Indigo 31-40

Dig Those Diglett
Ash and friends decide to go to the gym in Fucsia City, which is just over the next mountain. The only question is "Which Mountain?" Our heroes decide to follow the road when a sudden explosion catches their attention and spoils Team Rocket's picnic lunch. Jesse and James swear vengeance and everyone heads to where they heard the explosion. The explosions are part of the construction of a new dam, to which a convoy of construction vehicles and trucks carrying supplies is headed. A sudden change of geography turns the convoy into a huge wreck. A lamenting (and hysterical sounding) construction worker explains that the crash was caused by Digletts (mole Pokemon that look like thumbs with faces drawn on them). These Digletts have been sabotaging the construction of the dam, and the Construction Company is offering a fabulous prize package to the trainer(s) who solve the problem. Gary and his fanclub in a shiny red convertible show's up, followed by busloads of trainers accepting the challenge. Team Rocket decides to steal all their Pokemon. Unfortunately, they only have two Pokemon between them (not counting Meowth) and aren't too good at using them. Meowth suggests its time for "Plan B." The worker explains that, while the smallest of the Pokemon, Digletts can cause massive destruction in-groups. As if to drive his point home, a mob of Digletts knocks over a bus. Gary steps up to take on the Digletts and lets fly with one of his Pokemon. The ball opens and closes without releasing a Pokemon and is politely returned by Diglett. He decides to send in his best Pokemon, but with similar results. All the trainers toss all their Pokeballs into the fray, only to have them returned by Digletts. Enraged with the results, the construction worker takes to smashing the Digletts with mallets while they pop up and down out of the ground. Gary, seeing no point in playing Wack-A-Mole with a crazy construction worker, packs his fanclub into the convertible and drives off, followed by the busloads of Trainers. Team Rocket's plan B is too induce forced evolution in their Pokemon. Unfortunately, they don't have the equipment to force evolution, nor do their Pokemon have the proper experience levels. (Maybe they should try kicking them. See "Primeape Goes Bananas") They wouldn't be the Pokemon they knew all this time anymore, so Jesse and James decide to cry about it. Evidently, nature decided to take its course and Ekans and Koffing's time to naturally evolve is now..... Later that night, Misty is wondering why the Pokemon didn't come out of their Pokeballs, so Ash asks Pikachu. Pikachu takes his friends along a trail of plant carrying Digglets to a mountain side where Dugtrios (second-stage Digletts, looks like three Digletts stuck in the same hole) are tilling soil and Digletts are planting small trees. Then it dawns on them: The Digletts and Dugtrios are growing these trees. This mountainside... the surrounding forest... heck, maybe all the forests in the world... are Diglett gardens! The construction worker realizes that he can't build this dam. It would flood the area and kill many plants and wildlife. Team Rocket chooses this time to attack and showcase their new Pokemon! Jesse's Ekans has evolved into the mighty Arbok, a giant cobra, while James Koffing has mutated into the multi-headed Weezing! Ash answers the summoning of these abominations with Charmander, Bulbasaur and Squirtle! Weezing's smog-attack fails and Pikachu counters with thundershock! Arbok burrows underground, followed by Weezing! The sounds of "Diglett, diglett, dig!" and "Trio, trio, trio!" harboring the oncoming of attacks of Digletts and Dugtrios! Suddenly, the earth beneath Team Rocket rises up and carries them off! Surfin' the dirt wave, Jesse, James, Meowth, Arbok, and Weezing smash right into the framework of the dam, of which construction has been cancelled. Satisfied with a job well done, Ash and company depart for Fuscia City and adventure!

The Ninja Poke-Showdown
The Fuscia Gym is apparently in the middle of nowhere, a place Ash and friends have no trouble finding. Along the way, Misty offers to trade Psyduck for Brock's Vulpix, but Brock declines. While crossing a plank bridge, which Ash decided to crawl across (with his experience with bridges, I'm not surprised), Ash and company spot a Japanese mansion and decide to ask for directions. No one appears to be home and Misty falls through a secret doorway. Ash and Brock follow her and spots a Venonat (a really fluffy bug). The three of them follow Venonat and Ash steps on a Voltorb (looks like a Pokeball with eyes, only bigger). Ash and company dash upstairs to see Venonat dash around a corner. Ash gives chase and slams into an invisible wall. They decide to turn back, but another invisible wall blocks their path. Ash hits a visible wall that opens and he nearly falls into the river below. Venonat opens a hidden door and Ash chases it. Brock and Misty step into the next room to discover Ash tacked to the wall with throwing stars. An attractive female ninja in an electric pink outfit (which Brock thinks looks good on her) name Ia leaps from out of nowhere and says that no one may leave without facing her in a one-on-one battle. Ash accepts the challenge and, after getting down off the wall, sends in Bulbasaur. Ia ventures Venonat and opens with a stun-spore attack, which Bulbasaur whirlwinds away. Venonat dodges the vine whips thrown at him and stuns his opponent with stun-spore. Bulbasaur shakes it off and launches a leech seed that puts Venonat down for the count. A voltorb unexpectedly rolls in and self-destructs. From out of the smoke emerges Ia's brother, the ninja-leader of Fuscia Gym. This mansion is apparently the gym, and the battle for the Soulbadge begins. The two-on-two battle begins with Ash sending in Pidgeotto (I don't think we've seen him for a while) and the ninja evolving his own Venonat into a Venomoth (a big moth). Pidgeotto's whirlwind is no match for Venomoth's sleep-powder and Ash replaces him with Charmander. Venomoth's stun-spores are dispersed by Charmander's flame-thrower attack, but before the battle can continue something behind a green and white curtain crashes through the ceiling. The curtain is drawn and reveals Jesse and James dressed in Kabuki style as they perform the "ancient ceremony" (the Team Rocket motto done in a Japanese performance art style). Since they can't move in them, Jesse and James shed their costumes and attacks with Arbok and Weezing. Charmander, Pikachu, Venonat and Venomoth leap into battle, but Jesse and James covers them with gooey web of glop! Misty attempts to release Starmie, but Psyduck insists on fighting. Dexter the Pokedex says one of Psyduck's attacks is the tail whip, but it looks more like a butt wiggle. Psyduck attempts the scratch attack, but instead finds his head in Arbok's mouth. With few options left, the ninja pulls on a rope and dozens of Voltorbs fall from the ceiling. The Voltorbs self-destruct, allowing everyone who's not Team Rocket to escape unnoticed. In a slanted room designed to confuse enemies, Ash and pals try in vain to remove the gooey glop. Team Rocket blasts into the room, gets disoriented, and Psyduck runs around like a chicken with its head cut off. Misty tries to calm down Psyduck and the headache-enriched waterfowl unleashes a psychic shock wave that disables Team Rocket. Dexter states that yet another of his attacks is Confusion and Team Rocket finds itself being slammed against the walls. The sack of Voltorbs James was carrying detonates and Team Rocket blasts off again. Now it's time for Ash and the Ninja to continue their battle. In the garden, Charmander steps up to the plate and the ninja pitches in Golbat (second-stage Zubat, has a really big mouth). Charmander's ember attack misses and Golbat lets off a sonic attack. The attack confuses Charmander, who starts spewing flame everywhere and singes Golbat (as well as Brock's head). Charmander finishes Golbat off with the whirling fire attack and Ash wins the Soulbadge.

