Orange 82-90

A Scare in the Air/Spirits in the Sky
Ash, Brock and Misty are on their way to the Valencia Islands, but they seem to be in a ruse; they cannot afford to buy tickets for a blimp ride to the islands. As luck may have it, the food mart they are at is having a contest; and Ash wins three free blimp tickets! Meanwhile, Giovanni promotes Jessie, James and Meowth to the Blimp Brigade; the elite team that runs the blimps! Little do they know, but Giovanni is trying to get rid of them; because the blimps haven't been services in years. Ash and the gang make their way to the blimp, where they run into some people who say it is dangerous and haunted by ghosts, but the stewardesses [who look like Jessie and James] claim that they are just from a rival service. On the blimp, Ash immediately falls through the floor and is hanging for dear life, but he is saved by Brock and Misty. Jessie and James server the dinner, which is ice cold; Chef Meowth is trying his hardest to please their guests. but if Jessie and James are serving dinner, and Meowth is cooking... who is steering the blimp? Jessie and James are able to stabilize the blimp after some major turbulence; but Togepi is missing! Ash, Misty and Brock look all over the ship for it, and they encounter Team Rocket! ; Team Rocket battles them, but in the fray a hole gets ripped into the blimp! Togepi is seen walking on a steel beam, but can be blown away any second. Misty heads up to save it, and in the confusing Meowth heads off to kidnap Pikachu. But what is this? Jigglypuff is on the ship and lulls to the defeation of Team Rocket. In a sad attempt, Brock manages to land the blimp into the Valencia Airport. On the way to Valencia Island the wonder how to get there. They all look at each other expecting each other to know. Brock is goggling over a guide and thinking how many girls will be there. Ash comes out with a lot of groceries saying he bought snacks that will last them a week. Misty asks how long he thinks it will take them to walk there and Ash says a month. Brock says it is half a day by blimp. Ash says I wish I had enough money. Out by the store you can show your receipt to some people to have a chance to win a prize. A gold marble falls out and Ash wins the trip. (It is not TR) Misty and Ash fall down beside him and Ash says I guess you can't lose them all. TR is on a lap top connected to Giovanni and are being switched to the blimp brigade. TR takes it as a great honor and a crying together. It then shows Giovanni looking at pictures of the blimps saying they aren't fit to fly and the only thing he has is the insurance policy. While Ash and friends arrive at the blimp field two guys come up to them and ask if the are going on a blimp. They reply yes and they ask how much they are getting paid to go on and that they were full of ghosts. Jesse and James then show up in their blimp uniforms and push Ash and friends aboard. Jigglypuff then comes along and pictures the lever that releases the blimp as a microphone and jumps to if. She accidentally pushes it and releases the balloon. Ash is looking at the floor and Misty and Brock ask what he's thinking. He answers for a moment I thought the floor would fall through and then it does and Ash is hanging out of the blimp. Misty and Brock help him up. Dinner is served and Brock asks why the soup is ice cold. Jesse replies it is an old eskimo recipe. They then get to the question who is flying the blimp and nobody is so TR rushes up and they all argue about it. The blimp then is off balanced and Meowth tells them that a structure of a blimp contains two tanks of water one on each end and it controls the balance. They keep letting too much water out each side and our heroes are violently being tossed from side to side. The finally get it equal in balance and they see they are flying into the storm. Meowth says they can crash land by pressing a certain button, but TR doesn't want to do that. Jigglypuff climbs up the rope her foot got tied onto attached to the lever. Later recovering from being tossed around so much Misty then notices Togepy is gone. They look for Togepy. Jigglypuff then sees a candle and imagines it as a microphone and gets tangled up in a table cloth. Ash, Misty and Brock see Jigglypuff in the sheet and remember the guys that told the the blimp is haunted. They run away very scared. TR is looking for the trio, but can't find them anywhere. Jesse says they seem to have vanished like a ghost. Meowth then goes gaaaaaaaa and says there's a ghost behind them. They turn and see jigglypuff and run away. The sheet then falls off of Jigglypuff. Ash looks really scared and asks Brock and Misty if they want to get off because they look scared. Misty says she won't leave with out Togepy. TR then finds them and says their motto. They have another battle and Geodude throws Weezind out of the blimp creating a hole. The hole gets larger and the blimp starts to fall apart. Misty sees Togepy and asks Ash if Bulbasaur could help her walk across the beam to Togepy, (it is very high) Ash agrees and Misty is close to Togepy when Jigglypuff falls in-between them. Meowth climbs along one of the beams also to sneak up behind and grab Pikachu. TR falls and material is ripped of the blimp. They make it into a parachute, but Jigglypuff lands on top and starts to sing making them let go and fall asleep as they fall down......The gas tanks of the blimp are leaking and the trio uses there pokemon weight to steer the ship. Onix is too heavy so Brock returns him. It shows the blimp going up and down and they crash land on Valencia Island.

