Indigo 41-50

March of the Exeggutor Squad
Ash and friends arrive in town the same time as the carnival. Frightened by Ash and Brock's party clothes, Pikachu and Misty go out on their own. The two of them come upon Melvin the Magician just as his assistant quits on him. Melvin is devastated. How can he complete his dream of becoming world-famous Las Vegas magician without an assistant? He turns to Misty for help, but she'll only take the job for the day. Ash and Brock show up at the show and makes fun of Misty's outfit. For an opening act, Melvin juggles his Exeggcute, a swarm of seeds that resemble ostrich eggs. The very small audience is unimpressed, so Melvin does his fire trick. The trick fails at first, but then he remembers the magic words and columns of flame burst from his wand. Impressed with himself, Melvin does it a few more times before accidentally setting off the sprinklers. It looks like Melvin's all washed up, and if he doesn't fix up his act soon, that flushing sound you'll hear will be Melvin's dreams of Las Vegas showroom going down the drain. Ash believes it's time for Melvin to learn some new tricks. Backstage, Melvin turns his wand into a bouquet of roses, which promptly die. Ash decides to show Melvin a few tricks of his own. Swami Ash produces a box that he says will produce fire, water, and vines. He taps the center hole and Melvin is very burned and very impressed. Swami Ash taps the hole on the right and water comes out. Meanwhile, inside the box, Charmander accidentally singes Squirtle who shoves him into Bulbasaur. Bulbasaur gets burned, panics, and soon the entire box is shaking back and forth. The box smashes open and Pokemon spill out. Back to the drawing board. Exeggcute is staring at Ash and Ash stares back, falling into a trance. Melvin tells them to stop and Ash obeys and plops onto the ground. Intrigued, Melvin tells Ash to turn around three times and act like a Bulbasaur. Exeggcute babbles and Ash obeys. It appears that Ash is under Exeggcute's control, and Exeggcute obeys Melvin. Intriguing…After the commercial break, we find Ash, still entranced, towing Exeggcute and Melvin on a cart. They stop at a grove of trees where wild Exeggutors (palm trees with five heads, second-stage Exeggcute) live. Putting his plan into action, Melvin commands Ash to use Charmander, Squirtle, and Bulbasaur attack the Exeggutors. As the Exeggutors weaken, Melvin captures them in Pokeballs. He soon has an entire cart full, so he has them stand in formation so he can admire his collection. With this many Exeggcutes, Melvin can hypnotize entire towns and make them come to his show! He'll be famous! But Team Rocket has other ideas... Jesse and James make an entrance with a fantastic magic trick. James says Melvin should do tricks like that and then demands his Exeggutors. Melvin refuses and they tie him up. Sensing danger, Exeggcute draws their attention, evolves into Exeggutor and hypnotizes Team Rocket. They try to look away, but the other Exeggutors have joined in the act too. And not only are they hypnotizing Team Rocket but each other as well! Misty, Brock and Pikachu arrive just in time to see Team Rocket and a moving forest head their way. Pikachu awakens Ash with an electric jolt and everyone heads after the exeggutors. They arrive at the carnival grounds to find the place in ruins. The carnival manager tells them to leave. The Exeggutors are coming back, and the carnival grounds are timed to explode when they return. Ash, Misty, Brock, Pikachu and Melvin have to stop them before they get blown to kingdom come. They meet the herd as it stampedes a return trip. Bulbasaur's razor leaves and Squirtle's water gun have no effect on the Exeggutor's mentality, so he tries Charmander. Each Exeggutor burned awakens, but many more are still entranced. Charmander's running out of steam, but Melvin's fire trick might work. Melvin doesn't think he can do it, but Misty convinces him he the right stuff. Charmander and Melvin team up with a mega fire blast that wakes up the whole herd. Just in time to, as the carnival grounds explode behind them. Whew, that was close. The Exeggutors head back for the forest and everything's peachy-keen, except that Charmander looks funny. He suddenly evolves and becomes Charmeleon, a fire Pokemon with slashing claws and a crest on his forehead. Congratulations Ash and Charmeleon.

