Battle Frontier 416-420

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A Hurdle for Squirtle
A new challenge and a new adventure begins our story as we begin the second part of the Kanto Pokemon Contest. With May successfully registered for the contest, we step upon a new frontier. Lilian begins with usual annoucements and to start the contest off and explain the prizes and rules. May is watching a nearby television which is broadcasting the contest information as she confirms to Squirtle that they will win the contest. Harley interrupts with his usual devious talk to try to deceive May as usual and gain the advantage.

Lilian then introduces the judges comprising of the Kanto Contest. She then asks the crowd if they are ready. The crowd explodes in a gigantic roar as Lilian officially starts the contest.

Harley is the first contestant and calls upon his Cacturne which releases a group of tiny balls in the air. Cacturne then begins slowly rotating the balls in the air and finally sends spikes from its body through all of the balls which create a magnificent array of colors.

Other contestants are then shown with their pokemon including Vileplume, Pidgeotto, Kadabra, and Tangela. Lilian then introduces Jessie onto the platform when she then releases Cacnea. Cacnea then starts to run towards her and jumps as Jessie catches it. The hard spikes drive through her skin as the whole crows adornes her performance. Cacnea then releases an array of spikes which explode overhead creating a gigantic explosion of light and color. Both Meowth and James are amazed at Jessie's performance. Lilian then goes to congragulate Jessie but goes to notice that Cacnea is still attached to her and she doesn't move at all. Lilian taps her and she falls onto the ground. Jessie is then rushed back into the operating room again.

Lilian then introduces May and her Squirtle. Squirtle seems to become agitated around crowds of people and begins to become nervous. May then calls upon Combusken which gracefully releases from its pokeball and lands on the ground. May then throws her headgear towards Combusken as it propells it with a flamethrower high above the arena. Combusken then jumps through it's ring of fire and begins pelting it with quick attacks. Combusken then delivers one last mega punch to the scarf which then flies back towards May and lands perfectly atop her head. Combusken and May then move into a stance as the crowd goes wild shouting and cheering. Everyone seems to be pleased with May's performance except Harley which seems to be disappointed with her success.

The next eight contestants are then announced which include both May and Jessie. James seems to be pleased that Jessie passed the first round as Max exhibits the same emotion about his sister, May. The contestants are then shuffled with battle matchups being created. Jessie versus Harley while May is to challenge another participant in the contest. May is very exuberant and excited about her performance as Harley interrupts her again. He then begins off with his usual deceiving chat as she fires back quickly with a response to his statements.

A strange person then interrupts May and Harley which are wrapped in some white cloth and appear to be a mummy. The unknown person then removes the confinement and reveals herself to be Jessie. The second part of the contest is to begin with Lilian introducing the first battle round with Jessie versus Harley. Harley quickly releases his Ariados while Jessie calls upon Wobbuffet. Both James and Meowth are confused about Musashi's choice of Wobbuffet for the second round. Jessie's plan is to have Wobbuffet use Mirror Coat just as Ariados fires an attack which will then reflect upon Wobbuffet and backfire. Both contestants seem reluctant with making a move and telling the other to attack. Lilian then revels two yellow cards which subtract points from both participants scores. Both Harley and Jessie argue back and forth as Lilian is about to deduct more points for the two's bickering. Harley then asks Lilian to wait as Ariados fires a stream of web towards Wobbuffet. Musashi directs Wobbuffet to use Mirror Coat but it quickly fails as Ariados entagles Wobbuffet with its stickly fluid. Ariados then starts to move Wobbuffet around like a puppet with its attached strings as points are quickly deducted from Jessie's score. Jessie's points continue to drop as they near closer and closer to zero. The crowd seems to be enjoying Harley and Ariados's puppet show with Wobbuffet. Ariados then finishes the contest and sends Wobbuffet hurling through the arena and landing on Ariados's back. The rest of Jessie's points are deducted and Harley advances to the next round. Jessie then falls to the ground turning white as Jessie and Meowth do the same.

