon
Location(s): Routes 2-30-33, Gift
Ruins of Alph

Time Capsule
On the second floor of every pokemon center there is the Trade Center,
which allows you trade pokemon back and forth from Gold and Silver. There is the Colosseum, where you can link up with a friend (or enemy) and battle with your pokemon. And finally there is the Time Capsule, which allows you to trade pokemon from Pokemon Red/Blue/Yellow...
You won't be able to use the Time Capsule at the beginning of the game.
For you to be able to use it you will have to meet up with Bill at Ecruteak City. When you talk to him there he will tell you that he fixed the machine and you will be able to use it the NEXT day.
There are certain guidelines to using the time capsule. In order you
trade from/to Red/Blue/Yellow to/from Gold/Silver you have to follow these simple rules:
1- Any pokemon found in Red/Blue/Yellow can be transferred into
Gold/Silver.(Bulbasaur, Charmander, Squirtle, etc.)
2- Any of the original 151 pokemon can be tranferred from
Gold/Silver into Red/Blue/Yellow. (Rattata, Pidgey, etc.)
3- None of the new pokemon in Gold/Silver can be transferred into
Red/Blue/Yellow. (Hoothoot, Spinarak, etc.)
4- None of the original 151 pokemon, who have learned new
Gold/Silver moves, can be transferred into Red/Blue/Yellow.
(Jigglypuff: Rollout)

Mystery Gift
What is mystery gift? This is when you and another friend beam cool stuff to each other. At the beginning of the game you will not have that option on your game's start menu. To acitvate the Mystery Gift option you will have to simply talk to the girl in Goldenrod City's Department Store on the 4th floor. Once you talk to her the Mystery Gift option will appear on your game's start menu.
You don't need a link cable to do this with another gameboy. Simply turn on your game, both gameboy's must face each other (where the black sensor is) and simply click on Mystery Gift and then both of you repeatedly press A. You will both receive stuff from each other. The items you get are randomly chosen.

14.3) The Day Siblings
Who are the Day Siblings? It is a family of 7 (brothers/sisters) who
appear on specific days of the week in specific places. They will each give you a special item that will enhance certain attack types. You simply make your pokemon hold it.
Day Name Item Location
--- ---- ---- --------
Monday, Monica, Sharp Beak, Route 40
Tuesday, Tuscany, Pink Bow, Route 29 (it's a girl in a pink dress)
Wednesday, Wesley, Black Belt, Lake Of Rage (on your way to the lake take the left path instead of the right and head north, he will be beside the only house there)
Thursday, Arthur, Hard Stone, Route 36
Friday, Frieda, Poison Barb, Route 32 (right above the Poke Center)
Saturday, Santos, Spell Tag, Blackthorn City (a boy standing between little jumps north of the Poke Center)
Sunday, Sunny, Magnet, Route 37 (Beside 3 Apricorn trees)