The Problem with Paras
This is the first episode of Pokemon run on Kids WB. We start of with Team Ash over looking a small city. According to the narrator, it doesn't have Pokemon Gym, so Ash doesn't wait to stop. Brock reveals that they are out of Pokemon Potions. Ash wants to eat a Cheeseburger. But Misty wants to eat a nice meal. Ash and Misty starts arguing, but then Brock stops them. Then Team Rocket pops out, and starts to going to move to get Pikachu, but reminds the annoying pest, Meowth, who is burning. Team Rocket was going to leave Meowth. After she leaves Meowth is still red. Meanwhile, Ash and his friends find a weird potion center. A ugly women offers them a insomnia potion that will put a hair on their tongue. Brock asks for a no-hair version. The girl, who we saw early healing Meowth, shouts at her Grandmother. Brock as usual is in love and often to have dinner with the girl. Install, the girl, offers a Pokemon battle. Ash agrees. Outside, in a tree Team Rocket is starts their motto. Meowth stops them. The girl has a Paras. Paras is a scary cat. Pikachu uses a weak version of his normal thunder attack. Paras lose the battle. Again, Ash asks Dexter for type. It's a crossbetween a grass Pokemon & bug Pokemon. Ash uses Squirte and tells him the following. Ash: Water Gun. Just sprinkle the mushrooms. Paras loses this match as well. Charmelon comes out and doesn't listen to Ash. The girl's Grandmother reveals the trainer must evolved as well. Ash tries to return him, but Charmelon gives him a flame face as well as burning Paras. Paras runs away. Ash is save by Pikachu's Thundershock on Charmelon. Ash returns Charmelon to his ball. Ash feels sorry for the girl's Paras. But the girl said it was her faults. Meanwhile, Paras meets Meowth. As Team Ash regroups with the girl. Paras meets Meowth. After trick Jessie and James for help by think of him to become the girl's mascot and making them is money counters. James and Jessie agree. James and Jessie knows the Meowth has point. In fact, James remarks about some about lose more then the guy who invented homework. And with help of Meowth, after poking a dizzy Wheezing and Arbok. Paras fells powerful. After that Team Ash appears as Team Rocket disappears. Team Ash tries again with Paras, but when Charmelon is tried again, Team Rocket appear in the same cheerleader outfit that appear in "Electric Showdown", to help Paras, Paras pokes Charmelon and Charmelon fells down to ground. The evolves takes place and Paras become Parasect. Charamanders burns and tail whips Team Rocket into blasting off. As Ash said to good to the girl, who names is finally reveal as Cassanda. Team Rocket drops back in. Cassanda, finally tell him no, because he was hero in helping Parsect to change. Cassanda's grandmother finds a Persian. Cassanda has a crush on Persain. Team Rockets feels down as the walks onward, hoping to get the Pikachu.

The Song of Jigglypuff
Our heroes trudge along, resigning themselves to the idea of camping out in the desert as the sun slowly sets. Suddenly they see bright lights in front of them: a glamorous city appears before them, covered in neon lights. They have found Neon Town, a city that is loud and boisterous 24 hours a day, famous for having no nights. The residents of Neon City sleep as little as possible and use all of their time to play. Behind the other side of the town's glorious facade, however, people are always angry and irritated. Fights being an everyday occurrence, Jenny, the policewoman, is terribly busy. Having had enough of a town so noisy one can't even sleep at night, our heroes head out into the peaceful forest. Meanwhile Team Rocket enters the same town and ends up in a fight with the same guy that Ash met. Ash in co. walk into a new forest making their way away from Neo town, but they meet a beaten up Team Rocket who wants to catch Pikachu of course. This time they do a rock and roll song instead of their motto they all dress up in black, with Jesse and James doing song solos and Arbok and Weezing rolling around in the back. Then after the song they fight Misty send out Starmie who takes out Arbok, Ash's Bulbasaur makes Weezing gas his own masters giving the gang time to escape. Now