Johto Champions 171-180

Power Play!
Ash and co. find this kid with an Alakazam battling another kid's Umbreon...that belongs to Gary! Eevee has evolved into Umbreon! After a colorful battle in which Gary wins, Ash challenges Gary to a battle. Gary refuses. Ash is infuriated and stuffs himself with food, hoping to be prepared the next time he sees Gary. Nurse Joy says all the power in the town has gone out, and pokemon can't be called in because there's no electricity. Ash and friends find tied up power plant workers. The power was stolen by Team Rocket. They're using it to power their latest mecha - the Robo-Mecha Wobuffet. It's so powerful it can use counter attacks! Gary helps Ash, and the Robo-Mecha Wobuffet is stopped by Chikorita pulling it with vines, causing its counter attacks to go on the fritz and it finally goes kaboom. Gary helps Ash get the power back, and he leaves, with a bit more friendliness with Ash.
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Mountain Time
Ash, Misty, and Brock visit a mountain patrol station which uses a Ledian and Pidgeotto for rescues. Team Rocket snatch Pikachu and Togepi and are promptly blown away by high mountain winds and have to be rescued.
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As our heroes prepare to set off once more from a short break, they're unexpectedly confronted by a Wobbuffet. Misty suspects that it may be Team Rocket's Wobbuffet, when dozens more suddenly appear. Following the Wobbuffet down the trail, the gang finds themselves in Wobbuffet Village, a small town where everyone owns a Wobbuffet. A young man, Norio, walks over to greet Ash, Misty, and Brock, mentioning that the Wobbuffet Festival is currently being held: an annual event that celebrates all Wobbuffet. Meanwhile, Team Rocket is staggering into the same town famished. Jessie's Wobbuffet pops out, and just as its trainer is about to send it back to its Pokéball, a lady named Lulu approaches and invites Jessie, James, and Meowth into her home. Inside a small cottage, Lulu presents Team Rocket with a platter filled with burgers and sandwiches. Finally getting some food to eat, they decide to go along with the "praising Wobbuffet" charade, and asks if there will be any other Wobbuffet at the festival. Lulu answers yes, and decides to put a yellow ribbon around Jessie's Wobbuffet, making it distinguishable from the others. She then takes Team Rocket to the Festival Symbol, a giant Wobbuffet standing in the middle of town. Looking down on the village from a nearby cliff, three young men send out their Fighting Pokémon; Hitmonlee, Machoke, and Primeape, and prepare to stir up some trouble. As Ash, Misty, Brock, and Norio are having fun playing, someone runs up to them and reports that a Wobbuffet has been attacked. They arrive on scene, where the Wobbuffet's trainer, a little girl, sits there sobbing. Suddenly, another Wobbuffet attack is reported, and when the gang shows up, the Wobbuffet's trainer tells of the three mysterious attackers who did this. Hearing this, Ash immediately suspects Team Rocket, who are, speaking of which sneaking around the storehouse where the festival food is being held, planning to steal everything inside. Our heroes catch them red-handed, and Ash mentions the connection between them to the Wobbuffet attacks. However, Jessie and James deny ever doing such acts. Lulu intervenes, telling the gang that Jessie, James, and Meowth must be innocent because they have a Wobbuffet of their own. A young girl steps in reporting another attack, which proves Team Rocket innocent. Ash, Misty, and Brock reluctantly apologize to the three and run off. Everyone is gathered around the Festival Symbol, witnessing another Wobbuffet being knocked 20 feet into the air. The gang appears and confronts the ones responsible, who are the three Fighting Pokémon trainers. Norio takes a look at them and recognizing their faces, explains to our heroes that they came to Wobbuffet Village a year ago smashing windows and breaking down doors to train their Pokémon. However, Lulu's Wobbuffet saved the day as its Counter and Mirror Coat attacks defeated the three punks, which is why they've come back for revenge. Norio then sets off to find Lulu and Officer Jenny. Bagging the last few portions of food, Team Rocket sees Norio, Lulu, and Officer Jenny headed for the Festival Symbol. Seeing this, they wonder what's going on. Challenged by Ash to a 3 on 3 Pokémon battle, the Fighting Pokémon trainers send out Hitmonlee, Machoke, and Primeape to fight. Ash calls for Chikorita, Misty chooses Poliwhirl, and Brock uses Golbat. However, just as it's about to get underway, Officer Jenny comes in and stops the match. She explains that since Wobbuffet never make the first attack, the founders of the festival honored this spirit, and therefore, no battles are allowed within the village at this time. The three trainers decide that if they can't hurt any real Wobbuffet, they're going to attack the Festival Symbol instead. Hitmonlee, Machoke, and Primeape begin to destroy the monument, as the townspeople stand there helpless. Spying on what's happening, James and Meowth begin to sympathize for Wobbuffet over how much the other Wobbuffet and the Festival Symbol are being treated. They then