Johto Champions 181-190

A Ghost of a Chance
Our heroes have finally arrived in Ecruteak City. Everyone is excited as they walk through the town, until they are almost burned. They meet a fire-breathing clown named Infernando, who tries to sell them a treasure detector. Ash says that it's a rip off and walks off, while Brock asks the man if it can find him find a girl, but Misty drags him off by the ear. Team Rocket in the meantime is sitting and resting on the ledge of a fountain. They decide to go to the gym to find the twerps, since the brats always go there first, until they realize that they're starving! James tells everyone that Ecruteak has great food and goes off to get them some with all of their money. Ash and friends arrive at the gym, but it looks different from the other gyms. James meanwhile is on his way to get some food when he too runs into Infernando. Infernando ends up convincing James to buy the treasure detector. When James tells Jessie and Meowth what happened, they get angry and hit him with fans for spending all their money. James starts to use the treasure detector to prove it isn't worthless and digs up a bottle cap. Ash and his friends have now entered the gym, but it's all burned inside. Brock takes a closer looks and remarks that the burn marks look pretty old. Suddenly a fire starts up making our heroes panic. They try to get out, but they end up getting trapped and fall down some stairs. They think they're safe, but then the fire starts downstairs also. Ash and Misty send out Totodile and Staryu to help put out the fire, but when the water hit it, nothing happens. Totodile bravely steps into the fire and doesn't get hurt. Our heroes touch the fire and remark that it isn't warm at all. Ash sends out his Noctowl and it uses Foresight to get ride of the fire revealing some Ghastly. The Ghastly are unhappy and start to use Night Shade, so Noctowl tackles them all and they leave. But when they return, they come with some reinforcements in the form of Haunter. Pikachu tries to shock them, but they dodge it. Suddenly Gengar appears, but before anything more can happen, a young man appears and tells them to stop. The man explains that the Ghost Pokemon were only defending themselves against the kids, since they were intruding on them. After the man gets the Ghost Pokemon to leave, he reveals himself to be the Gym Leader of Ecruteak City, Morty. Ash immediately challenges him to a battle, but he explains that they aren't in the gym. Ash spots a picture on the wall of a Ho-oh and says that he saw it, as a clip is shown from the first episode. Morty doubts that Ash saw Ho-oh, since it vanished a long time ago and hasn't been seen for three centuries. Morty explains that the Tin Tower is a copy from the tower they're in. Tin Tower used to be the only place where Ho-oh would make contact with humans. It used to be considered a sign of peace. It would only appear to a chosen few, the people who guarded the tower. One-day invaders came and tried to capture Ho-oh and use its power for evil. In the ensuing battle, the tower was set on fire and almost destroyed. Ho-oh disappeared and has never returned. The old Tin Tower is left as a witness for man's brutality. Morty's ancestors built the new tower, hoping that Ho-oh might one day return, but as of yet it hasn't. Ash says that he know he saw it and is sure that he saw Ho-oh. After the story is completed Togepi manages to get away from Misty and goes through a hole in the wall, followed by Pikachu. Morty acts fast and tells our heroes to follow him, since the hole is too small to go in. Morty gets Gengar and the other Ghost Pokemon to help find Pikachu and Togepi, since they know the place best. Team Rocket is outside the Tin Tower and is still using the treasure detector. All they have managed to get so far are bottle caps, which Jessie and Meowth find worthless, while James loves them. Suddenly Togepi appears and Team Rocket grabs it and then Pikachu appears from a hole and is about to shock the dastardly trio, when they remind it that if it does, then Togepi will get hurt too, so Pikachu gives up. A Gastly is watching and goes back to Morty and reports what has happened. Team Rocket is still outside and is running away with their new Pokemon, when Gengar trips them. They start to argue over whose fault it was, when Gengar appears in front of them. Morty, along with Ash and friends arrive, which prompts Team Rocket to do their motto. After Team Rocket is done, Ash demands them to give back the Pokemon. Team Rocket refuses, so Ash and Misty say they will have a battle for the Pokemon, but Meowth says they always get blasted away when they battle, so they all run for it. They get a pretty far ahead to Gengar catches up to them, but Jessie and James send out Arbok and Weezing, who get knocked over immediately, trapping Team Rocket. Gengar uses Night Shade and frees Pikachu and Togepi, while the Gastly and Haunter return them to the twerps. Arbok and Weezing attack again, but they end up getting beaten and Team Rocket is blasted off via a Gengar Shadow Ball. Once the battle is over Ash decides to have the battle the next day, since so much happened. So after Morty departs, our heroes go to rest up for the long day they have ahead of them, including Ash's chance for a new badge, the Fog Badge.

