Johto Champions 158-170

A Goldenrod Opportunity
After a long time between gyms, our heroes have finally arrived in Goldenrod City, the home of the Goldenrod City Gym and hopefully Ash's third Johto badge. Ash has his sights set on going straight to the next gym, but Misty and Brock want to do other things. Ash tells the gang that they aren't there to go shopping, meet girls or eat burgers; they're there to win a badge. Ash then leads the gang to the gym and they find out that it's closed for the day. Brock suggests that they head over to the Goldenrod Galleria, where they can spend the day and have fun until the next day, when Ash can go for the next badge. The only problem is that Brock's navigating skills aren't that great and the gang ends up lost in a dead end. Pikachu then runs back the way they came, but ends up colliding with a Clefairy. Ash goes over and picks up the Pokemon to see if it's ok and at the same time the owner of the Clefairy checks out Pikachu to see if it's also ok. The trainer plants a kiss on Pikachu and says that she knows how to make a boo-boo feel better. Brock takes that as a hint and out of nowhere smashes his head against a wall, trying to tell the trainer that she should kiss his boo-boo. Then on cue, Misty grabs Brock's ear and carries him away saying the girl only kisses boo-boos, not bozos. The girl then introduces herself as Whitney and tells Ash that she would be happy to direct our heroes to the galleria. Whitney takes our heroes through an underground shopping arcade and up a staircase, saying that this secret passage should lead them to the galleria lobby. It "should", but it doesn't and the group ends up even further away than they were before! They then try another route, but they end up at the Pokemon Salon. They leave and add yet another "bad joke", saying that they're looking for a shortcut, not a haircut. Eventually through a fluke, the gang finally ends up at the Goldenrod Galleria. Whitney tells everyone to follow her through the "automatic doors", but the only problem is that they aren't automatic and Whitney runs right into the glass. Inside the galleria, Team Rocket helps themselves to a couple "free samples" of food. James tries some out and says that food tastes so much better when it's free. As Team Rocket continues to eat, an employee approaches them and asks them if they're going to buy anything. After a modified version of the usual Team Rocket motto, the employee forces them to pay off their debt by selling drumsticks, turkey, and other assorted items. At that point, James spots Whitney's Clefairy wandering around the store. They hurry after it, hoping that they can finally successfully steal a Pokemon for the boss. Meanwhile, Whitney apologizes to Misty for starting off on the wrong foot and tells her that she's glad that she was able to finally go shopping. As Whitney is about to part with the gang, she realizes that her Clefairy is missing. Everyone, with the exception of Brock, who is lagging behind with all the shopping bags in his arms, chases after Pikachu as it runs off to find the lost Pokemon. Not too far away Team Rocket sneaks up on Whitney's Clefairy, and after successfully bagging it the gang spots them. Team Rocket decides to run for it instead of having a Pokemon battle as the chase begins. They head for the Magnet Train Station where they hope to get away in a train. They ask then man when the next train leaves and he responds by saying that it's a year from next Tuesday. With no other option, Team Rocket tries to use a handcar to try and get away. Ash tells Pikachu to chase after it and with no trouble at all, catches up to the slowly moving car. Ash then tells Pikachu to use it's Thunderbolt attack, but before it can deliver the attack, Jessie surrenders and gives back the Clefairy. Thinking that it's all over, Pikachu stops paying attention to Team Rocket and is bagged. Whitney orders her Clefairy to use Metronome and it uses Gust blowing Pikachu into Ash's arms. Ash decides to finish this as Pikachu unleashes a Thunder attack. The handcar and its occupants are shocked, and suddenly it starts moving at an insane speed. James figures that Pikachu's attack must've activated the electromagnetic engine in the car. Team Rocket speeds away, zooming off again and with that are literally out of the picture. Ash thanks Whitney for rescuing his Pikachu. Whitney says that she would love to have a Pokemon battle with him, but Ash declines saying that he needs to get ready for his gym battle the next day. Asking Ash why he didn't say so sooner, Whitney tells him she could've gotten him in today. Confused, Ash asks Whitney if she's the gym's cleaning lady. Whitney realizes that she forgot to tell Ash who she was before, and to the amazement of our heroes, reveals her identity as the Goldenrod City Gym Leader. Inside the Goldenrod Gym, the referee announces that the battle will be three on three. Whitney starts out and calls out her Nidorina, while Ash counters by sending out his Cyndaquil. Nidorina starts off by using its Poison Sting attack, but Cyndaquil counters it with a Flamethrower. Nidorina then goes for a Tackle attack, but gets knocked out with a Flamethrower giving the first round to Ash. Whitney calls back her Nidorina and brings out her Clefairy who starts off with a Metronome. Expecting the worst, Ash and Cyndaquil get ready for anything, but to their amazement, it uses Splash! Cyndaquil then starts firing it's Flamethrower at Clefairy and it surrenders. Now a one-on-three battle, Ash thinks that this battle could end up being a pushover, but is proven wrong with the summoning of Miltank! Miltank starts by using its Rollout attack and hits Cyndaquil a few times before knocking it out. Totodile then is Ash's next Pokemon and it uses a Water Gun attack, which has no effect! Totodile is then hit by a devastating attack and is knocked out in one hit! With one Pokemon left Ash selects his most electrifying Pokemon Pikachu since Miltank is already wet. Pikachu immediately uses a Thunderbolt attack, however it fails to affect Miltank putting Ash in deep trouble since Miltank's Rollout made it totally dry. Ash tells Pikachu to use Agility tries to out speed the spinning Pokemon, but it's too late and Pikachu falls over in pain and Ash loses the battle. Whitney is happy and congratulates her Miltank on the win. She tries to make Ash feel better and says that if he ever wants a rematch, she'd be happy to accept his challenge. Whitney walks away, leaving our heroes with a crushing lose. Getting the Plain Badge will not be as easy as Ash once thought.

