Indigo 1-10

Pokemon! I Choose You!
The episode begins as the Gameboy game does - the screen shows a boxy looking image of Gengar fighting Nidorino. Suddenly, the music becomes louder and the scene becomes three dimensional - Pokemon is real! We realise that this is a Pokemon Battle being shown on televison, watched by the junior Pokemaniac Ash Ketchum. Tomorrow is his tenth birthday, the day he gets his Pokemon license, and he swears that he will become a Pokemon Master. Ash's mother comes in and tells him to go to bed, but Ash is much too excited to sleep so his mother puts on a Pokemon trainer's video about Charmander, Bulbasaur and Squirtle - the three Pokemon a beginner gets to choose from. Ash falls asleep and dreams about Pokemon, smashing his Voltorb alarm clock in the process. As a result, Ash doesn't wake up in time and rushes to Professor Oak's house, very late, hoping any Pokemon is left. On the way, Ash bumps into Gary Oak, who brags that he chose the best Pokemon of Professor Oak's - only he won't tell Ash what Pokemon it is. Gary leaves and Ash greets Professor Oak, who informs him that the three Pokemon Ash could have chosen from (Bulbasaur, Charmander or Squirtle) have all been taken. However, one is left - an electric mouse called Pikachu, who seems cute until it shocks Ash and Professor Oak. The Professer gives Ash six pokeballs and a Pokedex - a hand held encyclopaedia on Pokemon. Ash leaves Professor Oak's house where his mother and a small cheer squad say goodbye to Ash - until Pikachu shocks them. Ash sets out on his Pokemon journey, dragging a reluctant Pikachu - who refuses to go into its pokeball - behind him on a leash. Ash unties Pikachu on the condition that Pikachu be more friendly, but Pikachu just climbs up a tree and laughs at Ash as the young trainer tries to catch a Pidgey, and then has a Rattata go through the contents of his backpack. Realising that Pikachu will not help him catch Pidgey, Ash tries to catch one himself, and throws a rock at a Pidgey, which turns out to be a Spearow - a much more aggressive Pokemon. Spearow then starts to attack Pikachu, who thundershocks Spearow into a frazzled heap. Spearow calls out to the other Spearow's in the area, who swoop down towards Ash and Pikachu, who start to run (as you would!). The flock of Spearow begin attacking Pikachu so Ash picks up his new Pokemon and they jump into a river, where they are fished out by a surprised Misty, who orders Ash to take Pikachu to the Pokemon Centre in Viridian City. To Misty's anger, Ash steals her bike and rides away, still being chased by the angry Spearows. As a thunderstorm breaks out, Ash swears he will protect Pikachu no matter what. However, the Spearow attack Ash on the bike and he crashes, causing Pikachu to go flying. As the Spearow approach, Ash realises that his Pokemon is in very bad shape and that he must protect it. Standing in front of Pikachu, Ash tells the Spearow that he is not afraid of them and that he will defeat every one. Inspired by this feat of bravery, Pikachu leaps onto Ash's shoulder and shocks all of the Spearow into submission. The sun comes out, and Ash takes his weakened Pikachu, who now has a new respect for Ash, to the Viridian City Pokemon Centre.

