Master Quest 210-220

Around The Whirlpool
The gang is on a ship steaming on their way to the Whirl Islands. Ash only needs 3 more badges to compete n the Johto League Championship and Misty is happy because she is going to see all kinds of new war Pokemon in the Whirl Islands. Brock then sees a lot of Whirlpools. Ash and the gang are worried, but suddenly two attendants show up with complementary drinks. They tell the group that the captain is one of the most experienced and knowledgeable men to sail the seas, and that this ship has been engineered for total safety. It turns out that the attendants are Tem Rocket and they try to catch Pikachu, but the ship leans and they catch Ash instead. Team Rocket then reveals themselves. It turns out that Tem Rocket has snuck aboard and they begin to question where they are going to say. The gang begins to walk away but Team Rocket attacks with Arbok and Weezing, Arbok uses Poison Sting and Weezing uses Smoke Screen. Pikachu uses Thunderbolt but Jessie has Wobbuffet use counter attack. The attack is reflected and causes and explosion which sends both the gang and Team Rocket over board. The gang is then moved toward the whirlpools and Misty and Ash send out there water Pokemon to help them escape. It doesn’t work because the current is to strong. Something strange then happens, the gang gets pushed away from the whirlpools, and they see a shadow under water. A Corsola then comes and swims around the gang, and a Tentacruel picks them up with its tentacles. The Corsola and Tentacruel takes them to a boat where a man is standing, it turns out to be Professor Elm. The Corsola turns out to be this Pokemon. It was Corsola that saw them and the ships captain Marriot completed the rescue. Marriot is one of the best captains that knows these seas, the Tentacruel that rescued them are his. Captain Marriot then comes down and tells Elm that he should let the children rest after the day they’ve had. The island where the boat is heading to is the entrance to the Whirl Islands, Blue Point Isle. It’s named that due to a large blue rock at the entrance of the island. The groups at Inland City, the largest port city on Blue Point Isle. Right now the city is very colorful because the Whirl Cup, a competition held every 3 years, where water Pokemon trainers battle for top honors. Even though the competition doesn’t start for another month, preparations are well under way. Misty wants to enter. Team Rocket has finally got back to shore, and there tired. The group then goes to the Pokemon Center to get registered for the Whirl Cup, and Brock does his ga ga act for Nurse Joy. Corsola then jumps out of Elms arms to go into a swimming pool that lead out to the bay, this is done so it can swim back and forth and talk to it’s aquatic friends. There are many trainers and water Pokemon here to compete in the Whirl Cup and get their Pokemon used to the island, because the climate varies island to island. Ash and Misty are finally registered and Brock is talking to a water Pokemon trainer about some general facts. Captain Marriot asks Brock if he’s registered for the Whirl Cup yet, but Brocks interest is in Breeding Water Pokemon. Elm tells Ash and Misty that most trainers here specialize in Water Pokemon. Ash says this will be harder then he though. Misty is happy because she will be fighting with other Water Pokemon trainers. Elm tells Ash that the cup is held on Red Rock Isle. The cup is divided between 4 islands, those being Red, Silver, Blue and Yellow Rock Island. There are also qualifying rounds prior to the finals that will narrow the field of entries. The winner of the tournament will be given the prestigious name Water Pokemon Alpha Omega. The gang then wants to talk to Professor Elm about the shadow they saw. Elms not sure what it is but Captain Marriot has only heard stories related to it. Elm is not surprised because the way Pokemon has changed in the last few years. The reason Elm is doing research is because most life comes form the sea. Captain Marriot gives some advice to keep moving on, to follow their dreams. Team Rocket then appears and steals the water Pokemon form the Pokecenter Pool with a net. Ash and the Gang follow after Team Rocket in Captain Marriot’s boat. Jessie sends out Arbok and Ash is about to attack but Misty does instead. She sends out Staryu and it uses Swift and it connects but it misses with water gun. Arbok attacks with Poison Sting and knocks Staryu out. She recalls Staryu and Psyduck pops out jumps in the water, it can’t swim and Misty recalls it. Ash attacks with Pikachu but James catches with his Super Pika Net. Elms Corsola attacks and James sends out Weezing, which uses it Sludge attack, but it misses. Arbok attacks and Corsola uses tackle which sends Arbok into Weezing and into the balloon. Corsola uses spike cannon, which frees Pikachu and the Pokemon and destroys Team Rockets balloon sending them blasting off again. Misty really wants to catch a Corsola now. Ash is talking to Oak and tells him that they saw a mysterious Pokemon. Elm interrupts and says he has a few theories about it. The next ferry the gang has to catch is at Bluefinland to Yellow Rock Isle.