Pokemon types and locations
As many types of Pokemon are included. There were some Pokemon found in numerous places, so they may not have listed all the sites.
Also, we have not yet found all the Pokemon, if you have found any please
feel free to contact us to tell us where they are.
Abra - Psychic - Games Corner in Goldenrod, Route 24, 5, 6, 8
Aerodactyl - Rock/Flying - See girl on RT14, swap for your Chansey
Aipom - Normal - RT 29 and 44, in trees
Alakazam - Psychic - Evolves by trading Kadabra
Ampharos - Electric - Evolves from Flaaffy with experience
Arbok - Poison - Evolves from Ekans with experience, and RT 4
Arcanine - Fire - Evolves from Growlithe using Fire Stone
Ariados - Bug/Poison - Evolves from Spinarak with experience, also RT 2
Articuno - Ice/Flying - RBY
Azumarill - Water - Evolves from Marill with experience
Bayleef - Grass - Evolves from Chikorita
Beedrill - Bug/Poison - Evolves from Kakuna with experience, and National Park, and in Silver, Ilex Forest, in trees at night
Bellossom - Grass - Evolves from Gloom using Sun Stone
Bellsprout - Grass/Poison - RT 31, 32, 44, 5, 6, 24/5
Blastoise - Water - Evolves from Wartortle
Blissey - Normal - Evolves from Chansey by happiness
Bulbasaur - Grass/Poison - RBY
Butterfree - Bug/Flying - Evolves from Metapod with experience, and National
Park, and in Gold, Ilex Forest, in trees at night
Caterpie - Bug - National Park, and in Gold, RT 30, 31, Ilex Forest and RT 2
Celebi - Grass/Psychic - need a gameshark …
Chansey - Normal - RT 13-15
Charizard - Fire/Flying - Evolves from Charmeleon with experience
Charmander - Fire - RBY
Charmeleon - Fire - Evolves from Charmander with experience
Chikorita - Grass - One of the starter Pokemon from Professor Elm
Chinchou - Water/Electric - Fish from the dock at Olivine where the SS Aqua
arrives from Vermilion
Clefable - Normal - Evolves from Clefairy using Moon Stone
Clefairy - Normal - Mt Moon, night
Cleffa - Normal - Breed from two Clefairy
Cloyster - Water/Ice - Evolves from Shellder using Water Stone
Corsola - Water/Rock - Cianwood, fishing with Super Rod
Crobat - Poison/Flying - Evolves from Golbat by happiness
Croconaw - Water - Evolves from Totodile with experience
Cubone - Ground - Rock Tunnel
Cyndaquil - Fire - One of the starter Pokemon from Professor Elm
Delibird - Ice/Flying - Ice Path
Dewgong - Water/Ice - Evolves from Seel with experience
Diglett - Ground - Diglett's Cave
Ditto - Normal - RT 34
Dodrio - Normal/Flying - Evolves from Doduo with experience
Doduo - Normal/Flying - RT 26/7, Viridian City, Mt Silver
Donphan - Ground - Evolves from Phanpy, also Victory Road, Mt Silver (Silver)
Dragonair - Dragon - Evolves from Dratini with experience, Dragon Cave
Dragonite - Dragon/Flying - Evolves from Dragonair with experience
Dratini - Dragon - Dragon Cave
Drowzee - Psychic - RT 34, 35, 11
Dugtrio - Ground - Diglett's Cave, and evolves from Diglett with experience
Dunsparce - Normal - Dark Cave (rare)
Eevee - Normal - Free from Bill in Goldenrod, or as a prize from the Games Corner in Celadon City
Ekans - Poison - Silver: RT 32, 4 Gold: Goldenrod Games Corner
Electabuzz - Electric - Power Plant
Electrode - Electric - Evolves from Voltorb with experience
Elekid - Electric - Breed from two Electabuzz
Entei - Fire - One of the Legendary Beasts, somewhere around Johto
Espeon - Psychic - Evolves from Eevee, it has to be happy and evolve during
the day
Exeggcute - Grass/psychic - Ilex Forest, at night, in trees
Exeggutor - Grass/Psychic - Evolves from Exeggcute using Leaf Stone
Farfetch'd - Normal/Flying - RT 38
Fearow - Normal/Flying - Evolves from Spearow with experience, RT 10
Feraligatr - Water - Evolves from Croconaw with experience
Flaaffy - Electric - Evolves from Mareep with experience
Flareon - Fire - Evolves from Eevee using Fire Stone
Forretress - Bug/Steel - Evolves from Pineco with experience
Furret - Normal - Evolves from Sentret with experience
Gastly - Ghost/Poison - Bellsprout Tower (night), Tin Tower
Gengar - Ghost/Poison - Evolves from Haunter (Trade)
Geodude - Rock - Mt Mortar, RT 45/6, Dark Cave, Rock Tunnel, Mt Moon
Girafarig - Normal/Psychic - RT 43
Gligar - Ground/Flying - RT 45/6
Gloom - Grass/Poison - Evolves from Oddish with experience
Golbat - Poison/Flying - Secret Islands, Mt Mortar, Ice Path, RT 26/7,
Victory Road, Mt Silver
Goldeen - Water - RT42, Mt Mortar, RT 26/7, 9, 10
Golduck - Water - Evolves from Psyduck with experience, RT 6
Golem - Rock/Ground - Evolves from Graveler (Trade)
Granbull - Normal - Evolves from Snubbull
Graveler - Rock/Ground - Evolves from Geodude with experience, Mt Silver, Dark Cave, Mt Mortar, RT 45/6, Victory Road
Grimer - Poison - RT 16-18, Celadon City
Growlithe - Fire - Gold: RT 36,37,7,8
Gyarados - Water/Flying - Red Gyarados: Lake of Rage, regular Gyarados evolve from Magikarp with experience, Fuchsia City
Haunter - Ghost/Poison - Evolves from Gastly with experience
Heracross - Bug/Fighting - RT 29 and 44, in trees
Hitmonchan - Fighting - Evolves from Tyrogue
Hitmonlee - Fighting - Evolves from Tyrogue
Hitmontop - Fighting - Evolves from Tyrogue, attack = defence
Ho-oh - Fire/Flying - Roof of Tin Tower, Ecruteak
HootHoot - Normal/Flying - RT 29, 31, 37 - at night
Hoppip - Grass/Flying - RT 32, 13-15
Horsea - Water - Secret Islands
Houndoom - Dark/Fire - Evolves from Houndour with experience
Houndour - Dark/Fire - RT 7 at night
Hypno - Psychic - Evolves from Drowzee with experience
Igglybuff - Normal - Breed from two Jigglypuff
Ivysaur - Grass/Poison - Evolves from Bulbasaur with experience
Jigglypuff - Normal - Route 4
Jolteon - Electric - Evolves from Eevee using Thunder Stone
Jumpluff - Grass/Flying - Evolves from Skiploom with experience
Jynx - Ice/Psychic - Ice Path
Kabuto - Rock/Water - RBY
Kabutops - Rock/Water - Evolves from Kabuto with experience
Kadabra - Psychic - Evolves from Abra with experience, also RT7
Kakuna - Bug - Evolves from Weedle with experience, National Park, Silver: RT
30, 31, Ilex Forest
Kangaskhan - Normal - Rock Tunnel
Kingdra - Water/Dragon - Evolves from Seadra by trade, holding Dragon Scale
Kingler - Water - Evolves from Krabby with experience
Koffing - Poison - Burnt Tower
Krabby - Water - Dark Cave, Olivine, Secret Islands, Cianwood
Lanturn - Water/Electric - Evolves from Chinchou with experience
Lapras - Water/Ice - Union Cave on Fridays
Larvitar - Rock/Ground - Mt Silver
Ledian - Bug/Flying - Evolves from Ledyba with experience
Ledyba - Bug/Flying - Silver: RT 31, 2 - morning
Lickitung - Normal - RT 44
Lugia - Psychic/Flying - Secret Islands
Machamp - Fighting - Evolves from Machoke by trading
Machoke - Fighting - Evolves from Machop, also Rock Tunnel, Mt Mortar
Machop - Fighting - Goldenrod (swap), Rock Tunnel, Mt Mortar
Magby - Fire - Breed from two Magmar
Magcargo - Fire - Evolves from Slugma with experience
Magikarp - Water - Slowpoke Well, Ilex Forest, Lake of Rage, RT 44, Dragon
Den, Dark Cave, Fuchsia City, Cinnabar Island, Union Cave