trying to find they're way to Cinnabar Island but instead Misty finds a Jiggypuff. Ash calls out Dexter and says Jiggypuffs sing a very heavenly song, Misty wants to hear it so she tries to capture it by sending out Staryu to attack it. But in one hit Jiggypuff cries and Misty stops seeing that Jigglypuff was sad, Misty asks nicely for it to sing it puffs up showing how mad it is. After asking again Jiggypuff says that she can't sing for some reason, so Misty tries to get her voice back Pikachu sings to Ash for an example. Jigglypuff is jealous and trips Pikachu but no one saw it except for Pikachu, they try words, helium, and water but nothing works. Then Brock finds a fruit that heals your vocal chords he says, Jiggypuff's chords are healed and is happy enough to sing for the gang. Team Rocket sneaks in some bushes getting a plan, by taping Jigglypuffs song they will put all the people in Neo town to sleep and steal their Pokemon and money. Now Jigglypuff sings a very heavenly song in fact its so heavenly it put everybody to sleep, Team Rocket falls asleep as well Jiggypuff stops and puffs up cause all of the gang is asleep. Now she grabs a marker and draws a funny face on everyone including Team Rocket, who wakes up later on only to find out that they taped their own snoring. Ash in co. wash off the marker and try seeing if Pokemon fall asleep during the song, they all do then they try Psyduck who fall asleep with his eyes closed. Now at their last idea Ash in co. go back to town to have Jigglypuff sing for Neo town, Team Rocket in disguise loans them a stage to do it on so their plan still works. Again Jiggypuff sings and again they all go to sleep even Team Rocket who has ear plugs on. Jiggypuff again colors everyone's face but when they all wake up no one is bitter the rest made the town feel better, Meowth, Jesse, and James smile walking out of the town with nothing. Ash in co. leave proud of Jigglypuff but surprised cause she has disappeared, then as they leave Jiggypuff tries to catch up with them in their journey.

Attack of the Prehistoric Pokemon
Ash and the gang enters Grandpa canyon and sees a group of diggers, when Ash wonders what they are doing here he meets once again Garry Oak. Garry explains to Ash that he and the other diggers are here, for the great Pokemon fossil rush to dig up ancient Pokemon fossils for examination. Ash's rival leaves calling him a loser as he digs and finds something, Garry has a scientist examine it and says its not a fossil its fossilized Pokemon manure. Ash in co. look over and find Team Rocket who has planted dynamite to blow up the canyon, that way they can get all the fossils and become rich. But when they lite the fuse everyone goes after it Ash calls out Squirtle and tries to put it out, Misty and Brock follow with Jesse and James as well Arbok and Weezing. Further they go down the harder the road becomes then James trips on a rock and rolls himself Jesse, Meowth, Arbok, Weezing, Brock, Misty, Ash, Squirtle, and Pikachu all becoming a ball. When they stop the fuse is about to go everyone tries to leave at once, but Pikachu gets out then panics and zaps the fuse blowing up the dynamite. Ash, Pikachu, and Team Rocket end up in a cave with the top hole buried, Misty, Brock, and Squirtle stay on top and began to dig. Meanwhile Jigglypuff hides by and sees the pile of rocks as a stage for herself, but when Brock calls out Geodude to help and they knock it over she puffs up. Inside the cave the guys blame each other for who's fault it was on the cave, they all stop when Pikachu shows them glowing red yes the darkness clears to show Omanyte, Omastar, Kabuto, and Kabutops resurrected and mad. Jesse and James are happy and plan on selling these guys for money, Meowth dreams about his own talk show but Ash sees a problem. The Pokemon's eyes are full of red veins, they realize that they were just sleeping and the dynamite was their alarm clock. Jesse and James throw 2 Pokeballs but Kabutops knocks them back into Meowth with his claws, then the Pokemon go nuts attacking everyone Omastar knocks them down with a spin attack. While Ash finds out that Pikachu's bolts don't dent Kabutop's armor, Arbok and Weezing are beaten up easily