Pokeball Peril
Our heroes are on the island and keep walking looking for Professor Ivy's Lab. Brock wonders if there are any Nurse Joy's on the Island. The see a Pokemon Center and go in. Brock goggles over the Joy there and she tells them directions on getting to the lab. They enter the lab and 3 girls come up from a trapdoor in the floor and say that they'll take them to Professor Ivy. On they way they see a lady training a Gyarados, Cloyster, and a Poliwhirl. Brock goes aww over her and the 3 girls call out Professor and she comes out of the water and introduces herself as Professor Ivy. She takes them to see the pokeball that is gold and silver eith a G and a S engraved on it. They show that they have tried many ways to open it ending in failure and shows them that they can't transport it either. She gives the ball to Ash and he phones Professor Oak and shows him the pokeball. The two professors talk to each other each saying they read eachother's artical with extreamly long names. Ash asks if they're done. Meanwhile it shows TR looking at the destroyed blimp. Jesse says lets get to work and fix it. James says he doesn't know the first thing about work. Brock is fascinated at the island there are different recipes of food and the pokemon are all slightly different then their normal types. It then shows a Butterfree in a tree that hasn't eaten it's food in days. Brock smells its food and eats some then Brock runs off saying he knows what to do. He makes some of the food adding crushed berries to make it taste better and the Butterfree eats it all up. The Professor then shows then their house which is a disgusting mess. Ash says a dump is cleaner. Brock can't resist it and puts on a apron and say have no fear Brock is hear and has the dump spakling in seconds. He then cooks a delicious food and they noisly eay it. Ash and Misty comment to eachother how loud it is and Brock says its just like home. Later Ash and Misty are sleeping. Professor Ivy is down with the three girls studying Vileplume. They are releasing a powder marking their territory when a Raticate comes and breaths it in. He falls down having trouble breathing and the Professor runs out to save it she carries it out of reach of the powder and they both collapse. Later Misty and Ash looking dead tired say they're glad they woke them up for this and they show the Raticate and Porfessor Ivy on a strecher. They will both recover sence they got away fast enough. The next day Ash says they have to go. They ask where Brock is and his is repairing the roof. He tells Ash they need him more than they do and he can learn lots about pokemon breeding here. They grasp hands and say good-bye and Brock tells them not to forget him and the keep waving and say good-bye. Misty asks Ash how they are going to get back, they can't go on the blimp. Ash agrees the food was bad and they didn't show a movie on the other one. The see an all new awesome blimp that TR made from the old one and are pushed inside and Jesse says Prepare for take off. The site in two seats and say they're hungry. TR drops a cage over them. They say their motto and notice there is only two of them. Jesse say romantic people huh, Misty and Ash blush but say are you kidding. Jesse points out you blushed.........Jigglypuff then shows up and sings TR tries to escape wearing parachutes. James opens the door and they fall down asleep, but with their parachutes open. Jigglypuff goes with them and now with no one driving the blimp Ash and Misty are drifting into danger...

