Battle Frontier 411-415

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On Cloud Arcanine
Ash and friends are now heading for the Battle Arena so Ash can earn his second Battle Frontier Symbol. However, right now they've stopped at a bakery and are standing in a very long line. Ash tells May that the cakes better be worth it; she replies that her guidebook says that they are the best in the area. Suddenly, an Arcanine comes bounding down the road. Ash looks it up in his Pokedex as it heads straight for them?

The Arcanine leaps over everyone in the crowd; May watches it in amazement. The Legendary Pokemon starts to run off as May says that she wants to catch it. Just then, a voice calls out to Arcanine. Everyone looks to see Drew and his Flygon chasing it. He orders Flygon to use Flamethrower. Arcanine responds with a Heat Wave attack. Arcanine then uses Extremespeed to get away. Drew gets annoyed that the Arcanine got away; May asks Brock what Extremespeed is. He tells her that Extremespeed is used to get Speed stats higher and almost always gets you the first attack.

Drew walks over and tells May that only an amateur would ask something like that. May wonders why Drew is in Kanto, so he tells her that he's there for the competition like real winners do. She gets mad as he shows her his newest Ribbon, one for the Kanto Grand Festival. Drew says he?s going to go and get Arcanine and leaves with his Flygon. The group also leaves, May wanting to catch Arcanine to show Drew that she can.

At the bakery, Team Rocket watches "the twerps" leaving. The boss, who is the same one from the Hoenn League Championships, tells them to get working or they're fired. Meanwhile, Ash and the others follow Mudkip as it searches for Arcanine. Mudkip finds it taking Pecha Berries and storing them for later. Arcanine starts to leave, so May sends out Combusken to get it. Combusken starts to catch it, but then Arcanine uses Extremespeed and gets away. Everyone comes out from the bushes and Ash says that a Combusken could never match Arcanine's speed. Combusken becomes sad as May tells it that it wasn’t its fault.

Brock suggests asking someone as they come to a woodsman's house. The man continues his chopping as the group approaches. They stop, afraid of the man; Ash walks up to him, as, back at the bakery, the line continues to grow and the customers grow unhappy. Inside, Jessie mumbles to herself that they should hold their Horsea as she carries a plat of muffins past a wedding cake. She decides to take a taste and sticks her finger in. James walks up and takes some for himself. Meowth jumps onto the table and tells them not to poke little holes in the cake but to take big chunks. Wobbuffet also takes some cake.

At the old woodsman's house, the man tells them that he told a boy with an Arcanine everything about Arcanine an hour previously. May asks if he'll tell them everything too. At the bakery, Team Rocket observes the cake, with several huge hunks missing. The boss calls for them and tells them to bring him the big wedding cake. Instead of taking it to him, they hide it and he comes out to get it himself. He asks them where it is, so Wobbuffet opens its mouth and reveals the half-eaten cake. All four of them are soon outside without jobs.

The woodsman tells Ash and his friends that the Arcanine never came down from the mountains until recently and that it goes to Pecha Trees and a local spring. Since all Pokemon have to drink sometime, the gang heads to the spring and hides in the bushes nearby. May says that she’ll use Squirtle to battle it; Ash's stomach rumbles. He says that it must be time for lunch, but May yells that he'll never eat lunch again if he's not quiet. Max comments that their arguing is louder than Ash's stomach.

A few minutes later, everyone is sitting down to lunch. Brock says that he made it with fresh vegetables from the woodsman as a rustle in the bushes gets everyone's attention. They look to see Arcanine drinking some water. It hears them and runs off quickly. As Team Rocket walks through the forest, they complain that they're hungry and that they could've been fired after lunch. Wobbuffet appears with four Pecha Berries in its arms. James thinks that it got one for all of them, but it eats them all. Jessie shakes her Pokemon and tells it to give them the location of the Pecha Trees.