Magmar - Fire - basement, Burnt Tower, Ecruteak
Magnemite - Electric/Steel - RT 6, RT 11
Magneton - Electric/Steel - evolves from Magnemite with experience
Mankey - Fighting - RT 42, 9
Mantine - Water/Flying - Gold: RT 41
Mareep - Electric - RT 32, 42
Marill - Water - Mt Mortar, in the entrance as you approach from Ecruteak
Marowak - Ground - Evolves from Cubone with experience, and Rock tunnel
Meganium - Grass - Evolves from Bayleef with experience
Meowth - Normal - Silver: RT 38, 5, 6
Metapod - Bug - National Park, Gold: RT 30, 31, Ilex Forest, 2
Mew - Psychic - gameshark?
Mewtwo - Psychic - RBY
Miltank - Normal - RT 38
Misdreavus - Ghost - Mt Silver
Moltres - Fire/Flying - RBY
Mr Mime - Psychic - Route 21
Muk - Poison - Evolves from Grimer with experience
Murkrow - Dark/Flying - RT 7 (night)
Natu - Psychic/Flying - Ruins of Alph
Nidoking - Poison/Ground - Evolves from Nidorino using Moon Stone
Nidoqueen - Poison/Ground - Evolves from Nidorina using Moon Stone
Nidoran female - Poison - RT 35
Nidoran male - Poison - RT 35
Nidorina - Poison - Evolves from Nidoran female with experience, and RT 13-15
Nidorino - Poison - Evolves from Nidoran male with experience, and RT 13-15
Ninetales - Fire - Evolves from Vulpix using Fire Stone
Noctowl - Normal/Flying - Evolves from HootHoot with experience
Octillery - Water - Evolves from Remoraid with experience
Oddish - Grass/Poison - Ilex Forest (night), RT 24/5
Omanyte - Rock/Water - RBY
Omastar - Rock/Water - Evolves from Omanyte with experience
Onix - Rock - Violet City (swap), Victory Road, Rock Tunnel, Mt Silver
Paras - Bug/Grass - Ilex Forest, National Park, Mt Moon
Parasect - Bug/Grass - Evolves from Paras with experience
Persian - Normal - Evolves from Meowth with experience
Phanpy - Ground - RT 45/6 (Silver)
Pichu - Electric - Breed from two Pikachu
Pidgeot - Normal/Flying - Evolves from Pidgeotto with experience
Pidgeotto - Normal/Flying - Evolves from Pidgey with experience, and RT 24/5,
8, 13, 2
Pidgey - Normal/Flying - RT 29, 30, 35, National Park, RT 36, 6, 5, 24/5, 2, 1
Pikachu - Electric - Viridian Forest (Route 2)
Piloswine - Ice/Ground - Evolves from Swinub with experience
Pineco - Bug - In the trees in Ilex Forest and RT 43
Pinsir - Bug - National Park
Politoed - Water - Evolves from Poliwhirl by trade, holding Kings Rock
Poliwag - Water - RT 30, 31, Ruins of Alph, RT 44, Mt Silver
Poliwhirl - Water - Evolves from Poliwag with experience, and RT 30, 31, Mt
Poliwrath - Water/Fighting - Evolves from Poliwhirl using Water Stone
Ponyta - Fire - RT 26/7, Mt Silver
Porygon - Normal - Games Corner, Celadon City
Porygon 2 - Normal - Evolves from Porygon by trade, holding Upgrade
Primeape - Fighting - Evolves from Mankey with experience, and RT 42, 9
Psyduck - Water - Ilex Forest, RT 34, 35, 6
Quagsire - Water/Ground - Evolves from Wooper by experience
Quilava - Fire - Evolves from Cyndaquil with experience
Qwilfish - Water/Poison - RT 32, 16-18 (rare)
Raichu - Electric - Evolves from Pikachu using Thunder Stone
Raikou - Electric - One of the Legendary Beasts, found in Johto… somewhere!
Rapidash - Fire - Evolves from Ponyta with experience, and Mt Silver
Raticate - Normal - Evolves from Rattata with experience, and RT 38, Mt Mortar, RT 26/7, 9,10
Rattata - Normal - RT 29, 46, Bellsprout Tower, Mt Mortar, RT 26/7, 9, 10, 7, 3, 4, 1
Remoraid - Water - RT 44 (fishing)
Rhydon - Rock/Ground - Evolves from Rhyhorn with experience
Rhyhorn - Rock/Ground - Victory Road
Sandshrew - Ground - Gold: Union Cave, Mt Moon Silver: Goldenrod Games
Sandslash - Ground - Evolves from Sandslash with experience
Scizor - Bug/Steel - Evolves from Scyther by trade, holding Metal Coat
Scyther - Bug/Flying - National Park
Seadra - Water - Evolves from Horsea with experience
Seaking - Water - Evolves from Goldeen with experience, and Mt Mortar, RT
26/7, 24/5, 9, 10
Seel - Water/Ice - Secret Islands
Sentret - Normal - RT 29, 1
Shellder - Water - Cinnabar Island
Shuckle - Bug/Rock - Cianwood (gift), Dark Cave
Skarmory - Steel/Flying - RT 45/6, Mt Silver
Skiploom - Grass/Flying - Evolves from Hoppip with experience
Slowbro - Water/Psychic - Evolves from Slowpoke with experience
Slowking - Water/Psychic - Evolves from Slowpoke by trade, holding Kings Rock
Slowpoke - Water/Psychic - Slowpoke Well
Slugma - Fire - RT 16-18
Smeargle - Normal - Ruins of Alph (grassy bit)
Smoochum - Ice/Psycic - Breed from a Jynx and a Ditto
Sneasel - Dark/Ice - Mt Silver
Snorlax - Normal - Blocking the path to the Diglett's Cave
Snubbull - Normal - RT 38
Spearow - Normal/Flying - RT 29, 46, 42, 9, 10, 7, 3, 4, Viridian City
Spinarak - Bug/Poison - RT 31, 37 - at night
Squirtle - Water - RBY
Stantler - Normal - RT 37 at night
Starmie - Water/Psychic - Evolves from Staryu using Water Stone
Staryu - Water - Cianwood (fishing at night)
Steelix - Steel/Ground - Evolves from Onix by trade, holding Steel Coat
Sudowoodo - Rock - RT 36
Suicune - Water - One of the Legendary Beasts, found somewhere in Johto
Sunkern - Grass - National Park, RT 24/5
Sunflora - Grass - Evolves from Sunkern using Sun Stone
Swinub - Ice/Ground - Ice Path
Tangela - Grass - RT 44, Mt Silver
Tauros - Normal - RT 38
Teddiursa - Normal - Gold: RT 45/6
Tentacool - Water/Poison - Anywhere there is sea!
Tentacruel - Water/Poison - Evolves from Tentacool with experience, and
anywhere there is sea
Togepi - Normal - Hatches from the Mystery Egg
Togetic - Normal/Flying - Evolves from Togepi by happiness
Totodile - Water - Starter Pokemon from Professor Elm
Typhlosion - Fire - Evolves from Quilava with experience
Tyranitar - Rock/Dark - Evolves from Larvitar with experience
Tyrogue - Fighting - Mt Mortar
Umbreon - Dark - Evolves from Eevee, by happiness, it needs to evolve at
Unown - Psychic - Ruins of Alph
Ursaring - Normal - Gold: Victory Road, Mt Silver
Vaporeon - Water - Evolves from Eevee using Water Stone
Venomoth - Bug/Poison - Evolves from Venonat with experience, also RT 24 and
Venonat - Bug/Poison - National Park, RT 43, 24/5
Venusaur - Grass/Poison - Evolves from Ivysaur with experience
Victreebel - Grass/Poison - Evolves from Weepinbell using Leaf Stone
Vileplume - Grass/Poison - Evolves from Gloom using Leaf Stone
Voltorb - Electric - Olivine (swap), RT 9, 10
Vulpix - Fire - Silver: RT 36, 37, 8, 7
Wartortle - Water - Evolves from Squirtle with experience
Weedle - Bug - National Park, Silver: 30, 31, 2
Weepinbell - Grass/Poison - Evolves from Bellsprout with experience
Weezing - Poison - Evolves from Koffing with experience
Wigglytuff - Normal - Evolves from Jigglypuff using Moon Stone
Wobbuffet - Psychic - Dark Cave
Wooper - Water/Ground - Ruins of Alph, RT 32 (night), Union Cave
Xatu - Psychic/Flying - Evolves from Natu with experience
Yanma - Bug/Flying - RT 35 (night)
Zapdos - Electric/Flying - RBY
Zubat - Poison/Flying - Dark Cave, Union Cave, Slowpoke Well, Ilex Forest,
Burnt Tower, Secret Islands, Mt Mortar, Ice Path, Rock Tunnel, Mt Moon. They are more common in Gold for some reason - just my luck

