Master Quest 261-273

You're A Star, Larvitar
The gang is taking a break at a Pokemon Center on there journey to Mt. Silver. Ash then gets challenged by a trainer, ash accepts and they head outside. There having a one on one battle with Brock as the Ref. Satchel, the trainer uses Magby while Ash uses Cyndaquil. They have a good hard fought battle but Cyndaquil looses. Satchel then congratulates his Magby, but he’s really wants it to evolve into a Magmar to become more powerful. Satchel recommends to Ash that he should really start to train. Misty and Brock are giving Larvitar lunch, and they see Ash walking with all of his Pokemon to train. Larvitar has disappeared thought! Larvitar tries to catch up to Ash, but gets sidetracked by Voltorb and Electrode. A crowd then started to form around Larvitar, Brock and Misty then find it, but a vacuum then stats to suck up all the Pokemon! It’s Team Rocket! Ash gets Larvitar but starts to get sucked, but Ash Pokemon grabs him. It doesn’t work and Ash, Cyndaquil get sucked into the vacuum, but Larvitar doesn’t get sucked in, it holds on to the outside of it. Team Rocket escapes, and Ash gets tied up and left in a small shack. Team Rocket then gets in there Truck with the Pokemon in to leave, but Larvitar uses its sharp little teeth to put a puncture in one of the Tires of the truck. Larvitar then uses dig and ends up in the cabin, and Larvitar frees ash. Ash scolds Larvitar for following him, but he’s happy that it’s here. Ash then escapes the shack and has Larvitar go tell Cyndaquil and Magby to use Flamethrower to destroy the glass. James and Meowth have repaired the tire, so Larvitar bites the tire again. The Pokemon though have burned a whole in the glass and are escaping. Noctowl finally has found Team Rockets and fly off to inform the rest of the gang. James and Meowth are repairing the tire again with Jessie hears a noise, she checks it out, and gets burned by Flamethrower. The Pokemon then escape, and Misty, Brock, and Satchel then show up. A battle begins, and halfway through Magby evolves into Magmar. Magmar then finishes off Team Rocket with its Dynamic Punch. All the Pokemon then get back to there trainers, Satchel and The Gang then head there separate ways.

Address Unown!
The gang is just strolling along when an Unown falls from the sky and hits Misty on the head. Misty is dazed but ok, she then tries to explain when he felt through the Unown. Ash then fells the Unown, it’s really hot. They decide to help it out. After awhile it wakes up and the gang says that they will help it get back to its friends. It’s now the next day, and Larvitar wakes up Ash. Unown is now feeling well and it’s floating around. Misty tries to talk to Larvitar but it gets scared. Team Rocket then attacks! Ash has Larvitar use Hidden Power but Wobbuffet uses its counter. It looks likes it will be bad but Unown starts to glow and Team Rocket is sent blasting off again! The gang has disappeared though. Ash wakes up floating on a piece of egg in a dreamworld. Brock and Misty are also here floating, and then Pikachu and Togepi come walking, but there HUGE! The gang is then on Pikachus head and they begin to see memories from there recent Journeys, there Larvitar's memories! Ash then sees a black crystal stuck in an egg and feels it; everybody then gets sucked into it. Pikachu and Togepi have returned to there original size. They then see the story of Larvitar being separated from its mother. They then see Larvitar, but vines surround it! The gang then tries to break them, but Larvitar has been frozen. Ash then starts to try to break it, and he succeeds with Pikachus help. Larvitar then jumps into Ash’s arms and the gang’s dream ends. They’re back in the Normal World. Larvitar is no longer scared! Unown then floats towards the sky and a Wormhole full of Unown opens up and it returns to its home.