Fly Me to the Moon
The gang is now traveling through the first island of the Whirl Cup. Misty sees some Corsola and she really wants one, but a man on a boat says it’s impossible. The whirlpools here are very violent. The man is a trainer who lives on the island and invites them to come with him. They come to a very rickety, old rope bridge that the group doesn’t really want to cross. Misty goes first and gets across successfully, the rest of the gang follows but suddenly a large gust of wind comes and everybody is thrown to the other side. The trainer then on the other side yells out, and suddenly a bunch of very chubby Pidgey show up. They make it to the trainer’s house another thinner, faster Pidgey shows up. It’s his Pidgey, Orville. It turns out on this island the Pidgey are overweight, they have no real predators here so all they have to do is eat, eat, eat. A little later the trainer begins to tell Orville’s story, he is inspired by a painting to fly to the sun. He’s been training to do this for a ling time. Team Rocket has listened in on there plan and plan to steal Orville and Pikachu at the same time. Team Rocket dons some disguises themselves and says they want to help Orville fly to the Sun. The next day the journey begins. They are using Team Rockets disguised balloon. James activates some rocket boosters and they begin to gain altitude quickly, and soon Orville takes off. It almost ends in disaster twice, once due to Spearow, but Orville was too fast for them and then Fearow, but Pikachu’s Thunderbolt ended the Fearow problem. Soon the balloon reaches a certain altitude, and everyone is forced to switch to onboard Oxygen. Orville is so high now he has Frost all over him, but he continues. He then decides he went high enough, stops, and starts accelerating downward, but manages to catch the balloon. Now there’s one problem, he broke the balloon too. But there’s an even more important problem, Orville needs oxygen and Meowth helps him get some. They are heading downward now at a very, very fast speed but the Pudgy Pidgey start trying to fly and use there Headbutt to break it’s fall. On the ground Team Rockets boosters on there balloon go off sending them basting off again and the Gang then departs.

Takin’ it on the Chinchou
The gang has arrived at a town that’s having a festival. It’s time for the Chinchou to make there journey from the towns Blue Lake to the ocean. The gang is near the pier when a boy named Dayton and his father blows a whistle. Suddenly tons of Chinchou start coming out of the water. They begin there long walk through the town where the townspeople throw water on them. They come to a bridge and they start to go across when Team Rocket attacks. Meowth attempts to activate there weapon, but it doesn’t work giving half the Chinchou time to get across. The weapon finally works but it breaks the bridge. Pikachu then uses its Thunderbolt to send them blasting off again. The groups are now separated and they head different way to the ocean. During there journey the Chinchou start to get tired so Ash has Totodile use Water Gun, but Totodile at first thinks it’s an attack. Ash stops it and has Totodile spray it, and the Chinchou are revitalized. They continue on and hit a mountain, Dayton slips and falls into the valley below. Daytons at the bottom, and can’t find a way up. They start making there way down the bally and the Chinchou begin to produce light and they meet up with Dayton. They then reach the beach and meet up with Brock, Misty and the other Chinchou. All the Chinchou then come near each other but fall into a Team Rocket trap. Team Rocket tries’s to escape but the Chinchou then shine there light so everybody can see them. Totodile and Bayleef try to help them escape, but it doesn’t work. Dayton’s Chinchou then uses Spark and it destroys the cage sending all the Chinchou into the ocean. Pikachu then uses its Thunderbolt sending Team Rocket blasting off again. Dayton then says goodbye to his Chinchou, and later Team Rocket is floating in the ocean. The Chinchou then give them one last shock for good measure. The gang is moving on, they catch the ferry, but Misty then sees a Corsola and almost jumps ship but Ash and Brock stop there before she can.

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The Corsola Caper
Just as Ash and friends arrive at a new island, their ears are met with cries for help. A family had built their house upon a Corsola nesting ground, and when a new, hyperactive Corsola arrived and frightened off the previous Corsola residents, the ground beneath the house weakened and the house was washed out to sea. The father and daughter who had been outside during the catastrophe now look on helplessly as another daughter—trapped inside the house—is washed out toward a large whirlpool. Ash and Misty call their Pokémon to action and manage to save the young girl, but this proves to be only the first challenge of the day. As Ash and friends set about recollecting the Corsola that had reinforced the foundation of this family's home, Team Rocket soon arrives and attempts to steal not only the needed Corsola, but also collections of local artwork made from Corsola horns, which these Pokémon shed regularly. While assisting this local family, Misty waits not so patiently for an opportunity to catch the Corsola that had first driven the others away, and make it her own.

Mantine Overboard!
Ash, Misty and Brock miss the boat ride to Redrock Island. They hear there won't be any more for the rest of the day. They meet this girl named Luka. She says her great-grandfather found a silver wing that leads to legendary water Pokemon. He kept it in a chest, but one day, his ship sunk and the chest with the silver wing sunk too. No one believes him on how he had the silver wing. So Luka is on a journey to find the sunken ship and the silver wing. Everyone joins her. They ride on her Magikarp and find the sunken ship is guarded by a Mantine. It protects the many Remoraid that live there. Team Rocket in their Magikarp submarine, plan to find the chest first as well as capture the Mantine.