Invervals between May and Harley's rounds are shown with Squirtle knocking out Golbat with a powerful Bubblebeam and Ariados entagling a Walrein in a sticky web. Squirtle delivers a devasting Headbutt to a Weepinbell knocking it out. With both May and Harley advancing through their rounds, both have arrived at the final match.

Lilian quickly starts the match as May calls upon Squirtle and Harley calls out Ariados. Ariados then attaches itself to the ceiling with its sticky web and moves towards Squirtle which quickly scares it back towards May. Squirtle then recovers and directs an Ice Beam towards Ariados but it quickly dodges it and the beam disperses. Squirtle is knocked back on its back and can't seem to get back up on its feet. Ariados then retracts up into the ceiling and attaches its sticky web onto Squirtle's body. Ariados then grasps onto Squirtle's body as points are deducted from May's score. Ariados then creates a gigantic web around the arena as the crowd roars on. Ariados begins rotating Squirtle around in a circle and sends it hurling towards the web and entagling itself in the sticky confinment. Additional points are then deducted from May's score as she seems to be in a little bit of trouble. Ariados then decends down from the ceiling and attachs onto its web and beings walking towards Squirtle as it starts to scream in terror. Squirtle sends a bubblebeam towards Ariados but it quickly blocks the attack with its antenna and continues towards Squirtle as additional points are removed from May's score. May then recalls Squirtle's last attempt of Ice Beam which sent it hurling backwards because of its devasting power. Squirtle then launches a devasting Ice Beam which sends it flying backwards and frees it from its confinement. Ariados makes direct contact with the beam and is encased in a icy prison. Squirtle then hops atop the frozen web and delivers a devasting bubblebeam to Ariados which shatters the surrounding ice. Ariados tries to grasp onto the frozen web but it proves to fail as Squirtle descends towards Ariados and headbutts Ariados towards the ground. Ariados is announced as unable to battle and May is announced as the winner. The crowd explodes as May is awarded her first Kanto ribbon.

Everyone still seems to be amazed and shocked about May's strategic usage of Ice Beam. With May's first Kanto ribbon within grasp, they head towards their next destination, the Battle Arena, and to conquer the new and forbiding frontier.

Pasta La Vista
May displays her newly aquired ribbon as everyone is sitting on tires in a nearby field. Ash wants to hurry off to the next frontier contest as both May and Max tell him to wait as they May shows him an advertisement for a resturant and Max shows Ash an advertisement for The Strongest Pokemon at the Pokemon Dojo.

The line seems to be very long with everyone smashed together trying to get inside the resturant. A couple exit from the resturant and are fighting as May becomes fired up and Brock falls in love with the scene. They both dash off towards the group and continue off into the distance.

Meanwhile with Team Rocket, Meowth has constructed a stand to sell items or services. Ash and Max are walking in the distance as both James and Jessie notice them. After a few seconds, they dash off towards the two as Meowth tells them to wait a second. Ash and Max succesfully arrive at the Dojo while Max wonders if that is really the dojo. Ash and Max ask if anyone is there as an eruption begins and an old man ejects from the stadium and lands gracefully in front of Ash and Max. The old man introduces himself as both Ash and Max exchange greetings. The old man then starts pushing Ash into the dojo while nearby Team Rocket are spying nearby and notice that Ash has adventured off to the Pokemon Dojo.

Inside of the dojo, Max and Ash are cleaning the floor of the dojo as the old man is ordering them around. While cleaning the floor, both Max and Ash wonder where the battles are. Off in the distance, a strange noise starts emiting from the walls as the couple from before walk through the doorway with both May and Brock following. The young woman notices that May won the Kanto Pokemon Contest and asks her about it. The woman then starts talking with the dojo master as the man with her then envelopes in an argument with the dojo master and they both go at it with the dojo master swinging his sword wildly and both yelling back and forth.

Brock tries to interrupt the arguing but proves to be no effect as the two are still at it yelling and screaming at each other. The dojo master then suggests a pokemon battle and they both take places at opposite sides of the field. The dojo master then quickly calls upon Hitmonlee from which Ash looks up its data. The young man quickly releases Hitmonchan from which May looks up its data. With both Hitmonlee's fast kicks and Hitmonchan's fast punches, this will be an unbelievable battle. Hitmonchan quickly launches a Mega Punch which knocks Hitmonlee back but it quickly recovers. The dojo master then jumps into the air kicking forward and directs Hitmonlee to use Mega Kick but then injures his back. Both May and Ash take the competitors places for the upcoming battle.