decide that since the residents treated them so well, they should return the favor by stopping the three hooligans. Suddenly, a bomb drops down and with a cloud of smoke, Team Rocket makes their dramatic appearance from their balloon. Ignoring the festival rules, Jessie challenges the three to a Pokémon battle and sends out Arbok. James chooses Victreebel in the same fashion. Hitmonlee uses Rolling Kick on Arbok, but it recovers and counterattacks with a Tackle. Machoke comes up and uses Karate Chop on Victreebel, who sends a pair of Razor Leaves in return. Primeape jumps in front of Machoke to knock the leaves away. Jessie commands Arbok to use Wrap, but Hitmonlee's Hi Jump Kick stops it short, making it down for the count. Machoke defeats Victreebel with Seismic Toss as well. With no one else to use, Jessie has Wobbuffet battle. The three Fighting Pokémon trainers burst in laughter, and sends Hitmonlee to use Jump Kick, Machoke to Seismic Toss, and Primeape to do Fury Swipes. However, Wobbuffet uses Counter every time, and is left unscathed. The trainers decide to attack all together, but Wobbuffet's Counter proves to be stronger as it sends Hitmonlee, Machoke, and Primeape blasting over the horizon. The bad guys flee, and Team Rocket wins. Afterward, Team Rocket gets back in their balloon and prepares to leave peacefully. Our heroes, still shocked by their heroism, then spot Team Rocket stealing the bag of festival food not too far off. The gang gives chase, and Misty calls out Staryu to puncture a hole in their balloon. She succeeds, and Team Rocket is grounded. However, Jessie and James don't feel threatened, since battling is against the festival tradition. Officer Jenny interrupts, telling them that battling is only forbidden inside the village, and since they're now outside of the town, attacking is perfectly legal. Ash tells Pikachu to use Thunderbolt, and Team Rocket's sent blasting off again. That evening, Norio and Lulu thank our heroes for their help and invites them to stay for the food, dancing, and fireworks that'll be at the festival. They accept the offer, and the group has a joyous time. Meanwhile, Team Rocket is stuck on top of a plateau. James is distraught over losing what could've been food, friends, and festival, but Jessie reminds him they still have one thing left: Wobbuffet!

Imitation Confrontation
Stopping by a small town Pokémon Center, the gang enters to see no one at the front desk. Chansey appears from around the corner, followed closely by Nurse Joy. However, Brock notices something fishy, and after closer examination, finds that that Nurse Joy is an imposter. Suddenly, Chansey begins glowing white as it transforms back to the Ditto it was. Witnessing this, our heroes discover that the true identity of the Joy imposter is none other than Ash's old friend, Duplica. Sitting down getting reacquainted, Brock finds that Duplica is in town because of the Pokémon Acting Competition, a gathering of trainers from all over competing in shows, plays, etc. Spying on the group nearby, Team Rocket remembers Duplica as "the detestable Ditto trainer" and comes up with an idea to steal her Pokémon. Back inside, Nurse Joy comes out from the ER with Duplica's other Ditto, one she nicknamed Minidit, and reports that it's at prime condition. Outside on the playground, Brock asks Duplica why she brought Minidit to the Pokémon Center if it was already healthy. Duplica offers to demonstrate and tells Minidit to transform into Pikachu. Her Pokémon does so, and a seemingly flawless Pikachu appears. She then orders it to transform into Togepi, and another perfect transformation takes place. Baffled, Ash still can't figure out what's wrong with Minidit, so Duplica asks for a bigger Pokémon to show why. Brock sends out Onix, and Duplica commands Minidit to transform. Minidit transforms into Onix, but at a fraction of the height. Shocked, Team Rocket is convinced that they absolutely must steal that rare and valuable Ditto. Our heroes are shocked to see this as well. As Duplica mentions that the cause of this strange behavior is still a mystery to her, Misty comments that she finds the "weirdest, wackiest, and most abnormal Pokémon ever". Duplica is hurt and devastated by the statement, so Misty tries to quickly make up by meaning it in the best possible sense. Ash tells Duplica that she's most likely to have gotten stronger the last time they met, and challenges her to a battle. As Ash chooses Totodile, Duplica tells Minidit to transform into her opponent's Pokémon. She makes the first move, and tells Minidit to use Scary Face. Minidit runs up and puts up a frightening façade, but Totodile stands there pointing and laughing. Ash goes next, and commands Totodile to use Water Gun. Minidit stands its ground, shakes the attack off, and prepares to use Hydro Pump. However, nothing comes out, and Ash innocently tells Duplica that he's never gotten around to teaching Totodile Hydro Pump yet. She therefore tries another attack, Tackle, and Minidit charges at Totodile and connects. Ash is about to retaliate with Bite, when a loud explosion can be heard in the distance. It turns out that the Pokémon Center's roof has been destroyed, and standing in the middle of the debris is Jessie and James dressed