Amulet Coin: Doubles monetary earnings (Hold)
Berry: A self-restore item (10HP, Hold)
Bicycle: For riding!
Bitter Berry: Self-cure for confusion (Hold)
Blackglasses: Powers up dark-type moves (Hold)
Blk Apricorn: Kurt makes Heavy Ball (for heavy Pokemon)
Blu Apricorn: Kurt makes Lure Ball (use when fishing)
Burn Heal: Heals burned Pokemon
Burnt Berry: A self-cure for freezing (Hold)
Calcium: Raises special stats of one Pokemon
Carbos: Raises speed of one Pokemon
Charcoal: Powers up fire-type moves (Hold)
Cleanse Tag: Helps repel wild Pokemon (Hold)
Coin Case: Holds up to 9999 game coins
Dire Hit: Ups critical hit ratio for 1 battle
Dragon Fang: Powers up dragon type moves (hold)
Dragon Scale: A rare dragon-type item
Elixer: Restores PP of all moves by 10
Eon Mail: Eevee-print mail (Hold)
Escape Rope: Used for escaping from caves etc
Ether: Restores PP of one move by 10
Everstone: Stops evolution (Hold)
Focus Band: May prevent fainting (Hold)
Full Heal: Eliminates all status problems
Full Restore: Fully restores HP and Status
Gold Berry: A self-restore item (30HP, Hold)
Good Rod: A good rod for fishing
GRN Apricorn: Kurt makes Friend Ball (Pokemon you catch already like you)
Guard Spec: Prevents stat reduction for 1 battle
Hard Stone: Powers up rock-type moves
HP Up: Raises HP of one Pokemon
Hyper Potion: Restores Pokemon HP by 200
Ice Berry: A self-heal for burn (Hold)
Ice Heal: Defrosts frozen Pokemon
Kings Rock: May make the foe flinch
Also helps some Pokemon evolve (Hold)
Master Ball: The best ball. It never misses
Max Elixer: Fully restores the PP of one Pokemon
Max Ether: Fully restores PP of one move
Max Potion: Fully restores Pokemon HP
Max Revive: Fully restores a fainted Pokemon
Metal Coat: Powers up steel-type moves (Hold)
Mint Berry: A self awakening for sleep (Hold)
Moonstone: Evolves certain types of Pokemon
Mysteryberry: A self-restore for PP (Hold)
Mystic Water: Powers up water-type moves
Nevermeltice: Powers up ice-type moves (Hold)
Nugget: Made of pure gold - sell high!
Old Rod: Good for catching Magikarp
Pass: A ticket for the Magnet Train
Pink Bow: Powers up normal-type moves
PNK Apricorn: Kurt makes a Love Ball (for catching Pokemon of the
opposite gender to your lead Pokemon)
PP Up Raises the max PP of a selected move
Poison Barb: Powers up poison-type moves
PSNCURE Berry: A self-cure for poison (Hold)
Quick Claw: Powers up grass-type moves (hold)
Rainbow Wing: A mystical feather of rainbow colors
Rare Candy: Raises level of a Pokemon by one
Red Apricorn Kurt makes Level Ball (for catching Pokemon of a
significantly lower level than your lead Pokemon)
Red Scale: A scale from the Red Gyarados
Repel: Repels weak Pokemon for 100 steps
Revive: Restores a fainted Pokemon up to half HP
Silver Wing: A strange silver colored feather
Smoke Ball: Escape from wild Pokemon (Hold)
Squirtbottle: A bottle used for watering plants
SS Ticket: Lets you ride on the SS AQUA
Sun Stone: Evolves certain types of Pokemon
Super Rod: The best rod for catching Pokemon
Super Potion: Restores Pokemon HP by 50
Surf Mail: Lapras-print mail (Hold)
Up-Grade: A mysterious box made by the Silph Co
Wht Apricorn: Kurt makes Fast Ball (for fast Pokemon)
X-Accuracy: Raises accuracy for 1 battle
X-Attack: Raises attack for 1 battle
X-Defend: Raises defence for 1 battle
X-Special: Raises special for 1 battle
X-Speed: Raises speed for 1 battle
YLW Apricorn: Kurt makes a Moon Ball (for catching Pokemon who
evolve using Moon Stones)

