Indigo 11-20

Charmander the Stray Pokemon
Our heroes are once against lost, and Misty is quite frustrated with Brock over his inability to find Vermilion City. However, Ash finds a path that will take them to Route 24 which will most definitely lead them to their destination, and so they head off. However, the soon find a huge rock in the middle of the road and on top is a Charmander. Dexter analyzes that if the flame on its tail goes out, it will die. They are curious as to why it's on the rock in the middle of nowhere, but Misty points out that it looks like it's injured. Brock wants Ash to capture Charmander without weakening it in order to take it to the pokemon center. As Ash tries to throw a pokeball at it, however, Charmander knocks it back with its tail. Pikachu converses with Charmander, and after a bit of a charades game, we find out that Charmander is sitting on that rock waiting for its master to come back and get it. The gang decides that it is probably best to leave Charmander there for its master and leave. As they see the pokemon center of route 24 over the hill, storm clouds roll in, and the group has run in get out of the rain. We then see Charmander clinging on to a little leaf to protect its flaming tail from the rain and the wind. Inside, Misty gets some soup, but Brock is silent as he looks out the window and worries about the Charmander. Just then, they hear laughter and see a group of trainers surrounding another trainer named Damien. He boasts about how many powerful pokemon he has (there are about 20 pokeballs on his table) and how he is a great trainer. Our gang tries to ignore how conceited he is, until he reveals that he once had a Charmander but abandoned it because it was too weak, by leaving it at a rock and promising to return to it one day. Brock rushes over to him and tries to order him to go get it before it dies in the rain. A battle is about to begin, but Nurse Joy breaks it up, of whom Brock says, "She's the most beautiful woman I've ever seen." But then, Misty points out that she looks like all the other Nurse Joys in the other cities, to which Ash responds with isn't it a joy-ful world. Our heroes rush out to save Charmander. They find it being attacked by a flock of Spearows which Pikachu disperses with a simply thundershock, and using their own rain coats, Brock and Ash carry Charmander back to the pokemon center to keep its tail lit. Nurse Joy takes it to the ER, and they wait nervously. Finally, Nurse Joy comes out saying the operation was a success and Charmander is recovering, and the storm suddenly clears. The next day, Ash is abruptly woken up by Brock who says Charmander is gone. They deduce that Charmander is very loyal to Damien and went back to the rock to wait for him. We then see Charmander walking away from the pokemon center, but it suddenly stops and looks back. As the gang is about to head off again, Team Rocket is digging up another pit trap. It successfully traps the humans, and wearing rubber suits to protect them from electricity, Team Rocket captures Pikachu using a rubber balloon bazooka. They gloat at Ash, but as they are about to leave, Charmander shows up telling them (through Meowth's translation) that they better let Pikachu go. They refuse and Charmander is able to drive them away with a powerful flame attack. Finally getting out of the pit, Ash thanks Charmander and asks him to join his team, since Damien abandoned him. However, Damien shows up all of a sudden, saying that he wants Charmander back after seeing how it defeated Team Rocket. The gang tries to convince Charmander that Damien is a bad trainer, but Damien does a better job of defaming himself by saying he only cares about using pokemon in a fight. Damien attempts to capture it in a pokeball, but Charmander hits Damien in the face with it. As Damien is about to attack with his other pokemon, Charmander drives him away with the help of Pikachu. Brockwants Ash to have Charmander, who gladly jumps into the pokeball of its new master and friend. And so they head off, still in search of Vermilion City.

