Pokemon Card GB2: Return of Team Rocket (Pokemon TCG2)

Japan Release Date: March 27th, 2001.

Pokemon Card GB2 (Pokemon TCG2) is the sequel to Pokemon Card (Trading Card Game Boy). You choose whether you want to be a boy or a girl (similar to Crystal). Team Rocket has struck TCG Island and overtook the highest TCG leaders and now control the land, they also have control the legendary cards. Your mission is to retake your island and free the Pokemon card clubs by fighting all of the Rocket TCG leaders. When you defeat a Team Rocket Leader you receive a coin proving your accomplishment, and when you defeat all the leaders you have to travel to the headquarters of Team Rocket to battle there toughest leaders. Many Pokemon TCG cards from the series Base Set, Jungle, Fossil, Team Rocket are included. Japenese sets Vending Series and Video Set are also featured in the game. Also included are more Game Boy exclusive cards and new a new multiplayer mode to challenge your friends with and mini-games to earn cards. This game is quite time consuming, so don’t plan on beating it in a short amount of time. No specific reason has been ever given why this game has not been released in any other county aside from Japan, but the most likely reason is due to Pokemon losing popularity.


Thanks to pokemagic_cool for these screenshots.

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