Mother Of All Battles!
The gang is very close to Mt Silver and is almost to the Silver Conference. They then come to a rickety old bridge and there not to anxious to cross, but Larvitar then crosses it and the gang also cross. Larvitar is really, really happy as they walk through the forest, but then the grounds starts to shake, and a Tyranitar appears. It has the same scar that Ash and the gang saw when they entered Larvitar's mind, it’s Larvitar's Mom! Ash encourages Larvitar to go talk with its mom, but Tyranitar thinks Ash is threatening Larvitar and uses Hyperbeam! The gang and Larvitar start to run; they run for a good long while until the Tyranitar’s Hyper Beam knocks them over. Larvitar then uses Screech and Tyranitar realizes that this is her child. Suddenly a net captures Tyranitar, a Group of Poachers have come to recapture it! They then attempt to capture Larvitar but Ash gets caught instead. They are going to try again but then they hear the shrill of a police siren. They leave in a hurry with the captured Tyranitar, but Brock has Crobat follow them. A woman on a motorcycle then shows up with a Croconaw. Brock of coarse goes Love crazy, the woman is Mason the Ranger of the Pokemon Preserve. Ash is then freed from the net he was captured in, and he goes to cheer up Larvitar, who looks quite sad. Team Rocket after seeing the equipment this group has is now attempting join and use it themselves. They get permission, but Team Rocket has to give them there balloon until they get the equipment back. The whole time Crobat has been watching this, and is heading back to report to Brock. Crobat leads them to the site, but Team Rocket attacks, and the Poachers are getting away with Tyranitar in Team Rockets ballon! The machine that the Brothers let Team Rocket borrow then attacks, and surprises everyone. They use this time to catch Pikachu and Cronaw, and fire a net that captures everyone but Larvitar. Ash then has Larvitar use Screech which gets Tyranitar’s attention, but the Poachers shock it. Tyranitar is so mad it is constantly firing Hyper Beam’s, which causes the Net to break. Tyranitar then fires its Hyper Beam at the balloon, breaking it and the remote the Poachers were using. The Poachers then try one more time to capture Tyranitar and Larvitar, but a combination of Hyper Beam and Hidden Power blows there machine apart. Tyranitar and Larvitar are finally together. Mason then thanks the Gang for helping her out with the Poachers. The Gang then starts to head off, and sees Larvitar waving goodbye, and they wave back.

Pop Goes The Sneasel
The gang is now continuing on there Journey to Mt. Silver, and they notice a gathering of people near a gate. This is the gate to Mt. Sliver and it’s closed, and someone inside of the gate comes and explains what’s going on. But during this time, Togepi enters the gate; Pikachu tries to catch it and follows it in, along with the rest of the gang trying to catch them both. The gang apologizes for the trouble, but two people come running down some steps, they say that it was a major mistake going up there and they barely escaped. The person starts explains that those people have been trying to get the Sacred Fire, Ash asks what it is, and another Pokemon trainer then tells him. The person is Harrison; he is from the Houen Region. A long time ago there was a massive battle here, and many Pokemon were injured, Ho-oh then used its powers to revive this place. But a small tree was still burning and was put into a shrine. There has been a Sneasel, Machop and, Machoke around the shrine lately and they have not let people come near it. Many trainers and Pokemon have been seriously injured attempting to get near the shrine, and if there’s no fire, there’s no Silver Tournament. Ash and Harrison both go up to the shrine with everyone following. Team Rocket is strolling around the Woods planning to seal the Sacred Fire, but when they find it Machoke and a Machop beat them up. Jessie tries to battle with Arbok but Sneasel beats it thoroughly. Jessie then throws in Meowth who also gets beat, and Team Rocket gets sent clear across the road. The gang then arrives but Ash almost gets his head taken off, but then every one gets to the top ok. A battle ensures between Misty using Corsola and Harrison using Houndoom against Machoke and Machop, and Ash almost gets to the shrine but Sneasel stops him. Ash uses Totodile but it gets beaten badly. The gang then counterattacks with Ash using Phanpy and Harrison using Houndoom. Phanpy and Houndoom at the end of the battle send Machoke and Machop flying all the way to the bottom of the hill! Team Rocket then shows in a Sneasel balloon, with Meowth in a Sneasel costume. They give Sneasel a box that contains a bomb and it explodes, they accidentally grab Meowth instead of Sneasel though. Harrison then sends out Blaziken to battle Sneasel, it is a fierce battle but Harrison succeeds and catches Sneasel. They get the Sacred Fire and the ceremony can finally begin.