Pokemon Emergency
As Ash runs into Viridian City, a message is broadcast by Officer Jenny that there are some Pokemon poachers in the area - Team Rocket, in fact, hovering over her head in their Meowth shaped hot air balloon. Ash is filthy (and suspicious looking) from his run in with the Spearow, so Officer Jenny stops him, thinking that he might have stolen Pikachu. As Ash pleads with her to let him take Pikachu to the Pokemon Centre, Officer Jenny demands some ID, but Ash doesn't have any. Suddenly, Officer Jenny whips Ash's Pokedex out of his pocket - Ash didn't realise that it could be used as identification. Jenny agrees to help Ash and speeds him to the Pokemon Centre on her motorcycle, where Nurse Joy immediately takes Pikachu into the emergency room, leaving an anxious Ash in the waiting room. Ash decides to call his mother who gives him a quick pep talk, and then gets a call from Professor Oak who has rang if Ash has captured any Pokemon yet - which he hasn't. Out of nowhere, Misty shows up holding her bike, which was burnt to a crisp when Pikachu shocked the flock of Spearow, but when Misty learns that Pikachu is in the ER she becomes almost as worried as Ash. Nurse Joy comes out with Pikachu, telling Ash that it will be okay, when who should burst in but Team Rocket, wanting to steal all the rare Pokemon from the Pokemon Centre with the help of their strong Pokemon, Ekans and Koffing. Ash, Misty and Nurse Joy immediately start transferring Pokemon to the Pewter City Pokemon Centre so that Team Rocket can't steal them. In a desperate attempt to save the Pokemon, Ash throws random pokeballs at Team Rocket, but all that comes out are Pidgey and Rattata, who are no good against Team Rocket's pokemon. Misty tries to battle Team Rocket with her Goldeen but as it is a water-type it's useless out of the water. Ash tries to get away with Pikachu but Ekans and Koffing follow, so Pikachu wakes up and calls for all the other Pikachu in the Pokemon Centre to help it attack Team Rocket. Ash and the Pikachu create a huge electrical surge which blasts Team Rocket and causes the Pokemon Centre to explode. As Team Rocket escape in their balloon, they realise that Ash's Pikachu is no ordinary Pikachu and they vow to steal it. Meanwhile, Ash and Misty wander into the Viridian Forest, where Ash sees a Caterpie. Ash throws a Pokeball to try and catch it...

Ash Catches a Pokemon
Ash throws the pokeball at the Caterpie and manages to catch it. It's the first pokemon Ash has ever captured so he is very pleased with himself, and his new Pokemon. Ash lets Caterpie out of its Pokeball and introduces it to Pikachu, who quickly makes friends. However, when Caterpie goes over to Misty she screams and makes a big fuss, much to Ash's surprise. Asking her what's wrong, Misty admits she loathes bugs, along with carrots and peppers. Although Misty hates Caterpie, Caterpie likes Misty who pushes the bug type Pokemon away. Misty reasons that Ash should be friends with Caterpie and that she should be friends with Pikachu. Mad at Misty for upsetting Caterpie and jealous because Pikachu likes her so much, Ash says he's going to abandon her in the forest and walks off, with Pikachu and Caterpie in tow. Soon, Ash realises that Misty is still following him, her excuse being she wants Ash to make good on her destroyed bike. Ash agrees to let her come along. Night falls, and Ash and Misty fall asleep in their sleeping bags, whilst Caterpie tells Pikachu (In Pokemon-language) about how one day it will evolve into a beautiful, flying Pokemon. Both of Ash's Pokemon dance with joy. The next morning, Misty wakes up and finds Caterpie sleeping next to her. She squeals and tells Caterpie how disgusting it is - hurting its feelings and making the dejected Pokemon go back into its pokeball. Ash is mad at Misty for doing so but before he can tell her off they are interrupted by a Pidgeotto. Ash, determined to catch it, throws a Pokeball but Pidgeotto just flicks it away. Misty informs Ash that his own Pokemon must battle Pidgeotto to weaken it. Ash sends out Caterpie, which is is a big mistake as bug types are weak against flying types. Misty, sighing at Ash's supposed stupidity, explains to him about strategy so Ash gets Pikachu to attack Pidgeotto, as electric types are very effective against flying types. Pikachu defeats Pidgeotto and Ash captures it successfully. All of a sudden, Team Rocket show up demanding Pikachu but Ash refuses to give it to them - so Team Rocket declare war on Ash. Ash sends out Pikachu but Koffing injures it with its sludge attack, so Ash sends out Pidgeotto. However, Pidgeotto does not fare well against Ekans and Koffing, so Ash is forced to send out Caterpie who is still weak from battling Pidgeotto. Team Rocket laughs at Ash's weak Pokemon but Caterpie uses its String Shot to defeat Ekans, Koffing and Meowth - Team Rocket, alarmed at Caterpie's strength, run away. Ash picks up Caterpie and shows Misty that it isn't so gross after all - but just as Misty is about to touch Caterpie, it evolves into Metapod.