Meanwhile, Ash and friends have stumbled onto the Pecha Trees. Everyone gathers in a circle as Brock draws out a map in the dirt. He points out that the east and west sides of the area are steep cliffs so the Arcanine must've come from north or south. He has May and Max go to the north end while he and Ash go to the south end, thinking they can divert the Arcanine to May if it comes their way. Corphish, Mudkip, and Squirtle come out of their Pokeballs ready for battle. Arcanine decides to go south and Ash meets up with it first. He orders Corphish to use Bubblebeam and Arcanine runs off. Brock orders a Water Gun from Mudkip and it heads north.

As May gets ready for Arcanine, she discovers that Squirtle is sleeping. She wakes it up and tells it to get ready. It stands at attention as Arcanine runs up. Arcanine uses Roar and Squirtle returns to its Pokeball. Max suggests that May uses Munchlax's Metronome so she lets out her Pokemon. Arcanine uses Extremespeed to get away as Munchlax starts waving its hands. Munchlax gets Extremespeed and catches up to Arcanine. May tells it to jump on top, but it runs past and starts gathering Pecha Berries at the speed of light.

Over in another part of the forest, Team Rocket scales down a mountain, following Wobbuffet's instructions as to where the Pecha Berries are. They safely make it to the bottom to see that all the Berries are gone. Arcanine runs past and Meowth comes up with an idea to give it to Giovanni as a pillow to keep him warm at night.

Ash and the others are now trying their last idea, going to the cliffs. They hide behind a rock, with Squirtle out, as Arcanine walks up the path to a ledge. May jumps out with Squirtle and corners Arcanine. But just when she thinks she?s got it, Drew jumps in with Flygon. Arcanine jumps past the two and up a cliff. May and Drew argue for a bit until May tells Drew that she wants a battle for who gets Arcanine.

Brock judges the match and tells them to begin. May orders Squirtle to use Tackle, which Flygon dodges by using Fly. Flygon then uses a Steel Wing attack. Squirtle tries to use Bubble to block but Flygon's Steel Wing hits and Squirtle begins to cry again. May picks it up as Drew walks towards the cliff where Arcanine went. Everyone climbs up to see that it's gone. But then they notice it up on a higher ledge. They climb up and see that Arcanine is feeding three Growlithe babies. A net comes flying and grabs the Growlithe. Team Rocket arrives and says their motto again. Jessie notices that they have the Growlithe instead of the Arcanine. Arcanine leaps onto the net, and gets captured in a second one. Team Rocket rejoices as Drew orders a Steel Wing.

The balloon bursts and lands in a tree. Ash and Brock start to take out their Pokeballs but May stops them and says to let her and Drew take care of it. Flygon uses Steel Wing to break the nets and free the captives. James sends out Cacnea and gets a needle-filled hug, before telling it to attack. Cacnea releases a Pin Missile, but Squirtle blocks with Bubble. Jessie sends in Dustox and orders a Poison Sting. Flygon blocks it with Flamethrower.

James orders Cacnea to use Sandstorm; Flygon blocks Squirtle from getting hit. Squirtle hops onto Flygon as it flies into the air. It jumps off and smashes into Dustox in a Tackle while Cacnea gets a Steel Wing from Flygon. May and Drew order Water Gun and Flamethrower respectively and Team Rocket is sent blasting off again. May decides not to capture Arcanine, and Drew also concedes.

As the sun sets into the mountains, Drew tells May that she should enter the Saffron City Pokemon Contest. He tells her that he's going to go and get a new Pokemon to strengthen his team when she asks if he'll be there. As Drew leaves, Max checks the Pokenav and announces that Saffron City is close by. Ash says that they'll head for Saffron City first and they head out?

Sitting Psyduck
A Psyduck, wearing a red ribbon, dashes frantically through the tall grasses of the Kanto plains. It turns to look at the three Pokemon following it, shadowed by the grass. The red look in their eyes tells Psyduck that it's in trouble.