A Claim to Flame!
The gang has arrived in Silver Town for the tournament. At the Pokemon Center Ash and Gary meet up and they argue as usual until Gary walks off. The gang then arrives at the Johto League Silver Hall to find out about this tournament. Brock then explains the rules of the tournament via the guidebook, there are rules for the selection of Pokemon for 1 on 1 battles, and only 48 of the original 200 trainers that have registered will continue on. So even if you loose once there’s still a chance you can still continue on. At the tournament Ash first faces a trainer from Cherrygrove City. Ash first sends out Pikachu and the other trainer sends out Furret. The battle is quite fierce with both sides take significant damage until Pikachu finally defeats Furret. The trainers shake hands and move on. At the Silver hall Ash sees Harrison and Gary are among the 48 survivors of the first round. Mr. Goodshow then shows up and explains the rules of the next round; each trainer uses three Pokemon, until there are 16 trainers left. To say the least, Ash is confident. Later, Ash and Pikachu can’t sleep and they decide to take a walk, and they run into Gary. They end up chatting for awhile, wish each other good luck, and they then split. The next morning Ash calls Oak, but ends up getting his mom. As Ash is about to enter the stadium, Team Rocket disguised as inspectors drag him off and lock him away. Gary notices this and heads after Ash, and frees him. Ash and Gary being to follow Team Rocket but Ash gets caught in a trap, and Gary frees him. Team Rocket in all the confusion run into the Flame Bearer and the torch goes flying. Ash makes a miracle catch, and Pikachu sends Team Rocket blasting off again. Unfortunately, the Flame bearer hurt his leg, but Ash and Gary then carry the flame in! Ash and Gary then stare at each other, and a ready for battle!

Love, Pokemon Style!
All the competitors of the Silver Conference are back at the main hall, looking at the brackets for the competition. Ash has drawn a girl for his first battle. The compentition is now in a points system, 3 points for a win, 1 for a tie, and 0 for a loss. Ash is feeling confident when his opponent comes and drags him outside of the hall, she wants to talke to him. For dragging him you, all she wants is a practice battle, and Ash aggress. She uses Vulpix and Ash uses Pikachu but a net captures Pikachu and Vulpix! Team Rocket is behind it, and escapes. Ash in hot persuit almost falls off a cliff but the girl grabs him and pulls him backup. She’s Macey, but Team Rocket them appears in front of them. Ash uses Bayleef, whose Vine Whip gets Pikachu and Vulpix, and another Vine Whip who sends Team Rocket blasting off again. Brock and Misty then show up, and Macty then bear hugs Ash and tries to drag him off again. Misty stops her, and they get into an argument over water and fire Pokemon. Later that day at the Pokemon Center Ash starts to do some research on his opponent; she uses mostly fire types, so he plans to use his two water types. The next day Ash is warming up Kingler when three Voltorb roll down a hill. Kingler catches them but is badly damaged. Joy says it will be fine, but is out of competition for the day. But something weird happens, an officer Jenny shows up with Ash’s Squirtle! Squirtle wanted to come here to help Ash out. Apparently Ash’s Squirtle has become allot stronger and ash gets excited about this, he asks her if he can use it, and that’s the reason Squirtle’s here! At the stadium it’s time to battle, and Macey will go first. Macey uses Slugma and Ash uses Totodile. The battle is good, and Slugma takes damage but is withdrawn by Macey for Electabuzz. Ash then sends recalls Totodile and uses Phanpy. There is a type mismatch, so Macey withdraws Electabuzz for Slugma. Slugma is finished off by Phanpy, and she now calls Quilava. Quilava beats Phanpy and Ash uses Totodile, and Macey withdraws Quilava for Electabuzz. Ash has got problems and Electabuzz makes short work of Totodile. Ash sends out Squirtle, and during a fierce battle defeats Electabuzz with Speedy Water Guns and Skull Bash! Quilava is now out and during a wild battle Squirtle gets stuck on its back, but in a great maneuver Squirtle enters its shell and uses Hydro Pump, finishing off Quilava. The gang plus Jenny comes to congratulate Ash, and Macey then comes up and thanks him for putting up a good battle. Ash now has 3 points for the tournament, and Macey then come…due to the fierce ness of the battle, her Slugma has evolved into a Magcargo! Macey is really head over heals for Ash and wishes him luck, it’s on to the next battle!

