Indigo 51-60

The Purr-fect Hero
This episode begins with the Gang heading to Cinnabar Island in hopes of getting their 7th badge. The Gang just realises that it's Kids Day when a schoolteacher comes out and spots them. She wants them to come in and let the children play with their Pokemon and they agree. Everyone comes out and starts tugging on Pikachu which causes a build up of electricity. Ash grabs him quickly and absorbs the shock to save the children. Everyone unleashes all their Pokemon for the kids to play with. The gang spots a lonely kid named Timmy who wants to only meet a Meowth. It just happens that a Beedrill attacked that boy and a Meowth saved him. Misty makes sure that that wasn't the Team Rocket Meowth in a comical way. Just then Team Rocket comes in disguised as Pokemon magicians. James is dressed as a girl! LoL. They want to make a Pikachu disappear! They take Pikachu and put him into a magic box, and Meowth comes out?!?! Woah.. All the kids are delighted. Ash wants his Pikachu back.. but it's Team Rocket! Team Rocket tries their motto but they get interrupted by the children as they use Weezing as a volleyball. Weezing uses smoke screen and Team Rocket leaves... leaving Pikachu behind? Team Rocket thinks they have Pikachu, but its Timmy in the box. Timmy spots Meowth and goes crazy. Meowth decides to lie to be a hero.. Team Rocket starts to harass Timmy, but Meowth jumps in and stops them with a Fury Swipe. Meanwhile the Gang begins to search for the missing Timmy who suddenly comes back with Meowth. All the kids start playing with Meowth and Timmy says 'everyone loves Meowth.' Meowth says 'that's right' and Misty hears it. They realise its Meowth from Team Rocket and he runs off. They all follow Meowth into a canyon, a Team Rocket trap! Team Rocket sends out Arbok and Weezing. Ash counters with a Pidgeotto, and Brock with his Onix. Weezing uses Smog Attack but Pigeotto uses Gust and blows it all away. Arbok comes out of nowhere and almost hits Pidgeotto, but Onix intercepts it knocking it into the canyon. A big boulder comes down, and out of no where a Meowth jumps out and breaks the rock in half (not TR's Meowth) saving everyone. Team Rocket lands on the boulder and rolls out of view. Ash and the Gang meet up with the children for final words and leave.

Case of the K-9 Capers
Ash in co. stop for a picnic when Ash sees a burglar being chased by Officer Jenny, Ash tries to send Pikachu for help but they see he has a gun a Growlithe trained by Jenny removes the gun. Pikachu finally then shocks him but finds out he was actor training the Growlithe for police work, Jenny says they are trained to listen to her voice only for police use Ash thinks about it when Jenny lets them have dinner at the station. Ash decides that he wants Pikachu to be trained like a police Pokemon Misty and Brock are nervous but back him up on it, Ash and Pikachu run a training course against Jenny and Growlithe the next day and lose unfortunately. Then a Growlithe looking van comes in and Team Rocket appears spraying everyone with a smell-less gas, it blocks the Grolwithe's noses and then all are sprayed with helium even Meowth by mistake making all their voices squeaky. Jesse and James dress up as Jenny even James with girlie legs AHHH! they use a megaphone, which changes their voices to sound like Jenny who can't talk to the Grolwithe cause of her high voice. James orders the Growlithe to get Jenny they easily tie her up and toss her away Ash tries to stop them, Jesse uses Ash's voice to confuse Pikachu but he knows the truth and knows what's real in Ash's heart not the voice. Team Rocket forgets Pikachu and wants the Growlithe for a unstoppable crime spree, they try to steal Pikachu of course by Growlithe force but he zaps all of them until Pikachu runs out of zap. Then Jigglypuff comes out and sings for 5 seconds (for no reason) then leaves then when Jenny puts herself before Ash, a Growlithe practically eats her hand but remembers her by all the memories he and her had when he was a puppy. All the Growlithes see that Team Rocket was a fake they chase them out screaming, Ash decides that Pikachu is fine the way he is and Jenny feels closer than ever to her Growlithes. As they leave Brock tries to use Jenny's voice from Team Rocket's megaphone to make him feel like a love machine, but Misty shoots him down with a "your pathetic" insult and head on unaware that Jigglypuff is following them along the way.

