Pokemon Channel Guides -
The Different Channels, E-Card Bonuses, Jirachi, Locations

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The Different Channels

There's 20 different channels all featuring various types of programming emulating real television.

Report Channel - Prof. Oak Report
During the storyline part of the game this is where you report to Professor Oak. It's also where you save your game at.

Egg Channel - Eggzamination
"Examine the mystery of life!"

Here you'll try and guess which POKeMON will hatch from the displayed egg. You have a 1 in 4 chance of getting it right and sometimes you'll be able to make out the voice of who's inside the egg for help. Since the hatchings can take anywhere from minutes to half a day (or more, literally!) POKeMON info will scroll across the bottom of the screen for your learning value.

News Channel - PNF "POKeMON News Flash
"All the news you need to know."

This channel is POKeMON News Flash with host Psyduck. When not falling asleep on the job, Psyduck shows reports of POKeMON usually hosted by interviewed by Magnemite. These reports can be either random things that mean nothing or help hint you in on the location of rarer POKeMON.

Weather Channel - Slowpoke's Weather Report
"What will be today's weather outcome?"

An important channel, the weather report may take time to forecast, but it will change the weather from sunny, cloudy, rainy, snowy. (Snowy is for Mt. Snowfall only.) Weather changes naturally over time but this helps to speed up the whole thing because different POKeMON come out in different types of weather.

Relaxation Channel - Mareep Farm
"A soothing program for deep sleep."

Filler to the max! Seriously all this channel shows are Mareep jumping over a fence and a counter of how many went over going up. Much like counting sheep, this could put you to sleep..zzZz.....

Art Channel - Smeargle's Art Study
"Your artistic sense under critique!"

Pretty much a filler channel... On here Smeargle will display the most recent painting of yours that you sold.

Shopping Channel - Shop 'N Squirtle
"Shop from the comfort of your own home!"

Here is where you'll buy all those goodies to decorate your room with such as new TV's, nice cards, POKeDOLLs, etc. During the storyline portion of the game this is also where you can buy the bus passes.

Fortune Channel - Chansey's Fortune Cookie
"How is your fortune today?"

Not much to see here. Choose 1 of 5 fortune cookies and Chansey will break it open to reveal your fortune. Much like real fortune cookies these things more or less provide silly advice rather then a real fortune. Once you've chosen a cookie you can't pick another until the next day.

Fitness Channel - Smoochum Shape-Up
"Tone, temper, and tighten your body!"

Just one the many randomly fun channels. Smoochum will perform various exercises that you lazy TV viewers should join in heh. Infact, Pikachu will start doing them from time to time.

Ranking Channel - Chum Chum Rating
"Stay on top of the latest trends!"

A fun little channel that interviews POKeMON and gives you survey numbers on their likes and dislikes. Sometimes Smoochum will even show information on you such as how long you watched TV, how much you've played your POKeMON MiNi, etc.

Quiz Channel 1 - Quiz Wobbuffet
"Tune in to gripping quiz battles!"

The gameshow that most of your income will likely come from. Wobbuffet is the host and the contestants are 3 random POKeMON. There's 6 questions in all for the contestants to answer but after #3 and #6 there will be one for you to answer. The speed you answer with determines the amount of money you'll earn.

Quiz Channel 2 - Odd One Out
"A sensational new prediction quiz!"

More gameshow goodness! Alot of money can be made..or lost here. You have to guess/try to count all the POKeMON on screen and say wether it's an odd amount or an even one. Your winnings double with each round you move up, but be careful! You could lose it all by getting the wrong answer!

Anime Channel 1 - Pichu Bros. In Party Panic Part 1
"Our Gang of Six!"

Part 1 of the anime. The Pichu brothers and their friends are introduced.

Anime Channel 2 - Pichu Bros. In Party Panic Part 2
"The Crescent Moon Ticket Mystery"

Part 2 of the anime. Pichu & Co. solve the mystery of the tickets all the other POKeMON had.