as Duplica and Ash. As the two distract our heroes telling them their scheme to steal all the Pokémon inside the Pokémon Center, Meowth sneaks up from behind and bags Minidit in a sack. The gang prepares to enter the building to stop Team Rocket, but Duplica finds that Minidit is missing. As she desperately looks around for her lost Pokémon, Nurse Joy tells Ash, Misty, and Brock that Team Rocket just fled out the back door without stealing any of the Pokémon. This contradicts Team Rocket's original scheme, but Brock realizes that that must've been just a diversion while the real target, Minidit, was captured. Someplace else, James suggests that they should've stolen all of the other Pokémon while they were at the Pokémon Center, but Jessie tells them that greediness is the mistake they always make, which leads them to failure. James concurs, agreeing to settle for just one Pokémon this time. However, Meowth interrupts and comes up with a plan that'll earn dozens of more rare Pokémon: If Jessie and James pose as Pokémon traders trading a miniature-sized "Arbok", some rich Pokémon collector will eventually pass by and offer a rare Pokémon such as Dragonite to swap. Then, after making the trade, they'll steal Minidit back and repeat the process in different towns. Jessie and James like the idea, and decide to go along with it. Ash and Duplica meet back up Misty and Brock finding no sign of Minidit anywhere. Noctowl and Ditto, who has transformed into the owl Pokémon, have no such luck either. Suddenly, Nurse Joy comes up and reports that she's just heard of a suspicious group of people in a nearby town trying to trade a miniature Arbok. Hearing this, the gang sets off to investigate. No doubt, Team Rocket is following Meowth's plan. The trainers gathered around offer Pokémon such as Beedrill or Wooper, but no Dragonites. Jessie begins to think that the plan isn't working well, and James seconds that, suggesting that they should quit while they're ahead. Meowth tells them to be patient, when suddenly, Ash and the others find the trading post. As Misty begins to interrogate Team Rocket, who reply with indecisive answers, James suggests that Ash should trade his Pikachu for the mini-Arbok, but he refuses. Furious, Meowth jumps in, yelling at his partners for not being able to make at least one trade, and seeing the talking Meowth, Ash immediately recognizes Team Rocket. He commands Pikachu to use Thunderbolt on the three, and Minidit's cage breaks free. Jessie gets up and sends out Arbok to fight. Wobbuffet unexpectedly comes out of its Pokéball, so Jessie decides to use it in battle as well. Duplica orders Ditto to transform into Arbok, and Minidit into Wobbuffet. She starts by tackling Wobbuffet, but its Counter attack sends Ditto recoiling back. Jessie tells Arbok to use Poison Sting on Minidit, but much like Wobbuffet's Counter, Minidit's Counter bounces the attack right back. Meanwhile, Meowth tells James to launch a sneak attack on Pikachu. He goes for it, calling out Weezing to use Sludge. However, Duplica intervenes just in time, telling Ditto to use Wrap on Weezing. Ash and Duplica agree to make it 3 on 3 battle with Team Rocket now. Ash has Pikachu use Thunderbolt, but Wobbuffet counterattacks and the shock is sent back at them. Duplica mentions that there's more than one way to use Counter, and tells Jessie that she has the feeling that she's afraid to attack Minidit. Jessie laughs at the idea, orders Arbok to tackle Minidit, but is sent driving into a tree when Arbok is thrown back at its trainer. James then orders Weezing to use Sludge attack, but Minidit's Mirror Coat returns the blow. Duplica explains that Wobbuffet has two attacks: Counter and Mirror Coat. Counter is used against physical attacks such as Tackle or Bite, and Mirror Coat is for special attacks such as Thunderbolt or Sludge. James understands this, saying that Minidit only obeyed Jessie to play along until Duplica found it. Jessie is furious, and Meowth lunges forward to use Fury Swipes. Duplica's Minidit responds with Counter, and Meowth ends up with claw marks on his face. She then quickly orders her two Ditto to transform into Pikachu, and Ditto, Minidit, and Ash's Pikachu all use a Thunder attack together. Jessie, who can't remember which attack to use against Thunder, ends up indecisive as the electric shock sends Team Rocket blasting off over the horizon. Back at the Pokémon Center, Duplica demonstrates her Minidit's capabilities to a small crowd. Ash mentions that he'd like to see a miniature Ursaring, and Minidit complies, looking just like a small teddy bear. Duplica decides that Minidit's inability to match the size of the Pokémon it transforms into is what makes it unique, and comes up with idea of specializing in making a team of Ditto who each have their own ways of transforming. She then brings up the subject of the interrupted battle she and Ash were having, and as both trainers run outside to finish the match, Duplica stops to tell Brock and Misty that it might take a while because their friend has gotten a lot smarter. Meanwhile, Jessie is still puzzled over how Duplica's pint-sized Ditto was able to outsmart her Wobbuffet. She hangs there in the tree pondering with James and Meowth, and the episode ends.