The Lost Lapras
The blimp crashes into the mountains in an unknown island; is it inhabited or is it a deserted island and will they be stuck there forever? They are suddenly surprised by a small group of elderly tourists who are specifically interested in Pikachu. It's an island safari of course! They arrive in Pokémon Park, a tourist destination on the island. They spot a group of guys beating on a Lapras with a stick. They rush to stop it, and it starts a Pokémon battle. They are interrupted by a boy named Tracey who is studying the Pokémon. He makes a few comments on the health of each of the Pokémon, then comes upon Pikachu and asks to measure Pikachu's voltage. The gang behind him attack, and Pikachu chases them all away with a thunder bolt. A demonstration good enough for Tracey. They enter the Pokémon Center to help Lapras, and they notice a sign that is advertising the Orange League. In order to enter the Orange League you must first defeat the Orange Crew, and then you can compete at various gyms throughout the Orange League. Ash is excited at the possibility of competing in this, and rushes to phone Professor Oak to ask if he'd mind a delay in getting the GS Ball. Tracey is excited to see Ash and Misty talking to Professor Oak. He always wanted to meet Professor Oak, and so he decides to come along with Ash and Misty so he can go to Pallet Town to meet him. Back at the Pokemon Center, Lapras is resting in the pond, unable to shake it's fear of humans. Tracey, the mysterious boy and Pokemon Watcher tells about how schools of Lapras come by every year and Lapras must have gotten separated from it's group. So our friends are at the pond trying to cheer up the Lapras when Ash decides that a song can do the trick... Who's song is it when Jigglypuff shows up for a duet? Jigglypuff takes that as her cue and puts everyone to sleep plus scribbles. Awakened from their nap Ash takes a jump into the pond and chases Lapras downstream. But who is acting coy when Team Rocket shows up to steal Lapras? Tracy tracks them down the road and they take the chase to their bicycles. Ash jumps onto the back of Team Rocket's truck and physically beats Jessie and James down. Lapras gets unhooked and the truck spins off the road. Lapras and Ash fall down into the ocean to be unheard from for a short while. In the distance, Ash returns riding Lapras as a new Pokemon of his own! Ash, Misty and Tracy head off the island by way of Lapras and head for their next adventure.

Fit to Be Tide
Ash and the gang arrive at Maikan Island so Ash can challenge the local gym leader. When they head towards the gym Ash finds a good coconut and when he picks it up water splashed on him. A big-mouthed boy who is the little brother of the Maikan Island gym set the trap. Ash was about to challenge the little kid but his big sister intervened and Ash challenges her to a match. She naturally accepts. Instead of just battling like in the Indigo League they have games of skill. Ash had to win all two and have a lead after the two events to win the gym badge. The fist game of skill was a match of water guns. The gym leader Sissy sends out her Seadra. A line of cans is placed in front of the Pokemon and the one who knocks down the most with water gun wins. Ash sends out his Squirtle and after knocking down all the cans they have a tiebreaker event. A round, plastic target is fired and the Pokemon have to hit it. . They tie this match. They then try to hit plates shot into the air. Ash ties with the gym leader yet again. Then, they decide to have a race in the water. The first one around the pole wins. Ash uses Lapras against her Blastoise. Before the match can begin, Team Rocket intrudes, and tells of their hard time sinking to the bottom in their Mecha-Magikarp. Then, they steal Blastoise and get away. They are stopped again because they cannot peddle their submarine. This is because there are still weeds stuck in the propeller in the back. They push very hard, but simply break the pedals. Blastoise swims out and returns to the shore dragging Team Rocket along. They are defeated and blast off again as usual. The finally have the race, and after being head to head most of the way Ash orders Lapras to Ice Beam the water and slide along the ice. Lapras wins by a nose the victory goes to Ash. Ash receives the badge, which is shaped like a seashell as all Orange League badges are. They all ride off on Lapras towards another island.