Octillery The Outcast!
After reaching the town where the preliminary round of the Whirl Cup is held, Ash and Misty enter and earn the two victories required to continue on to the finals. A friend they had met earlier is not as fortunate. When Misty tries to console him with promises of the next Whirl Cup to be held in three years, he remains depressed, saying that it was not lack of ability but the low spirits of his Octillery that had brought about his defeat. The Pokémon had been depressed ever since it evolved from a Remoraid and was subsequently spurned by its onetime Remoraid friends. If the boy cannot somehow mend these friendships between Pokémon that have now grown different in appearance, he doesn't see any hopes of victory even in three years time. Ash and friends willingly lend their knowledge and enthusiasm to this problem of Pokémon sociology.

Dueling Heroes
As the final round of the Whirl Cup begins, Ash and Misty must each face formidable opponents. Ash has his Kingler transferred from Oak's lab in preparation, but when he and his Totodile begin their first battle, they must face an opponent with a powerful Kingdra. Misty also faces a challenging duel with an experienced opponent and his Qwilfish. Meanwhile, Team Rocket sets about stealing an ancient jewel used in a reward ceremony to be performed for the tournament's victor.

The Perfect Match
Ash and Misty each emerge victorious from arduous bouts only to be paired against one another in the next round. As these two square off, Team Rocket plots to steal the tournament's prize using reverse psychology: they leave an anonymous tip with the local police force that the prize is in danger. This tip, Jessie reasons, will lead to heightened security, which will in turn lead to overconfidence and carelessness, effectually making it easier for Jessie and James to sneak in and claim their prize. With Ash already in strong position, Misty accidentally deploys Psyduck to face his Kingler. In a surprise turn, however, Psyduck launches a Confuse attack that wins the match for Misty. Ash takes his place in the stands and cheers for Misty as she begins her next round. Meanwhile Team Rocket watches in shock as—contrary to Jessie's plan—not only is the police presence at the event fortified, but the police show no sign of growing overconfident.

Plant it Now...Diglett Later!
A village of kind, elderly people prepares a great meal for Ash and friends, and in return requests that the Pokémon Trainers assist them in defending their village against a gang of marauders that invades the village every year and attempts to rustle their sizable herd of Diglett.

Hi Ho Silver...Away!
Ash and his friends go to Silverock Isle, where they find the town is known for its production of Silver wings. They meet this lady named Arian and her boyfriend Jeremiah with his Pokemon Sandslash. Jeremiah is very good at making silver statues. Arian tells Ash, Misty and Brock about a legend about how silver wings lead to legendary water Pokemon because a long time ago, a ship was in a storm and all the sudden a huge whirlpool stopped the storm, and a sliver wing fell from the sky... No one knows what it meant, but they want to find out. Jeremiah is planning to marry Arian and he made a silver wing especially for her. That day Team Rocket comes with a giant vacuum to suck up the silver wings in the town. Noctowl bursts a hole in the balloon and thanks to Jeremiah's Sandslash, Team Rocket are beaten. Arian accepts Jeremiah's proposal. Ash and friends go in a cave to go to the next town, and when they come through it, they see a Pikachu that looks like...Sparky?!

The Mystery Is History
The Pikachu is indeed Sparky. Then Richie comes out! He says he is looking for the mysterious Pokemon too. They decide to look on Ogi Island and find this boy who has a Lanturn and a baby Lugia named Silver that he doesn't want anyone to notice. After awhile everyone finds Silver. The boy (named Oliver) said he found Silver a week ago when he was in a storm and he and his Lanturn almost drowned. When he woke up, he found Silver. Meanwhile, down under the ocean Team Rocket members are with a TR professor who wants to capture Lugia. He sends Butch and Cassidy and the mission! They almost capture Silver, and use their new Pokemon, Houndoor and Hitmontop. But then a ship with Luka on it comes and defeats them! Jesse and James, in their Magikarp submarine see Butch and Cassidy. When Luka's silver wing glows, an adult Lugia comes out! Everyone can see this Lugia is Silver's mother. Luka says that the mystery Pokemon everyone's been looking for is definitely Lugia. Ash remembers how he saw Lugia during the Orange Islands. (Pokemon the Movie 2000) Jesse and James come in new uniforms and decide to steal Butch and Cassidy's plan to capture Lugia, so they can bring Lugia to Giovanni. Silver sees a Lugia he wants to play with, but it turns out to be a trap made by Butch and Cassidy. A metal cage captures Silver. Jesse and James are there to get Silver themselves, but Butch and Cassidy defeat them. Richie uses his new Pokemon, Pupitar to fight Butch and Cassidy. But in the end, they still get Silver.

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