The Trouble with Snubbull
Taking a break from his long hike to Ecruteak City, Ash sees a familiar figure: Madam Muchmoney's ribbon-sporting Snubbull. However, it quickly disappears as it runs into some brush. Meanwhile, Team Rocket is staggering down the road in their usual starved condition. Meowth hears a biting noise, to find Snubbull clamped onto his tail. He runs in panic, but Jessie and James, who think that Snubbull's show of affection is "cute", do nothing to help. Meowth then cries out that he "hates this stupid Snubbull", and flings the Pokémon off into the distance. Walking through the forest, Ash and the gang find another familiar figure: Madam Muchmoney's butler, Jeeves. His clothes are tattered and he struggles to get up, so Brock offers a drink from his canteen. Jeeves thanks him for the kind gesture, and when our heroes ask about Madam Muchmoney, he mentions that he's actually traveling with her, and that they had to split up to forage for food. Suddenly, a Tarzan-like yell echoes throughout the area, and Madam Muchmoney comes down swinging from a vine. Having lunch with Muchmoney, Ash asks why she and Jeeves are out in the middle of the woods. She explains that after Snubbull ran away from her, she couldn't sleep, think, nor eat, and that she had to do something to find her lost Pokémon. Therefore, she set off for the wilderness with Jeeves looking for Snubbull, which is why they're here. Ash tells Muchmoney that he saw her Snubbull not too long ago along the riverbank, so he uses Pikachu to try and pick up its scent. The lonesome Snubbull sits down on a rock remembering Meowth's hateful words. It then sees something rattle in the bush, and hoping it's Meowth's tail, charges forth to bite at it. However, it turns out to be the tail of a Mankey, who takes a swing at Snubbull once and runs away. Muchmoney and the gang approach soon after, and seeing that Snubbull's injured, they take it to a Pokémon Center. As Nurse Joy reports that Snubbull will be just fine, Muchmoney enthusiastically tells her Pokémon that soon it can enjoy the wonders of nature without having to leave her estate. Jeeves explains that Muchmoney is having a multi-million dollar renovation done to her mansion that'll turn her gardens into a nature park so Snubbull can hopefully be happy. However, Snubbull doesn't seem too thrilled about the idea, so Joy offers to keep the Pokémon for the night so she can run some tests on it. Muchmoney agrees. That night, Nurse Joy enters Snubbull's room to find that it has escaped. As the group goes out to find the runaway Pokémon the next morning, Team Rocket overhears the situation. Jessie and James figure that Muchmoney will give them a gigantic cash reward if they bring back her Snubbull; and they have the perfect bait to do so: Meowth. Snubbull finds Meowth dangling from a tree, but doesn't look too happy to see him, and suddenly evolves into the more ferocious Granbull. Knowing that if Granbull takes a bite of Meowth there won't be any Meowth left, Jessie sends out Arbok to stop it. However, seeing the resemblance to Meowth's tail, Granbull takes a bite out of Arbok's tail as it cries in pain. James then calls for Weezing to use Smokescreen, and with the distraction, Meowth breaks free from the ropes and brings out his "Fight the Bite" machine. Team Rocket boards, and Meowth waves the tail of the robot in front of Granbull in order to make it bite it. When Granbull latches on, Meowth attempts to shake Granbull off to drop it into a cage, but it won't let go. Our heroes finally arrive on scene seeing what's going on, so Jessie and James come out present Muchmoney with her Granbull. Ash, Misty, and Brock don’t believe this charade of kindness, and when Muchmoney are Jeeves are having difficulty pulling Granbull off the robot, Meowth activates a button that electrocutes the tail. This, of course, shocks Granbull, Muchmoney, and Jeeves, and the gang is convinced this is some kind of trick. Realizing that the idea of receiving a reward is no longer feasible, Team Rocket decides to go back to villainy and tells Ash to give up Pikachu or lose Granbull. Ash responds with Pikachu's Thunderbolt, but Misty stops him since the shock will hurt Granbull as well. Acknowledging this, Ash sends out Cyndaquil to use Flamethrower. Inside the machine, as Meowth tries to ward off the flames, he accidentally pushes the button that launches the tail missile. Madam Muchmoney comes to the rescue as she protects her Granbull from the blow they'll get from smashing into a tree. She then invites Granbull to battle Team Rocket together, and it agrees. Meowth launches the Fight the Bite's fists on Granbull, but Take Down is enough to dodge the attacks. It then closes in fast to Tackle, followed by an impressive Dynamic Punch. Meowth's machine goes haywire, and Pikachu finishes them off with Thunderbolt. Later that day, Muchmoney thanks our heroes for their help. Jeeves is about to bring the car around to take them home, but Muchmoney tells him that she and Granbull prefer some exercise, and both Pokémon and trainer race home. Ash, Misty, and Brock realize Granbull wasn't the only one to evolve then, because its trainer has relearned the importance in teamwork.

