Johto Champions 191-200

The Dunsparse Deception
Our heroes are walking a long a path to Olivine City, when a net catches their attention. They see a boy who is looking for a Dunsparce, a land-snake Pokemon. The boy has a Caterpie that frightens Misty a lot. The boy introduces himself as Bucky and he says that he is looking for a Dunsparce because almost everyone in town has one except him. The gang looks around and they see Dunsparce everywhere, but they all have trainers. Bucky tells them that one-day his grandpa got sick, so he went to visit him and when he got back, everyone had a Dunsparce. A girl tells Bucky to hurry up for the race. Bucky has to use his Caterpie while everyone else uses his or her Dunsparce. Caterpie is a lot slower though and gets lapped. Team Rocket at the same time is spying on the brats and they come up with a plan to get Pikachu, so they get that started. At one point, Bucky's Caterpie falls down some stairs and gets knocked out. Bucky picks up his Pokemon and tells it to relax. Brock comments that Bucky is a really nice trainer. Ash and his friends decide to help him look for a Dunsparce of his own. They all send out their Pokemon to help them look. They start by looking through some tall grass and Pikachu spots a Dunsparce. Bucky tries to get it, but he is too slow and it gets away. A net then drops down and grabs Pikachu and some other of Ash's Pokemon. Team Rocket then reveals themselves and they recite their motto from their balloon. Ash gets back his Pokemon right away thanks to a Flamethrower from Cyndaquil. The balloon then gets popped and they get sent blasting off again with a Dunsparce. After Team Rocket has landed, they are happy about their Dunsparce, but Team Rocket has a plan to steal all the Dunsparce in town. To do that they have a presentation on a Dunsparce-Moltres battle. The funny thing is that Meowth is a Dunsparce and James is dressed up as a Moltres. After the presentation is done (which the kids hated) they ask them if they want to trade their Dunsparce for Moltres. The kids all like the idea and rush around to get their new Pokemon. Ash and his friends meanwhile have been looking forever for a Dunsparce. When they go back to town, the find out that someone gave the kids all empty Pokeball's and took all their Dunsparce. Ash vows that he'll do everything he can to get back the Pokemon. Back with Team Rocket, they decide to let the Dunsparce out for a second, but they all get away by mistake. They try and recapture them, but they don't have any luck. Ash eventually finds the Poke-thieves and has to battle them for the Dunsparce. Ash then takes out his Pokemon and starts to battle, but then the kids decide to help Ash instead, so they get their Dunsparce to all attack Team Rocket at once. At the end, Team Rocket gets hit with a really hard Take Down and gets sent blasting off again! Right after that, Bucky sees a Dunsparce and sends out his Caterpie to battle it. Caterpie ends up tying it up with a String Shot and after some suspense of the Pokeball having trouble closing, Bucky has himself a new Pokemon! Bucky finally can play with the kids and race, so they all say bye and with that our heroes continue on towards the next gym in Olivine City.

The Wayward Wobbuffet
Our heroes are walking along the path like usual when two professors confront them. They say that they have created a Poke-Pod and without really asking, they take Pikachu and put him in it. Not surprisingly, the professors reveal themselves as none of than Team Rocket! They tell the twerps that the only way to open it is with the key and they start to run off. Team Rocket sneaks the key to Wobbuffet when the brats aren't looking, so when they catch up with Jessie, James and Meowth, they say they don't have the key. Suddenly Wobbuffet reveals itself from behind the rock, so Ash tries to grab it, but it falls into a nearby river and then down a waterfall! Ash luckily catches Pikachu in the Poke Pod, but the problem is that he doesn't have the key. Jessie tries to make a deal with Ash to save Pikachu, but he isn't interested and goes off looking for Pikachu while she is still talking. Team Rocket also wants to find Wobbuffet since then they can get the key, so they use their Meowth balloon. Meanwhile Wobbuffet is still floating down a river, until a Quagsire directs it out. At that point everyone including Ash and his friends see Wobbuffet so they all go after it, but they lose it. Then they spot it up in a tree, but before anyone can grab it, Wobbuffet uses the vines to swing away! Ash and his friends end up on a top of a hill where Ash and Team Rocket don't watch where they're going and fall off landing on their faces instead of their feet. They then see the Psychic Pokemon holding on to a branch up on the side of the hill. Wobbuffet lets go when Jessie calls it down, but then a truck goes under it and it ends up on the truck instead of in Jessie's arms. Some police drive up, so Team Rocket scrams it, but the kids stick around and find out that the man driving the truck is a criminal named Godum who robs banks with his Golem. The scene then switches to Godum who is driving along and planning how he is going to elude the cops when he notices the Wobbuffet on his windshield and it irritates him, so he tries to hit it off. While he is doing that, he forgets that he is driving and ends up crashing