From Ghost to Ghost
Our heroes are at the Pokemon Center, while Ash is waiting to get his Pokemon back. He has some spare time, so decides to use Dexter to look up some information on Gengar, but it doesn't really have anything helpful. After Nurse Joy gives him back his Pokemon, she says that his secret weapon against Morty is Noctowl, since it has Foresight. When Ash and friends show up at the gym Morty is in the middle of showing his students a Gengar Confuse Ray. Morty sees Ash and explains that teaching is a part of a Gym Leader's job. Morty introduces his students to Ash, and explains that they will be having a Gym battle. The students are impressed and ask if they can watch. Morty asks Ash if it's ok with him and Ash doesn't have any problem with it. Meanwhile Team Rocket is up in the sky drifting along in their balloon. James says that it was lucky that the treasure detector was blasted off with them. He remarks that the closer they get to Ecruteak City, the more treasure it senses. Suddenly it picks up something at the Tin Tower, so they go to investigate. Ash and Morty are about to begin their battle, which will be a 3-on-3 Pokemon battle. Team Rocket is watching from outside, which Ash doesn't notice. Once the rules are finally stated the battle begins. Morty goes with Gastly, while Ash uses his "secret weapon" Noctowl first. Misty and Brock are a bit skeptical about Ash's strategy, but Ash seems to think he knows what he's doing. Noctowl goes first and tries to use Hypnosis, but Gastly dodges it with ease and uses Confusion. Noctowl is having a lot of trouble since Gastly is so quick. It starts to disappear, so Ash tells Noctowl to use Foresight, revealing where Gastly is. Ash instructs Noctowl to try and tackle it, but Gastly is too fast and keeps dodging it. Noctowl eventually gets licked by Gastly and isn't doing well, so Ash decides to call it back and go with Pikachu. Team Rocket is still outside watching. James notifies them that the treasure detector detects something in a house that isn't very far from them, so they go over to investigate. Back inside, Pikachu and Gastly are battling. Pikachu tries to use Quick Attack, but Gastly doesn't seem to get very hurt from it. Pikachu tries to use Thunderbolt, but Gastly dodges it and knocks out Pikachu with a devastating Night Shade. Ash is a bit discouraged, but he doesn't give up and goes with Cyndaquil, who fairs well and it doesn't take long for it to knock Gastly out with a tackle attack. Morty has only lost one Pokemon and isn't that worried, so he chooses Haunter next. Cyndaquil tries to hit it with a Flamethrower, but Haunter dodges it and uses Mean Look, disabling Ash from switching out Cyndaquil. Ash is worried so he tells Cyndaquil to use Swift, which hits. Haunter fights back with Hypnosis, but Cyndaquil counters with Smokescreen. It works until Haunter uses its hands to grab Cyndaquil and throw it, knocking it out and leaving Ash with just one Pokemon, a weakened Noctowl. Team Rocket in the meantime have entered the house are find some charms and are about to steal them, when they start to hallucinate. They think that they see a whole bunch of grub, but it's really the Ghost Pokemon playing tricks on them. Back in the Gym, Noctowl uses its Foresight and reveals Haunter. Haunter tries to lick it, but Noctowl dodges it. Noctowl and Haunter both use Hypnosis and Confuse Ray, but when they collide Noctowl gets the worst of it and gets knocked over. It doesn't look good since Noctowl has become confused. Haunter tries to use Night Shade, but Noctowl tackles it, somehow canceling out the effects of Confuse Ray. Ash notices that Noctowl's head is glowing and finds out that it has learned a new attack, Confusion. Noctowl uses it right away and knocks out Haunter with ease, tying the match. Morty goes with his most powerful Pokemon of all, Gengar. Noctowl goes with Confusion again, but Gengar hits it with Shadow Ball, stopping both attacks. Noctowl tries to use Foresight, but it can't since Gengar keeps making it dodge Night Shade. Ash makes a smart move and tells Noctowl to send Confusion throughout the whole building, causing Gengar to get hit and giving Noctowl the chance to use Foresight. Gengar is in trouble and gets tackled by Noctowl and knocked out, in a rather weak fashion, giving Ash the victory. Morty gives the usual Gym Leader getting defeat speech and tells Ash he did a good job, but more importantly he gives him the Fog Badge. Ash is happy to finally get his next Johto Badge and does one of his famous poses to celebrate. What about Team Rocket though? Well they run out of the house because the food that they were about to eat, tried to eat them.