Here Comes the Squirtle Squad
A brief narration informs us that Ash has just caught two of the three beginning pokemon he COULD have gotten had he not slept in at the beginning of his pokemon journey. Ash is pretty confident of his recent feats, but this prevents him from noticing a pitfall trap which he leads the group into. Bruised, Ash wonders who could have pulled such a trick. Surprisingly, it's not Team Rocket but a group of Squirtles all wearing sunglasses. They laugh at Ash and company as they struggle to get out of the pit. Ash wants to catch on of them and orders Pikachu to attack. Pikachu thundershocks, but one Squirtle with regular sunglasses jumps in front to protect the Squirtle with the big sunglasses. With that Squirtle injured, the leader Squirtle and Pikachu face off in a showdown-type style. However, the sound of a police siren scares off the Squirtles, and Officer Jenny arrives on the scene. She looks like the Officer Jenny of Viridian City, but she tells the gang that they must have met one of her cousins: they are all policewomen that look alike and are named Jenny. She explains further that this town has a pokemon gang called the Squirtle Squad. They are a group Squirtles who play tricks on the town, because they were abandoned by their original owners. Jenny laments that if someone would take care of them, they might behave better. Meanwhile, Team Rocket is spying on them, but as James and Meowth complain they are hungry, Jesse finally gives in and sets up a picnic. Before they can eat, the Squirtle Squad interrupts them and wants their food (as translated by Meowth). Team Rocket is about to retaliate, but steps into one of the Squad's pitfall traps. Tied to a tree, Team Rocket watches helplessly as the Squirtles gorge themselves on the food. Jesse gets an idea and tries to get the Squirtles to capture Pikachu for them. At first the leader says they won't because they don't trust humans, but Meowth convinces them that Jesse and James are HIS human pets and he wants them to capture Pikachu. The Squirtles agree. Later, a Squirtle attacks our unknowing heroes by a brook. The Squirtle is able to knock Pikachu into the water, and a wild Goldeen uses its horn attack to knock Pikachu to the ground. Before Ash can save it, though, the Squirtles tie them up and take them to a cave. Inside, they find out that Meowth told the Squirtles to get Pikachu, and Ash tries to convince the Squirtles that Team Rocket is bad. But, they don't trust Ash because he's a human. Then, Brock tells Ash that Pikachu is in bad shape and needs a super potion to get better. Ash pleads with the Squirtles to let him go into town to buy one, and after a few convincing tears, the Squirtles let him go...but he must come back by noon tomorrow or else they will dye Misty's hair purple! Ash runs and struggles through broken bridges and clumsy roads to finally get to the store. Tired, he's about to enter, but Gary exits and knocks Ash out by opening the door into his face. Ash later awakens the next morning as Team Rocket robs the store of flash powder. They are going to use it to scare the Squirtles away and get Pikachu. They leave, and as Ash enters to buy the super potion, he is met with guns as the storeowner thinks he a robber too. Jenny intervenes and saves Ash. They try to drive back to the cave, but a broken bridge forces them to detour to the "back entrance" with a hole too small for Jenny to follow. Ash makes it to the Squirtle Squad and gives Pikachu the super potion, just as Team Rocket begins to bombard the Squirtles with flash bombs from their air balloon. Meowth takes the still weak Pikachu aboard the air balloon as the leader Squirtle gets knocked on his back. However, Ash protects him from the bombs, and seeing such care, the Squirtle trusts him and helps him get Pikachu back by blowing a hole in the air balloon. The other Squirtles then put out the fires set by Team Rocket's bombs just as Officer Jenny arrives. The whole town is grateful and makes the Squirtles honorary firemen of the town. As Ash leaves, the leader Squirtle follows him and wants to join up. He takes off his sunglasses and jumps into Ash's arms. And so they continue on towards Vermillion City.