Pokemon Paparazzi
The gang stops to have a nice picnic and it's all good until Misty says that Ash can't get another badge cause he's too weak, he was about to battle her until he saw something in the bushes. Thinking it was a sniper he shoved everyone to keep them from harm the gang is mad, Togepi starts crying and Misty asks why Ash attacked them. He told them about the bushes and then calls out Squirtle who shoots water in the bushes to see who was there, a boy with curly brown hair and a camera came out saying he was Todd the famous Pokemon photographer. Todd asks them if Ash in co. have heard of him they say no he doesn't believe it so, he brings out a picture of Aerodactyl and Ash points out that he is in the picture Aerodactyl had him in his claws. A flash back appeared Ash remembering Aerodactyl in "Attack of the prehistoric Pokemon" Todd then zooms in on it, he sees him and finds it funny that people know him and not Ash. He then trys to get Pikachu's picture but he zaps him before he can do it, Todd says that he hates Pokemno that pose for him so he shows them his other photos the Pokemon are happy and not in poses but ways of life in a beautiful way. Misty want's to know why he want's Pikachu and nit their other Pokemon but he won't say, so Ash refuses to let him get the photo the gang leaves Todd then has a flashback in his mind. TR in disguise as a old man and woman asking Todd to capture Pikachu for them crying and faking it out, Todd says he'll do it and James tells him not to tell anyone of their deal or that they were there. Todd then follows Ash in co. and fails 2 times to get Pikachu with Ash blocking the shot but he won't give up, Jesse and James hide in the road planting a hole to catch the gang then hide as soon as Ash in co. fall in. Todd then helps them out as well get Pikachu's picture Jesse and James don't get it, Meowth then finds a magazine and finds out that he misread the article Todd catches Pokemon on film not in real life. Jesse and James smack Meowth and then hide near a waterfall while the ground of the hole cracks and Ash and Pikachu fall into a waterfall, Todd has Ash hang on to his camera while TR reveals them selves and nabs Pikachu in a shock proof net. TR then tosses bombs at Todd and Ash then Ash gets an idea he lifts up the camera faking to get a shot, James lights a bomb but forgets and poses then they turn to see the bomb exploding and Pikachu escaping Misty and Brock help Ash up. Then Ash calls out Bulbasaur and sends TR blasting off again they head back to Todd's house, he takes a picture this time of his new friends and this time joins them so he can find new pictures of Pokemon along the way.

The Ultimate Test
The gang stops yet again at another restaurant for food Todd still taking photos of Pikachu liking him a lot, then Misty sees a poster saying that you can get into the Pokemno leauge with out badges. Only can you do this if you pass the Pokemon test Ash heads out to take it, once they get there they meet a Nurse Joy who says that she want's to be a Pokemon master but is tied up at the center. Ash then sees 2 people one with long red hair and glasses and the other had, blue hair and big white glasses the 2 guys fight end up out side and see that to each other that ther'e Jesse and James. Jesse want's to know why James is here he says that being a Pokemon master is his other life long dream, Jesse says that she can add Pokemon master to her talent list until Meowth comes by finding out that they tried to ditch him. James gives him a ball of yarn and both head off to the test but first Jesse, James, and Ash's Pokemon are taken, rules say you can't use your own Pokemon so you can work with other types. The first test is questions Ash, Jesse, James try to answer ones like "True or false Likitung's tongue is longer than it's body?", or "True or false Caterpie is the smallest Pokemon ever?". Jesse just guesse yes on all of them thinking she will get half right the next step, are identifiying Pokemon pics Ash, James, and Jesse fail it Jesse then yells at the teacher and runs off James will try to win for TR. The gang check the scores finding out that Ash, Jesse, and James got the worst, while Joy got the best Todd took a photo of Ash's score for fun. The final test was outside battles where you get 3 Pokeballs they don't tell you what's inside, so you can excersise with other Pokemon Joy wins with a Squirtle against a Charmander James is up next. He get's a Pikachu and is overjoyed until the teacher brings out a Graveler and knocks Pikachu out, James doens't understand that electric Pokemon can't beat rock ones so he tries his 2 other Pokemon at the same time. James get's a Charizard and Ivysaur and is disqualified by the teacher he is then also thrown out not for Ash, the teacher uses a Flareon and Ash get's a...Weezing who blocks Falreon's fire with his smog as well smokes him when Flareon tries leer. Weezing then tackle's him out to win TR take notes so they can be just as good next teacher-Jolteon Ash- Arbok. Arbok paralyzes Jolteon with Galre but is stabbed when he tries ot wrap him, Jolteon wakes up and blast's Arbok out now teacher gets a Vaporeon and Ash get's Meowth. TR's Meowth tells Ash to use fury swipes and he does but Ash's Meowth is beaten, when Vaporeon freezes him with ice beam Meowth slashes Ash in the face and frees the other Meowth. When the teacher tries ot cath TR's Meowth TR comes out and steals Pikachu, Charizard, and Ivysaur then tell them to attack, but the teacher turns them around and let's the Pokemon attack TR Ash sends Weezing against James Jesse Arbok and Meowth uh Meowth. Finally Ash blast's them off when Weezing blows up by explosion, the teacher tells everyone to take the test tomorrow and offers Ash another chance but he says no and would rather do it the long and fun way. When the gang leaves Todd shows the teacher that he found TR's Meowth the teacher was overjoyed, as for TR they found out that they have the wrong Meowth but forgot where he was.