by Omanyte, Omastar, and Kabuto. Ash brings out Charmeleon to fight the Pokemon, but as usual he disobeys him. Then right when Kabutops was about to slice up Ash the Pokemon stop, and suddenly run away all except Ash are happy that the Pokemon left. They find out when flying threw the darkness appears AERODACTYL, who then scars Charmeleon with his claws Ash uses Dexter who says that Aerodactyl is a predator of the carnivore type. Then they all run screaming until Officer Jenny helps open the hole up finally, but Aerodactyl picks up Ash and fly's out with Pikachu and Charmeleon hanging on his tail. Everyone sees Aerodactyl at the top of a mountain trying to eat Ash, Charmeleon challenges Aerodactyl he says no and makes a face back. Charmeleon gets so mad he evolves into Charizard then opens up his wings and goes after Aerodactyl, Ash is touched by Charizard's loyalty but after Charizard fries him he sees that it was only to fight Aerodactyl. Brock finds Jigglypuff and Misty gets an idea she will have Jiggypuff sing for Aerodactyl, Jigglypuff agrees and sings putting all a sleep Ash sleeps and Aerodactyl gets drowzee. Charizard plugs his ears and rescues Ash when Aerodactyl drops him, when Aerodactyl lands in the cave sealing it off again Jiggypuff puffs up again with all the people sleeping. Then after her marker work was done Jiggypuff leaves and Jenny, says that Aerodactyl was a hallucination caused by Jiggypuff and banns off the canyon-digging site. As they leave Ash shows Brock and Misty a colored egg he found when he woke up, Brock then takes it as both he, Misty and Ash chase him for the egg. Meanwhile TR are still in the cave trying to keep Aerodactyl and the others a sleep, but James sneezes and wakes them all up.

A Chansey Operation
Taking a break from walking Ash in co. they all stop and sit on a bench, but Pikachu then climbs up a tree and eats a apple which is so big gets stuck in his throat. Misty calls Ash and shows him that Pikachu's voice is high and squeaky, he looks for a Pokemon center but it is too far away so he tries a human hospital and meets Dr. Proctor. He lets them in because of his instant attraction to Misty, but then tries to leave when they tell Pikachu needs help he says that he helps humans not Pokemon. But he does it anyway and is able to get the apple out when Pikachu shocks him, then Nurse Joy calls and says that Dr. P needs to help with a Pokemon emergency. A truck filled with Pokemon has crashed hurting hundreds of Pokemon including Team Rocket's, Dr. P agrees to help then hits on Nurse Joy, Brock is worried cause he is sounding like him. Dr. P makes Ash in co. helpers to deal with all the Pokemon, the first one is a head hidden Cubone who didn't stop crying Misty picks him up and makes him feel safe. The doc is impressed while Ash grumbles then Jesse's twisted Arbok is fighting a toothless Raticate, Chansey takes away the Raticate while Dr. P heals Arbok and hits on Jesse. Ash sees them and tell Dr. P that there' from TR but he says a patient is a patient, they continue Brock and James glue a Pinsir's horn back on then Misty and Chansey take a Voltorb out of a Weepinbell's mouth. After a while a strangling Dodrio attacks Dr. P and his tranquilizer kncks him out, Ash then uses Squirtle and Pikachu to knock out Dodrio and un-strangle it. Meowth's charm is gone and he asks a Chansey to get it she gives him some rice, a chess game, the police station, and a Venonat she then slaps him out. Meanwhile Jesse and James creates a plan to catch all the Pokemon, so they throw out tables that tie up Ash in co. when Chansey comes to the rescue. James was about to give the guys a giant shot but Chansey still blocked him, Jesse tells Arbok to attack he doesn't same with James and Weezing. DR. P then wakes up and explains that since Chansey healed them they won't attack it, he frees the gang and throws their catching tables at TR they run away. When their outside James shows that he got a Voltorb, which blows up, they land and Meowth's charm pops out of his head. Dr. P tells Ash in co. would make great doctors but the gang still wants to be trainers, they all leave with Chansey and Dr. P waving goodbye and saying thank you.

Holy Matrimony!