A Dairy Tale Ending
After a brutal defeat at the Goldenrod City Gym, Ash waits around to see if his Pokemon are ok and Nurse Joy says after a good night's rest they will be. Ash is feeling pretty low after one of his biggest defeats thus far and says that if he can't beat Miltank he might as well give up and go back to Pallet Town. The next day Ash's Pokemon are happy to see him as he thanks them for a great match. Whitney then without warning drops by the Poke Center and tells the gang that she has a special place that she wants to take them to. She ends up taking them to her uncle's Miltank dairy, which is evidentially called Uncle Milton's Miltank Dairy. Arriving at the dairy, the gang finds an open pastures with tons of Miltank all over the place. Whitney sees her uncle who greets our heroes. In the barn, Milton serves the gang glasses and saucers full of Miltank milk which they totally love. Team Rocket on the other hand is staggering back towards Goldenrod City. Jessie says that the handcar they were on lead to a brick wall back in Saffron City, and Meowth adds it was unfortunate that they were going 150mph when they found that out. Then suddenly they spot a Miltank Dairy, the same one that our heroes are at! Team Rocket fantasizes about all the great foods that come from Miltank, like Miltank cheese and Miltank yogurt. Meowth spots the dairy barn where they head towards to get some free grub. Meanwhile, Ash and company finish their glasses of milk and Whitney offers them more food and they reluctantly accept, so she goes back to get the food. In the kitchen, Team Rocket finds a whole bunch of Miltank dairy products. They start going through everything, but Whitney catches them and yells for help. Team Rocket takes off with as much food as they can carry, but a Pikachu Thunderbolt stops them. Jessie declares a battle by sending out her Arbok and James follows by sending out his Weezing. Whitney sends out her Miltank which uses Rollout sending them blasting off again. Milton thanks Ash for helping them get the food back. Ash says he'd like to know more about Miltank, and Whitney comes up with the perfect idea for Ash to brush up. Whitney ends up making them literally brush the Miltank. The Miltank Ash is brushing starts to walk around, so Ash tries to stop it by grabbing its tail; big mistake because it gets annoyed and kicks him into a fence. Whitney then tells Ash her Miltank doesn't like having its tail pulled, but it's a little too late for the warning. After seeing how the Miltank are milked, Whitney says that she's going up the hill to train her Miltank and Ash decides to tag along. Ash watches how she makes her Miltank roll up hill and how it goes faster and faster. Suddenly Team Rocket appears in a giant barrel. A giant hand extends and snatches Miltank and then the barrel rolls downhill and catches Pikachu also. Pikachu tries to shock it's way out, but it has no effect because the glove is shock proof. Whitney runs off to warn her Uncle Milton leaving Ash to try and stop Team Rocket. Ash uses Cyndaquil to tackle the left side of the barrel, making it spin off course. Then he sends out Totodile to make ditches with its Water Gun, causing the barrel to fly in random directions. James tries to take control again by pulling the lever, but it breaks releasing Pikachu, who then delivers a powerful Thunderbolt to the barrel. The barrel then explodes sending a helpless Team Rocket blasting off again. Milton thanks Ash again for saving his dairy and asks if there's anything he can do to repay him. Ash challenges Whitney to a battle, but if he wins, he gets the chance for a rematch the next day back at the gym. Whitney accepts the offer and the battle begins. Ash sends out Cyndaquil and Miltank like expected uses its Rollout attack. Cyndaquil tries to tackle Miltank, but its Rollout is more powerful. After being hit multiple times Cyndaquil faints. Totodile is Ash's next choice and it starts off by digging ditches in the ground with its Water Gun attack. Totodile then flings itself in the air with a Water Gun attack and tries to balance itself on top of Miltank, but it falls off and faints. Ash's final Pokemon Pikachu starts out by using Agility causing Miltank to crash into the ditches sending it soaring through the air. Pikachu then takes cover in one of the ditches, and as Miltank rolls over it, Pikachu comes up and flips Miltank from below. Miltank is sent soaring as Pikachu ends it with a Thunderbolt. Whitney is in shock that Ash was able to pull off such a big win against her Miltank. She then presents Ash with the Plain Badge. Ash is hesitant to take it because it wasn't won at the gym. Milton explains that Ash showed that he has talent by defeating Whitney's most powerful Pokemon fair and square. Ash accepts the badge, making him one step closer to his goal of competing in the Johto League.