right through a police block. Since he is now inside the city limits, the cops seal off all the exits to the town and eventually Godum hits a dead end. The police think it is over, but it isn't and Godum surprises them with a secret hot air Golem balloon. Godum notices that Wobbuffet is in the basket of the balloon also, so he unsuccessfully tries to knock it out and Wobbuffet ends up countering his attack and knocks him out of the balloon and right to the police. Team Rocket is up in their balloon at the time and spot Wobbuffet, so they follow it. Jessie has the idea of trying to call her Pokemon back into its Pokeball, but Wobbuffet is swerving too much and avoids being called back. Suddenly Team Rocket notices that they are about to crash into a tower, but it is too late and the balloon gets a hole in it. Meowth goes up to plug the hole manually and save them for the moment, but Wobbuffet jumps down on the balloon and pops it sending everyone blasting off. Meanwhile, Ash and friends are walking along when they see Wobbuffet falling, so Ash acts fast and tries to grab it with Chikorita, but it lands on a speeding boat and knocks off the driver leaving Jessie's poor Pokemon to drive it alone. Team Rocket is shown sitting around and missing Wobbuffet when they spot the Pokemon and start chasing after it along with the brats. Jessie and Ash both jump onto the boat and Jessie tells her Pokemon to slow down the boat, so it tries to, but it makes it go even faster instead! They end up getting shot up into the air thanks to a Lapras boat sending little Wobbuffet into the air away from the boat. Wobbuffet ends up landing on a motorcycle that Godum the robber is riding. Godum explains that he got away from the police when they left their motorcycle unattended. Back on the boat, Ash has to end up stopping it thanks to the help of Totodile, so Jessie and him get off the boat and return to their respective groups. They start looking for Wobbuffet again and find out that it is being help hostage by Godum in an old abandoned building. Team Rocket thinks up a scheme to get back their Pokemon so they go on with their plan. The brats search around for an entrance to the building and find a hole in the ground. We find out that Team Rocket dug the hole because thanks to it they get into the building. Jessie tries to make a deal with Godum, but he isn't interested and attacks with his Golem! Suddenly Ash comes up out of the hole and inadvertently saves Team Rocket. Ash attacks with his Totodile, but Godum's Golem is too strong and is about to win when Wobbuffet uses counter to knock Golem into Godum sending him outside the building and right into the custody of the police. While all that happens, Team Rocket tries to make a get away in their new Wobbuffet balloon, but Ash pops it with Noctowl, making Wobbuffet drop the key right to Ash. Ash lets out Pikachu who delivers a devastating Thunderbolt sending Team Rocket blasting off again! After all the action is done, Officer Jenny thanks Ash for helping the police help Godum and with that our heroes are off, but wait… what about Team Rocket?! Well they end up clinging to a bridge for dear life trying to get Wobbuffet to save them.

Sick Daze
Our heroes are getting ready for another day of training and waiting for breakfast. Ash goes over to Brock and sees how it is going, but when he taps him, Brock falls over sideways. Misty feels his forehead and finds out that he is really sick. Ash and Misty help Brock into bed for some well-needed rest, but Brock suddenly gets up. Brock tries to get up and do some work against what Misty and Ash say, but he's too sick and lies down again. Ash and Misty convince him that they can help with things, or so they think they can. They start off by doing some of the work like polishing Brock's rock Pokemon. Ash is having a really hard time with it, so he gets Totodile to help by spraying Onix, but Onix gets angry (along with Misty) and hits them with his tail. Back at the lodge, Brock is dreaming about a beautiful place with some beautiful girls. He tries to go near them, but he misses and wakes up to find his Pokemon around him. Brock is worried about Ash and Misty and tries to get up to help, but Golbat puts him back in bed because he wants him to rest. Back with the others, Ash says that he is going to go and get some fruit to eat while Misty is going to wash. When Ash goes to look for fruit, he finds that all the apples are gone from the trees. He then spots Team Rocket who is using a machine to suck all the apples up. Ash asks if he can possibly have some apples, but instead he gets the Team Rocket motto and his Pikachu sucked away. Ash ends up freeing Pikachu within moments thanks to the Flamethrower from Cyndaquil. Pikachu then does the honors and delivers a Thunderbolt that causes Team Rocket to blast off again! Ash takes the apples that Team Rocket had collected and heads back to Misty. Meanwhile, Brock is dreaming again about the same girls and yet again he misses them. He suddenly wakes up to find Misty and Ash who give him some apples to eat. Brock wants to work again, but he decides that he should rest since he is in such rough shape. In the afternoon, Ash chops some wood and Misty cooks the next meal. Ash is doing a good job, but Misty messes up and adds too much salt and sugar, so she decides to add a whole bunch of other ingredients