Indigo 21-30

Bye, Bye Butterfree
Along the way to Saffron City, Ash and friends come to a cliff at the ocean. There they find flocks of Butterfree during their love season. This is the time of year when the Butterfree find mates and leave across the ocean to lay eggs. Ash and pals rent a hot-air balloon to see the Butterfree up close and release Ash's Butterfree so it too can find a mate. Butterfree is pretty much rejected by every female he meets (poor Butterfree). Other Butterfree trainers also hope into their hot air balloons to release their Butterfrees and Brock sees a pretty female trainer in another balloon. He tries to hook up Butterfree with the girl's Butterfree (so he could meet the trainer, of course), but Misty whacks him upside the head, saying that he shouldn't tell which Pok?mon Butterfree should go for. It was not long after when Butterfree then falls for a pretty pink Butterfree. Butterfree tries his courtship dance to get her interested, but the pink Butterfree just rejects him. Heartbroken, Butterfree heads down into the forest with Ash and the gang following him down. They find Butterfree behind a tree and tell him to not give up. Misty suggests showing off his attack moves. Brock thinks a new look might help, so he ties a bandana around Butterfree's neck (it looked really cute). Butterfree and his friends go back up to the sky once more. Butterfree shows the pink Butterfree his flying tackle, his stun spore shower, and his whirlwind attack, but she still ignores him anyway. Like always, Team Rocket shows up in a black helicopter and starts stealing all the Butterfrees in the sky with a giant butterfly net. All of the Butterfrees, except Ash's, are caught in the net. Butterfree's attacks against the helicopter are useless, so Butterfree follows the chopper and leads Ash and the bunch in the balloon to Team Rocket's secret bunker down in some valley. Team Rocket is pretty proud and relieved that their plan had actually worked but then Ash and his friends show up with their own version of the Team Rocket motto. While Misty's Starmie keeps Team Rocket busy, Butterfree manages releases his fluttery friends. Jesse bashes Starmie with a sledgehammer and Team Rocket chases the Butterfrees down in the helicopter again. Butterfree takes Pikachu to Team Rocket's chopper and Pikachu blasts them out of the sky. In the end, Ash and Butterfree say goodbye with an emotion moment, thinking of all the wonderful times they've had together. Butterfree and the pink Butterfree flutter into the sunset as Ash and his friends look from far behind....

Abra and the Psychic Pokemon
Ash and friends get lost on the way to Saffron City. They find a girl in the woods that runs off when asked for directions. Ash gives chase, falls off a cliff, and saves himself from eternal pancake-dom with Bulbasaur's vine-whip. The cliff over-looks Saffron City, which looks more like a city than the other cities. When Ash and company enter the city they are greeted by Team Rocket disguised as Hawaiian girls (you wouldn't be able to tell if it weren't for James's faked voice) and are informed that they're the one-millionth visitor to the city. Their prize: Pikachu snatched away from them and being shoved onto a warp tile that takes them to a windowless (and doorless) room. Team Rocket mocks Ash and pals via TV when the signal cuts out. In the control room, the girl from the forest appears, paralyzes James and Jesse, teleports with Pikachu to the windowless room and teleports everyone outside. Ash and the bunch find their way to the Gym, where a jogger tells Ash to forget about challenging Sabrina, the Gym Leader. It's too dangerous. Undeterred by the mysterious stranger's warning, Team Ash enters the temple-like gym where they find many people practicing psychic powers. A man in a surgical mask tells them that psychokinetic powers are necessary to control psychic Pokemon, bends a spoon with the powers of his mind, and tells Ash he is not worthy of challenging Sabrina. Ash bends the spoon with his hands and demands to see Sabrina. At the arena, they see through a see-through curtain to see the girl from the forest. She will only accept the challenge under one condition: If Ash loses, he and his friends must be her friends and play with her. Seeing this as a win-win situation, Ash accepts and discovers the girl is merely a doll controlled by the psychic powers of Sabrina, the teenaged gym leader. Sabrina summons Abra (a psychic pokemon that sleeps eighteen hours a day), which just snoozes while Pikachu hops around, taunting it. Pikachu attempts to open with the Thundershock attack, but Abra's psychic powers cause the maneuver to backfire, shocking Pikachu. Pikachu attempts a quick attack, but Abra teleports behind him and Sabrina evolves it into the spoon-wielding Kadabra. Ash commands Pikachu to fill the arena with