Master Quest 221-230

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A Parent Trapped
With the young Lugia in the possession of Butch and Cassidy, Ash and friends set about rescuing it while protecting its parent from itself. The parent Lugia fights desperately to free its child—playing right into Team Rocket's hands. If Ash fails to win the Lugia's trust and convince it not to oppose Team Rocket alone, it seems this Pokemon is fated to end up in captivity along with its child.

A Promise is a Promise
Ash and friends, Lugia and Silver have all been captured. Oliver goes on his Lantern down to the underground Team Rocket headquarters to save them. A TR agent catches him. Then Jesse and James come and say they'll take it from there. They tell Oliver the code to free Silver from his cage. Jesse and James are doing this so they can get Silver themselves. Dr. Nambo says to Ash, Misty, Brock and Richie that he's going to use his Nambo Pokemon Provoker to purposely make Lugia angry to strengthen its powers. He's about to put some NPPs on Pikachu and Sparky. Then Oliver comes and frees everyone. Dr. Nambo orders Butch and Cassidy and the other TR members to get them. Pikachu and Sparky destroy the NPPs on Butch and Cassidy's Houndoor and Hitmontop, making it easier to beat them. Butch and Cassidy go down to Lugia and find Jesse and James there trying to free it. They have a Pokemon battle. The battle causes the cage to break and Lugia is free. It's angry, and it blasts off Jesse and James with Butch and Cassidy! Dr. Nambo gets his Electrabuzz powered by a NPP. It's too strong for Pikachu and Sparky. But Sparky destroys the remote Dr. Nambo had, so now the NPP has no effect. Dr. Nambo is beaten. Meanwhile, Lugia is destroying the headquarters. Ash and friends bring Silver and Lugia is happy again. They get out of the headquarters just as they blow up. Luka is happy Lugia and Silver are back now. Oliver is sad to see Silver leave, but knows it's for the best. Ash and friends go on Luka's boat to go back to Olivine City. They say goodbye to Oliver and Richie.

Throw In The Noctowl
Ash phones Janina, and she says Sparkle is feeling much better, and everything is set for the match tomorrow. Unfortunately, Ash and friends miss the ferry ride to Olivine City! He meets this old guy who says he has a plane and can fly them there. His name is Alexander but he likes to be called "Wings". He has a Noctowl, and tells a story. When it was once Hoothoot it was a great battler that evolved into Noctowl. Ever since then, Wings and Noctowl have helped rescue people and flown people on their plane. A big storm is brewing up, and Team Rocket are in their Meowth balloon, and the storm is getting worse, so Wings decides to help them and brings them aboard! They swear they won't try to capture Pikachu. The storm gets worse. With the help of [Ash's] Bulbasaur and Bayleef the propellers are kept sturdy. Misty uses Staryu and Polliwhirl to keep the plane from hitting the water. Jigglypuff tries to sing, but it gets electrocuted. Ash uses Pikachu to conduct electricity and the storm goes away. In the end, everyone makes it safely to Olivine City except for Team Rocket who falls off the plane through a boarded-up hole. (Go figure!)

Nerves Of Steelix
After an incident with Team Rocket and a giant Wobuffet robot, Ash goes to finally battle Jasmine in Olivine City. She uses a Magnemite and a Steelix. Pikachu beats Magnemite, but Steelix seems unstoppable. Cyndaquil eventually beats him and Ash wins the Mineral Badge. The gang sets off to the next gym at Mohagany Town.

Bulbasaur...The Ambassador!
Professor Oak and Tracey have a problem. The Pokemon in Professor Oak's garden are acting very aggressive. Seeing the extremity in this case they call Ash for his Bulbasaur because Bulbasaur took care of and understood wild Pokemon in the past. When Bulbasaur comes Professor Oak explains that the grass and water Pokemon in his garden used to live in harmony until a group of Hoppid and Jumpluff came and tried to have an area of their own. To solve this problem Bulbasaur decided to make another lake for splitting up the large group of water Pokemon. Tracey's Marrill, Venonat, & Scyther also helped him. Bulbasaur called on a group of Sandslash and Poliwhirl to help him. The Poliwhirl used water gun to weaken the dirt and the Sandslash slashed through it. All was great until a big rock was blocking the water from the new lake. Bulbasaur and all the other Pokemon helped him move it. Tracey wanted to interfere but Professor Oak said not to because the Pokemon are finally working together and getting along. As they pulled the big rock out Bulbasaur was just about to get hit by it but he learned dig. Meanwhile Ash dreams of all his memories with Bulbasaur. The next day Professor Oak called and gave Ash a tough decision. In order for the Pokemon to get along Bulbasaur has to stay at Professor Oak's garden. Knowing it's the right thing to do Ash lets them have Bulbasaur. Tracey thanks them and so does Bulbasaur.

