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Pokemon 3: The Movie
Pichu and Pikachu
The movie opens with a shot of a busy road, and a big building. Ash and the gang (Misty and Brock w/Pikachu, Togepi, and their Pokémon) are going up an elevator, in the big building. Pikachu sees a Pichu, which makes a funny face at him. Pikachu makes one back, but it’s gone by then. They get to the top, and they let out their Pokémon to play. Ash tells the Pokémon that he will be back at 6:00 , and now its 10:00 . After that's over, all of the Pokémon are playing around, when Pikachu sees the Pichu again, which makes a face, and slaps his own butt. Another Pichu comes out, which is the others Brother. Both Pikachu and the Pichu are on separate buildings, about 20 ft from each other. One of the Pichu almost falls, so Pikachu decides to take action, and starts to run down a little bit, grabs onto a pole, and gets ready to save Pichu, just to find out that Pichu was just helped up by his brother. Pikachu looks down, and he realizes that he is on a pole, about 30 stories up from the street. Some Murkrow start to come over and bug Pikachu, pecking him, because he is on their territory. Pikachu grabs onto a clothesline that connects the two buildings, but the Murkrow start to peck at him, and he almost starts to fall off. On the building across from Pikachu is Meowth, working a Part Time job as a window washer. He looks over, and sees Pikachu, but guesses that he is just dreaming. Right before the Murkrow almost peck Pikachu down, the wind starts up, and about 40 Hoppip come, and float in the air. Pikachu starts to jump from one to the other, and then uses the small platform that Meowth is on as a springboard, springing Meowth very, very far away. He's now is on the other building, with the Pichu. He yells out to the other Pokémon, but is drowned out by the traffic. The Pichu motion for him to come with them, so he runs along with them. They go through a small grate, and find themselves on top of an elevator, going down. When it stops, they go into the Air Conditioning vent, and drop about 30 feet, before rolling onto the top of a truck, where the AC vent ends. They use the truck to transport themselves, riding on the top, but at a sharp turn, they get thrown off, because they can't balance anymore. They find themselves in a small body of water, going through the city. They cling to a wooden rafter, which lets them float. Suddenly, they see something that looks like a giant Lapras, but it is a large cruse boat, heading straight for them. Pikachu starts to push the rafter as fast as he can, swimming. When they are about to hit the boat, a Gyarados comes from nowhere, and makes them skyrocket up, landing on a Houndour, which causes him to start chasing them. They climb up a pole, and go over a fence, but the Houndour climbs over. The end of the pole comes, but when they go down, they get to a fence. Cornered, the two Pichu decide to use Thundershock, which completely tires them out, and barely effects the Houndour. Pikachu has nothing to do, except to try to climb over the fence with the two asleep Pichu, which he eventually does. He jumps on another fence, and jump down, hoping for a miracle to happen, because there is an even higher fence right next to them, which they cannot climb over. They jump down, but they hit a Snorlax, which they easily bounce off of, and go to the next fence. The Houndour tries to copy them, but when he jumps down, nothing is there, because the Snorlax decided to roll over. He rolls back to where he used to be, on top of the Houndour. Once the Pichu wake up, Pikachu and the Pichu find themselves in a tire yard, where many tires are made into a play fort, held down by many ropes. Many Pokémon jump out, and do a little dance scene. After that, the Pokémon leave, but then, Pikachu hears the clock chime 5:00 . Right as that happens, he also sees the Houndour, which results in another chase around the Tire fort. Suddenly, some of the tires start to come loose, and land on the Houndour. Pikachu and the two Pichu save the Houndour, but as that happens, even more tires become loose, and the whole structure almost comes apart, but then, while Houndour holds one part of the structure, Pikachu goes to hold together one of the ropes that holds the Fort together, which starts to rip. The Pichu call out to the other Pokémon, which start to come, and help Pikachu and Houndour. They start to try to repair the building, but the rope that Pikachu and the other Pokémon are trying to hold together snaps. Right before the whole thing almost falls; the Houndour jams another tire in between one of the broken links, and holds it together for a few more minutes. The Pokémon all start to pile up the tires, trying to stabilize the building, and finally fix it. After that, Pikachu says bye to everyone again, and makes friends with the Houndour. Pikachu sees the clock, about 20 minutes away from 6:00 , when he has to be back!! He starts to run back, but then the Pichu come beside him, in a rolling tire, which he gets in. Very fast, they start to roll downhill, through traffic, and into Meowth, before getting into the hotel. Pikachu then says Goodbye to the two Pichu when he gets to the top, just in time. Ash comes back, and tells all of the Pokémon to go into the party room of the building, which they all find a big party laid out for them. Pikachu doesn't know what it’s for, but then Ash picks him up, and tells him that it is the anniversary of when they first met. All of the Pokémon are now happy, pigging out on cake, and Pokémon food. As Ash puts his cap on Pikachu, they all look outside, and see fireworks going off. The End.  