Ariados, Amigos
At a mountain lake, Misty takes a walk and discovers, much to her terror, an Ariados. Ash, Misty, and Brock meet its trainer, Aya, a female ninja trainer from the Fuchsia City Gym. Aya's tutor teaches Pokémon jujitsu at their academy. Ash and friends ask for training, the academy master agrees to one free day. Misty gets a beauty class, but passes out from fear when Spinarak spins a web on her face. Aya and her Venonat battle Ash and his Bulbasaur. Ash wins, as he did in a previous episode. From the rooftop, Team Rocket spy with binoculars. That night, when Aya is training, her Venonat senses something and they investigate. Team Rocket is dressed up as magicians and have stolen all the academy's Pokéballs. They "levitate" into their balloon, snatch Pikachu, and try to float away. The academy master flies on a kite spun by Ariados's web, manages to partially evade Arbok's Poison Sting, and cuts the rope holding the Pokeballs. Aya battles Team Rocket, uses an interesting tactic of using Rest, encouraging Arbok to Wrap around it, then using Stun Spore. Ash has Pikachu Thunderbolt Team Rocket up, up, and away.

Wings 'N' Things
Our heroes are traveling through Johto when they come across a Yanma. Suddenly it snatches Ash's hat and starts to fly away. Ash and friends run after it and they're led to a boy who tells the Yanma to give back Ash's hat. He has to physically take it since the Pokemon isn't being very cooperative. He scolds the Pokemon for flying away, giving back the hat and apologizing for the incident. The boy introduces himself as Zachary Evans. Yanma notices that Zack has taken his eye off of it for a second, so it starts to fly away. Zack tries to call it back, but it ends up getting away. Yanma goes all the way into town, where everyone is scared for some unknown reason. The people scurry inside as quickly as possible, closing up all their windows and doors. Yanma spots a man who forgot to close his windows up and starts to flap its wings really fast, shattering the window. Zack and company finally arrives at the scene. Zack tells his Yanma to stop flapping its wings, but it won't listen so he calls it back. The man who had his window broken is understandably angry. Zachary tries to explain that it was an accident, but the man says that he is taking Zack to his father. When everyone including Ash and friends, who decide to tag along arrive at Zack's dad's house, the man explains what happened to Zack's father. Zack's father says that he is really sorry and says that he'll replace the broken window since he owns the glass factory in town. The storekeeper isn't satisfied and says that the problem isn't windows it's the Yanma. Before the man leaves he suggests that Zachary should get rid of the Yanma. Zachary's father says that the man is right since the Yanma has caused so much trouble. Zack tries to convince his dad otherwise, but Zack's dad tells him that he has to get rid of it and sends him off to release it. While Ash, Zack, Misty and Brock are on their way to find a good place to let Yanma out, Zack admits that he doesn't want to get rid of his Pokemon. They all start to talk and Ash eventually asks Zack why he caught a Yanma in the first place. Zack explains that when his father and him were delivering glass, they found a Yanma alone and hurt in the forest. They decided to take it home, where Zack helped nurse it back to full health. Zack admits that it was pretty easy to tame the Yanma, but as soon as it got better, it broke all the glass in the glass factory. Zack's father was cross and told him to get rid of it, but Zack convinced him to let him train it to stop breaking glass. Zack says that he tried his best, but Yanma just wouldn't listen to him. Brock suggests that they might consider moving to another town, but Misty reminds him that they would still have the same problem. Ash hasn't said anything for a while now, so he suggests that they replace all the windows with plastic, but Misty bursts his bubble by explaining that Zack's father's glass factory would go out of business then. Zack says that he doesn't have any choice; he has to get rid of Yanma. He says that he's sure it will do fine on its own anyway. He sadly admits that a window maker's son just isn't meant to be a Yanma trainer. Our heroes all sadly agree, so Zack lets out his Pokemon. Before he leaves it, he gives it its favorite snack and tells it that it will be fine. Zack gives it one final pat on the head and runs off leaving it on the tree stump alone. Ash and friends