Meanwhile, Ash and friends have settled down on the rocky banks of a river. Pikachu shocks Phanpy, immune to electricity, as May fills up the water and Ash packs up. The Psyduck comes running out of the grass on the cliff above and lands on the smoldering fire below. Psyduck jumps into the river and cools down. Suddenly, a Machop, a Machoke, and a Machamp jump down from the cliff and surround Psyduck. Psyduck runs from them and they follow it, eventually cornering it by some cliffs.

Machoke grabs Psyduck by the head as Phanpy prepares to attack. Machop uses Karate Chop on Phanpy and sends it backwards. Ash orders a Rollout attack and Phanpy smashes into Machop. Machamp then uses Karate Chop, which Phanpy counters with Defense Curl. Ash then commands another Rollout and Machamp is hit. Machop, Machoke, and Machamp all surround Phanpy and Pikachu uses Thunderbolt. The Superpower Pokemon run away as Phanpy approaches Psyduck.

May asks Psyduck if it's all right and Ash asks if it wants to come with them. Psyduck and Phanpy quickly become good friends. Psyduck is given some Pokemon food, and while it eats wildly, May scans it with her Pokedex. She notices the ribbon around its neck and says that it must have a trainer, Ash finishing that they know what to do with the Psyduck then. Psyduck glances up at everyone and then goes back to its food.

Meanwhile, in another part of the forest, Machop, Machoke, and Machamp kneel before a girl with a paper fan. She tells them that they aren't supposed to come back without Psyduck and when she opens her eyes, they better be off finding it. She opens them to find that they are gone and mutters to herself that good help really is hard to find.

Ash and friends walk down the forest path with Psyduck in companionship. Pikachu, Psyduck, and Phanpy play as they walk along in front of the gang. Jessie, James, and Meowth watch from above hanging in the trees like Kakuna. Meowth spots Psyduck and says they're going to steal it for the boss.

He tells Jessie and James to picture the boss in his undershirt doing chores around the house. James objects to picturing that as Meowth goes on to say that the boss has stubbed his toe when Psyduck comes along and seeing that Psyduck doesn’t have a brain, Giovanni is happy that he does. James rejects that that idea wouldn't work.

Meowth tries another idea: the boss is pacing at work and he stubs his toe on the desk when Psyduck comes along and he forgets the pain. James rejects that idea too, saying that the boss would be wearing shoes at work. Meowth's final idea is that the boss is eating ice cream and he gets a brain freeze from eating too fast when Psyduck comes along and makes it better. Jessie and James decide that the idea might work and they cheer for getting a corner office and other good things.

Jessie and James then put on disguises and advertise grass sledding to Ash and friends. May things that it could be dangerous so Jessie says that "Jamal" will demonstrate. James objects to the idea, saying that he could get hurt but Jessie makes him go anyways. She lets him go down the hill and he screams most of the way down. Ash and the others are about to leave when they discover that Psyduck wants to go and is already on a sled. They decide to go and are soon having the time of their lives. Ash rides with Pikachu, Max rides with Brock, and May gets a sled to herself as Psyduck rides with Phanpy. As they continue on, May comments that she was wrong about the danger.

Jessie pushes a button and pinball bumpers pop up in the middle of the hill and the sleds start bouncing around like a pinball game. James tells Jessie that she's getting good at it as Meowth swoops in and snatches Psyduck and Phanpy with a net while the others are sent into a soccer net. With snowboards, Jessie and James begin to slide down the hill as they say their motto. The gang tries to follow them but they reach the balloon and liftoff quickly.

Suddenly, Machoke and Machamp run past and jump onto the balloon as Ash and friends follow on the ground. The balloon crashes and Jessie and James send out Seviper and Cacnea, who turns around and hugs James. Machop arrives and jumps into the grounded balloon, taking Psyduck and Phanpy back to the gang. Machoke and Machamp then send Team Rocket blasting off again with Cross Chop.