The Breeding Center Secret
Walking down the road to success the gang sees a poster saying that there' breeding center can make any Pokemon perfect, Misty had an idea and decided to levae Psyduck there a woman with spiky blonde hair took him in. Then as they left they all saw a restaurant with an all you can eat special Todd (Snap) thinks there's a catch, the chef owner comes by and says there is only one catch. You must show him is favorite Pokemon then he will let you eat Ash, Brock, and Misty try but he doesn't find it, so he shows him a pic of it and the Pokemon is Psyduck so Misty heads back to get Psyduck only to find out that it's closed. But Ash finds a back door they walk in only to see Pokemon trapped in cages with no food or water Brock calls brutality, Todd sees 2 people in another room checking a Sandshrew they turn to a guy on a t.v screen the guy happens to be Giovanni. Which means they are members of Team Rocket as they plan to ship the best Pokemon to Giovanni, a dark voiced blue haired man hears something so he looks in the back. Todd took some pics of the caged Pokemon and the man looked back, Pikachu faked himself being in a cage making sparks the man saw him and left. But once Misty found the way out the old TR busted in to catch the Pokemon and found the gang, wanting to know each other was here the 2 people came seeing it all they then threw off there clothes to show TR outfits. The girl is called Cassidy the man is known as Butch Jesse knows and hates Cassidy her and Butch do their own motto, which is a bad copy off of Jesse and James' Meowth says while the gang can't leave. James finds his Weepinbeel he left here which evolved into a Victreebel while Cassidy and Butch's Pokemon Raticate caught everyone except Misty and Pikachu and Togepi, Butch calls officer Jenny who arrest's everyone with TR saying that those people are real Pokemon thieves Misty needs to get them out. While in jail Victreebel attacks James for leaving him there in the center while Todd has an idea, Misty remembers his camera was taken so she wears a coat which hides Pikachu and Togepi inside. She asks for Psyduck back Cassisdy goes to get him while Pikachu sneaks in and gets the camera, Misty gets Psyduck and the camera and heads for the police station showing proof that Ash in co. are innocent TR try's it too but Misty tells Jenny that they are also TR. Jenny and that gang breaks in Cassidy and Butch surprised that they got out they send out Raticate, Pikachu zaps him out and Ash calls out Bulbasaur who ties up the new TR. The gang takes Psyduck to the chef and he let's them eat all they want then, when they leave Todd says he's going to the mountains to take more pics of new Pokemon the gang waves good bye as he goes off. Meanwhile right beneath them Jesse, James, and Meowth are digging their way out of prison escaping again.