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Lord of the Unknown Tower
The third Pokemon movie to hit the screen is probably the most unusual Pokemon movie of them all. As always the storyline is complex and imaginative, and absorbing too.

Set in the Johto region the movie starts surprisingly with a scene of a little 5-year-old girl (Molly) and her father (Prof. Hale) playing in her bedroom. This part of the movie actually provides a lot of links to the main story, but of course at first you don’t know that and it adds to the usual fun of making the connections throughout the movie. Molly is enjoying a ride on her father’s back as he imitates the legendary Entei and takes her for a ride when an email arrives on the computer, asking him to come and see a new discovery. The email reveals by its content that Molly’s father is part of a research team and we see that he must leave Molly alone a lot, the typical lonely child story. He says goodbye to his daughter and leaves.

The drama begins as Prof. Hale enters a newly discovered underground chamber, where pictures of the legendary Pokemon Unown decorate the walls. Upon discovering a box on Unown tiles on the floor the professor unintentionally summons the Unown and is pulled into their ‘world’.

Of course, the disappearance of the professor leaves Molly all alone in the world with no relatives left. Alone in the huge mansion owned by her father, Molly is filled with longing for her father to come back. She looks through the possessions taken from the site where her father disappears and comes across the box of Unown tiles. Like her father, she touches them and…along come the Unown! For some reason they do not take Molly like they did her father, instead circling around her and singing a weird song that becomes a fixed part of the movie, sounding something like “Un-oooown, un-oooownnn, un-owwwnnn…” (How creative. Then again most Pokemon CAN only say their own names. Unown appear to be capable of a lot of high pitched squeaking as well.) Molly is delighted to see them, and that’s when things get really strange, from where Molly is sitting on the floor crystal starts to form out of nowhere and take over the mansion! All others in there but Molly are forced to flee and the crystal begins to spread quickly over the surrounding landscape too. Molly is at first thrilled but an overpowering longing for her father soon takes hold again. Reflecting on the last thing they did together; her father pretending to be Entei while molly takes a ride on him, she pictures him as Entei. The next this we see is Entei himself materializing behind her, as the Unown jiggle around squeaking. This makes obvious they are granting her wish for her father, in a strange kind of way. When Molly becomes aware of Entei she instantly thinks it is her father in that form, and from that moment calls Entei ‘Papa.’

