Indigo 71-81

To Master The Onixpected!
Ash and Brock are watching Master Bruno of the Elite Four battling on television. Misty turns it off, telling Ash to really start training. Ash's mom knows of where to find Bruno. They head up to a mountain where they stop for muskrat meatballs where an elderly lady has been getting them stolen. They find Team Rocket, and get the meatballs back. The group then head further up the mountain to discover a large trail left by a giant Onix. They escape thanks to Master Bruno. They start to follow him up the mountain, and ask him to help train Ash. He tricks them into helping him prepare dinner. They ask him the secret of Pokémon training, then he tells them that it's simply to catch the most powerful Pokémon. Brock's image of Master Bruno is shattered. They hear a noise, it is Team Rocket trying to catch a giant Onix. The Onix drives Team Rocket into a cave. The group see it and try to save Team Rocket, but Team Rocket does not get a break and are flung into the air by the Onix. Ash falls into the area where Onix is. Pikachu dives to protect him, but electric attacks are no good against the Onix. Master Bruno jumps in to save them. He eventually discovers that the Onix was so violent because it had a Sandslash stuck in between one of the rocks of it's body. Master Bruno is off, and the group continue away from the mountain.

The Ancient Puzzle of Pokemopolis
Ash and his friends are enjoying their time in the mountains. Brock releases Vulpix, allowing it to battle with Pikachu, but Jigglypuff gets in their way, and at the last minute, both Pokemon must redirect their attacks, so not to hit her. They end up firing on the side of the mountain, and the explosion uncovers the entrance to an ancient temple. A girl named Eve runs to them, and picks up a small, golden artifact from the blast site. She is an archeologist, and along with her crew, is gathering relics, from a time when giant Pokemon--Pokegods, if you will--were worshipped by humans. In her trailer, she has several artifacts already, including a Psyduck statue, and a golden spoon. She also has a stone which looks like a tombstone,and says somthing about the earth and the Pokegods destroying there temple and someday the earth. Night falls, and Team Rocket sneaks into the temple, hoping to find some treasure for themselves. Jessie sends out Arbok to go inside the temple and get the most priceless piece he can find. Arbok discovers something that resembles a bow tie, but as soon as it touches it, it is sucked inside. The "bow tie" then chases after Jessie, James, and Meowth, capturing them as well. In the morning, Eve finds the bow tie lying on the ground. One of her men touches it, and he is absorbed. The air around the relic begins to shimmer, and an enormous Gengar comes into view, Gengar has black things all over his body. Ash co. and Eve find cover in the trailer, but the rest of Eve's crew is absorbed by the monster. The monstrous Gengar turns away from the excavation site, and starts towards Pallet Town. Desperate to save his friends and family, Ash sends his out Pidgeotto, and Brock sends out Gengar to combat the Gengar... but it absorbs them all. Meanwhile, back in Eve's trailer, the spoon, and the relic that Ash found begin to glow. They touch, and a giant Alakazam is released. Alakazam and Gengar immediately begin to fight, and the Pokegods' immense power begins to tear the sky apart. Eve recalls some hieroglyphic tablets she found at the site, which described how the Pokegods had the power to destroy the world. The kids realize that they must stop the Pokegods, at all costs. As if on cue, Jigglypuff appears, and the kids realize that she can sing the Pokegods to sleep. Jigglypuff approaches the fighting monsters, and sings her lullaby, but she is too small, and can not be heard. As Jiggly continues to sing, a fourth relic, sitting atop the temple's entrance, begins to glow. It floats over to where Alakazam and Gengar are fighting, and a giant Jigglypuff pops out! The Jigglypuff begins to sing, using the relic as its microphone,but however this jigglypuff has a very deep voice. Soon, everyone is asleep. Enraged, Jigglypuff pops the cap off the relic, revealing an old fashioned ink brush... When Ash co. awakens, they find the Pokegods gone, and the absorbed people freed. Eve decides that there are some forces that humans should not meddle with, and resolves to leave the artifacts in their resting place.