Anime Channel 3 - Pichu Bros. In Party Panic Part 3
"The Chase!"

Part 3 of the anime. The Pichu brothers are chased by an angry Houndour!

Anime Channel 4 - Pichu Bros. In Party Panic Part 4
"Operation Cooperation"

Part 4 of the anime. Pichu & Co. work together to try and save their invitations.

Anime Channel 5 - Pichu Bros. In Party Panic Part 5
"Meowth's Party"

The final segment of the anime. Some slight control of Meowth can be had with the yellow c-stick....

Full Version Channel - Pichu Bros. In Party Panic Full Version
"Pichu Bros. in Party Panic! Full Version!"

All five parts of the Pichu Bros. show in a row.

Japanese Channel - Pichu Bros. In Party Panic Japanese
"Pichu Bros. in Party Panic! In Japanese!

The Pichu Bros. show with Japanese announcer and POKeMON voices.

Kasumi's Channel - Pichu Bros. In Party Panic ~Hosted by Kasumi~
"Pichu Bros. Hosted by Kasumi!"

It's the Pichu Bros. anime only this time the announcer is the Japanese voice actor for Misty.

E-Card Bonuses

3 e-cards are included with this game so put them to good use!

Line Art Cards - The Pikachu Star

"The Pikachu Star is the one that glitters brightly in the skies on summer nights. The Pikachu Star is always smiling near the Gardevoir Constellation."

Once scanned it allows you to color in the picture of a Pikachu leaping into the night sky.

Line Art Cards - The Kyogre Constellation

"This star constellation crosses the Milky Way as if it were Kyogre moving across the starry sky. It is an impressive summertime sight."

Once scanned it allows you to color in the picture of a Kyogre floating across the night sky.

Paint Pattern Card - Poke A La Card

Once scanned this card will upload 10 new patterns into your game for use in any painting. The patterns are:

2 kinds of Footprints
2 kinds of Pika Faces
2 kinds of Poke Balls
2 kinds of Silhouettes
2 kinds of TVs


The European (PAL) version of this game allows you to download Jirachi into your Ruby & Sapphire game carts but only after you meet certain requirements.

1.) You'll have to have beaten the Elite 4.

2.) You must have beat POKeMON Channel. By that I mean, having found part 5 of the anime and watched the entire thing through the Star Projector.

After those tasks are completed follow these steps:

1.) Go to the Options menu and a Jirachi option will be there.

2.) Connect your GBA with the GC and have at least 1 free space on your team. Then select download.


As Jirachi is being sent to your game pak you'll also recieve the Berry Patch update.

You can only get one Jirachi per game pak so make it count and raise the lil guy well!


This game takes place in Mintale Town and it's surrounding areas. Here's a list of the places you can visit and things you can do in them. As a not, this games Viridian Forest has no affiliation with the Kanto one.

Player's House

• Watch TV
• Check you Nice Card binder
• Play POKeMON MiNi

--Front Yard

• Take the Bus


• Help Pikachu pull up weeds
• Feed Pikachu fruit
• Grow plants
• Search the crate
• Go to Springleaf Field

---Springleaf Field

• Search the strange hole
• Search for a 4 leaf clover
• Play ball with Pikachu

-Viridian Forest

• Roast mushrooms
• Have Pikachu in a concert
• Go to Camp Starlight

--Camp Starlight

• View constellations with the telescope
• Watch a Pichu Bros. movie in the sky

-Mt. Snowfall

• Search the stumps and igloos
• See Jigglypuff & Kecleon's Concert
• Make a snowman
• Go to the Ruins of Truth

--Ruins of Truth

• Enter the ruins
• Explore the ruins

-Cobalt Coast

• Play tic-tac-toe
• Watch Pikachu try to swim to the faraway island
• Go to the Secret Cove

--Secret Cove

• Throw bait into the water
• Fish for POKeMON

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