Now, at last, the intro is over and we get into the movie. Naturally, it’s about time we see Ash and Co. This time they are all walking along together with the regular voice over talking about ‘Ash on his adventure’ and then…a trainer appears! Of course, we all know Ash and a battle challenge is swiftly issued. We get an interesting battle featuring several of the new Johto league Pokemon and, of course, Pikachu, who triumphs in the end and earns Ash a victory. The new trainer, a girl who sports a most fascinating hat which I never did figure out was supposed to resemble, mentions that a town called Greenfield is nearby and that it has a Pokemon Center where Ash can rest his Pokemon. Of course, they all set out for Greenfield. We then get a short intro to the notorious Team Rocket… (what would a Pokemon movie be without them?)…Acting as clueless as ever…and this intro makes clear that as usual Ash is about to end up in the same place as Team Rocket. Jesse is at the time making an interesting observance of the crystal taking over the area. We then see Ash and company come running over a hill to see, with shocked exclamations, a bizarre crystal wasteland instead of the ‘beautiful’ Greenfield. Meanwhile, a broadcast of the disappearance of Molly’s dad and the phenomenon in Greenfield has reached Ash’s Mom, who, having known Prof. Hale and Molly for years, at once sets out with Prof. Oak to investigate. She and Ash inevitably meet and decide, even in the crystal chaos, to have a cheerful little lunch together. However, in the mansion Molly has watched a broadcast of Ash and his Mom meeting up, and is instantly saddened as she remembers her own loved mother, who, incidentally, had been taken by the Unown several years ago. The Unown, by granting her wishes, have made her realize she can have anything she wants, and so she tells her ‘papa’ Entei “she wants a mama, too.”

Entei decides that the best way to get a mama for molly is to go steal Ash’s mom, and rudely interrupts Ash, his friends and ‘mama’ while they are eating. He hypnotizes her, with a most creative phrase of “You. Are. MAMA!” along with a bit of hypnotic eye looks. Naturally, Pikachu and ash give chase; Pikachu is defeated literally by nothing more than a flick of Entei’s tail and Ash is stopped from his usual impulsive rashness when Brock grabs and holds him before he can go charging after Entei. Ash’s mom is introduced to her new child and Molly is happy again…a good thing for Entei seeing as he was brought into the world solely to make Molly happy!

Naturally, Ash is determined to save his mom and tries to sneak off in secret. As usual, misty and Brock insist on coming along, apparently Ash is incapable of sneaking off without alerting them. They quickly discover that the only way into the mansion is up a waterfall. Ash, resourceful as ever when it comes to his Pokemon, uses a few of them to help him climb up. Unfortunately, he is spotted by a TV crew filming in the area and Prof. Oak sees, but other than a scolding ash gets no more from the professor than an admonition to ‘get his mother out of there!’ (Despite the fact that was what ash was doing in the first place anyway.) The professor does give a bit of information though; finally we realize how the Unown are making such weird things happen! They are feeding on Molly’s imagination and creating whatever she dreams and wishes.

However, Molly also sees the broadcast and reacts somewhat differently. Seeing that ash has Pokemon, she expresses a wish to be able to battle Pokemon too. Ash’s mother, being genetically close to ash, is overtaken by her maternal instinct when Ash slips and dangles over the falling water, seeing this snaps her out of the trance Entei has put her in and she realizes suddenly that it’s her son trying to get in, obviously to save her. She does do the smart thing and doesn’t mention that she has awoken from the trance. Molly falls asleep on her lap and as Entei vanishes through the floor a dream-version of Molly appears on his back. Within her dream, Entei is about to fulfill her wish.

Ash and co eventually breach the building and get in, once again with some Pokemon help. They quickly come to realize that Prof. Oak was right in saying the mansion is now molly’s imagination world, weird things happen such as steps being solid one minute and floating in the air the next! Team rocket have meanwhile tried to preach the building by air, but Entei thwarted this by blasting them down by a purple version of fire-blast. Naturally they fell right into the building.

Ash and friends come quickly into face with molly, who has somehow transformed her dream self into an adult, so that she is ‘old enough’ to train Pokemon. She challenges Brock, while ash and misty keep moving to find Ash’s mom. Brock is quickly defeated by molly’s dream Pokemon, which are far stronger than real ones. This is made especially obvious when Brock’s huge and well-trained Onix is defeated by one rollout attack from molly’s puny Phanphy. Molly leaves Brock, we never do find out how he caught up with ash and misty again, he just did somehow. Molly next challenges misty, while ash continues alone. Misty is exposed even more to the dream world when a challenge to a water-Pokemon battle leaves her and molly literally underwater to battle…while still breathing air. Team rocket are meanwhile making their own way through the building, accompanied by their usual puns and witty remarks, which are the only things team rocket ever really show any wit in.