The Samurai's Challenge
Ash and Misty are lost in the Viridian Forest, when they come across a Weedle. Misty is terrified of it so she climbs up a tree, but Ash is determined to catch it, so he tells Pikachu to attack - but Pikachu is asleep! Instead, Ash sends out Pidgeotto. Misty runs away, scared of the Weedle, and she comes across the Samurai, who has been defeated all the other trainers from Pallet Town and is now looking to challenge Ash. The Samurai finds Ash whilst he is in the middle of capturing the Weedle, and demands a fight. Ash refuses as he is trying to catch Weedle, but the bug pokemon escapes so Ash agrees to a fight and sends out Pidgeotto, who is too weak to fight. The Samurai jeers at Ash's trainer knowledge (or lack thereof) so Ash sends out Metapod to face Pinser. Pinser threatens to crush Metapod in its claws so Ash orders Metapod to harden its shell so that Pincer cannot squeeze it. The Samurai realises Pinser cannot beat Metapod so he brings out a Metapod too. Both Metapod's harden, and harden, but don't actually attack - which makes for a very boring battle. Meanwhile, we learn that Team Rocket is still lurking in the forest, trying to catch Pikachu and avoid being stung by the Beedrills at the same time by using a special cardboard tank. Back in the clearing, Ash and Samurai are still battling their Metapod's, until the tension gets to them and they both fall over. Before the battle can progress any further, they are interrupted by a fierce swarm of Beedrills, one of whom steals Ash's Metapod. Ash, Misty and Samurai all run towards Samurai's cabin where Samurai tells Ash how the three other trainers from Pallet defeated him, and how he vowed to defeat Ash, the fourth trainer from Pallet. Samurai also mocks Ash for not rescuing Metapod, telling him that a real Pokemon trainer would never abandon his Pokemon. The next morning, Ash goes out to rescue Metapod and finds it in the middle of a hive of Kakuna, the evolutionary predecessor to Beedrill. Ash is trying to be quiet so as not to wake the Kakuna's, but suddenly Team Rocket burst onto the scene and noisily recite their poem, which wakes up the Kakuna's and cause them all to evolve into Beedrills. As the Beedrills dive towards Ash and Team Rocket, Ash manages to dive under them and resuce Metapod. Team Rocket run back to their cardboard tank to find it being eaten by Weedle's... uh oh! Meanwhile, Ash runs away from the Beedrills, telling Metapod that it was all Samurai's fault that he abandoned Metapod. Ash trips up and drops Metapod, realising that it was not Samurai's fault but his own. This inspires Metapod to defeat the Beedrill chasing them, which causes the Pokemon to evolve into the majestic Butterfree just as Misty, Samurai and Pikachu show up. Butterfree uses its sleep powder to faint the Beedrill, which saves the day. Samurai is impressed by how Ash handled his Butterfree and tells Ash he doesn't see him as a novice anymore and shows him the way to Pewter City.

