Battle Frontier 421-425

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Reversing the Charges
Ash and co. are at a Pokemon Center. Ash is charged up for his battle at the Battle Arena. May and Max wonder how the battle will be like. Brock tells Ash that this battle won't be easy. Scott appears at the scene. He sets down his cup on the table. He asks Ash if he's ready for his battle. Ash says he's ready and that he will win.

Many people are training at an academy. They are moving their arms forward and backward. Team Rocket is also participating in the training session. They are worn out from the hard exercise. A training instructor tells Team Rocket to continue their exercise. The leader tells them to say, "Oish." Team Rocket slowly says "Oish." Next everyone has to balance tea cups on their bodies for thirty minutes. Team Rocket is moaning because they are tired. The leader tells them to stop complaining. Eventually Team Rocket collapses. The instructor tells the leader that a challenger is waiting to battle her. The leader, who's name is Greta, knows about this. She tells herself that she won't lose.

Scott tells Ash that Greta is the Battle Frontier brain and that she is really tough to beat. Max asks Scott the Pokemon uses for battle. Scott tells him that she uses her favorites - Medicham and Hariyama. She uses Fighting type Pokemon. Scott decides to lead Ash and his friends to the Battle Arena. On their way out, Ash stops and thinks for a bit. Something comes up in his mind, and he heads back inside the Pokemon Center.

When Ash finally comes out, everyone is lead to the front of the Battle Arena. Ash shouts out to the people inside, but nobody answers. Finally, Scott shouts out something different and the doors open. Greta appears and introduces herself. Scott introduces Ash to Greta. Both trainers are determined to win. Greta calls out "Spin the wheel!" A big wheel comes out from the ground. She explains to Ash that spinning and landing on a 1 means they will have a 1-on-1 battle, 2 means 2-on-2 battle, and 3 means 3-on-3 battle. Ash pulls on the lever. The wheel begins to spin. It lands on a 2 meaning that they will have a 2-on-2 battle.

Team Rocket is watching Ash and his friends. Unfortunately, they were assigned to clean the floors. James notices how cute his Mime Jr is. Mime Jr lends James a hand by cleaning the floors with him. Jessie and Meowth want to capture Pikachu, but for now all they can do is wait.

The battle between Ash and Greta is about to begin. Greta's students are watching the battle. The double battle begins. Greta sends out Medicham and Hariyama. Ash sends out Grovyle and Snorlax. Everyone wonders why Ash chose Snorlax since it's a normal type. Greta starts off with Hariyama, and Ash chooses Grovyle. Grovyle starts off with Quick Attack. Hariyama dodges it and uses Arm Thrust. Dodging the attack, Grovyle counters with Bullet Seed. Hariyama blocks the attack with its arm. Greta tells Hariyama to use Arm Thrust, and Ash tells Grovyle to use Bullet Seed. Grovyle quickly jumps up and fires the attack. Unfortunately for Grovyle, Hariyama quickly dodges the attack. Then Hariyama leaps up and grabs Grovyle. It slams Grovyle to the ground. Another Arm Thrust weakens Grovyle even more. Grovyle manages to recover from the attack. Scott wonders how Ash will beat Hariyama. Ash figures out that they have to use speed in order to win. Grovyle speeds up to Hariyama with Quick Attack. When Grovyle is close enough, it hits Hariyama with a Leaf Blade. This throws Hariyama to the ground, but Hariyama recovers. Grovyle uses Leaf Blade again, but Hariyama counters Grovyle's attack with Focus Punch. This attack scores a direct hit knocking Grovyle out.

Ash's next Pokemon is Snorlax. Team Rocket is watching from the sidelines. They are waiting for the right moment to grab Pikachu. Hariyama starts the battle off with an Arm Thrust. Snorlax protects itself from the attack with a Protect. Snorlax can't withstand the attacks anymore, and it slides backwards. Greta is impressed at Ash's Snorlax. However, she tells Hariyama to use Arm Thrust again. Snorlax dodges the attack and hits Hariyama with a Headbutt. Hariyama finishes off with a Focus Punch. Snorlax uses a Protect to try and block the attack, but the Focus Punch is way too powerful for Snorlax. Ash calls out to Snorlax to get up. Greta tells Hariyama to use Focus Punch one last time. Just in time Snorlax dodges the attack. Hariyama damages its hand from the ground. Then Snorlax uses Ice Punch and freezes Hariyama in a block of ice. Since Hariyama can't battle anymore, Snorlax is declared the winner of the battle.