Trouble's Brewing
Ours heroes decide to go sight seeing, but Misty sees a poster advertising a tea ceremony. Suddenly out of nowhere, a cute Eevee shows up, so Misty decides to hug it. The trainer, Sakura comes over and takes it back. Everyone introduces themselves like usual and Sakura invites them to go with her to her sister's tea ceremony. When they get there, Sakura is all dressed up and says that she needs to greet the guest, so Ash and friends explore. Brock sees an older girl who is all dressed up like Sakura and falls in love with her. The gang then continues on and Brock falls in love with a girl teaching a flower class. Again they continue on and this time Brock falls in love with a girl just like the others who is playing an instrument with strings. Our heroes then go to a place with free tea and Brock falls in love again! Misty can't take it anymore and drags him off by the nose! Sakura comes back just at the moment and introduces all her sisters who coincidently are the girls who Brock fell in love with. Misty and Sakura realize that they are alike and talking about always feeling left out. Meanwhile, Team Rocket is also at the tea ceremony, but they on the other hand are bored out of their minds. They all complain about the food, but since it is free they eat it anyway and act like pigs. The people get angry with them and someone tries to kick them out of the ceremony, but they fight back. Sakura then runs in and asks what is happening and then Team Rocket introduces themselves with their usual lines. Sakura's sisters come to help her out and send out their Pokemon, which are all the Eevee evolutions, except Espeon for some reason. Sakura's Eevee ends up getting hurt badly by Jessie's Arbok, but at the end Team Rocket gets water blasted off again! Later on that day, Misty and Sakura are talking and Sakura comes up with the idea of going along with Misty, Ash and Brock. Ash and Brock then come back from stocking up on medicine and find out the news. They say that it would be great to have her come with them, so she says that she will ask her sisters if she can go after a performance that she needs to do. After the musical performance, Sakura goes to her sisters and she tries to convince them, but they aren't buying it. Eventually, the sisters say that if Ash, Misty and Brock can beat them in a Pokemon battle, Sakura can go. Misty says that she will go first and sends out her Poliwhirl to face one of the sister's Vaporeon's. Misty like usual loses to a less experienced trainer, so Ash has to try and win this time. Ash sends out Pikachu to face Jolteon, but Team Rocket interrupts the battle! Team Rocket has brought cages for all the Eevee evolutions to go in when they "capture them", but we know that they never succeed. James starts the battle and sends out Victreebel to battle Sakura's Eevee. Victreebel has a rather easy time with the young Pokemon and captures it. Ash thinks that it is enough and sends out Chikorita to finish off the battle. Misty helps by sending out her Staryu who handles Jessie's Arbok easily. Eventually Team Rocket ends up getting caged and Umbreon rescues little Eevee just before Team Rocket is sent blasting high and wet with a couple of Water Gun attacks. Pikachu and Jolteon start their battle up right away after Team Rocket is disposed of and Pikachu wins it with a Thunder attack. They are about to continue on with the last battle to determine whether Sakura can go with them, when Sakura says for them to stop battling. She explains that she needs to learn more and that she isn't ready to go with them after all, since she couldn't even beat Team Rocket. The sisters compliment her on her decision and say that with more experience she will become a great trainer one today. After a long day, our heroes are ready to move on and decided to go to Olivine City since there is a beach there. Sakura says good-bye and good luck to her new friends and with that our heroes continue on to more great adventures.

All That Glitters!
