Indigo 61-70

The Battle of the Badge
Ash in co. have finally made it to Viridian City seeing the Pokemon center rebuilt from when Team Rocket destroyed it, now the face the gym and Ash is very happy that is until Gary Oak shows up about to win his Earth badge too. He brags by showing 10 badges he already had he went in for his match, Ash was mad cause only one trainer could fight at a time meanwhile Togepi was patting Ash on the back. Thinking it was Team Rocket he screamed flinging his arms and Togepi into the air, the egg Pokemon landed in the beak of flying away Fearow Misty demanded Ash get him back so they followed him. Speaking of which Fearow drops Togepi on Jesse's head she tries to catch him for the boss but misses, and falls head first off of the building they were hiding on but James was able to steal him they went straight for the boss. Inside the gym Gary demanded for a match cocky as ever Giovanni excepted and used Golem while Gary used a Nidoking, that took out Golem Giovanni called him back and used a Kingler which spooked Nidoking with his Crab Hammer. But got totally torched by Gary's next Pokemon Arcanine both were ready for the final round Giovanni, walked into the light of the gym showing his true face and said he wanted to test out a new lab made Pokemon. Gary agreed he was also allowed to use more than one Pokemon a secret door opened to show Mewtwo, in a large bionic suit he easily defeated both Arcanine and Nidoking Giovanni left to a secret room where Jesse and James had a rare Pokemon for him. Giovanni was shown Togepi and asked Team Rocket what could this rare Pokemon do, but all he did was laugh he told them to get out and do something right until he got a phone call. Mewtwo beat Gary and escaped while he left Giovanni had to deal with the problem while he made Jesse and James the new gym leaders, and gave them 3 new Pokemon. Ash in co. ended up back at the front door of the gym before Misty was going to kill Ash Togepi opened the door and came back to Misty, they walked in seeing 2 medium sized towers Team Rocket came in announcing that they are the new gym leaders. They took the challenge from Ash and both stood on the towers only Ash and Jesse, cheating as always she used all 3 Pokemon Giovanni gave them Machamp, Kingler, and Rhydon. Ash played like them and used Pidgeotto, Bulbasaur, and Pikachu. They fought hard with each time Ash's tower was zapped by electricity each time his Pokemon were hurt, same with Jesse a stupid mistake by James eventually the Pokemon defeated Team Rocket. Not giving up they used Arbok and Weezing but Pikachu zapped them out, making Jesse deciding not to give Ash the badge Meowth pulled out his secret weapon. A control panel to blow up the bomb in Ash's tower, Ash got off and called his Pokemon back waiting for it to blow but Meowth dropped it and Togepi pushed the button blasting off Team Rocket once again. Ash saw the earth badge land from the air in his palm he won it fair in square, and due to the bombs the gym was completely destroyed now Ash in co. return to Pallet to acquire training for the Pokemon league.

It's Mr. Mime Time
Ash is speeding ahead of Misty and Brock trying to keep up with him on their way to Pallet Town. He makes a phone call home, but gets the answering machine. Ash is suddenly stopped when he slams into an invisible wall. Misty and Brock can feel it too, but not see it. Ash looks up and sees a Mr. Mime. It's climbing up the wall. Ash takes out his pokedex and it says it is a rare pokemon with limited info. It is using its attack panti mime, which makes a clear wall. Ash is about to catch it when a female trainer runs in and says please let me catch it. Ash says why shouldn't, but Brock holds him back and he starts to struggle. When they turn around they see Mr. Mime running away. Brock asks why the trainer wants Mr. Mime and she brings them to a pokemon circus, which is hers and shows them here Mr. Mime. She had trained him so hard she said he just gave up yesterday. (Mr. Mime is stuffing his face with popcorn) 'I want the Mr. Mime to train and make this one jealous and maybe he'll perform again.' Brock then vows to give her a Mr. Mime and says to Ash if I can't catch one I'll make it. Ash asks how he'd make one and then we see inside the circus tent Ash dressed in a big Mr. Mime outfit. He protests, but Misty & Brock talk him into it. The circus owner starts to train Ash and whips him over and over again. Ash now knows how the Mr. Mime felt. After it shows the day of the circus and it is full, Ash walking in like Mr. Mime sees his mom in the stands. Just as the show starts the lights go out and Team Rocket swings