Nearby outside of the dojo, Team Rocket is spying on their actions. Pariyama and Hitmonlee are heated in battle as each quickly deliver attacks to one another and clash in the middle. Hitmonlee's kick proves successful and sends Pariyama spinning uncontrollabely as Hitmonlee then delivers another powerful kick which knocks Pariyama back ontop of Team Rocket hiding in the bushes knocking Pariyama out and unable to battle.

In the second round, Skirmish and Hitmonchan are battling it out with both competitors throwing punches. Skirmish then emits a Stun Spore but Hitmonchan quickly dodges this attack and the stun spore then floats over to Team Rocket which quickly stuns the trio. Both pokemon meet in the middle with devasting Mega Punches but Hitmonlee's speed proves to be useful as its punch makes contact first knocking Skirmish uncontrollabely into the air and delivers one last Comet Punch which knocks Skirmish out and unable to battle.

The third round of the battle to begin with Hitmonlee and Hitmonchan. Hitmonlee quickly jumps into the air while Hitmonchan jumps towards Hitmonlee with a devasting Mega Punch making contact but also receives damage from Hitmonlee's devasting kick. Both pokemon fly towards the ground and make direct contact. Hitmonchan sends another Mega Punch towards Hitmonlee but it is easily dodged and Hitmonchan is knocked into the wall by the devasting kick.

Hitmonchan quickly recovers and begins sending a barrage of punches towards Hitmonlee knocking it backwards. Hitmonchan sends another Comet Punch towards Hitmonlee which hits for direct damage and knocks Hitmonlee back into the wall.

May is now enraged with internal flames as Hitmonchan quickly moves into close proximety with Hitmonlee. Hitmonchan then tries to deliver a Comet Punch but is blocked by Hitmonlee's Upper Kick. Both pokemon recover and make it an effort for one last Comet Punch but just before the attacks are released an explosion erupts in the ceiling with Team Rocket ejecting from the ceiling.

The usual introduction given from Jessie, James, and Meowth. Team Rocket's strange mecha has successfully captured Hitmonlee and Hitmonchan as they then try to escape. A young woman then quickly releases Hitmontop which Rapid Spins towards the mecha and releases both Hitmonchan and Hitmonlee. Hitmontop then spins around and delivers a Mega Kick to Team Rocket's mecha. Pikachu then delivers a devasting Thunderbolt which sends Team Rocket blasting off into the sky at the speed of light.

Apologies are exchanged with both the dojo master and the young man apologizing for their actions. The young man then recalls the past times with the master. At the nearby resturant, everyone enjoys a bowl of food prepared by the dojo master. As thanks are exchanged, everyone heads for the new frontier and a new adventure.

Fear Factor Phony
Fear Factor Phony Having lost their way again, Max looks at his Pokenavi for the nearest Pokemon Center. Pikachu seems to notice something in the distance and dash’s off while Ash tells Pikachu to wait up.

Pikachu has found an abandoned city while May is already frightened by the looks of the surroundings. Walking through the city, they arrive at a mine shaft inside of the city. A Haunter appears from within the cave as everyone runs away in fright. Nearby, Team Rocket is sitting atop a platform as Meowth notices everyone running away from the mine shaft. Meowth suggests that they should go inside of the mine shaft themselves. Reaching the bottom of the ground, Team Rocket venture into the same mine shaft. The same Haunter appears again as it seems to have no effect on them. When Haunter sticks its tongue out then Team Rocket runs off in fright. Ash and everyone have successfully escaped into a nearby building. Everyone is still highly upset from the sighting as Ash stands up slowly to see outside of a nearby window. Everything seems to be desolate as a soft shower envelops the city.