Ash and Misty are waiting for Brock's stew to be ready, so Ash decides to start admiring and polishing up his badges. Suddenly Pikachu sees something and it catches everyone's attention. Brock says that it looks like three feather dusters. Togepi being the brave one goes over and touches one of them and three Murkrow emerge from the bushes. Ash checks them with his Pokedex and finds out that they like to steal things, but he says that they look too nice to do something like that. About a second or two after he says that, the Murkrow go and steal his badges! Ash sends out Noctowl who knocks the Murkrow out of the tree. Ash thinks it is over, but the Murkrow fight dirty by throwing mud in Ash's face. Noctowl continues to follow them, but they all attack it at once and knock it out. Once the Murkrow have gotten away, they all put out their bounty on a log to admire the glimmer that it gets off of the sun. Meanwhile, Brock uses Golbat's Supersonic to track down the Murkrow. Ash goes over to them and asks them for the badges being totally trustworthy, but they trick him again and fly off. Golbat tries to follow, but it gets knocked out. Pikachu comes to the rescue by knocking out the Dark-type Pokemon all at once with a Thundershock. Ash is about to get his badges back, when Pikachu is captured by Team Rocket. They start out with saying their usual motto, but the don't have much luck because the Murkrow pop the balloon and steal James' bottle cap collection which really infuriates him. James tries to get them, but he trips and the Murkrow fly away with their stash. James continues to try and get back his prized collection by trying to capture the Murkrow with a net, but Team Rocket gets a boulder instead and gets thrown away. After another triumphant win, the Murkrow yet again admire their loot. Ash says that he has to get his badges back, so he uses his Bulbasaur to climb up the hill. Once on top, he decides to spy on the Murkrow and makes a plan. Ash tries to sneak up to them and snatch the badges, but he only gets pecked instead and knocked down the hill. The Murkrow start to mock our heroes because they keep getting the better of everyone. Suddenly the Murkrow see something shiny, but it is only a diversion. Everything is going great until Togepi blows their cover. After another failure that results in Pineco getting blown up, Ash has a brilliant plan and sends in Noctowl. Noctowl flies in and plays dead and the Murkrow let their guard down for just one second and Noctowl snatches the badges. Team Rocket then ruins the day with a giant robot resembling a giant Murkrow. They go on a rampage and steal everything insight. The Murkrow are about to be sucked away, but Ash saves them. Pikachu ends up also getting caught which results in our heroes fighting back! Noctowl and Murkrow decide to team up and they go in and dodge the fans, which results in the robot short-circuiting and the release of Pikachu and everything else. Pikachu then delivers the usual Thunderbolt which sends Team Rocket packing for the sky's yet again. Ash finally gets back his missing Fog Badge and he thanks the Murkrow for all their help and with that our heroes are off for more adventures.

The Light Fantastic
The weather is witheringly hot and Ash, Misty, and Brock are out of water. Elsewhere, Team Rocket is in the same predicament. Overhead, Ash and the others see strange multi-colored lights glowing over Remoraid Mountain. According to the guidebook, there is also a Pokémon Center there. Jessie, James, and Meowth also see the lights and head off toward them. Nurse Joy appears in the ruins of an ancient civilization and tells Ash and friends about the Ancient Colossal Tree Tribe which lived long ago, but cut down all the trees and turned the country into a wasteland. Back at the Pokémon Center, after a long drink of water, Nurse Joy show them an underground lake where their water comes from. Mr. Gan-Gaugh, a local artist, has been trying to sketch the mysterious lights but never seems to have enough colors. Team Rocket appear in the Pokémon Center disguised as archeologists and get some water. The lights appear again and they follow them to a lake crater with a tower of ice in the center. When Team Rocket discover it isn't anything valuable, they grab Pikachu. (Why it doesn't just shock them I have no idea.) Team Rocket uses Arbok but Mr. Gan-Gaugh takes up the challenge with his Venusaur. Arbok attacks with the ever-devastating Tackle but Venusaur shrugs it off, Solar Beams all of Team Rocket, and they are flying the friendly skies once again. When the sun rises, water geysers appear in the crater and Remoraid poke their heads out. They Water Gun the tower of ice, then use Ice Beam to freeze it again, building the tower higher. Misty tries to capture one but they group together and foil the Pokéballs capturing process. Team Rocket, resilient if nothing else, reappear and net all the Remoraid. They free themselves and pop Team Rockets balloon, sending them off again. As it turns out, when the ancient civilization left, the Remoraid stayed and have been providing water for the area since.

