Master Quest 251-260

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Fangs For Nothin'!
Team Rocket steal the Dragon Fang as Ash begins his battle for the final Johto badge with Clair. Then TR get Dragonite on their side to help them escape.

Great Bowls of Fire!
Ash's Charizard fly’s in and lands on Ash. Leeza also lands in on Charla who is in love with Charizard. Rocket find a bowl in a Dragon Shrine which upsets Dragonite and causes a fire in a field. So Ash, Leeza and Clair set to put out the fire to save wild Pokemon. After the fire is put out, TR is grateful that they were saved from the fire. Dragonite is under an attack rage and starts attacking Clair, Ash and the gang. This leads to a battle between Dragonair and Charizard versus Dragonite which ends his attack rage.

Better Eight Than Never
Ash's final battle with Clair has finally started! Clair starts off with using Kingdra, and Ash uses Snorlax, whom he got from Professor Oak's lab the earlier day. Snorlax's tummy absorbs Kingdra's blows, but it's still a pretty even battle until Snorlax wins. Clair's Gyarados uses Dragon Breath to paralyze Snorlax and it's defeated. Pikachu's Agility and Thunderbolt cause it to beat it. Then Clair brings out her most powerful Pokemon, Dragonair. Pikachu is easily overcome. Charizard steams Dragonair's pool away and when it uses Seismic Toss, Dragonair uses Dragon Rage to win. But Charizard still isn't out, and as another Seismic Toss/Dragon Rage attack come, Charizard uses Flamethrower to heat the ST and finally defeat Dragonair. Ash has won the Rising Badge, and FINALLY all of his Johto badges. Charizard flies off with Lara.

Why? Wynaut!
Ash plans to go to Newbarktown to register for the Johto Silver Conference now that he has all 8 badges even though the Silver Conference is in 3 months. Team Rocket has plans of their own; they decide to steal Ash's badges for money or to enter the Conference themselves. They are successful in stealing his badges and run away with them. Meanwhile, Wobbuffet meets a Wynaut in the woods who steals the badges from Team Rocket. When Ash realizes his loss of badges he goes through the list of the gym leaders he fought to get them. Team Rocket think a Wooper stole the badges, so they try to find one. While Ash tries on his own to try to find the badges. Noctowl and Bayleef find Wynaut and the badges and some berries he has in a box. But when Team Rocket find Bayleef with the badges, they attack Bayleaf and escape with the badges. Claire comes in with Dragonair to chase the Rocket balloon. When Ash gets his badges back he realizes he's missing his Rising badge, Wynaut appears holding the badge. He hands it to Bayleef and escapes without Ash seeing him. Now that Ash has all 8 badges, Claire tells Ash the directions to Newbarktown to register for the Johto League Silver Conference.

Just Add Water
On the road back to New Bark Town, Ash and friends stop for a rest near the ocean. There they spot a sign advertising a synchronized Pokémon swimming event. Close behind is Team Rocket, who quickly hatch a plan to steal all of the Pokémon from the swimming show.

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Lapras of Luxury
The gang has not yet left Blackthorn City. Ash has called Professor Elm to inform him that he’s coming back to the lab, Elms asks the gang for a favor. He needs them to pick up a Pokemon Egg from a professor near them. The gang head that way and eventually arrives a house with a pier next to it. They enter but the female professor runs past, and the gang follows. She is doing an experiment and is studying a group of Lapras and suddenly the group of Lapras surface! One of the Lapras rushes the pier and seems to know Ash…It’s his old Lapras! Team Rocket is planning one of there schemes again, they plan on stealing the Lapras. Professor Narumi then explains what she his doing, she is studying Lapras communication. Ash’s old Lapras then shows up near the lab, it wants to play with Ash. They have a good time until they hear a weird noise from the Lapras group. Team Rocket has caught the group in a large net! Team Rocket escapes during the battle but they see there luck has ended; the Lapras are chewing on there net and many escape, except there leader. Not finding the Lapras on the surface, Lapras dives underwater and Ash gets in Professor Narumi’s submarine. They find the Lapras, but the professor notices there’s something wrong, the Lapras leader is not responding. Team Rocket has been beached, but the Lapras are fine. In the ensuing battle, Team Rocket’s Pokemon get thoroughly beaten as usual, and Misty and Narumi are able to free the Lapras while Team Rocket is distracted. The Lapras then get there revenge, most of the Lapras use Ice Beam and freeze Team Rocket, with Pikachu uses Thunder to send them blasting off again. The next day everybody is saying goodbye and the leading Lapras tells something to Ash’s Lapras. Ash’s Lapras has been made the new leader of the group! The gang continues there journey to New Bark Town.