chase after Zack, who is in tears. He ends up tripping and falling on his face. Zack says that he doesn't know what to do anymore. He says that Yanma is his friend and he can't leave it, so he goes back to look for it. When they all go back though, Yanma is gone, so Zack and company starts to look for it. Meanwhile, the devious Team Rocket is looking for Ash and Pikachu, but instead spot Yanma. When Yanma lands to take a drink, they capture it with a net. Jessie picks it up to admire it, when she has an idea for a poem. She says, "If you added wings to Caterpie, it would look like a Yanma, see!" Yanma isn't pleased and wants to get away, but since it's on a string it can't, so it starts to flap its wings, breaking some nearby glass. James explains that Yanma has the ability to use its wings to break glass. Jessie intervenes and says that she has an idea to make lots of money. Team Rocket goes to town, where they set their plan into motion. Meowth has Yanma by the string and while Meowth is inside of Victreebel. Meowth then gets Victreebel to run through town, making Yanma use its wings, breaking all the glass in town. Everyone is really angry and they all gather out on the street, but then suddenly Jessie and James arrive in disguise. They say that they're selling glass on sale, which everyone is happy to buy. A man asks them why they're keeping the glass in an ice cream wagon. Jessie panics, before she says that it's because it's so cool. Everyone ends up buying the glass, leaving Team Rocket with a big sum of money. They go off to have a victory meal, but while they're eating, they reveal that they were really selling ice, not glass to people in town. They all laugh and say that it was the perfect plan. Yanma tries to take a bite out of a doughnut, but Jessie snatches it away. Yanma is sad and thinks about when Zack would give it as much food as it would want. Ash, Misty and Brock meanwhile, are still looking for Yanma, but have also managed to lose Zachary. They end up coming across a Pokemon Center in the middle of the forest. When they enter it, they find Zack's dad who recognizes them right away. Zack isn't as lucky and is wondering around town still looking for the lost Yanma. He sees some people and asks them if they've seen Yanma, but they instead blame him for being part of the fake glass scam and take Zack to his father again. Ash and friends are still with Zack's father, Mr. Evans who shows them some stained glass he has made. Mr. Evans says that he got angry with Zack before for Yanma breaking the stained glass. He says that Yanma puts the whole town in danger. The towns' people arrive with Zack and explain that he was part of a scam that involved ripping off everyone with fake glass. The brats say that it sounds like the work of Team Rocket, who is walking by at that exact moment. They are still talking about their plan, which everyone overhears. Someone asks them who they are and they respond with their usual waste of time motto. Zack sees his friends, Yanma on a string and says he wants it back, but Team Rocket says no. Ash and Misty help by sending out Chikorita and Poliwhirl. Mr. Evans tells everyone not to fight since the stained glass could get broken. Ash and Misty don't want to break the glass, so they let Arbok use wrap on their Pokemon. Ash is about to fight back, when James reminds him about the glass. Zack then has an idea and tries to call back his Pokemon and it works! The only problem is that the Pokeball drops right in front of Team Rocket. Zack races over to get it and just beats out Victreebel, but Zack gets knocked over. Zack says that he's glad to get back his Pokemon. Zack's dad says that he can always make more stained glass and tells his son to help out by using Yanma to find out if they make a good team. After a bit of help from Dexter with what attacks Yanma knows, Zack tells his Pokemon to use Sonic Boom, knocking over Arbok, followed up by a Double Team. Ash and Misty join in as all three of their Pokemon use Tackle, sending Team Rocking into their ice cream wagon and blasting off again! Just before they blast off though, the money conveniently lands in one of the town's people's hands. Zack is happy since he proved that Yanma and him make a great team. The man who got his window broken first says that anytime Zack stops by his shop, he will have a special treat for him. The adventure ends with Mr. Evans putting up the final piece in his stained glass masterpiece. Our heroes admire its beauty before they move onto they next adventure.