Ash and the gang are continuing on their journeys and are on their way to the Olivine Gym in Olivine City. They are passing through a heavily wooded forest. Misty is scared, she sees a Spinarak and she has here usual reaction. Misty says she will not go one step further. Ash and Brock keep going and Misty runs after to catch up. Team Rocket is walking, and are very tired. They have been working in the Gravel Pit to make money in order to support their secret weapons. Jessie complains and says she wasn't built for labor. Jessie sees a cornfield and comes up with a plan. The gang has walked all day with no problem. Brock says they should find a place to camp for the night. Misty says they can't sleep in the forest because it's too scary. As luck turns out they see a cabin, and it appears that nobody lived there so they decide to stay the night. It's then night and Misty was up Ash, she hears something. It's Brock and he's dreaming, but Misty says it wasn't him, and she heard something outside. The group goes outside to look and something sneaks in the cabin. Everybody walks back in and Misty sees something in her sleeping bag. Ash opens it and it turns out to be a cute Teddiursa! Teddiursa then lays its charms on Misty and she wants to catch it. But Teddiursa starts to cry and she decides not to catch it. Morning arrives and Misty starts to yell. Psyduck has gotten out of its Pokeball and has eaten 2 apples Misty had in her backpack. Them Rocket then appears dressed up and they are selling Hot Corn! The gang decides to stop by and get 5 big ears. Jessie then sees Teddiursa and its charms are laid on her also, so Jessie gives it a free ear on the house. The gang then comes to a nice little lake and they decide to have lunch here. Ash lest out all of his Pokemon and they start to have fun. Misty then asks Brock to help carry firewood and Teddiursa starts to eat the ham they were supposed to have for lunch. Totodile tries to stop it and Totodile ends up getting the blame for eating the ham. Ash then makes a stew and Teddiursa tries to steal some bananas the group has, but Togepi comes and Teddiursa throws the bananas at Togepi, but then Togepi shoves the bananas in Teddiursas mouth. Teddiursa then steals a strip of sausages, but the group fins the end and starts to pull, but Teddiursa ties the sausages around poor Chikorita and it gets the blame. Chikorita then directs the group back to the campsite. Bulbasaur has caught Teddiursa digging around in Brocks backpack! Teddiursa takes a bite of some bread it found, and shoves the rest in Bulbasaurs mouth and starts crying. The group then sees the truth; Teddiursa has been causing this trouble all along. Misty tries to believe that this is all a mistake, but the rest of the group will not believe it. Teddiursa then gets mad, steals Brock Backpack and runs off. The group runs off to catch Teddiursa. Team Rocket comes on and they have made a bundle, and there are three ears left for them. The Teddiursa shows up in the corn cart with a mad look on its face. Meowth translates and Teddiursa says it's sick of being with the losers, and wants to become Jessie Pokemon. Jessie is happy, and then Teddiursa tells them it has a secret, there are a ton of apple trees in a forest nearby. Team Rocket is hoping to go into the apple business, but then see Teddiursa stealing their corn! Jessie doesn't care, but James and Meowth are mad. Suddenly, the farmer whose corn was stolen by Team Rocket shows up with a shovel and looking for some vengeance. Ash and the game can't find Teddiursa, Brock says he wouldn't be mad about the stolen food, but in the backpack he had the guidebook and other valuable stuff. Misty sees a Pokemon center and Brock says they should go talk to Nurse Joy and see if she knows about the Teddiursa. Nurse Joy says that was the third backpack stone this week. Brock tries to lay his charm on with Nurse Joy but gets dragged off by the ear via Misty. Nurse Joy tells them about the Teddiursa, Misty realizes that she has been a suckered and then apologizes to Totodile and Chikorita. It turns out that the scary Pokemon Brock read about was Teddiursa. Nurse Joy then says they should all go out and look for Teddiursa. Teddiursa is then seen eating corn, and suddenly a net falls on it! Team Rocket is back to get their revenge! Teddiursa slashes its way out of the net, and Jessie is horrified. She sends out Arbok and James sends out Victreebel. Arbok and Victreebel are quickly beaten with Teddiursas Slash attack and then it uses swift to send Team Rocket blasting off again. The group and Nurse Joy find Teddiursa and Ash sends out Chikorita to battle. At first Chikorita is beaten by Teddiursas Slash, Swift, and Double Team, but Chikorita uses its Razor Leaf and Teddiursa goes down. Ash congratulates Chikorita and Brock walks over and gets his backpack. Teddiursa then evolves into Ursaring, and that's not good. Everybody runs away as fast as they can! Nurse Joy back at the Pokemon center says its best that Ursaring evolved, and it can find it's own food now, hopefully. Team Rocket is in a pretty bad place, they lost all the money earned off the corn sale to the farmer, and all they have is some popcorn with no butter. Ursaring then shows up and Team Rocket asks if it wants to be their Pokemon and would it like some popcorn. But Team Rocket is in trouble, Ursaring is the Teddiursa that evolved but they don't know that.