lightning, but Kadabra focuses the lightning back at Pikachu. Pikachu is hit badly, but it gets worse as Kadabra's psychokinetic powers repeatedly slam Pikachu against the ceiling and floor. Ash concedes and he, Misty, Brock and Pikachu are shrunk down to doll size and teleported into town of dollhouses. It takes Ash a while to figure out where he is and Team Pokemon find themselves chased down the street by Sabrina's dolly. The street is block by a picture in a frames and the doll rolls a ball to them that would surely crush them if something doesn't save them. Something in the form of the mysterious jogger saves them, as he teleports into the doll town, teleports everyone out and back to normal size outside the gym. The jogger tells Ash not to challenge Sabrina again because he won't be able to save them next time and no one without psychic powers could beat her. Ash says that all they need to do is attack faster and the jogger uses his psychic powers to cause Ash's pants to fall down and make him do a little dance. Seeing the jogger's point, Ash asks him to teach him psychic powers. The jogger says that usually only people born with the powers can learn them. I forget why, but for some reason Ash tries to get near the jogger, but he's blasted back with psychokinetic force. It'll take more than guts to defeat Sabrina explains Jogger, but Ash crawls his way to Jogger's foot. Jogger thinks he just might have what it takes "to save Sabrina" (quoted thought) and tells Ash the only Pokemon capable of beating a psychic is a ghost Pokemon that can be found in Lavender Town. Ash and friends then head for Lavender Town, and Jesse and James are still paralyzed.

The Tower of Terror
Taking the advice of the mysterious jogger, Ash and friends head for Lavender Town. Along the fog-shrouded way, Ash scares Brock and Misty with a mask. Ash thinks that they need to overcome fear if they're to catch a ghost Pokemon and beat Sabrina, but Brock and Misty are less than appreciative. They eventually get to Lavender Town and the haunted Pokemon Tower, but no one is willing to go inside. Meanwhile, inside the tower, Team Rocket awaits with a plan to catch Pikachu. James falls through the floor and is followed by Meowth when he slashes Jesse's face trying to defend himself from a Ghastly surrounding her head. Jesse doesn't see it until she looks in a mirror, panics, and falls through the hole in floor. Team Rocket then falls through a few more floors into the basement. Ash and company finally muster up enough courage to enter the tower. The door closes behind them, sending them into complete darkness. Charmander lights a candle (and Brock, who was holding it) and the five of them eventually find themselves in the dining room. Ash pulls a rope labeled "Pull me" and they get showered with confetti and big sign that reads "Welcome". Dinnerware and chairs fly all over the place and Team Ash beats a hasty retreat outside. Ash bravely (or stupidly) marches back inside while Brock and Misty wait outside. Hearing sounds coming through a hole in the floor, Ash has Pikachu send down a lightning blast and Charmander let loose with a fire blast. He tosses down a Pokeball which hits a toasted Jesse in the face. Jesse swears revenge and Meowth points out that her hair is on fire. As Ash watches a fireball fly around in circles on the lower floor, Haunter (second-stage Ghastly) sneaks up behind Ash and startles him. Ash has Charmander leer at Haunter and the two get into a staring match. Charmander makes a face, Haunter bursts out laughing and licks Charmander, which really freaks him out. Ash puts the lizard back into its ball and Gengar (third-stage Ghastly) appears, whaps Ash with a huge paper fan, and procedes to whap Haunter vigorously. After a while, Ash realizes that they're trying to be funny. He tells the ghosts they aren't and they sink into the floor. Then a chandalier falls on Ash and Pikachu, knocking them out cold. Ghastly, Haunter and Gengar check to see if they're OK, then Haunter separates Ash and Pikachu's spirits from there bodies. Ash and Pikachu panic, then the three ghost Pokemon take them on a trip through the sky. Ash sees Misty and Brock and decides to have some fun with them. Misty thinks she heard something, then Ash lifts her up into the air and drops her. Brock catches her then the two of them go inside to check on Ash. The ghostly trio take Ash and Pikachu into an enormous play room and Ash figures out that the ghosts just want to have fun, not scare people. Ash explains he has to now and, after a good cry, the ghosts put Ash and Pikachu back into their bodies. Misty and Brock are glad to see their friends are OK, and the four of them leave the tower. Ash explains he could never catch the ghost Pokemon, then Haunter appears and scares off Brock and Misty, and Ash finds himself with a new friend.