Riddle Me This
Ash and the Gang sail towards Cinnabar Island but find that Gary's on the same boat! Gary informs them that trainers don't go to Cinnabar anymore; its now a resort and Gary's on vacation because he's earned so many badges. Worse, Cinnabar doesn't even have a gym anymore! Ash and the Gang arrive on Cinnabar regardless. They meet some weird hippy-like guy (who looks suspiciously like Blaine) who only talks in riddles, hence the title Riddle Me This. The gang wanders the town trying to find some place to stay for night, but aren't successful. They do however find Gary in a hotel, but all he does is gloat. Then Gary's 'entertainment' arrives... Jigglypuff! The gang runs off while everyone else listens to Jigglypuff's performance, and of course, they all go nightly night. Jigglypuff gets mad and starts drawing on Gary and everyone... hehe, serves Gary right. The gang remembers about the card that hippie guy gave them, and they go to his hotel. Once again, Misty solves the riddle. As a prize, the hippie guy rewards them a free stay. Meanwhile, Team Rocket plans on raiding the Pokemon Lab and stealing all the rare Pokemon. Ash finds out and heads there quickly. He sends out Pidgeotto and Pikachu to bring back all the stolen Pokemon. A thundershock cuts the net and pops the balloon, sending Team Rocket into space and the Pokemon free. The hippie tells them that Blaine built a secret gym so tourists would never see it. While the gang is soaking in a hotspring, Togepi jumps on a Gyarados statue, which is a secret lever to a cave. Inside the lever is, yup, you guessed it, Blaine's gym. Finally, the hippy guy reveals himself as Blaine. He challenges Ash to a 3 on 3 battle! He sends out his Ninetales, and Ash counters with his water Pkemon Squirtle. Ninetales uses fire spin, which cuts through Squirtle's water gun... Squirtle faints. Ash sends out his Charizard (oh no..) and Blaine brings out his Rhydon. Charizard once again disobey's Ash and does nothing but run away. Now for Pikachu! Rhydon fury attacks, but Pikachu dodges using his thunderbolt which has no effect on Rhydon. Pikachu thunderbolts again, this time targeting Rhydon's horn, knocking it out cold. Blaine finally unleashes his last Pokemon, from the lava - Magmar! Magmar fire punches and connects. Magmar prepares to use its fireblast on Pikachu, its most powerful attack as the episode ends. To be continued!

Volcanic Panic
We pick up where the last episode left us, Pikachu vs. Magmar. Pikachu ducks the ferocious fire blast escaping near death which causes Ash to forfeit because he realizes it's not worth the risk. Pikachu is resting in the Hot Springs when Team Rocket appears beneath the water's surface. They want to steal Magmar since it beat Pikachu! They march into the gym and lure out Magmar. When Magmar appears, Team Rocket freezeblasts it! Team Rocket thinks it has Magmar captured, but it defrosts itself. In a panic, Team Rocket starts freezeblasting the whole cave. Meanwhile, Ash and the gang feel the explosions from beneath and go to investigate. Blaines informs them that this freezeblasting will cause the volcano to erupt, destroying the island. Well, water shoots out from the ground and launches Team Rocket into space, but the cave is still falling apart and lava is pouring out. Blaine gets Magmar to pile rocks up and block the lava to save the island, but it isn't enough. Ash sends out Charizard, but it doesn't do anything. Just when things look like they're over, Charizard begins to help! Brock sends in his Geodude and Onix, and Misty uses Starmie to cool everyone off. Soon the problem is solved, and Blaine in return for their help, offers Ash another chance at the Volcano Badge. Since the gym was destroyed, Blaine and Ash have their battle on top of the volcano, a one on one match featuring Magmar and Charizard. The battle is intense, going back and forth. Magmar skull bashes Charizard and it falls into the lava. Everyone thinks Charizard is dead, but it rises from the lava dragging Magmar into flight with it. It uses aerial submission on the Magmar (?! What move is that?) and finishes it with a seismic toss from outer space. The Magmar comes crashing into the lava, but comes back up onto the platform. But that seismic toss was too much, and the Magmar faints. Ash wins and earns his Volcano badge! Well, its back to Viridian to earn the Earth badge now!