like soy sauce. When the food is done, Misty asks Ash if he is hungry and he is, but the food looks so bad he declines and says he is full. Misty can see right through him and decides to try her own meal and surprise, surprise, it tastes awful! After a long day of work, all the Pokemon and Ash and Misty sleep outside to give Brock some peace and quiet. Ash is talking to Misty and says that they should be more grateful for all Brock does for them. They then go to sleep, but they don't know that Team Rocket is spying on them from some bushes. Team Rocket ends up finding Misty's meal and so they try it out since it is free. James and Meowth feel sick, while Jessie loves it! Even Wobbuffet hates it! Team Rocket then comes up with a plan to steal the brats' Pokemon. They make an Ash robot to lure over the Pokemon. The Pokemon think it is Ash and get trapped in a net. By that time, Ash and Misty are awake and they chase after Team Rocket and end up falling into a hole in the ground (Team Rocket's specialty). Team Rocket then goes into their hot air balloons and they grab the rest of the Pokemon including Pikachu! At this point, it looks like Team Rocket has finally won, but Brock arrives and gets Golbat to pop the balloon to save the Pokemon. All of Brock's attack Team Rocket and then Ash finishes them off with a Thunderbolt courtesy of Pikachu sending them blasting off again! The next morning when Ash and Misty wake up, Brock is already up cooking and gives them breakfast. Brock says he feels better, but he decides to take another nap after breakfast just in case. When he dreams this time, he finally gets the girls!

Ring Masters
Our heroes are traveling along when they come across an intriguing little village. Everything is calm until they're surprised to see a Feraligatr and a Nidoking fighting. The strange thing is that they aren't having a normal battling, but they're basically wrestling. The Feraligatr ends up winning by throwing the Nidoking down. The trainer of the Feraligatr says next as the next challenger, Heracross appears. Feraligatr continues its domination and ends up throwing down the Heracross and winning the match. Ash and friends comment that it's the 5th Pokemon that Feraligatr has beaten since they've been there. Granbull is the next opponent, but the results are no different with Feraligatr coming out the winner again.An older man is watching the battle and is just as impressed as the gang is. He says that the Feraligatr's trainer, Raiden is going to win the King's Rock. Since the wrestling is over, Misty goes over to Feraligatr and falls in love with it since it's a Water Pokemon. The old man says that almost all the trainers in town are into sumo wrestling, which is what Feraligatr was doing. He explains that that was how they train their Pokemon. Raiden over hears the conversation and invites the gang to stay and watch him train his Pokemon. Feraligatr starts out by punching a log as hard as it can. Ash has an idea and sends out Totodile and tells it that it will look like Feraligatr someday when it evolves. Ash says that he wishes he could try out sumo wrestling, and the old man says that he's in luck because the sumo conference starts today. He explains that in the sumo conference, two Pokemon battle it out using only their physical strength without relying on the usual attacks. The goal of a match is to take your opponent out of the circle to win. The old man says that Raiden and Feraligatr are expected to be the winners. Brock says that he wants to stay and watch, but Ash wants to compete instead. Misty asks him if he's sure since he's never been in a sumo match before, but Ash says that he can win it. Ash wants to get started training with Pikachu and Totodile, but Raiden informs him that the Pokemon has to weigh over 80kg. Ash calls up Professor Oak and tries to think of the best Pokemon to use and decides to go with Snorlax since it will easily beat the weight requirement. So Ash trades Noctowl to let Professor Oak observe it for Snorlax. When Ash arrives at the registration area for the sumo competition, we see Team Rocket who is disguised as common trainers. They end up registering a suspicious looking Miltank, which is really Wobbuffet in disguise. They say they're entering since they never win anything. Jessie says that she has a secret strategy for winning and so Team Rocket starts to plan out what they're going to do. In the meantime, Ash is waiting for his turn to weigh Snorlax to see if it can compete. When it's Snorlax's turn, it goes on top of the scale, but it ends up breaking the scale, so Nurse Joy assumes it weighs enough. Ash and friends hear that the opening ceremonies are beginning, so they try and get Snorlax to get up, but it doesn't seem to want to budge. The announcer starts to announce the prizes. He says that the winner gets the King's Rock, which Snorlax doesn't really care about, but when it hears that there's a whole year's supply of Pokemon food to be won, it finally gets up. When Ash and Snorlax arrive in the battling area, the rules are still being announced. Raiden tells him that Blastoise is really the Pokemon to beat this year. Once the rules end, the first battle begins. The battle is between Team Rocket and their "Miltank" and an Ursaring. The brats are watching and think that the "Miltank" has a weird face. Ursaring starts out by trying to push "Miltank", but it uses Counter to win the match. Team Rocket starts to celebrate their victory, but the older man who is now the judge, disqualifies them for using Counter. Team Rocket protests and when they aren't getting anywhere they get rid of their disguises and say the motto. They then try and steal the King's Rock, but Feraligatr uses Hydro Pump sending them blasting off. Raiden says that there's no room for cheaters, as the competition continues. Up next is Raiden's first battle, which is against a Golem. Feraligatr and Golem get into a pushing battle, but they both stand their ground. Feraligatr catches it off guard though, striking Golem and knocking it out of the circle to win the match. Now it's Ash's first battle, which is against a trainer with a Poliwrath. Poliwrath runs at Snorlax and tries to hit it, but it gets knocked out with Snorlax's large gut. Snorlax is happy and tries to eat the Pokemon food, so Ash calls it back. Team Rocket is unhappy about being blasted off again, so they decide to try and sell souvenir Pokemon prints. Jessie says that it's the key to their fortune. She explains that they can make fake ones and sell them in the stadium for a lot of money and also try and steal some Pokemon for the boss. Now it's Raiden's turn again and he has to face off against the favorite to win, Blastoise. At the beginning Feraligatr and Blastoise are even strength, so Blastoise tries to jump on it, but misses. Feraligatr tries to capitalize on the error and almost wins, but Blastoise comes back with some hard punches, almost knocking Feraligatr out of the circle. Feraligatr ends up winning by picking up Blastoise and throwing it to advance to the finals. Ash is up now and Snorlax and him must face off against a trainer with a Machamp. Machamp starts out by charging at Snorlax, but Snorlax's stomach knocks it out, therefore advancing Ash to the finals also. Before the match, Raiden says that Ash is a nice kid, but he explains that he can't go easy on him even though they're friends. Ash says that he doesn't want him to. The old man says that Ash is the first rookie to ever make it to the finals. The old man tells them to try their best as the match commences. Feraligatr tries to attack Snorlax first, but Snorlax shows a bit of agility (just a bit) and dodges it. Feraligatr tries to repeatedly strike Snorlax to knock it out, but Snorlax uses its gut to knock Feraligatr away from it, but not out of the circle. Feraligatr tries to throw Snorlax out of the circle, but when Snorlax lands it creates a mini-earthquake. Snorlax then surprises everyone and knocks out Feraligatr to win the tournament for Ash! Ash is then proclaimed the winner and gets awarded the King's Rock and the Pokemon food. Snorlax sees the food and runs over, eating it all, which causes it to fall asleep. Ash says that he's going to send Snorlax back to Professor Oak, since he can't afford to feed it. Raiden then comes over and congratulates Ash on his victory and they shake hands on a good match, as they wish eachother luck. Later in the day, Team Rocket arrives at the competition and finds out that the matches are all over, so they decide to try again next year as they say "looks like Team Rocked messed up again!"

The Poke Spokesman
Ash and friends are on their way to the Cianwood Gym, when Pikachu starts to feel weak and falls to the ground out of energy. An old man happens to be walking by and sees the weakened Pikachu. The old man goes over to Pikachu and starts talking to it in "Pika Language". The old man eventually helps at getting Pikachu's power back by letting Ash charge it up with the help of a bicycle. The old man explains to them that they need to pay him for his services, which startles Misty and Brock since they thought that his help was free. The old man decides not to charge them since they didn't know that he charges for his assistance. Team Rocket is watching and they think it is a good time to get Pikachu, so they introduce themselves. Suddenly, Officer Jennie comes rides her motorbike in and says that the old man fits the exact description of a criminal who has been going around and saying he can talk to Pokemon when he can't! He tries to explain himself, but Officer Jennie takes notice to Team Rocket in the background and says that she knows them from somewhere. When she finally realizes who they really are, she tries to catch them, but they try and run off. Then out of nowhere some smoke bombs drop down, but Team Rocket says that they didn't do it. When all the smoke clears, Team Rocket and the old man are both gone! Team Rocket is spying on the old man and they find out that some guys took him off. In the hideout, the real criminals who have been saying they can talk to Pokemon when they can't ask the old man if he wants to join them. The old man abruptly refuses, but they retaliate saying that he is a thief too for charging for his services. The old man explains that the only way to keep his rest stop open is to charge. The old man wants to leave, but the group of criminals says that they can't let him go since he knows about their group. Team Rocket decides to rescue the old man because with his power they could make lots of money. Meanwhile, Ash and his friends are back at the Pokemon Center when the old man walks in and he says that he wanted to see if Pikachu was alright before he turned himself into