Haunter Versus Kadabra
With Haunter at his side, Ash, Brock and Misty return to Saffron City. Before entering the gym, Ash releases Bulbasaur, Squirtle and Charmander and entire group storms their way to the arena. Sabrina sends in Kadabra and Ash discovers that Haunter is no where to be seen. Panicking, Ash calls it quits and everyone makes a break for it. The exits are sealed, but the mysterious jogger rescues everyone except Brock and Misty who got turned into dolls. Outside the gym, the jogger tells Ash about Sabrina's past. As a little girl all Sabrina wanted to do was practice her paranormal powers. She didn't even want to make friends. Her parents tried to curb her powers, but Sabrina used her psychic abilities to turn them away. Eventually, her powers split her into two people: the emotionless pokemon trainer who'll stop at nothing to win, and the doll who tries her hardest to make friends. Seeing that the jogger has the same picture as the one blocking the street in episode 20, Ash makes a connection. Most people would make the connection that the jogger was Sabrina's dad, but Ash thinks he's a photographer (he's wrong, of course). But that doesn't matter, as Ash must find Haunter again if he's ever to defeat Sabrina. Unbeknownst to Ash as he walks about town, Team Rocket is waiting on a window-cleaning platform above him. Their apparently most ingenious plan ever: to catch Pikachu in a fish net! Haunter appears and scares the living daylights out of them, and they topple off the platform. Jesse hangs to the platform on for dear life (while James hangs on her and Meowth hangs on him) as Haunter goofs off in front of her. Finally, she can't hold it in much longer. She bursts out laughing and they leave Team Rocket-shaped holes in the sidewalk. Ash realizes Haunter just saved Pikachu then makes him promise not to disappear like that again until he defeats Sabrina's Kadabra. Ash, Pikachu, and Haunter head back to the Gym to challenge Sabrina. The stakes: If Ash wins, Sabrina turns Brock and Misty back into humans. If he loses, Ash and all his Pokemon get turned into dolls! Sabrina sends in Kadabra, but Haunter has disappeared again! Pikachu bravely dives into the fray with several thundershock attacks, each of which is dodged by a timely teleport! Kadabra lets loose with a psychic assault that sends Pikachu reeling! Pikachu's thunderbolt attack fries Kadabra, but he recovers! Suddenly Haunter appears out of nowhere next to Sabrina and starts to goof off. Sabrina's doll objects, but the jogger points out that Haunter isn't fighting, so he stays. Haunter does a great many entertaining tricks, ending with a cartoon bomb that covers Sabrina, the doll and the ghost with ash. Finally Sabrina can't hold back anymore and bursts out laughing and doll fades off into the background. Ash doesn't understand, and the jogger points out that Kadabra, whose psychically linked to Sabrina, is rolling around on the arena floor laughing his head off. Since Kadabra can no longer battle, the jogger declares the match over with Ash as the victor! The jogger remarks that it's the happiest he's seen Sabrina in her entire life, then Ash finally makes the connection! He also took her baby pictures! (Geez! How dense can you get, huh?) Not that it matters, because Brock and Misty are back to normal, Sabrina has a new friend, Ash has the Marshbadge, and Team Rocket is covered with cement after they escaped from the hole they made.

