Orange 101-110

Get Along, Little Pokemon
Ash's group continuing on toward Trovita island find themselves tiring from the long walk. A storm approaches and they head for cover, having to help Misty because she can barely move. They spot several Magnemite absorbing the electricity of the storm. They meet a guy named Ethan who explains about his Magnemite who gather up electricity from the storms to help out towns that are experiencing power failures. The number 6 Magnemite often strays from the group and Ethan's Jolteon has to bring it back. There is a town that is left without power and it is up to Ash to bring the Magnemite to the town to provide it. On the way, Ash is stopped by none other than Team Rocket. By generating electricity by rubbing themselves very fast, they draw the Magnemite towards themselves and into their net. Pikachu helps to bring back the Magnemite and then in helping Pikachu, Magnemite number 6 evolves into a Magneton defeating Team Rocket. Ethan, Misty and Tracey arrive at the town to see that power has been restored, all thanks to Ash and the Magnemite.

The Mystery Menace
Ash and friends find themselves in Trovitopolis, a small city on their way to Trovita island. Team Rocket has set a trap for them and plan on blasting the ground below them to trap them. They end up blowing up the ground below them as well as Ash's group. Underground, Ash finds himself being tapped, tells Pikachu to stop, but then realizes it wasn't Pikachu, but something else. Suddenly something bursts out and grabs Bulbasaur pulling him in. Ash wants to save Bulbasaur as Officer Jenny from that town spots them all in the sewer and offers a rope to help them out. Ash doesn't go willingly because he wants to save Bulbasaur. Jenny puts them in jail, and checks out their story, finding them to really be travelling Pokemon trainers decides to let them go. The mayor known as Mr. Mayor doesn't want them to go fearing that word of the monster under the city could ruin his chances of getting re-elected. Nurse Joy bursts in very upset with the mayor hearing of his plans to kill the monster below the city. Officer Jenny informs the mayor that if he does plan on killing it, that it's illegal to do so. Later, they are let into the sewer system again by Nurse Joy so they can get back Bulbasaur. They have a quick encounter with Team Rocket although they didn't know it and neither did Jessie, James or Meowth. Weezing gases them and Team Rocket run off hoping to distract whatever it was. They then decide to start doing the scaring and begin masquerading as monsters threw the sewer system. The mayor has sent in his men to attack the monster and they encounter Team Rocket this way, and start their attack. ^_^ The men return to inform the mayor they've seen three unidentified creatures in the sewer and don't know how many there could be. Mr. Mayor gives the order to block off all sewer openings with cement. Meanwhile back in the sewer, Misty is pulled in by the creature, so Tracey and Ash go diving, and they are both caught by it. When Ash wakes up he sees the creature was just a big Bulbasaur. It has a tag with the mayor's symbol on it. They burst out of the sewer through the mayor's house while he's taking a bath. They catch him and his Bulbasaur is still happy to see him. The mayor's public opinion is quickly degraded as everyone in town watches him embarassingly held up in the air wearing little more than a towel. Bulbasaur flings him off into the air, and Nurse Joy agrees to take care of him. She points the group in the direction of Trovita Island for Ash to compete for his 3rd Orange League badge.

Misty Meets Her Match
Floating their way to Trovita Island on Lapras, they spot a girl drowning by a whirlpool. Misty saves the girl with Staryu, while the girl's older brother watches most impressed with Misty. When they arrive on the island he greets Misty and has a quick dance with her. His name is Rudy, and he is the Trovita Gym leader. Rudy invites Misty to dinner and his little sister who Misty saved asks too. They are off at dinner and Rudy invites Misty to come check out the Pokemon in his gym. He has taught them all to dance, and he invites Misty to dance with him and the Pokemon. While dancing, he asks Misty if she'll stay and live on the island with him, asking for her decision after the match with Ash the next day. The next day the match begins, and Ash starts with Pikachu. Pikachu battles against Rudy's Electabuzz, but is quickly defeated. The next match is Bulbasaur against Exeggutor. Exeggutor looses and falls over the edge of the plateau they stand on. It falls and knocks Team Rocket off of the edge that they were climbing up to get to Ash. Ash has Bulbasaur save Exeggutor grabbing on with it's vine and returning it to the field. The final determining match is Squirtle against Starmie. Starmie spins fast to generate an electric charge weakening Squirtle. Squirtle is nearly defeated but saves himself learning a new attack, the hydro pump. Misty cheers on Ash the rest of the battle and Rudy realizes she likes Ash more than him. Starmie is defeated, Ash gets the badge, and they all leave the island.