TMs and HMs
Most of these TMs and all the HMs can be found or bought. The exception is
TM09 - Psych Up, which you obtain be trading an Abra from RBY for one of your
G&S Pokemon. When you go to check out your new Abra, it is holding TM09!
TM01 Dynamic Punch - always causes confusion
TM02 Head Butt - may make the foe flinch
TM03 Curse - works differently for ghost types (!)
TM04 Rollout - Attacks 5 turns with increasing power
TM05 Roar - Scares wild foes to end battle
TM06 Toxic - A poison move with increasing damage
TM07 Zap Cannon - An attack that always paralyses
TM08 Rock Smash - may lower defence
TM09 Psych Up - Copies the foe's stat changes
TM10 Hidden Power - varies with the Pokemon
TM11 Sunny Day - Boosts fire moves for 5 moves
TM12 Sweet Scent - reduces the foe's evasiveness
TM13 Snore - An attack you can only use while sleeping
TM14 Blizzard - An attack that may freeze the foe
TM15 Hyper Beam -
TM16 Icy Wind - An ice attack that lowers speed
TM17 Protect - Foils attack that turn. May fail
TM18 Rain Dance - Boosts water-type moves for 5 turns
TM19 Giga Drain - Steals half the damage inflicted
TM20 Endure - Always leaves at least 1 HP
TM21 Frustration - Powers up based on how unhappy the Pokemon is
TM22 Solarbeam - two part move
TM23 Iron Tail - An attack that may reduce defence
TM24 Dragon Breath - a strong breath attack (!)
TM25 Thunder - Paralyses 30% of the time
TM26 Earthquake - Tough move, useless against flying foes
TM27 Return - An attack based on loyalty
TM28 Dig - two part move
TM29 Psychic - An attack that may lower special defence
TM30 Shadow Ball - An attack that may lower special defence
TM31 Mud Slap - Reduces the foe's accuracy
TM32 Double Team - Evasion rises
TM33 Ice Punch - may cause freezing
TM34 Swagger - Causes confusion and raises attack
TM35 Sleep Talk - Randomly attacks while asleep
TM36 Sludge Bomb - An attack that may poison the foe
TM37 Sand Storm - Inflicts damage every turn
TM38 Fire Blast - Causes a burn 10% of the time
TM39 Swift - An attack that never misses
TM40 Defence Curl - Heightens the user's defence
TM41 Electric Punch - may cause paralysis
TM42 Dream Eater
TM43 Detect - Evades attack for that turn. It may fail
TM44 Rest - Sleep for 2 turns to fully recover
TM45 Attract - makes the opposite gender infatuated
TM46 Thief - An attack that may steal a held item
TM47 Steel Wing - Stiff wings strike the foe
TM48 Fire Punch - may cause a burn
TM49 Fury Cutter - Successive hits raise power
TM50 Nightmare - A sleeper loses one quarter HP each turn
HM01 Cut - Cuts shrubs
HM02 Fly - Fly!
HM03 Surf - for crossing calm water
HM04 Strength - moves boulders
HM05 Flash - illuminates dark caves
HM06 Whirlpool - calms whirlpools
HM07 Waterfall - allows you to travel up waterfalls

