Master Quest 231-240

Dues and Dont's
After failing to capture Pikachu once again, Team Rocket holds a meeting to decide who is to blame for their troubles. After a long argument, they decide they need to get another Pokemon to even the odds against the twerps. As they go out in search of a new Pokemon, they come upon a Delibird in a cage! A message on the cage says the Delibird is free to anyone skilled enough to capture it. The cage opens and Delibird pops out. Jessie and James both battle the bird until it finally goes down. They are about the capture it when an old woman interrupts them, saying that Delibird is hers and it was all just a test to find new members for Team Rocket. Jessie and James insist that they are in Team Rocket, but a quick look at the Team Rocket database confirms that they were kicked out long ago for not paying their dues! Jessie, James and Meowth are devistated, but the old lady tells them that all they need to do is just rejoin. They eagerly agree, and the old lady sends off their data and prepares their next test. Back at the Team Rocket headquarters, the head of human resources, Wendy, receives the data and remembers that Jessie left her with a bill for a fruit smoothie and she vows revenge. She passes Jessie and James's registration forms to Giovanni, and despite them oweing a huge amount of money, he decides to reinstate them, at least until they repay their debt. Back with the old lady, she tells Jessie and James that they need to steal a Pokemon from a group of trainers she's spotted and the trainers turn out to be none other than Ash and company! James protests that they've always lost to the kids, and the old lady offers to let them use her Delibird to battle Ash. Jessie and James quickly agree and they dash off to battle. Delibird's present attack blows up Ash and company, and puts Pikachu in serious condition. However, sometimes Delibird's Present attack can sometimes heal a Pokemon, and that's just what it does to Pikachu. The angry Pikachu quickly sends Team Rocket flying off into the forest. Later on, the old lady finds Jessie and James, and tells them they've been reinstated. She also takes back her Delibird, saying that she will send it to them every month to pick up payments to pay off their debts, which includes the original debt, registrations charges, late dues, and... one fruit smoothie.

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Just Waiting On A Friend
As they journey towards Mahaghony town. Ash and co. go to a house for the night. When they arrive they discover that they’re a girl whose owns the big house named Lakoko with a Ninetails. Brock (as usual) is interested in Lakoko and strangely she likes him. Brock blurts out that he wants to marry her and Lakoko agrees and wants too also. As Brock is about to hug her he actually goes through her. Ash and Misty get scared and just as they get suspicious a fog appears and Ninetails fire blasts them out of the house. Meanwhile Team Rocket tries to sneak into the house and they run into some delicious booby traps. Ash and Misty also sneak in and find out that there's an old picture of Brock in the house. Also there's a diary written by Lakoko that's over 200 years old! When Misty and Ash break in they try to stop Lakoko from keeping Brock from staying here with her. Suddenly Lakoko disappears and the delicious booby traps disappear and Team Rocket discover that they were eating leaves all along. Ninetails is very angry and Ash and co. discover that Ninetails is 200 years old too. Brock also says that because of her age and experience this Ninetails not only knows psychic abilities but it’s also on level 100! Ash tries to beat Ninetails with Totodile but he loses. Then Ash tries to reason with her and understand why she wants Brock so much. Then Ninetails creates an image of Lakoko to speak for her. She says that a long time ago her master went away for a while. Although she was left with many servants Ninetails still felt lonely without her master. As the years rolled by each servant died or either left but her master never came. Then in 100 years she discovered that she was learning psychic abilities, so she created an image of one of the old servants Lakoko to keep her company, but when she saw Brock she decided to have him as her master instead since he resembled her old master. Team Rocket comes and tries to catch Ninetails but Ash stops it. Also in the process Ninetails' old pokeball breaks so Brock says that now because of this she's free to be wild and she not restricted to her master mansion anymore. Ninetails thanks them and runs off.

A Tyrogue Full Of Trouble
Ash and friend’s chance into a Tyrogue, nearly falling victim to a ploy it lays out in an attempt to make off with all of their Pokémon food. Just as they tie things up with the Tyrogue, they learn that it is in fact not wild, but owned by a devoted student of Chuck, the Cianwood Gym leader. This student, who prides himself for his martial arts ability, explains that he is now taking his Tyrogue to an exhaustive tournament in which Fighting type Pokémon vie for the title. Meanwhile, though, he is having a terrible time disciplining his mischievous Pokémon. As if to accent this complaint, an angry local arrives, exclaiming that Tyrogue has wrought havoc in town for the last time.

Xatu The Future
Ash, Misty and Brock as well as Team Rocket fall down into an underground building, and met this girl who has three Xatu. They communicate using sign language. She is a weather forecaster, and uses the Xatu's ability to see into the future to do her job well. But her Xatu aren't always right. She speaks to a crowd of people to do her forecasting. The Xatu say tomorrow there will be a great flood, and the girl believes them and tells everyone. Then, Delibird returns and throws its presents at Ash, so Team Rocket can get some jewels that the people gave the Xatu so they can pay the Team Rocket bills. Its own present blasts them off. Some of the present’s power up the Xatu and they tell how the flood is going to happen TODAY. They teleport everyone to safety. The girl, with her new powered-up Xatu knows she can become a weather forecaster now.