Bad To The Bone
Ash goes to Professor Oak to ask for advice about what to do about the Pokémon League as he has not done much training being sidetracked the past while. He tells Ash it is too late but to try his best anyway. They hit the road to Indigo Plateau to find a guy named Otoshi who challenges Ash. If Otoshi wins, he may take all of Ash's badges. Ash defeats him, to discover he didn't have any badges. They were stolen, by Team Rocket. Meanwhile, James and Meowth discover the badges they just stole to be gone. Jessie had taken them, to go onto the Pokémon League alone. Otoshi's Marowak gets frustrated, and walks away. Otoshi despairs, until they spot Team Rocket's balloon. James and Meowth take off, but are stopped by Ash and searched. They find nothing, and James and Meowth are off to get Jessie. They find her, forgive her, and get back together. Otoshi battles them for the badges back, but almost loses until Marowak shows up to stop them. Marowak came back after remembering some of the better times with Otoshi. They get the badges back, and Otoshi and Ash go their separate ways towards the Pokémon League.

All Fired Up
Ash and friends have finally reached the Indigo Plateau. The narirator says Ash is quietly concentrating. Ash then yells all right and does a jig and Misty says he's going crazy and Brock agrees. They keep walking when they come to a big crowd that starts cheering when they appear. Ash says thank-you, thank-you, but they all run by him to a guy carrying a torch with a hitmonlee beside him , behind him is a big truck and Officer Jenny on her motorcycle. Ash wants to carry the torch which is the symbol for the Pokemon League, but Officer Jenny says no, you have to be approved to carry it. Officer Jenny says I don't know you, but Brock says we know lots of other Jennys. The president of the torch carrying is a small man called Goodshell. Ash asks, is that Santa Claus when he sees the man and the man does that ever popular anime move of falling down. He says that the torch is the symbol of determanation and is lit by the flame of a moltres and that Ash has lots and lets him carry the torch. Team Rocket is in their balloon looking through their bonoculars at Ash and they say the twerp has the torch and James says that burns me up! Suddenly below, Ash, Misty, Brock, Officer Jenny and everybody else around hears a noise. The ground splits open and their truck and motorcycle falls in. Ash is the only person that didn't fall in. Meowth comes down and scratches Ash's face making him drop the torch. Pikachu catches it, and Meowth catches fire from it. James sends out his Victreebel, but it gets burned to a crisp from the torch. Ash uses Squirtle which he says he might regret to put out Team Rocket's fire. Team Rocket then says just because Ash saved them doesn't stop them from being mean and they go after the Torch again. Jesse dives at Pikachu, who shoves the torch aside and uses his Thundershock. Ash catches the torch and so does Jesse and they fight over it. Squirtle streches Jesse's mouth, but then Meowth tickles Ash and he lets go of the torch. Team Rocket then escapes with the flame of Moltres hoping to sell it. Goodshell and the others get out of the pit and he congratulates Ash for being brave and unzips his coat to reveal a lantern holding a small flame from Moltres in it. He relights the lantern and gives it to Ash. Meanwhile in the balloon the flame is starting to go out. Meowth turns it up, but too much and scorches Team Rocket and the flame goes out. James then says out dreams went up in smoke. Later a crane is used to get thr truck and motorcycle out of the pit they fell into. It shows Ash running with the torch, then Misty and then it shows Brock and Vulpix running with it. they finally arrive at the stadium and Ash and friends go to the Pokemon League village to explore. Ash hears Gary's voice saying that he came late again and that you can only win in the Pokemon League if you know your compotition. Gary then calls for his girls to come with him not to catch loseritis from Ash. Ash is really mad now. Later it shows them at night in bunkbeds. Ash tosses and turns and puts on his hat saying he will win at the Pokemon League. Ash leaves the room and heads outside. Misty sees Ash leave and whispers I think he's scared then goes back to bed. Ash walks out to the battling ring and thinks to myself am I not ready? Am I no good? He then gets determained and says I'll win as long as I do the best I possible can. Then the next day it shows the arena full and loud cheering as the cerimonies begin. The trainers come from both sides of the arena and Misty spots Ash who looks nervous and then spots Gary who is as cool as cucumber. It shows a young girl carrying a torch running to light the middle torch. Infront of it she id stopped by two people in white and thinking they will light the torch give it to them. Ash runs up the stairs to the torch, saying don't give it to them, but is too late as Team Rocket snatche it from her. James sends out Weezing who uses smog. Ash covers his face and starts to cough while he is doing so Team Rocket climbs into some giant bug like machine and takes the torch in the machine's pincers. The machine takes off and Ash orders Pikachu to use thunderbolt, but with no effect. He then uses Bulbasaur's razor leaf, but only suceeds to make the flame bigger. Team Rocket backs Ash up in the corner so he is trapped. Ash won't move saying he'll do whatever he can to stop them from wrecking the Pokemon League. Team Rocket blasts Ash and his pokemon with fire as Misty screams Ash nooooooooo! Ash though realizes the fire doesn't hurt them and tells his pokemon they're all right. Moltres then forms from the flames and Goodwill exclaimes that Moltres is back. Moltres attacks Team Rocket and their machine blows up and are blasted of again. moltres then lights the torch and turns back into the flame. the episode ends with the narriator saying will Ash discover he's out of his league? Who knows, but he has to be in it to win!