Our gang is walking down the road when they come up to a sign with a picture of a young James and the word "Missing" on it. A gentleman's gentleman shows up in a limo asking if they new him. When they say yes he grabs them and they drive to a huge mansion. Team Rocket sees this sign and James is very reluctant to go to the mansion. When they get to the mansion they find out that James's parents have died and he must return and get married within 24 hours to get his inheritance. James remembers a time when he was young and about to die of malnutrition with his Growlithe named Growly. Jessie and Meowth drag James in when they find out his parents are alive and its a trick to get him home to his fiancee. His fiancee Jessibell looks very much like Jessie, very scary. Jessibell drags them down to a gym in the basement and begins to tame James like a lion trainer. She uses her Vileplume and puts everyone to sleep. Everyone but James is kicked out of the house, and when they hear a Growlithe trying to open the door, they proceed to open the door for it. As Jessibell is about to whip James again he calls for Growly and it comes to save the day. They all round up in Growly's very big dog house and think about what to do. Right then Jessibell crashes through the door, blasting off Jessie and Meowth, and attempts to put everyone to sleep again. Pikachu and Growly attack Vileplume and Jessibell runs away. Jessie and Meowth are sad as they walk down the road, crying about how they lost James, when James shows up in the Team Rocket balloon. James grabs Jessie and pulls her up into the balloon, and how happy they are to see each other, you can tell they have feelings for each other, and Meowth chases them on the ground. At the same moment Jessibell is chasing Ash and company asking for them help to find James again, and of course, their not running right.

So Near, Yet So Farfetch'D
Stopping in a forest Brock asks Ash to bring out Dexter to look up a certain Pokemon, he looks up Farfetch'D and finds out that he is rare because most people eat him especially with leak. Misty let's out Psyduck and asks Brock if he could get her some water Ash goes with him, then she hears something and sees a Farfetch'D walking toward her. First she called Psyduck back and the duck then thorws his onion stick and catches it like a baton, Misty then wants to catch it but he runs away before she could so she chases into the forest. Where she runs into a boy where they drop their bags both red, they apologize and run their seperate ways. When Misty returns Ash and Brock were wondering where Misty went, she tells them of Farfetch'D they then jump on her asking her if she was gonna catch him for herself. She says no and then looks in her bag to find nothing but rocks, it turns out the boy whose name is not said is a Pokemon thief and has stolen all of Misty's Pokemon. The gang goes to tell officer Jenny who says that the kid is a famous thief, and goes with them to find the kid meanwhile the kid spots some new suckers namely Team Rocket. They are hear looking for a Farfetch'D and find the kid's who comes by and says that he is tired of Pokemon training, he takes them to a boat and says "Here watch my Farfetch'D, Staryu, and Starmie for me while I get something". TR then takes all of the Pokemon and escaped in the boat, TR is happy at their first victory but then is angry when the boat springs a leak with them discovering that the boat was sabotaged. Jesse's Arbok and Likitung float away so does Weezing, Jesse and James can't move with out drowning and watch as Farfetch'D steals the Pokeballs and whacks Meowth in the head. Then they fall off of a waterfall with Farfetch'D giving his master the Pokeballs, but back at the kid's camp Psyduck gets free and heads for his master finding them all. Misty then goes nuts trying to get Psyduck to lead them back to the camp, but he does as the kid explains that he found Farfetch'D on a road to weak to move so he healed himself. TR then returns mad as ever at the kid and demands there Pokemon back, the kid not only gives them back Arbok, Weezing, and Likitung but as well 100 other Pokeballs. TR then fly's off in their balloon excepting the kid's apology, then as he leaves Ash in co. and officer Jenny corner the kid trying to stop him Ash then suggests showing him how to really battle so Ash makes Bulbasaur fight Farfetch'D. The kid says that Farfetch'D is too weak but Brock says that no Pokemon is weak, so Farfetch'D fights and gets the snots beat out of him by Bulbasaur's vine whip. Then somehow Farfetch'D gets the strength to do agility and beat Bulbasaur, Pikachu wants to go next but Misty says she will fight Farfetch'D but remembers that her Pokemon hadn't come back yet Ash and Pikachu drop in grief. Psyduck then goes in a fight Farfetch'd who laughs at him and then constantly whacks him on the head, Misty waited and then finally Psyduck's headache attack activated. Misty used disable and blasted Farfetch'D into the kid, up above TR open up the 100 Pokeballs to see what they got they are all VOLTORBS who they quickly throw off the balloon. After they blow up near the kid he says he's sorry and gives the Pokemon back, Jenny drops the charges and Ash in co. watches as he leaves off to train Farfetch'D. Jesse and James are looking for the kid so they can get revenge, James then asks if they should tell Giovanni about the kid Meowth says no because if he hears about him Giovanni will hire him and fire them. Jesse decideds they will not tell him but unfortunately, a Voltorb missed blew himself up blasting off Team Rocket again.