The Grass Route
Our heroes find themselves just a mountain away from Ecruteak City, when they spot a group of Grass Pokemon. They see some Pokemon like Sunflora, Oddish, Bellsprout and Gloom. They then spot a Skiploom who appears to be in a hurry. The Skiploom ends up going back to its trainer, who is a young boy named Ephram. The boy sees Pikachu and asks Ash if he's going for a badge and Ash says yes. The boy says that they should battle, but he challenges Ash to a Grass Pokemon only battle. After Ash accepts the battle begins with Ash choosing Chikorita and Ephram going with Skiploom. Skiploom starts out by trying a Tackle attack, but Chikorita knocks it away. Ephram commands his Pokemon to use Double Team to try and confuse Chikorita, but Chikorita counters it again with its Razor Leaf attack and eventually hits Skiploom. Skiploom is in trouble and uses Leech Seed, but gets it knocked right back at its head. Chikorita then ends the battle with a devastating Tackle, knocking out Ephram's Pokemon. Ash starts to celebrate, but Brock and Misty say that Skiploom is really hurt, so Ash apologizes to Ephram for hurting Skiploom. Ephram then invites the gang to come to his house. When they arrive, Ash and friends meet Ephram's parents, who find the gang to be nice and so they invite them to stay the night. The gang of course accepts, since they'll take a house over camping any day. Ash and friends notice that Ephram's family has some beautiful flowers. The parents explain that they use the Grass Pokemon to make them so nice looking. Ephram mentions to Ash that he's going to enter a Grass Pokemon tournament the next day. Ash thinks it will be easy since it's only for a small town and decides to enter too. Meanwhile Team Rocket is relaxing with a nice meal and admiring the lush scenery of mountains and forest. After a brief fight over food, James finds a flyer advertising a Grass Pokemon tournament with the prize being a trophy, but more importantly some Leaf Stones. Team Rocket decides to enter so that they can win the Leaf Stones and sell them for money. James goes with his Victreebel, who responds by trying to eat him, while Jessie has an evil grin on her face as she looks at a worried Meowth. Back at Ephram's, Skiploom has just finished a vigorous training routine involving Double Team and is taking a break. Ash is watching and admits that Ephram is training his Pokemon hard. Brock warns him not to over train it, but Ephram says that he won't. Ash is more cocky than usual and says that winning the tournament will be a breeze and goes off to admire the flowers, instead of training. The next day it is finally time for the tournament to begin and everyone is in the back getting ready. Team Rocket is there too, but they're in disguise. Meowth looks the strangest of all because Jessie has forced him to dress up like a Sunflora so that she can enter, since she doesn't have any Grass Pokemon. Ash is close by and after a brief look he states that there's no competition in sight. When it's finally time to start, Ash and Bulbasaur are up first against a trainer with a Gloom. The Gloom starts out with a Petal Dance, but Bulbasaur grabs it with a Vine Whip and knocks it out in a quick opening victory. Ephram is up next and he has to face James and his Victreebel. Victreebel goes on the attack first with Razor Leaf, followed with Vine Whip. Skiploom manages to dodge everything, but it is getting really worn out and ends up getting caught in the vines of Victreebel. Victreebel tosses Skiploom away and tries to Tackle it, but Skiploom uses Leech Seed. It then follows up with its Double Team attack, making Victreebel get dizzy and faint and handing the victory to Ephram. Ephram's parents are really happy and start to boast to the crowd, which embarrasses the young boy. Ash is up again in his second battle, but this time he has to face Jessie and Meowth, who are both in disguise. Ash thinks that the battle will be a breeze, but he is surprised when Sunflora (Meowth) uses Scratch. It then uses Fury Swipes, but Bulbasaur fights back fights back with its Razor Leaf attack. Bulbasaur ends up cutting the ear off of the costume revealing the ear of Meowth, so Ash tells him to continue and eventually all that is left is Meowth! Team Rocket knows that their plan has been ruined so they use their usual motto introduction. They then try and grab the Leaf Stones, but they're hit away courtesy of a Bulbasaur Vine Whip and blasted off again. Ash and Ephram end up winning all of their matches and they have to face eachother in the finals. Ash is still cocky, which doesn't impress Ephram and so the battle begins. Skiploom goes first and uses its Double Team attack. Bulbasaur tries to hit it with its Razor Leaf attack, but it can't seem to hit it. Skiploom tries Leech Seed, but Bulbasaur hits it away and hits Skiploom with it. Bulbasaur then start to relentlessly use Vine Whip to try and wear out Skiploom. Skiploom is getting really hurt, so Ash asks Ephram if he wants to give up. Ephram asks his Skiploom, who decides to continue. Ephram and Ash don't notice, but Skiploom has started to gather sunlight. Ash sends Bulbasaur in for the final hit, but suddenly Skiploom fires a Solar Beam and Tackles Bulbasaur to end the match! Ash is upset about losing, so Ephram asks him if Bulbasaur is ok and Brock says that all that was hurt was its pride. Ephram is still in shock since Skiploom never used Solar Beam before and Brock explains that it must have learned it during the match. Ash is a good loser and congratulates Ephram on his hard fought victory. As we leave our heroes, Ephram is being awarded the Leaf Stones and a trophy as everyone cheers him on for his first tournament victory. The

Apple Corp!
