Pokemon Box: Ruby & Sapphire

Release Date:
Japan - May 30th, 2003
United States - June 12th, 2004
Europe - Bundled with the Pokemon Colosseum Mega Pak & Nintendo Stars Catalogue w/ Memory Card 59 (4,000 stars Europe Only) May 14th, 2004

Pokemon Box is for the Gamecube and is basically an accessory to Pokemon Ruby and Sapphire. You can store up to 1,500 Pokemon to a Special Memory Card for the GameCube. This give you three times the amount of storage compared to Pokemon Ruby and Sapphire games themselves, and is perfect for players who have many of the Pokemon captured, but no space for them. You can search, sort, and perform other functions to manage and show the Pokemon you’ve collected form Ruby and Sapphire. One of the best features is the ability to play Ruby and Sapphire on the TV has been included, and when playing you can switch directly between the game and the Box. When playing on the TV, it will only support single player mode though. Another feature is the ability to take pictures from Ruby and Sapphire and use them as backround images in your Pokemon Box. To do all this though will need a Game Boy Advanced, Ruby or Sapphire, the GBA link cable, and the Gamecube. The box will probably sell for a low price, being that it is not a game. (Webmasters Comment: This is quite interesting, and will be very useful. Somebody for once was thinking at Nintendo.)

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Adventure Mode

Want to play Ruby or Sapphire on your TV but have no Gameboy Player? Well POKeMON Box's adventure mode is just what you need!

Just follow the on-screen instructions and soon you'll be saving on batteries heh. There are some differences from the Gameboy Player however.

Sadly POKeMON Fire Red and Leaf Green cannot be used in conjunction with the Adventure mode. It's still a worthy feature, but there is a reason Ruby & Sapphire is in the title.

You can't change the screen size to full-screen nor can you change the background images. Also you must keep your GBA and game linked to the Gamecube the whole time you play even though you can turn the GBA's power off.

One last thing is the ability to take an in-game snapshot of the screen or battle you're currently on. Only one snapshot can be saved at a time however and will be sent to the Special My Wallpaper section in Box mode. You can then use that picture as a wallpaper background for your storage boxes!

Box Mode

The POKeMON PC storage system made by Lanette has been updated by her older sister Brigette and is now available for all trainers to use!

There are 25 boxes to use and each can hold 60 POKeMON or POKeMON eggs. Like Lanette's PC system you can change the wallpaper, mark your POKeMON, check their summarys, and more easily arrange them.

Once you upload them to Box and quit you're able to switch game paks and start Box back up. From there you can send them down to the other game! Makes for an easier and faster method of trading!

A new thing is the option to view a list of them similar to the kind introduced in POKeMON Stadium. You can have them listed by alphabetical order, POKeDEX number, species, etc. Their stats are easily viewable as are their natures, abilities, amount of ribbons, all that good stuff. It's also a good way to check how many POKeMON you have in total!

By the way don't think you'll have to move each and every PKMN one by one to and from Box. By holding in the A button and dragging the cursor along you can easily select anywhere from 2 to all of the POKeMON in a box. Then release the A button and all of the ones you highlighted will be moved to wherever you want in one shot.

The new options and ease of use make this a pleasurable update to the R/S PC system.

But in order to access this in Ruby, Sapphire, Fire Red, or Leaf Green, you'll need to have registered at least 100 POKeMON in your POKeDEX. Also, until you get the National POKeDEX in Fire Red & Leaf Green, you cannot transfer any POKeMON besides the original 151 from Box to those versions.

Free Eggs!

To reward you for being a total POKeFreak you can acquire up to 4 eggs by filling up the storage boxes. These eggs contain POKeMON with an attack they can't normally learn. Simply drag them into your Ruby or Sapphire games and hatch them like any other.

#1 - Swablu w/False Swipe
You get this egg right from the start! How nice!

#2 - Zigzagoon w/Extremespeed
This egg is obtained after placing at least 60 POKeMON into Box.

#3 - Skitty w/Pay Day
Wow Pay Day! A move totally unavailable until Fire Red & Leaf Green are released! You can get in on this attack early by placing 500 or more POKeMON into the storages boxes.

#4 - Pichu w/Surf
Remember Surfing Pikachu first made available in POKeMON Stadium? Well you can have it back after evolving this Pichu! The thing is, you'll need to fill a whopping 1499(!) spots in the boxes.

Showcase Creator

The showcase creator is a fun bonus to POKeMON Box. You can make up to 5 of them to display you're POKeMON, trophy style.

Stage Size & Shape

Small Rectangle - up to 60 pieces.
Large Rectangle - up to 240 pieces.
Small Square - up to 81 pieces.
Large Square - up to 225 pieces.
Small Triagnle - up to 64 pieces.
Large Triangle - up to 441 pieces.
Small Circle - up to 221 pieces.
Large Circle - up to 421 pieces.
Long Rectangle - up to 600 pieces.
Big Rectangle - up to 1500 pieces.

Place Pieces

Pieces are what you're POKeMON are referred to. They're represented via their R/S POKeDEX image. Select a spot on the stage you wish to place one and press X to select a PKMN from one of the storage boxes. Before placing them on the stage you can use the yellow c-stick to rotate the piece and choose how high it's stand it.

Edit Stage

e Pattern: These are different looks you can choose for the stage itself.


e Background: These are the different choices for the screen background.

Night Sky
Pattern 1
Pattern 2

e Change Piece: There are 5 different piece "trophy" cases to choose from.


e Music: Background music for your stages. The songs are remixed versions from the R/S games.

Slateport City
Pokemon Center
Hall of Fame

e Change Name: Choose a title for your stage.

Check Stage

The stages are on a 3d plane so can view your display from any angle, zoomed in or zoomed out, however you like. It's kind of like how you could view your trophies in Super Smash Bros. Melee.

Delete Stage

Delete the stage and all place pieces? Yes or No? It's up to you to decide.



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