The Flame Pokemon-athon
Ash and friends find themselves in the Safari Zone, where the see a herd of Tauros (bison-like Pokemon). Ash tries to capture one with Charmander, who gets flattened by a Growlithe (a tiger-striped dog). Ash attempts to capture the flame-spewing pup with Squirtle, but gets spooked by a Ponyta (a white pony with flaming mane). Lara Laramie, the Ponyta's rider, explains that this is not the Safari zone, but her family's ranch/Pokemon reserve. Here, Pokemon are trained wild and given to trainers. You'd be lucky if you got your hands on a Pokemon from this ranch. The Ponyta Lara is riding doesn't burn her because she doesn't burn people she trusts, unlike Ash who tries to pet her. Lara invites Ash and pals to the party tonite before the big race tomorrow, and Dario and his Dotrio (three-headed ostrich) show up to mock her, claiming he'll win the race and not her. At the party, which is more like a festival, people give Lara their support as she passes by. Dario runs up to her and tells Lara that her Toro herd is acting up. Lara rides Ponyta there, and the Toros seem to be in the midst of a riot. She sends Growlithe into the pen to get them in order, and something zooms past her. Ponyta gets spooked and bucks Lara off, breaking her arm. Ash calms down Ponyta while, in the shadows, Dario reaffirms his deal with Team Rocket. He's paying them to sabotage the race so he wins, and so far the plan is working out perfectly. Lara can't ride Ponyta herself, and since Ash tried to pet Ponyta earlier, she appoints Ash to ride in her place. It takes a bit of convincing, but Ponyta finally lets Ash ride her. If he can hold on, that is. The race is about to begin, and among the racers are Ash on Ponyta, Misty on Starmie, Brock on Onix and, comically enough, Pikachu on Squirtle. The race begins and Dorio on Dotrio takes the lead. The racer leave the stadium and a Toro gets hit by Jame's sling shot, smacks a Nidoqueen, and gets into fight with it. Nearing the 45-degree incline, an Electrode (a Voltorb, only bigger and with a different facial expression) falls into a pit and explodes! The explosion takes out three racers, including Ash and Ponyta! A quick recharge from Pikachu give them the get-up-and-go they need to continue the race! Dotrio sprint's across the stepping stones in the river, followed by a surfing Squirtle and Starmie. A Ryhorn (armored rhino) sinks, seriously diminishing Onix's will to cross the river. Ponyta and Ash sprint across the stones. At a sheer drop where Pokemon must eat up before continuing the race, a cloud of smoke envelops the last four racers and clears to reveals Team Rocket! So they're behind the sabotage! Dotrio and Dario take's off, while Team Rocket takes on our heroes. Arbok's glare stuns Squirtle and Pikachu while Weezing's sludge-attack blinds Starmie. Misty tells Ash to take off while she takes care of Team Rocket. Dotrio has re-entered the stadium and the blazing fireball that is Ponyta catches up. They're neck and neck (and neck and neck) until Dotrio's right head pokes Ponyta in the eye, causing her and Ash to lag behind. To everyone's amazement, Ponyta evolves into Rapidash (a unicorn), the fastest sprinter in all Poke-dom! It's a photo finish, but Rapidash and Ash wins the race! Lara congratulates Ash and friends on winning the race and tells them how to get to the Safari Zone and Dario decides to hang Team Rocket from a tree.