Mystery at the Lighthouse
As always, our heroes are lost as they try to find their way into Vermilion City. A quick narration informs us that Ash has gotten two badges and six pokemon: Pikachu, Butterfree, Pidgeotto, Bulbasaur, Charmander, and Squirtle. These are feats that Ash is proud of....too proud of, in Misty's opinion, as she puts him down. Brock says that by this time, most pokemon trainers have 20 or 30 pokemon. Ash vows to "show them" and runs past the group. He finds himself at the beach in front of a beautiful sunset. But what catches his eye is a Krabby walking around. Dexter points out that this Krabby is quite smaller than a normal one, and the Krabby gets so offended that it pinches Ash's finger with its claws. Ash uses a stick to battle the Krabby and then throws a pokeball which does capture the Krabby. However, as he holds his Krabby in triumph, the pokeball disappears right from his hands. Wondering what happened, Misty and Brock run up explaining that a trainer can only carry six pokemon at a time. At any time, Ash can call back Krabby pushing a white button on his pokedex. They also point out that Krabby is now at the place where Ash got his pokedex: in other words, Professor Oak's lab. Ash wants to get to a phone in order to call and find out how his Krabby is doing. Misty, however, wants to find a place where they can sleep, since she is tired of sleeping outdoors. Just then, Pikachu points to a distant lighthouse, and they head over there. They reach it by nightfall, and up close, they see that the lighthouse is scary looking with pokemon designs all over it. They ring the bell and a voice comes over the intercom asking what they want. Ash wants to use the phone, Misty wants to use the bed, but it is Brock wanting to cook that convinces the keeper to let them into the lighthouse (since his cook left and he only knows how to cook tofu). As they enter, Team Rocket shows up and sees that they have finally reached the lighthouse of Bill, the famous pokemon researcher. Rare and unusual pokemon are sure to be stored there. They have a choice of going up the path or climbing the dangerous cliff side. But, of course, they choose the cliff side in order to sneak in. Meanwhile, Ash finds a phone inside the darkened lighthouse and calls Professor Oak, who's cooking tofu (because his cook is also out of town). Ash asks to see his Krabby and it is doing fine, although is it MUCH smaller than the Krabby Gary caught, as Professor Oak shows through the vid-phone. He also informs Ash that Gary has caught over 45 pokemon while Ash has only 7. Ash feels downtrodden, as Prof. Oak asks where they are calling from. Ash tells him a lighthouse, and he realizes that they are at Bill's Lighthouse - a pokemon researcher who knows more than Oak does. Oak asks Bill to teach Ash a thing or two, and Bill agrees. The lights come on and we see a Kabuto (an extinct pokemon) addressing himself as Bill. The gang freaks out until they realize it's a costume, which Ash helps Bill out of. The costume's purpose was to help Bill think what extinct pokemon were like. Bill goes on to talk about how there are thousands of pokemon that have existed but they only know of 150. He thoroughly believes that if we can understand the pokemon better, we can live with them in harmony. Bill takes the group up to the top of the lighthouse to show his latest project: trying to contact a mysterious large pokemon. Awhile back, Bill had heard a pokemon call and tried to communicate with it. He then turns on his lighthouse speakers with a call he believes is a friendly greeting. All of a sudden, a shadowed giant walks out of the water. (It looks like a huge Dragonite). It tries to communicate with the lighthouse, until Team Rocket fires bazookas at it. Enraged, the pokemon destroys the lighthouse as Ash and company tries to escape. Team Rocket keeps firing in hopes of weakening the pokemon, but the pokemon simply knocks them away with its tail and leaves with almost a woeful cry. Bill is sadden, but vows to stay at the lighthouse to wait for it to return again. He wants Ash to find and capture new pokemon, and with fond farewells, our heroes take off again.

Electric Shock Showdown