Talkin' 'Bout an Evolution
On their route to Mahogany City, Pikachu, Togepi and even the wild pokemon seem sick. Ash and friends go to a lake where they find a red Gyarados! Then some Team Rocket agents are trying to capture the Gyarados. Just then, Lance of the Elite Four comes and uses his Dragonite to get [rid of] them! He says kids like Ash shouldn't be around here. At a TRHQ Dr. Sebastain tells of his plan "Project R". It works by using a ray to make any pokemon evolve against it will! They used it on that Gyarados, and it's red because Magikarps are red, and it isn't fully evolved. That was why Pikachu and Togepi were feeling sick earlier. (The ray wasn't powerful enough to make them evolve though) Jesse, James and Meowth come to help with the plan. Lance goes disguised as a Team Rocket agent. They capture the Gyarados in a net, and later defeat Ash, Misty and Brock and capture them!

The Rage Of Innocence
Since Ash, Misty and Brock are all trapped, Jesse and James decide to take an advantage of the moment to catch Pikachu. They press the wrong button and it frees Ash and co.! Then Lance comes with Dragonite to help Ash. With Dragonite, they destroy Team Rocket's evolution inducement ray, and go off to save the red Gyarados. Since the ray was destroyed, the Gyarados becomes stronger and breaks free with Team Rocket. But now, it's angry and rampages towards Mahogany Town! Lance had called Officer Jenny to come and arrest Tyson and the Rocket Grunts. Ash and friends go to help the Gyarados, while Lance fights Tyson's two Fearows with Dragonite. After winning, Lance goes to help Ash calm down the Gyarados. He eventually captures it. Tyson and the Rocket Grunts are arrested, Lance flies off, and Ash is now in Mahogany Town ready to challenge the gym leader!

As Cold as Pryce
With the business of the Red Gyarados and Team Rocket over with in Mahogany Town, Ash decides to challenge the local gym leader, Pryce. But he isn't in town. They finally find Pryce meditating under a waterfall. Ash immediately challenges him to a battle. Ash's new Phanpy easily loses to Pryce's Dewgong, though. Afterwards, Pryce tells the group that his most prized Pokemon, a Piloswine, disappeared a while back and he's found no trace of it. Ash and co. immediately agree to help and they set out to find the missing Pokemon. Unfortunately Jessie and James are also in the area, again looking for rare Pokemon. Can they find the lost Piloswine before Jessie and James get to it?

Nice Pryce, Baby!
Having earned Pryce's respect and permission to face the trainer in a gym battle, Ash makes the unlikely choice of sending out Cyndaquil, a Fire Pokémon, to face his opponent on an Ice battlefield. Fortunately, Ash's strategy pans out as he leads the gym leader to lower his defenses, allowing Ash to take the first victory in a two-on-two match. Next the gym leader sends out his trusty Piloswine, which immediately unleashes a Blizzard attack that completely alters the battlefield, allowing it to make quick work of Ash's defending Pokémon. With one victory each, the round enters sudden death with each trainer playing his oldest, most reliable Pokémon. A seasoned duo, Ash and Pikachu may match the teamwork of the gym leader and his Piloswine

Whichever Way The Wind Blows
Our friends find themselves in a meadow with lots off Gloom, Vileplume, Bellossom and Oddish. Steve there new friend tells Ash and Friends that he came to this area so he could do studies on all the Grass-type Pokemon. He also added when the wind blows, the Gloom may evolve into Bellossom (NE winds) or Vileplume (NW winds). Vileplume and Bellossom fight over territory since the very old and large tree covers so much of the land; they both need the sun shine, so over the day they fight for the area not covered in shade. Jesse, and James both get Stun Spored by the Vileplume and Bellossom, So Meowth goes to a convenient store and buys Salvea Weed. A major storm comes in and makes very large amounts of Gloom evolve all at once, but since the wind was coming from the NE and NW, they both were even in numbers in the end. The war broke out and Ash, Misty, Brock, and Steven all knew they had to fight to finally see that fighting does not solve anything. Jesse and James try with help from there Pokemon to catch the Grass Pokemon. All the Pokemon know now that they should all just live together as friends, so they all took on Team Rocket and made them blast off again! Ash, Misty, and Brook say good bye to there new friend Steve since this new problem has been solved.

Some Like It Hot!
Ash, Misty, and Brock encounter a gigantic Magcargo that refuse to step aside and let a traveller pass. When Misty's Water tactics fail to move the stubborn Fire Pokémon, a passing trainer taunts her, declaring that Fire Pokémon, his specialty, are far superior to Water. Their rivalry escalates into a full-on Pokémon battle.  

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