The Kangaskhan Kid
Ash and friends enter the Safari Zone (or at least think they do), where Pokemon grow wild and free, just waiting to be caught! Ash spots a Chansey (a powder-puff with dredlocks) in a bush and attempts to capture it. He's barely tossed the Pokeball when the Chansey reveals itself to be Safari Ranger Jenny armed with a shot gun and ready to arrest Ash for poaching. The Pokemon here are protected by law and it is illegal to catch them. She lets him off with a warning because he looks like he didn't know. She is alerted about poacher activity and they hop in the jeep and zoom off. They come across a herd of Kangaskahn (combination Kagaroo and dinosaur, carries its young in a pouch) and Team Rocket sends a missle up into the sky. The missile explodes, spooking the Kangaskahn and forcing Jenny to drive real fast (and backwards) to avoid being trampled. They swerve out of the herd's path and the Kangaskahns get caught under Team Rocket's giant net. Jenny's engine over-heated, leaving Jesse and James to have their pick of the litter! Jesse attempts to capture one in a Pokeball, but it's intercepted by a boomerang and hits her in the face. The boomerang returns to Tommo, a wild child in leopard skin toga, who then uses it to free the Kangaskhan. The Kangaskahn circle Team Rocket in their jeep and bashes them into the upper atmosphere. Tommo leaps into the pocket of the largest one and the herd triumphantly marches off. No sooner does the herd leave when a helicopter lands in front of our heroes. Out steps a mother and father looking for they're lost child. He was three years old when they lost him and heard someone had seen him here. They return to Jenny's ranger station and the parents reveal how they lost their son Tommy when the father accidentally dropped him out of their helicopter. Tommy parachuted to safety, but they weren't able to find the three-year-old anywhere. That was a few years ago and they never saw him again until they saw a picture of him with a Kangaskahn. The mother passes the picture around it turns out Tommy is Tommo, and his address is in the safari directory. Ash and friends offer to help find him and end up carrying them around on a wooden platform (Papa doesn't get out much). They find a lost and wounded baby Kangaskahn and Brock sprays some super potion on it to heal it. The Kangaskahn baby yelps from the sting and Tommo's mighty boomerang of justice is barely dodged by Brock and hits Ash. Misty explains to Tommo that they were just trying to help and Tommo asks if they're Pokemon or people. Tommy's parents step in and tells them they're his parents. He doesn't recognize them until his father knocks him out with a big stick. A flood of memory return and Tommo gets confused. He was raised by the Kangaskhans. His mother is a Kangaskahn. But these people are his parents, too. Confused and frightened, Tommo runs off into the forest. Jenny, Ash, Brock and Misty would love to help, but there's trouble a-brewin'. Trouble with a capital T-R! Team Rocket rolls onto the scene with a giant metal Kangaskahn straddling their jeep. Jesse makes sounds like a wounded Kangaskahn and, despite the largest one's warnings, the heard moves in closer. Now they're close enough for James to pop out of the mouth and shoot them all with tranquilizer darts. Tommo's boomerang is useless against the decoy's metal hull, and the giant Kangastron (as I like to call it) attacks with flying missile fists! Ash and friends arrive and Ash's Bulbasaur wraps the Kangastron with his vine while Squirtle uselessly skull-bashes it! Tommo's boomerang still has no effect as James pulls the Power-up rope and Kangastron frees itself from Bulbasaur's grip! Ash unleashes the full force of Pikachu's Thundershock and Charmander's flame-thrower and Tommo's boomerang opens Kangatron's fuel tank, setting the machine ablaze! The Kangastron advances upon them and Tommy's parents selflessly crash their helicopter into the flaming terror! Kangastron explodes and Team Rocket blasts off again! Oh no! Where are Tommo's parents? We can't see them! Did they die in the explosion? No! They emerge from the wreckage wearing leopard skin togas of their own. They've decided to live with Tommo here so he can live with the Kangaskahns. Hooray for family values! (Or something like that) Another job well done, Ash and friends head off for new adventures!

The Legend of Dratini
Who's that Pokemon?: Tauros This is episode number thirty-five, after "The Kangaskhan Kid" and before "The Bridge Bike Gang." For several episodes, Ash had been looking for the Safari Zone to capture more Pokemon. First mistaking Laura Laramie's ranch for the Zone, then finally stumbling upon it only to find it's reserved, it seems Ash never finds a place in the Safari Zone where he can catch more Pokemon. Or does he?

While still wandering through the Safari Zone, Ash, Misty and Brock reach the Wardens Cabin. They enter the Wardens house to pay their money and get some Safari Balls and a few other tools with which to legally catch some of the Safari Zone's Pokemon. The Game Warden is an unfriendly, grumpy old man with a hotheaded temper that carries a gun around in his hand, and has a quick trigger finger. In his younger days, he was famous for having found one of the rarest of Pokemon; Dratini, the Dragon (and in later stages Flying) Pokemon. After threatening Ash and friends with the gun a few times he gives them a box of Safari Balls and takes their entry money. Misty is using her time to admire some of the Warden's pictures that are hanging on the wall. They are all pictures of the Warden and a Dratini. The Warden sees her looking at the pictures, snatches the one she is looking at, and then storms off into his office.

Ash decides to call Professor Oak and tell him about his impending adventure. Professor Oak says that when the Safari Zone was first opened a lot of rare Pokemon were caught and taken out, now some Pokemon are extremely rare. Ash tells him about the picture and the Professor says that if the Warden knows that there is a Dratini in the park he is probably keeping it a secret. Ash respects this and hangs up.

Meanwhile the menacing Team Rocket is eavesdropping on the roof. They hear about the legendary rare Pokemon Dratini and decide that it would be a good present for the Boss. Ash and friends leave the building to be met by Team Rocket. They are half way through their motto when the Warden gets angry and he starts shooting at them. They fall off the roof. Ash says that they better go because they don't have enough money to enter the Safari Zone. As Jessie and James think about this Ash gets ready for the Pokemon battle that will be sure to come next. Much to Ash's surprise the Rockets agree and decide to stay in the Wardens office the whole time.

