Pokemon Channel

Release Dates:
Japan July 18th, 2003
United States December 1st, 2003
Europe April 2nd, 2004

This game, to say the least is extremely similar to Hey You, Pikachu. (Webmasters Comment: Be afraid, be very afraid. You would think Nintendo would have learned there lesson by now, but no.) This game though includes interaction with characters and environment similar to Animal Crossing. In this game you basically make friends with Pikachu. The story revolves around you doing an assignment for Professor Oak; you are to be a test audience for the new Pokemon Channel TV Network. You watch TV and file a report about the program; essentially you tell Oak how much you like it. This feature doubles as a game save feature. In the game you get to watch some of the anime, the name of the show is PichuBrothers and you receive parts of it over a series of days.

On the TV in the game you get to watch programs such as:
Pokemon News Flash (Psyduck and Meowth report)
Shop 'N Squirtle (Shopping, in the game you can buy merchandise icluding new TVs, posters, dolls, Pokemon Mini games, and bus passes.)
Quiz Wobbuffet (Trivia game show, win cash)
Smoochum Shape-Up (Exercise)
Slowpoke's Weather Channel
Smeargle's Art Show

An interesting paint program is included with the game. You get to take screenshots of the game and paint them up with the Smeargle paint kit. Your can display them in your bedroom, but the best is in the game you can sell them for quick cash. In the bedroom you can also play some mini-games on the Pokemon Mini.

You can do various things outside, you can talk to wild Pokemon outside and the wild Pokemon responds with a trivia question. The questions can be quite challenging, even for experienced Pokefans. Answer correctly, you get a Nice card with the picture of the Pokemon on it, answering incorrectly will force you to wait another day for another chance. There are 101 total nice cards in the game, which you store in a binder. They come in either normal, motion, and platinum. Normal cards have only a Pokémon's picture on them, motion cards simulate motion when tilted, and platinum cards are upgraded motion cards that also carry a sound sample of the Pokémon's cry. After winning the card if you ask the Pokemon a question again, you will receive money. Alternately you can also buy the cards at the Shop 'N Squrtle. You can also use the bus with passes bought from the Shop 'N Squirtle allowing you to hop buses to other towns in the game such as Springleaf Field, Viridian Forest, Camp Starlight, Mt. Snowfall, Ruins of Truth Outside, Ruins of Truth Inside, and Secret Cove. There you can meet new Pokemon at different times, the time zones are from Morning 5:00AM-9:00AM, Midday 9:00AM-4:00PM, Evening 4:00PM-7:00PM, Nighttime: 7:00PM-5:00AM.

The game is designed for children. It’s controls can be troublesome at times related to the TV, the sound is not impressive, the graphics are not bad, but the gameplay is very straightforward, and for older players the game gets repetitive extremely fast.

Information & Screenshots
The Different Channels, E-Card Bonuses, Jirachi, Locations
Pokemon, Pokemon Mini, Times of Day
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