Medicham is sent into battle next. Jessie and James want to grab Pikachu now, but Meowth insists that they watch the battle first. Medicham begins the battle with a Focus Punch. Even Snorlax's Protect couldn't withstand the attack. Medicham uses Hi Jump Kick next to knock Snorlax to the ground. Snorlax manages to recover from the attack. Medicham uses Focus Punch again and Snorlax fires a Hyper Beam. Medicham quickly jumps up, dodges Snorlax's attack, and strikes Snorlax down with Focus Punch. Snorlax lands right where Team Rocket is at. Ash and co. notice Team Rocket right away. Team Rocket stands up and they say their motto. Then Team Rocket leaps up to grab Pikachu. Just before Team Rocket can reach Pikachu, Pikachu blasts them away with a Thunderbolt.

The battle starts again. Medicham charges towards Snorlax. Snorlax and Medicham both use their Ice Punch attacks; however Snorlax is the one that gets frozen. Ash tells Snorlax to use Rest. Scott notices that Ash is taking a risky move. He says that Snorlax might be able to heal, but if Medicham successfully attacks Snorlax while it is still sleeping, then Ash will lose the battle. Medicham jumps on the block of ice and begins punching it with a series of Ice Punches. The ice begins to break. Soon Snorlax's head is vulnerable of an attack. Finally, with a Hi Jump Kick, Medicham manages to break through all the ice. A few seconds later, Snorlax wakes up from its nap. Medicham uses Hi Jump Kick again, but Snorlax dodges the attack just in time. Greta is impressed by Ash's strong battling skills. Ash tells her that he is just getting warmed up. He has Snorlax fire another Hyper Beam. Medicham dodges the attack again and uses Focus Punch. The attack hits Snorlax weakening it. Ash tells Snorlax to use another Hyper Beam, but it can't because it is worn out. This gives Medicham the chance it needs to knock Snorlax out. Medicham hits Snorlax with a series of Focus Punches. Snorlax begins to charge up for another Hyper Beam. Greta orders Medicham to use one last final Focus Punch. Before the attack can hit, Snorlax fires the Hyper Beam at the ground. It flies into the air, and then it uses Body Slam. Snorlax falls onto Medicham at full power. When Snorlax lifts its body from the ground, Medicham is knocked out. Snorlax wins the battle.

Greta congratulates Ash for his victory. She hands Ash the Guts Symbol. Brock, May, and Max congratulate Ash for winning his second Battle Frontier symbol. Scott tells Ash that he can win his next symbol at the Battle Dome. Greta tells Ash to keep on winning his battles. Ash promises to do so. Then Ash and his friends head their way to the Battle Dome.

May's Egg-Cellent Adventure
Ash and co. continue their way to the Battle Dome where Ash will battle for his third symbol. Ash has his badge case opened and stares at his new Guts Symbol. May sees a farm. She runs towards it and states how cute the farm is today. Suddenly two Voltorb surround May. They electrify her with a Thunderbolt. Ash, Brock, and Max rush to May's side. Brock wonders why the Voltorb attacked May since they didn't do anything wrong. A girl walks out. She tells them with a stubborn attitude that the Voltorb are trained to attack anyone who trespasses their property. May never knew she was trespassing. She feels awful just thinking about it. The girl takes a look at May and realizes that she participated in the Saffron City contest. Two other people walk out of the farm. They call for the girl, Nicoled.

At the farm, the two people invite Ash and co. to stay for a while. The two people are Nicoled's parents. Her dad says that Nicoled is trying to become a Pokemon Coordinator, just like May. The dad introduces himself as Christopher and his wife, Jeanie. May says that becoming a coordinator isn't very hard. Brock wonders if there is a problem. Christopher states that they think that becoming a coordinator is the best thing for Nicoled, but she also likes to be home a lot. Jeanie also thinks that becoming a coordinator would be very good for Nicoled. Max asks Christopher the type of farm they run. Christopher tells Max that they are an egg farm where Pokemon eggs are raised. May and Max are surprised since they have never seen a Pokemon egg before. May gets all excited and asks if they can have a tour around the place. Christopher agrees to this.