the police. The old man talks to Pikachu again and is about to leave when Brock asks him if he can really talk to Pokemon. The old man explains that when he was young, there was a storm one day. When he was by himself in the family shelter waiting for his dad to come back, three Pokemon (Rattata, Pidgey and Oddish) came out and talked to him in plain English. After the storm was over they disappeared and he never saw them again. The old man says that he is starting to doubt that that night really happened now. When the old man is about to leave though, the group of criminals stops him and say that he must come with them. Ash wants to help, but the old man says that he can handle it. The gang leader has our heroes surrounded with Magnemite and Magneton and in a tense moment, the old man explains that if they (the gang's Pokemon) attack, they could hurt innocent Pokemon in the Poke Center by knocking out the power. He eventually convinces them to stop, which makes the gang leader furious! He yells at his Pokemon and they end up shocking the group of criminals! Officer Jennie comes in and the old man explains that it was his entire fault and that he should be arrested, but Jennie knows what really happens and believes that he is for real and arrests the fakers. Team Rocket meanwhile is watching above in their balloon with tears in their eyes. They then notice that there is awful lot of lightening coming out of the sky and before long, they get shocked and get sent blasting off again (but no star, so does it count?). At the end, the old man bids farewell to our heroes and says that he is done with talking to Pokemon, but Ash and friends convince him to continue and not give up by saying that he could really do a lot for the world of Pokemon. The old man continues on his way and is walking a long a path when he sees a Meowth and starts to talk to it. The Meowth suddenly starts to speak in English, which startles him and excites him at the same time! The Meowth then runs away before the old man can catch up to it. We find out that it was really Team Rocket's Meowth and Team Rocket comments that it's nice being the heroes once in a while.

Control Freak
The day starts of with Brock making some food for the Pokemon. Golbat eats the food and suddenly flies away. Brock chases after his Pokemon and finds a young lady who is apparently unconscious. Brock helps revive her and she explains that her detector got destroyed. Brock says that he can fix it with her (Tierra) laptop, so he goes off and does that. Tierra explains that she is looking for an ancient temple below the ground that has a magical Mask and Staff, which can control any Pokemon. Brock says that he couldn't fix the detector, but instead he uses his Golbat's Supersonic and hooks it up to the laptop to get the information. Team Rocket is spying from behind and they hear about the Mask and Staff and obviously want it too. Once Brock finds the temple thanks to Golbat, he uses Geodude to dig down to the temple. Team Rocket wants to get down there too, so they use a machine they call the "Dugtrio Digatron" to beat the brats to the temple and the prize. Team Rocket makes it down thanks to their machine and they find a statue with the Mask and Staff attached to it. Jessie takes down the artifacts and puts them on and she remarks that she can feel a strong power. She proves that her powers work by making Meowth do a comical dance. The twerps suddenly break into the temple and Tierra tells them that the artifacts belong in a museum, but Team Rocket isn't buying it. Jessie proves that she can control any Pokemon, by making Pikachu electrocute Ash. She instructs Pikachu to come with her, but Brock sends out his Pokemon to help. Jessie isn't worried and takes control of all of Brock's Pokemon. Golbat breaks Jessie's control with its Supersonic and starts to attack her, but Team Rocket gets away and ends up leaving Golbat buried under some rocks. Brock listens for Golbat and amazingly hears his Pokemon. The saves his Pokemon and gets out before the temple collapses. Jessie and teammates are waiting above where the brats are going to be coming out of the ground. Jessie tells Pikachu to get ready to shock Ash and friends, but she loses control of it and Pikachu shocks her instead! Our heroes exit the tunnel and see Pikachu fighting back, so Tierra explains that when Jessie leaves the temple's limits, the powers stop working. Ash ends up getting Pikachu back again, but Team Rocket uses the Digatron to get away which can surprisingly fly! Our heroes get Noctowl and Golbat to chase after the rocket with the artifacts, but they aren't fast enough and it looks like Team Rocket is finally going to win! Suddenly, Golbat starts to glow and evolves into the ultra powerful Crobat! Crobat doesn't have any problem with catching up to the rocket and when it does, it slices it in lots of pieces, destroying it. When Team Rocket falls to the ground, Pikachu finishes them off with a Thunderbolt giving them an all too familiar fate. Our heroes get the Mask and Staff back all thanks to Brock and his new Crobat. When it is time to leave, Brock says that he wants to stay with Tierra, but Misty pulls him off by the ear like usual. They all say good bye to Tierra and at the end, say that they don't need a Mask or Staff to control a Pokemon, they prefer training them the good old fashioned way.