Meanwhile, Team Rocket never escaped the mine shaft and just fell to the ground falling unconscious. Jessie wakes noticing that they are still inside of the shaft and starts to wake up James. They begin to exit the mine but notice the rain outside and decide to adventure further within the mine. With Jessie in such a frightened state, Wobbuffet easily frightens her with his usual "greeting". Another strange sound emits from the shaft as the Haunter appears again. Frightening everyone, Wobbuffet scorches out of the shaft leaving everyone else behind. Still in a frightened state, Jessie and James still manage to release their Pokemon in an effort to combat Haunter. Both Seviper and Cacnea are frightened by the Haunter and dash back to their masters.

Cacnea then launches a barrage of spikes at Haunter but they prove to be effect towards Haunter. Seviper then launches a devastating Iron Tail but easily goes through Haunter and makes contact with the shaft ceiling. Jessie then throws Meowth in one last effort and manages to hit the electrical box above which lights up the shaft and sends Haunter away. Jessie seems to be surprises that the light drove Haunter away. Further ahead in the shaft, a few ghost Pokemon are hiding behind a barrel. Meowth releases his claws in effort to attack as the Haunter tries to reason with him.

Ash and everyone are still inside of the building now sleeping as May is still frightened from the Haunter event. A mysterious sound starts to emit from the nearby room which sends May into a further state of fright. May then goes to wake Ash but he is in a deep sleep. May then shouts waking everyone up. Waking up from their slumber, everyone continues down a hall until they reach a door where the music is coming from. Ash opens the door and discovers many psychic Pokemon including Abra, Kirlia, Abra, and Hypno.

May then presses her hands on top of Max and Ash sending them falling into the room and alerting the nearby Pokemon. The Abra hasn't escaped and is in a state of hypnosis with a powerful psychic field around its body. As Ash starts to touch the Abra, his hand is forced back by the field. Max notices a picture underneath a couch the Abra is sitting on, which is a picture of the psychic Pokemon and the miners of the now abandoned town. Abra then depicts a scene from the past from when the town was flourishing which the miners abandoning the psychic Pokemon.

Ash suggests that they should try to help the psychic Pokemon as plates of Pokemon Food are setup on the table and Max then starts the music. Abra opens the door and after a few seconds the Pokemon rush in. The ghost Pokemon depict a story to Meowth between an everlasting battle between the ghost Pokemon and the psychic Pokemon. When the psychic Pokemon try to enter the mine, the ghost Pokemon form a figure of a gigantic Haunter leaving both sides in a battle. Still running from the scene, Wobbuffet hears the music from the psychic Pokemon and notices the Kirlia dancing on the table. Wobbuffet develops a crush as he notices Kirlia's majestic movements, and rushes into the building. Wobbuffet then reveals a flower to Kirlia as which she then accepts sending Wobbuffet into a state of love.

A nearby explosion rocks the building, as the gigantic Haunter appears again. Gigantic arms eject from Haunter's body, snatching every psychic Pokemon. After snatching Kirlia, Wobbuffet dashes after Kirlia and inside of the gigantic mecha. The ghost Pokemon then reveal Team Rocket's new mecha with the scene being set with the usual "greeting". Team Rocket has acquired the power of the ghost Pokemon with Wobbuffet rushing down to the nearby cage where the psychic Pokemon are held captive. Wobbuffet tries to release the psychic Pokemon by hitting the cage but proves to be ineffective. Wobbuffet then walks back a few feet and then rushes into the cage smashing it and releasing all of the psychic Pokemon. Team Rocket is shocked that Wobbuffet helped the psychic Pokemon and released them from the prison.

Meowth then directs the ghost Pokemon to attack as they all begin forming shadow balls which then forms into a gigantic shadow ball and launches it towards the fleeing psychic Pokemon. Kirlia springs into the air and blocks the shadow ball sending it rushing back towards Team Rocket's mecha and sending them blasting off into the sky again. Kirlia then notices the wilted flower that Wobbuffet handed her as the ghost Pokemon are still ready to fight. Pikachu then launches a thunderbolt in the middle of the two feuding groups and tries to explain that they don't have to battle. Ash's speech proves to be ineffective as both sides are still ready to battle more than ever. Brock notices the nearby Abra and formulates a plan.