May sits on the grass with Munchlax. He grooms it and tells Munchlax that it will have to look its best for Pokemon Contests. Nicolet walks up to Max. She wants to have a battle with Munchlax. May catches up with Nicolet. May tells her to start training to become Pokemon Coordinator. Nicolet tells May that she can train on the farm. Then Nicolet challenges May to a battle, however Nicolet wants to battle Munchlax. Since Munchlax hasn't had much training, May gets a bit nervous. Nicolet doesn't leave May with any choice. She sends out her Vileplume. Vileplume starts the battle off with Petal Dance to confuse Munchlax. Munchlax begins to move its fingers. Max warns May about the Metronome attack and that Munchlax can use any attack. The Metronome turns into a Splash. Vileplume unleashes a Stun Spore. The attack paralyzes Munchlax. May is in a panic since Munchlax has never battled before. Vileplume fires a Bullet Seed at Munchlax. Nicolet starts to tease May about how she isn't so good anymore. This gets May mad. She says that all Munchlax needs is some focus. With that, Munchlax shoots out running towards Vileplume. It punches Vileplume with a Focus Punch. May and Max are both shocked that Munchlax learned how to use Focus Punch. To finish the battle off, Munchlax charges up for a Solarbeam. It fires it right at Vileplume. Vileplume tries to dodge the attack, but the Solarbeam damages one of Vileplume's petals causing it to faint. Nicolet returns Vileplume back to its Pokeball. May is happy for Munchlax.

Ash and Brock call out for May and Max so that they can look at the eggs. Christopher takes them to a shed full of eggs. Everyone gazes at the beautiful eggs laid on the shelves. Christopher tells Ash and co. that the eggs on one shelf are for safe keeping and that they are supposed to care for them. On another shelf are eggs that are their own. Then Christopher asks May if she would be willing to share her stories to Nicolet. May says yes, and Ash and Brock say that they would also like to help in anyway possible. Christopher then tells them that a Pokemon egg is ready to hatch very soon. Ash and co. agree to help him with the eggs.

Team Rocket is watching the farm behind bushes. They want to steal some of the Pokemon eggs. Meowth reminds Jessie and James about the Voltorb that are guarding the farm. James gets an idea and tells them his plan.

Ash and co. compliment on the dinner they had just ate. Christopher and Jeanie ask Nicolet if she wants to hear some stories about May's adventures. Sadly, Nicolet says no and walks away into another room. May assumes that Nicolet doesn't like her, but Nicolet's parents tell May that she is just being stubborn. Suddenly, an electric shock is seen out the window. Brock thinks that the Voltorb caught a trespasser. When everyone walks outside, they see a gigantic egg sitting on the grass. A note falls down from the top of the egg. Brock reads the note. It says to take care of the egg for a bit and they take the egg back to the shed. Jessie and James watch as Ash and co. carry the egg back to the farm.

In another room, Ash and co. watch as a Pokemon egg glows. It is the egg that is about to hatch. Brock asks if there is anything else they can do to help. Jeanie tells them to keep an eye on things and let her know if anything comes up. Ash and co. agree to take the job. May sees Nicolet in a room rubbing a cloth on an egg. She walks inside and does the same thing. Nicolet tells May to rub the egg softer. Nicolet tells May that she loves taking care of the eggs on the farm. She also says that she would love to travel around, but she is scared. May tells her that everyone gets scared, but it gets better the more you travel. Nicolet still doesn't have the confidence to travel.

Jessie and James are in their balloon. Jessie contacts Meowth who is in the Pokemon egg that was recently brought into the farm. Jessie tells Meowth to go with their plan. Robot arms and legs come out of the egg. The egg robot begins to steal all the eggs. Meowth, in the robot, sees the egg that is about to hatch. An arm shatters the window and steals the egg. Jeanie calls Ash and co. over. Christopher explains to them what happened. Meowth begins to run off. The Voltorb tries to stop Meowth, but they end of getting knocked out. Ash and co. rush to the scene. Jessie and James float down in their balloon. They say their motto. Christopher and Jeanie don't know who Team Rocket is. Max tells them that Team Rocket are the bad guys who try to steal Pokemon. Nicolet sees that Team Rocket stole the egg that was about to hatch.