Ash and friends continue into the Safari Zone. Herds of Tauros are stampeding. Ash and Brock throw Safari Balls and catch one each. Ash sees a Rhyhorn and gets ready to throw a Safari Ball. Just as he throws it the herd of Tauros come past again and Ash catches another one of them. The Rhyhorn runs away deeper into the Safari Zone with Ash and friends hot on its tail. No matter what he tries to catch, a herd of Tauros intercepts his ball and he ends up catching another one.

Back at the Wardens office Jessie and James have drawn their guns and are asking the Warden about the Dratini. The Warden knocks their guns away and tries to escape. He is restrained by Jessie and James but breaks free. Jessie uses Arbok's Wrap attack to keep him still. She continues questioning him about the Dratini. The Warden won't say a thing about it. James and Meowth try the Good Cop - Bad Cop strategy but still nothing. They try to torture him by making him listen to the closing theme of the Japanese show and holding onion soup under his nose but still the Warden won't talk. The Warden breaks free of Arbok's hold and attacks Jessie, James and Meowth. Jessie calls in their secret weapon, a robot. The robot grabs the Warden and starts tickling him. He finally gives up and tells Team Rocket where to go, a secret pool hidden in the Safari Zone. They leave the warden tied up in the tickle machine and take off.

Meanwhile Ash, Misty and Brock are fishing. Misty is showing them her lure. She uses her Misty Special, one that looks just like her. She casts the line in and hooks a Gyarados. They barely escape the angry Gyarados. They then see the Warden coming up to them still in the arms of the tickling robot. Ash frees him, and the Warden tells them that the Team Rocket learned of where Dratini was hiding. He tells them what Team Rocket have done to him and what their plans are. Ash panics and runs off towards the lake.

Meanwhile Team Rocket has found the lake that contains the Dratini. They put on scuba diver gear and dive into the lake in search of the mysterious Pokemon. Jessie spots one and tries to coax it to shore, but in her hurry she steps on Jame's and Meowth's breathing cords and suffocates them. The Dratini swims placidly to Jessie but before she can get it James and Meowth surface, gasping for breath and scare it away. Jessie is now in a hysterical rage. She beats James and Meowth with her fists. She suggests they go back to their old ways and she takes out a time bomb. They think that when the bomb explodes that the shock waves will knock out any Pokemon and they will float to the surface so that they can get them.

Ash and friends reach the lake. They tell Team Rocket to stop and say that they don't have any Safari Balls to catch Dratini anyway. Jessie replies by throwing the time bomb into the lake. The Warden and Ash dive in after it, much to the dismay of Misty. She sends out Staryu to retrieve Ash. Ash tells Staryu to take the Warden up and he continues towards the bottom of the lake. He gets the time bomb and swims towards the surface. As he goes up he runs out of air. Just before Ash blacks out he sees a dark shadow underneath him. Dragonair, the evolved form of Dratini, rescues him.

Everyone looks up as the clouds start to darken. A storm is coming. A beam of light comes up from the middle of the lake. Dragonair, a Dragon Pokemon, says Dexter. Ash smiles down at the others from the back of the mighty Dragonair. He throws the time bomb to Team Rocket who receives the full blast of it. They blast off again.

The Warden starts at Dragonair. He realizes this is the Pokemon that saved his life when he was younger. A Dratini, obviously Dragonair's baby, is swimming around too. The Warden cries for joy. He has helped to protect the Dratini and Dragonair and now they are reproducing.

Later, Ash calls Professor Oak and tells him about the Legend of Dratini. He then sends the Professor all of the Pokemon he caught in the Safari Zone. He watches and laughs as the Professor gets stampeded by a herd of Tauros. Looks like Professor Oak has some work to do looking after these Pokemon.

Now, why did this great episode fail to be translated? The answer lies in the Safari Zone warden. He is actually quite trigger-happy, taking some shots at Team Rocket. The shooting wasn't even real, it just looked like firecrackers, and not a single thing was injured. Without this episode, It was really confuseing and allota people didn't understand how all of a sudden Ash had a whole ranch full of Tauros. The translators felt that this was too violent for Pokemon viewers.