The net comes off of as the Superpower Pokemon move in to take Psyduck. Phanpy blocks it as a carriage pulled by two Ponyta arrives. The girl from before steps out and sees Psyduck, dashing over to hug it. She invites everyone to come with her. In the carriage, she tells them her name is Emily and says that her Psyduck runs away a lot. When they arrive at her mansion, Emily notices that Psyduck is all dirty. Psyduck struggles with the maids as they carry it to the bath. Emily then puts it on a cushion and makes it smell pretty with some perfume.

At the dinner table, Psyduck won't eat a thing; Emily says that it wouldn't eat anything lately. Max says that it was eating like a Munchlax a little while before and she is shocked to find this out. Brock remembers Psyduck eating crazily before and he begins to think. Later, Ash and May have a practice battle between Phanpy and Squirtle.

Ash orders a Rollout attack and Squirtle uses Water Gun as Psyduck watches longingly from the window. Phanpy dodges as Emily says that she doesn't permit her Psyduck to fight. Brock tells her that battling is a way for trainers to communicate and have a sense of unity. He continues that Psyduck may think that its life is empty and lonely. Psyduck continues to watch the battle as Emily realizes what's wrong with her Psyduck.

Phanpy is about to hit Squirtle in a Rollout when Psyduck jumps in and pushes Phanpy out of attacking Squirtle. Phanpy continues to roll and smashes Ash into the pond. Psyduck jumps in and begins splashing Ash. Ash splashes back as Squirtle comes over and hits Ash with a Water Gun. Pikachu joins the fray as Brock, Max, and Emily come outside.

Smoke begins to fill the area as Team Rocket arrives in a Chimecho balloon. Jessie, James, and Meowth say a shortened version of their motto. Meowth grabs Psyduck with a metal claw as smoke continues to come from Seviper. Ash releases Grovyle and orders a Leaf Blade. Psyduck falls from the balloon; Emily catches it as Grovyle pops it with a Bullet Seed. Team Rocket is grounded and Seviper and Cacnea jump out of the balloon. Phanpy uses Rollout as Emily asks Psyduck if it's okay. Psyduck points at the dirt on Emily and laughs, making Emily realize that it likes being dirty.

Psyduck then prepares to battle Cacnea. Cacnea uses Sandstorm as Max tells Emily to remember what attacks Psyduck can use. She recalls Focus Punch, Fury Swipes, Hydro Pump, and Confusion. Max tells her to have it attack, but she can’t figure out which attack. He says that Focus Punch would be good so she commands it and Psyduck does. Psyduck then uses Fury Swipes and Meowth comes into the skirmish. Meowth and Psyduck both use Fury Swipes on each other. Emily decides to use another attack, Max telling her to choose her own. She orders a Hydro Pump and Meowth is blasted away.

Seviper then tries to use Poison Tail, but with Max's command, Psyduck dodges. Psyduck then uses Confusion to slam everyone into the balloon. Pikachu uses a Thunderbolt to send Team Rocket blasting off again. Jessie complains that that’s twice in one day; James says that it’s new and improved. Meowth says that if they want to be improved, they should improve their plans.

On the ground, Psyduck rejoices at having battled. Its stomach rumbles and Emily asks how hungry it is, a little or a lot. Psyduck holds out its arms to each side, signaling that it is very hungry. Later that day, Emily and her four Pokemon, Machop, Machoke, Machamp, and Psyduck, see Ash and friends out as they leave. Emily states that she wants to go on her own journey someday. Ash and friends then head out once again for Saffron City and May’s first Kanto Pokemon Contest.