Ash tells Pikachu to use Thunderbolt, but Nicolet stops him. She tells her that a thunderbolt could destroy the eggs. They connect the robot to the balloon and begin to float away. May tells Nicolet to get her Vileplume to use Stun Spore since the attack won't hurt the eggs. Vileplume comes out, and it paralyzes Team Rocket with Stun Spore. Then Vileplume fires a Petal Dance at Team Rocket, confusing them. The balloon begins to shake. The eggs fall out of the compartment. Ash and co. run quickly to catch the eggs. Everyone catches a tray of eggs. The egg that is about to hatch still is falling. May sends out Munchlax. The egg bounces off of Munchlax and into Jeanie's arms. Team Rocket tells Meowth to steal back the eggs. More arms come out of the robot, but Vileplume's Bullet Seed destroys them. May and Nicolet both tell their Pokemon to use Solarbeam. When the attack hits Team Rocket, they are still standing. Team Rocket runs away from them. Ash tells Pikachu to use Quick Attack. Pikachu runs towards Team Rocket. Electricity begins to surround Pikachu's body. Pikachu shoots right through the robot. Ash and co. wonder what attack Pikachu just did. Brock tells Ash that Pikachu did Volt Tackle. Team Rocket blasts off into the sky.

During the day, Ash and co. crowd around the egg that is about to hatch. After a few moments, the egg hatches into a Vulpix. May looks up Vulpix in her Pokedex. May says that it is cute, and Brock says that the best part was that they got to see it hatch. May is happy for Nicolet. The attack combination she did before was really good, and that proves that Nicolet won't have any problems on her journey. Nicolet decides to travel after all. Christopher and Jeanie thanks Ash and co. for taking care of their eggs. They reward May with a Pokemon egg of her own. May thanks them for the egg. They say goodbye and head back on the road to the Battle Dome.

Weekend Warrior
May found out about a contest in Silvertown and decided to enter it. May practices with Squirtle. She sends out Squirtle for an opening. May thinks that Squirtle's opening could be better.

Inside the contest building, two people walk around looking for somebody. May approaches them and asks them if they've seen Squirtle. The man says no and they walk away. Ash, Brock, and Max walk up to May. May tells them that she can't find Squirtle. Squirtle appears from behind Brock's leg. Flowers are on Squirtle. May tells Squirtle that it is really cute and that they will win first prize.

Team Rocket sees the contest poster. James wants Jessie to enter the contest. Jessie sighs and says that they have a Pokeblock shop to run instead. James and Meowth wonder why Jessie is acting weird.

The contest is about to begin. Lillian introduces the contest to everyone. Ash and Max are impressed with the way Lillian talks. The judges are soon introduced. Afterwards, the Pokemon Coordinators walk on the stage. Everyone in the audience cheers for the coordinators. Before Lillian starts the contest, a man walks onto stage and tells Lillian that one coordinator still hasn't shown up. Jeremy, the late coordinator, rushes through the doors and on to the stage. He apologizes to Lillian for being late. Jeremy gets into line. Now that everyone is present, the contest begins.

Many of the coordinators show off their Pokemon. The crowd seems to love each Pokemon that comes on the stage. Up next is May. May sends out Squirtle who immediately fires an Ice Beam. Squirtle spins around very quickly and makes a smooth landing. Then Squirtle uses its Bubble attack. In the middle of the stage is a big bubble with smaller bubbles surrounding it. Squirtle jumps on the bigger bubble and uses Ice Beam to destroy the smaller bubbles. Then Squirtle uses Ice Beam on the bigger bubble. The bubble pops and an ice sculpture takes its place. Squirtle lands on top of the sculpture and finishes its performance. The judges enjoyed May's performance. The last coordinator to perform is Jeremy. When Jeremy walks on the stage, he has an electric guitar in his hand, and his clothes have been changed. Jeremy sends out Butterfree. Butterfree uses a combination of Poisonpowder and Stun Spore. Then with Safeguard, Butterfree glows with a greenish color dazzling the audience. Suddenly, the two people that May saw earlier enters the room. They call out for Jeremy to stop what he is doing. Apparently, Jeremy and the two people are related to each other. The woman walks on the stage and tries to get Jeremy to go home with the family. Jeremy explains to everyone how contests are his life long dream and how they mean a lot to him. He makes an excellent speech to the woman and to everyone else. The audience enjoys Jeremy's speech, and they all clap for him.

