Orange 91-100

Bye, Bye Psyduck
We join the guys on Lapras, in search for another island, with Psyduck sleeping, and un-noticed, falls in the ocean. Only upon the island does Misty notice, and have no luck finding him until a girl called Marina shows up with Psyduck in her Tentacruel's grasp. Marina comments on how Psyduck might be getting ready to evolve, as it's tail is glowing red. Introducing herself, Marina, like Misty, also knows a lot about water Pokemon, and finally decide to have a Pokemon battle. First out is Misty's Goldeen and Marina's Tentacruel. Tentacruel easily wins, and Misty sends out Staryu to defeat Tentacruel. Marina then suggests that they let each other's Psyduck battle. Misty agrees and throws Psyduck's Pokeball, only to fin it's empty. The only place left it could be being in her bag, she asks Ash to throw her it, as he can't find Psyduck's Pokeball within. After throwing the bag too short, Misty tries to find it in the water and notices a Golduck attached to it. All go under the assumption that the Pokeball was actually Misty's Psyduck, evolved! Not long after, Team Rocket show their evil faces, and capture Marina's Tentacruel and Psyduck. Misty's newly acquired Golduck beats them easily and they resume they match. Marina sends out Starmie, but Golduck proving his strength breaks Starmie's Light Screen with Hyper Beam. Victorious, Misty sends Golduck back into his Pokeball, and Psyduck pops out. All are confused, until three girls walk by and Golduck chases after them. Misty and Marina then realise that the Golduck hadn't evolved. Psyduck was sleeping in it's Pokeball and the Golduck just likes to show off, for girls.

The Joy of Pokemon
Once again Lapras is surfing in the sea with all the trainers aboard when suddenly a boat speeds by them so fast it's a blur. Tracey says he thinks it was a nurse joy and he is a pokemon watcher. The group goes after the boat and lands on an island where they see a giant magikarp. Nurse Joy gives the Magikarp some calcium pills and throws it back in the water. Ash is yet again hungry and Nurse Joy invites them over for lunch. The all want to and later Nurse Joy asks them if they would like to come with her on her rounds. They agree and each receive a kayak, but Nurse Joy paddles really fast and they have to use a lot of effort to keep her in site. She soon is out of site and Ash, Misty, and Tracey keep paddling and they see Nurse Joy's empty Kayak and a pink thing floating in the water that looks like a Chansey. It's really Jigglypuff and the gang escapes slumber. Nurse Joy eventually surfaces and invites them to go under water and see the sick Cloyster she was treating. Tracey and Ash go in and eventually Ash runs out of breath and tries to surface, but a Dewgong decides to play with him. Everyone makes it out okay after and head back to Joy's house. She then tells them about the Magikarp she treated (the big one) of how she found it sick when she was a little girl and took it home in a fish tank and cared for it and later released it. She then devoted her life to care for wild pokemon on the islands that are to small to have there own pokecenter. As a huge wind storm is brewing Nurse Joy tells the others to stay put and goes out in her kayak to help sick baby seel. The others think it's dangerous and go out after her to save her. Of course a huge wave washes them out of their boats and Nurse Joy saves them. They swim to an island that is close by and are spotted by team rocket in their sub. They shoot a net out at them trapping them. The big Magikarp comes and tackles the sub, but is too weak to defeat them. He them evolves into Gyarados and beats them easily. He then dives down and the others think he is attacking them, but stops to get a loving pat from Nurse Joy. They go off to help the baby seel then it's off to Navel Island for Ash, Misty, and Tracey.

Navel Maneuvers
They land on Navel Island, where Ash plans on earning his 2nd Orange League badge. They see a guy ride in on a boat. His name is Danny, and he introduces himself to the group, taking a liking to Misty. They go to the bottom of the mountain where they find a cable car and a small sign. Anyone who wants to compete for the badge must climb the mountain without the help of any Pokémon. Tracey and Misty took the cable car to the top of the mountain to meet Ash and Danny at the top. While climbing, they see Misty and Tracey slowly riding up, cheering them on, although Misty was more interested in seeing Danny get to the top, Ash gets distracted and when some rock crumbles below his feet begins to fall. He grabs on, and almost calls out Bulbasaur to help, but is reminded by Danny not to, so he doesn't. Ash and Danny slowly make it to the top, when they get there Tracey and Misty are happy to see them, Misty again more interested in seeing Danny okay. They then realize Danny is going to be Ash's opponent as Danny is in a sense the gym leader. Ash must win two out of three competitions to earn the badge. They begin by determining who's Pokémon can freeze all the water gushing out of a geyser the fastest. Danny wins with his Nidoqueen, so they start the 2nd competition. The first one to carve a small ice sled out of ice is the winner. Ash uses Pikachu, Bulbasaur, and Charizard. Although Misty and Tracey believe using Charizard was a mistake, but after a little pleading from Ash, Charizard carves out the ice block in three single fire blasts, making Ash the winner of the 2nd competition. The final was to use the ice sled to race down the mountain to the finish line. They began down the hill, and Ash got out of control. Danny pulled far ahead until he fell into a trap by Team Rocket. Ash stopped to check on him, and they used the opportunity to get Pikachu. Dan was able to stop them with his Electrode, which exploded in their balloon. They restarted the ice-sled race from the middle where they left off, and Danny pulled ahead once again. Ash got caught in the bushes and it seemed hopeless until he pulled out of the trees right beside Danny. They were close until Ash started spinning out of control again, but spun his way right through the goal and into the water. Ash received the sea ruby badge for his efforts as well Danny was glad to give it to him.