Bound for Trouble!
As the group is walking along, they spot a suspicious basket of fruit on the path, Ash rushes for it, but Misty suggests it is a trap. She leads them over to the tree where she believes the fruit is safe. They are all caught in the trap. Team Rocket appear and the basket on the road in fact wasn't a trap. They run off with Pikachu having attached Pikachu by a rope to Meowth locking them both in a belt. Back with Team Rocket, both Pikachu and Meowth together are carried off by a Pidgeot. Pikachu shocks them and Pidgeot drops him and Meowth. After a short battle while falling of who gets to be on top, Pikachu is the winner. While wondering through the woods, Pikachu and Meowth can never agree on the way to do things, and Pikachu usually gets his way because he can shock Meowth if he doesn't like it. They get chased by a large Rhydon, and they have to team up to defeat it. Meowth tickles it on the back while Pikachu shocks it through the mouth. Later they see an apple, both rushing for it Meowth gets there first, but Pikachu stays firmly to the ground preventing him from reaching it and cuts it down with a little static bolt. Pikachu is about to take a bite, but seeing Meowth sad breaks it in half giving a piece to him. Meowth remembers all the times Pikachu was so cruel to him thinking they could've been friends if they were on the same team. Pikachu is asleep, and Meowth falls asleep as well. The next morning, another Rhydon is chasing them, but a Pidgeot is after them from opposite direction surrounding them. Ash spots the two around the same time Jessie and James see them. Ash's Snorlax defeats the Rhydon and Jessie's Arbok defeats the Pidgeot. Pikachu still attached to Meowth, Jessie's Pokemon are defeated by Ash's and Ash gets the key to unlock Pikachu from Meowth. After everything, Team Rocket are walking in the woods and spot an apple, James goes for it and so does Meowth, Jessie stops them saying they should share, and she goes first eating the whole thing. Meowth really misses Pikachu having not gotten one bite of this apple.

Charizard Chills!
This episode began with: Ash, Misty, Tracey, pikachu and Togepi surfing in the sea, with Lapras of course. Then they see a launch with a trainer inside it. A little bit later we see Ash against this trainer. He have a very powerful Poliwrath ( Pikachu's electric attacks are almost ineffective against Poliwrath) who have a strange belt. The first battle is Poliwath vs. Pikachu. Pikachu is VERY easily beaten. Then Ash uses Charizard, it is easily frozen by the Poliwrath, then we see the Poliwrath's trainer is leaving, even when he seen the freeze Charizard! During the night, we see the heroes trying to warm up the Charizard, (the fire in it's tail is very small), who starts to remember it's moments with Ash, since when it was a Charmander. Ash's hands become very raw from all the rubbing, but he keeps going. When the sun shows up, Ash woke up and see Charizard healthy, he greets Charizard, and now Ash knows that Charizard will finally obey him! Later Team Rocket, steel Pikachu, but the mouse is saved by the dragon. Then we see the Poliwrath trainer, returning, Ash's Charizard fight with him, having a win this time. Ash knows that Charizard will (finally) obey to him, not making him lose like the Pokemon League anymore.