Hatch Me If You Can
Ash and the Gang are relaxing. They are waiting for there egg and hatch, and it starts but stops. Jessie and James are listening and plan to steal the Pokemon thinking it might be a legendary. The egg then hatch when ash was warming it under his shit. It’s a Larvitar! Unfortunately it doesn’t look well, but luck for them there is a Pokemon Center not far off. At New Bark Town, Professor Oak and Ash’s mom are waiting for him to arrive, Elm then shows up and informs them on what Ash has be up to lately. Ash is still at the Pokemon center and Larvitar is still nowhere near well. There is a storm occurring and the Center loses power. Joy goes to investigate and falls right into a Team Rocket Trap. Team Rocket then enter the center disguised (Jessie like Joy and James as a Doctor), and they say they will need to take Larvitar to New Barks Town Pokemon Center for further treatment. But, our good man Brock stops them. Him being the ‘Ladies Man’ he is pretty much sees through Jessie’s disguise. James then attempts to grab Larvitar but fails and Pikachu uses Thundershock sending Team Rocket blasting off again. Unfortunately with no power Larvitar cannot be treated, so Ash improvises. Cyndaquil uses its fire to warm Larvitar up. In New Bart Town Elm, Oak, and Delia are having dinner. Oak and Elm are having a heated discussion, with Delia just sitting there, until she notices that Elm’s PC has a new e-mail and she brings it to there attention. During the night Ash has a nightmare about his Egg. Oak, Elm and Delia arrive at the Poke Center in the Morning. Larvitar is going to need more time to recover. A little later Larvitar wakes up and Ash takes it outside to show it the world. Jessie and James are hiding and planning how to get Larvitar. Team Rocket attacks with the diabolical machines and Ash doges the first couple but gets caught. Larvitar escapes though and Ash tells it to run, Pikachu then starts to attack but is also captured. Fortunately a bunch of Jumpluff attack but they are quickly defeated, but Larvitar then attacks! Ash and Pikachu break free and Larvitar uses it Hidden Power to send team rocket blasting off again. Ash thanks Larvitar. Everybody then returns to New Bark Town and Ash registers for the Johto League Tournament.

Entei at Your Own Risk
The game is on there way to Mt. Silver for the Johto League Tournament. Brick starts talking to Larvitar but its scared. Suddenly an Ursaring charges out of the bushes and attacks them; the gang runs and looses it. They then notice that there is hot springs with Pokemon in them. Ash then starts to walk and trips an alarm, a boy then comes running. He is looking for Entei and apparently Ash accidentally tripped his alarm. Then the Ursaring that was chaseing the gang earlier jumps into one of the springs, Maoya (The kids’ name) says Pokemon like to relax here. Maoya leaves and Ash lets all of his Pokemon out to relax. He than introduces all of his Pokemon to Larvitar, but it gets scared and uses its Screech Attack. A short time later Brock and Misty then send out there Pokemon, Psyduck then tries to swim and it doesn’t work. Psyduck then finds some sand and is really happy. The sand is warm and Brock then releases Onix and Geodude to relax. Onix puts some sand over it’s self but Geodude grabs Larvitar and tosses it into the sand, and it relaxes Larvitar. All the Pokemon then start to gather near Larvitar and it uses Screech again. A van then pulls up and Team Rocket disguised as vendors try to sell some refreshments to the gang. Ash and his Pokemon then enter the truck, and Team Rocket reveals themselves, close the door on the van, and drive off. Ash and his Pokemon then start to work on the door of the van and eventually break it. Ash jumps but looses Larvitar, a Misdreavus catches it! It’s Naoya's Misdreavus, Brock and Misty told him about Team Rocket. Ash decides to challenge Naoya to a battle. Naoya uses Misdreavus while Ash chooses Phanpy. The battle is good, but Phanpy starts to loose, and Misdreavus uses Mean Look. Ash tries to recall Phanpy but can’t, and Naoya is about to finish Phanpy off when Team Rocket attacks again. They create a whirlpool that sucks many of the Pokemon into it! Brocks Pineco is sucked in and Brock goes in after it. He almost catches it when an Ursaring hits him. Suddenly Pineco starts to glow and the whirlpool stops. Pineco has evolved into Forretress! Team Rocket tries to make another whirlpool, but it surrounds there balloon instead. A huge Flamethrower then stops the whirlpool, and blows Team Rocket in front of a huge Pokemon. It’s the legendary Pokemon Entei! They grovel and try to beg but get blown away. Naoya then arrives and challenges Entei. Naoya has Misdreavus use Mean Look, and it prevents Entei from escaping. Misdreavus attacks a few times in vain, and Entei uses Roar sending Misdreavus back to its PokeBall. Entei leaves but Naoya not discouraged, he keep trying. The gang continues there journey.