Snack Attack
The gang continues traveling through the waters, as they come near a group of islands called the Grapefruit islands because they grow lots of grapefruit. They land on the island and take a grapefruit off of a tree. They see a girl named Ruby approaching them that is chasing a thief, and they soon realize, that they're the thieves. After sorting that all out, she allows them the grapefruit and tells about someone who's been stealing the grapefruits on the island. She's called by some guys who found the thief, and they discover a Snorlax on the scene. They try to stop it, but are flung away. They try cutting down all the Grapefruits and guarding them, but Snorlax eats them anyway. Soon, it starts swimming toward the next island to start on the grapefruits there. Meanwhile, Team Rocket stumbles upon the grapefruit and decide to steal some. They are getting away until Snorlax stops them, and then the group arrive. They try several different methods to stop Snorlax, they try to put it to sleep, but nothing works. They realize that Jigglypuff would be the perfect Pokemon to put Snorlax to sleep, so they set up a stage, set out several color felt-tip markers ^_^, and they begin cheering for Jigglypuff. When Jigglypuff arrives, she immediately begins to sing, and Ash rushes away upon Snorlax collapsing in sleep, just in time to catch it, before he falls asleep. Once all asleep, Jigglypuff scribbles on everyone's faces with her new color felt-tip markers. After waking up, Ruby gives them a bag of candied Grapefruit peels, and they also notice that where Snorlax went there are new Grapefruit trees sprouting which will yield a great harvest next year.

A Shipful of Shivers
They arrive on yet another island to find out that on the island, a 300 year old Orange League trophy was found. It was on display in a museum and they decide to check it out the following day. That night, Team Rocket break into the museum and steal the trophy, getting past all the security lasers they head out, but James trips and falls on his face leaving an imprint of himself and the trophy on the ground. Later the next day, they don't know who could've done it, but Ash and the group notice legs sticking out of a bush, and notice Team Rocket behind the bush. They were totally wasted from the celebration the previous night after celebrating and from their talking they unintentionally admit to stealing it, then when they realize Ash's group was there, they try to deny it, and soon run off catching a small Seadra pedal-boat. They enter a fog, and discover a tall ship, they decide to board the ship to hide. On the ship, they discover it's haunted by ghosts. When Ash's group get to the ship, they board as well discovering the Seadra boat outside the ship, they assume Team Rocket are inside. When they get in Togepi wanders off, but they soon discover a Haunter and Gastly playing with it. Team Rocket get their stolen trophy stolen by Haunter and Gastly. Ash tries to get it back so the museum can have it. Haunter and Gastly psychically take control of Meowth to tell their story about their master and how he won the trophy. They realize it still belongs to him, and so they agree to simply leave the ship. Team Rocket try to get the trophy again, so with Pikachu shocking them, and Haunter's psychic attack, they're blasting off again. Ash's group leave the ship, and the ship floats away into the sky.