The Pokemon Water War
The group dock at a small place when they notice a group of people running. They check it out and see a large building on fire. Officer Jenny is keeping people away from the fire, but Ash and Misty sneak past her and call Squirtle and Staryu to put out the flame. They fail, and just as a big, burning piece of building is about to fall, a Wartortle pushes them all aside. The Wartortle is part of a trained group of fire fighting Wartortles. They succeed in putting the blaze out. Squirtle is feeling inferior to the Wartortle and so he snaps on the old Squirtle Squad sunglasses. This makes Ash remember that his old gang became fire fighters, and so now, not being able to put out that fire hurt his pride. To make Squirtle feel better, Ash challenges the trainer of the Wartortle group too a match against his Squirtle. Back at the training grounds, they see that there is a Squirtle, Wartortle and Blastoise group. The race of the Wartortle group begins and it remains close between the leading Wartortle and Squirtle... until, Squirtle stumbles over a rock and begins tumbling, and suddenly catches right up to Wartortle. They tie the match, with record speed because of the rolling. The next contest is to hit spinning discs, and they proceed to hit the targets, but after a few of them go by, a suspicious one floats by and none of them are able to hit it. It flies away and they all follow it. Outside the training ground, the whole group of them fall into a hole, dug by none other than Team Rocket. They float up in their balloon, and grab Pikachu to stick in a bottle (to power a fan ^_^) and after Weezing blows a smoke screen, they escape. Later on, a call comes because another fire has started, but Team Blastoise can't get to it because a crashed truck is in the way. Team Squirtle is on the case, but can't put the blaze out. Venonat spots TR's cabin as Misty goes off to help with the fire downtown, and the rest of them proceed to the cabin. While Jessie, James and Meowth fight over who gets to take one of the Wartortles, they suddenly all go into a water gun attack, and flooding the cabin, manage to roll out within the net, Meowth dares to attack and stop them with a slash of his claws, but as they all withdraw into their shells Meowth ends up tearing the net apart setting them free. At the same time, Ash and friends arrive on the scene and Ash frees Pikachu. After Team Rocket blasts off again, they rush back downtown just to find Misty failing to stop the fire, and just as a big piece of building is about to fall on her, she is saved by Ash's Squirtle from behind. They spot a kid stuck in the burning building and Squirtle with Wartortle help the boy escape out the door barely surviving a floor collapse and the burning door nearly crushing Squirtle to death, they get outside to everyone's great joy.

Pokemon Food Fight!
Ash and co are stuck on an island and while desperately searching for food, Tracey comes upon some flowers behind some rocks. He looks them up in his book and realizes Pokemon do like them for food, he tries to pick them only to discover that the flowers were on a boy's head who was hiding behind the rocks. His name is Golzar and he seems not to happy about Tracey attempting to take his flowers. He challenges them to a battle, but Ash refuses because he's too hungry. After being taunted by Golzar, for the sake of his pride, Ash agrees to battle. He wants to choose Charizard to battle against Golzar's Gloom, but absent mindedly from his hunger picks Squirtle's Pokeball of his belt. He has Squirtle attack with water gun, but as expected is totally useless against Gloom. Ash picks another Pokeball, but drops it on the ground breaking it and it happens to be Snorlax's ball. Snorlax proceeds to try to eat Gloom (as seen in the picture)! Golzar rushes to call back Gloom. Then, Snorlax goes and eats the flowers off his head. Ash decides he needs to find a Pokemon Center to replace his broken Pokeball, Golzar informs them there's one close, but over a nearby mountain, making it near impossible to get Snorlax over it, and he runs off with a big flipping off in the eye toward Ash. Well, they start up the mountain using a log rolling technique where the boys pull and Misty continues to replace the log Snorlax is off of and place it by the head for Snorlax to continue to roll onto. This tires them quickly, especially Pikachu. Tracey pulls out an apple to use as bait to get Snorlax to run up the mountain, but upon dangling the apple over his head, Snorlax immediately inhales it. They dress Ash up as an Apple for Snorlax to chase, and while Ash is running for his life, Snorlax is actually bolting up the mountain! Soon enough, Ash trips and falls over, allowing Snorlax to try taking a bite, and he realizes it's a fake and goes back to sleep. Fortunately, they're up to the top of the mountain! Spotting a stream, they push Snorlax onto a thrown together raft to drift downstream to the other side. They encounter a waterfall, and fall to the bottom. Unbelievably surviving a 50 or so foot drop into 2-feet deep water!! They see the Pokemon center is right in front of them. Everyone on the island is in desperate need of food and a crate of it is being shipped in this very moment, until it's grabbed away into the forest by none other than Team Rocket. Coming upon Team Rocket, Meowth is in a robot Meowth suit, and they work it into a bargain between Team Rocket giving back the food in exchange for Pikachu. The people gang up on Ash really wanting them to give up Pikachu, but Golzar steps in to defend Ash and make them understand it isn't right. Ash battles Meowth in the robot suit, but Pikachu's electric attack is useless against his grounded suit. Snorlax comes in on the scene and battles against Meowth. All Meowth's robot attacks are useless and the final one sends Meowth flying into Snorlax's gut. Snorlax uses his *ultimate* navel-pop attack ^^;; and Meowth flies into Jessie and James who collectively fly into the water. Snorlax uses a hyper-beam attack and TR blasts off again. Later on, Nurse Joy presents Ash with a fixed Pokeball, Ash returns Snorlax to it, and Golzar has become Ash's friend.