on the trapeze bars while saying their motto. Then they steal Ash (Mr. Mime) in their hot air balloon and Meowth says 'Good-bye you clowns,' and James says, 'That's a good one!' In the circus ring Ash's mom comes up to Misty and Brock and says ' That was Ash wasn't it?' Misty and Brock say yes, but she isn't worried. She says once Team Rocket finds out Ash isn't a pokemon they'll let him go and invite them home for lunch. They leave saying it was delicious. When they've left the Mr. Mime at the start of the episode is outside the window. Ash's mom thinking it is Ash lets him in and gives him lunch. Meanwhile Team Rocket is in some cabin saying their plan worked because those bratty kids weren't there to stop them. Ash at this moment breaks out of his ropes he was tied with and takes off the Mr. Mime head. Team Rocket exclaims they have a twerp and half Mr. Mime. Ash says he's Ash and that he's outta here. Ash leaves and takes Team Rockets' hot air balloon leaving them stomping mad below. When Ash reaches home he enters and says 'I'm home mom.' Ash's mom says 'I already know' and looks out in the other room and sees both Mr. Mimes. Ash takes off his Mr. Mime suit and says he's Ash. Ash's mom then says, 'No wonder I didn't think you'd eat your food as politely.' Ash then falls down as he always does when insulted or made fun of. He then asks Mr. Mime to help the circus out. He doesn't say yes until Ash's mom says I'll make you a good dessert! Team Rocket is at the circus before everybody else and captures everything in their nets except the female trainer and her Mr. Mime. They are running away. Team Rocket aims their net at them, but just before shooting Ash jumps in the way. He orders Pikachu to thunderbolt the tank, (they have to use it because Ash stole their balloon) It doesn't affect it though because it is made of rubber. Ash then tries charizard, but he doesn't listen and just lies down on the ground. The Mr. Mime with Ash's mom then uses his panti mime to stop the truck from running Ash and pikachu over. The other Mr. Mime is jealous and when Team Rockets turns around he builds a wall on the other side. They keep doing it until Team Rocket in boxed in a whole ton of walls. They fire all their missiles to try and get out, but are blasted off again. The female trainer's Mr. Mime then agrees to go back to circus training and Our Heroes go back to Ash's house for dinner. Mr. Mime stays with Mrs. Ketchum and is helping her make dinner. Misty is teasing Ash about Mr. Mime doing the chores and Ash not and he says he can too. Then the narrator ends the episode by saying, 'Mr. Mime now knows what Ash has for years, Home Sweet Home!'

Holiday Hi-Jynx
It's Christmas time, and Santa (James) is entering the house. He is caught. Jessie's evil plan to capture Santa should work. Jessie is mad because a Jynx who she thought was Santa Claus took her favorite doll when she was young. Now, she is going to get her revenge. Meanwhile, Ash and friends are snooping around to discover a Jynx. Ash battles it, first with Pikachu, who's kissed to death, and then Charmander, who is successful. Jynx blocks Ash's Pokéball, and tells them that she was shining Santa's boot for him when she drifted away from the North Pole. Ash and the group try to take Jynx back to the North Pole, but the Pokémon get tired. As a last desperate attempt, Ash takes off his clothes and starts pulling everyone himself. He is stopped by a Lapras, who first tests them to make sure their intentions are good, then offers to help them the rest of the way to the North Pole. Team Rocket follows them all the way to the North Pole. When they finally make it, Jessie and James emerge from their Gyarados, all tired out. They say their motto, only to find themselves freezing cold. Meowth goes back in, under a nice warm blanket, and then he pushes the button to trap the group while they snatch the Jynx who Jessie thinks is Santa that took her doll. They soon find out that it wasn't Santa after all, and that the Jynx was only trying to help Jessie by fixing the doll. She gets the doll back from the real Santa, but isn't so grateful and ties him up. They take all the presents for Christmas, but are stopped by Lapras and Charmander. They still manage to escape with the presents, until all of Santa's Jynx use a combined Psywave attack to bring back the Mecha-Gyarados and get back the presents, and then make sure Team Rocket blasts off again. Back at Jessie and James' house they are sleeping in their bed, hoping Santa will have something for them. Jynx shows up at the window, and kisses them so they will sleep tight. Merry Christmas to all, and to all a good night!