Although they are tired and dirty, the gang is quite happy that they finally arrived at Vermilion City. Misty wants to go wash up, Brock wants to get some food, and Ash wants to go to the gym right away. Unfortunately, Brock pulls Ash back, pointing to Pikachu who is hungry and dead tired from all the traveling - a loud stomach growling is proof enough for Ash. So, they all decide to go to the pokemon center to rest up. There, they give Nurse Joy Ash's Pikachu and his other pokemon in order to rest. Joy explains that she resembles her first cousin in Viridian City and her second cousin in Pewter City, but she believes she's the prettiest (Brock, of course, agrees whole-heartedly. Ash and the others notice that lots of young trainers are bringing in their badly injured pokemon. They are curious what happened, and Nurse Joy explains that 15 pokemon have been brought in this month after battling Lt. Surge: the pokemon gym leader. Misty prods at Ash that he's scared of his first real match against a really powerful opponent; after all, Brock and her sisters gave Ash his badges out of pity. As they argue, Joy points out that the two of them must care for each other because they fight so much. Of course they deny it. Before they can finish their quarrel, though, Pikachu and Ash's other pokemon are all healed up. Ash goes to Pikachu and wants him to fight Surge, but Pikachu is afraid he'll wind up all injured like the other pokemon. Ash tries to drag Pikachu which only results in him getting shocked. This prompts Misty to point out that with the way they fight, Ash and Pikachu must REALLY care for each other. Anyway, they eventually make it to the gym and meet Lt. Surge. At first, Pikachu is quite afraid, but as Surge makes fun of "baby" Ash and his "baby pokemon," Pikachu begins to get mad. Ash wants to know why Surge keeps insulting his Pikachu and so he shows him his Raichu, of which he evolved as soon as it learned all its electric attacks in order to have a more powerful, better, and not-so-baby pokemon. Pikachu is angered and wants to fight. A one on one battle is decided as Surge uses his Raichu. With one thundershock, Raichu is able to knock Pikachu down. Brock convinces Ash to call Pikachu back, but Pikachu wants to keep fighting. Outside, Team Rocket is observing all this and realize that if Pikachu loses, then it is not worth capturing and they had wasted all this time. Pikachu tries to fight, but a big electric attack knocks him out. The next thing we see is a bandaged up Pikachu who is disappointed in itself for losing. Nurse Joy offers to give Ash a thunderstone to evolve Pikachu into a Raichu to have a better chance at winning, but if he does so, Pikachu will never be the same and evolution cannot be reversed. Ash allows Pikachu to decide, but Pikachu refuses, saying it WILL fight Raichu again in order to preserve its honor. Team Rocket and Ash are moved by this, and Brock suggests a new strategy. As they depart later on to fight Surge again, they are met by strangely dressed people who begin the Team Rocket motto, until one of them stops them. Then they say they are going to do a cheer for Pikachu and after a bizarre one, take off. It is, as Misty points out, Team Rocket. At the gym, Ash wants another round, and Surge accepts. Raichu gets some good hits on Pikachu, but then suddenly, Pikachu uses agility to outmaneuver Raichu. Since Surge evolved his Raichu before it learned any speed attacks, its weakness became its slowness. A powerful thunder attack seems to defeat Pikachu, but Pikachu grounded himself with his tail. Raichu is out of electricity, and Pikachu is able to defeat him. Ash and the gang and Team Rocket cheer as Pikachu came out the victor! Later, Lt. Surge gives Ash a Thunder Badge, and they all applaud Ash for a job well-done. Team Rocket departs into the sunset determined more than ever to catch Pikachu, but they realize at the very end that they didn't even attempt to capture it all this time at all an entire episode wasted!

Battle Aboard the St. Anne
With pride that he won a Thunder Badge, Ash and company take a stroll to the docks where they see several luxury liners. They wish they could go on a cruise around the world to have fun and find new pokemon, but none of them have enough money. Suddenly, two girls who wanted to give away these cool free tickets for the St. Anne Cruise to Ash and his friends, because they like have to go out with their boyfriends. Ash graciously accepts, and we find out that the girls were none other than Jesse and James of Team Rocket. Team Rocket meets up with Meowth who is communicating with The Boss of Team Rocket who has a Persian with him, replacing Meowth because of its recent failures. Meowth vows to become the "top cat" again by accomplishing their most recent goal: to give away free tickets for the St. Anne to pokemon trainers so that they can trap them there and steal all their pokemon. Meanwhile, Ash and his friends marvel about the pokemon convention inside the ship. People are comparing their pokemon, selling pokemon merchandise, and battling. Ash, of course, rushes over to the practice match to find a Raticate defeating a Starmie. The victor winner, an older man asks if anyone else wants to challenge him. Ash offers his Butterfree and a "pretty-evenly" match begins. Butterfree then gets the upper hand by using stun spore, but before it can finish Raticate off, the other trainer says they should call a draw because Ash was winning, which disappoints Ash. Elsewhere, James is