Pikachu Re-Volts
Ash, Misty, and Tracy are riding Lapras and Tracy tells them they are going to "Manderan" Island. Of course Misty expects something tropical but ends up to be a skyscaper, tall building kind of island. They arrive on the island when they spot some guys and there Pokemon attacking them. Ash and co. try to stop whatever is going on but ends up Pikachu and Togepi end up mean and make this feakey face at their trainers and of course Ash trys to get Pikachu back but these magnimite shock him and a cloud of dust appears and Pikachu dissapers, along with Togepi and the other Pokemon who were attacking those other men. Ash and co. go to Officer Jenny and there are some other people who there Pokemon just disspered and turned against them. All of the sudden Jenny's face turns into a Gastly, but ends up that was not her face the gastly did not get affected by whatever was going on. So she and Gastly are trying to find out about this mystery about the Pokemon. Meanwhile Team Rocket arrived on the Island and comment about it like Manderan Island being "The Big Orange", when all of the sudden Meowth is affected by what ever is going on with the Pokemon. And goes to this building with a satilite on top of it, he goes though this peep hole that looks like a slide, and of course Jessie and James follow Meowth and goes through this "Slide". And ends up on the floor when all of the sudden Cassidy and Butch appear and they Jessie and James ask them about how they got out of jail, there response, the boss bailed them. Cassidy also told Jessie she was going to get fired, but that was a rumore. Any way J&J start to to the motto but get enterupted by Cassidy and Butch and start fighting about the motto. Meanwhile after Cassidy and Butch show how they did it all, it turns up a Drowzee did it all sent waves to Pokemon to turn against trainers and go to there "hideout" J&J send out ALL of there Pokemon but they get hypmotisted and turned against them. All of the sudden J&J are in the Pokemon center and Ash, Misty,Tracy and Jenny are looking at them and they are REALLY crying and they tell them what happend. ash and co. ask they could help them, J&J first say no but then give in for there Pokemon's sake. So J&J are carring a cart full of Pokeballs to the building or C&B hideout and they tell them they are for the Pokemon to so they can carry them. All of the sudden cassidy gets a feeling they are not telling the truth. But before she can do anything Ash and co. jump out of the cart. and try to stop them. But the Pokemon all turn against them, and Ash trys to stop Drowzee rom the hypmotisym, however Pikachu gets in the way and trys to shock Ash, but Ash gets a idea (that's a first LOL). Anyways He finally goes next to where Drowzee is standing and lets Pikachu shock him. Pikachu shocks Ash and the shock also hits drowzee so that makes Drowzee stop and all the Pokemon snap it reality and of course Pikachu goes rights into Ash's arms. Meanwhile the shock burns down the building. But Cassidy and Butch do not give up and make Drowzee do Metronome and that makes Togepi go to and pretty soon the whole place blows up. Cassidy and Butch get arrested and Ash and co. sail to the next island.

The Crystal Onix
Ash, Misty and Tracey are travelling along the ocean on Lapras when they pick up a bottle. Inside is a note saying: If you know anything about The Crystal Onix, let me know right away. Signed Marisa of Sunburst Island. When they reached the island they see crystal ornaments and shops everywhere. They a little shop with sorry looking ornaments and the next door neighbor complains about the influence they have on his store. They find that a little girl called Marisa wrote the message. She introduces Ash, Misty and Tracey to her big brother that makes the glass and crystal ornaments to sell. Mateo tells them the story. When his grandfather ran the store, there were lots of customers because he was so good. When he died, Mateo took over the store but wasn't as good. He says he needs to capture The Crystal Onix, because when his grandfather saw it, he was inspired. This is what Mateo needs. The current work of the boy is claimed by him to be not life-like and nothing is good at all although Misty disagrees. Near the site is Team Rocket who accidentally breaks another store's merchandise and are forced to work to pay off the debt by chopping wood. They overhear about Mateo's attempts