Moving Pictures
Ash and his friends are on their way to Olivine City when they spot their old friend Todd, who is in the mist of taking pictures of some Bellossom. Ash gets his friend's attention by tripping as Todd snaps some pictures of his old friends. After a brief flashback of when Ash and Todd last departed, Todd shows them some Pokemon pictures that he has been taking. Our heroes see that he has been concentrating on Grass Pokemon. Todd says that the Pokemon he wants to photograph most of all is the legendary Articuno. Todd mentions that some people in a nearby village saw one not too long ago. The gang gets pumped and they all decide to go try and find it. Suddenly they see something in the sky. Ash thinks it could be a shooting star, while Todd thinks that it could be Articuno and tries to take a picture of it. Todd doesn't notice that the mysterious flying object is about to hit him, so Ash acts quick by pushing him out of the way just in time. When the smoke finally clears, they flying object ended up being a Sunkern who is frozen solid. The Sunkern looks in rough shape, so our heroes take it to a lodge that Todd said that he passed earlier in the day. When our heroes leave, Team Rocket is revealed to be spying on them. They complain that the brats are lucky for finding a new Pokemon, but they decided to try and get both Pikachu and Sunkern and chase after them. When Ash and friends arrive at the lodge, the lady invites them inside once they show her the frozen Sunkern. Once inside, she gets a bowl and adds boiling water, thawing out the Grass Pokemon. The lady introduces herself as Sophia as the gang follows up by introducing themselves. She offers to tell them about why they call the lodge the Sunflora Lodge, which they reluctantly agree to. She starts off by saying that 50 years ago, she had a sweetheart named Marcello. He ended up leaving and when he didn't return for a long time, she began to get worried. What she didn't know was that Marcello was in a hospital from being hurt from an accident and had been unconscious for months. Sophia continued to wait weeks and weeks until she got a letter that said to put a Sunflora in front of the lodge if she still loved him. She looked everywhere for a Sunflora and eventually found one, helping her reunite with her lover. The happiness didn't last though, since Marcello passed away shortly. When Sophia finishes telling the story, the gang is in tears. Team Rocket who is secretly spying even shed some crocodile tears to the heart-wrenching story. Sophia shows our heroes a picture that she had of Marcello and her surrounded by a bunch of Sunflora. Suddenly a strange man appears, who ends up being the "long lost" Marcello. He asks Sophia if she has been telling her stories again and explains that she loves to read romance novels and therefore made up the tale. They explain that they get their picture taken with the Sunflora up on the South Slope every year. They continue to say that the Sunflora like to gather there since they like to spend the winter there since it's warmer. Todd says that it would be an honor if he could take the old couple's photo, but they explain that the South Slope has been unseasonably cold, therefore the Sunflora haven't arrived yet. Todd suggests that they go anyway to get their picture taken since it is tradition, which they agree to. When our heroes along with Sophia and Marcello depart, Brock decides to bring Sunkern, since it might help them find out where the Sunflora are. Team Rocket is spying on the roof of the lodge and they explain that while Ash and his friends focus on Sunflora, they'll have a good chance at grabbing Pikachu. When the gang finally arrives at the South Slope, Sophia and Marcello explain that the hills there used to be covered by Sunflora, but now as Brock remarks, it has become a rather cold and gloomy place. Suddenly it starts to snow out prompting Sophia to tell another tale. This time she tells the tale about the first time she traveled with Marcello to get their picture taken. They are crossing a rickety old bridge, when Sophia almost falls off of the bridge. Marcello luckily grabs her hand and ends up dragging her up to safely. Just like before the twerps are all in tears, until Brock remarks that they didn't cross a bridge to get to the slopes. Sophia reveals that the story was true, but it didn't happen to her; she instead saw it on TV. Suddenly the snow starts to come down really hard. They spot a machine making the snow and before they can figure out who would do such a thing, Jessie, James and Meowth reveal themselves to be the culprits. After the usual motto, Team Rocket tries to blow our heroes away with the snow machine. As the snow starts to pour down on them, Sophia starts to tell the gang about the time that Marcello and her were in a storm last time, but Misty reminds them that they're not going to fall for it again and that they're being attacked. Eventually the gang gets totally covered in snow and Team Rocket can't see anyone, including their target Pikachu, so they turn off the machine. Suddenly everyone pops out of the snow, but when Pikachu tries to shock Team Rocket, it can't since it's stuck along with the rest of the gang. Ash wisely decides to call out Bulbasaur and tells it to destroy the snow machine with Solar Beam. Team Rocket decides to turn on the machine again and buries Bulbasaur in snow. They then send out Arbok, who grabs Pikachu and brings it to them. Suddenly Sunkern jumps out of Brock's arms and uses Sunny Day, melting all the snow and freeing everyone, including Bulbasaur who uses Solar Beam, destroying the snow machine and freeing Pikachu. Team Rocket tries to get away via the Meowth balloon claiming that they'll let the brats go this time, but Ash thinks they deserve more, so Pikachu gives them the usual Thunderbolt sending them blasting off again. Everyone is happy and they all congratulate Sunkern on saving the day and Todd takes its picture. In the final scene, the sun is back shining brightly with no snow in sight, but the Sunflora still haven't arrived. Misty suggests that Sophia and Marcello take a picture with Sunkern instead, but Brock suggests that Ash uses the Sun Stone that he won in the bug catching contest. Ash agrees setting the stone beside Sunkern, causing it to evolve into Sunflora. Todd is about to take the photo, when suddenly Sunflora starts to yell causing over a thousand Sunflora to arrive, making a great picture. After Todd has snapped the picture, he sees something flying through the sky and he is convinced that it was Articuno. Brock agrees explaining that it could have been the reason why the South Slope was colder than normal. Todd totally agrees and so our heroes wave goodbye to old couple of Sophia and Marcello and begin a long search for the legendary Articuno.