Ash and friends are traveling along like usual when they come across an apple orchard. Ash wants to go and eat the apples, but Misty warns him that it would be stealing. Pikachu goes off and suddenly some apple cores drop from a tree above him. Ash sees Pikachu and thinks that he has eaten the apples, but before anything can happen, the girl that owns the orchard confronts them. She says that she has finally caught the one's who have been stealing her apples. Ash is sure that it wasn't Pikachu and proves his friend innocence by showing the girl that the teeth marks couldn't have matched Pikachu. The girl realizes that Ash is right and tells them about her problems with the apples. Meanwhile Team Rocket grabs an apple from a tree and Meowth is about to eat it when Jessie and James tell him that he must share. But before anything can happen, the apple is stolen (by a Pokémon) and Jessie and James think that Meowth ate it, so they attack him. Back with our heroes, they eventually find out that the Pichu have been stealing the apples. Ash scans the Pichu with his Pokédex and finds out that they can't really control their electricity and sometimes hurt themselves with their power. Ash and friends then notice a Fearow above and the Fearow then notices the Pichu and tries to attack them, but Pikachu saves the day by electrocuting it and scaring it away. Ash then has an idea and teaches the Pichu to help with the orchard instead of eating the apples. Everything is doing well, but then Team Rocket makes its usual appearance and they suck up Pikachu with a giant vacuum from the Meowth balloon. Pikachu tries to electrocute Team Rocket, but instead powers their battery that helps power their appliances like a DVD player and a microwave. Ash is about to call out one of his Pokémon to save the day, but the orchard girl tells him to let the Pichu take care of it. The Pichu stack one on top of each other and eventually they reach Pikachu and free it! Pikachu then combines his power with the Pichu and they over power the battery and make Team Rocket blast off again! Ash and friends say their good byes and with they that continue on with their adventure.

Howl Of The Houndoom
Ash and friends admire the nice Johto scenery when they spot a Houndoom delivering something. At the same time, Team Rocket is also admiring the scenery from the Meowth Balloon. Jessie reminds them that they need to get some Pokémon for the boss. Team Rocket then spots Ash and friends, so they interrupt them with their usual lines. James sends out Weezing and tells it to do Smokescreen, making it impossible for Ash and friends to see. Jessie then tells her Arbok to attack Pikachu, but Pikachu is ready and fends it off with a Thunderbolt. With all the action, Togepi gets away from Misty and is near Weezing, so to get away uses Metronome, which ends up being Teleport sending it far away. Team Rocket eventually loses to Ash and is sent blasting off again! Meanwhile, the Houndoom that Ash spotted at the beginning hears Togepi's crying and rescues it from atop a big tree. Houndoom sees that it is still sad, and gets an apple for it. A Pinsir then tries to attack poor Togepi, but Houndoom scares it off. Houndoom tries to leave Togepi again, but hears its crying and comes back once again. This time Houndoom puts Togepi on its back and continues on with his new friend. Ash and friends at the same time are searching for Togepi. They all think of the worst, but then Ash has the idea of getting the Pokémon to help them. Ash sends out his shiny Noctowl and Brock sends out his Golbat to help look. In another place, Houndoom is trying to jump over some rocks when an angry Gyarados knocks it into the water. When Togepi and Houndoom make it to shore, Togepi tries to climb up a hill, but starts to fall. Houndoom acts fast and saves his little friend. They make their way all the way up to the top of the hill and find a field of flowers with a bunch of Grass and Bug Pokémon. Togepi has some fun, but Houndoom thinks that it is in trouble and tries to save it. The problem is that it makes a Venusaur angry and gets put to sleep. Back with the gang, Noctowl finds the footprints of Togepi, but there are another set of footprints. Meanwhile, Togepi finally wakes up Houndoom and they get on there way again. Ash and company are hot on Togepi's trail though and they run across the same rocks and see the same Gyarados. They find a hill and climb up it to find the same field of flowers that Togepi and Houndoom were in earlier. Team Rocket isn't having very good luck and because of the altitude, they almost crash and bang into the Gyarados that was seen earlier. The Gyarados is enraged and sends them water blasting off again! Togepi and Houndoom, who are far away, continue to travel further and further. They go inside a tree for shelter during a thunderstorm. Outside of a tree, you see part of the body of a mysterious Pokémon, but they don't say who it is. If you're wondering, the Pokémon is none other than Raikou! Meanwhile, Ash and friends seem to have lost Togepi because the footprints have been washed away. They don't give up though and Pikachu finds some fresh footprints. Togepi on the other hand is sleeping on Houndoom's back when it comes back to a farm with an old man with some Mareep. Ash and friends finally catch up and find Togepi! Misty thanks Houndoom for taking care of her Togepi, but then Team Rocket interrupts everyone by catching Houndoom in a net. Ash sends out Chikorita, and it cuts Houndoom free with its Razor Leaf attack. Jessie and James send out Arbok and Victreebel to fight back, but Pikachu and Houndoom save the day and send Team Rocket fire blasting off again! The old man leads them back on their way so everyone says goodbye and they start to leave when Togepi starts to cry and runs back to Houndoom. They say a sad good bye and with that, our heroes continue on.

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