walking around in a waiter disguise but is drawn to a booth where some guy is selling Magikarp. He is able to con James into buying it, saying that the Magikarp will make him filthy rich by laying thousands of eggs that will hatch into more Magikarps which can be sold at a profit. Later, Ash and company are gorging themselves on a feast, when the older trainer stops by with his lovely date. He asks if Ash wants to trade his Butterfree for his Raticate. Ash tries to ask Brock for advice, but Brock is so ga-ga over the other trainer's date, that he goofily tells Ash to trade so that Brock can get to know her better. They go to a trading machine and trade. James tells Jesse of his purchase, but she knows he was conned, saying that Magikarps are worthless and no one but chumps by them. Wondering how he got the money to pay for it, James reveals that he used both of their salary money, and Jesse screams at James to go get their money back. Meanwhile, Ash worries that the other trainer won't take good care of Butterfree. Suddenly, the Boss gives the signal, and generic members of Team Rocket come out. James is still trying to find the guy who sold him the Magikarp to get his money back, but Jesse pulls him aside to make their entrance. Team Rocket begins using their vacuum backpacks to suck up pokeballs, but Ash rallies all the trainers to use their pokemon together to fight. Huge storm clouds gather outside the ship as the battle begins with groups of the same pokemon battling members of Team Rocket. Seeing a group of Butterfrees fight, Ash calls out his Butterfree only to see that it is a Raticate. He sadly remembers the day Metapod evolved from Butterfree and vows to get it back. As Team Rocket is shocked, burnt, whipped, and blown away, Jesse and James escape to the lower deck of the ship, just as a huge wave crashes, causing James to lose the pokeball with Magikarp. They chase after it to get their money back, as the ship begins to sink. Meanwhile, Ash asks the other trainer to trade back, because Butterfree was the first pokemon he caught. The other trainer understands, and after the trade, another wave rams the boat, and the pokeball with Butterfree slips out and rolls away. Ash and his friends chase after it, while all the other people on the cruise escape on life rafts. A big wave suddenly turns the St. Anne over and causes both groups (who finally do get their pokeballs) to crash into a wall and pass out. The now upside-down sinking ship descends deeper into the blue abyss leaving us uncertain of our heroes' and villains' future.

Pokemon Shipwreck
The episode opens with Officer Jenny performing a memorial service for the characters of the show, believed to have perished when the St Anne sunk. However, we soon learn that our heroes are alive and well, inside the ship which is balancing upside down on the edge of a deep-sea canyon. Meanwhile, in the ship's galley, Team Rocket wake up and Jesse gets Ekans to burn a hole in floor (technically the ceiling) with its acid. Water floods the galley and things don't look good for Team Rocket. Ash and the group, looking for a way out, use Misty's Goldeen to find a way out, but who instead finds Team Rocket. The two group immediately begin to fight and call out their Pokemon but the ship begins to tip with the extra weight so the Pokemon are quickly put away and a temporary truce is called. Misty knows how to get out of the St Anne so she leads the way - unfortunately, the group come to a dead end above a flame filled room. Ash, with a little help from Pikachu, uses Bulbasaur's vines to carry them to the other side of the flame filled room and into the top of the ship (which is really the bottom). Ash gets his Charmander to burn a hole in the hull and water floods in. Ash and Pikachu grab Squirtle, Misty holds onto Starmie, Brock clutches Staryu and the group swims to safety, leaving Team Rocket behind with no water pokemon to swim them to safety. Suddenly James remembers Magikarp but Magikarp can't swim, so Team Rocket are trapped in the St Anne as it topples into the undersea canyon. Back at the surface, Ash and the group are standing on a large piece of debris, wondering where land is. Ash sends Pidgeotto to bring something back and Pidgeotto brings back Team Rocket, who were drowned in the ship and floated to the surface. As the group give them a traditional burial at sea, Team Rocket wake up, scaring the group who think they're zombies. Days pass, and as the group grows hungry they all have their eye on Magikarp, but it's no good to eat because it's just bones. James, enraged at the useless Magikarp, kicks it off the ship where it evolves in an angered Gyarados, who chases the group and performs its worst attack - Dragon Rage! The terrible attack winds up a huge waterspout which sucks everyone up and sending them flying into another uncertain fate!