A Crowning Achievement
Ash and the Gang are continuing on there Journey to Mt. Silver. Misty and Brock attempt to talk to Larvitar, Misty slightly scares it but Brock makes some funny faces at it, and it uses Screech. Ash eventually gets it calmed down. Ash then starts to run toward a river, but suddenly a hill appears and he goes sliding down with Larvitar and Pikachu. The good news is they’ve found what they were looking for, a small river with a water fall and a bunch of Slowpokes and Slowbros. They all look quite unhappy, but Brock then sees something, it’s a King’s Rock! Ash plans to get it when two people ask him to stop, the mans name is Terisu (Couldn’t understand English name), the woman’s name is Alice, and her Slowpoke is name Arthur. It turns out they’ve been studying this area for awhile and they show the gang some paintings on a wall. One Slowpoke has to challenge it’s self to get the King's Rock, and if it does and a Shelder bites it on the head, it will become a Slowking. Team Rocket then attacks, they want the Kings Rock. Ash uses Pikachu, but it gets beaten, but Larvitar again uses Screech. It turns out Arthur and the other Slowpoke aren’t affected, and Arthur calms down Larvitar. Team Rocket then runs for there lives. After a little while a Slowpoke is tying to get the King’s Rock. But unfortunately a Shellder bites its tale and it becomes a Slowbro. Arthur then decides to try it, and it’s surprisingly fast for a Slowpoke. It then falls into the water but Arthur uses its tail as a propeller and gets to the King’s Rock. The Shellder almost get Arthur but Larvitar uses Screech, which affect the Shellder but not Arthur. Arthur places the Kings Rock on its head and a Shellder bites it, Arthur then evolves into a Slowking! Team Rocket then attacks again, but Arthur uses Confusion twice so send them crashing into a cliff, and Pikachu finishes them off with a Thunderbolt. Arthur then uses uses Psychic to split the waterfall. Arthur leads all the Slowpoke and Slowbro into the cave, there new home. Alice has to say goodbye to Arthur, and they leave the cave. The gang continues there Journey.

Here's Lookin' at You, Elekid!
The gang has stopped for a break and Brock and Misty is trying to entertain Larvitar, but its meal has gone missing. Larvitar points towards the bushes and an Elekid comes out, and it’s eating. Pikachu’s is going to give Elekid a shock, but Ash intervenes and gets shocked himself. He says they should let Elekid and Larvitar talk this out, but a net captures them both! Team Rocket is attacking again, Ash sends out Bayleef who uses Razor Leaf against the net but it doesn’t work. Team Rocket almost escapes under Weezing’s Smokescreen, but Elekid uses Thundershock causing the balloon to crash. Larvitar and Elekid land, and begin to look for Ash. When Ash is searching for Larvitar, Brock sees a Meganium come out of the bushes. It’s Casey’s! She goes into a rant about how good Meganium are, but she’s looking for a wild Elekid who got away earlier. Ash tells her about seeing one earlier and she starts shaking him, and Ash then tells her about Team Rocket, and she gets extremely mad and wants to find them immediately. Team Rocket is then daydreaming about how happy the boss will be when they bring him Elekid and Larvitar, when Elekid and Larvitar pass by them! They capture them and both try attacks to escape, but are unsuccessful. The gang then sees Team Rockets balloon start to float away, both Elekid and Larvitar are crying! Casey then has her Meganium use Razor Leaf which destroys the net, and Brock has his Forretress use Rapid Spin, which pops the balloon and sends Team Rocket blasting off again. Larvitar and Elekid have been slightly injured from the fall, but are otherwise ok. Elekid talks with Larvitar and they walk off into the woods. Team Rocked have landed deep in the woods, and they meet the Magikarp man again, whose gave Team Rocket bad deals many times. He tries to escape but gets caught by James. The man then tries to make ANOTHER deal with Team Rocket; he wants to trade to Team Rocket a special Weepinbell that knows Sweet Scent. Stupidly, they do it, trading James Victreebel. James doesn’t like it but he has no choice in the issue. James is upset, but he brings out Weepinbell and is uses Sweet Scent, which makes him happy. Elekid smells the Sweet Scent, and is attracted, but Larvitar doesn’t seem to be affected. The gang and there Pokemon smells it to and decides to head in that direction. Ash then sees Larvitar and Elekid near Team Rocket and runs to get them, but they fall into a trap, and the rest of the gang then falls into another trap. Team Rocket tries to escape, but Casey’s Meganium grabs a branch with its Vine Whip and pulls everybody out. A fierce battle ensues between Team Rocket, and during it James new Weepinbell evolves, and it starts to bite Jessie on the head! During this time Brock and his Forretress free Larvitar and Elekid. Casey then has Meganium use it’s Razor Leafs and Solar Beam, sending Team Rocket blasting off again. Team Rocket lands in the woods, and the Magikarp Man is getting bit on the head by James old Victreebel, and he sends it blasting off. Jessie is also getting bit by James new Victreebel, and she sends it blasting off. They meet in midair and fall in love, and when they land they jump off into the woods. Now, Casey really wants that Elekid and challenges it to a match. The battle is short, Meganium beats Elekid and Casey captures it. The gang and Casey wish each other goodbye, and they continue on there Journey to Mt. Silver.

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