Who Gets to Keep Togepi?
Ash in co. get hungry and stop at a restaurant as they eat, Brock cleans the egg they found Ash asks what will come out of it. He doesn't know he says but he hopes a Golem Misty hopes for a, Tenatcruel or a Lapras ASh is worried that it might be a Aerodactyl. But watching from a window TR plans to get the egg this time, because of what ever the Pokemon is. So they dress up as egg sellers and steal the gang's egg when they leave the restaurant, they find out too late that it's Team Rocket as they run away with the egg. At their hide out Meowth takes acre of the egg like a mother and her child,he takes good care of it keeping it away from James who want's to eat it. Then while TR is sleeping Ash and the others break in and fight for the egg, Pikachu grabs it before it breaks and then sees it hatch into Togepi. The small egg creature sees Misty as she moves in to see him first, Ash in co. then leave and argue who should keep Togepi. Ash says he found it first so he gets it but, Brock took most care of it and Misty says Togepi likes her best Meowth then buts in. And thinks he did more care for Togepi than all 3 of them, so they then all agree on a Pokemon tournament the winner will keep Togepi but Meowth says that Jesse and James are not in it. Because they don't care for Togepi so Brock and Meowth start it off, but the talking Pokemon says he needs a Pokemon Jesse and James refuse to give him there's so Meowth uses himself. Brock picks Onix and fight Meowth who tries to swipe out Onix but, doesn't work on his rock skin he then cheats and uses 2 water buckets to knock him down and then slashes him to win. Ash fights Misty when Ash chooses Bulbasaur but Misty again gets Psyduck on accident, the rules say you can't call your Pokemon back once he's out so Ash gets an idea. Instead of fighting he tickles Psyduck into defeat making him the winner, now it was Pikachu that Ash choose against Meowth though loses when Pikachu shocks him just once and easily wins. As TR carries Meowth away Ash is happy to get Togepi but instead goes to Misty, Ash checks Dexter who was upgraded for more Pokemon earlier he says that Togepi sees the first thing it sees as his mother or father. Misty was seen first and she gets to keep Togepi they then walk on to their journey, with Ash and Brock moping because of Misty getting Togepi.

Bulbasaur's Mysterious Garden
Stopping in their journey a lumberjack challenges Ash to a Pokemon match, he accepts Ash uses Bulbasaur and the lumber jack a Rhyhorn. They battle it out Rhyhorn getting the best of Bulbasaur so Ash calls him back, but Bulbasaur doesn't listen and fights on he stops the Rhyhorn with vine whip and beats him out with razor leaf. The lumber jack comments on Ash and Bulbasaur until Ash sees something wrong with Bulbasaur, a bump has appeared on his head and his bulb glows green Ash takes Bulbasaur to a Pokemon center. Nurse Joy gives Bulbasaur a band aid and says that Bulbasaur will soon evolve Ash is overjoyed, Joy also tells them that every year Bulbasaur's come out to this place to go to the mysterious garden. There they evolve as a festival but no human as ever seen the garden for some reason, the gang sleeps in the center while Pikachu talks to Bulbasaur who went out side. Bulbasaur tells Pikachu that he doesn't want to evolve he likes the way he is then, 5 other Bulbasaurs come out and take Ash's Bulbasaur away Bulbasaur tells Pikachu to go get help leave me be. Pikachu wakes everyone up and tells Ash what happened so the gang heads out into the woods, Togepi spots the 5 Bulbasaur's and chase after them with TR following in front. They spot the Bulbasaur's and try to catch them but the Bulbasaur's blast's them off with vine whip, the gang then runs threw vines that try and block off them from following the Bulbasaur's. They manage to get in while TR is trapped and try's to hack in, but the vines chase them off while Ash in co. find the mysterious garden and watch from up above. Then out of a huge tree a Venusaur appears and starts the festival by yelling at the Bulbasaur