Abra is now outside with the rest of the psychic Pokemon but now is emitting its shield around all of the psychic Pokemon while they dance also blocking the sound of the music from the ghost Pokemon. With both the psychic Pokemon and ghost Pokemon satisfied, another day and another adventure envelops upon our everlasting heroes.

Fear Factor Phony
Headed towards the Battle Arena, Ash and everyone are huddled under a tree with a sickly Munchlax. Brock suggests that Munchlax should be taken to a Pokemon Center while Max checks his PokeNavi and states that there are no Pokemon centers around there. An old woman then appears and examines the sickly Munchlax. Just after a few moments, an old man and a Manene appear as he queries its data in her Pokedex.

Chimecho seems to have also come down with the same sickness as Munchlax while Meowth examines the map and notices that there isn't a Pokemon center within their area. Wobbuffet decides to release itself from the Pokeball while James rushes off in search of a Pokemon center. James stops atop a cliff and notices a structure in the distance. Dashing off like the speed of light, James blasts off while Jessie and Meowth trail behind.

Arriving inside of the building, James is greeted by both the old woman and man. James asks them to help cure Chimecho as both Jessie and Meowth are confused that these people actually know James by name. James then takes Jessie and Meowth over and explains to them that the woman and man took care of him when he was young.

James then explains his past childhood with strict rules, playing the piano and violin, and other childhood memories. James then goes to explain how he left that lifestyle with his "real" parents and came to meet this old woman and man where he played and enjoyed himself. Jessie and Meowth then dash over to introduce themselves as the old woman is holding Chimecho. Now inside of the building, Chimecho is atop a bed still in a sickly state as Manene rushes inside of the room.

Now arriving at the building, Ash and everyone open the doors and are about to step inside just as James rushes to the door and goes to explain the situation. The old woman then opens the door as James tries to explain the situation. Max begins to open his mouth but is quickly stopped by James. Now both Munchlax and Chimecho are atop beds as May thanks the woman for aiding Munchlax.

James then runs off in a dash and comes to find Jessie and Meowth stuffing their faces with food from the house. Everyone is then taken outside as they are shown the waterfall and the nearby forest where Pokemon relax and heal themselves. An Oddish then dash’s across the field as Jessie and Meowth notice it dash into the nearby bushes. Jessie and Meowth then rush towards the Oddish as then the Oddish screams out in terror. James then starts towards the scream as Jessie and Meowth mysteriously appear. Jessie tries to explain the situation as Oddish's leaves pop out from underneath her arms. Oddish then tries to escape Jessie as James rescues Oddish from Jessie's grasp.

Nighttime has now befallen the land as Manene arrives to a room and notices James is beside Chimecho during its time of sickness. A door opens as May then walks into the room and steps beside Munchlax. James reassures May that Munchlax will recover as she then wishes Munchlax good luck and leaves the room. Manene then appears inside the doorway and rushes over to James and tries to cheer him up.

Meanwhile, Jessie and Meowth are elsewhere in the building hiding in the darkness with their devious plot. Still at Chimecho's side, Jessie and Meowth arrive in the room and grab Munchlax and Manene. Now inside of the Pokemon House, Jessie and Meowth start stealing the other Pokemon which are also recovering. Ash wakes up from his slumber and notices a mysterious light within the house as James also wakes up and notices the same light.

Jessie and Meowth are walking along a dirt path, as the lights turn on and Ash and everyone appear. Setting the scene with the usual Team Rocket theme, James tries to grab the bag from Jessie but instead the bag rips releasing all of the captured Pokemon. Jessie then releases Seviper as Ash then calls upon Phanpy. Seviper attacks Phanpy but evades Seviper's attack and responds with a Rollout sending Seviper flying back towards Jessie.

James has now turned on Jessie and Meowth and then calls upon Cacnea. Cacnea then sends a Sandstorm towards Jessie and Seviper. Trying to evade the storm, Seviper dashes through the sandstorm but is quickly stopped by Cacnea's Needle Arm sending Seviper flying back towards Jessie. Now Phanpy sends a Hidden Power towards Jessie as Cacnea sends a barrage of spikes towards Jessie and Meowth sending them blasting off into the sky at the speed of light. The old woman and man appear again as James tries to explain the situation again. Jessie and Meowth then blast through the roof and then both Jessie and Meowth try to explain their situation.