Round One - Begin!
On the T.V. Ash's Mom, Professor Oak and lots of others from Pallet are surrounding the T.V. and they see Ash, Misty & Brock at the Pokemon League. Ash is going to check in at the Pokemon League and a pretty girl at the counter checks him in. Brock says while you check in I'll check out her beautiful smile. The girl is about to assign Ash's first area to battle when Brock cuts in to show off and says the four fields rock, grass, water & ice and Ash asks how he knew that. He shows a book called the Pokemon League handbook and he's been reading up on it. Ash gets assigned on the water field for his first match and is against a trainer called Mandy. Meanwhile Team Rocket is interviewing trainers asking them what pokemon people have to see if they have rare ones they can steal. Mandy is meanwhile doing tricks for some children and when Team Rocket asks to interview him he asks what network they are from. Team Rocket makes up Lovely Charming Network and Mandy refuses to do an interview saying he only does it for Networks that actually get viewers. Jesse wants to kill the guy, but James and Meowth hold her back saying that she'll blow their cover. Later Misty offers Ash her pokemon to use on the water field. Ash refuses saying he'll use his own pokemon. They run into Gary and he wants Ash to win some battles so he can have the satisfaction of beating him. Ash says and I thought I was confident and Gary leaves. Ash is then called to the phone on the loud speakers and has a call from his mom. She says she saw him on T.V. and reminds him to wear clean you know what and Ash is so happy he says I'll do whatever you say. Professor Oak then talks to him asking if he wants any of his pokemon maybe Krabby to use in the battles. Ash wants Krabby to use in the water field and is transported to him. He says good-bye and walks with Brock and Misty and meets his competition Mandy on the way. he offers to shake his hand, but Mandy refuses saying Ash wil lose and leaves. Misty and Brock are annoyed at him and think he's pretty low down and want Ash to win. Brock then says he should take Misty's pokemon and that Krabby has no experiance at all battling. They then see on a T.V. Gary being interviewed after winning his battle on the ice field. He says you have to be either a winner or a loser and the trainers he knows are real losers. Ash is mad saying I'll show you. Later when it is about time to battle Misty says to Ash you're shaking and Ash says it's the stadium not him and Brock says I just want a chocolate shake. The battle then begins and Mandy sends out Execcutor. Ash uses Krabby. Team Rocket momently interupts them cheering for Ash until Officer Jenny comes and arrests them. Jese shouts I want my lawer and James says I want my mommy. On the sidelines Brock is saying that is the Nurse Joy from so and so and same with the Officer Jennys. Misty says you can tell them apart? and Brock goes on and on on the differences of each one. In the battle Krabby beats Execcutor and evolves into Kingler. he then beats Mandy's Seadra and Golbat. Ash does a dance with Pikachu in the Trainer's box and the crowd cheers for him. Watching T.V. at Professor Oak's place Ash's mom says my little baby did it! Team Rocket is all surprised that the twerp actually did it. Brock reads from his League book that the trainer is supposed to show dignity and restraint, but Ash is jumping up and down saying mom I hope you're taping this front of news reporters. The episode then ends with the narriator saying did Ash just have beginners luck or is he on a winning streak? Find out in the next episode............