Primeape Goes Bananas
Ash calls up Professor Oak by videophone to show off the four badges he won. Oak tells him that the other trainers from Pallet Town, including Gary, already have five badges and has passed through Celadon City. Also, Gary has over 30 Pokemon now, and Ash hasn't caught any since Krabby was transported to Oak's house. The two of them have been getting along splendidly, enjoying tea and writing poetry. Not good poetry, but poetry none the less. According to Professor Oak, poets and trainers have a lot in common. You can't be a good poet without rhyming and you can't be a good trainer without catching loads of Pokemon. With that, the conversation ends and Ash walks back to where Misty, Brock and Pikachu are eating Brock's homemade doughnuts (with no artificial ingredients, might I add). Brock says it's a day's walk to Celadon City, or less if they hurry. A Mankey (a pig-nosed little monkey thing) appears and Brock gives it a doughnut. Ash tries to catch it by throwing a Pokeball at it, but catches a half-eaten doughnut instead. Mankey is upset and thrashes Ash, steals his official Pokemon League hat (which he won by sending in about a million postcards), and climbs into a tree. Ash shakes his fist at Mankey and demands his hat back, but Mankey shakes his fist right back at him and makes monkey-like hooting sounds. Ash climbs up the tree only to be thrashed again. Since this is a bad time, Team Rocket shows up and demands Pikachu. Mankey hops out of the tree to inspect Team Rocket and James kicks it over a rock. Brock warns them not to make the Mankey angry, and Team Rocket turns to see Mankey evolve into Primeape (NEVER look a Primeape in the eyes). Have you noticed that whatever James kicks has a tendency to spontaneously evolve? Deciding to ignore the pig-monkey-thing, Jesse and James sends in Ekans and Koffing to capture Pikachu and Primeape sends Jesse face-first into a boulder. Enraged, Jesse commands Ekans and Koffing to attack the white, fluffy monkey thing and the entirety of Team Rocket dog piles on Primeape. Ash and friends make a break for it, but wait! Ash forgot his hat! Pikachu goes back for it, but his path is block by the Primeape who just beat up Team Rocket. Despite his best efforts, Pikachu looks Primeape in the eyes and is forced to Thundershock him. Primeape (whose wearing Ash's hat now) throws fit and Brock thinks he just wants some attention. Brock gets thrown over the horizon like a rag doll and Primeape rampages after Ash, Pikachu and Misty! Team Rocket decides to cut them off at the pass. Misty, Ash and Pikachu split up to try to lose Primeape, but he's rapidly gaining on Ash! Brock, who just caught up, thinks he and Misty should catch up with them. Meanwhile, further down the road, Team Rocket digs themselves into a hole. Jesse peers out of the pit just long enough to see Ash fall on her. Koffing belches a cloud of noxious gas, and climbs out of the hole to see the eyes of Primeape. Remembering what Oak said about poetry and Pokemon training (not that it applies to poetry), Ash sends in Squirtle to attack Primeape. The blue squirrel-turtle's clear geyser makes the white pig-monkey see red, so Ash recalls him and sends in Bulbasaur. Bulbasaur's razor-leaf attack is none to effective, so he trades places with Charmander. Charmander seems to be getting pulverized by Primeape, but Dexter the Pokedex reports on Charmander's Rage attack, which gets stronger as Charmander gets damaged. Charmander unleashes a cone of flame just as Pikachu jumps in, grabs Ash's hat, and high-tails it out of there before the flames hit. The rage attack sends Primeape down for the count and Ash catches him in a Pokeball. He then uses Primeape to uppercut Team Rocket, Pokemon and all, into the upper stratosphere. Ash welcomes Primeape to his team, and Primeape welcomes Ash to a black eye. The chase brought them all the way to Celadon City. In the end, Ash gets his hat back, a new Pokemon, and Team Rocket lands in the middle of Primeape nest. Hee hee hee. Silly monkey-pig things.