Meowth Rules!
Team Rocket are working on their sub as Meowth admires a small clam he found that he'll have a free lunch. James checks to see if he can produce some money using Pay Day, and starts shaking Meowth violently. They hear a rattle on James so Jessie starts shaking James to see if he's got any money. A bottle cap falls out, and James explains it's his favorite and doesn't want to let it go. So, they see Ash's group floating by on Lapras and try to attack, but their sub starts sinking. Anyway, Squirtle water gun's them off again, but Meowth was hiding, and when he comes out, Squirtle blasts him too, sending him flying off way far to an island where a group of people worship him to bring them money. They offer a banquet of food and good treatment bowing before him "Hail the Meowth of bounty!". The following morning, he is dissatisfied that he has no meatballs. So, they deliver him a large box filled with meatballs in neat little slots. He demands entertainment, so they bring out the girl's to be dancers and he melts away. Later on, he's playing his banjo and spots Ash's group headed towards the island, fearing he'll be found out as part of Team Rocket and being condemned by the villagers, he asks them to get rid of the kids on the Lapras, that they'll bring bad fortune and luck to the people. So, they bring out the large golden Meowth which chases them away. Later Team Rocket find their way to the island, and shown to Meowth so he can decide what to do with them. Thinking they may ruin his fortune, he orders them to be cast away, although he is sad to do so, he fears for his happiness. Later in the night, they ask Meowth to perform Pay Day so money will rain down on them, but he can't. They shake him, and he admits he cannot do it. They believe all he needs is a little experience battling to remember the attack, so they take him to the stadium to battle where Jessie and James secretly follow disguised to look like villagers. They have Meowth battle a Nidoking, and check for money. When they find none, they battle Meowth against an Onix who beats up Meowth and when it's squeezing Meowth to death Jessie and James can't take it anymore so they start throwing coins. James throws all he has, being is prized bottle-cap and then Jessie and James depart. The next day, Meowth wonders how he did it, and upon checking the collection notices James' bottle-cap. Moved by this show of friendship he runs off to find them to rejoin them. But, they hide behind a rock so Meowth won't see them. The villagers ask him to come back, so he explains to them he didn't make the money come, and that true happiness is with your friends. Jessie and James come out from behind the rock saying a special motto for their friend and they hop in the Magikarp sub to float off, the villagers crying out "Please come back Meowth!!" but, Meowth leaves them anyway. Ash's group continue on having no idea why that huge golden Meowth chased them away.

Tracey Gets Bugged
Tracey is all excited because they have just landed on an island with all bug pokemon. Misty is afraid to go because of her fear of bugs and cowers on the beach. She follows them in and Ash see a bunch of Caterpie. Misty drage\s him away from them going by a bush where a big Pinsir jumps out at them and Misty runs screaming. Eventually they come upon an injured Scyther and Tracey puts it to sleep with his Venonat because it won't voluntarily go with them. At the pokemon center the Joy there tells them that the Scyther could have only gotten these injuries from battling another Scyther and losing for control of the pack of scythers. After they lose they have to live by themselves for the rest of there lives or go back to challenge the leader again. The Scyther still very weak lies down on the stretcher with a broken spirit. Team Rocket appears seeing the flock of Scythers and runs for their lives. James and Meowth look at Jesse and exclaim that her hair isn't there! Jesse's hair had been slashed off by the scyther. Jesse is really mad and the only thing that keeps her from killing the Scyther is James remark of you don't want a crew cut! Jesse and James get a plan and shoot glue sticking the scythers to place. Tracey's Scyther hears the Scythers call out and flies however weak he is to go and help them. Ash, Tracey and Misty rush after him with nurse joy watching them leave to go help... Scyther lands and fress the Scythers from a net, but they are still covered in glue. Ash sends out Pikachu to help Scyther, but Scyther shakes his head at Pikachu and Tracey tells Ash Scyther wants the satisfaction of doing this himself. He attacks Team Rocket until exausted and is about to be hurt be one of their pokemon when the new leader of the Scyther group interscepts it. Together they defeat Team Rocket each running away with a mowhawk. The Scythers wash off the glue in a small pond and Tracey trying to assume Ash's pose recalls Scyther. Ash says he's all wrong and gives him tips on how to improve, by throwing your arm forward and stepping like this until the picture moves up signalling the end to another episode.

A Way off, Day off
In an attempt to cheer up, the group head to a small island hoping to find some new things to do. On the island, Togepi and Pikachu spot some fruit growing on the trees. Ash and Misty rush over to pick some, but find they are horribly sour. Tracey shows them to pick darker fruit that are ripe, and they taste sweet. Deciding to stay awhile, and have a little vacation, they call out all their Pokemon. Most of the Pokemon are scared of Tracey's Scyther, except Togepi who gleefully walks over to Scyther. Scyther is nice to Togepi so the others are no longer scared. Charizard is laying aside not interested in socializing with the other Pokemon, ash comes over to try to get Charizard to join the fun, but ends up with a flame in the face. The flame continues towards Scyther who blocks it, and begins staring down Charizard who stares right back, and Ash stands between them getting them to stop. Meanwhile, Jessie and James just happened to land on the island and decided to have their own vacation, but they spot some of the group's Pokemon and realizing they are there, decide to quit their vacation and try to steal them. Back with the group, Snorlax is hungry, but Jigglypuff pops out of a pile of fruit and they all fall asleep. Snorlax is still sleeping when the others wake up. Tracey prepares some fruit sandwiches for the group, but no one gets any before the just awoken Snorlax downs the whole plateful of sandwiches all in one bite. Later on, they are sleeping. Pikachu wakes to notice Ash is gone. Pikachu soon finds Ash gazing at the stars. They talk about how it's been on the Orange Islands, thinking about past experiences. Jessie and James secretly stand across the lake, having Victreebel spray a long distance sleep powder to make sure they stay asleep. They try to steal the Pokemon using a suction cup and a rope, but Snorlax is too heavy ruining their plan. They are defeated by Scyther and Charizard, who glare at each other after winning. The group head onward to the next island, while Team Rocket have landed on a little island with a large group of Farfetch'd who decide to have fun beating up Team Rocket with their sticks.