Air Time
After defeating Whitney and receiving the Plainsbadge, Ash and the group visit Goldenrod City. Ash is invited to interview with DJ Mary about his victory. Team Rocket vandalizes the tape room looking for food (what else?) and get mistaken for the Dugtrio Trio, a ventriloquist act. Ash, Misty, Brock, and Team Rocket perform the live medieval drama Brave Prince Goldenrod. Jessie, not content to have the villains lose, changes the story several times, taking the story characters into the far future and vanquishing them with the Meowth Cyborg robot. Team Rocket finally can't resist any longer and bring the drama to the studio, unveiling their true identities, snatching Pikachu, and running off. Everyone chases after them, including DJ Mary who is still broadcasting. Pikachu is recovered, Team Rocket is sent on their way, and the show was a big success.

The Bug Stops Here
The three friends pass through the National Park on their way to Ecruteak City. There is a Bug Catching Contest starting, the winner gets to keep the captured Pokemon and wins a Sun Stone. They meet Casey and her Chikorita again. She sings them the new Electabuzz song. Team Rocket tries to register for the contest but are told that the maximum age is 16 and they're too old. The contest starts; Casey captures a Weedle Ash had his eye on, sending him into a fit. Back in the stands, Misty is having a real hard time with all these bugs since she hates Bug Pokémon. Casey's Chikorita tackles a tree and Pineco fall out. (Unclear if she actually caught one). She encounters a Scyther, but Chikorita is tired already and it gives everything it's got, finally just grabbing on to Scythers head and hanging on. Finally the Scyther flings it into the base of a tree. Ash shows up, chastising Casey for having no compassion for her Pokémon, and distracts the Scyther away. Chikorita runs away in shame but comes back when it hears Casey telling Ash how much Chikorita means to her. Casey promises not to drive Chikorita so hard. Ash finds a Beedrill and captures it with Pikachu's help. They fall in a Team Rocket pit, bars rise from the hole forming a cage, and they are hauled out by Team Rocket and their balloon. Pikachu tries to help by Thundershocking but blasts his buddy Ash instead. Casey challenges Team Rocket and they ready a rocket-powered baseball (I guess they're sick of the baseball references too!) When Casey tells Chikorita they're going to have to get a grand-slam, it evolves into Bayleef. It uses Razor Leaf, cuts the rope to the cage and the baseball missile, Pikachu shocks Team Rocket away. Ash wins the Bug Catching Contest with his Beedrill, and he gives it to Casey. As reward, she sings him the Electabuzz song. Swell.

Type Casting
Ash, Brock, and Misty reach a bay that has to be crossed. An old man in a boat promising them free passage if they find him a Sudowoodo. They find one, but it runs away. A couple of scientists, Marie and Pierre, are also searching for a Sudowoodo to answer questions such as what Pokémon type it is and what moves it uses. Team Rocket finds Sudowoodo and grabs it. James tries to be nice and water it, but this terrifies it and it runs away. Ash and friends find Sudowoodo and Brock entices it with his famous Pokéchow. They get it back to the lab and run some tests. It seems to use Electric, Fire, and Grass attacks which confuses the researchers. They figure out that it is using Mimic. Pierre scares it with water and it runs away again. Team Rocket show up intent on stealing it again, but Misty's Poliwhirl sends them flying with Water Gun. Sudowoodo runs off again, but the researchers have enough information. The old man turns out to be Marie's grandfather and gives the gang their free ride.

Fossil Fools
Our heroes arrive at the Ruins of Alph, the site of prehistoric Pokemon fossils and ancient mysteries. As they look around, Ash notices the remains of an Aerodactyl in the dirt. Suddenly, Professor Oak approaches from behind, telling him that an Aerodactyl fossil is distinguishable by the arrow-shaped tip on its tail. The gang turns around to say hi to Oak, always happy to see him. Continuing to walk down the trench, Oak converses with Ash, hoping that he didn't get his friends too far out of the way. Brock reminds Oak that the message he left for them mentioned something he wanted to show them. Oak replies that one of his old students has recently phoned him to inform him of an incredible discovery he just made, and that's what he wants to show them first hand. Inside the laboratory, Oak and his student, Foster, are getting reacquainted with each other. Noticing Ash and the others, Foster drags Oak to the side to tell him that with our heroes, word might leak out of his findings and the media would be swarming the place. Oak reassures that the gang won't say a word, and after giving it some thought, Foster agrees to take them along. As Ash is watching one of the scientists wash a small fossil with a light water jet, the water stops