Pokemon Scent-sation
In Celadon City, Ash and friends follow their noses to a perfume shop. Ash doesn't like perfume because he thinks it smells bad and turns men into zombies, much like Brock was at this time. He gets thrown out of the shop and goes to the Gym, but they won't let him in because he doesn't like perfume (which just happens to be manufactured in this very gym) and stamps a big, red "X" on his face. While Ash gripes Team Rocket climbs in thru the window to steal the perfume's secret ingredients and make a bundle selling them. Inside, James finds and awakens a napping Gloom (second-stage Oddish). James's Koffing poison gases the Gloom, but the plant Pokemon just inhales it and lets off a malodious odor of its own. The stink is excruciating; even to Meowth (who wasn't drawn with a nose), leaving Team Rocket open to being whacked with mallets, having big, red X's stamped on their faces, and being strung up in a tree. Jesse offers Ash a plan to get in the gym if he gets them down. They dress Ash up like a girl and disguise themselves as "Ashley's" parents and enroll him, uh, her, in the gym. While one of the trainers shows "Ashley" around, Team Rocket removes their disguises as the search the gym and has Meowth plant a bomb. "Ashley" asks to see Erica, the Gym Leader, who turns out to be the manager of the perfume shop! She's reading a story to a group of trainers, including Misty and Brock. He hopes they don't recognize him, and they don't, but Pikachu does! While "Ashley" tries to do his best to dupe his friends, Pikachu walks up and hugs his leg. He tries to kick him off, but Pikachu shocks him and the wig burns off. Ash admits to dressing up as a girl to challenge Erica, and Erica decides to accept the challenge. First up is Tangela (a mess of tentacles with feet), and Ash sends in Bulbasaur. Bulbasaur grabs Tangela with the vine whip, but Tangela reel's him in and sprays him with stun spore. Erica offers to give Ash some Paralyze heal potion later, and Ash chooses Primeape, remembers the black eye he got from it, and releases Charmander. Erica's Weepinbell's razor leaf attack is useless against Charmander's full-force flamethrower, so she sends in Gloom. Erica tells Ash he can't be good trainer unless he has empathy with Pokemon, and Ash can't figure which Pokemon would hold up best against Gloom's rampant reek (which, in the wild, it only uses when threatened). Pikachu is up to the task, but Team Rocket cuts the match short when they leap in, blow themselves to kingdom come, and escape with the secret formula! The explosion sets the gym on fire and all the Pokemon and trainers except Gloom escapes safely. Ash runs into the gym to save it. Ash finds Gloom in the arena, where it's been spewing its evil fumes for awhile. Ash holds his breath and rushes in. He tells Gloom he's here to save him, but Ash can't hold his breath any longer and falls to the ground. To his surprise, the odor's gone and he remembers that Erica said earlier that it wouldn't produce a stench if it feels safe. Ash runs out with Gloom and, once the fire has been put out, is rewarded with the Rainbow Badge. And what about Team Rocket stealing the secret formula? It turns out they only stole one ingredient without knowing what it was: essence of Gloom!

Hypno's Naptime
Ash and friends leave Celadon city and find themselves in a city apparently called "Hop-hop-hop City". A strange woman mistakes Ash for her son Arnold and hugs him. It turns out that Arnold has been missing for three days and, according to Officer Jenny (Maiden Peak's Jenny's cousin's cousin), so have a lot of other kids. Brock, who believes this is the most beautiful Officer Jenny he's ever seen (they all look alike), and Ash, who thinks Arnold's mom looks a little like his own, decide to help out. Jenny, Ash, Brock and Misty head to the Pokemon Center to ask around and discover another mystery. All the Pokemon Center's Pokemon, including a Cubone, an Oddish, a Magikarp, a Charmander, and a Psyduck (a huge duck whose powers come from a mysterious force), have all gone to sleep and haven't woken up in three days! There has to be a connection. Pikachu falls asleep and Jenny's detector starts picking up sleep waves (a psychic wavelength that induces sleep). Our brave detectives leave to check out the source. Meanwhile, in an undisclosed location, Team Rocket has figured out that the source of the sleep waves is coming from Hop-hop-hop City. Their dastardly plan: To find the source, steal it, put their boss to sleep and take a much-needed vacation. They may be the bad guys, but even they need a little R&R. Jenny, Ash, Brock and Misty trace the source to mansion located on the top of a giant building. Inside the mansion they find the elegantly dressed Pokemon Fan Club celebrating their loss of insomnia