Tie One On!
Macey is in the middle of a hard battle with Jackson, a trainer from New Bark Town. Her Magcargo and his Starmie have both fainted. There both down to one Pokemon, Macey’s Quilava and Jacksons Quilava. They have a good battle and Macey wins! Ash has a metting at the hall so he lets out Bulbasaur and Squirtle to play for awhile. Ash then sees his next opponent, Jackson. They talk for awhile; Jackson is a trainer from New Bark Town. Squirtle and Bulbasaur are nicely playing when they see an apple, Bulbasaur uses its vine whip to get the apple, but then a Meganium also tries to go for the apple. Squirtle though gets the apple and breaks it in half, but then Meganium steals one part and gives it to an Azumarill. All the Pokemon then end up in a fight. Ash and Jackson are chatting with Elm and telling him that Larvitar got home, when they see there Pokemon fighting outside, and they go outside to stop it. Harrison then shows up and has his Miltank use Heal Bell, which calms the Pokemon down. Officer Jenney then shows up, and Harrison tells them they were only practicing. But Gary then comes says it wasn’t, and Jenny gets confused and just tells them to be more carefull. Gary and Ash then have there usual argument. Later, the gang then does research on Jackson, and there begin preparations. The battle then begins! Jackson uses Azumarill and Ash goes with Pikachu, and in a good battle with type eventually becoming the deciding factor, Pikachu beats Azumarill. Jackson then uses Magneton, the battle for awhile is a stalemate, but Magneton then uses Thunder Wave to paralyze Pikachu, and Tri Attack to finish it off. Ash sends out Cyndaquil, who puts up a good fight until it takes a Thunder Wave and Tri Attack, which makes it faint. Ash uses Bulbasuar, who with Leech Seed and Vine Whip beats Magneton. Jackson sends out Meganium. The battle is VERY FIRECE, and it comes down to Vine to Vine combat. Both trainers then have there Pokemon use Solar Beam and it causes a huge explosion, and after the dust clears, both Pokemon are down. The match is a tie. Ash is lucky and has move on to the finals thanks to his 4 points. Both trainers and there Pokemon shake hands/vines. Later Ash is back in the hall, Harrison has continued on, and Ash next battle IS GARY! They then see each other and glare; this is going to be a huge battle.

The Ties That Bind!
Now there something that’s not new, Ash and Gary are arguing again. Gary then takes part of a Pokeball from his pocket and it somehow relates to a draw they had. Later, Ash tells the gang the story; a long time ago Ash was fishing and was smacked around by a Magikarp he caught. Gary then showed up and had a laugh, they argue, Gary acts all big and smart, and Gary then starts to fish. They both catch something, the same thing, and it turns out to be a Pokeball. They pull and pull and pull and it shrinks into its smaller form and breaks. They both have a piece, and argue some more. Ahs has high sprits, but he’s beginning to plan some strategies. The next day Misty rises and finds Ash doing research because he can’t sleep. The computer gives Ash trouble, but now its breakfast time. At breakfast Ash starts to worry, Gary has all kinds of Pokemon so he’s not sure what Pokemon he will use. Then all of a sudden Ash sees Charazard coming! Ash is excited and Charazard uses flamethrower! Our old buddy Brock made a call to Liza at Charicific valley and Charizard has arrived! Gary then sees this and is surprised. Charizard almost gives Gary a flamethrower but Professor Oak and Ash Mom show up! They’ve come to see the battle that’s brewing, and Oak calms everybody down. Professor Oak then reveals some news, there’s a Pokedex Upgrade! They both receive the upgrade. Everybody then gets excited about all the new Pokemon that are in it, except Gary who complains about it and walks off. Ash’s Mom then wishes him luck and the gang then goes off to plan. It’s now the day of the battle and Ash is going to be battling on the Rock field. Ash is planning in the Locker Room when Harrison comes by; he’s just won on the Water field. Ash then congratulates him and Harrison wishes Ash luck. The battle begins on the field, Gary uses Nidoqueen and Ash uses Tauros. Nidoqueen beats Tauros quickly which is bad, and Ash then sends in Heracross. Gary withdraws Nidoqueen and sends out Magmar and in a fierce battle Magmar faints. Gary is momentarily surprised by Ash’s success so far and then sends out Blastoise. They begin to battle, but the results will have to wait until the next episode.