The Island of Giant Pokemon
(This Episode is odd because there is captioning when the pokemon talk so you can understand what they are saying). In the last episode, Team Rocket and Ash and his friends joined forces to protect each other...but only temporarily, however, they couldn't shield themselves from the ultimate attack from Garados Dragon Rage. With this attack, everyone was washed up in the hurricane and they were all stranded somewhere. Ash wakes up, wondering how he got there, and he wakes up Misty and Brock. Ash can't seem to find Pikachu, and finds out that he only has two Pokemons with him. Elsewhere on the beach, Team Rocket is stuck on the dirt when a Krabby pinches both of them, and they wake up. They begin to think they're invincible. But soon they don't hear any annoying sounds...Meowth is gone somewhere, so are Jesse and James' Ekans and Koffing. They find a phone booth, (weird to have it in the middle of nowhere) but then they find that they have no change. In another area of the beach, Pikachu wakes up, and finds 3 Pokeballs on the ground. He calls them out, and asks if they're ok. They are, and Squirtle wonders where they are. Bulbasaur asks if they are lost and Charmander asks where are they. Pikachu doesn't have the answers. They look around, and see a Slowbro, a Pokemon, resting on a rock. Pikachu asks him where they are, but he doesn't reply. So they just leave him alone after he puts his tail into the water. Later that day, the Pokemons are searching for their masters, courtesy of Charmander's fire, which lights up the place. Somewhere nearby, Meowth is spying on them. He challenges the Pokemons to a match. He begins the Team Rocket motto, but it doesn't even make Ash's Pokemons scared at all. He asks for help by Koffing and Ekans, but they refuse because he's not their master. Later on, both groups of Pokemon--Ash's Pokemons and Team Rocket's Pokemons join forces to try and find their masters. They have traveled a long way, so they are all obviously hungry. They stop, make a fire and begin munching, and having a little chat. Very soon, there's a huge thumping sound coming from near them. They all look up and see that it's a huge Pokemon! Of course they run away, and Pikachu must untie Meowth from the tree. Somewhere on the island, Ash and his friends are also running away from the huge monsters. Team Rocket is also somewhere in the island, and they are also running away from the huge monsters (what a coincidence) Team Rocket hit a sign, and thank it for saving them. The lost Pokemon are now resting with a pal, Slowbro. Some of them are crying, while others are fighting or calming each other down. The next morning, Ash and his group are resting in a cave, and decide they should go out and look for their Pokemons. Team Rocket wakes up and runs for the phone booth, planning to make a call. They call the boss, and he hangs up after Team Rocket say their motto. So, then they have another plan instead, they decide to follow the phone cable, planning it would lead them to the phone company. Soon, they see a huge Pikachu. They think it's a mirage, but its not, and the Pikachu makes an attempt to squish them. Elsewhere, Ash and his friends make an attempt to escape the fire of a huge Charizard, an evolved Charmander. The Pokemon see it, and then they see a Blastoise, an evolved Squirtle, and Pikachu tells him to ask for directions. Squirtle does, but when he asks the huge turtle, it shoots out water at the Pokemon. So then they see a Venusaur, the evolved form of Bulbasaur. Bulbasaur refuses to talk to it, and Squirtle calls him a coward. Back with Team Rocket, they are running away from the huge monsters (again). They find a rail road car, and hop in, but they go backwards instead so they decide to hit the brakes. Unfortunately for them, it breaks off, and they keep going. Ash and his friends are on a land bridge, and they see a huge Pikachu. Then they see a rail road car coming closer. It collides with the bridge, and the bridge collapses. Everyone falls into the cart. Then they look behind them, and their real Pokemon are running behind the cart. Then Misty points out a loop up ahead. After they go around the loop, the Pokemon jump onto the cart. Then, Meowth appears, and the rest of the Team Rocket group celebrates. Suddenly, a huge mechanical bird crashes into the giant Pokemon pile and the rail car crashes into the water. Just then a tour boat floats by that belongs to a theme park called "Pokemon Land," where you get to see mechanical reproductions real Pokemon only many times their real size! Then Team Rocket's boss gets a call that his million-dollar theme park has just been trashed, while Ash and his friends find their way to the beautiful town of Porta Vista.

Beauty and the Beach
Tired, the group settles down for a rest in a small vacation resort. Team Rocket is watching them inside a submarine intent on stealing Pikachu. The group is later riding a boat, and crash into Team Rocket's submarine sending them out of control until they crash into an old man's dock outside of his restaurant. He rushes out to see the damage, and is very upset. Team Rocket manages to survive too, landing back at the beach where they meet an old lady (Nastina). Ash's group starts working to promote the old man's restaurant to help pay him back for the damage. The promotion doesn't work well as Team Rocket are helping Nastina with her beach house and taking all the customers. Ash uses his Pokemon to help the restaurant, and customers begin flocking to the place making it popular again. Team Rocket begins playing various tricks to sabotage their success and manage to take away the customers they had gotten. Professor Oak and Ash's mom stop in at the restaurant surprising Ash, and tell them about a swimsuit competition for girls and disguised Pokemon where they could win money to pay back the old man. Misty decides to enter the contest. For her Pokemon, Squirtle comes out disguised as a space alien and Starmie is the UFO. She is quickly greeted by competition from Jessie and James. James pretends he's a girl complete with fake body suit (not to mention fully inflatable ^_^), and the audience falls for it. They have Koffing and Ekans wrapped together not looking like anything in particular. Gary shows up to enter his numerous girlfriends in the competition. Team Rocket is angry that they've lost, so as they get their sub back, they crash the competition. A heat seeking missile is on its way, and Ash manages to reverse it's course with a fire blast from Charmander. Team Rocket pedal away as fast as they can with the missile following close behind, they crash into the beach house and they all blast off into the sky including Nastina. In the end, Ash's mom comes out the winner and makes enough money to pay back the old man for the dock. Ash's group continues on their way.