due to the fact that one of their Drowzees (a tapir-descended Pokemon with psycho-hypnotic powers) evolved into a Hypno three days ago. Hypno's been trained to put humans to sleep, which Brock pointed out might have a side effect that's affecting the Pokemon in the Center. Ash (I think) suggests that it might also affect children who are sensitive to Hypno's effects. Misty looks into Hypno's pendulum, falls into a trance, starts clapping her hands and saying "Seel, Seel. Seel, Seel", and runs out the door. (A Seel is a white-colored Pokemon not unlike a seal or walrus). Ash, Brock and Jenny follow Misty to a lake in the park where other kids are acting like Pokemon. Jenny tries to wake them from their trance but to no avail. The Fan Club's Drowzee or Hypno may be able to bring them back to normal, so they bring Misty back to the mansion where Drowzee awakens Misty and Pikachu. The Fan Club lends them Drowzee and our heroes are about to make their way to the elevator when Team Rocket swoops down in hang-glider packs and challenges Hypno to hypnotize himself in a mirror. Ash breaks the mirror, so Jesse and James just snags Hypno and Drowzee with bullwhips. (They would've done that first, but they had to fill up half an hour) Misty's Staryu snaps the whips and Ash's Pidgeotto blows away Team Rocket (who were still wearing their hang-glider packs). Ash and friends take Drowzee to the park and cures the afflicted children. Arnold (who kinda looks like Ash) is reunited with his mother and Drowzee is taken to the Pokemon Center. The Pokemon return to normal, but Nurse Joy is worried about Psyduck, who still has his hands on his head. Brock offers to cure him. They walk down the street, followed by Psyduck, arguing over who gets Psyduck. No one wants it. Brock thinks Misty should get him, since she's fond of water Pokemon, but she objects, especially after Dexter the Pokedex says that Psyducks always have headaches. Walking backwards, Misty trips and one of her Pokeballs rolls toward Psyduck. To Misty's dismay, the cerebrally inflamed duck accidently opens the ball and gets sucked inside. Looks like she's stuck with it now.

Pokemon Fashion Flash
Ash, Misty and Brock take a walk down Scissor Street, also known as "Breeder's Lane," trying to find a salon that Brock is looking for. Along the way, they pass "Salon Rocke," a beauty parlor that puts Pokemon in outrageously bad yet trendy fashions. They find the place Brock's looking for, a salon run by world-champion Pokemon breeder Susan. An incredibly tense Brock shocks everyone by asking Susan if he could be her student, but Susan doesn't take students. Also in the salon is Susan's pet Vulpix (a fire-breathing fox with six tails) which doesn't like to be touched by strangers, as Misty found out the hard way. They decide to have lunch (it's a slow day) and talk about Salon Rocke. Susan is surprised to see Vulpix eat some of Brock's homemade Pokemon food, since she only eats food that Susan has prepared for her. Returning to the main plot, Susan tells Ash and friends that Salon Rocke has started a fad. Trainers should care about what Pokemon is like on the inside, but lately trainers has been flocking to Salon Rocke for the latest fashion. Ash agrees its what's on the inside that counts, a Pokemon's personality and abilities, but Misty thinks what's on the outside is important too. They get into an argument and Ash suggests that if Misty's so sure, she should take Psyduck (who's definitely no fashion model) down to Salon Rocke. Misty releases Psyduck and swears to return as the cutest things Ash has ever seen. Susan says that these day's trainers are going for looks instead of substance. Brock has a plan: give customers beauty and substance. Pretty soon, people are flocking to Susan's salon to see Susan's seminar on Pokemon health and beauty. If a Pokemon feels good on the inside, it'll look good on the outside. Meanwhile, Misty finds that the line outside Salon Rocke has gotten surprisingly short surprisingly fast. After getting a fashion makeover, Misty discovers that Salon Rocke is a front for Team Rocket (kinda obvious with the name and a large picture of Ekans and Koffing out front)! She gets tied up and commands Psyduck to attack, but the migraine surpluses duck has already made his way to Susan's salon, where she's having Ash demonstrate how to massage a Pikachu, and tells Pikachu who tells Ash that Misty's in trouble. Ash and Brock storm into Salon Rocke to find Misty looking absolutely ridiculous (actually, she likes her new look) and being held captive by Team Rocket. Ash refuses a ransom of Pikachu, and James introduces Ash and Brock to Salon Rocke's combat platform/fashion runway. After saying Salon Rocke's fashion-inspired and Team Rocket parodied motto (Jesse and James are reeeally into