Can't Beat the Heat!
Gary and Ash’s battle continues. Heracross gets hit by flying debris due to Blastoise’s Hydro Pump destroying the rock it was hiding behind and faints. Ash sends out Muk, who fights hard, but is then withdrawn. Ash then uses Bayleef, who gets thoroughly stomped by Blastoise. A 5-minute brake is ordered due to Ash loosing three of his Pokemon. A few minutes later the battle then begins, and Ash sends out Snorlax. Gary withdraws Blastoise and uses Arcanine. Arcanine at first puts up a valiant effort, but Snorlax beats it. Gary then reuses Nidqueen, who also puts up a valiant effort at first, but Snorlax beats it too. Gary then sends out Scizor, whose blinding speed beats Snorlax. Ash then sends out Muk, and Scizor is at first slowed due to Muks body, but it eventually beats Muk. Ash is in trouble, only one Pokemon left. It’s Charizard! Gary planed for this though, but it fails when the battle goes Air Born, which Charizard wins. Gary then decides to use Golem, who is resistant to fire. The battle is fierce, and Charizard beats Golem using Dragon Rage. Gary is down to his last Pokemon, Blastoise. Blastoise’s first attacks are infective due to Charizard’s flying, and Ash comes up with a brilliant strategy, he has Charizard heat up all the rocks around Blastoise, immobilizing it. Gary who is very desperate at this point has Blastoise cool the field. Charizard then uses Dragon Rage, Blastoise withdraws into its shell and Charizard uses Seismic Toss. Blastoise attempts to fight, but gets slammed into the field, making it faint. Gary withdraws from the field and the gang comes to congratulate Ash. After the battle, Gary is down by a pond and Ash comes up and asks how he is. Gary then gives him the other half of the split Pokeball! Gay is not embarrassed about loosing to Ash, and they sake hands and agree to be friends. It’s now the next day and Ash is facing his next opponent, Harrison. Ash sends out Pikachu and Harrison uses Kecleon.

Playing with Fire!
The battle now begins with Ash using Pikachu and Harrison using Kecleon. Kecleon cloaks and then reappears showing its ability, and the battle begins. Kecleon recloaks but it can be seen by the pattern on its belly. Pikachu almost finds it but Kecleon is very fast, and Ash comes up with an idea, he has Pikachu uses it’s hearing to listen for it. Pikachu again almost finds it but Kecleon uses lick paralyzing Pikachu. Kecleon re-camouflages it’s self and gets Pikachu confused. Kecleon uses Psybeam but Pikachu regains its senses and doges. Kecleon almost licks Pikachu, but Pikachu grabs a hold of Kecleon’s tongue and gives it a Thunderbolt, causing it to faint. Harrison sends out Sneasel and in a short battle uses Metal Claw to knock out Pikachu. Ash sends out Totodile, and Totodile almost suffers a Metal Claw but it bites Sneasels arm and then responds with Iron Tail making Sneasel faint. Harrison then sends out Hypno, and it puts Totodile to sleep, and finishes it off with Psychic. Ash sends out Snorlax, who’s asleep! Hypno uses Dream Eater and Snorlax then wakes up…VERY MAD! Snorlax uses Hyper Beam which promptly takes out Hypno. Harrison has lost three Pokemon so it’s time for an intermission. The battle then restarts, Ash sends out Noctowl and Harrison uses Steelix. Ash is concerned and has Noctowl use confusion, but Steelix uses Dig and then attacks from underground, damaging Noctowl. Noctowl attempts to counterattack with Hypnosis but Steelix uses Iron Tail causing it to faint. Ash resends out Snorlax, and the battle is fierce, It comes down to Steelix biting Snorlax and Snorlax responding with Ice Punch. Steelix is frozen, and Snorlax finishes it off with Hyper Beam. Harrison sends out Houndoom, Snorlax uses Hyper Beam but Houndoom uses Counter, reflecting the attack at twice the power back at Snorlax, causing it to faint. Ash sends out Bayleef, it seems like a major mismatch but when Houndoom attempts to bite Bayleef, it wraps its vines around Houndoom’s mouth. It can’t use Flamethrower, and Bayleef smashes it into the ground causing it to faint. Harrison sends out his last Pokemon, who is Blaziken. Ash has to go to his Pokedex for more information. Bayleef puts up a valiant effort, but is no match for Blaziken. Ash is down to his last Pokemon, and it’s Charizard! The battle starts…

