Pokemon Colosseum

Release Date: Japan November 21st, 2003, United States March 22nd, 2004, Europe May 14th, 2004.

This game is the successor to the Pokemon Stadium Games for the Nintendo 64. There are two ways to play, in either battle mode or scenario mode. In the battle mode, it is almost the same as the old Stadium games for the N64. The main difference is now you can have two on two battles that evolved from the Ruby/Sapphire. Battle mode is best used with your own Pokemon from R/S, imported via the GC GBA cable. You are given two Pokemon to start battle mode, but six are necessary to use the mode, and if you don’t have six Pokemon to register you are give random Pokemon. Finally, you can also use the Pokemon that you’ve acquired from the Scenario mode. In battle mode there is a multiplier mode, where you can have a battle royal with up to four other people. The scenario is the bread and butter of the game; they’ve finally put an RPG in a Non-Gameboy game. You do the usual…fight, save, be the good person, etc. The Dark Pokemon in the game can be captured, your objective is to help them gain experience, and break the Dark Pokemon out of there Dark shell, which will allow them to be used in battle mode. More information to come as it becomes available.

In Europe a Pokemon Colosseum Mega Pak is being released, included in the Mega Pak is a black Nintendo GameCube, a copy of the new game Pokemon Colosseum, Pokemon Box, a Nintendo GameCube Game Boy Advance Link Cable and a Memory Card 251. The Package retails for roughy $225 US, which is not a bad deal.


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