Beach Blank-Out Blastoise
The episode begins with the gang running for the last ferry leaving Cinnabar Island. They almost make it when they crash into a Wartortle. Pikachu unleashes Squirtle who starts talking to its fellow Pokemon. Suddenly, Squirtle puts on his Squirtle Squad Sunglasses and the two turtles swim off into the ocean. Ash and the gang follow promptly behind where they are lead to a small uncharted island. Upon landing on the beach, the gang finds a bunch of turtle shells surrounding a larger turtle shell, belonging to a Blastoise. Ash goes up to the Blastoise and falls asleep, the same thing happens to Wartortle. Pikachu delivers a huge thundershock that wakes everyone up (except the Blastoise). Brock learns from the Squirtle that they were on an island uniquely for turtles. All the turtles lived under the Blastoise King. One day the Blastoise went out swimming but never came back. The turtles found it and brought it back, but then they all fell asleep, thats when Ash came. Brock decides to give Blastoise a physical when Jigglypuff squirts out from its Hydro Cannons. Jigglypuff sings and everyone falls asleep. The scene switches to Team Rocket, who are in a Gyarados sub. They want that Blastoise! They send Meowth in on a rope, but when he gets near, he falls asleep. Jesse uses a grappling hook and manages to catch the Blastoise. Team Rocket disappears into the ocean with Blastoise.... Back to Ash! Ash and the Gang wake up to find the Blastoise missing. They follow the large scar in the ground that Team Rocket made while dragging away Blastoise to find the Gyarados sub. Meanwhile, inside the sub, Team Rocket is arguing over who gets credit for the amazing find when out of nowhere, Jigglypuff pops up and puts everyone to sleep. The turtles take the sub and swim it back to the shore. Team Rocket wakes up and attacks the turtles with the Gyarados sub! Squirtle and Pikachu water gun/thundershock the Blastoise and it wakes up! It protects the turtles from the sub and holds the sub down. Then all the turtles water gun the sub and Blastoise uses hydro pump! The sub goes flying into space and so does Team Rocket.. but what goes up, must come down... crashing into the ocean! Just then they realize Jigglypuff was still in that sub! Squirtle swims off into the ocean and returns with Jigglypuff. Hurray! Squirtle saves the day! When Jigglypuff comes to, it starts singing and puts everyone to sleep! What a way to end the episode...

The Misty Mermaid
Ash, Brock, and Misty are in Viridian city so Ash can earn his earth badge. They're by the fountain so Misty's Horsea can swim around. They notice that Horsea doesn't look to good and that he should have more swimming space than the fountain. Misty decides to go to the Cerulean Gym to let Horsea swim in the big pool there and to visit her sisters, Ash and Brock go with her. Outside the gym Ash notices a poster about an underwater ballet starring a mermaid, Brock really wants to meet her and Ash says that the mermaid looks like Misty except for the hair style. They enter the gym and all say hi, then Misty's sisters tell Misty about the play and Brock wants to meet the star and they say that you already have and turn his head towards Misty. Misty at first will not agree to be part of the show, but is persuaded to by her sisters, Brock, and Ash. Team Rocket is walking by outside when they notice the underwater ballet, and they want to attend, James says he took a few modern dance lessons before and does some weird poses. Meowth then tells them to think about all the water pokemon they could steal at the show. Misty's sisters are showing her what to do, then when the show starts there are a huge line up of people coming. The first scene shows Misty diving in dressed like a mermaid and playing with seel, behind the scenes Team rocket ties up two of Misty's sisters playing the bad guys and they go on stage, James is wearing a dress and Jesse another fancy ballet outfit, after they say their motto and something about stealing the water pokemon. James says to Jesse that next time they're going to steal men's clothes. The audience is clapping loudly and Ash and Brock run out of their seats to help Misty against Team Rocket. They dive in and Jesse sends out her arbok, Misty uses horsea, but the bubble attack doesn't affect arbok, horsea then uses smokescreen and Ash send out his squirtle to battle. James sends out weezing, but it runs out of breath really fast and rises to the top. Misty's 3rd sister finds the other two when Ash and Brock run by her saying you don't have to go out there are real villains and unties them, she sends out Misty's psyduck, which enters the water nicely, but rises to the top as fast as weezing, they mention something about 'embarrassing Pokemon'. Meanwhile a Seaking is attacking arbok, but he evades her attacks too. Then seel comes to fight, the sisters never knew he was strong and never used him in battle, but he attacks arbok while doing so evolving into dewgong He freezes arbok and wins the battle. Then the gang heads back to Viridian so Ash can earn his Earth Badge