It is now daytime as thanks and goodbyes are exchanged as Ash and everyone head off towards their next destination. Meanwhile, Jessie and Meowth are inside the balloon waiting for James as he is still inside of the room beside Chimecho. James then recalls his past memories with Chimecho as then Chimecho wakes up from its deep sleep and James starts to cry. James then goes to grab his Pokeballs out of his pocket but drops them onto the ground. Manene then rushes over to an empty Pokeball and captures itself inside of the Pokeball. James has now obtained a new friend and wishes his old friend good luck. Now headed for a new beginning and destination, Team Rocket heads off into the skies.

The following synopsis are with permission from our great affiliate

A Chip Off The Old Brock
From the sunlight, Mudkip comes down onto the ground. Grovyle jumps out of the way. Ash and Brock are having a battle. Ash tells Grovyle to use Bullet Seed. Mudkip dodges the attack. Grovyle then strikes Mudkip with Leaf Blade. Suddenly, a bright light glows on Mudkip. It evolves into Marshtomp. Impressed, May looks up Marshtomp in her Pokedex. Marshtomp fires a Mud Shot at Grovyle, but Grovyle dodges the attack. The attack heads for Ash who dodges it. It goes through the bushes hitting a Flaaffy. A young girl arrives and cares for Flaaffy. Ash apologizes to the girl for the damage that they have done. Since Mud Shot is a ground type attack, it is super effective against electric types like Flaaffy. Brock offers to get some medicine for Flaaffy, but the girl declines Brock's offer. The girl runs inside a drug store. Ash and co. follow her to the store.

An old woman holds out a potion and gives it to Flaaffy. Flaaffy is stunned for a bit but quickly heals. Ash and co. are happy that Flaaffy is better. The girl thanks her grandma for the potion. She gives Flaaffy a hug. Brock and Ash apologize again. The old woman hears that Ash is training for the Battle Frontier. Ash and co. introduce themselves. The girl introduces herself as Miraya and her grandma, Katie. Brock immediately falls in love with Miraya. Marshtomp, who has hearts in its eyes, holds Flaaffy's hand. Marshtomp has a crush on Flaaffy. Before Brock can go crazy, May and Max pull Brock and Marshtomp away. Ash is impressed at the medicine that healed Flaaffy. Miraya explains to Ash that her grandma makes the best medicine for Pokemon.

A boy comes in with an orange-looking potion. He gives it to Katie for a test. Katie tastes the medicine. She tells him that she can't sell it since he did something wrong. The boy feels down since he messed up. Miraya tells him that she is sure that he will do better the next time. The boy sees Ash and co. Miraya introduces Ash and co. to Micolie. They both work at the medicine shop.

Team Rocket is admiring the medicine shop from a distance. They plan to steal all the medicine. Katie decides to make some more medicine with Miraya. Brock wants to watch her because it would make him a better breeder. May and Max decide to watch too. On the other hand, Ash decides to train some more for his challenge at the Battle Arena. At another house, Katie begins to make another potion. Brock takes notes as she mixes a few ingredients up. As soon as she finishes it, electricity is needed. She sends out her Mareep. Mareep uses Thunder to complete the potion. As soon as the time is right, Katie tells Mareep to stop the electricity. A perfect potion is made. Brock is beginning to understand the process. Miraya adds in that her grandma invented the process, but the hard part is deciding how strong the electricity should be.

Two customer walks in the medicine shop. Micolie, who is watching over the shop, greets the customers. The customers present a sick Snorlax to Micolie. They want some medicine to heal it. The customers are really Team Rocket in disguise, and Meowth and Wobbuffet are in a Snorlax costume. Jessie and James begin to take the medicine from the shelves, and they stuff it into the Snorlax costume. Then they run off. Micolie chases them down. Ash sees Team Rocket getting away. He has Grovyle use Bullet Seed to stop them from escaping. Team Rocket is revealed. Micolie grabs onto the costume wanting it back. Jessie refuses to give it back. Brock has Marshtomp use Mud Shot at Team Rocket. Team Rocket slips backwards and they land on a boat in water. The boat sails backwards down a waterfall. Micolie returns the medicine back to Miraya. Miraya asks if Micolie is okay. She is glad when she hears that he is fine.