Showdown in Pewter City
It starts off with the Team Rocket motto as Jesse, James and Meowth set a trap for Pikachu. They dig a pit and cover it with leaves so it won't be seen. Unfortunately, they couldn't see their own trap and fell into it. As Ash & Misty enter the outskirts of Pewter City, they meet a man named Flint who's selling rocks. Flint notes that Pikachu is really tired and offers to take Ash to the Pokemon Center...for a small fee. After giving his pokemon over to Nurse Joy, Ash notices a sign regarding the Pokemon League and wants to join in. Misty informs him, however, that to do so, he must challenge and defeat gym leaders in order to get official Pokemon League Gym Badges. Once again, Ash swears to become the greatest Pokemon Master and vows to defeat all the gym leaders. The next day, Ash and Pikachu head over to the Pewter City Gym. Inside the rocky building they find Brock the gym leader. Brock sends out his Onix and Ash orders a scared Pikachu to fight. However, Onix easily binds up Pikachu squeezing the cute and pudgy pokemon. Pikachu tries to shock it, but unfortunately, rock-type pokemon are not effected by electricity. Ash tries to call Pikachu back using a pokeball, but Onix's bind prevents it. As Pikachu continues to get crushed, Ash is forced to forfeit the match. Outside the gym, Ash runs into Flint again who explains that Brock is a good trainer and he loves all pokemon. But Brock has never been able to join any competitions, because he is forced to stay in Pewter City to take care of his ten younger siblings. We then see Brock's house where 6 or so squealing kids surround a cooking and sewing Brock. Flint explains further that their mother died and their father left to become a pokemon trainer, but never returned. Ash has second thoughts about beating Brock, but Flint offers to help Ash. At an abandoned hydroelectric plant, Ash runs on the water wheel to act as a generator which Flint connects to Pikachu's cheeks. After a few seconds of deafening high squeals, Pikachu becomes super-charged. Ash comes back to re-challenge Brock and Brock reluctantly accepts, as is his duty as Gym Leader. As the typical battle begins, Ash calls Pidgeotto, while Brock calls Geodude. Geodude easily defeats Pidgeotto, so Ash calls out Pikachu whose super-charge electricity fries Geodude. Surprised, Brock calls it back and brings out Onix. With its super electricity, Pikachu is able to deliver Onix a few hits. However, Onix once again binds Pikachu. Pikachu and Onix seem to be hurting as Pikachu shocks and Onix squeezes. A stray bolt of electricity sets the rafters on the top of the gym on fire. Finally, Pikachu gives out and stops shocking, as Onix continues its bind. Brock wants Ash to forfeit again, but Ash won't stop the match until one of them is declared a winner. Suddenly, Brock orders Onix to stop, saying that he doesn't want the pokemon to get hurt. The fire from the rafters, however, activates the sprinkler system which weakens Onix. Pikachu shocks Onix weakening it further. Ash is about to order Pikachu to finish him, but all of Brock's siblings beg Ash to stop. Brock tells them to get out of the way, since this is an official match and it must continue until one of them wins. Hearing his own words coming back at him, Ash remembers how Brock tried to stop the fight earlier. Ash then tells Pikachu to stop and declares that he forfeits. As Ash leaves, he is disappointed that he lost but is proud that he did the right thing. Brock stops Ash in the road and gives him a Boulder Badge, saying that he deserved it. He also hopes Ash will continue on his journey in his place to become a great pokemon trainer, as Brock wants to be the world's greatest pokemon breeder. Suddenly Flint shows up and reveals himself as Brock's father. He explains that he never returned because he failed at being a pokemon trainer. But now he wants Brock to go on his own journey. After some farewells and orders from Brock, Brock and Ash take off with Misty following them, and Team Rocket finally gets out of their trap.

Clefairy and the Moon Stone
As the gang approaches Mount Moon, they discuss the many legends of the moon stone that supposedly resides inside. Brock relates how the moonstone is believed to be a prehistoric meteor that crashed into the earth millions of years ago. Suddenly, the group hears a cry for help, and they run over to a cave entrance where a swarm of Zubats are attacking a human. Ash tells Pikachu to shock them all, and having done so the swarm rushes back inside the cave. The man is more than grateful and rants on in rhyme and poetry about how thankful he is to be alive. Ash asks who he is and he reveals in more talk that he is "Seymour the Scientist." As they walk into the cave, Seymour explains why the Zubat attacked him: someone has been stringing up lights all over the normally dark caves of Mt. Moon. This causes the pokemon to become confused, as Zubats leave the caves, Paras plant the mushrooms off their back, and Sandshrews dry out. The people responsible for this mess, Seymour continues, are probably in Mt. Moon to search for the moonstone. The rock is said to increase the power of one's pokemon. Seymour also believes that the moonstone is part of the vessel that brought pokemon to our world from outer space. He hopes to research it before others use the moonstone for evil purposes. Just then, a Clefairy hops by carrying