spraying. Distressed, Foster mentions that this has been happening repeated times in the past, and that a steady water resource is essential to their research. Oak inquires what the source of the water is, and Foster tells him everything comes from a natural reservoir deep in the woods. At the reservoir, Jessie, James, and Meowth are pumping the water and bottling it for their own profit. Jessie begins to imagine what she could buy with the money they'd make: gowns, gold, diamonds, and anything thing else that's tasteful. James and Meowth have a similar fantasy, dreaming over an abundant supply of food. Suddenly, the pump begins to clog, and Jessie tells James to go and fix it. Back at the lab, Foster takes the group for a tour, showing them rare fossils, including a Kabutops that may be 10 or 20 thousand years older than the oldest one ever recorded. Oak brings up the subject of one of Foster's theses, which is the aquatic origin of all Pokemon. Foster explains that he believes all Pokemon come from the sea, as the oldest Pokemon fossils have been found under the ocean. This grabs Misty's attention, and she starts to elaborate over how much she loves Water Pokemon, suggesting that she should be Foster's assistant. This time, Brock pulls Misty away by the ear, telling her to dry up. Foster reaches The Ancient Pokemon Study Park, an interactive, historical environment that recreates the prehistoric world of Pokemon. At a small pond, Ash notices the glowing lichen that's growing on the rocks, and asks Foster when his big surprise is going to be revealed. Foster decides to show them now as a group Omanyte and Omastar submerge from the lake. Realizing that the Omanyte and Omastar are real, everyone is left shocked. Oak kneels down and remembers how it was Omanyte that first sparked his interest in the field of Pokemon Research. He then asks how Foster found such a Pokemon, and he explains that they, in fact, found him, suggesting that maybe their old habitat was destroyed and they accepted the artificial pond as their new home. Brock notes that if word got out of this marvel, it could be a disaster for the Omanyte and Omastar. Foster agrees, and tells that that's the reason he called Professor Oak over: for advice. Still working on the pump, James finds an Omanyte stuck in the line. Jessie tells him to throw it back in, but he tells her the real value of such an extinct and rare Pokemon. Meowth comes up with the idea of giving a few to the boss, making him happy, and selling the rest on their own, making themselves happy. Now in the control room, Foster mentions that the cameras mounted around the area were first used for surveillance, but now with them they can view the Omanyte and Omastar without disturbing their habitat. Suddenly, more Omanyte and Omastar begin to appear on-screen, as one of the men rushes in to inform that the water stream is completely gone. Noticing something fishy is going on, Foster, Oak, Ash, Misty, and Brock set out for the reservoir. Outside, Ash sends out Noctowl to take a look at what's going on. It flies over to the reservoir, seeing Team Rocket suck up the Omanyte and Omastar in their tank. Noctowl then returns to the gang, who is having a rough time driving along the dirt path in their jeep. As Jessie, James, and Meowth are loading the Omanyte and Omastar into their balloon, our heroes arrive. Ash demands for their release, but of course Team Rocket refuses, explaining how they accidentally stumbled over Omanyte as they were pumping water for their bottling business. Oak now realizes the cause of the Omanyte and Omastar's appearance, and that's only because their habitat was being disturbed. Jessie and James call out Arbok and Weezing respectively, and Ash uses Pikachu, who dodges Arbok's Poison Sting and Weezing's Sludge attacks, retaliating with Thunderbolt, then a Tackle. Team Rocket is knocked back into their tank, blowing it up and returning the water back to the reservoir. Jessie figures they could still make their getaway with the Omanyte and Omastar, so they make their way to their balloon and begin to take off. As Ash is about to have Pikachu attack again, Misty stops him, reminding him that he'd shock the Omanyte and Omastar too. All seems hopeless, when suddenly the balloon stops ascending due to the excessive weight of the Omanyte and Omastar. Meowth realizes this and proceeds to toss a few overboard, but Jessie stops him from doing so. The two get into an argument while Ash sends out Noctowl to peck a hole into the balloon. Team Rocket crashes back to earth, and Pikachu shocks them. Omanyte and Omastar approach, finishing them off with the combined force of several Water Guns. As the Omanyte and Omastar disappear back to their natural habitat under the reservoir, Oak concludes that it's best to let them go, telling them no living thing deserves to live life as a specimen. Saying their goodbyes, the gang leaves Oak and Foster behind as they continue on their trek to Ecruteak City.

Carrying On!