Fire and Ice
Right away it shows Ash battling deciding which pokemon to choose in his second match in the rock area. The other trainer and him both have one pokemon left. The trainer chooses Nidorino and Ash choses Squirtle. Ash wins and goes to the third round. Gary scorns him and outside Team Rocket is sitting in trash and Jesse says it's a twist of fate the twerp is inside the stadium with crowds routing for him and they're outside routing through trash. After the match Ash's worn out Pokemon are left with Misty and Brock eating while Ash left to find some food with Pikachu because they're starving. Ash walks down looking for restaurants and hears the Viridain City song on a float and many other things, Misty and Brock find Ash to take his pokemon to the pokemon center. They arrive to a big mob infront of the center because it is full due to the Pokemon League. Brock starts talking about that's the nursejoy from sos and so. Misty asks how you tell them apart. Brock answers what your eyes just see is clear to me. Misty sighs and replied Brock is a poet and I didn't know it. In a restaurant Ash stops in a girl asks Ash if he wants a plate. Since Ash has no money he says yeah sure a collecting plate. The girl gives Ash a plate for free and Ash thinks she's one of his fans from the Pokemon League. Misty tells him that everybody in the pokemon league is allowed to eat for free. Togepi pulls on the table cloth making a box of knives and forks fall, Pikachu rushes over and saves Togepi from the knives and gets pinned down by them. Ash asks where Brock is and Misty says I don't know. They walk out and Misty says he was supposed to meet me here. Brock meanwhile is having a good time saying there is nothing better than this, Jennys and Joys everywhere. Brock meets up with them and Ash sees a hand beckon to them from behind a wall. Ash sees who it is and it is James dressed up as a nurse. He says I know a Pokemon Center that isn't busy at all. Ash follows him to a small building and Misty says it doesn't look right. James tells them that this is a temporary center used only during the Pokemon League and they have their own Nurse Joy. James tells him to hand over his pokeballs and he takes Pikachu. The Nurse Jot just stands their not moving and Brock says something isn't right, usually when I see a Nurse Joy I start talking funny and go funny, but I'm not right now. Jesse and James do their mooto and Jesse takes off the Nurse Joy head she was wearing. Instead of being worried Ash is awed by Brock's sence of knowing a Nurse Joy until Misty snaps him out of it. Jesse and James fly off in their balloon, but brock sends out Pnix and it takes down their balloon and gets his pokemon back and then Onix throws them away making them blast off again. The loud speakers then say that the Pokemon Center will now be accepting new pokemon. Later it shows Ash in the ice area using Kingler. The other trainer and him have each won a battle. The other trainer has a cloyster, but Kingler wins by cracking its shell. Thhe trainer then chooses Arcanine and Ash uses Pikachu. Pikachu uses agility and Arcanine uses fire blast. It keeps missing, but is porposely melting the ice until there is only to blocks of ice left for each of them to stand on. Pikachu can't use agility anymore and dives underwater to escape a fireblast. Misty then reminds Ash saying don't you remember water conducts electricity? and Ash says I did just not right away. pikachu uses thunderbolt shocking Arcanine making Ash win. Then we all wait wondering will Ash win the rest of his battles?