Ash finds his mother in the top room, with molly. He quickly fills her in on the details and his mom wakes molly up to tell her they have to go. Of course, waking molly results in her dream ending and her dream self leaving the battles. Misty and Brock appear out of nowhere later, how they got to ash is unspecified. Another mystery of Pokemon…

Molly, now very used to getting whatever she wants, decides to be stubborn and refuses to leave. Entei comes in to get rid of ash, who, defiant and at the same time rather stupid, tries to attack Entei with Pikachu, Cyndaquill and Totadile. This results in ash being blasted out the window and falling straight down towards certain death.

Then, out of nowhere, Charizard appears! Having seen ash and his dilemma on TV in the Charific valley, the heroic Pokemon has come to save the day! He catches ash, and Pikachu who for some reason decided to follow ash… (Well not really, ash grabbed Pikachu but anyway.) Charizard flies back up and once again ash tries to convince Molly to leave the mansion and come back to the real world. Meanwhile Brock and Misty have appeared who knows how they got there in the time it took ash to fall out a window and get caught.

Molly still refuses to cooperate and ash is blasted out the window again! This time though team rocket, who have managed to get to the top of the mansion where ash is, grab him by the arm and save his life. It seems to be their destiny to save the person they hate. Entei and Charizard start to battle after ash refuses to give up and tries to get his mom out anyway. Because the battle is putting lives in danger, ash takes it outside, riding Charizard out.

Charizard has decided to obey ash nowadays but Entei has an unfair advantage, the Unown work to help him and send crystal spears shooting out from the mansion all over the place to make a ladder for Entei, allowing it to pursue Charizard through the air. A massive battle ensues, but Charizard is eventually beaten down and Entei pins him by the throat, preparing to blast him and end it. And finally, at the critical moment, molly realizes that all of this I wrong, and begs for the fighting to stop.

In the following calm and relief molly is at last convinced to return to reality. This is accompanied by the sadness of Entei saying he must leave, if she wishes things to be real again. But, just when you think its all okay, things go mad and crystal spears begin to come out of everything, barring the way out. A quick transmission to prof. Oak tells us that the Unown have generated so much power they cant control it! Now they are not letting the company leave.

Entei helps them to the ground floor but the Unown have created an invisible barrier that is seemingly impossible to breach. Pikachu and Charizard blast it but even their combined power cannot help. When all hope seems to fade, along comes Entei again. After a touching scene of him speaking to molly at his pride in being her temporary papa, he tells her that if she truly believes in him, he can defeat even the Unown! With this, he charges the barrier and stands his ground, desperately trying to break out. Pikachu and Charizard pitch it, and Entei calls out, begging for molly to help him. In her heart molly realizes he can do this, and encourages him as hard as she can. At last, the barrier disintegrates and the Unown vanish, leaving the old Unown tiles raining down onto the floor. Far away, we see Prof. Hale reappear also.

Entei now must say his final goodbye. But at last, the crystal vanishes and things begin to return to normal. As Entei vanishes he tells molly to ‘keep him close, in her dreams…’ which, incidentally, had been the last thing molly’s real papa had told her before he was taken. We see happiness again at last as the group stand outside on the step, watching several hundred police cars zooming towards the mansion for some reason. And molly, looking up, sees a last glimpse of Entei in a formation of cloud.

As usual, team rocket have the last word. And as it seems to be in movies, they don’t blast off, this time they ‘fade out.’ But as it is with Pokemon movies, this is not really the end. The true ending is found in the credits, for those who are patient and watch them. And here we see the greatest ending of all. Molly is reunited with her father, and soon after we see her with her very own Pokemon, a Teddiursa. But, the greatest surprise comes when her father appears while she is playing with her Pokemon, and with him is…molly’s mother. Evidently, when the Unown were defeated they returned not only molly’s father but her mother too. Of course molly is overjoyed and the movie at last complete.

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