Snow Way Out!
Ash and the group come to a fork in the road. Ash quickly chooses the path to the right, thinking it would be just a little hill. It turned out to be a huge snow mountain. The compass did not work, and they are totally lost. Ash calls out Pidgeotto to find a way, and Pidgeotto does. So, they begin to follow. Meanwhile; Jessie, James, and Meowth are in the cold, too. James and Meowth huddle closely as to not freeze, but Jessie is enjoying her time in the snow, remembering from her childhood the snowgasboards her mother used to make her (food made out of snow). Ash and the group decide to dig a cave in the snow, and camp out for the night. Pikachu is blown away in the harsh blizzard winds. Ash finds Pikachu hanging over a cliff just about to fall off. Eventually rescuing Pikachu, they proceed with the help of his other Pokémon to dig a cave in the snow, and Charmander keeps them warm for a while. Meanwhile, Team Rocket has built an igloo, keeping warm using matches. Meowth goes through all three matches, and they use the last three to imagine they are in a hot place. When Jessie's match goes out, she finds the other two sleeping, and slaps them awake. Back at Ash's cave, Charmander gets tired, so Ash takes him back into his Pokéball. Ash does the same for all the others, but Pikachu refuses so Ash let's him stay out. The other Pokémon come out of their balls again, and huddle around Ash so they can stay warm. When the storm stops, they come out to find Brock and Misty had a nice warm cave in the snow by a hot spring. They take off back onto the road in Team Rocket's balloon out of the cold. Meanwhile; Jessie, James, and Meowth, are pulling each other's cheeks to stay warm, until they land in the hot spring. It's nice there, but a little too warm.

Showdown at the Poke Corral
Ash is woken up in his house in Pallet by a dream that a giant pokeball is sucking him in which turns out to be Mister Mimie vacuuming his face. Ash is in the same pajamas he was in the first episode one we should have all seen. He comes downstairs for breakfast and his mom asks if he slept all right. He replies fine except for Mr. Mimie vacuuming him. (Mr. Mimie is Ash's mom's nickname for Mr. Mime) His mom says that Mr. Mimie vacuums anything that is dirty and Misty says Ash should take a shower more than once a week. Ash's mom then asks Mr. Mime to get some vegetables from the garden and Ash mumbles that used to be my job. Brock then mentions visiting Professor Oak and Ash says ahh I almost forgot! They run over to his house and ring the doorbell and they see Gary sitting in a chair. Gary says I thought you'd come here, just a lot later. Professor Oak says that they are the two top trainers out of the four from Pallet Gary with 10 badges and Ash with 8. While he says that gary and Ash point at each other each thinking he shouldn't be the best. Gary, Professor Oak, and Ash then lecture each other about the ways to train pokemon. They start to talk about the pokemon league and Gary asks Ash where it is, knowing he won't know. Brock tells them that's why they came and Gary says how they meet twice a year in the same spot, right then Ash is down in a begging plead asking him to please tell him where it is. Professor Oak says it is on the Indigo Plateau in two months Professor Oak then shows all the pokemon they have each caught, Gary having over 150, (some the same) and Ash having quite a few, most tauros from the safari zone. Then Professor Oak explains how he spends his days and researches on the pokemon. When he gives Ash and Gary back their pokedex Ash has seen over 100 and Gary has seen 60. Ash is jumping for joy, but Gary says he catches the pokemon first before getting to know it. Team Rocket has almost given up and mumbling we have to get that pikachu, they wonder what the boss will say if he will fire them, but they realize if they quit first he can't fire them so they say they quit. Then the building they are standing by, (A Team rocket building) Mewtwo blasts out of it flying through the air leaving the building in ruins. The boss sees Jesse and James and asks them what they are doing there. Jesse makes James answer and he says we were just in the neighborhood. Jesse asks what we can do for him and he says do your job for a change. When he leave Jesse and James start to cry, he has given us so much confidence they wail. then they are more determined than ever to catch pikachu. They arrive at Ash's house to get an attck from Mr. Mimie cleaning them with the vacuum. They pretend they want to tape Ash as a future pokemon star and she tells them He and his friends are at professor Oak's house. Meanwhile Gary and Ash are just about to battle over their squabble of different techniques in raisning pokemon when Team Rocket comes Professor Oak is astounded by a talking meowth and askes him to talk more, there is a bit of fighting of who says what in the motto, meowth getting stomped on a lot then Ash send out pikachu and Gary is about to send a pokemon out when Ash's herd of Tauros runs them down and blasts them off again. Brock metions they always have a catching exit. When they are gone Ash asks Gary to battle, but this time he refuses. Gar says to train hard and they both say that the other one will lose. Ash says that he is going to practice really hard and then Professor Oak says he can start now and asks him to repare the fence his tauros wrecked, he makes Brock and Misty help and says it will strengthen your friendship and training. Then the episode ends and we all look forward to the Pokemon League!