Shiny Pokemon
A new feature in Gold/Silver/Crystal is shiny Pokemon. You have a very slim 1 in 655361 chance of running into one in the wild. Shiny Pokemon are special not only because they are a different color and "shine" when released into battle, but they also have above average stats because they have Defense, Speed, and Special DV's (Diversity Values) of 10. The most famous example of a shiny Pokemon is the Red Gyarados who lives in the Lake of Rage. To make sure you have a special colored Pokémon look at its stats and if it has 3 pluses by it's gender, then that means it's a shiny one. The easiest way to get a shiny Pokemon is to breed with a shiny you already have, as the genes would be passed down. The most desirable shiny breeder would be Ditto, of course, who can breed with almost every Pokemon. There is a way to get a shiny Ditto, but it requires you to have the Red/Blue/Yellow version. Start out by getting yourself a shiny Pokemon, for example the Red Gyarados up at the Lake of Rage. Now delete all its moves except for one that doesn't do damage like Leer or Rest that appears in Red/Blue/Yellow. Now trade the shiny Pokemon back to Red/Blue/Yellow, but don't worry if it looks normal. Now teach it TM31 Mimic and buy as many Ultra Balls as you can afford (or the Master Ball if you did not use it), and find a wild Ditto. When you run into one, use Mimic to learn Transform. When Ditto uses Transform, it will either know Mimic or Transform. Either way, it will eventually use Transform again. Be sure not to knock it out and throw an Ultra or Master Ball at it to catch it. The special thing about your new Ditto is that it will have permanently copied the shiny Pokemon's genes. Go to a Pokemon Center and heal it right away because its HP will be a little off and sometimes it will have more HP than it can possibly have. Now trade your Ditto back to Gold/Silver/Crystal and you will have a shiny Ditto. Now breed it to have a better chance of getting a shiny Pokemon than before.