Espeon, Not Included
Ash, Misty, and Brock head back to Ecroteac city where they meet up with Sakura. Sakura's Eevee had evolved into an Espeon. Brock of course fell in love with her sisters Satsuky, who has a Jolteon, Sumomo, who has a Vaporeon, Tamayo, who has an Umbreon, and Comay who has a Flareon. The four girls go to there dance lessons where their dance instructors are Jessie and James and they steel all the girls Pokemon! While the four older sisters Pokemon are getting stolen Misty and Sakura are having a battle Espeon vs. Corsola. Corsola wins and then the Four girls return and tell what happened while Jessie is upset because they only have four Eevee evolutions and she wants them all so they are going to go back and get Espeon. Sakura wants to use Espeon as bait which works and Crobat follows Team Rocket and they follow Crobat. Since Espeon can sense things she doesn't let Jessie put the chain on her and then the people catch up they fight team rocket blasts of and the Sakura's sisters say she can start her own journey and Sakura chooses not to go with Misty and to go by herself.

For Ho-Oh The Bell Tolls
When Ash, Misty, and Brock run to investigate a mysterious chorus of bells that spontaneously ring out, they chance to meet their old friend Morty and a Pokemon researcher of his acquaintance. Morty and the researcher discover that the sacred Crystal bells, which are said to ring when a legendary Ho-oh returns, are missing. Since the bells were also used to heal the Bug Pokemon living in that area, these Pokemon lash out against their human neighbors, covering the town with their webs. Ash and friends decide to get to the heart of things and, in the forest, find Team Rocket restrained by webs and hanging from a tree. Ash, Misty, Brock, Morty, and the researcher begin to battle with the Bug Pokemon.

Extreme Pokemon
Ash hears about a competition called "Extreme Pokemon". It's a race where trainers ride skateboards and are pulled by their Pokemon. Ash sees Gary and Arcanine will enter. Naturally, Ash wants to beat Gary so he enters. He decides to use Bayleef as his pulling Pokemon. Ash and co. have also met an old man and his wife who have many Pokemon eggs that they raise. Team Rocket plan to steal the Pokemon that wins the contest. The old man says halfway through the course, Ash will have to safely deliver a fake egg to the finish line. At the race, Gary is the fastest, with Ash right behind him. So Team Rocket captures Arcanine. Ash blows a hole in the balloon, and he goes down. Team Rocket is beaten thanks to Arcanine, after they tried to steal some Pokemon eggs. In the end, Ash wins the race. As a reward for saving the eggs, the old couple gives Ash a strange blue Pokemon egg of his own. They won't tell what it'll hatch into...

An Egg-Sighting Adventure
While stopping for a night at Nurse Joy's, Team Rocket come to steal Ash's egg. Togepi teleports it to the middle of a forest. There, a Kangaskan finds it. Team Rocket then goes off to look for food in the place. When everyone finds its missing, Officer Jenny must use her Growlithe and Jumpluff to find the culprits.

Hatching a Plan
The egg finally hatches! It turns out to be a baby Phanphy. Phanphy is a little stubborn at first, not allowing itself to get in Ash's Poke Ball. When Team Rocket comes to attack, Pikachu accidentally zaps Phanphy along with Team Rocket. Phanphy gets scared, and runs away in the forest, because it doesn't seem to trust Ash. Team Rocket finds Phanphy, and hears it's a ground type Pokemon, meaning it's strong against electric types like Pikachu. So they try to get Phanphy to go on their side, and they successfully steal Pikachu! Will Ash get Pikachu and Phanphy back, as well as win Phanphy's trust?

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