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The Bridge Bike Gang
It feels a little weird being back in a city after being in the Safari Zone. Ash and friends plan on having a big meal when they get to the Pokemon Center until Ash sees the huge bridge that leads across the bay to Sunny Town. Ash and pals want to cross, but they can't for three reasons. One, the bridge is ten miles long. Two, the bridge is for cars only and three, its not completely built yet. The bike lane is finished, but they don't have bicycles. Ash and company go to the Pokemon center think up a way get money for a bike. Nurse Joy sees them sitting around and tells them that she needs some medicine delivered to the Pokemon Center in Sunny Town but can't deliver it herself since she's so busy here. She lets them use the bikes in the parking lot and they're soon on their way. They stop at a soda machine on the bridge and are soon surrounded by a bicycle gang. Their leader (I'm assuming) challenges them to a Pokemon battle and tosses out Golem (stage-three Geodude). Bulbasaur's vine whip is useless against Golem's hard shell, and Golem rolls right through him. Charmander's ember attack is useless, but he practically turns Golem into lava with the flame-thrower and fire spin attacks. Charmander dodges his opponent's rolling tackle, resulting in much running around in flaming pants before he's put back in his Pokeball. A green-haired biker girl serves up Cloyster (a huge clam, second-stage Shelder) and Misty takes her on herself. Misty tries to use Starmie, but Psyduck pops up. The bike gang thinks its funny, especially when Psyduck tries to use "tail whip" and pokes himself in the butt. Scratch is never a good attack for Psyduck, and his headache isn't strong enough for his psychic attacks. This leaves him open to Cloyster's clamp, and Misty tries to give him a headache with a bicycle. But look! On the horizon! It's... Team Rocket on unicycles? Apparently, Jesse and James built up quite a bad reputation in the hometown of Sunny Town. Jesse was known as "Big Jess," a wild child, and James was "Little Jim," the only member of the gang who used training wheels. They're like gods to this gang, so they have no problem with capturing Ash's Pokemon on command. Before a major rumble can happen, Officer Jenny and her police force show up and the gang runs off. Jenny, whose beauty surpasses that of Nurse Joy (according to Brock), would love to give Ash and friends a ride to the Sunny Town Pokemon center, but duty calls. Now they must continue to peddle across the bridge. Too bad there's a storm a-brewin'. Team Rocket is glad to be inside during this storm. Too bad they're old gang wants Big Jess and Little Jim to them to show off they're bicycling skills, to lead them into the eye of the storm. And they wouldn't think of leaving Meowth behind. Ash and friends are almost across the bridge, but the bridge is going up to let a boat through! Ash isn't going to let this stop him, not when a sick Pokemon is in need of special medicine, and heads toward the newly created ramp. Team Rocket hops on they're unicycles and heads toward the ramp on the other side of the boat. All six of them reach the top of the ramps at the same time, allowing for Ash, Brock and Misty to clear the gap by bouncing off Jesse and James's heads. When Ash tells the gang he has to get to the Pokemon Center with the medicine, the gang decides to escort them there. The sick Shelder gets its medicine and the gang awards Ash and Misty with the nicknames "Awesome Ash" and "Mighty Misty," and Brock gets slap when he makes pass at the green-haired girl. Team Rocket unicycles their way out of the bay when the storm clears.

Ditto's Mysterious Mansion
Ash, Brock and Misty were walking down the road when it started raining. With no other building in sight, they decided to stop at an old theater. In the theater they come across a Pikachu adorably mimicking the movements of Ash's Pikachu. When Misty turns the new Pikachu around, everyone is surprised to see that the only facial features it had were two little dot eyes and a crooked smile. Brock thought it might be a new kind of Pikachu and Ash tosses a Pokeball to catch it in. The ball is intercepted by a second Pokeball thrown by what appears to be a female version of Ash. The she-Ash introduces herself as Duplica, and the odd-looking Pikachu is really a pink, shape-changing blob called Ditto. Ditto's transformations are near perfect except for the face. He can never get faces right. Ash thinks Duplica could be a great Pokemon master, but Duplica really wants to be the world's greatest Ditto master. To illustrate Ditto's true power, Duplica challenges Ash to a match. Ash sends in Bulbasaur and Ditto copies it. Bulbasaur's razor leaf attack is countered by Ditto-saur's vine whip and then restrains the real McCoy. Ash concedes, but can't understand how a copy defeats the original. Backstage, Duplica shows off her own transformation power, moving between racks of costumes to become "recurring" characters Nurse Joy and Officer Jenny. She even becomes Misty. Brock thinks Duplica is pretty intelligent. Since Ditto-saur used vine whip instead razor leaf like Bulbasaur did, Ditto's power must go beyond mere imitation. A Ditto trainer would have to know many attacks of many Pokemon. In her normal clothes, Duplica tells Ash and friends that she and Ditto used to do an act right here in this very theater, where weary travelers could stop to rest and watch the show. Duplica would do imitations of various Pokemon using little or no costuming. At the top of the act, Ditto would do his copying trick. Unfortunately, Ditto couldn't do faces and people stopped coming to her shows. She really liked doing shows. Suddenly, Team Rocket appears on stage. In one quick, flawless maneuver (after the obligatory motto reciting) Meowth snatches Ditto and Team Rocket disappears in Weezing's smoke. Oh no! Poor Ditto! In their secret hideout (that has a big Meowth-head on it), Team Rocket celebrates their victory. Their one-of-a-kind plan: Make Ditto turn into Dratini (a sea-serpent), a Pokemon they've had no luck catching, and give him to their boss, who might just give them a promotion! But first, Jesse has a job for it. She wants him to into a picture of her first love, only older. James and Meowth burst out laughing when they see the stupid face Ditto gave him and Jesse kicks them. She points to a picture of Dratini in a book and Ditto turns into it. The book, I mean. Now Jesse's really mad. At the Immitae House (the theater), Duplica grieves at the loss of her Ditto. Not to worry, though. Zubat and Pidgeotto are out looking for him. The two fliers return and Pidgeotto tells Pikachu (who tells Ash) that they found Ditto. It's Team Ash to the rescue, and Duplica has an idea. After a bit of verbal abuse, Jesse and James get Ditto to imitate Mewoth perfectly, face and all! Just then, Ash, Brock, Misty and Duplica, dressed as Team Rocket, makes their grand entrance, motto and all (except Duplica says "ignite" instead of "unite"). Their here for Ditto, but neither Meowth looks like it wants to leave (Ditto evens talks like Meowth!). Duplica is so happy that ditto has learned faces, that it brings Team Rocket to tears. They're touched, really touched. They just can't keep Ditto now, so they hand Duplica Meowth and makes a getaway in their hot-air balloon. Duplica already knows that this is not ditto and heaves Meowth back at them and Ditto jumps down. Meowth clamps on to the balloon and Team Rocket goes for plan "B", blasting them with a cannon! Ditto copies the cannon and fires Pikachu at the balloon as Team Rocket fires a big net. Pikachu let's loose with the Thundershock, Meowth accidentally rips the balloon open, and Team Rocket blasts off again. In the end, the Immitae House re-opens and Jesse and James try to stuff Meowth in Dratini costume.