Fourth Round Rumble
The episode starts of showing Ash and friends not battling but watching Gary as he battle his fourth match. He is against a trainer called Melissa. Melissa has a Golem and Gary is using his Nidoking. Golem uses his siesmic toss and beats Nidoking. Gary loses the match and his fans start to cry.Ash goes up to Gary after the match, but Gary makes an excuse for losing and leaves in his car eith all his fans saying see ya Ash. Ash says to Pikachu should we quit now while we're ahead? Pikachu doesn't want to and Brock comes and says I won't even let you think of quitting. Misty interupts them saying that Ash's match in the grass area is a bout to start and they all run to the stadium. We then see Team Rocket selling soviners doing well saying that they're selling out. James says I rather enjoy being honest and starts to water his victreebel, but it clamps on his head. Somebody asks for a Pokemon League badge and James says they're out, but Meowth says I think we have one out back. Jesse and James come with Meowth and see that he's making fake badges with bottle caps. You can never make that cat honest James says. Ash finds out that he is battling a girl called Ginet Fisler. She sends out her beedrill and Ash uses Bulbasaur. Beedrill almost wins, but Bulbasaur uses leech seed and a final tackle and beats it. Misty cheers for Ash and several times asks Brock who's side he's on when he cheers for Ginet. Ginet then uses Scyther and Misty asks Brock wether Ash is ready for a Scyther. he says he doesn't know. Bulbasaur has a difficult time, but finally beats Scyther. We then see Team Rocket with a vacuum and we see their balloon in the distance with huge inflated Pikachus hanging off it. Nearby Officer Jenny sees it and tells Growlithe to use flamethrower and the balloon falls down. Officer Jenny finds Team Rocket and gives them a ticket. Jesse and James run away and disguise themselves selling hotdogs and icecream. Ginet then sends out Bellsprout and Ash still uses Bulbasaur. Bulbasaur loses pretty fast and Ash uses Pikachu. Bellsprout is not effected by electricity useing its routes to prevent it from being hurt. Pikachu just then plain attacks it, but Bellsprout hits Pikachu on the head with one of his routy legs making Piakchu lose. Ash runs and picks Pikachu up asking if he's okay. Mrs. Ketchum and Professor Oak join Brock and Misty in the stands. Professor Oak says Ash is doing well and Brocks asks him if he knows about Gary. He says he does and it's for the best, Gary has to know that a road isn't always smooth. The yell to Ash come on and win, you're Pallet's only hope. Misty thinkas they are supposed to make Ash feel better, not worse. Ash droops his head low so you can't see his face from the front and sends out Muk. Misty says to Professor Oak I didn't know that Ash got Muk. He says I gave him to Ash this morning. Ash knew Muk had an advantage over grass pokemon so he got Muk. Misty and Brock are surprised that Ash thought ahead and Professor Oak said I'd underestimated him too. Ash's mom says that's my little Ash. Muk uses a body slam on Bellsprout and wins making Ash win his fourth round. Ash's mom is proud and Muk jumps on Ash and Ash says now I know how Bellsprout felt. Professor Oak comments Muk is smothering Ash with affection. Later Misty says to Ash you would have been in trouble if it wasn't for Muk and Muk starts to hug her and Misty tries to avoid it and they all laugh. It then shows Jesse and James saying they do much better selling food and Meowth comments next they'll open a fastfood restaurant. Jesse thinks it's a great idea and suggests a motto with James while walking down the hall...

A Friend in Deed
Ash, Misty, and Brock are walking down a street. Misty says she's hungry. They see Ash's Mom and Professor Oak and Ash's Mom says I'm going to cook your favourite. Ash says really? Where are you going to cook it? Leave it to me she answers. Later in a restaurant Ash's Mom cooks her meal. The cook says usually customers come in here to eat not cook. Ash, Misty, and Brock are waiting by the door embarrased saying this will either be really good or really bad. It turns out really good and everybody enjoys it, (pikachu and Professor Oak too) The are talking and on their way in the elevator and the door is about to shut when a boy races down the hall asking them to wait. They hold the door for him and she comes in and thanks them. She sees Ash's Pikachu and reaches down to rub its face. Ash warns him not to, but pikachu enjoys it and Misty says He must be rubbing it the right way. Just then the power goes out in the elevator and the emergency speaker located in there is busted. The boy thinks of what to do and fiddles with the wires and asks to borrow pikachu to use his electricity. He puts the wires to Pikachu's checks and Pikachu uses his thundershock until the reaach the floor they want. Ash asks what his name is and he says it's Richie. Richie is in the Pokemon League too. Team Rocket fakes a check up on pokemon and says that everybody has to hand in all their pokemon or they will be diqualified from the tournament. Pikachu shocks Jesse when she picks him up and Ash says it's Team Rocket. Jesse can't hold it in any longer she says and they say their motto. James uses Weezing's smog attack and they escape in a car. Ash runs after the car and Richie follows him. Richie says we'll never catch them on foot unless they