Tentacool and Tentacruel
We find Ash and his friends waiting for the ferry to take them off the island and back to the main land. As they wait by the docks, they see an injured Horsea who spits ink on the water drawing a picture of what looks to be a Tentacool and Tentacruel. Misty is about to catch it so they can take care of its wounds when suddenly, a boat explodes in the bay. Misty sends out her water pokemon to save the sailors who look to be paralyzed and ask to be taken to the boss. Their boss turns out to be this old woman named Nastina. She is trying to build a great hotel resort in the bay right in the middle of the beautiful coral reef. However, she tells the gang that despicable Tentacools are disrupting the construction. She will gladly give a reward of one million dollars to the three of them if they get rid of the pesky pokemon. Ash and Brock seem interested, but Misty flatly refuses. She takes offense at how Nastina thinks the Tentacools should be simply exterminated and leaves, taking Ash and Brock with her. The guys ask Misty why she was so angry, and she explains that Nastina has no respect for the ocean or the pokemon inside of it. One simply can't just exterminate the Tentacools - "they look so cute!" argues Misty, but Ash and Brock are not fond of the idea of hugging a squishy jellyfish. They decide to go back and get the Horsea so that they can take care of it. It isn't seen, but somehow Misty heals the Horsea and puts it in an inflatable pool with Pikachu. Horsea tries to explain that something is wrong when all of a sudden, Nastina announces all over the town of Porta Vista her offer of the million dollar reward for exterminating the Tentacool. A mob of people rush past our heroes to take up the offer, but it is the infamous Team Rocket who get the job. Nastina is in a tank ready for battle, but believes Team Rocket will be able to finish off the Tentacool, so she lets them go. As they drive past in their boat, they plan to get rid of the Tentacools by using their stun sauce on the Tentacools and capturing them all. Unfortunately, their boat is stopped all of a sudden by thousands of Tentacools - too many for the amount of sauce they have. As they scream in horror, one Tentacool fires a laser from its red spot and destroys the boat, causing the barrel containing the stun sauce to land on the Tentacool. Mysteriously, this causes the Tentacool to evolve into a gigantic 30 foot Tentacruel. Nastina begins to fire on it with her tank, so the Tentacruel sends a huge tidal wave into Porta Vista causing everyone to evacuate to higher ground. They watch in terror as Tentacruel with the help of hundreds of Tentacools demolish the buildings. Team Rocket has been washed away, except for Meowth who is under mind control from the Tentacruel, enabling the Tentacruel to speak in human through Meowth. It explains that they are taking revenge for the humans attempted destruction of their home and will destroy the human's home. The Horsea Misty was taking care of tries to reason with Tentacruel, but the Tentacruel knocks him away. Ash uses Pidgeotto to save Horsea and gives it to Misty. Then, Pikachu wants to fight the Tentacruel, and so a huge battle begins with Ash, Misty, and Brock sending their pokemon to get rid of the Tentacools. They do a good job until the giant Tentacruel stops them. Pikachu then comes up and tries to reason with the Tentacruel. It does not appear to be working, until Misty climbs to the top of a tower and promises that the humans do understand what they did and are sorry and will never do it again. Tentacruel believes her and starts to leave (tossing Meowth aside). However, Nastina pops up from under some rubble and tries to destroy the Tentacruel. Misty scolds at her saying that her actions are hurting the pokemon AND the humans. Nastina then gets knocked away by the Tentacruel and lands over in Aopulco where her cousin (who looks like her is repairing a building. So as our heroes sail back to the mainland, they have a new appreciation for the ocean, and Misty has a new pokemon: Horsea.