Meanwhile, Team Rocket is searching for berries for their shop. When the preliminaries are over, Lillian announces the four winners on a screen. Round 2 begins right away. May's Combusken burns up a trainer's Exeggutor and ends up winning the match. In Jeremy's match, the trainer's Vileplume fires a Petal Dance at Jeremy's Venusaur. Venusaur counters the attack with a Razor Leaf. Jeremy wins the battle.

The final round between May and Jeremy is about to start. Jeremy thanks May for helping him out earlier, but May tells Jeremy that it was his courage that brought him here. The man and woman walk outside. They discuss about Jeremy, the man's dad. They have a flashback on how their dad was a rock star and about how he loved Pokemon. The woman is the man's mom.

The final battle begins. May sends out Combusken and Jeremy sends out Venusaur. Venusaur starts off with Razor Leaf, but Combusken burns the leaves with Fire Spin. To stop the Fire Spin attack, Venusaur uses Vine Whip. May is shocked that Venusaur wasn't weakened by the attack. Then Jeremy calls out for a Frenzy Plant, a very powerful grass type attack. Vines emerge from the ground. The vines head straight for Combusken. Combusken manages to dodge one vine, but soon after it gets hit. Ash, Brock, and Max wonder how May will win from a powerful attack like Frenzy Plant. May soon sees that Venusaur has used up a lot of energy and is tired out. She tells Combusken to use Quick Attack. Combusken slams its body into Venusaur, and then it begins to weaken Venusaur with a series of Peck attacks. Venusaur knocks Combusken off its body. Jeremy orders Venusaur to do another Frenzy Plant. Combusken tries Fire Spin, but the attack has no effect on the vines. Then Combusken moves in closer to Venusaur with a Quick Attack while dodging the vines. It charges into Venusaur with a Sky Uppercut. Since Venusaur can no longer battle, May wins the battle.

Lillian presents May with a ribbon for winning the contest. Jeremy, the woman, and the man walk away together. Ash hopes that they run into them again at another contest. At night, Team Rocket is still outside looking for berries. Jessie sees something sticking out from a bush. She pulls on it, but the thing happens to be a Beedrill. Team Rocket runs as the Beedrill chase them.

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On Olden Pond
Happily displaying her new Pokemon egg and ribbon, May begins to annoy Max with her exuberant energy. Meanwhile, Ash and Pikachu are training in the forest. Pikachu begins with a Volt Tackle but halfway through the attack it fails.

Arriving at a mysterious lake, everyone is surprised and decides to explore the area. Inside of the lake resides an unknown creature. At a nearby building, Max finds some fishing rods and equipment. Ash and Brock start fishing in the lake waiting for a while until something attaches onto Ash's line. Unable to control the sheer power of the Pokemon at the end of the line, May, Max, and Brock jump to help Ash pull and lose control. Pulling with all their might, everyone falls back and releases a Crawdaunt from its watery chamber. Recovering from the fall, May quickly looks up Crawdaunt's Pokedex data. Crawdaunt is as ferocious as ever as Ash quickly releases Corphish. With Corphish being the pre-evolution of Crawdaunt, it appears that Corphish could be the weaker counterpart. Both Pokemon attack with their claws colliding but Crawdaunt easily overtakes Corphish and knocks him backwards. Now unleashing dual Crabhammers, Corphish is easily overtaken again and knocked backwards. Crawdaunt then starts off with a Bubblebeam with Corphish following after but is overtaken again by Crawdaunt's overpowering attacks. Crawdaunt grabs the fishing poles and breaks them in half.

A beautiful young woman, Hagasi-san, appears with Brock beginning with his usual romantic introduction. Max drags him away as Crawdaunt jumps back into his watery chamber. Ash asks her about the lake as she then goes on to explain about the past when the lake flourished with both Pokemon and customers. A mysterious black car arrives at the location as three figures step from out of the vehicle. After making a quick offer regarding ownership of the lake, Hagasi-san declines their offer. A Crawdaunt then appears shortly after, frightening all the Pokemon and customers in the lake that are residing in nearby areas. This Crawdaunt resembles the same Crawdaunt that Ash and everyone encountered previously.