Looking up to the sound of frantic tweets and twitters, our heroes spot a lone Pidgey being attacked by a Fearow. Ash decides to help, sending out Noctowl to use Hypnosis. Seeing the illusion of a Charizard, the Fearow flees in terror. Despite Ash's efforts, however, the Pidgey collapses and falls down a nearby cliff. Noctowl flies down to save it, and when brought back up, Brock patches up its injured wing. Noticing that the Pidgey is sporting a cap and something on its back, the gang decides to go and find its trainer. Arriving at a nearby town, Ash, Misty, and Brock notice dozens of similar Pidgey with objects strapped to their back. A young boy, Malachy, approaches and claims the Pidgey, whose name is Ken, as his grandfather's carrier Pidgey. He explains that his grandfather sends flocks of Pidgey to deliver packages and newspapers to all the nearby islands that don't have regular ferry services. Malachy adds that he wants to be a Pidgey Express Man someday as well. Spying on our heroes from manhole not too far away, Team Rocket plans on stealing the carrier Pidgey in order to earn some extra cash. James wonders how catching all the Pidgey will be possible, but Meowth comes up with an idea. Meanwhile, Malachy takes the gang to the Pidgey Express Building. Showing them the Pidgey Coop on the roof, our heroes find Malachy's grandfather as well. Malachy explains to him that Ash, Misty, and Brock saved Ken from the Fearow, so he thanks the gang for the favor and invites them inside for refreshments. Inside, Ash inquires on how the Pidgey are able to find their way around the area. Malachy's grandfather explains that he takes the Pidgey on rides in a mini-blimp, showing them the routes repeatedly. Suddenly, Malachy decides to go check on the Pidgey and leaves the room. Ash mentions that Malachy would make a great Pidgey Express Man as he gets older, but Malachy's grandfather tells him that the Pidgey Express business is going to retire when he does. Shocked, Ash asks why. Malachy's grandfather replies that in today's world, it's hard to compete with airplanes and E-mail, and that it takes a life's dedication to run the business. He adds that he has missed a lot of things in his life, and he doesn't want the same to happen to Malachy. As he's sweeping the coop, Malachy chats and plays with the Pidgey in the boxes. Looking on, Ash, Misty, and Brock begin to feel sorry for Malachy and the Pidgey when they hear that the business won't live on. Still inside, Malachy's grandfather gets a call from the Pokemon Center in Way-Away Island, informing him that the Pidgey sent to deliver some medicine hasn't arrived yet. Worried, he takes out a pair of binoculars and surveys the landscape from the roof. Malachy and the gang arrive and wonders what's wrong. Malachy's grandfather explains the situation, and Malachy volunteers to find the lost Pidgey using the mini-blimp. Ash, Misty, and Brock decide to tag along as well. Malachy's grandfather tries to stop his grandson, but he ignores him and sets off on the rescue mission. Ash sends out Noctowl to help, and instructs Malachy to follow it. Floating through the clouds nearby, Team Rocket spots another carrier Pidgey to steal. James pushes a button, and the Pidgey is sucked in a vacuum, winding up in a small bag with a couple dozen of other stolen Pidgey. Meowth looks around for more Pidgey, but instead finds the gang. Jessie and James prepares to run away, but Meowth reassures them that he came prepared for the situation. Pushing a button, smoke emerges from the balloon, and Team Rocket is concealed in an artificial cloud. Noctowl and Ken spot the strange-looking cloud, and decide to fly over to investigate. The two Pokemon use their Gust attacks to blow the smoke away, and our heroes finally realize it's Team Rocket. Jessie and James perform their motto, coughing and wheezing their way through. Misty spots the Pidgey in the bag, and Malachy demands for them to be returned. Jessie responds by sending out Arbok, forgetting that they're in midair, and that there's no ground to stand on. As Arbok prepares to plunge toward the Earth, Jessie, Wobbuffet, Meowth, and James grab onto its tail while it uses Poison Sting on Ken and Noctowl. Noctowl uses Hypnosis on Arbok and Team Rocket, making them attack an illusion of the gang's mini-blimp. While they're distracted, Noctowl and Ken try to rip the bag apart, and after several attempts, they're successful. The Hypnosis finally wears off, and Team Rocket realizes what has happened. Now facing a flock of Pidgey, Team Rocket tries to speed away. Pikachu stops them with Thunderbolt, and as they're left immobile, all the Pidgey and Noctowl peck holes in the balloon, sending them blasting off again. On Way-Away Island, the medicine is finally delivered to the Pokemon Center. Joy thanks Malachy, and our heroes return to the Pidgey Express Building from which they came. Malachy congratulates Ken for becoming a full-fledged member of the Pidgey Corp. After careful thought, Malachy's grandfather decides to consider letting Malachy take over the business, and all is well. Our heroes take their leave, continuing their way to Ecruteak City.

Hassle in the Castle