The Evolution Solution
The episode starts out by mentioning Ash is in his hometown Pallet and stuff like that. A group of people from Pallet is going to see Seafoam Islands including Brock and Misty. Ash walks to them so he can go too, but his mom pulls him by the ear saying that you have to stay home and train for the Pokemon League. Ash is all disappointed and Brock and Misty say good-bye. Ash then goes out to Professor Oak's house and sees him wondering over how slowpoke evolves into slowbro. He wonders why shellder clamps on to slowpoke's tail and turn its shell into a different shape. Professor Oak then tells Ash maybe Professor Westwood the designer of the pokedex would know and sends him to Seafoam Island to go visit him. Ash arrives at Seafoam Island and it shows him and Pikachu standing with the waves splashing against their feet and they see Brock and Misty wind surfing. Misty says I knew he'd come and goof off if we left then she falls off her board. Later it shows Ash explaining why he's there and they go to Professor Westwood's Laboratory and see many things. Togepi fascinates him. But when they arrive in a main room they see that he is trying to figure out exactly what Professor Oak was trying to do. The room looks over the beach and they see his Slowpoke down below and go fishing. Slowpoke is a good fisher the pokedex says. It also says that Slowpoke is kind of dopey. Since Professor Westwood programmed the pokedex Misty asked him if he put that and he said maybe one of his helpers did. He says dopey is a good way to describe slowpoke. Pikachu tries to talk to it, but learns nothing. Misty then says I recognize that face and then Psyduck comes out of his Pokeball and she says I know it's the same dopey face Psyduck has. Psyduck starts to talk with slowpoke and they say the same thing over and over again with a long pause in between and question marks popping up on the screen. Then they are on the balcony going back inside. Meanwhile on the beach Giovanni is relaxing with his Persian and saying after the Team Rocket HQs blew up we need a vacation. A ways away Jesse and james are digging for clams. James gets mad because everybody is having fun except for them and starts to dig really fast al over the place. he hits something hard which turns out to be a shellder and says Weezing I choose you! Jesse is mad at him and accuses him of sounding like the brat (Ash) and James says something about goodie two shoes. James uses haze and is about to use a pokeball when Jesse buts in and catches it herself. James says that's not fair and an assistant of the boss then tells them Giovanni wants to see them. The boss says that they have to stop goofing off and wants them to break into Professor Westwood's Lab and steal valuable info on rare pokemon that might help him, (probably about mewtwo). On the balcony Ash, Misty, & Brock look out and see a handglider coming towards them. It's Team Rocket as you might have guessed and they land on the balcony screaming of fright form riding it and the material covers them up. They say their motto under it and say the want a Team Rocket dex and they give Professor Westwood what they say all the necessary items needed. it's just a good description of the three of them. Jesse then sends out shellder to evolve slowpoke so they can steal a slowbro for the boss. Misty wants to battle with her water pokemon and blocks Ash and sends out staryu, but Psyduck comes out. Shellder clamps on his tail and other places until it clamps on his head giving him a powerful enough headache to use disable so Team Rocket can't move. The professor then orders slowpoke to come to him and he steps out and falls down right infront of shellder. Shellder clamps on to his tail and slowpoke evolves. Professor Westwood then orders Slowbro to use mega punch and blasts Team Rocket off again. The professor then knows why shellder clasps on to slowpoke's tail. It helps balance slowbro so it can stand on two legs not four and make it able to use attck such as mega punch. It also allows shellder to travel out of water. Ash, Misty and Brock then leave and Misty says that Ash wasted a whole day of training, but Ash says it's part of his training to learn about pokemon to. Misty's Psyduck is unhappy and ash suggests that maybe it wants to say good-bye to slowbro and then again they say the same thing over and over again with the question marks and the episode ends, leaving us craving for more.