Johto Photo Finish
The battle now continues between Charizard and Blaziken. They flamethrower each other and it becomes really smokey, when it clears, there in a stare down. Charizard tries a Flamethrower and then a Dragon Rage but Blaziken avoids them both, and then Blaziken tries a flamethrower and Charizard avoids it. More flamethrowers, then Blaziken uses Quick Attack and Give Charizard a fiery punch to the face. Charizard then Flamethrowers Blaziken again succeeding, and Blaziken use’s another Quick Attack, but Charizard grabs it and goes for a Seismic Toss. It succeeds, but Charizard also takes damage in the encounter. Blaziken ok, it used a flamethrower before it hit the ground softening the blow. Both Pokemon are showing fatigue, Blaziken uses Quick attack and Charizard responds with a Flamethrower and then goes for a Seismic toss. Unfortunately Blaziken gives Charizard a Flaming Foot right to the face. Charizard’s wounded, but then Blaziken uses Flamethrower and Charizard responds with Dragon Rage! A massive explosion occurs. The smoke then clears and both Pokemon are down, they eventually begin to move and both get up! Unfortunately Charizard’s damage is just too high and it faints. The crowd cheers and Ash shakes Harrison’s hand. Well the Leagues over, Squirtle’s going back with Jenny, and Oak and Ash’s Mom have to head home. Charizard will return to Liza’s tomorrow, it needs to rest after the battle. Later the next day we see Harrison battling a trainer from Cherry Town, and he can’t use Blaziken, it is still suffering after the battle with Charizard. He eventually looses a tough battle. At night the gangs strolling near a pond and they see Harrison. Blaziken’s still at the Pokemon center, apparently the beating it took from Charizard was pretty bad, so the gang gives him there best hopes. Harrison asks if he know Professor Oak, because Harrison’s heard allot about him from Professor Birch. Ash tells him his story, and Harrison tells him about leaving from Littleroot Town to battle here. Ash has not been to Houen yet and Harrison tells him to go, and meet the Professor. They then here a scream and head towards it. They arrive, and Ghosts are floating about! Ash has Noctowl use Foresight and it’s a bunch of Misdreavus. Gary shows up and he can tell something’s wrong, and they follow the Misdreavus into the woods. One of the poor Misdreavus are trapped under a log. The gang, Gary, and Harrison help it out, it seems hurt about it wakes up, and it’s ok. It returns to its friends and disappears. Gary tells everyone that Misdreavus live on Mt. Silver. He talks about his journeys a little and tells the gang that this is his last journey; he’s going to start researching! Ash and Gary shake hands and Brock and Misty comment on how there friends now. It’s now the last battle of the Silver Conference, and the Trainer from Cherry Town Wins! Charles Goodshow the chairman of the conference presents him with the Trophy! The day after, Team Rocket, who has been selling fake badges throughout the tournament, now realizes they have no customers left, everybody’s left the conference. There bill collectors them come to collect there money, and Team Rocket escapes in there stand, which is actually a Robot. Later, everybody’s ready to split up and head there separate ways. Harrison’s heading for the Indigo League, Gary’s going through Mt. Silver on his way back to Pallet, and Ash is going to Pallet via Viridian City with the gang. Ash and Harrison shake hands but Team Rocket then attacks. They capture Pikachu with there machine, Gary sends out Blastoise which uses Hydro Pump. The water hits the net holding Pikachu, letting it escape. Harrison then sends out Blaziken and it badly damages the robot, with Pikachu using a Thunderbolt sending Team Rocket blasting off again. Everybody then shakes hands again and wishes each other the best of luck. They then all spilt off heading there separate ways, with the gang heading back to Pallet Town.