a small moonstone. The Clefairy is a rare pokemon and Ash wants to catch it but Seymour won't let him. Ash understands, but suddenly, Clefairy cries out as Meowth is cornering it. They rush to stop him and soon meet up with the other members of Team Rocket. Team Rocket was the one who strung up all the lights and they are here to find the moon stone to power up their pokemon so that they can rule the world. Brock and Ash orders them to leave, and Ash tells Misty that as soon as Team Rocket is distracted, she should get Seymour and Clefairy out of there. As Ekans and Koffing are released into battle, Ash calls his Butterfree and Brock calls his...Zubat! When Pikachu shocked all of them before, Brock took the opportunity to catch one. It is a long and tough fight, during which Misty and Seymour get away but Meowth follows them. In the end, Butterfree blows Jesse and James and their pokemon away, but Meowth is no where to be seen. Outside, Seymour and Misty are trying to follow Clefairy to protect it, but Meowth gets to him first. Clefairy jumps out of the way as the trio land in a brook. Meowth wants the moon stone Clefairy is holding, but Misty washes him off using her Staryu. As the day changes into night, the pokemon are eating some of Brock's specially made pokemon food. Pikachu and Clefairy are talking and suddenly, Pikachu wants Ash and company to follow them into a secret cave entrance. Inside is the core of the moon stone, which Seymour feels is proof that pokemon are from outer space. Clefairy adds the moon stone he was holding to the core and suddenly the core glows as it absorbs the fragment in. Suddenly, lots of Clefairys emerge and begin to dance around. After a little problem getting Ash to understand what he is saying, Pikachu tells Ash that the Clefairy pray to the moonstone. Team Rocket shows up again and using Koffing's smoke screen, they steal the moon stone core. However, Brock sends Onix after them and stops them from getting away. As Ash is getting ready to fight them again, Clefairys come out and perform a metronome attack that blasts Team Rocket away. It also blasts the moonstone into a billion fragments which fall like rain. Some of the fragments hit Clefairy and they evolve into Clefables. Later, with the gathered fragments, Clefairys and Clefables are dancing around the moon stone and Seymour wants to live with them in hopes of returning to the stars with them one day. So, Ash and the others say good-bye and head off. Later, they find a road with a sign pointing to Cerulean City, and decide to go there, although Misty seems less than enthusiastic. On the sign is small note from Gary saying that he was here and Ash is a loser. Enraged, Ash is more than determined than ever to beat Gary and rushes off into the next adventure.

The Water Flowers of Cerulean City
On the path to Cerulean City, Misty attempts to convince Ash not to go there. She claims Vermilion City would be much better, but Ash wants to get a badge and since there is a gym in Cerulean City, it is only logical that they go there. Brock agrees and Misty seems sad saying to herself, "I never thought I'd end up back here." The next day, Ash, Brock, and Pikachu walk into the city and notice that Misty is no longer with them. Brock consoles that Misty really didn't want to come here so maybe they'll meet up with her later. They then notice a group of people surrounding a machine store. As they wonder what's going on, Officer Jenny comes up and questions them, suspecting that they are criminals returning to the scene of the crime. Fortunately, Ash has his pokedex, and Brock has his badge as ID. Officer Jenny apologizes and Brock offers her to make it up with dinner with him. And so it begins that Brock always puts the moves on a pretty woman. Typically, though, Officer Jenny puts him down saying he's too young for her and she disperses the crowd from the crime scene. Later, Ash asks Brock if he can offer any strategy advice to beat the gym leader, but Brock declines, saying that as a fellow gymleader, it wouldn't be right to reveal other's secrets. Ash thinks it's cool, and Brock leaves to "take care of some stuff." Ash makes it to the gym but finds a water show featuring The Three Sensational Sisters. After the show, he confronts them asking if this really is a gym and they say yes and that they are the gym leaders. They go on to explain that synchronized swimming is their hobby and that they do the show because their fans love it. After all, they are the world famous sensational sisters! Ash wants to battle them for a badge, but they complain that they don't want to fight. They had just fought three other trainers from Pallet and were forced to rush their Pokemon to the Pokemon Center. Now, all they have left to fight with is a Goldeen which they want to evolve into seaking because goldeen only knows horn-attack. Still, they know what Ash really wants and offers to give him a Cascade Badge. Ash would rather earn it, and as he is about to reluctantly take the badge, Misty interrupts them all. She claims to be the fourth sensational sister, though she is put down by the other three. The three sisters explain that Misty wanted to leave the gym and never return until she was a better pokemon trainer. They reasoned that she was just jealous of their good looks and talent, which makes Misty angry. So she says that if she beats Ash, that would prove how much