Pokemon Double Trouble
Ash and co are headed towards the next island for the next gym to win the next badge. Ash is suddenly greeted by a mother mistaking Ash for her son Travis (in a similar fashion to the events of the start of Hypno's Naptime) After having thoroughly squished Ash into her breasts, and after staring at him for a while, she finally realizes that it isn't her son after all. So, then A giant Rhydon robot attacks all the people on the beach, being run by Jessie, James and Meowth. It's powered by Arbok and Lickitung with an automatic crack of the whip, and with Weezing at the head blowing out gas (because James was too lazy to teach it hyper-beam). It all seems hopeless as Arbok is sent forward to attack Ash with poison sting, but The lady's Alkazam teleports in at her command to block the attack, and to seal the robot's mouth shut. Ash's Charizard flames the giant robot which then explodes sending them blasting off again. Ash learns the lady is the Gym Leader, her name is Luanna. Ash goes to compete at the gym, which is also a hotel, to which the group get to stay while Ash has his competition. Prior to the match, they're in a hot tub discussing the upcoming match. Ash becomes overheated and turns bright red, and so they desperately take him out of the tub to cool off. When the match begins, Ash's team is Charizard and Pikachu, and Luanna's team is Alakazam and Marowak. Charizard and Pikachu don't seem to be getting along as a team and fight amongst themselves and refuse to help each other. They nearly lose the match, but as Pikachu sees Charizard struggling, he shocks Alakazam to set Charizard free. Marowak sends Pikachu flying with his attack, but Charizard catches Pikachu on his wing. They're finally working together and with Ash's direction for Charizard to fly upwards with Pikachu, as Alakazam is preparing a hyper-beam, Marowak's bone is returning just under them to hit Alakazam who loses control of the now large hyper-beam, which explodes in his face along with Marowak, knocking them both out. Ash wins the match and receives the final Orange League badge, the Jade Star badge.

