Pokémon Diamond & Pearl

Release Date: Japan - September 28, 2006  United States - 2007  Elsewhere - TBA

Pokémon Diamond and Pearl are two new RPG games for the Nintendo DS. As usual with any new Pokémon game, not a whole lot is known about them, but some features and screenshots have been revealed. Over the course of many months, spanning mid to late 2005 to July 2006, several new Pokémon were revealed.
In Japan, the games were unveiled and available for demo at the Pokémon Jungle Tour.

Check back often for more updates as they come in.

Some Confirmed Features:
>>The new region will be called Shinou, with an underground world you visit.
>>There are no new types, but instead, new type combos, like Steel/Fighting (Lucario being one example of this type).
>>There are a slew of brand new attacks. In addition to new attacks, they will now be divided into three groups: physical, special or other. For example, Physical includes such moves like Thunder Punch and Special includes Solar Beam. Hopefully more will be learned about this later.
>>Many older Pokémon now have evolutions or pre-evolutions. For instance, Mr. Mime has a pre-evolution, while Sneasal and Electabuzz have evolutions.
>>The new evil gang causing havoc are called Team Galaxy.
>>Day and Night return from G/S/C. This time however, it's more realistic. Example, when it starts to get dark, the screen will turn an orangey tint, simulating the sun setting and lights will begin to turn on.
>>You will be able to trade from Ruby, Sapphire, Fire Red and Leaf Green.
>>2-on-2 battling returns.




Click here for additional screenshots.

Screenshots from QJ.net
PokéDex and character images from PokemonElite2000.com

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