The Pi-Kahuna
Ash and his friends are running on a high way training hard to get in shape for the Pokemon League. When a car splashes water in Ash's eyes making him stop to rub it out. He creates a huge traffic jam and when he finally finishes cleaning out his eyes he asks what happened. Officer Jenny then comes out on her motor bike and Ash apologizes. Misty asks why there are so many cars at this time and all with Surfboards. She tells them About a surfer Jen who was the best surfer and surfed the Humungadunga wave and placed his flag on the top of a big rock. The wave only comes once every 20 years and everybody wants to place their flag on the top just like Jen and become a legend. Ash laughs and then we see him next in a bathing suit holding a psyduck surfboard. Brock and Misty watch him, Misty saying how he should be training and Brock saying they've done lots of hard work and deserve some fun. Togepi is in a puddle of water splashing pikachu when pikachu sees another pikachu on the top of a large jutting out rock. It then shows the pikachu's trainer and the pikachu has a glowing blue light around it and the trainer mutters about a big one, but not the big one. As Ash surfs he lies on his board and paddles out, he starts to surf a wave but falls down, when he tries to swim back to shore he yells about his foot and passes out on his surf board. A huge wave is coming towards him, but the trainer we saw before surfs out and rescues him Ash revives for a couple of seconds to see the trainer's pikachu infront of him muttering pikachu thinking it was his and passes out again. Later it shows Ash in bed as he revives asking where am I? He is told that the trainer had saved his life. He hands him a cup of coffee and Ash syas thanks for it and for saving his life. Brock asks about pictures on the wall and one of them is with the trainer (Victor) and Jan. He tells them that when he was little he wanted to be just like Jan, after he placed the flag on the rock he gave him his surfboard and told him he could do it too. He practiced and practiced, Jan clapping when he did well. Then Jan went away on a boat to surf the world and he went to surf the Humungadunga. He couldn't do it and was about to give up surfing when he saw a pikachu on the waves on a little wooden board, the pikachu leaped into his arms and exausted falls asleep. The trainer nicknamed him Pooka. Ash remembers the pikachu he saw and the trainer tells him that Pooka can sense the waves, (the glowing blue light) just like Jan could and that their goal is to place their flag on top of the rock just like Jan. Below it shows Team Rocket in their Gyarados sub jesse looking through their spy glass thing spotting pikachu and Pooka. They capture the pikachu with two long mechanical arms and out them in a shockproof container. Our Heroes get in a boat along with the trainer and try to get their pikachu. Team Rocket disturbs the gyarados during their egg-laying season that James knows all about and gets blasted of again, with their sub in two parts the pikachu's contain flys out and breaks open. Ash orders bulbasaur to catch them with his vines, he catches Ash's pikachu but not Pooka. Pooka falls into the water and this trainer jumps in after it. The waves are getting really rough and Our heros have to turn back leaving them in the water to avoid capsizing. Pooka then glows blue sensing a big wave, the Humungadunga and he and Victor surf it and Place their flag on the top of the rock beside Jen's. A whole crowd of people observes this including Ash & Co. and they all cheer. When Victor arrives back at the beach he does what Jen did to him and tells two kids they could do it too. Then the episode ends showing Team Rocket stuck on the high rock surronded by gyarados in half their sub waiting for another hugeHumungadunga to come and wash them off.