Now with a revived ambition, everyone starts out in search for the Crawdaunt. With Squirtle, Corphish, and Marshtomp released into the lake, the search begins. Everyone heads out in different directions with Brock heading off in a boat with Ash and Max and May heading in different directions walking around the lake. Hagasi-san spots the Crawdaunt heading between a bed of rocks as Brock slows the boat. After following Crawdaunt, it is discovered that actually the Crawdaunt is being bribed to vandalize the lake while Crawdaunt is rewarded with food in return. The same men that arrived in the past in the black car are now controlling Crawdaunt to vandalize the woman's lake.

Nearby, Team Rocket is plotting to yet again to attempt to capture Pikachu. Hagasi-san and Ash walk up to the old man and question him why he is doing these actions. The old man is attempting to capture the Dragonair that is resident in the lake. He then goes on to describe that when he was a young boy, he fell from his boat and was ensnared in his fishing line, but from the depths of the lake, a mysterious Pokemon saved him. When he awoke from his slumber, there was no one around. Abruptly ending the story, the old man starts to walk off with a hysterical laugh.

At a nearby building, Ash is training both Corphish and Pikachu. With Corphish beginning with a Crabhammer and Pikachu attacking with a Quick Attack, both attacks collide and Corphish and Pikachu are thrust-ed backwards. An old woman then appears and releases her Vaporeon as May queries Vaporeon's Pokedex data. She then suggests a battle between Ash and herself. Corphish begins the battle off with a Crabhammer, but Vaporeon quickly dodges this slow attack. Now out in the lake, Corphish goes for another Crabhammer attack with Vaporeon also dodging the Crabhammer attack. Vaporeon seems to have disappeared for a second as Corphish looks at his nearby surroundings. Vaporeon then explodes underwater and collides with Corphish sending him backwards. Corphish is then blasted with Vaporeon's overpowering Hydro Pump and is pinned to a nearby rock. Corphish is knocked out and is unable to battle.

The old man and Ash are about to battle, with Corphish beginning with a Crabhammer. Crawdaunt responds with another Crabhammer but this time when the attacks collide, Crawdaunt doesn't overtake Corphish. Corphish then launches a barrage of Bubblebeam at Crawdaunt but is responded to with another Bubblebeam. Crawdaunt begins to overtake Corphish's Bubblebeam attack but Corphish dodges just before the attack makes contact. Crawdaunt goes for another Crabhammer attack as Corphish quickly dives underneath the water. Corphish then ignites from underneath the water and responds with a Crabhammer making direct contact with Crawdaunt. Crawdaunt goes for another attack just as Corphish hardens its body blocking Crawdaunt's attack and retaliating with a devastating Crabhammer knocking Crawdaunt back towards the nearby rocks.

Barely being able to move, Crawdaunt is snatched by Team Rocket's new mecha. Giving the usual introduction, Team Rocket sets the scene. The mecha then grabs for Pikachu and speeds off into the sky. Everyone then jumps into the boat and speed off towards Team Rocket's location. Heading towards Team Rocket, Corphish, Crawdaunt, and Marshtomp begin launching attacks towards Team Rocket. Meowth evades the airborne attacks with Corphish lifting up Squirtle and launching him towards the mecha. Squirtle withdraws and beings rotating at high speeds, colliding with Team Rocket's mecha but barely knocks if off course. Marshtomp saves Squirtle from the fall with its Water Gun. Corphish then launches another Bubblebeam attack increasing Squirtle's velocity launching once again towards the mecha. The attack makes a direct hit with this time damaging the mecha's engine. Team Rocket begins their descent towards the lake, colliding and blasting off into the sky again. A gigantic wave created by the explosion forces everyone towards the shore but the old man is enveloped in the watery cavern. Dragonair comes from beneath the depths and begins to rescue the old man. He then realizes that back when he was enveloped in the water as a young boy, Dragonair was the same Pokemon that saved him from before. Awaking from his slumber, the old man comes awake to see the old woman and Dragonair. The old man then goes to thank Dragonair as it begins its decent into the lake once more.

Dragonair's call can then be heard in the surrounding area as the nearby water Pokemon begin to return to the lake. With the lake now revived, Ash now has a newly revived ambition.

Tactics Theatrics!!
Successfully arriving at the Battle Dome, Ash is flooded by many reporters and personnel as Enshida briefly interrupts the intruders. A battle is about to commence, a fusion of fire and ice.

A press briefing takes place with various reporters questioning Ash about his upcoming battle in the Battle Dome. Meanwhile, Team Rocket is grooming the frontier brain, Heath, and making for battle preparations. Arriving at an inner platform within the Battle Dome, Ash can easily see the battle platform from above. Team Rocket is doing their usual errands with serving the normal concessions and snacks.