to find The Crystal Onix, and decide that a rare and valuable Pokemon would be just what they need. On the search, Tracey sends out his Venonat to locate an Onix with its vision, but Venonat finds a pile of rocks that looks like on Onix. Tracey calls Venonat back and sends out Marill. He plays a tape recording of Onix to Marill and Marill runs of hearing a sound of one. They are lead to a beach and Marill shows them an island across the water. The sea splits forming a path and the gang runs across and falls in a hole. TR. recites their motto, Misty says why don't you make like a tree and leaf (leave). They run off and the gang gets out of the hole and continues on. They come across TR. again and they say they got stuck in the traps they set for them and ask for help. Ash continues along without helping them and the others follow. Inside is a huge crystal cave. Marill jumps in the water his little tail floating and comes up and back to shore shouting Marill, Marill! Tracey sees the head of the crystal Onix and points it out and it disappears. The Onix comes out of the water and Marisa's brother sends out Cloyster because Onix is weak against water, but it has no affect. TR. shows up and tells them to get away from their Onix. Jesse and James then imagine crystal ornaments and crystal pools. Pikachu shocks them and they run into the Onix. Jesse says what a nice Onix, but Onix whips them away with his tail and are blasted off. The brother then sends out Charmeleon and he uses flamethrower then ember. The Onix is surrounded in fire and locks eyes with the boy. The Onix collapses and Marisa asks if he will catch it, but he says he doesn't need to he felt the inspiration in the look the Onix gave him. The gang leaves and Ash has received a lifelike glass Pikachu .

In the Pink
On Lapras are Misty and Tracey talking about why Togepi hasn't learnt any attacks (little do they know) when they are sucked into a whirlpool and land on island. Ash becomes concerned that they are off track, by Tracey explains they are on Pinkan Island, and because of the whirlpools and high cliffs, no one has explored it. So there may be a new type of Pokemon no one has ever heard about. They climb the cliff and see what seems to be a pink Rhyhorn eating pink fruit off a tree. Tracey gets as close as he can and sketches it, while Ash goes and pets it on the horn. This causes the Rhyhorn to charge at the gang and they are about to be thrown off the cliff when Togepi waves his hands not knowing he is using an attack. The Metronome ends in a Teleport, which causes the Rhyhorn to fly off the cliff onto a tree sticking out from it. Officer Jenny pulls up in her jeep and the gang explain about the Rhyhorn. Tracey and Ash are lowered down by a rope attached to Jenny's jeep and are spotted by Team Rocket in their Magikarp submarine. They too get caught in a whirlpool and land on the island to be unpleasantly greeted by Jigglypuff. Beginning to sing, Team Rocket waste no time and run away to the forest. As Ash goes to collect Pikachu so they can head to the police station, he notices that Pikachu's tail and cheeks are pink! Officer Jenny tells him not to worry as it is only because Pikachu ate some Pinkan berries that only grow on that island, but will not be permanent. Team Rocket's frantic running stops when they see the forest is full of pink Pokemon. Their first attempt is a couple of Nidoran and Jesse sends out her pink Lickitung to weaken them. They chase the Nidoran into a cave where Lickitung runs out frightened, followed by a pink Nidoking. Team Rocket run as James calls for Weezing to use Smokescreen. Unable for it to see, Nidoking is then Wrapped by Arbok, and finished off with a lick from Lickitung. No sooner, then gang and Jenny show up to stop them. Pikachu shocks Team Rocket, which wakes up the Nidoking from paralysis and whacks Team Rocket into the sky. Nidoking them starts to chase the others and the jeep takes a wrong turn and ends up facing a cliff, cornered by Nidoking. Charging up, Nidoking uses it's Hyper Beam, and again, not knowing he was attacking, Togepi waves his arms, and this time, the Metronome ends with a Barrier, nullifying the Hyper Beam. Jenny the uses the advantage to lasso Nidoking and tie him up so the threat is reduced. Jenny takes the gang safely through the whirlpools so that they can continue their journey as Misty wonders about Togepi. Could it be useful after all?