Make Room for Gloom
Ash is again rudely awakened By Mr. Mime sweeping Ash's and Pikachu's face, it bugs Pikachu so he uses his thundershock and shocks Ash too. In the bunk bed above Misty says it smells like something is burning, (the fried sooty Ash) Downstairs Brooke cooks two Sunny side down eggs for Ash, (yep sunny side down!) and Misty's specialty. At the table Ash's mom asks since you aren't training for the Pokemon League maybe you can help me in the garden. Ash nearly chokes on his milk and says I thought I'd do some training in the Mountains today. Misty starts to say he never mentioned that before when he grabs her and whispers play along. he shoves Misty out the door ignoring her complaints and Brooke quickly follows. Ash says we have to escape, doing chores for my mom will make me pooped from now till during the pokemon League! Ash tries to get away, but be fore he can his mom asks them to bring back 40 pounds of fertilizer from the plant nursery. They run away and run into a giant Bio-Dome called Xanadu. it's the nursery and Ash says how he and his mom used to come here often. Brooke spots a pretty girl inside the dome and exclaims how beautiful she is. Misty says to Brooke and Ash( or maybe just Ash....?) that there is a pretty girl behind them, (her) and Ash says that they can only hallucinate one at a time. The are then confronted by a man which they think holds a flamethrower and they stick up their hands shaking saying, don't shoot! They find out it is only pesticide spray and the man introduces himself as potter. The girl meets them outside and says how Pokemon Trainers usually come here to let there grass pokemon smell the flowers. Ash lets Bulbasaur our and they go around looking at the plants. Bulbasaur smells some Pokemon nip and rubs himself against Ash over and over. Bulbasaur then smells some kind of plant and can't move after. Ash is just about to smell it when the pretty girl, (Florinda ) tells him to stop. She says that whatever smells that plant becomes paralyzed. Ash is worried for Bulbasaur and Florinda orders her gloom to take Bulbasaur inside. ash helps, Bulbasaur is too heavy for gloom. Gloom has some kind of liquid in her flower that heals the paralysis. Bulbasaur is back to normal and blushes and starts to rub against Gloom affectionately. Gloom blushes and they continue doing so. Florinda tells them what a lousy nursery runner and pokemon trainer she is. She says to Brooke that I can't get gloom to evolve into Vileplume. I've tried the leaf stone and it doesn't work. They go back inside and they see Professor Oak and Ash asks what he is doing there. he looks at the leaf stone and says it was a fake. He asks who sold it to you, our heroes already have a good idea who. Florinda describes them and a man with hair like this an places her fingers on her forehead and a women with hair like this and places her arm sticking out from he head as long as it will go. Team Rocket emerges from a bush in the garden and says there has to be some rare pokemon here somewhere. They search and search. Meanwhile in the other room our heroes and other spot Team Rocket through a security camera from the room they're in. The run down and Ash orders Bulbasaur to use his vine whip. Team Rocket when all tied up says that they haven't won yet, they have a secret weapon. Meowth throws a bomb filled with the powder from the plant that paralyzes you. Ash, Misty, Brooke, Professor Oak, Pikachu and Bulbasaur get paralyzed. Up above Florinda and Gloom are safe. Brooke tells her to use her gloom and Jesse snatches the paralyzed Pikachu from beside Ash. Finally after some persuading Florinda sends gloom out even though gloom's never battled and she thinks of attack gloom knows. Arbok and Weezing are sent out and use poison gas and toxic. Florinda finally tells gloom to use double-edge and then Brooke says to finish them of with a more powerful attack. She asks if she should use solarbeam. Brooke is surprised she taught Gloom the most difficult grass move and says you taught gloom solarbeam? Florinda asks if that was all right, she got it from a magazine and Brooke says sure. Gloom uses a very powerful impressive solarbeam Brooke and Professor Oak think and blasts Team Rocket off again. Later outside Florinda says to Brooke I could have never done it without you. Brooke blushes and Florinda says I will continue with the nursery as long as the man I love is by my side. Brooke says well I don't know it's so fast and Ash looks at him and Misty says look who she'd talking too. Florinda is talking to Potter and he says that he also loved her from the first day they met and sure he'd work with her. Brooke is all said and Ash pats him on the back slightly embarrassed saying you'll meet plenty other girls. Misty says to Ash another day of training gone and Ash says there's always tomorrow. the episode ends with the narrator saying Ash is one tomorrow less and has less than two months till the Pokemon league, the battle of his life and we are all in suspense...

Lights, Camera, Quacktion!
