Master Quest 241-250

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Hocus Pokémon
As the story starts out, Ash and friends are greeted by a pokemon magician named Lily and her Murkrow. She uses parts of pokemon to make magic potions. She is currently working on a potion that will enable people to read pokemon's minds. All she needs to finish it is the claw of a Meowth, the thunderbolt of a Pikachu, the Stun Spore of a Parasect, and the tears of an Aiopom. She has an old book that tells her what ingredients to put in. Team Rocket come and after they're blasted off by Murkrow, they're on the edge of a cliff. Lily then takes some of Meowth's claws to put in her potion right before the cliff falls off with Team Rocket. Then Ash helps her and they get the Stun Spore from a Parasect. They need to find an Aiopom for it's tears. One comes along, but Team Rocket take it as well as Lily's bag of indrigients to make the potion themselves! Team Rocket try to get Aiopom to cry, but it's of no use. Murkrow finds them and he and Pikachu later blast them off. Aiopom cries of laughter, and Pikachu gets the tear! Lily puts all the ingridients together with Pikachu's thunderbolt. It creates a puff of smoke, and turns Ash into a Pikachu!! Well, it looks like it does indeed, cause a person to read the mind of a pokemon! Lily says the spell will wear off, and Ash will turn back to normal...

As Clear As Crystal
When Pikachu is left exhausted in battle, the gang meets a trainer who guides them to a secret, yet legendary lake that somehow serves to restore energy to the Electric Pokémon that live along its banks.

Same Old Song and Dance
In the midst of their travels, Ash and friends meet up with a young girl who, along with her two Igglybuff assistants, stars in her own musical variety television program. Our heroes are content to sit back and enjoy the show, but unfortunately Team Rocket has other plans in mind.

Enlighten Up!
Ash, Misty and Brock stop by a lake where they meet with Team Rocket. As they're about to battle each other, a Slowpoke with a flag comes and sits on a rock fishing. This lady comes and says the Slowpoke is looking for "enlightment". She offers everyone to take to Slowpoke Temple to learn this. There's a giant gold statue of a Slowpoke. They go through tests, such as having to concentrate so hard they won't move or else they'll be hit by sticks(!). The next is cleaning the temple, which Ash and Team Rocket compete in. Jesse and James go off to steal the statue, and Meowth distracts Ash by fishing with him. The same Slowpoke is fishing much better than Ash and friends, because the pokemon know they won't be captured. The gold statue is stolen by Jesse and James, but Slowpoke evolves into Slowbro and defeats them. Ash and friends head off, while Team Rocket stay at the temple, this time to truthfully learn enlightment.

Will The Real Oak Please Stand Up?
Ash, Brock, and Misty, on their adventure to the way to the Johto League, they stop to rest in a small town, and learn that Prof. Oak and Mary are doing an outdoor show in Maroon Town, a nearby town. They go there, and as usual, Team Rocket pop up and they impersonate Prof. Oak and Mary. A standoff to prove the real Prof. Oak is held, and the real Oak was, fortunately, picked, and Team Rocket get foiled.

Wish Upon A Star Shape
The gang is relaxing in a field when a Cleffa lands on Phanpy, the gang then witness a flying saucer which crashes into a mountain. The Pokemon Myserty Club (PMC, Ken and Mary) appear to get the Cleffa and interrupt Team Rocket's plan to capture the Cleffa as well. While both Pokemon escape into the forest, PMC, Rocket and Ash all search for them. Ash, Misty and Brock stumble upon the Clefairy rocket ship which needs to be repaired. As PMC and Rocket fight using their machines, the Clefairy steal their machine parts for repair. As the ship leaves, Cleffa evolves into Clefairy and leaves a sad Phanpy behind. Meanwhile, PMC examine crop circles being created by Snorlax.

Outrageous Fortunes
Ash, Misty, and Brock are on their way to the final gym when they see a large crowd of people. All these people are looking at a young trainer named Delaney and his Poliwrath. Poliwrath is battling Hitmontop. Poliwrath wins with submission and Misty tells Ash that if you evolve Poliwhirl into a Poliwrath, it can learn fighting-type moves. The trainer then asks the crowd if anyone else would like to challenge him and his Poliwrath. Misty and Ash immediately jump at the chance, and begin to argue over who will battle him. Misty battles first, and the battle is Polwrath vs. Poliwhirl. Poliwrath easily defeats Misty's Poliwhirl. Ash then battles him with Bayleef, but Brock stops the battle as Poliwrath is tired. Ash, Misty, and Brock then leave and go to the Pokemon Center. Misty lets out her Poliwhirl to give to Nurse Joy and Ash gives Nurse Joy all his Pokemon for a checkup. But everything falls out of Ash's backpack--including the King's Rock that he had won in the Pokemon Sumo Competition. Poliwhirl picks up the King's Rock, and studies it carefully while Misty returns it to its Poke ball. Meanwhile, Team Rocket decide to steal Delaney's Poliwrath as Jessie disguises herself as a fortune teller. Ash and co. have exited the Center, and they see Delaney running. They ask him what's going on, and he explains that Team Rocket has stolen his Poliwrath. Ash and his friends decide to help him, and they go with him. Rocket try to train the stolen Poliwrath as their own, but the Poliwrath attacks them back. In a Pokemon Center, Joy sends back Ash's Pokemon. Our heroes manage to find Team Rocket who force and control the Poliwrath to do battle attacks. Soon, a battle starts to get the Poliwrath back. The controling machines falls on Jesse which allows Meowth to control Jesse. Ash calls on Phanphy while Misty calls on Corsola and Poliwhirl. When Poliwhirl comes out of its Poke ball it evolves! Ash takes out his Poke-dex and says it's a Politoed. Politoed, Poliwrath and Phanphy all use their attacks to defeat Rocket. Delaney is thankful for Ash saving his Poliwrath and wishes Ash luck at the Blackthorn Gym. Ash then continues on his way to the Gym.

One Trick Phony
After defeating a girl who has a Smoochum, Ash is determined to beat Clair, as he is getting close to Blackthorn City. Seeing that Ash just can't get enough battling, the trainer suggests as she leaves that he give a local Pokémon battle park a try.

I Politoed Ya So!
When Ash, Misty, and Brock pause for a picnic by a lake, Politoed wanders off and is mistaken by another trainer for her own Politoed.

The Ice Cave
While journeying through an ice mountain, Ash and friends survive another Team Rocket attack. Unfortunatley, Brock gets a cold from the exprience. They take him to a Pokemon Center to get better. It's run by a Nurse Joy who loves ice pokemon.

This epside was banned as it stars the Pokémon "Jynx". Jynx is viewed as a racist stereotype by many groups. Remember, Brock fell sick in the Episode "Sick Daze" and there was no comotion.

Beauty Is Skin
Deep Finally reaching the outskirts of Blackthorn City, Ash pushes to quickly seek out the gym where he hopes to earn his final Johto badge. Before he has the opportunity, he chances into a Dratini and learns that its eager trainer, Clair, is in fact the Blackthorn Gym leader.

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