Electric Soldier Porygon
Who's that Pokemon?: Porygon

"Electric Soldier Porygon" was the thirty-eighth episode in Japan, taking place after "Ditto's Mysterious Mansion" and before "Pikachu's Goodbye." This is the infamous seizure episode.

Ash, Misty and Brock are continuing on their Pokemon journey. Pikachu complains because he is tired. Ash decides to take it to a Pokemon Center. When they arrive at the Center they find out from Nurse Joy that the monster ball teleporter is out of order. It keeps getting Pokeballs mixed up along the way when they are sent. Ash and friends decide to investigate the cause of the malfunction.

After a brief rest the group arrives at Professor Akihabara's mansion; he is the person that created the teleporter system. When they enter, Professor Akihabara traps them in an oversized monster-ball teleporter. While they're trapped, he explains that he found out that some "strange people" broke into his mansion, stole the prototype for a CG-Pokemon, Porygon, they then used the teleporter to enter the computer network and block the information highway that carries monster-balls to their destination so no monster-balls could get through. Before they can protest and express their contempt Professor Akihabara sends a non-prototype version of Porygon to help them, and transports them into the network.

Ash and friends appear thorough a wormhole in the computer network/system, but unfortunately the hole was several feet from the "ground". Porygon enlarges itself and flies down to save the kids and Pikachu who falls on its back. It then flies around to try to locate the problem. As they're flying over the network, they see what's causing the monster-ball mix-up, some strange people. The strange people are Team Rocket (gee, what a surprise ^_^) standing next to some barricades blocking the monster ball highway. They are the ones causing all this havoc (as usual); TR set up the blockades so they could steal the Pokeballs traveling from Pokemon Center to Pokemon Center. Jessie and James send out Arbok and Weezing to fight Porygon. Ash sends out Pikachu and Blubasaur to help. Weezing uses smog attack, but Porygon counters by mimicking Weezing's smog attack. Arbok and Weezing are out of action. Jessie then sends out the prototype Porygon to fight Ash's Porygon. While the two Porygon's are fighting, Ash and friends go to the barricades and move them out of the way.

Back at the Pokemon Center, Nurse Joy has hired a computer consultant to fix the monster ball transporter. The computer consultant puts an anti-virus into the system. Unfortunately, the anti-virus can't tell between human beings and computer code. It opens fire on everyone in the network. Missiles are flying everywhere. The anti-virus program hits team Rocket, destroying their Porygon, and Ash and the others manage to save them before the anti-virus attacked them again (James: "I'm a human, not a computer virus! Help!!!"). The anti-virus now has its sights set on Ash's Porygon, which Team Rocket is now on. As the missiles come at the remaining Porygon, Pikachu Thudershocks (Seizure Scene) them away. Another volley of missiles are fired and are just about to hit Porygon when it passes out through the worm hole back into the mansion of Professor Akihabara. Everyone manages to escape in the nick of time, but unfortunately the missiles follow them through the wormhole and blow up the mansion including the human sized monster ball transporter.

Ash and friends apologize to Professor Akihabara and start on their merry way to a new adventure over the horizon.

This episode was, as you already know, the seizure episode. It had strong strobe lighting that caused children in Japan to suffer seizure attacks. But there this situation can be remedied. Television companies have used a dimmer on all Pokemon episodes since this one, and if they used it here it would be fine as well! Or they could slow the frames so the strobe lighting isn't so intense. There are other things that can be done too. This episode has made a lot of people hate Pokemon even more then they did at the beginning and even in the Simpsons they made fun of it when the Simpsons went to Japan.

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Pikachu's Good-Bye
Ash and friends decide to take a break from adventuring in a forest. While playing in the trees, Ash swings on a vine and slams into a tree. Pikachu scampers over to see if Ash is okay and sees another Pikachu hiding in the bushes. The wild Pikachu scampers off and Ash's Pikachu gives chase, followed by Ash, Brock and Misty. They eventually come across a clearing with dozens of wild Pikachu playing around. The wild ones are frightened of Pikachu at first, but eventually accept him as one of their own. Ash tries to make friends with them but ends up scarring them off. At the river, Brock explains that these were wild Pikachu that haven't had much contact with humans. A spying wild Pikachu falls off a branch and into the river which runs directly over a waterfall! Ash's Pikachu jumps in to save her, but gets swept away in the current as well. The other wild Pikachus grab hold of each other's tails to form a living chain and save the distressed Pikachus just before they go over the edge. Pikachu survives and the wild ones congradulate him for his bravery. As the Pikachus sing to the moon, Brock mentions that it's good for Pikachu to be here with his own kind. Ash doesn't say anything, but he thinks Brock's right. Ash stays up all night worrying about whether or not Pikachu should stay. A high-pitched squeal peirces the night air and awakens Brock and Misty from their slumber. The three of them run to where the last say the Pikachus to find them all caught under a net. As Team Rocket points out before trapping Ash and friends with a net of their own, the net is made from all natural electricity resistant fibers which makes it impossible for Pikachu to blast his way out. Team Rocket is at the "pika" their power as they air-lift the net away with their balloon. The Pikachus have their own plans as they chew their way out of the net. Ash's Pikachu keeps Team Rocket busy as Ash and company (who just got out of their net) catches the falling Pikachus in their net. There's one Pikachu left and Team Rocket makes a grab for it. The lunge damages the balloon's controls and fills it up with hot air. Pikachu scampers onto the balloon and bites a hole in it. Team Rocket zooms off and the wild Pikachus cheer on their trained hero. Ash has come to a decision. The hardest one he ever made. He's leaving Pikachu here. It's better off this way. Pikachu doesn't understand and Ash runs off. Memories of Pikachu flood his mind as he runs. And remembers. And runs. And stops. Brock and Misty catch up to him and ask him what the heck he thinks he's doing. The sun rises and a familiar shadow reaches them. They look to the sunrise. "Pi... Pikachu?" says Ash. There stands Pikachu, with the entire tribe behind him. The wild ones cheer him on as Pikachu runs back to his friends. He leaps into Ash's arms and Pikachu stay's with him.