better of a pokemon trainer she is. With no pokemon of their own, the sisters have to agree to let them battle. Ash tries to choose Pikachu, but Pikachu won't battle a friend so Ash chooses Butterfree. Misty chooses Staryu, and Butterfree is able to injure Staryu quite a bit. However, Staryu eventually tackles Butterfree into the water. Ash calls him back and releases Pidgeotto, so Misty calls back Staryu and brings out Starmie. After a few exchanges, Starmie's energy is almost out, but then Team Rocket interrupts with the super vacuum they stole to suck up all the water and the water pokemon. They suck up Pikachu and Ash tells him to use thunderbolt. Since water conducts electricity, Team Rocket gets fried and blasts off again. Though the battle wasn't completed, the sisters believed Ash deserves the badge, reasoning that if Pikachu had fought in the first place, Misty's water pokemon wouldn't have stood a chance. As they depart, Misty's sisters all say to her you know we love you. Brock joins up and the three head off into the sunset as Ash and Misty continue to argue over who would have won their match. Brock can only say, "oh brother," with a sigh.

The Path to the Pokemon League
Ash is pretty smug about winning two badges so far, causing Misty and Brock to regret ever giving him badges. They are on their way to Vermilion City to see the sights, sounds, and of course the pokemon gym there. However, in order to keep Ash in check, Misty warns that the trainers they will meet on the way there are tougher and stronger than any other trainer Ash has met. Ash believes that he will easily defeat any trainers. After all, he does have two badges, already. We then cut to Ash's Pidgeotto battling it out with a young trainer's Rattata and winning. This numbers as Ash's tenth victory in a row a fact that he is more than proud of, much to Misty and Brock's annoyance. The young trainer with the Rattata does not act as a poor loser, but Ash is kinda boastful of his win. He then covertly shows off his two badges and the young boy is impressed. He offers that Ash may be able to beat A.J. a really tough trainer of savage pokemon who built his own gym. Ash says no problem and heads over there. The gym is an obviously home built structure with a tent, an outdoor league-drawn floor, and a score board that says 98 wins and 0 loss and that the "gym is not sanctioned by the Pokemon League." Ash still thinks that A.J. is nothing, because "even his gym isn't an official one." A.J. then comes up and asks Ash if he came to become his 99th win. This, of course, angers Ash and they go in to fight. A.J. explains that once he gets his 100th consecutive win, he'll start competing for badges. Ash laughs, saying that he already has two badges and 10 wins so far. A.J. goes on to insult Ash by accusing him of stealing those badges. Then he insults Brock and Misty, offering that the badges came from loser gyms. Of course, now all our heroes want Ash to win, and as A.J. calls out his Sandshrew, Misty reminds Ash that Pikachu's electricity is no good against ground pokemon. Ash quickly tells her that he knows and chooses Pidgeotto. However, with the crack of his whip, A.J. orders Sandshrew to roll up in a ball and tackle Pidgeotto taking it out. Confused (because flying pokemon are supposed to have an advantage over ground), Ash then calls out Butterfree, but it, too, is defeated giving A.J. his 99th win. A.J. seems proud of his victory and ignores Ash's pleas for a rematch. After A.J. leaves to go inside the tent, the group hears him yelling at Sandshrew for such a poor fight. They go in to investigate and find A.J. is commanding Sandshrew to jump in the water, which weakens ground pokemon. Ash wants A.J. to stop, but A.J. tells him to mind his own business that the way he trains his pokemon may be fierce but that's what keeps him winning. A.J. uses this strength-intensifier equipment he invented himself to make the pokemon stronger, though Ash points out that it looks more like a straight-jacket. Pikachu tries one on and not being all that strong is forced to roll up into a ball. Sandshrew laughs and follows suit rolling into a ball himself. As Ash and A.J. continue to argue over pokemon training, Team Rocket sneaks in with a their own ball disguise and steals Sandshrew thinking it was Pikachu. After they leave, A.J. wants all his pokemon to get together for more practicing, but notices Sandshrew is gone. After releasing Pikachu from the strength-intensifier, Ash offers that maybe Sandshrew ran away. A.J. refuses to believe it, stating that Sandshrew and him made a promise to get 100 wins, get all the badges, and become the greatest pokemon master. Ash tries to show A.J.'s other pokemon that A.J. is too hard, and they can come with him if they want to. However, none of them will desert A.J., because despite him being a tough trainer, they know he cares for them. Sandshrew then literally pops up and A.J. and his pokemon are over-joyed, proving to Ash the devotion they have for each other. But Team Rocket comes back attempting to steal Pikachu again and insulting A.J. at the same time. A.J. wants to fight them and even though they pretty much use Meowth, Koffing and Ekans at the same time, Sandshrew is able to fight them off making its 100th win. With a promise to one day fight again, Ash and A.J. takes separate paths to the pokemon league as they continue on their journey.