The Art of Pokemon
Our heroes arrive in a small town named White Stone because all the houses and buildings are white. The brats think that everything is made of marble, but Team Rocket is spying on them and they say that the town is only painted white. When Ash and friends get into town, they see some Smeargle who are painting all the buildings different colors like red and yellow. The people of the town are quite angry, and the Smeargle hide behind our heroes for protection. The people get angry at Ash and think that they are his Pokemon, but an old man explains that they belong to him. He says that the Smeargle just like to paint and that they didn't mean any harm. The old man gives the town's folks a blank check in any amount to pay for the damage. Suddenly a reporter confronts the old man and asks him if he is Jack Potexan, the famous painter. The old man confirms his hypothesis and Brock explains to Misty and Ash that Jack Potexan is a world-renowned abstract artist. Jack says that the Smeargle are his paintbrushes, but suddenly the Smeargle start to draw on everyone. They ended up just drawing nothing and getting everyone stained with paint. Jack is disappointed and says that his Pokemon just aren't inspired enough. Team Rocket is watching the whole time and they start to make a plan on how to swipe the Smeargle. Jack invites Ash and his friends to his house to wash up, so the reporter asks if he can come and video tape some of the art works, but Jack declines and says that you need to see the pictures in person. When the twerps are at Jack's house, he shows them around and says that the paintings show the emotions of his Smeargle. He continues to say that since the Smeargle haven't draw that well lately, he has been making collages, but he doesn't think they are very good. Jack shows our heroes a beautiful picture of light and color that really blows them away. The reporter suddenly pops up and says that he is sorry for trespassing, but he just had to see the pictures too. Team Rocket also comes out of hiding to admire the pictures, but Ash and friends get angry and so Team Rocket says their usual lines. Team Rocket says that they want to steal the pictures, but then Meowth says that it isn't a good idea since if they try and sell them, they'll get caught for sure! They decide to just take digital camera pictures instead, so they go off and do that. Jack says yet again that you have to see his pictures in person to see the true beauty. Meanwhile Team Rocket is outside and they start to print out the digital camera pictures that they took, but Jessie is dissatisfied and says that the copies are worthless. She then gets a better idea of stealing the Smeargle instead to make real art, so they can sell it and get rich! Back inside, Jack says that his problem is that he can't make out simple color differences anymore and says that he is done with art. Suddenly Team Rocket drops a net on the Smeargle and captures them! The brats are angry and try and get them back, but Team Rocket gets too far ahead. The Smeargle have the ingenious idea of making a paint trail so that our heroes can find them later. Team Rocket eventually stops moving in their balloon and they give the Smeargle some art supplies and scare them into painting. Ash and companions find Team Rocket and a battle ensues, but before anyone can win, the sun starts to rise and the Smeargle run off. Team Rocket is angry that the Smeargle didn't finish drawing them their moneymaking masterpieces. The Smeargle go to the church and start to paint it and Jack is happy and says that the Smeargle paint in colors associated with things they like. When the people of the town come outside, they see what the Smeargle have done and love it! We finally get to see it and it is a beautiful picture of the town on the side of the church. Jack thanks the Smeargle for creating another masterpiece, but then it starts to rain out and the picture is washed away. Ash asks Jack if he is sad and Jack responds by saying that it's fine because he knows that he can be inspired once again and that his painting career isn't over. With that our heroes say their good-bye's and they leave White Stone after an inspiring adventure, but what about Team Rocket? Well Jessie has the idea to make a collage out of the unfinished pictures they have, but Wobbuffet knocks the paintings out of her hands and sends the paintings blasting off again.

The Heartbreak of Brock
Our heroes arrive in a new town, but they need to find a place to spend the night. They try and find a Pokemon Center, but when they ask a lady (who Brock instantly falls in love with), she says that the town doesn't have one. Ash and friends don't really have a choice, so they have to camp out in a park. There is a fountain in the park and a Nidorina walks up to it and starts drinking some water. The trainer sees her Pokemon and runs over to get it, but she trips on the way and is about to fall into the fountain when Brock saves her. The girl introduces herself as Tomoku and she instantly falls madly in love with Brock and starts planning how their wedding would be. The only problem is that for some strange reason, Brock doesn't like her. When they're all talking about weddings, Misty mentions something about Ash and her getting married, but nobody really notices it. Tomoku ends up asking her father if her new friends can spend the night at her nice big house, and he says yes. When they get to the house, they find out that it's like one big Pokemon lab. Tomoku makes them all dinner and continues to come on to Brock even though it is obvious how he feels about her. Misty