The Battling Eevee Brothers
Pikachu hears something as Ash and friends walk through the forest. It's an Eevee (a little dog that can take one of three evolutionary paths) tethered to a tree. Its apparently been abandoned (with plenty of food and water), and the tag on its collar says it belongs to a trainer in Stone Town, known for its production of evolution-inducing stones. They take it back to its mansion home and find a party where people are evolving their Pokemon using the forementioned stones. The three brothers (whose hair and pants colors match their second-stage Eevees) throwing the party, upon noticing the Eevee, summon their forth brother, Mikey. This whole party is in honor of Mikey and his soon-to-be-evolved Eevee. You can't win battles with an un-evolved Eevee, but Mikey doesn't care about battles. His brothers insist that he change Eevee into either the Electro-needle launching Jolteon, the aquatically stealthy Vaporeon or the flame-spewing Flareon. Mikey decides to think it over. While the three Eevee brothers attempt to convince Ash and Brock to evolve Pikachu and Vulpix, Misty has a chat with Mikey. Mikey was hiding Eevee in the forest so he wouldn't have to evolve it. He likes Eevee just the way she is. Misty thinks that if that's the way he feels, he should tell his brothers. Suddenly, Team Rocket lands their hot-air balloon and says their motto while devouring the buffet. Ash warns the brothers that they might steal their Pokemon and James uses Weezings gas cloud attack. Pidgeotto clears the air to reveal all the food, stones, and loose Pokemon gone (except Psyduck) and Team Rocket getting away in the balloon. Pidgeotto downs it, but the basket is empty. Meanwhile, Team Rocket makes a getaway in their jeep (which is towing the Pokemon behind it) as Misty's Horsea leaves a trail of ink. Team Rocket has a victory lunch and declares themselves champions. Then they decide to use the stones to evolve the Eevee into something evil-looking. Meowth thinks she should be Jolteon (thunderstone), Jesse wants Flareon (fire stone) and James prefers Vaporeon (water stone). Unable to decide, they conclude that using all three would make her look really evil! Suddenly, Ash interrupts with Squirtle's water gun! Psyduck's water gun fails, but he declares victory and waddles off. Anyway, back to the adventure. Squirtle knocks James and Meowth away from Eevee (who's caged), but Jesse picks her up. Instead of the stones, Jesse and James unleash the power of Arbok and Weezing. The Eevee brothers answer the challenge with Flareon, Jolteon and Vaporeon. Jolteon evades Arbok's poison sting and blasts him with the electric needle launch. Vaporeon dodges Weezing's sludge attack, disappears in the water and bashes him. Meanwhile, Flareon blocks Team Rocket's path with the fire spin. Champion Team Rocket cornered? I think not! Arbok slams Jolteon while Weezing sludge's-out Vaporeon and Flareon. Pikachu shocks Team Rocket causing them to drop Eevee who runs back to Mikey. He decides it's time to stop running and start fighting. He commands Eevee to attack and her rage-tackle takedown knocks Team Rocket into the next zip code! Mikey finally confesses to his brothers that he doesn't want to evolve Eevee, and his brothers are proud of him. Now they really are the four Eevee brothers, and they decide to have the party to be in honor of Mikey's first victory. Misty wishes she had older brothers, Ash says Misty could be his older brother, and Team Rocket swears to be champions again once more.

Wake Up Snorlax
Ash and friends meet up with an old hippie playing beautiful music on a flute. When he finishes playing, the hippie asks for food as payment. They don't have any food themselves and haven't eaten since yesterday. Looks like another free concert and Ash and pals head for the next town. Team Rocket stops by soon after and thinks the old hippie should be asking for music lessons. There doesn't seem to be food in town, either. The bakery and the market are out of food, and everyone else must be hoarding theirs (not that we see that). The mayor invites Ash and company to dinner and explains that there is a drought. The mayor and his family can survive on the food they've stored up, but unless the river starts flowing again, all the crops will dry up. One good turn deserves another, so Ash and friends decide to go upstream to see what's going down. They eventually find themselves crawling through a thorny patch. Bulbasaur's razor leaf attack helps clear the way, and Psyduck gets stuck in the patch when Misty attempts to use Starmie. Out of the thorny patch and around the river bend is a sleeping Snorlax (a big, blue cat-bear) blocking the water. The Snorlax spends most of its life hibernating, which contributes to its massive weight. Ash and friends can't seem to wake him, and at 1000 pounds moving Snorlax is out of the question. Or is it? Team Rocket shows up with a camera and a microphone to record the momentous occasion of them air-lifting Snorlax away in their hot-air balloon. Restraints in place, Meowth begins to raise the balloon. Snorlax's bulk proves to be the greater force as the cables break and the balloon crashes a few yards away. Back to the drawing board. Alarm clocks and water buckets have no effect on Snorlax's slumber. Then Jesse remembers the story of Sleeping Beauty, and how the princess was awakened by a noble prince's kiss. Maybe a noble Pokemon could wake up the sleeping Snorlax with a kiss. Ash and Brock elect Misty's Horsea to the task, but Psyduck pops up instead (as usual) and plants a big smack-a-roo right on Snorlax's lips. That didn't work, and Ash and pals are afraid that Team Rocket might try to use Arbok or Weezing and give Snorlax nightmares. Jesse and James try to force Meowth on Snorlax, but the bedtime behemoth just looks sick. Snorlax rolls over and Ash finds a hotel-style door tag. One side says "Do not disturb" and the other says "In case of trouble, use Pokeflute." A quick check in the Pokedex reveals that the Pokeflute has the power to awaken sleeping Pokemon (i.e. Snorlax) and that the old hippie they passed has one. After a moment, Team Rocket realizes that that's the musical guy with the flute and Team Ash has a head start to the hippie. Both teams get back to the hippie and nearly tears him in half trying to get him to go with either team. Jesse decides to use more force and releases Arbok. Ash's Pidgeotto blows away Team Rocket with a gust attack and our heroes hurry the hippie to the Snorlax. It turns out that the hippie owns this Snorlax and wakes him up every month or so. He's a little late this month. The Snorlax awakens to the beautiful tune of the Pokeflute and gets up to find 9,000 tons of grub. The only thing keeping the river from washing away our heroes (other than cartoony dramatic license) is the 9,000 tons of thorny brush blocking the river. Thorny brush is Snorlax's favorite treat, and he soon gobbles it all up in a major case of the munchies. Hooray for Snorlax! Hooray for Ash and friends! The river is flowing once again! The mayor decides to hold a banquet in their honor, the hippie leaves to find his next Snorlax client, and Team Rocket gets crushed under a stuffed and sleepy Snorlax.