Shell Shocked
The episode starts off with the gang drifting in the ocean, when a speed boat zips by them! They decide to follow it to a mysterious island. On the island, they find a reporter talking about how the island is not inhabited by humans and may hold the key to extinct Pokemon such as Kabuto! Archaelogists had apparently found a Kabuto fossil! The reporter interviews the head archaelogist, Nurse Joy! She said there's a rumour that a Kabuto oil can give a person eternal life!?! Ash, Tracey and Misty instantly offer their services to Nurse Joy! Well, all the archaelogists set off to find out where the Kabuto fossil came from, and in the shadow lurks a visitor... All of a sudden, a giant boulder comes down upon the team! They start running, but Ash gets an idea! He tells the Machoke accompanying the team to catch the boulder and stop it! And it actually worked! However, unluckily for Team Rocket, the Machoke cast the boulder aside, right on top of them! After their trek, the explorers reach a hidden bay. Machoke and Rhydon start excavating the site, while Ash and Pikachu hack away with picks. Once again, a giant boulders rain down upon the explorers! Rhydon horn drills a boulder, breaking it in half! Go Rhydon! Misty finally catches a clue that these boulders weren't accidents, and Pikachu sprints off after a shadow in the bushes. Ash catches up with the stranger and tackles him. The stranger escapes and replies, "Leave this island before it's too late." Just then the gang catches up, and the old man admits he's the one setting off the boulders. He claimed that he was trying to scare them off to protect them from danger! He said that the presence of the strangers would bring great destruction to the island! Just then, an archaelogist appears claiming they found another Kabuto fossil. The team makes it way into a cave, and there it is, a Kabuto fossil! Inside, Tracey finds more fossils, and Nurse Joy concluded that the walls were made of Kabuto shells. The old man suddenly appears telling them to stop, and the cave begins to cave in ?!? Its Team Rocket! James gives the old man a bomb, and after tossing it around, it blows up, excavating the Kabuto shells! Team Rocket scoops them in a net and start floating away in their hot air balloon. But the sun turns red, and the Kabuto fossil begin to come back to life! The team makes a run for it, while Team Rocket's balloon is bursted by a Kabuto... Outside the cave, Kabuto are falling out of the walls! The island is made out of Kabuto shells! That means the island is falling apart. The team runs to the forest and immediately begin to build rafts to escape the collapsing island. Lapras, Squirtle, Golden, and Staryu pull the raft out to the sea just in time, right before the whole island collapses! Woah, that was close.. Nurse Joy begins to apologize to the old guy who was right all along, and the team agrees not to tell the Kabuto secret to anyone...

Stage Fight
Ash and friends come upon a Pokemon showboat. They are running a show inside, and so they go to see it. They watch as all the Pokemon start talking and act out a play. They are very impressed that the Pokemon can talk, so meanwhile, Togepi wanders off from Misty, and goes backstage. They follow Togepi backstage to notice that the Pokemon aren't actually talking, but rather there are voice actors backstage performing the voices to the Pokemon's mouth movements. A girl who is supposed to be part of the show notices Pikachu and Ash together, and comments on how lucky they are that they get along so well. She isn't doing so well with her Raichu. By request of someone else on the boat, Ash tries to help Raichu and her get along better. It doesn't help until Team Rocket intrude and she jumps to save Raichu from hitting against a wall. Team Rocket threaten to explode the boat if they don't follow their orders, so they agree. All tied up, they go to try to make friends with the Pokemon they're stealing, but they aren't exactly thrilled to be friends. Hitmonchan punches James in the face real hard given a nod by it's tied up master peeking in. Then all the Pokemon agree to do the voice thing with all their voice actors standing behind Team Rocket. As they start to 'talk' Meowth quite suddenly becomes sympathetic with them, remembering the hard times he went through learning to talk. So, James calls on Victreebel who only bites onto his head again, so Jessie orders Weezing to blow gas, and ends up choking everyone. So, after Raichu and the girl make up, they finally defeat Team Rocket. After the event, it seems one of the actors lost his voice, and can't do the show, so Raichu and the girl, as well as Ash and Pikachu volunteer to fill the spot. They sing (the show's theme song?) to entertain the audience, and seem quite happy to do so.

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