Clefairy Tales
The episode starts with Jigglypuff walking down a road surrounded by trees. She is singing her song making a caterpie and a pidgeotto fall on the ground behind her asleep. She markers up her face and then in the sky she sees a U.F.O. sort of thing and it crashes into the trees ahead. Jigglypuff goes to investigate and the door to the U.F.O. slowly opens revealing Clefary. It then shows Ash pigging out on ice-cream with one vanilla cone and one with the bottom scope chocolate and the top strawberry. Brock and Misty are having a vanilla cone too when all of the sudden a clefairy comes out to them, they are all suprised and Misty runs after it to catch it, so Brock and Ash follow. Meanwhile something steals their backpacks and icecream from the table. The gang comes back and all notice their stuff gone. Ash cries I never got to taste the chocolate! They decide to report it to Officer Jenny and there is a huge mob surrounding her. All of them are reporting items stolen. One of them is a professor and he believes aliens are doing it. Who would steal buttons of coats and baby's bottles? he shows them a picture of a U.F.O. spotted 3 days ago and a man in the crowd says he saw it too. The Professor gets really worked up and demands he tell him all he knows. The man (being shaken to death) manages to say he say it just outside the forest. The professor has a so-called alien detector and the gang follows him to help instead of waiting doing nothing. The detector goes off and a spaceship comes down in front of them, two aliens walk out silently and take pikachu from Ash and walk back into the ship. Ash yells he wants his pikachu back. It shows inside the ship the aliens taking off their suit to reveal Team Rocket. Jesse and James are holding pikachu when the professor below sees that the ship is a fake being pulled up by a rope. The gang cuts the rope and the ship falls down and Ash gets pikachu back. They keep walking when the detector goes off again and they see a Clefairy. Jigglypuff comes and the pokemon lock their stares and Jigglypuff doubleslaps clefairy a lot. Clefairy before leaving runs up and grabs pikachu Clefairy then runs away and Ash, Misty, and Brock follow. They are lead to a dead end and wonder where clefairy went. They notice a sewer lid and go down, down, down. When they reach the bottom the gang notices a huge spacecraft the clefairy have made with the stolen items from the people. Brock says he'll go back and tell Officer Jenny about it and leaves. Team Rocket are hiding behind a rock and Jesse asks James 'are you thinking what I'm thinking?' And James asks 'Well what are you thinking?' Jesse replies. 'We could bring the boss a spaceship full of clefairy and pikachu.' :Amazing,' James says, 'Were you reading my mind or was I reading yours?', 'Good question,' Jesse replies then they go in to the craft. Inside the craft Ash finds pikachu, but he is unconscious. Then clefary surround it and jigglypuff goes into battle with them. They both use doubleslap a lot and all the clefairy leave. Jigglypuff then goes to the control room with the professor and see another clefairy. The ship will be blasting off soon and the clefairy is at the control panel. The professor walks up muttering ingenious and breaks something. 'Ooops he says and tries to fix it.' Clefairy and Jigglypuff meanwhile are again locking stares and both use doubleslap allot. Jigglypuff then sings and in the other room Misty says to Ash, 'What's that?' Ash replies, 'Jigglypuff singing a song I always get tired of' and they slump down to the floor asleep.' Just then the ship takes of. Up above the ground Brock is with Officer Jenny saying 'Do you want me to believe that clefariy are the thieves stealing people's items to make a spaceship. The ground rises and the spaceship flys out dropping all the stolen items on the ground. Way above ground everybody in the craft wakes up and the end part of the space ship containing Team Rocket falls back to earth. Misty and Ash open the door to get out and Ash looks down to see all the buildings below. when a high one came up They used bulbasaur to swing over to it. The ship then crashes later on in a forest near a fishing area and the fisherman surround it and then the professor walks out in a cardboard box thinking he is on the Clefariy's planet and asks are you from the place the clefairy live? Or something like that and the episode ends making us wonder if Ash will ever get the last badge he needs.

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