The lights dim within the arena as a nearby screen illuminates displaying information about Ash from Pallet Town. A giant plume of smoke and dust erupts in the arena as Ash makes his appearance. The arena then lightens with various colors of light as Heath, the frontier brain, makes his appearance. Landing majestically atop the adjacent platform, the crowd goes hysterical. Seeing the frontier brain of the Battle Dome for the first time gives Max and May thoughts of their father.

The battle about to take place, Heath displays the coin for defeating him in this battle as he then releases both Arcanine and Swampert in a veil of fire and water. This battle will be a two on two Pokemon battle. Ash analyzes Heath's choice and then chooses to call upon Swellow and Corphish. The battle quickly goes underway with Swellow launching into a devastating Aerial Ace towards Swampert. Arcanine then rushes towards Swampert and is thrust-ed into the air reaching a high velocity and collides with Swellow knocking him backwards. Swellow recovers from the attack as Corphish attacks with an array of Bubblebeam. Swampert then jumps in front of Arcanine to shield them from the attack with Protect. Brock notes that both Pokemon support each other with Arcanine's speed and Swampert's Defense.

Swellow goes for another attack flying around to reach a high speed with Arcanine running to achieve an equal speed and jumps into the air to defend against Swellow's attack. The two attacks collide thrusting Swellow backwards and forcing Arcanine to the ground unable to stop himself from the fall. Corphish sees the opening and goes for the attack with Swampert launching a Muddy Water attack right behind Arcanine. Just before Arcanine and Corphish make contact, Arcanine dodges Swampert's attack with Corphish taking direct damage and slamming into the nearby wall. With both Arcanine and Swampert as battle ready then ever, will Ash come to defeat Heath.

Enshida goes to explain that Heath is known for his astonishing battle tactics while both May and Max are surprised. Heath thanks Ash on his battle spirit and effort but Swampert quickly resumes the battle with Hydro Pump. Both Swellow and Corphish dodge this attack with Corphish thrusting towards Swampert with a deviating Crabhammer. Swampert retaliates with a Focus Punch as both attacks collide in an explosion of light and color. Arcanine then dash’s toward Swampert to perform another aerial attack. While Swellow comes forward for the Aerial Ace, Arcanine launches a strategic Flamethrower towards Swellow but the attack is avoided. Arcanine then increases his fire power with Fire Blast.

Meanwhile, Swampert is controlling the nearby water and shaping it with his Water Pulse attack. Swellow dodges Arcanine's first attack and launches towards Arcanine once more with the second attacks making contact creating a gigantic explosion. Corphish goes for an opening as Swampert forces the nearby Water Pulse towards Swellow and Corphish which collides creating a structure formed of water and ice. Arcanine launches a devastating Fire Blast within the structure rotating around creating a fusion of fire and ice. Both Swellow and Corphish is suspended within this structure as a gigantic explosion taking place between the two forces and both Pokemon are forced towards the ground. Team Rocket is speculating that neither Corphish nor Swellow have enough energy to continue the battle. Both Pokemon revive with a fighting spirit greater than ever. Both Arcanine and Swampert launch a Fire Blast and Hydro Pump towards Corphish. Both attacks are diverted by Corphish's Bubblebeam attack. Swellow then thrusts towards Swampert and just as Arcanine goes for the opening, Swellow dodges forcing Arcanine into Swampert for a direct hit. A giant plume of smoke and dust engulfs the arena. Arcanine launches another Fire Blast attack but this is again diverted by another Bubblebeam attack. Visibility is lowered by a great amount of smoke lingering within the arena.

Both Arcanine and Swampert are confused of Swellow's exact location and fly towards Corphish and Swellow. Just as both attacks are to make contact, Swellow floats to the left and flies from the bottom making a direct hit with Corphish's Crabhammer and Swellow's Aerial Ace. Both Arcanine and Swampert are announced as unable to battle.

Most of the female crowd is disappointed with Heath's loss as Heath congratulates Ash for his victory with the crowd crying out wildly. Heath thanks Ash for the honorable battle as Ash then asks for his battle symbol. Heath points to the top of his hat as Ash then pulls it from atop his head and happily displays his newly obtained coin.

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