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Ash stood there with Brock, At the edge of Pallet town.
Ash: wow! i can practically smell Mums home cooking!
Brock: Its been a while since you were here, huh Ash
Ash: Yeh, with the Whole Hoen situation ive not been able to get a break
Brock: Its a shame May and Max didnt come here
Ash: Yeh well its a holiday, i suppose they should be with theor family
Pikachu: Pika!
Ash: lets go!

Ash rang his door bell.
Delia: ASHY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Brock: Ashy?
Ash's mom threw her arms around him.
Delia: OH I'VE MISSED YOU SO MUCH!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! have you been taking care of Pikachu? And have you been cleaning your teeth regularly? Oh, and what about your undderware, changing that every day?
Ash: YES MOM YES MOM YES MOM!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Delia: Oh hunny, im so sorry, your growing up before my eyes. Oh hello Brock! Pikachu!
Brock: Hi Miss Ketchum!
Delia: No use standing out here, your food will get cold!

Inside the Kitchen was Prof.Oak, and all Ash's Pokemon
Ash: Wow hey guys!
Oak: Hello Ash! how are you doing?
Delia: We can chat later! lets eat!
Snorlax then got up and stuffed his mouth first.
Ash: Lets eat before Snorlax eats the table!

When everyone was finsihed eating, everyone was sitting in the garden.
Oak: Yes, Birch has told me wonderful stories about you. But, isnt there to troopers missing?
Ash: Uh huh, Max and May decided to spend time with their parents.
Oak: Ahhh
The door bell went
Delia: I'll get it!!!!

She opened the door.
Delia: ROBERT!
Robert: Hello Delia-
Delia: What do you want
Robert: Im here to see you, and my son
Delia: I'd like youn too leave
Robert: Now, Delia, you cant keep me from seeing my son, i came here specially
Delia: GO AWAY!
she slammed the door on him. Shw went in the garden.

Oak: Who was that Delia?
Delia:Oh noone really! Who wants more food?
Ash: I couldnt eat another bite..
Delia: even for your crougets?
Delia: Ok hunny!

After Delia kept cooking, Ash sensed somethigns wrong.
Ash: somethings up with mom
Brock: What dya mean?
Ash: She never stops cooking when somethings up
Brock: You sure man?
Ash: I just know it.

He went in the kitchen.
Ash: Mom are you okay?
Delia: Of course i am honey
Ash: You sure?
Delia: Uh-Huh
Ash: I dont think..
Delia: Ash im fine! Now drop it!

That night, ash lay on his bedroom floor, with a sleeping bad round him.
Brock: Ash, you okay?
Ash: Moms keeping somethign from me, i know it
Brock: Why dont you just be honest about it?
Ash: I could do that.....
Brock: Man, last time i was here, it was with Misty
Ash: Yeah, like things sure do change
Brock: Got that right
Ash: Have you ever seen th Pallet Town river?
Brock: Dont think so
Ash: Its so wicked, i'lls how you tommorow, Lombre will love it!
Brock: Cool!

That morning, Ash would not budge to get up, so Brock left Ash a note saying he will meet him there.
At the river, a man approached Brock.
Man: Have you got a minute, sir?
Brock, um, sure
Man: I was wonderign about the boy who is een you with yesterday?
Brock: You seen me and a boy?
Man: Yes, do tell me, whats his name
Brock: Im not to sure..
Man: Please, is his name Ash?
Brock: ALright who are you?!
Man: Im Ash's father
Brock: What?!
Man: My names Robert, and i wish too see my son
Brock: WHy are you coming to me?
Robert: Now, now here me out, i tried to see him yesterday, however i wasnt allowed close with Delia, Pleas im begging you, be at The Viridian City pokemon centre at 7pm tonight, as a desperate father i beg of you.
Brock: Okay, okay i'll try
Robert: Please be there
Robert walked away.

Not so long after Robert left, Ash came.
Ash: Well Brock you could fo waited for me
Brock stared at the sky
Brock: Huh?
Ash: Are you okay?
Brock: Ash, your father came to see me..... and he wants to meet you...

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