fashion), Jesse and James unleashes a tutu-wearing Koffing and an Ekans that looks like a Christmas tree. Ash and Brock defend with Pikachu and Geodude and the fight is underway. Pikachu gets knocked for a loop and retaliates with a devastating Thundershock and Geodude give Ekans the ol' seismic toss! Balerina Koffing gives the heroic Pokemon a sludge-attack makeover, effectively blinding them! Ekans and Koffing move in for the kill, but trip on their ridiculous outfits and fall on their faces. A sports jacket clad Meowth rallies his Pokemon comrades and Susan enters the fray with Vulpix. The cute little Vulpix dishes out a fire-tornado of justice and Team Rocket blasts off again. Susan has realized that she still has much to learn, so she still can't accept Brock as her pupil. They become friendly rivals and Susan gives Brock Vulpix. Ash, Brock and Misty stride off into the sunset and Team Rocket gets chased by rabid, refund-hungry and generally unsatisfied customers.

The Punchy Pokemon
Our heroes go on their way as they stumble upon a wild Hitmonchan (a weird-looking Pokemon with boxer gloves). Ash decides to capture it so he teaches Pikachu his special punch to beat it. Pikachu jumps into the attack with a flurry of punches that don't land as Hitmonchan literally keeps him at arm's length. Ash commands Pikachu to use the special punch and with a blaze of pyrotechnic effects, Pikachu blasts off with the rocket punch! The punch lands but has little or no effect. Hitmonchan's trainer appears and tells him he let his gaurd down. The trainer's daughter, Rebecca, comes out from behind a tree and begs her father to give up his foolish dreams of Pokemon training and spend some time with his family. Her father ignores her and goes to his gym to take on challengers. Rebecca's worried and Brock offers to help in any way possible. Rebecca's father wants to win the P-1 Grand Prix, and Rebecca wants Ash and Brock to enter the tournament and defeat Hitmonchan to bring her father to his senses. The P-1 Grand Prix is a tournament for fighting Pokemon and Team Rocket has their sights set on the championship belt and the prize money. Unfortunately, neither Jesse nor James has a fighting Pokemon (or many other Pokemon), so the tie up a trainer and steal his clothes and Hitmonlee (a humanoid creature with no head, also known as the kicking fiend). Disguised as Hitmonlee's trainer, Jesse (sitting on James's shoulders under a trenchcoat) enters the grand prix. The first match begins as Ash's Primeape faces off against Machop (a grey lizard-like thing with hands). A flurry of kicks and a seismic toss sends Primeape flying and Ash leaps to catch him as he flies out of the ring. Ash attempts to bring Primeape's spirits up before putting him back in the ring. Misty (in the audience next to Rebecca) notes that this is the first time Primeape has done as Ash asked, as he usually does what he feels like. Apparently, trying to save Primeape has made him trust Ash. Primeape thrashes, bashes, and scratches and wins the match. Next up, Brock's Geodude takes on Team Rocket's Hitmonlee. Geodude gets kicked like a soccer ball into the back of Brock's Rebecca-gazing head but gets back in the ring. Hitmonlee's kicks wear down Geodude and Rebecca's father convinces Brock to throw in the towel. Hitmonlee, Hitmonchan and Primeape battle their way to the final rounds. The match between Hitmons lee and chan is sabatoged as Meowth, from beneath the ring, glues Hitmonchan's feet to the floor. The only thing standing in the way of Team Rocket and the championship belt is Ash's Primeape, and Meowth has another trick up his kitty sleeve. Pikachu spies on Team Rocket as Meowth explains that when Hitmonlee jumps, they'll press a remote button and the device planted under the ring will electrocute Primeape and explode! Pikachu tries to warn Ash, but he's to busy directing Primeape. Hitmonlee jumps, but the device doesn't do anything. Hitmonlee now has to play fair and he and Primeape leap into battle. Once on the ground, Hitmonlee's flurry of kicks keeps Primeape at bay. Rebecca's dad says he can't beat Hitmonlee unless he gets on the inside of the kicks. Primeape ducks Hitmonlee's kick and gives him an uppercut that sends him flying! Primeape leaps up after him and slams Hitmonlee onto the mat with a seismic toss. Primeape and Ash won the P-1 Grand Prix! Rebecca's dad is impressed and offers to train Primeape to be a real P-1 championn. Meowth can't figure out what went wrong. Pikachu crawls out from under the ring, hands Meowth the device and walks off. Meowth inspects the device which then electrocutes Team Rocket and explodes, throwing them from the stadium. In the end Rebecca's dad promises to train Primeape well and Rebecca promises to get her dad to spend more time with his family.