Our heroes are overlooking a campsite they have chosen so Ash can start training from above on a cliff. When they go down Brock sees a female Pokemon Trainer called Katrina and asks here her name and if she has a boy friend. Misty drags the "romeo" away and Ash talks to her. She wants to cut the sweet talk and battle. She sends out Raichu and Ash uses Pikachu. Then out of nowhere a net comes down and the screen slowly moves up to reveal Team Rocket holding it. They say we caught Pikachu! They look down and see pikachu unharmed and pikachu says Pika. James repeats Pika dumbfoundedly and looks to see what they caught. They hold up the net to reveal Raichu upside down and Katrina tells Raichu to use Thunderbolt then Mega Kick. When Raichu lands from Mega Kick we hear a voice yell cut and a short fat man says fabulous and says to Pikachu you're in my way and moves him to the side. He says he is a movie director and that would make a fabulous scene in his movie. Jesse asks what a movie director is doing here and he says he's on a talet scout. Jesse and James talk about acting experiances they've had and he says that he is only looking for Pokemon because his next movie is all about Pokemon. He then starts to say Prepare for trouble, no stunt double, then Jesse buts in and says aren't those our lines? He continues and says To Protect the movies from devastation, To restore spectacle and imagination, To make great ethics of hate and love, To direct the best films you've ever heard of, Clevon Spealbunk Winner of the Golden Growlithe award for best director at the flea collar festival Lights, camera, hit your mark when I call action or prepare to fight, That's right! Misty comes up to Ash and says to him Who's he? Ash says I dunno. The director is all mad and says kids these days only care about cartoon shows, (how right he is) Brock says I know who you are you directed my favorite movie I saw what you ate last Tuesday! Katrina says really, I almost saw that! Clevon Spealbunk then introduces one of the main star wigglytuff. Meowth insults it and gets double slapped badly. Then Brock says look at that face, it's hard to believe a Pokemon that cute can be such a brute and he also gets double slapped a lot for that. Everybody wants their Pokemon to get into the movie, Ash tries pikachu, Brock Vulpix, Misty staryu, but psyduck comes out instead. Arbok, Weezing and Meowth try and Katrina's Raichu and a Hitmonlee. They have to dance first and Raichu, Pikachu, Vulpix, psyduck, and Meowth make it to the next round. The next tryout you have to sing. Wigglytuff beats up Meowth, Arbok, and Weezing and Jesse and James say how dare you don't use a Team Rocket pokemon in your movie and send Weezing and Arbok after Clevon. Weezing and Arbok are walking away sulking and Jesse and James run after them. Jigglypuff comes to sing and puts everybody to sleep and draws on their faces. Ash and Misty wake up and point at eachother's face making and ahh noise. Later it shows the director cleaning of his face saying people, and other things since Psyduck is the only one left he gets the part. he then shows them all a few pictures to summarize his original movie (like Romeo and Juliet) of Psyduck taking Wigglytuff home after their first date and their feuding family and friends. Misty says it doesn't sound original to me and Brock says I love it with tears streaming down his eyes and Ash says similar stuff with tears streaming down his eyes wanting to see it again. they offer to help out with the movie for free and the director excepts. Meanwhile Jesse and James are trying to cheer Arbok and Weezing up who are still sulking and Jesse says it's a long way up the stairway of stardom and James puts in and there is no elevator! They get Arbok and Weezing to forget about the movie tryouts and head off to make more trouble. The director wants to shoot the last scene last so he knows how the movie turns out. He gets to groups of Pokemon one lead by pikachu and the other by raichu to be the feuding families and Ash orders pidgeotto to use gust attack to make it windy, Misty orders staryu to use water gun to make it rain and pikachu and raichu use thundershock to create a thunderstorm. Then there is a big fight and wigglytuff and Psyduck rush up to them and pikachu is thrown out of the fight and hits wigglytuff on the head. Wigglytuff is about to beat up pikachu about it when smoke comes up from the ground. Team rocket appears saying their motto infront of the camera pushing eachother out of the way to be infront of the camera. Ass says to the pokemon we can't let them ruin the movie and they move in on Team Rocket and all fight Ash orders them what to do and turns around to see he's on camera. He says Hi I'm Ash from the town of Pallet, then Misty pushes Ash out of the way and says thanks for choosing me as the most beautiful Pokemon Trainer, then Brock puts his face infront of it and says hello ladies. Katrina screams and they all turn to look and Team Rocket has all their pokemon in a net except for Psyduck. Misty says (yells) since you're the only pokemon left you have to save them! Wigglytuff syas wigglytuff over and over again, (to psyduck?) and finally Psyduck uses his confusin power making Jame's hair rise and we finally see he has ears! He blasts Team Rocket off again then falls over from too much psychic power. Wigglytuff runs over and props Psyduck up and Ash says hip hip hooray with everybody saying it with him, (all on tape) and the director runs up and shakes his hand and says fabulous ending, I'm glad I thought of it! Later they are all surrounding a fire and Ash is talking about the pokemon league with Katrina saying how they'll have some good battles there. Ash is depressed at wasting another day, but Misty says that it was good experience to be in a movie. Then it says there is only a few more weeks till the Pokemon League!