Our heroes are shown walking along a path when suddenly some giant storm clouds appear and it starts to rain. The gang looks for shelter and finds an old castle on top of a mountain. They go up to it to see if anyone is home. They knock on the big door, but no one answers. Then suddenly the door swings open, so they enter and hear yelling. They follow the noise and end up finding out that the noise was only coming from a man getting a Machoke massage. They then see a lady who introduces herself as Dr. Anna and like usual Brock falls in love. Dr. Anna shows the gang how she uses Pokemon to help people, like how the Machoke give people massages and how the Spinarak use their web to make bandages. She then shows the gang how she can scan her patients using her Zubat's Supersonic attack. Brock realizes that he has a Zubat too and sends it out. Ash's stomach then starts to grumble hinting that he is hungry so they head to get some food. Meanwhile Team Rocket is sneaking around and they find a room with food and start to eat, but are interrupted when Ash and Misty enter the room. Team Rocket tries to steal the food and run off, so the chase begins. They end up running right past Dr. Anna and Brock who also start to chase them. Dr. Anna warns them to stop, but they don't listen and end up falling down a secret passage along with Dr. Anna and Brock. Ash and Misty try to go down it too, but the opening closes. Team Rocket, Dr. Anna and Brock end up falling a long distance and end up on another floor, where Dr. Anna turns on the lights. Team Rocket tries to leave, but they crash into a wall and fall over. Dr. Anna explains that they're in a maze so she uses her Zubat's Supersonic to map out half of the maze. Brock helps and offers his Zubat which helps cover the whole maze. Outside Ash, Misty and a worker go to the exit to see if their friend has escaped yet, which he hasn't. At the same time, the others are lost and are stuck at a 2-way path in which both ways are dangerous. Jessie goes ahead against the advice of Dr. Anna and a door almost closes on her making her land on her head and making the other path become safe. Outside, Ash and Misty are trying to dig out their friend and find a door, which is stuck shut. Back inside, Jessie frees yet another path by getting hurt and they find that they are almost out. Dr. Anna and Brock are happy which makes Brock fantasize about them getting married. They see the door that leads outside, but suddenly Team Rocket decides to swipe the Zubat. They run for it and open the door that goes outside, but they crash into yet another wall! Outside, Pineco uses its Self-destruct to free everyone. Just when they think everything is over, Team Rocket snatches Pikachu and puts it in a glass container. James commands his Weezing to shield them with a Smokescreen and he succeeds. Jessie then sends out her Arbok and tells it to use Poison Sting on Brock's Zubat, but Brock counters it with a Supersonic attack. Then Zubat starts to glow and evolves into the more powerful Golbat! Brock tells his new Pokemon to use a Supersonic, breaking the glass that Pikachu is in, setting it free. Pikachu then nails Team Rocket with a Thunderbolt sending them blasting off again. Back inside the castle Dr. Anna bandages up Brock's arm, which got hurt in the battle. Brock tells his new Pokemon that from now on, they're probably going to have to use Supersonic to help out Anna's patients. However, she interrupts Brock's fantasy, telling him that his Golbat's Supersonic attack is too strong, since it overloaded her computer as they were battling Team Rocket. She tells Brock that she's impressed and that he raised his Zubat well, since a Pokemon's powers are usually not developed right after evolving. Devastated, Brock thanks her for the compliment and leaves. With Brock's dream shattered, Ash and Misty drag him away as he and his Golbat make their goodbyes.

Two Hits and a Miss
An out of control Tauros barrels down a mountain trail toward an old man. Ash, Misty, and Brock are also on the trail. Ash's Bulbasaur uses Sleep Powder and knocks the bull Pokémon out. The old man, Kenzo, is impressed and invites them back to his dojo where he is Shi-han (master). Kenzo introduces his granddaughter Chagusa, the next in line for Shi-han. A young man, Shiro "The Dojo Destroyer", appears and challenges Kenzo to a Pokémon battle. Team Rocket, on the roof, watch from above. Kenzo accepts the challenge but throws his back out and cannot begin the match. Chagusa takes his place with her Hitmontop against Shiro's Hitmonlee. Hitmonlee gets the upper hand and almost wins the battle but Team Rocket interrupt, dressed as ninjas in their balloon. They net both fighting Pokémon and try to escape, but Ash's Bulbasaur uses Razor Leaf and shreds the net. After a short battle, Bulbasaur Razor Leafs their balloon and Team Rocket goes sailing away. At Kenzo's request, Ash tutors Chagusa at the finer points of Pokémon training so that when Shiro returns in the morning, she is victorious. Team Rocket make another brief appearance in a mechanical fighting Meowth but Pikachu sends them packing.

A Hot Water Battle
Our heroes are walking through an area, which seems very tropical. All around, there are lots palm trees and some Mankey and Aipom in them. Suddenly Ash isn't paying attention to what he is doing and he slips on a banana peal and ends up falling. Brock is talking about how it is comical for one to slip on a banana peal, when he too walks ahead and does it himself. Ash and Brock end up both falling in a hot spring, which was hidden behind the vegetation. They tell Misty how nice the water is and how she should come in too. Ash then has the brilliant idea of spending the whole day there relaxing because it is a paradise. After everyone is in their swimming gear they decide to let the Pokemon out to join in the fun. The Pokemon start playing a game of Volleyball with a giant blow-up Masterball and are having a great time until Cyndaquil gets hit in the face and the ball goes into the forest. The three starting Pokemon start having a fight over losing the ball, which soon Misty points out. Ash tries to convince her that they aren't fighting by sending them to go get the volleyball. The three Pokemon go into the forest and start looking for the volleyball. They finally find it, but an Aipom is holding it. Totodile tries to get it, but it misses and crashes into a tree. Meanwhile Team Rocket is walking along and trying to find the hot spring to take a break at like the twerps. They find some fruit to eat, but suddenly out of nowhere, a heard of Aipom crash into them, followed by Cyndaquil, Totodile and Chikorita. Team Rocket realizes that those Pokemon belong to the brat, so they chase after them. The Aipom end up going into a cave followed by the three