The Mandarin Island Miss Match
Ash is on Mandarin Island (this is a different Mandarin Island, not the one he was on for Pikachu Re-Volts). So, he is battling as many people as possible to gain experience. Ash is hungry, so they go for lunch. Tracey finds a brochure saying that a seminar is being given later that day by the famous Prima (Lorelei of the elite four! I will refer to her as Lorelei for the rest of this summary). Misty is thrilled to know Lorelei is coming to the island, that she uses water and ice Pokemon. Lorelei just happens to be walking by where they are, and Ash nearly chokes on what he's eating. Tracey and Misty are really excited telling her how great she is, but she completely ignores them talking to Togepi. Team Rocket is spying on them, and James thinks he's seen her somewhere before. Ash tries to challenge her to a battle, but she just keeps saying random things about the wind, and the sun. So, Ash decides to go challenge someone else. Ash's Squirtle battles against a Persian that knows a thunderbolt attack, and it nearly gets Squirtle, but he's okay and beats the Persian. So, the trainer uses a Tauros and beats Squirtle. Ash chooses Charizard, and after being taunted by Tauros, beats it. Then Charizard goes psycho on everyone leaving Lorelei to stop it with her Slowbro. Before leaving she invites the group to attend her seminar. At the show later that day, she demonstrates how good she is at battle by having a few. After the show, she has the group over to her house to talk. Tracey and Misty are really thrilled about it. Ash wants to battle again, he wants to prove he can beat someone as good as Lorelei. Lorelei finally agrees to a battle, so Pikachu goes against Cloyster and after a tough battle, and a lot of electricity, still manages to loose. Team Rocket then enter the scene, having decided to take Pikachu while it's down. Lorelei doesn't let them and has Jynx use an ice beam. They blast away with sparkles of ice falling from the sky, Lorelei comments "The ice... is nice..." So, before leaving Lorelei gives them directions to the next gym, Trovita. They wave goodbye and head on.

Wherefore Art Thou, Pokemon?
They enter a new town where the old looking clocks and the dinging bells are reminiscent of old England. They see a girl running by calling out looking for someone. She asks them if they've seen her Nidoran named Maria. So, they start searching around for her. Ash is calling out just like everyone else, and hears someone calling for Tony. Ash starts for a second, and stops. He meets a boy looking for a Nidoran named Tony. He follows Ash back to the crowd. When the Boy sees the girl they look annoyed at each other and accuse each other of stealing their Pokémon. They have a short stick fight until the two lost Nidorans are found in a bush, Tony picks a rose for Maria and they are happy, until the kids pull them apart. Later on, the group are in a small restaurant and the chef tells them about the two kids, whose names are Ralph and Emily. They were in competition since they were little, and always managed to catch the exact same Pokémon. They are later walking by and notice Tony trying to be with Maria, but Emily comes to the window and splashes Tony with water. It seems there is no way for them to be together. Misty tries to get Emily and Ralph together by sending them both letters pretending they came from each other, she sends flowers to Emily and an airplane toy to Ralph. They meet each other on the road, and mad they have another stick war. After that, two people walk down the road, saying they just got married. They quickly reveal themselves to be Team Rocket, Jessie was the groom and James the bride. They hop into their balloon dangling cans and float away. The group follow the cans to where Team Rocket are hiding in the woods and recover the Nidorans. Team Rocket fight back, and the Nidorans fight hard for each other. They try one more thing, a vacuum to suck up the Nidorans, and so to stop them, Pikachu hops in front of the vacuum with a tree branch to brace himself, and with an evil grin ^_^ blasts them away with a thunderbolt. The Nidoran are okay, and they kiss evolving into Nidorina and Nidorino.

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