tries to help make conversation by telling Tomoku how helpful Brock is on their journeys. Tomoku keeps on dreaming about the marriage and Brock gets extremely nervous, so Misty takes him aside. She tells him to stop leading her away since no other girl seems to like him. Misty also drops another hint towards her feelings about the boy from Pallet. They go back to the table, but Brock still isn't comfortable. Tomoku asks him if he wants to be her Pokemon Assistant so they can work together, but it leads to another meeting away from the table. Misty tells Brock to start liking Tomoku, but suddenly a net drops down over all of the Pokemon. Team Rocket emerges and says their usual useless lines. Not long after, a battle ensues and Ash starts out by using Totodile, which easily handles Arbok. James tries to create a diversion by using a Weezing Smokescreen and it works! Team Rocket tries to haul the net away, but Tomoku gets caught on the rope of it. Team Rocket gets away, but when they go to see how their new Pokemon are, they find out that they caught Tomoku instead! Tomoku instantly falls in love with James when she sees him, but James obviously isn't interested in her. Jessie wants James to marry her so that they can swipe all of Tomoku's father's Pokemon. Jessie tells James to play along because when they get in the lab they can take all of the Pokemon and James will never have to see Tomoku again. Back home, everyone is looking for Tomoku including the brats. The twerps end up spotting the Team Rocket balloon, but when they pop it, they find out that it's vacant. Tomoku's father meanwhile is at home and hears a knocking at his door that really irritates him since he is so stressed out. He answers it and finds his little girl at the door accompanied by Jessie, James and Meowth in disguise. Jessie tells the father about how Tomoku and James are going to get married since James saved her from Team Rocket. The father buys into the trick, so Team Rocket goes into action and tries to steal some Pokemon, but the father walks in on them. Lucky for them, he doesn't notice what they're trying to do and they get called in for some free grub courtesy of Tomoku. James says that they better beat it, but Jessie refuses to since she would rather eat a free meal. The brats suddenly burst in and see right through Team Rocket's disguises. Team Rocket reveals that they're trying to steal Pokemon and they run off! Once outside, another battle ensues between Ash and Team Rocket. Everything is going Ash's way (like usual), until Tomoku helps James by beating up Misty's Poliwhirl with her Nidorina. At the end of the battle, James is about to be hit by a Water Gun, but Tomoku saves him and takes the hit herself! Ash is angry and ends up sending Team Rocket blasting thanks to a water and electric combo. Tomoku's father says that his daughter has wanted to get married ever since she went to his niece's wedding. Brock is really worried and admits that he likes Tomoku now, but when she wakes up, she falls in love with the doctor and they decide to get married. After they have all said their usual good-bye's, Brock says that he is down about losing Tomoku. Brock then changes moods and is optimistic that he will find more love in the next town, so he starts to madly run ahead.

Current Events
The gang has stopped for a rest near a power plant, and Ash has let all of his Pokemon out to play. Team Rocket, as usual are looking for dinner, and they try to enter the power plant. The door has an electronic lock and Meowth starts to pick it, eventually causing the lock to break and the door to open. Jigglypuff then follows them in, and inside the Elevator seems inoperative, so they take the stairs into the plant. Unfortunately for them some Magnemites begin to chase them. Ash then enters the plant with Chikorita, and the door closes, locking them in. He begins to yell of help, and fortunately Pikachu hears him, and brings Misty and Brock. They then go and get help. In the meantime Chikorita has found a map and they begin to head to the control center when they too are chased my Magnemite. Ash and Chikorita try to run, but they have to battle and after many Chikorita attacks the Magnemite just keep coming. Team Rocket is watching and Jigglypuff almost goes into her song, but James grabs the mike, and gets Double-slapped for his trouble. The mike then ends up with the Magnmites, and Ash and Chikorita escape down a vent. Jigglypuff then sings, and draws on everyone when they fall asleep. Now wondering around on another floor, Ash and Chikorita are attacked by Electrodes using there Explode attack! Ash and Chikorita run away, and Team Rocket who is also getting chased hid in a room, but are greeted by an Electabuzz! Team Rocket, thanks to Meowth are able to convince the Electabuzz that Ash and Chikorita are the bad people, and it goes off searching of them. Outside, a female worker shows up to open the door. Ash then meets Electabuzz, who is mad, and a fight ensues. Team Rocket then traps Electabuzz and Chikorita, and runs away with them. The worker then gets the door open and they use the elevator to go down, but Team Rocket jumps on it after they get off. Ash then runs up the steps in hot pursuit. Team Rocket almost gets away but Ash catches up, and Jessie and James use Arbok and Victreebel while Ash only has Chikorita! Chikorita is in trouble, but then evolves into Bayleef! Bayleef uses Razor Leaf to rip open the cage, and all the Pokemon then line up and beat on Team Rocket. Eveything is good now, until Jigglypuff then comes and sings, gets there faces drew on, and one mad Jigglypuff.