The Ghost at Maiden's peak
Ash, Misty, Brock and Pikachu are riding on the ferry while Team Rocket are riding in a barrel tied to the ferry. Brock is heart-broken because the summer is almost over and he hasn't found a girl yet. The gang manage to get to Maiden's Peak just in time for the festival. Our heroes get off the ferry and Brock sees a beautiful girl in the distance. Team Rocket get off from the barrel and James sees the beautiful girl also. Suddenly, Brock comes across an old woman who prophesizes that a beautiful girl will be the cause of something bad happening to Brock. Later on, Team Rocket and Ash's gang head into the festival. All day, Brock can't stop thinking about the girl, while Jesse and James search the ground for any loose change. James find a penny as and old woman appears out of nowhere and tells James the same thing she told Brock. Later the day at the festival, lots of people attend to the unveiling of a painting that the shrine had kept for so long. The pictures shows the girl that Brock and James had saw earlier. The host says that the painting shows the picture of a girl who had once lived over 2000 years ago as she waited for her warrior who had never come back. The story goes that the girl waited so long that she turned into stone. Brock and James immediately fall in love with the girl. Ash, Misty, Brock and Pikachu head over to Maiden's Peak to get a closer look at it. Ash, Misty and Pikachu turn to head to the Pokemon Centre since it was near curfew time. Brock decides to stay a little longer and says he'll be back but he doesn't. Ash and Misty go back to the shrine to find Brock, but instead find Jesse and Meowth who are looking for James at the same time. As they met, Jesse starts her Team Rocket motto but is interrupted when James and Brock fall out through the shrine's doors, gibbering madly about being in love with the girl. The old woman appears again, saying it's girl's ghost who lures lonely men away and drains them of their life. Pikachu electrifies James and Brock to get them thinking normally. James starts getting freaked out, but Brock doesn't seem to change much. The old woman told them that the only way to keep the girl's ghost from getting anywhere near them is to cover Brock, James and the shrine with anti-ghost stickers, which she happens to sell. Ash and the other start sticking the stickers everywhere. They wait inside the sticker-covered shrine to see what happens. At night, a strong wind blows the stickers off the shrine, opens the doors and blows the stickers off Brock. The ghostly girl appears and takes Brock and James out of the shrine. James manages to hang on to a bar to keep himself from flying away but he loses his grip. The ghost begins to take Brock and James off the cliff. Ash and Misty pull Brock behind the handrail, even though Brock tried to protest, while Jesse blasts the girl with a bazooka. This causes James to fall into the ocean. He climbs back up the cliff and the girl's ghost summons a swarm of ghostly skulls. The skulls don't register on the Pokedex, but a chance flinch causes the Pokedex to identify the ghostly girl as Gastly, an orb-shaped ghost Pokemon with hypnotic powers. Ghastly's cover is blown. Gastly reveals that he not only disguise himself as the maiden, but also as the old woman as well. Ash sends in Pikachu to attack Gastly, but ghost's hypnotic powers make him think he's being chased by a giant mouse trap! Meowth goes for it, but is hypnotized into believing he's playing with a kitty-ball. Jesse binds Gastly with Ekans, but the snake is scared off by a giant mongoose. James shakily calls upon Koffing's poison gas attack, but is instead stomped by a mongoose wearing a gas mask. Ash tries his luck with Bulbasaur and Squirtle, teamed-up, but the ghost frightens them with a Venustoise (the combination of a Venusaur and a Blastoise...yikes!) Misty thinks she has the answer of getting rid of Gastly, as she holds out a holy cross, garlic, and wooden stakes. She's obviously confused Gastly with a vampire. As dawn nears, the sun comes up and Gastly disappears, screeching from the light. That night, everyone puts on Japanese robes and dances to the beat of huge drums playing by Team Rocket, who looks like they're enjoying themselves. Ash and Misty start dancing as Pikachu sang. Also, the REAL maiden's ghost thanks Gastly for his help, and Gastly was glad to help out ('cause he got paid for selling the stickers).

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