At night, Brock grooms Marshtomp while talking about how he and Miraya would make a perfect couple. Ash shines his Pokeballs and tells Pikachu that they will be at the Battle Arena soon. Then he looks out the window and sees a blast of electricity come from inside the house outside. Ash and co. walk up to the house and look inside. They see Micolie and his Pokemon, Ampharos. Ampharos is using its Thunder attack to complete Micolie's potion. Ampharos overdoes the power and the potion explodes. Ash screams as some of the potion falls down near him. Micolie hears his voice. May thinks that it has gotten late for Micolie to practice his medicine making, but Micolie is determined to make a perfect potion. Micolie explains to Ash and co. that he has known Miraya ever since he was little, and he loved to watch Katie make potions. He has been inspired from Katie to make wonderful potions, but he always fails. Katie walks in and tells Micolie that he lacks confidence. All he needs to do is make that change and everything will be fine.

Suddenly, the ground begins to shake. Everyone rushes outside, and they see the medicine shop flying. Miraya is still inside the medicine shop. The shop is being pulled up by Team Rocket and their balloon. They say their motto. Max notices that Team Rocket has Mime Jr. Micolie walks on a rooftop and shouts out to Miraya that he will save her. Him and Ampharos jump from the rooftop and on to the medicine shop that is in the sky. Meowth gets out a remote control. He presses a few switches that shakes the shop. Miraya holds onto Micolie trying to pull him onboard. The medicine from the shelves fall and break. Meowth makes their rockets even more powerful. Ash and co. try to chase after Team Rocket. Katie tells Brock to have Marshtomp use Mud Shot. Marshtomp fires the attack at Team Rocket, but Meowth has the attack reflected back at Ash and co. The attack damages Pikachu and Mareep. Katie calls out at Miraya and Micolie for some medicine for her electric Pokemon. Miraya and Micolie tell Katie that all the medicine fell down and was smashed. Mime Jr jumps on the remote and begins to press all the buttons at once. The balloon shakes around, and the rockets die out.

Micolie picks up two remaining potions that survived. He decides to combine them together in order to help the injured electric Pokemon. While James and Meowth are fixing the rockets, Ampharos is using its Thunder attack on the potion. Miraya hopes Micolie's plan works. Micolie has Ampharos use Thunder at its full strength. Miraya has Flaaffy help power up the medicine. When bubbles begin to form, the two electric Pokemon stop their attacks. When the rockets are fixed, Team Rocket begins to float away again. Micolie throws the potion to Katie. Katie examines the potion and is happy that Micolie finally made something good. When the potion is given to Pikachu and Mareep, they fire their Thunder attacks at Team Rocket. However, Team Rocket reflects the attacks back at them. Then Flaaffy and Ampharos use their Thunder attacks at Team Rocket. The rockets die out again causing Team Rocket to fall. Miraya and Micolie rush out of the medicine shop. Ash and co. surrounds Team Rocket. Team Rocket wants to battle. Jessie sends out Seviper and James sends out Cacnea. Seviper uses Poison Tail and Cacnea uses Needle Arm. Marshtomp shoots out a stream of water weakening Team Rocket's Pokemon. Finally, Flaaffy and Ampharos use their Thunder attacks on Team Rocket. Pikachu and Mareep also fire their Thunder attacks at Team Rocket. The combined force causes Team Rocket to blast off.

Katie is impressed that Micolie managed to create a potion. Micolie tells her that Miraya, Ampharos, and Flaaffy all helped him. Miraya adds in that it was also Micolie's confidence that helped him make the potion. Katie decides to give the shop to Miraya and Micolie. Brock and Marshtomp sigh. It's time for Ash and his friends to head on the road again. Katie tells Ash how to get to the Battle Arena. May is carrying a bag full of medicine for Pokemon. They all say goodbye to each other, and Ash and co. head down to the Battle Arena.

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