Turning Over A New Bayleef
Ash and the gang are continuing on their journey to Olivine City. They are taking a break and Ash let’s all of his Pokemon out and Bayleef tackles him. He’s a bit stunned. Misty is Playing with Topige, Brock is relaxing and Ash is playing a game with his Pokemon. Ash has Noctowl fly with a branch and the Pokemon jump to get it. Bayleef comes down with it and Ash comments on the nice jump. Bayleef then tackles Ash again and he fly’s into the water. Ash yells at Bayleef and says playtime is over for it. Brock then comes over and tells Ash to calm down, because it just evolved and it needs time to learn to control its powers. Ash is still mad, and Misty says that tackling must be the way that Bayleef show affection. Ash is still mad. Some of the Pokemon are playing and Brock has prepared dinner. Misty has prepared the Pokemon food and Ash is going to give it to the Pokemon. Some of the Pokemon then wake up. Bayleef comes running and stops, it reminds it’s self about not tackling Ash. It starts to walk there and Ash yells at it. He thinks Bayleef is going to tackle him and Ash orders Bayleef to stop tackling and to get away from him. Bayleef shakes it’s head, it wasn’t going to tackle him. Ash takes Totodile with him to eat lunch and Bayleef walk away upset. Brock has prepared a delicious lunch and Misty asks where Bayleef is. Brock says he hasn’t seen it for a while. Ash starts to call for it. Bayleef is near a stream crying over Ash. It kicks some stones in the stream and some into the bushes. Unfortunately Bayleef falls in the stream. The whole gang is calling for Bayleef. Brock thinks Bayleef is far away, Ash doesn’t know way it would do something like this. Misty says it’s because Ash yelled at it. Pikachu hears something and the gang starts to follow it. An old women and a Machoke is walking and the Machoke is carrying some flowers. They find Bayleef injured. Pikachu finds where Bayleef’s sent ends and it’s obvious if fell in the river and went downstream. Ash starts to run downstream so they can find Bayleef. Bayleef wakes in this house. The old lady and Machoke have brought Bayleef something to eat. It starts to eat and it’s delicious. The old women says they will then look for it’s trainer and Bayleef shakes its head. The old women assumed that it would want to find its trainer. She says Bayleef can stay here with her and Pokemon if it would like. Bayleef sees a Sunflora and a Skiploom. The old women tells them to come in and meet their new friend Bayleef. Ash and the gang have ran for an hour and haven’t found or seen anything. Togepi begins to poke. There’s a house and Misty thinks that somebody in the house might have seen Bayleef. They arrive and nobody is home. They hear Bayleef and the old women comments on how strong Bayleef has gotten. Ash calls for Bayleef and Skiploom tackles him. The old women comes and tells them that this is not a public garden. Misty apologizes for trust passing, and Ash says that it’s his Bayleef gives him a dirty look, it’s feeling have been hurt. Ash apologizes but Bayleef slaps it with its leaf. Ahs comments on how bad he’s messed up, the old lady offers to let them say here while they make up and Ash agrees. Misty comments on how good the old women’s tea is. The old women and her Pokemon grow all kinds of Herbs and Flowers. The Pokemon like it here. Ash decides to help in the garden in an attempt to make up with Bayleef. He tires and it doesn’t work, and he almost steps on Togepi and ends up falling on his face. Ash then tries another plan with fruit and grooming but it doesn’t work. Skiploom, Bayleef, and Bellossom are playing Jump rope. The old lady tells Ash not to gibe up; the trainer’s mood affects the mood of the Pokemon. Ash feels very bad about yelling at Bayleef and hurting it’s feeling. The old women asks if he cares about his Bayleef feeling this much, and Ash says he cares about al of his Pokemon. The old women says that it will sense this sooner or later. Bayleef is still mad at Ash. Team Rocket is observing the old lady’s Pokemon, and they’re planning to steal them. Team Rocket has a giant mecha Bayleef. Team Rocket attacks and everyone retreats into the woods. The mecha Bayleef catches a bunch of Pokemon with a Vine Whip and tosses them in a big jar. The big Bayleef is about to crush the old women when Machoke gets her out of the way. Team Rocket starts to escape and Ash chases after them and he finds a shortcut, which allows him to jumps on the Mega Bayleef. Meowth gets ash to let go of the mecha Bayleef but he lands on the side of the jar with the Pokemon in. He then tries to break into it unsuccessfully and the Pokemon try the same thing unsuccessfully. Bayleef then starts to try too. They finally get it to break open thanks to one hard push by Bayleef. Team Rocket tries to escape but Bayleef uses vine whip and Pikachu uses thunderbolt, which disables Mega Bayleef. Mega Bayleef uses its vine whip but Bayleef uses its Razor Leaf destroying them. Pikachu uses thunderbolt destroying the Mega Bayleef and sending Team Rocket blasting off again. The old lady thanks them for the help and the old lady says Bayleef and Ash should start fresh. Ash apologizes and Bayleef apologizes, and they make up.

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