Gotta Catch Ya Later!
Ash and the gang are now heading back to Pallet Town after the Silver Conference. They’ve stopped at Viridian City and are heading to the Pokemon Center that Team Rocket destroyed a long time ago and have there Pokemon healed. Brock does his love sick move, but this is a different Jenny that now works at this center. It turns out that there’s a message for Misty. Misty then calls them, and it turns out one of the sisters won a trip of the work and they need someone to watch the Gym! She tries to protest, but gets hung up on. She’s not happy about having to watch the Gym, but then Joy comes with MISTY’S OLD BIKE!!! By some sort of miracle, the old Joy managed to repair it. Misty then starts to complain and runs away. Ash wonders what’s wrong; Brock says to just let her alone for now. Misty is wandering around Viridian City very upset, she wondering if it’s right to leave Ash and Brock. Then three men approach her and attempt to find out what’s wrong, he leaves but they follow. There the Fighting Brothers of Viridian City and they end up in a Pokemon Battle with Misty. Misty uses Politoed and one of the brothers uses Hitmonchan, which Politoed promptly beats. The other brothers attack with Hitmontop and Hitmonlee, and Misty doesn’t know what to do. Ash and Brock then shows up to save the day. Ash uses Pikachu to beat Hitmontop and Brocks Forretress makes short work of Hitmonlee. Misty thanks them, and Ash comments it’s good to battle with his friends. Team Rocket then accidentally shows up after Meowth and Wobbuffet fall down. The fighting brothers recognize Team Rocket and an argument breaks out, apparently there was some sort of deal between them that went sour. Team Rocket though captures the brothers and the gang in a net but the brother escape leaving the gang in the net! The gang releases Forretress, Pikachu and Politoed who they use to escape the net, and then they send The Brothers and Team Rocket blasting off again! The gang is momentarily happy, but Misty then gets serious and decides to go get her bike back. She then returns with her bike and the gang walks along for awhile. They chat about there adventures and Misty suddenly realizes that shes going to be really missing Ash and Brock. They come to the point were they have to split up, and they shake hands. Brock then chimes in and he tells them he’s leaving too, he has to return to the Pewter Gym to handle some business. They almost set off when Brock and Misty stop Ash, they have presents for him! Brock gives him a meal set and Misty gives him a cloth to hold them in. Ash thanks them, and he starts to get upset, and he runs off very upset that he might not ever see them again. Brocks crying too, but Misty knows something about Ash now. Ash is now home and heads right to bead. In the morning he has breakfast and Ash’s Mom tells him Gary should be back today. Ash then visits Oak, and it turns out Gary’s already left. Ash then asks Tracey where Gary’s going to, and Tracey doesn’t know, but he has only taken one of his Pokemon with him, Blastoise. Ash then goes and finds Gray, and gives him his half of the spilt Pokeball back. Gary thanks him, and Gary leaves while Ash heads back to Pallet town. Ash and Pikachu are realizing outside, and suddenly they see Ho-oh! Ash then decides that there going to head to Hoenn! He begins to head home but steps into a Team Rocket trap hole! Ash gets really mad and escapes using the gifts he received from Brock and Misty. Pikachu then thunderbolts Team Rocket sending them blasting off again. He stops by Oaks and tells him that he’s going to start another journey tomorrow. Before he leaves for Hoenn he’s leaving all of his Pokemon with Oak so he can start anew. Oak tells him when he arrives in Hoenn to head to Littleroot Town and talk to Professor Birch. Ash’s mom gives him new clothes, and Oak gives him an updated and upgraded Pokedex. Ash is equipped and ready for his Journey to Hoenn!

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Hoenn Alone!
Ash has left all of his Pokémon behind in Pallet Town – except Pikachu – and boarded a ship bound for Littleroot Town in Hoenn. Unfortunately, Team Rocket is on board as well, and they're cooking up a scheme to catch Pikachu once and for all. They nab Pikachu and hop off the boat just as it pulls into a port. Their plan quickly goes awry, and Meowth and Pikachu end up in a bad neighborhood. While Meowth and Pikachu team up to chase off a gang of territorial Haunter, Ash teams up with Officer Jenny to rescue Pikachu before the boat leaves.

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