Go West, Young Meowth
Brock and Ash are doing streches on Ash's front porch and Ash exclaims how he loves workouts and inside the house Misty says the only thing that those to give a workout to is the T.V. remote. An invatation arrives in the mail for Ash's Mom, and our heros to go to the opening of Pokemon Love Story. Ash is sad and says go and leave me here. Then he says you'll miss me so I better come too. It then shows As, and Brock in a fancy blue suit and Misty and Ash's mom in a nice dress saying, "All right, we're in Hollywood!" Then it goes to real life they're in the same pose, but their usual clothes. The place they are in is very run down and shabby and they eventually find the movie theatre they want and go inside. Then it shows Team Rocket and Meowth and Meowth says he has to leave for some personal business. He walks around saying that the place has hit hard times. We find out that he was a little kitten with no home and was starving, he travelled to Hollywood after seeing a movie tied up in a tree where a baseball team put him after he tried to eat their balls. He broke the ropes and ran off. He tries to stael roast chicken from a nearby stand, but drops it when he tries to get away with it. He was then surrounded by Meowth and a Persian in some sort of gang and they give him the remains of a fish and he wolfs it down and looks up with his eyes watering, nobody had ever treated him kind. On day when he was stealing chicken he saw a pretty girl meowth across the street names Meowse and fell in love, Meowse doesn't like him and says he is just a poor street cat and not human. Her rich owner come out of a store with Meowse's new diamond studded pokeball and calls her back leaving Meowth alone. meowth then tries to walk on two legs and tries to talk. he learns how to walk on two legs after lots of practice and the next tim he stole chicken he was caught and badly beaten up and thrown in the attic of some building. he finds a picture book and tries the alphabet, no success. Sown below him he hears a class repeating he sells seashells by the seashore. He is caught again and again trying to run on two legs, then one day he can actually say a word properly his first word is "Rocket" then he can say he sells seashells by the seashore. He then leaves the gang and joins Team Rocket. Now we go back out of thought and in reality, (sort of) and Meowth's old gang surrounds him. He is surprised to see that meowse is a member and asks why, it then shows her owner saying I'm almost out of money and I'd like to keep you, but you can fend for yourself and releases her and drives away. He tells the gang Meowse is coming with him and they get mad and surround Meowth. Just when they are about to attack him Tema Rocket comes and sings their song partly, they say, You know it's us Team Rocket when we fight for what is wrong, we're tierd of out motto so we thought we'd try a song. Meowth cuts in saying you saved me and Team Rocket says we have to protect our little buddy. Meowth's eye's are again watering with happiness. The movie has ended and Ash's mom and the gang clap, (they're the only ones there) Ash says I never say us in it and Ash's mom says I thought I saw togepi and pikachu from the back for an instant. Clevon says sadly he had to cut them out because it was about pokemon. Ash, Misty, and Brock all bow their heads thinking they failed their first time making a movie. Just then the lights come on and Jesse and James dance across the stage dressed up, (James finally wearing men's clothes for a change!) Meowth and Persian are having a battle over Meowse, meowth wins and Meowse starts running to meowth, but it turns out she was running to the Persian. She says she wants to stay with him because he took her in when she had nothing left. She also adds that Meowth is now a talking freak and Meowth is all sad. The episode ends with Ash losing yet ANOTHER day of training! An there is less than 3 months till the Pokemon League.

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