starters. Team Rocket are a little slow and are standing outside of the cave when a Snorlax spots James and tries to eat his fruit that he has in his backpack. James luckily gets away, but the Snorlax is still hungry and tries to grab James. Meowth, Jessie and James try to get away by hiding in a cave, but then Snorlax feels tired and goes to sleep, covering the cave and blocking Team Rocket and Ash's Pokemon inside. Just ahead, the three starters are still fighting and accidentally at a split in the cave, they get separated. Cyndaquil and Chikorita end up going one way and Totodile the other. Coincidently the same thing happens to Team Rocket with Jessie and James going the Cyndaquil and Chikorita way and Meowth the Totodile way. Outside of the cave Snorlax starts moving around, causing some rocks to fall inside. A falling rock almost hits Meowth, but Totodile saves him by pushing him out of the way. The rocks end up blocking the paths inside of the cave. Meowth is happy that Totodile saved him and they make a truce until they get outside and to safety. Totodile starts using its Water Gun to try and move the rocks, but it doesn't work. In another part of the cave, Cyndaquil and Chikorita end up moving the rocks so that they aren't trapped anymore. They go down the path that Totodile and Meowth are at and see some water from Totodile trickling through. They end up working together and move the rocks to rescue Meowth and Totodile. All four Pokemon make their way to the entrance of the cave, but Snorlax is still blocking it with its backside. Chikorita tickles it with its leaf and it moves a bit, followed by a Totodile Water gun and a Cyndaquil Flamethrower, which finally moves it. When the Pokemon are outside and think everything is done, Meowth grabs them with a net ending the truce. When the angry Snorlax asks who hurt it, the three-trapped Pokemon let Meowth take the blame and so Snorlax starts chasing it. Snorlax ends up tripping and falling causing some rocks to fall and letting the water out of one of the hot springs. The water starts to rush down the hill washing away the tree Pokemon. Meowth is inside the cave, but the water soon takes him away along with Jessie and James who were snatched away from a palm tree outside of the cave. Ash is looking for his Pokemon since they have been gone so long and spots them holding onto Snorlax. Ash wants to jump into the river and save them, but Misty warns that the tide is too strong. The three Pokemon grab onto the floating Snorlax to temporary safety, but then everyone notices that there is a waterfall ahead. With some quick thinking, Chikorita chops down some trees with its Razor Leaf attack and Totodile sinks it teeth into it with the other Pokemon holding onto it. Since the other Pokemon are so heavy, Totodile's teeth are slipping, but Ash grabs him just before they crash off of the waterfall. With the mini adventure over, our heroes go onto another adventure, but what about Team Rocket? Well they end up stuck against the Snorlax who is at the edge of the waterfall. The Snorlax then gets up and starts swimming away from it leaving Team Rocket drifting off again over the waterfall.

Hook, Line, and Stinker
All of Ash, Misty, and Brocks Pokémon are relaxing by a lake when a Poliwrath beats up Misty's Poliwhirl. Its trainer, Andreas, shows up and mocks Misty's Pokémon, which of course sends her into a frenzy. Nearby, a Seaking Catching Competition is going on. Misty, Ash, and Andreas sign up. Team Rocket compete as well, eyeing the first prize of a big mound of chocolate bars. Jessie uses Meowth as a live lure and sends it overboard. Misty, fishing her heart out to no avail, snags Meowth and their two boats collide. Ash catches a Seaking, Andreas hooks a huge one, but Misty still is out of luck. She decides to use her secret weapon, the "Super Misty Lure Version 4" that looks like a miniature version of herself. She captures a huge Seaking. When judged, Team Rocket win only a commemorative badge. Misty and Andreas tie and have a deciding battle, Poliwhirl versus Poliwrath. Team Rocket appear in their balloon to steal the candy, but Ash's Bulbasaur Vine Whips the chocolate back and Pikachu Thunderbolts them away. Somehow, the Poliwhirl beats the Poliwrath after Misty's inspiring speech. She gives away her prize to family and friends.

Beauty and the Breeder
Our heroes take a break from their journey to Ecruteak City by stopping at a quaint Pokemon Center. As Brock eagerly checks his E-mail, he gets a message from Suzie, the Pokemon breeder who let him take care of her Vulpix. He learns that Suzie is coming to a town known as Bonitaville to enter a Pokemon Contest, and that she needs a Pokemon to enter with. Determined to meet Suzie once more, Brock sets off for Bonitaville with Ash and Misty. Arriving at Bonitaville, the gang notices all of the Pokemon fancied with makeup and clothes. Misty asks Brock what kind of contest is being held, and he answers that it's an important Pokemon Beauty Contest. As he grooms Vulpix, Brock tells it that he has to make it look beautiful for Suzie. He turns to Ash and Misty and tells them they should look bright and beautiful for Suzie as well. Misty notices Brock doesn't look too neat himself, and he suddenly changes into a white tuxedo; an outfit Ash mistakes for the ice cream man. Also wandering around Bonitaville, Team Rocket marvels at such a great town that encourages the beautification of Pokemon. Jessie and James decide to enter the Pokemon Beauty Contest, and when they win, they'll become superstars of the fashion world. That would help them open their own successful beauty salon to attract the media, and eventually getting them their own TV show, making millions. Meowth likes the idea, and lets Jessie give him a makeover. Waiting to meet Suzie in a local street, Brock carries Vulpix and a bouquet of roses. Misty sees something astounding and runs off. Ash notices that the Pokemon around town look exquisite, but Brock mentions that how well the