something, then magic dust appears and all the Bulbasaur evolve into Ivysaur as they and the Venusaur sing. But they see that Bulbasaur has not evolved and start asking him why not, he tells them he doesn't want to so Venusaur attacks him with vine whip Ash runs in and takes the hits. He then tells the Ivysaur and Venusaur that Bulbasaur should evolve when he chooses they are still mad, then TR appears up above in a balloon with a huge vacuum Meowth stars sucking up the Ivysaur. Venusaur try's to save them but is pulled in as well then James asks if they should get Bulbasaur, Jesse and the others laugh loudly Bulbasaur then glows bright as the sun comes up. Ash checks Dexter who says that Bulbasaur use energy from the sun to perform solar beam the strongest attack, Bulbasaur then fires the beam popping the balloon and freeing the Ivysaur and Venusaur who attack TR till they blast off. Ash in co. then leave saying good bye as the garden disappears, along with the Ivysaur and Venusaur who have finally accepted Bulbasaur's decision.

Princess vs. Princess
This episode takes place on the day of the Princess Festival, a celebration that salutes women and girls.... Basically, girls get huge discounts and guys have to obey their every word. It starts off with Misty having lunch (for free) with the boys (paying) when they spot a gigantic sale and decide to head to it. It switches to Team Rocket shopping when they come across a Lickitung which begins to devour all of Jesse's newly purchased merchandise. Jesse gets mad and sends Arbok after the Lickitung, but after one Lick, Arbok is out cold. Jesse gets mad and chucks a Pokeball at the Lickitung managing to somehow catch it. The scene switches back to the sale where Misty and Jesse begin to fight over a piece of fabric (or dress or something similar). They decide to Pokebattle for ownership of the cloth, but meanwhile in the background someone comes in and takes the cloth.. hah! The gang finds out about a Princess Festival Queen Contest where the winner gets a limited edition Pokemon Princess Doll set! Misty and Jesse decide to settle their differences in this pageant. The girls get all dressed up, but the contest isn't just for beauty, its for skill as well! They each get four Pokemon to battle. Misty borrows Pokemon from Brock and Ash, and they forfeit them over, but not before Ash gets the stuffing beat out of him for making fun of Misty. Misty takes Bulbasaur, Vulpix, Pikachu and Staryu into the contest. Misty's first match was Bulbasaur against Kingler. Bulbasaur beats it with a Vine Whip and does the same to Cubone and Raticate. Back to Team Rocket. Jesse takes Weezing from James to battle, and forces Meowth to battle for her. She starts off with Meowth, but Primeape beats the crap out of him. Arbok takes over and wins the match. Misty and Jesse keep fighting and winning and everyone is impressed. It finally comes down to Jesse and Misty, hence the title Princess vs. Princess. Jesse has a flashback about the past Princess Festivals and how she never had a doll and the Festivals always made her sad... very touching... no... but Team Rocket breaks into tears.... The battle starts with Arbok and Pikachu. Pikachu thundershocks Arbok and he's out cold. Weezing and Meowth come in but end up like Arbok. It looked like it was all over.. but then there's still Lickitung! Jesse sends out Lickitung and Pikachu tries a thunderbolt but it gets Licked... Pikachu promptly faints... Misty uses Bulbasaur thinking its vine whip can block the tongue, but that fails miserably.. Vulplix enters and gets licked as well. Now its only Staryu vs. Lickitung. Misty sends out a Staryu but Psyduck comes out instead! But all isn't lost. Psyduck is so dumb Lick doesn't work on it! Lickitung can't do anything! But then again neither can Psyduck. But then Psyduck gets a headache and uses confusion. Lickitung licks itself knocking it and Team Rocket into space. Misty wins! Misty gets her dolls and sends the dolls back to the Cerulean City gym to show off to her sisters.

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