Pokemon Channel Walkthrough

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Note: The game runs off the Gamecube's internal clock so unless you cheat and turn the clocks days ahead it will take you 6 full real days to progress through the story mode.

Day 1 - Starting the game

New Channels:

• Prof. Oak Report
• Pichu Bros. In Party Panic Part 1

At the start a television will be delivered by four Magnemite and once installed Prof. Oak's channel will come on and he'll have you register for POKéMON Channel! Right away you'll be prompted to watch part 1 of the Pichu Bros. anime. After the show Oak will teach you all about the controls and...what's this? A cry? Wild POKéMON have been watching the TV through your screen door! Treecko and Torchic will run away but Pikachu will come in and befriend you. Oak wants you to watch TV with Pikachu and report about how it is.

Day 1 - Rest of the day

New Channels:

• PNF - POKéMON News Flash
• Shop 'N Squirtle
• Smoochum Shape-Up
• Quiz Wobbuffet

With so many channels available from the start the first day has plenty to do. Pikachu will get angry if you don't watch each show, so before you can go outside you'll have to check them all out. Shop 'N Squirtle has a Binder you can buy and it comes with a Nice Card pack to start your collection. Also under your bed you can find a POKéMON MiNi with game!

After watching all the shows you can now go outside into your yard and Springleaf Field. Later on into the day you'll get a Smeargle Art Paint which you need to test out. Afterwards, Pikachu will shock the TV and Oak will send you a replacement, but this one only displays the shows in black and white!

Day 2

New Channels:

• Slowpoke's Weather Report
• Smeargle's Art Study
• Pichu Bros. In Party Panic Part 2

Pikachu will appear at your window and then come inside, then after that the Magnemite will return with your fixed TV. This day can take some time but there's still stuff to do. First off you may want to watch each of the new shows, and keep a look out for 1 of 3 bus passes to purchase on Shop 'N Squirtle.You can keep watching TV and of course check out the new area you bought the Bus Pass for. When you're done, save and wait around until day three.

Day 3

New Channels:

• Eggzamination
• Chansey's Fortune Cookie
• Pichu Bros. In Party Panic Part 3

Have you been nice to Pikachu? If so, it will have slept over in your room and will continue to do so from then on. Again keep a close eye on Shop 'N Squirtle for the second Bus Pass and buy it up! Explore the new bus route or watch the new shows, it's up to you! Later in the day you'll be allowed to name Pikachu. So be sure to name it something nice okay?

Day 4

New Channels:

• Odd One Out
• Mareep Farm
• Chum Chum Rating
• Pichu Bros. In Party Panic Part 4

With Pikachu settled in you may find other POKéMON coming around your room when you start up or end the game which is cute. If you've bought any Poké Dolls, they may want to take one. Giving Pikachu the okay to give a doll away will make Pikachu extra happy. The new shows today are pretty good with the exception of Mareep Farm....and as always you will have to watch each one! The final Bus Pass will be available for sale on Shop 'N Squirtle so don't miss it!

Day 5

New Channel:

• Pichu Bros. In Party Panic Part 5

This day begins with a news flash from PNF. Apparently the final episode of the Pichu Bros. anime has been lost on the way to it being delivered to the station! Professor Oak will ask you and Pikachu to find it for him! So first of all head off to Springleaf Field. Duskull will be there and it wants a ball. Have Pikachu retrieve it from the hole and fork the thing over. Duskull will be happy and give you a Duskull Lamp.

Next you must move on to Mt. Snowfall and the Ruins of Truth. Gengar will be blocking the entrance but will get scared off by the Duskull Lamp and you'll enter the ruins. Once inside have Pikachu shock the two flowers and a sign post will rise up, pointing you to the end of the ruins. Solve the riddle and a Golbat statue will arise. Make Pikachu inspect the statue and it will find the last episode disc! Pika will get a little stuck so wiggle the yellow c-stick to help it out.

After exiting the ruins Magnemite will take the disc and it'll be time for you to head home. There you can watch the end of the anime and report in to Professor Oak. He'll say he is planning something special for you the next day....what could it be?

Day 6

New Channel:

• Hosted by Kasumi

No matter what time of day it is in real-time it will be night in the game when you load it up. Oak will tell you of the Star Projector and Jirachi will show up at your backdoor! You'll be taken right to Camp Starlight and will watch the whole Pichu Bros. show in the night sky! Once it's over you will be back at your home and Togepi will be at your backdoor to give you the Hoster by Kasumi disc! Watch the show and report to Oak.

Day 6 - And on into the future

New Channels:

• Full Version Channel • Japanese Channel

The story may be over but like with any POKéMON game, there's still plenty to do afterwards. PNF will begin to have news flashes about mysterious crates. These may contain discs for the full English version of Pichu Bros. or the full Japanese version. Finding them will fill in the final two channels.

You can continue to earn money to buy more things from Shop 'N Squirtle, collect all 300+ Nice Cards, keep playing POKéMON MiNi, keep painting with Smeargle Art Paint, and in general do whatever you want! A neat thing is that as the seasons change in the real world, the constellations at Camp Starlight will also change. And well, that's about it!

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