Pokemon was raised is another factor the judges consider. Suddenly, Vulpix leaps from Brock's arms and runs down the street. Ash and Brock give chase, to find Suzie not too far away. Ash and Suzie greet each other. Brock, sheepishly lagging behind, gives Suzie the flowers and thanks her for letting him keep Vulpix for so long. Suzie comments that the moment she laid eyes on her old Pokemon, she knew that Brock had taken better care of it then he could have ever done. Ash asks Brock if he's really letting go of Vulpix, and he replies that it was never his to begin with. Suzie adds that when Brock found out she needed a Pokemon to enter the beauty contest, he thought that she should enter Vulpix instead of finding a totally different Pokemon. Just as Brock and Ash are about to leave, Suzie suggests that Brock should enter the contest with her as partners. Brock agrees, turns red, and faints. Someplace else, Misty marvels over a breeder's gorgeous Ninetales, asking him a dozen questions about grooming. Irritated, the breeder tells her to go away, and as Misty apologizes, Suzie and the gang come over. Suzie tells the breeder he should be happy that she thinks his Ninetales is so beautiful, and he apologizes. As the group sits down at a table, Misty discovers that the breeder, Zane, has known Suzie for a long time. Suzie explains that she and Zane have been together since Nursery School, and that they both vowed to be Pokemon Breeders, and that they both started out with their own Vulpix. As Brock notices that Suzie and Zane are rivals, Zane explains that he evolved his Vulpix to help him in the beauty contest. Misty comments that Suzie and Zane are very much alike, but Suzie says that they also have some big disagreements, such as where a Pokemon's beauty truly comes from. Suzie believes it comes from the heart, whereas Zane believes it all comes from the outside. Meanwhile, Jessie and James are done with their Meowth makeover; consisting of purple lips, an orange star over the left eye, and a long, reddish-pink streak over the right eye. The contest begins, and Misty finds out that Brock and Suzie are contestant number 37, while Zane is 38. The first contestant approaches the stage, but instead Team Rocket makes a dramatic entrance with their motto, mentioning, "cutting and curling at the speed of light." The audience cheers Team Rocket on, and Zane walks on stage to compliment the two. Suddenly, Officer Jenny barges in and reports that the two locked the real contestant number one in a closet and took his place. Jessie complains that her original number was 259, and that it's unfair to make the judges wait that long to see the winners. Unconvinced, Jenny disqualifies Team Rocket and throws them out. Meowth comes up with an alternative plan to compensate for their failure. Jessie and James come back posing as Pokemon Doctors. They announce that all of the breeders' Pokemon must be examined or else the contestant will be disqualified. Team Rocket picks up all of the Pokemon and puts them in a large container outside. Waiting too long, Zane demands for the door Team Rocket walked out from to be unlocked at once. Brock calls out Geodude to break the door down, and the group runs outside. Looking up, everyone spots Team Rocket floating away in their balloon. Ash sends out Noctowl as it punctures a hole in the balloon. He then uses Pikachu to break the lock open, and all the Pokemon are reunited with their trainers. Jessie sends out Arbok to battle, and James chooses Victreebel who, of course, attacks James first. Victreebel unleashes a Razor Leaf, but the combined Flamethrowers of Suzie's Vulpix and Zane's Ninetales reduce the leaves into ashes. Arbok prepares to strike, but Vulpix and Ninetales retaliate with Fire Spin, sending Team Rocket blasting off in a tornado of fire. The contest resumes. As Brock and Suzie are talking, Zane comes over and mentions that Team Rocket has taught him something: the importance of teamwork. Zane suggests that he and Suzie could open a beauty salon together, working on both the inner and outer beauty of Pokemon. Brock feels happy for Suzie, and encourages the idea. Suzie agrees, and the announcer calls her and Brock to the stage. As he walks out, Zane tells him that he had been jealous of Brock since Suzie had told him that he was the best. However, Zane now knows it to be true. Brock and Suzie walk onto the stage, and the audience cheers them on. Never revealing the winner, the episode draws to a close, leaving on the note that win or lose, Brock will always be top breeder in our book.

A Better Pill to Swallow
On their travel to Ecruteak City, Ash suffers from a stomach ache from too many hamburgers. A short, squat man named Old Man Shuckle appears and cures Ash with some herbal medicine. Everyone is invited back to Old Man Shuckles shop. In back are shelves crammed with Shuckles. He explains they help him make his medicines. Special purple Shuckle are used to create a juice which tames all Pokémon. Old Man Shuckle uses a Bellsprout, Spoopy, to help him sniff out the wild Shuckle in the mountains. Brock wants some of that Pokémon taming potion, so everyone agrees to help Old Man Shuckle harvest his medicine in the wild Shuckle. Team Rocket appear, steal the rare purple Shuckle, and run away. They drink the purple juice which has the effect of attracting all Pokémon in the area. Meowth falls in love with James, and all the Shuckle in the area are enamored by Jessie. One even manages to lick her tummy! Old Man Shuckle uses magic powder to counter the juice effect. Later, Brock turns down the taming potion, preferring to train Pokémon normally rather than chemically. Priceless Moment: Pikachu is charmed by Jessie while under the juice effect. After neutralized, Jessie thinks to make off with it until she realizes she's holding Pikachu in her arms! An angry Pikachu slowly looks up at her as if to say "You are soooooo blasted outta here!". Classic.

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