Spring Fever
The gang along with Todd is searching for Articuno so that Todd can get a Picture of Articuno. When they stop to have lunch a Swinub comes and takes a rice ball, and a girl then comes and scolds it. She’s Peggy and the Swinub is her fathers. It turns out that the girls father (Raury) has the Swinub look for hot springs, but they’ve been on a cold streak lately. When the Swinub sniff and smell water Graveler then digs and looks for the spring. Team Rocket is watching, Jessie goes into a speech about how much she loves hot springs, so they disguise themselves and go to help Raury out. They try hard and find nothing, so Team Rocket steals Swinub but can’t get Graveler because it weights too much. The only thing that goes wrong is that Peggy saw them and alerts that Swinub has been stole. The gang chases but falls into some Trap Holes, and Team Rocket gets into some boxes and uses them as sleds to go down a hill. Meowth tries to slow them down by using an oil slick, and takes all the members of the gang out. Team Rocket then tries to find some hot springs, but instead accidentally open a hole in an oil line. Noctowl though has found Team Rocket and gets word to Ash. A battle starts and during the chaos Graveler frees the Swinub. Swinub are extremely mad and attack Team Rocket, Freezing them, and sending them blasting off again. Peggy and Raury are extremely happy to see there Pokemon again, and the Swinub then begin to smell something...They found a HOT SPRING! They exchange Good Byes and continue there search for Articuno.

Freeze Frame
Ash, Misty, Brock, Pikachu and Todd are walking along when they find Jigglypuff, who is frozen! Ash quickly gets Cyndaquil, who uses Flamethrower to defrost it. Jigglypuff gets angry and slaps Todd once it is out. Jiggly tells them that Articuno headed to Snow Top Mountain, so they head towards there. Meanwhile Team Rocket is trying to climb the mountain and get in a fight with some Fearow who make them fall. Todd though is having a better time and gets a photo of a baby Stantler and its mother. They find the Snow Top Peak Pokemon Center and there is a sign that says that it's the highest Pokemon Center in Johto. Ash has the idea of Jiggly singing to put Articuno to sleep, but Todd says that they'll be asleep too, so the idea isn't good. When our heroes talk to Joy, she shows them an Articuno statue and tells them that many Articuno used to come back Snow Top, but they have old gone now. Our heroes get ready to go up because Snow Top is very high and cold. Team Rocket on the other hand isn't having such good luck and is trapped on a ledge without equipment. Meowth starts to fall asleep, but Jessie wakes him up so he doesn't die. Suddenly a blizzard starts to happen and Team Rocket sees Articuno, who saves them and takes them to the bottom of the mountain. Team Rocket then meets up with the brats and they say that Articuno saved them. Todd sees Articuno again, but he just doesn't have the time to snap a good picture of it. The twerps finally leave without a plan because Todd is really anxious to see Articuno and get a picture of it. Team Rocket decides to go after them since they want to go too and steal Officer Jenny's snow mobile. Ash and friends meanwhile are in the middle of a blizzard and the Pokemon sense something. They suddenly see Articuno and they find out that Articuno stopped them from going off of the cliff. Team Rocket then appears with their lines and they try and steal Articuno. Arbok and Weezing attack, but they miss and Articuno uses Ice Beam. Jessie smartly gets Wobbuffet to use Mirror Coat and it reflects the Ice Beam causing some boulders to fall from the cliff. Brock and Misty decide to go back to the Pokemon Center to get help. Todd and Ash fall all the way to the ground, but Articuno saves them in the nick of time! Team Rocket ends up falling into the snow and getting hurt, but they try and get Articuno again. They use Weezing and Arbok again, but Articuno counters them with Snow Powder. Articuno then finishes them off with a Blizzard and sends Team Rocket and Jiggly blasting off again! Todd finally has the time and gets his Articuno picture. Misty, Brock and Jenny then come to the rescue. At the end, Todd decides that he is going to hang around by the mountains, so the twerps say good-bye to their friend and continue on. Team Rocket meanwhile is trapped in a cave and Jessie and James start to fall asleep, but Meowth wakes them up with some scratches. Jigglypuff then comes in and starts to sing, putting them asleep anyway.