The School of Hard Knocks
As the group journeys onward to Vermilion City, Brock decides it's time to take a rest and eat some food. Unfortunately, a good cook needs a fire, so they send Ash to go get some firewood. Ash stumbles through a fog to find some boys his age dressed in suits and holding candles. They are questioning a younger boy running on a treadmill about different pokemon facts concerning Pidgeys, such as evolution level and attacks. The boy tries hard to answer them but ultimately falls off the treadmill. The other boys shake their head in disappointment saying that he'll never do well. Ash tries to put a stop to what they're doing saying that they are wrong to be so mean to the little guy, but they tell him to mind their own business and leave. The boy, who's name is Joe, on the treadmill thanks Ash for his help and explains that they are from Pokemon Technical: a school where you learn about pokemon and if you graduate, you get a diploma that acts like eight badges allowing you to enter the pokemon league. As they all discuss this (Brock and Misty show up by this time), Pikachu has an accident with a treadmill that looks cute but sounds stupid (the normal Japanese voice was dubbed over with a stupid English one). Joe further explains that his "friends" are only pushing him hard to make sure that he does well. Some students at Pokemon Tech stay for years and years and are still only at the beginning class, because they are too ashamed to go home. Because of how hard it is, some students have set up a system where they teach and push each other in order to succeed. Joe is actually pretty smart, but acts dumb so that the questions his fellow students ask him don't get harder. Ash wants to put a stop to this and asks who's in charge of this system. Joe shows them the picture of a girl called Giselle. Ash and Brock immediately go ga-ga over her, much to Misty's annoyance Team Rocket is spying on them and remember how horrible Pokemon Tech was - they got the lowest entrance scores in the history of the school. Meanwhile, Misty decides to take things into her own hands and marches into the school. Joe thinks she doesn't have a chance and Misty tells him that she was trained in the Cerulean City gym. Joe says that he always beat the water pokemon with their weakness (plant pokemon) on the simulator and so they have a fight to prove who is the better trainer. Joe's Weepinbell, however, gets beaten by Misty's Starmie proving that a much higher level pokemon will beat another pokemon it is normally weak against, as pointed out by Giselle who enters after the battle is over. She is quite arrogant at her abilities and Misty challenges her. Giselle brings out a Graveler who is weak against water but defeats Misty's Starmie. Giselle then goes on to scold Joe for his stupidity and Ash tries to stand up to her. But all that gets him is more insults from Giselle about his own incompetence and inability to tame his Pikachu. Though Ash has two badges, Giselle equals that as a beginner trainer in Pokemon Tech (4 badges is intermediate and 6 is advanced). She says that training a pokemon to a higher level will help you win, but Ash argues that there is more to a pokemon than training and he and his Pikachu are close friends. Obviously a battle ensues, with Giselle choosing a Cubone this time and Ash using his Pikachu. Cubone severely hurts Pikachu with his bonemerang attack, but Pikachu is able to fight back without using a single electric attack. Such a move has never been recorded in the textbook and Giselle is shocked at her loss. Suddenly, Team Rocket comes in to try and steal Pikachu, but Giselle and her fellow students pelt them with pokeballs to drive them away. Later, Joe tells a humbled Giselle that he's going back home to train like Ash did and they all hope to meet again in league someday. As Joe and Giselle make up as friends, Ash wonders why Misty and he can't be that way. Misty tells him that they could be that way as soon as she gets her bike back, and again, they argue into the sunset.