run down the mountain. Ash starts to run down the mountain and Richie says it's too dangerous, but follows him anyway. Richie tells Ash to slow down she jumps on him making them stop just a few inches of falling of a cliff. They see Team Rocket's car and stand in the middle of the road. Team Rocket drives of the road and bumps down the mountain. Jesse says to James nice driving only to find him out cold. At night Richie and Ash are still walking for Team Rocket when Richie suggests the stope for the night. Richie has an extra sleeping bag Ash can use so the camp out under the stars connecting them to make pokemon and each saying that they will be the best pokemon master in on the planet, in the universe and glaxy. Meanwhile Team Rocket is having a huge feast celebrating their big haul. In the morning Ash and Richie find tire tracks and follow them and find Team Rocket's camp. Jesse, James and Meowth are sleeping so Ash opens the car door and hears Pikachu in the bag. he opens it up and finds all the pokeballs inside too. Team Rocket comes in and locks them in the back of the car and they start driving. Richie finds his pokeballs easily because he put stars on them. Ash tries to find his Bulbasaur and sends out a Drowzee, Magikarp and Slowbro. He calls them back and Pikachu sniffs the pokeballs and finds Ash's Bulbasaur. Ash calls him out and uses his tackle and someother attacks, but it doesn't help them at all. Richie sends out her Charmander and his scratch attack make the wall separating them from Team Rocket in the front of the car fall down. Jesse sends out Arbok and Pikachu is going to use thunderbolt when James turns the car on porpose using his turn attack and he says I should get a licence! The turn throws Pikachu off balance making him not use the attack. Richie sends out her Pikachu (Sparky) and they attack together. Team Rocket blasts off again and the car runs of a cliff. Richie sends out Butterfree (Happy) and Ash Pidgeotto and they fly them to safety. They land unhyrt with all the pokeballs. Crowds come cheering from the League and Richie and Ash cluth hands and laugh. Ash fishes at the center for a Magikarp that tells him who his next opponent will be and it turns out to be Richie. they stare at eachother and then it shows Team Rocket in a tree stuck there... Who will win?

Friend and Foe Alike
As is looking out a window of the place they are staying at and mumbles that it could only happen to me. Misty on the computer tells them that she has logged into the League website with info on each trainer. They look up Richie and see that none of his pokemon have lost a battle in the league, Pikachu (Sparky) Charmander, (Zippo) or Butterfree, (Happy). Ash says I'm just as good a trainer as Richie and Misty says it must be nice to dream when you're wide awake. Richie is at the Pokemon Center picking up his pokemon and Ash comes in. At first there is a little tension between them, but Richie says to Ash to promise him it will be their best battle ever. Ash agrees and Richie leaves. Ash then collects his pokemon from Nurse Joy. Team Rocket watches from above and says they are good friends. Jesse said when I was little something stopped me from having friends. James says it must be your attitude, Jesse agrees and says it must be.......... she finally realizes what James says and hits him over the head with a rolled up piece of paper. They then say I know how to stop those two from being friends. Later Richie phones Misty, or at least it sounds like Richie and Misty picks up the phone. She says hello, but Richie insults her calling her Ash's loud mouth friend and just hand the phone to Ash. Misty is really mad and yells into the phone and hands the phone to Ash saying I knew he was too good to be true. It then shows that it was Team Rocket mimicing Richie and Jesse tells Ash to meet them, (Richie) outside and to bring Pikachu. Ash runs out and Team Rocket has a dummy of Richie standing in the bushes. Ash saks him why he's standing there and then a net capture Ash and Pikachu. Team Rocket reveals themselves and recites their motto. Ash says I really have to go to the Pokemon stadium, but Jesse says he's out of it and throws him into the back of a truck and starts driving. Meanwhile Brock enters the room with Misty sitting on the couch and asks her if she's seen Ash. She says no and he hasn't phoned either. Brock is worried and says his match is in half an hour....... In the car Team Rocket notices it is starting to fill with water. Ash in the back is having Squirtle use his watergun. Meowth jumps on James face to avoid getting wet and James can't see so he drives off course. The car is left dangling in a tree and Ash escapes out the back. Richie is waiting in the arena now. Ash runs, but Team Rocket runs on some log thing after him. They crash and Ash uses Bulbasaur's vine whip against them. Piakchu uses thundershock and Ash runs off again. Team Rocket then comes after Ash on bicycle, determined to get Pikachu. Weezing uses its smog attack and leaves Ash and pokemon hidden in smog coughing. Ash spots the bikes and takes off on one. At the stadium Ash has still not shown up and the mom is worried. Misty marches in to the arena and stomps on Richie's foot making him yell in pain and she demands to know what he said to Ash. He gives a polite answer and Misty says you're polite to me in public, but not on the phone. Richie swears he didn't phone and Misty looks into his eyes and says you're telling the truth and looks away and wonders where Ash is............ Team Rocket followed Ash on his bike in their balloon and sends a crane like thing down and it grabs the bike and pulls it up. Ash sends out Pidgeotto and he flies Pikachu up and Pikachu uses a powerful thundershock making the bottom of the balloon break and Team Rocket falls down and is gone. Ash then orders Pidgeotto to pull the frame of the balloon, (all that's left) to the stadium. The referee is about to make Richie win because Ash hasn't come. Richie begs the judge to wait 10 more minutes because they promised eachopther the best battle and he knows Ash will come. Professor Oak comments to Mrs. Ketchum that Ash has excellent taste in friends. Ash then enters standing on a piece of the balloon and lands in the stadium, pidgeotto colappsing with exaustion. Ash calls him back saying you can have a long rest. His mom shouts in the stand to apologize to all the people foe keeping them waiting. The battle starts and Richie sends out Butterfree. Ash uses Squirtle, but is later put to sleep by sleep powder. Pikachu jumps in right after, not letting Ash choose him and Ash is surprised he is not too tired to battle. Pikachu beats Butterfree. Richie then sends out Charmander and tires Pikachu out dodging all the flames and Ash thinks it over and says I know it's risky and uses Charizard. Charizard chases Charmander with his flame thrower and Richie calls Charmander back. He then says I know it's risky and uses Sparky. The judge says it looks like it will be a pika BBQ. Charizrd stomps around a bit making Sparky fly in the air and blows him back with his wings. Charizard then doesn't think him a worthy apponint and takes a nap. Ash begs him to battle saying you'll never have to listen to me again if yuo do now, but Charizard doesn't move and is diqualified making Richie win. Ash raises his hand his face hidden by his hat and calls Charizrd back. It looks like he wipes his eyes and sniffles, but then looks up and congratulates Richie saying you have to win the next battle for me. Richie says all right and the episdoe ends saying Ash's dream of being a Pokemon Master is still strong and his love of pokemon stronger.

Friends to the End
Ash is sulking in a bed in a house they were staying in because he lost in the Pokemon League. Outside Brock, Misty, Professor and his mom are saying that he hasn't eaten or come out for days. Misty goes in and asks him if he wants food or to go for a walk, Ash rudely pushes her aside and making Misty mad. She says she was only trying to help. Ash and Misty get in a fight. Professor Oak then gives a lecture saying if Ash trained harder he would have done better. Ash stops argueing with Misty and stares at him. Misty comments to Pikachu about lazy trainers and Ash says are you calling me lazy? Misty says no, I was talking to Pikachu, they start fighting again, but Pikachu uses his thundershock to shock the whole house and stop the fight. The TV is on and it is talking about the next battle. It then shows Richie getting ready to go and Ash and gang come down to cheer him on. It shows the battle and it flashes these pokemon in this order; charmander, rhyhorn, butterfree, venomoth, spearow, tentacool and then it is down to Richie's Sparky and the opponent Asuta's Ivysaur. Sparky is beaten really badly and Ash is surprised that he lost too. Richie runs to Sparky and picks him up and asks if he's okay. In the background Asuta is hugging Ivysaur saying you never let me down. Later Richie is looking out at a lake and Ash comes down and hesitintly approaches. Richie says it's okay, they now have another thing in common. The Pikachus play together. Richie says that losing has made him into a better trainer and he won't make the same mistakes and will train harder. Ash hears this and it makes him think that he was acting like a big baby. They both vow over the lake to be a pokemon master. Just then the Pikachu's fall down a hole (cute eyes) Ash and Richie run towards it and fall down another hole. Ash mutters ow that didn't tickle. Team Rocket appears and says their motto. Meowth comments this trap is a whole lot better than their others and Jesse says the twerps are finally looking up to us. They reach down a micanical arm and put the pikachu's into a shock proof cage. They then march off, but Ash and Richie fly out with Happy and Pidgeotto. They battle TR and the Pikachu's cage breaks. They throw the highly shock cage at them and Team Rocket blasts off after being electricuted from it. Misty and Brock then come and find them and ask both of them to come for dinner then the can go to the closing cereimonies of the Pokemon league. Later the Trainers walk on to the field and are awarded a badge. Outside the stadium TR is frantically digging under the stadium to come up and steal the trainer's pokemon. The league has fireworks to celebrate the end and Meowth then tells them listening through a stephoscope they are under them and they dig up and a lighted fire work falls in the tunnel. It exploadeds and for a final time in the episode they blast off. Everyone looks and enjoys the fireworks. The next day Richie and Ash are sitting alone in the empty stadium and said that they had fun. There is then a flash back with the theme song, Richie and Ash say good-bye till next time and the gang is waiting for Ash so they can go back to Pallet.