Showdown at Dark City
Ash and friends enter Dark City, where Pokemon trainers are feared and hated. Kids throw stones at them and hit them with sticks. The innkeeper was kind enough to let them into his restaurant to eat while he explained what was going on. While Ash and Pikachu wrestled with the ketchup bottle, the inn keeper said that the town's two Pokemon gyms, Yas Gym and Kas Gym, are in the midst of a gang war and will recruit any trainer who enters the city. As a mysterious character in a trenchcoat looked on, the innkeeper continued to explain that both gyms want to be official Pokemon League Gyms but there's only room for one. As if to illustrate his point, the two gyms started a battle just outside and our heroes flee upstairs to watch in relative safety. The battle starts with Yas's Scyther (giant mantis) taking on Kas's Electrobuzz (which looks like something out of a Dr. Suess book), and then erupts into an all out gang rumble. Mass destruction galore. Ash and friends head for the stairs to see what just made a crashing sound. In the restaurant, two scarf-shrouded people and one scarf-shrouded Meowth (all three from Kas Gym) have muscled their way into the establishment and ordered the lunch special for thirty and a side of onion rings. The proprietor refuses on the basis that Kas Gym hasn't paid their tab in over two years, but he doesn't want any trouble. The trainer's ear's perk at the mention of trouble and they can't help but spout out the Team Rocket motto! That's right, Jesse and James have joined Kas Gym and they're going to get food even if they have to rough him up with Arbok and Weezing. Brock's Vulpix toasts Team Rocket and the villains make a break for it. A girl from Yas Gym soon enters. She's very impressed with how they handled the Kas trainers and asks if they could do something for her. Ash and Misty would love to decline, but Brock's smitten. Not wanting to tarnish their reputations with this gang war, Ash, Misty and Brock tell the girl that their names are Tom Ato (which Ash got from watching Pikachu happily lap up ketchup), Anne Chovey and Caesar Salad. She takes them to Yas Gym, where the leader wants to test their ability. His Scyther attacks Pikachu, causing his ketchup bottle to slice open and hit himself in the eyes with ketchup. Pikachu's devastated, but Scyter's literally seeing red and attacks his trainer. After returning his Scyther to its ball, the leader is impressed enough to give him a place in his gym. "Tom" declines and the three of them get attacked by Yas Gym's entire membership. They barely make it out alive. Back at the inn, Misty recalls that Scyther started acting crazy when ketchup hit his eyes. Checking his Pokedex, Ash discovers that both Scyther and Electrobuzz get enraged at the color red. This gives him an idea, and soon barrels of ketchup and lightning rods are placed on the roof. Just in time, too, because Gyms Yas and Kas are about to finish each other off once are for all! Electrobuzz blasts off the combined forces of Machoke (second-stage Machop), Mankey, Hitmonchan and Hitmonlee while Scyther fends off four attackers of his own. Their attackers defeated, Scyther and Electrobuzz square off with each other and Ash puts his plan into action. Ketchup is dumped all over the gym leaders and Team Rocket, causing Scyther and Electrobuzz to attack their trainers. They beg for mercy and Ash remedies the problem by having Bulbasaur dump ketchup on the two Pokemon, who knock each other out. Now Yas and Kas stand united... to kick Ash's butt! The forces of both gyms close in on our heroes as Pikachu summons lightning from the skies. The lightning goes down the rods, through the cables and into the gym trainers. Now that's riot control! The trenchcoated figure steps in and reveals herself to be the official Pokemon League Gym Inspector, with official Pokeball and everything! The ball contains a Chansey, which are often used in Pokemon Centers, meaning the inspector is none other than Nurse Joy. She won't let either gym be official unless the leaders clean up their act and act like Pokemon trainers should. And the person who can teach them that is Tom Ato! I mean Ash Ketchup, er... Ketchum. Ash's teaching methods leave something to be desired, so he has them repair the damage they've done to the city. Ash and friends leave the town better than they found it and Team Rocket gets attacked by enraged Pokemon.

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