The Wacky Watcher
Continuing to float through the water on Lapras, the group encounter a large school of Magikarp swimming by, as well as an odd individual following and studying them. The Magikarp are headed for a deserted island and they follow. Watching for the Magikarp, the odd man meets Ash and co. His name is Dr. Quackenpoker (or so I think I spell it that way..?? ^_^) He is watching the Magikarp. The group are watching as the Magikarp are swimming upstream, and trying to climb a waterfall to return home. Team Rocket see all the Magikarp, and decide to try to steal them thinking they could have a huge army of Gyarados after they evolved. They have nets, because they cannot afford Pokeballs (heh, must've spent ALL their money on the Meowth-bot and the Giant Rhydon-bot in the last two episodes ^_^) and James makes a catch. The Magikarp flips away, and within the net, drag the three of them into the water to wash downstream. They continue studying Magikarp as well as sitting down for a while to have a quick discussion about Pikachu and Ash's relationship and about Togepi, making it quite clear this guy knows about more than just Magikarp. Later, they are noticing the Magikarp are worried about something, and soon enough, TR's Magikarp sub starts swallowing all the Magikarp whole. It becomes too much for the sub to hold, and they start sinking, but after spitting a bunch out, float back up. In their latest plan, they start throwing Magikarp at the group, who try to catch them in their arms to prevent the Magikarp hurting themselves falling into the water??? So, with Ash's arms full, they steal Pikachu and put him under glass.. as usual. Ash attacks with Bulbasaur, except Jessie, James and Meowth keep passing Pikachu around amongst themselves. Then, James gets a Magikarp stuck on his head, to which they try to pull it off. Dr. Quackenpoker (or whatever) tries to stop them, because the Magikarp's grip is very strong and James is more likely to have his head pulled off. Calming down the Magikarp, it splashes off into the water. Team Rocket didn't want to give up and want to get Pikachu. Just then, all the Magikarp start evolving into Gyarados and it sends TR and their sub flying off into the sky. Tracey and Dr. Quackenpoker rush to count the amount of evolutions this time, and it's 70% of the Magikarp. Meanwhile, Team Rocket are surrounded by Gyarados in a episode ending situation they'll no doubt magically be out of by the next episode.

The Stun Spore Detour
Ash and Pikachu stand at the edge of a rock by the water, all excited about the upcoming battle, and then a huge wave from the sea looms over them and splashes down. Meanwhile, Tracey is studying a Vileplume and Ash is going to meet Tracey, but after meeting Tracey, trips on a rock and tumbles into him. They both land inside the Vileplume and breathe in the stun spore. Pikachu rushes to get help, and a clueless Misty doesn't understand Pikachu's desperation so quickly. She sees they've breathed in the stun spore, and they collapse. Misty and Pikachu bring them back to a cabin, and lays them down with a cold wet towel to bring the fever down. Meanwhile, James and Meowth are trying to get an Apple. After retrieving it with great difficulty, they bring it to Jessie, so she can stare at it. Jessie has breathed in some Vileplume stun spore as well, mainly because she was jumping through the flowers and kinda just landed head first into one. It was discovered by both groups that a Salveo weed boiled in water would cure stun spore, and both Misty and James/Meowth head out. James/Meowth encounter a Poliwag, which has a piece of Salveo weed stuck on it's tail, and so they try to capture it. However, Misty appears on the scene and defends the Poliwag. James/Meowth are defeated by Misty's Pokemon one after another (even Psyduck) and the Poliwag helps Misty get some weed from the bottom of the sea. On the way back to the cabin, James/Meowth set up some traps for Misty, but she ignores all of them because of her dedication to get the weed to Ash. James/Meowth move on to a more direct plan of James pretending to be a mother of a sick baby played by Meowth to get the weed from her to make Misty think the baby needs it. Meowth blows his cover and Poliwag helps Misty defeat them once again, but Misty leaves some weed behind because she realizes Jessie is sick and needs it. Both James/Meowth and Misty make it back to their respective cabins and cure Ash/Tracey and Jessie. Jessie demands they rush to the Ash/Misty/Tracey cabin so they can get Pikachu while Ash is down and Misty not be able to defend. James/Meowth are greatful to Misty for having provided them the cure for Jessie, so when they arrive, Jessie ends up fighting and losing once again. James/Meowth carry the electrically shocked, toppled body of Jessie away to bring the battle to an end.

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