Sparks Fly for Magnemite
Ash and his friends enter a new yet horrible town called Gringy City, where smoke stacks and pollution are everywhere. Before they leave considering there is no gym Ash sees that Pikachu is acting strange, his head is red and he barely has any electricity in him. But he has enough to zap Ash on accident when he tries to pick Pikachu up, behind them a stalker watches and smiles at the sight of this shocking scene. Down beneath the sewer Jesse and James are swimming in slime proof suits, trying to get Pikachu from underneath while Meowth stays in a machine keeping him safe from the smell. Up on the surface Ash rushes Pikachu to Nurse Joy who tells him that Pikachu has a cold, which means his electricity, is on the fritz. Then a black out occurs shutting all power down including, the energy powered air tanks that Jesse and James wear TR then goes up to the top to get some air. Nurse Joy then tells the gang to hurry and help find the source of the black out, because if it stays black all the Pokemon in the center under intensive care will die. Ash and the gang leave for the plant but he leaves Pikachu to get some rest, but as they walk in Pikachu followed them inside. As they go on Misty freaks and says something is chasing them, none of the guys believe her until they see it right behind Pikachu. When they look harder they see its a Pokemon Dexter tells Ash its a Magnemite, Misty then thinks he caused the black out while the other guys watch Magnemite circle Pikachu. It blushes at Pikachu's sparks and Brock says that he is in love with Pikachu, Ash tells Magnemite to stop he does and runs quickly away they find out why when it comes out of the air vents. They hold their noses as they see a pile of smelly Grimers Dexter says they are living sludge, Brock and Ash be quiet so they don't insult there Pokemon pride with their smelly remarks but Misty yells it all out. Now angry the Grimers get mob like when the leader Muk comes out behind them, Dexter tells them to watch out because of the poison inside Muk's slimy body. The Grimers attack as the gang runs away bumping into the power plant controllers, they take everyone to the control room and try to keep the Grimers out as they explain that if the Grimers don't leave the power will never go back on. Because they are clogging the intake valves so pikachu goes solo and tries to stop the Grimers as they break in, his zaps take out 1 Grimer because of the cold then the Magnemite and a whole army of Magnetons come in and zap off the Grimers. The Magnetons continue chasing off the Grimers but Ash finds the Muk still around, then both Pikachu and Magnemite team up and zap Muk out Ash throws his Pokeball and catches Muk. When the gang leaves Ash is worried because the smell goes threw the Pokeball but Pikachu is cured, but Magnemite ignores him now the power guys say that when Pikachu had a cold its body was magnetized Magnemite fell in love with that magnetism. And now that its gone he stops stalking Pikachu before they leave, Nurse Joy and officer Jenny tell Ash that thanks to him beating the Grimer they will now clean up their city. But TR comes out of the clean sea on a Gyarados disguised submarine, with a huge magnet attached to it they hope to magnetize Pikachu but since its gone they magnetize the Magnetons which pulls them on to the ship sinking it with them. Meanwhile P. Oak is happy to get a new Pokemon from Ash at his lab, but when Muk arrives he asks, "What's the idea of sending me a Muk?"

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