Pallet Party Panic
Back in Pallet Town, Ash is congratulated with a party for representing the town so well in the Pokemon League, and for getting in the Top 16. Ash does a thank-you small speech. Brock says the food is great and rips savagely some chicken off a bone and scarfs down some more food. They decide to let their pokemon out to enjoy the party, just as Ash is going to send Charizard out Misty and Brock tell him that he really shouldn't and Ash has another flash back of Charizard not obeying him and says I guess I'll invite him next time. Ash says lets eat fast so we can eat again. TR is making food and putts hot peppers and mustard on them. Their plan in to grab Pikachu when the trainers are choking on the hot food. Ash asks them for some food, they give it to him and say be sure to eat it while it's hot! Brock and some of the Pokemon eat it and then breath fire, Misty uses Staryu to cool them off and drenches them. Ash mocks that they can't take some spicy food and eats some and makes even more of a scene. TR then steals Pikachu and says their motto. Brock, Misty, and Ash say it's not funny to play with food and throw the food at them, it lands in their mouth and they breath fire. They then fly off in their balloon and throw little explosives down. Ash sends out Squirtle to water gun them, but it doesn't work well, he then uses Pidgeotto to fly and burst the balloon, it works, but some how they have a new balloon. Pidgeotto tries again, but gets hit by Arbok's poison sting attack and falls down, Ash catches him and asks if he's okay. He then tries Charizard. Charizard won't listen to Ash's plead of helping him get Pikachu back and his eye gets caught on the lovely food. One of the explosives blow up the food table when he's about to take something. He gets mad and flies after Team Rocket and hits the explosives back at them blasting them off. Pikachu falls and Charizard catches him. In the air Ash says to Charizard so you're finally obeying me, Charizard spits a little fire at him turning Ash all gray saying, I guess not. TR lands in a tree full of Pidgeotto and Pidgey and are stuck there. Back in Oak's Lab Ash gets Pidgeotto back all healed saying that this Pidgeotto would do anything for Ash. They say they wish Charizard was like that. Professor Oak then wants the trio to go to Professor Ivy on Volencia Island in the Orange Archipelago to pick up a special pokeball that is unable to be transported. The trio walk through the forest when they say that it is too quiet and look up to see a swarm of Spearow and a Fearow above, they attack Ash and gang and they run from them. Ash then wonders why the Fearow is attacking them and looks it up in the pokedex. He then has yet another flash back, (read previous summaries) to the first episode and thinks it must be the Spearow he threw the rock at. Fearow swoops down and grabs Ash and Pikachu, he flies off with them and Ash tells Pikachu to thunder shock Fearow. The Fearow drops them and they land in the same tree as Team Rocket. TR says that they can't leave the tree because of the Spearow and the Pidgey and Pidgeotto are scared of them. Ash says that he'll help them down and jumps on the branches making TR fall out of the tree. The Spearow attack them and they run off leading the Spearow away. The Pidgeys are still scared so Ash sends Pidgeotto out to tell them it is safe. Pidgeotto leads them away, but the Fearow is still their and knocks Pidgeotto down. Pidgeotto then evolves into Pidgeot to save them and beckons Ash to get on his back. Together the attack the Fearow and Pikachu jumps on Fearow shocking it. Ash tries to capture it, but the Fearow hits the pokeball back. All the Pidgeys then attack the Fearow. The Fearow leaves and Ash decides to let Pidgeot protect the flock until they come back with the pokeball and Pidgeot flies away. Meanwhile the episode ends with TR jumping really high in the air still being attacked by Spearow.

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