Bulbasaur and the Hidden Village
We start off where we left off: with Ash and Misty arguing once again and Brock acting as mediator. This time they are arguing over a shortcut they tried to take to get to Vermilion City but instead got them lost. They decide to take a rest and happen to see an Oddish drinking some water. Ash wants to catch it, but Misty stops him saying that since the Oddish was next to water, she gets it. Calling her Starmie, she successfully weakens it, but as she throws her pokeball, a Bulbasaur knocks it away. The Bulbasaur tackles Starmie, so Ash calls out his Butterfree. However, it is also defeated, and Bulbasaur escapes with the Oddish. Ash, hoping to find more Bulbasaur, crosses over a wooden suspension bridge, but suddenly, one of the ropes breaks and the gang has to cling on for dear life. Brock isn't able to hold on and falls into the rapids below getting swept away. After finally making it to the other side, Ash and Misty run down to the river to find Brock. As they travel, Team Rocket is on the look out for a rumored secret village with lots of pokemon. Suddenly, Ash, Misty and Pikachu get caught up in a net. After a long time struggling to get out, Brock shows up and frees them. He explains that as he was washed down the river, he was saved by a "beautiful girl." He brings them to the girl who's name is Melanie. She has a little village she uses as a "pokemon health spa" in order to take care of sick, injured, and abandoned pokemon. Brock makes the others promise not to try and capture pokemon, especially because he has the hots for Melanie, which Misty embarrassingly points out. As the gang helps Melanie out, Misty apologizes to the Oddish she tried to capture before. Suddenly, Bulbasaur shows up and tackles her. Ash wants to battle it, but Melanie explains that Bulbasaur acts as the village guard and makes sure that none of the sick pokemon get taken by trainers. Melanie explains further that she set up traps to keep trainers away - the same traps that caught Ash and Misty and the same ones that are trapping Team Rocket as they try to find the village. Bulbasaur wants Ash and the others to leave because he distrusts them and thinks they are going to take the sick pokemon. But before any of that can get resolved, Team Rocket shows up with their motto and a big vacuum to suck away the pokemon. Ash helps Bulbasaur rescue Oddish, and Bulbasaur seems to be beginning to trust Ash. Working together, Ash's Pidgeotto and Bulbasaur are able to blow Team Rocket away. After all the commotion is over, Melanie asks Ash if he thinks Bulbasaur would be a good addition to his team. Ash says yes, of course, but Bulbasaur wants to stay in the village. Melanie explains, however, that staying at the village is bad for Bulbasaur because it isn't able to learn and grow. She wants Ash to take it with him so that it can become stronger and better. Misty and Brock worry that then there will be no one to protect the village, but Melanie reasons that Bulbasaur does too good of a job of protecting the village. Once the injured or abandoned pokemon regains its health, it should leave to go back in the wild or find new trainers, but because the village is too safe with Bulbasaur, none of the pokemon leave and then cannot grow. They all understand, but Bulbasaur won't go down without a fight. He will only join Ash's team if he can be defeated in battle. And so, Ash sends out his Pikachu against Bulbasaur. Some tackles are exchanged, but Bulbasaur is finally able to wrap up Pikachu is his special attack vine whip. Ashnorders Pikachu to use thunderbolt and the electricity conducts along the vines to shock Bulbasaur. Ash then successfully captures Bulbasaur. As they depart, Ash promises Melanie that he'll take care of Bulbasaur, but before they can get far, Ash and Misty are at it again, arguing about which way will take them to Vermilion City, which leaves, Brock, Pikachu, and Bulbasaur frustrated. Then the gang leaves for more adventures in future episodes.

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