The Stolen Stones!
Our heroes are on their way to Olivine City like usual and are traveling through a narrow passage. Ash notices that there are some lose boulders above them, so they start to try and get out of there as fast as possible, but the boulders start to fall! Luckily for them, some people on Arcanine grab them and take them to safety. The people introduce themselves as Ramona and Keagan and our heroes thank them for saving their lives. Brock then does his usual fall in love with a pretty girl routine (Ramona) and gets dragged off by the ear by Misty. Ash uses Dexter to find out some info about Arcanine and finds out that it is a legendary Pokemon that is loyal and brave. Keagan shows Ash a bunch of fire stones that he owns when he mentions them and tells Ash that his sister and him run a delivery service and that they are going to deliver them to another town for a contest that they're having. Coincidently, they are going the same direction as Olivine is in, so our heroes catch a ride on Arcanine. The Arcanine are very fast and Brock is hanging on for dear life. They eventually break and comb the Arcanine's fur. Ash and Keagan are talking and Ash thinks that it was cool riding Arcanine, so Keagan offers to give him some lessons on how to ride them. Ash is pretty bad and almost crashes into a few things, but he learns that he has to lean to tell the Arcanine which way to go. Ash is doing fine for a few seconds until he realizes that he is going to crash into a pool of water and he's thrown off the Arcanine and lands on his face. Suddenly they notice that a rocket is heading their way and when it finally arrives a glove comes out and snatches the fire stones. Team Rocket reveals themselves and they say their usual lines and then grab Pikachu! Arcanine immediately saves Pikachu, so Team Rocket gets on their bicycles and they try to get away from the brats. Ash and friends almost catch them, but they end up falling in a hole in the ground instead giving Team Rocket the chance to escape, but only temporarily. Brock sends out his Golbat to help them find Team Rocket and sure enough it finds their footprints. Our heroes decide to split up since the footprints lead in 3 different directions. Brock, Misty and Ramona are the first to spot the fire stones, but they end up in a hole instead. Jessie on the other hand is on a unicycle and has Ash and Keagan right on her tail. She goes through a bush, but they follow her and end up on a battlefield. Jessie forces them to battle her for the fire stones and ends up getting easily beaten by Pikachu like usual, but when they go to get the stones, they fall down an even deeper hole! Pikachu ends up getting grabbed and caged and when Keagan looks in the bag where the fire stones should be, there are just some rocks instead. Ash starts acting crazy without thinking and tries to climb out of the hole, but ends up dizzy and hurt. Team Rocket ends up meeting up together finally after they have taken care of the twerps. They decide to make their way back to the boss since they have Pikachu. Meanwhile, Ash and Keagan finally make their way out of the hole, but Keagan's arm is hurt a lot. They decide to go after Pikachu and the stones, but Keagan complains that his arm hurts a lot, so Ash offers to control Arcanine. Ash has trouble at first and almost crashes into a tree, but Keagan tells him that he needs to act as one with Arcanine, so Ash does and does a better job. Arcanine eventually picks up Pikachu's scent, so they follow it right to Team Rocket who is celebrating after disposing of the brats. They have a big meal and are ready to camp out when Ash and Keagan find them. Arcanine attacks with Take Down, but Wobuffett counters it. Team Rocket then uses their balloon to try and get away, but Brock, Misty and Ramona arrive and the Arcanine use Onix as a stepping stone to reach the balloon and pop it with a few Fire Spin's. Team Rocket doesn't give up yet and Jessie sends out Arbok who gets beaten by Arcanine with ease, so they flee the battle scene. Our heroes chase after and catch them thanks to some Extreme Speed of Arcanine. Team Rocket ends up losing Pikachu and Pikachu delivers the K-O Thunderbolt sending them blasting off again! Brock admits that he is amazed at how well Ash handled Arcanine. The finally scene shows Keagan and Ramona bringing the fire stones to the town for the contest. Everyone thanks each other for all the help and before they leave, Brock makes a scene and says that he wants so stay with Ramona, but he gets dragged off by the ear instead. And with that, our heroes continue on to Olivine City after a long, eventful day for more adventures.

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