One of the new features that was never in Red/Blue/Yellow is breeding and it is worth utilizing. The first thing you need to do is find the Daycare Center, which is on Route 34, just south of Goldenrod City. Now place two Pokemon that you want to breed together to see if they make an egg. Make sure that they are of opposite sex otherwise it won't work, except Ditto who is an exception to the rule since it is genderless. When you have put two Pokemon together to breed you can go outside and see their status and you will get one of the following messages:

It appears to care for the other Pokemon. means in no time you´ll have your egg
It shows interest in the other Pokemon means it may be a while, but an egg will hatch
It´s friendly with the other Pokemon means you might have to wait some hours, but don´t worry, it will hatch

It's brimming with energy
It has no interest in the other Pokemon
Unfortunately there's no known way of telling whether two Pokemon will like each other before they go into the daycare, so you might be wasting up to $200! Just save your game before you hand your Pokémon over to the couple in the daycare and then check the status of the Pokémon as soon as you hand them over. If they aren't interested, turn your GameBoy off, restart and try again.
The following are a list of Pokemon who always have the same gender:
Nidoran (M), Nidorino, Nidoking, Tauros, Hitmonchan, Hitmonlee, Tyrogue, Hitmontop
Nidorina, Nidoqueen, Jynx, Chansey, Kangaskhan, Chansey, Miltank, Blissey, Smoochum
Magnemite, Magneton, Ditto, Voltorb, Electrode, Staryu, Starmie

Legendary Pokemon
Lugia, Ho-oh, Raikou, Entei, Suicune, Articuno, Moltres, Zapdos
Baby Pokemon
Pichu, Magby, Elekid, Smoochum, Tyrogue, Igglybuff, Togepi
Mew, Mewtwo, Unown, Nidoking, Nidoqueen, Celebi

Breeding is useful because it lets you play god with Pokemon and create a clone of one of your favorite Pokemon. Breeding is great because you can recreate some Pokemon you only get once like Charmander or Eevee. Breeding is also useful because it lets you complete your Pokedex. The list of baby Pokemon are Pokemon who can only be got through breeding and not in the wild. Ditto is a key player when it comes to breeding. Ditto has the power to breed with almost everything, which can be really useful. Some attacks can only be inherited through breeding, which is another reason why breeding is so great. How it works is that the baby Pokemon (a clone of the mother) inherits the male Pokemon's moves, meaning that you can get a move on a Pokemon that would otherwise be impossible. If you successfully breed two Pokemon you will receive an egg. Just like with Togepi, you will have to walk a certain amount of steps until the Pokemon hatch, so it might take a while. So remember that baby Pokemon gets the mother's stats, but it gets the father's moveset. Now that you understand breeding, try it out because it is well worth it.

When battling, there is a 1 in 21845 chance that your Pokemon will become infected with the Pokerus virus. Since this is a slimmer chance than finding a Shiny Pokemon in the wild, most players will never see this virus in their game. Therefore, those who do would feel very lucky. If you don't believe that this virus exists, look in Nintendo Power, Volume 144 in the Pokemon Center to see Nintendo admit that this virus exists. If your Pokemon has the virus and you look at its status, it will read, "POKéRUS". If you go and talk to Nurse Joy or Prof. Elm they will explain that the virus is harmless and will wear off over time. The virus is also very contagious and can easily infect your whole party or even one of your PC boxes. If you're interested on how long it takes to go away; it takes about 5 days for a Pokemon's immune system to fight off the virus and when the Pokemon's cured, it's cured forever! If a Pokemon is cured forever a red dot will appear on their status screen. Pokerus may sound like a bad thing, but it's actually a good thing. If a Pokemon is infected with the virus, its stats grow twice as fast than they would normally, while still receiving normal experience for level. So if your Pokemon catch Pokerus, don't be scared, be happy because it will help your team, not hurt it.

Weekly Events
Re-growth Plants that bear Apricorns and Berries have new fruit inside.
Kurt Kurt can now make a new PokeBall.
Trainer House You can participate at the Trainer House once.
Daisy Daisy will groom your Pokemon in Pallet town between 3:00 and 4:00 PM.
Sunny of Sunday Sunny appears on Route 37 and will give you a Magnet.
S.S. Aqua Travels from Vermillion City to Olivine City.
Radio Tune Pokemon March plays on the Radio. This raises the chance of encountering random Pokemon.
Herb Shop In the Goldenrod underground tunnel an herb shop opens up today.
Pokemon Salon In the Goldenrod underground tunnel the Younger brother will groom your Pokemon today.
TM27/TM21 In the Goldenrod Department Store
Monica of Monday Monica appears on Route 40 and will give you Sharp Beak.
S.S. Aqua Travels from Olivine City to Vermillion City.
Radio Tune Pokemon Lullaby plays on the Radio. This lowers the chance of encountering random Pokemon.
Bargain Shop In the Goldenrod underground tunnel the bargain shop opens up only in the morning.
Rival Your Rival will be at the Indigo Plateau to battle you.
Moon Stone Clefairy dance around the Moon Stone at Mount Moon at night.
Tuscany of Tuesday Tuscany appears on Route 29 and will give you Pink Bow.
Bug Catcher's Tournament It's open today.
Radio Tune Pokemon March plays on the Radio. This raises the chance of encountering random Pokemon.
Pokemon Salon In the Goldenrod underground tunnel the Older brother will groom your Pokemon today.
Rival Your Rival will be training in the Dragon's Den.
Wesley of Wednesday Wesley appears at the Lake of Rage and will give you Black Belt.
S.S. Aqua Travels from Vermillion City to Olivine City.
Radio Tune Pokemon Lullaby plays on the Radio. This lowers the chance of encountering random Pokemon.
Pokemon Salon In the Goldenrod underground tunnel the Younger brother will groom your Pokemon today.
Rival Your Rival will be at the Indigo Plateau to battle you.
Arthur of Thursday Arthur appears on Route 36 and will give you Hard Stone.
Bug Catcher's Tournament It's open today.
Radio Tune Pokemon March plays on the Radio. This raises the chance of encountering random Pokemon.
Pokemon Salon In the Goldenrod underground tunnel the Older brother will groom your Pokemon today.
Rival Your Rival will be training in the Dragon's Den.
Frieda of Friday Frieda appears on Route 32 and will give you Poison Barb.
S.S. Aqua Travels from Olivine City to Vermillion City.
Radio Tune Pokemon Lullaby plays on the Radio. This lowers the chance of encountering random Pokemon.
Pokemon Salon In the Goldenrod underground tunnel the Younger brother will groom your Pokemon today.
Lapras Lapras appears in Union Cave.
Lucky Radio Station A new ID Number is announced.
Santos of Saturday Santos appears in Blackthorn City and will give you Spell Tag.
Bug Catcher's Tournament It's open today.
Radio Tune Pokemon March plays on the Radio. This raises the chance of encountering random Pokemon.
Herb Shop In the Goldenrod underground tunnel an herb shop opens up today.
Pokemon Salon In the Goldenrod underground tunnel the Older brother will groom your Pokemon today.

Phone Numbers
Phone numbers are used to be able to talk to other trainers and even rebattle them. Below is a list of everyone who you can get their number and where they are located.
Name Location
Pokefan Beverly National Park
Schoolboy Jack National Park
Sailor Huey Olivine Lighthouse
Cooltrainer Reena Route 26
Cooltrainer Gaven Route 26
Cooltrainer Beth Route 26
Youngster Joey Route 30
Bug Catcher Wade Route 31
Picnicker Liz Route 32
Fisher Ralph Route 32
Hiker Anthony Route 32
Picnicker Gina Route 34
Camper Todd Route 34
Juggler Irwin Route 35
Bug Catcher Arnie Route 35
Schoolboy Alan Route 36
Dana (Crystal) Route 38
Schoolboy Chad Route 38
Pokefan Derek Route 38
Fisher Chris Route 42
Picnicker Tiffany Route 43
Pokemaniac Brent Route 43
Fisher Wilton Route 44
Bird Keeper Vance Route 44
Hiker Parry Route 45
Blackbelt Kenji Route 45
Picnicker Erin Route 46

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