Hail to the Chef
Ash and friends are now taking a break from Ash's Battle Frontier journey and are heading for Saffron City where May hopes to earn her first Kanto Ribbon. As they walk along, May says that she's really excited for the Contest. Ash says that she will do great and May continues that she has a feeling that she’ll get her first Kanto Ribbon there. Suddenly, Munchlax pops out of its Pokeball, sniffs around in the air and runs off down the path. Meanwhile, Team Rocket is wandering the forest. The three team members collapse on the ground, Jessie saying that that they lost the twerps and their hungry. They look up, however, to see a restaurant. As they dash towards it, Jessie stops and says that they have no money. James and Meowth slam into the doors and fall over, pushing them open. Inside, a woman welcomes them to Rhoda's and says that since it is their Grand Opening, all food is free!

Ash and friends have also arrived at a restaurant. May's stomach rumbles; Brock says that it sounds like Ash's, with Ash adding in that it's louder than his. They enter the restaurant to find a woman standing beside a Mr. Mime. She welcomes them to Rhonda's from her and her Head Chef Mr. Mime; Ash comments that there aren't too many restaurants that have a Pokemon for a chef. Rhonda says that Mr. Mime not only prepares delicious food but in the process, puts on a show. Brock flirts with her by saying that someone as beautiful as her must be the star of the show. He tells her his name and she asks to show him to his table. He continues that since he is an accomplished cook, he should show her to a romantic dinner for two. Max butts in and says that the fantasy is ending to make way for reality. As he drags Brock away, Brock shouts back that they could get lunch or breakfast or even a smoothie from the corner store. Mr. Mime agrees to show them to their table.

Meanwhile, a Sneasel leans on the counter as Rhoda tells Team Rocket that she thinks they're heading to town for the Contest. Jessie wonders out loud that there's a Contest. Rhoda continues that there is a big one in Saffron City and that she assumed because they have a Pokemon. Meowth says that it doesn't belong to nobody. Rhoda backs away because he talked but Jessie covers it up with the fact that they're so hungry and she heard their stomachs. She introduces herself as Jessie, a Top Coordinator. Rhoda quickly rushes off to get their menus as the Sneasel laughs.

James is surprised to see the cook is a Sneasel. Meowth shrugs it off as Jessie says it has a skill, something Meowth should get. Meowth states that "us intellectual types are more thinkers than doers." Jessie punches him and tells him to think about being useful. Sneasel chuckles from the counter and Meowth gets angry. James asks what it said so Meowth translates that Sneasel said "it served me right!" James laughs as Sneasel makes another comment. Jessie asks what it said so Meowth translates again that it would be a waste of time serving a Meowth good quality food. Meowth calls Sneasel stuck-up and tells it that the customer is always right. The two Pokemon begin fighting and Sneasel tells Meowth that it wouldn't know a good meal if it bit him in the back pocket.

Meowth retorts that it would and calls Sneasel an over-paid fry cook. Jessie comments that it has style and attitude and wonders if they could have the Sneasel on their team. Meowth doesn't like the idea as Rhoda returns with the menus. She tells Sneasel to apologize for being rude. She says that Sneasel tends to be a bit stubborn and irritable but continues that its cooking makes it worth keeping around. She says that once they've had a taste, they'll never want to eat somewhere else again. Meowth says that he'll believe that when he swallows the food. Sneasel tells Meowth that it wouldn't know good cooking from bad again. He tells Sneasel to taste his "knuckle sandwich!" Rhoda tells Sneasel to stop and it quickly goes to pretending to wash a pan. Meowth tells Sneasel that they're taking it outside, but James stops him and tells him to wait until they've eaten. Jessie tells Rhoda that they'll have one of everything on the menu.

Back at Rhonda's, Max wonders how long until Mr. Mime is ready. The curtains open and Rhonda introduces Star Chef Mr. Mime. Mr. Mime uses its Psychic attack and everything begins to float. The lettuce shreds itself, and the carrots and apples slice themselves. Mr. Mime sloshes together everything as Rhonda says that food preparation is just a part of the show with Mr. Mime. She continues that they believe that cooking with flair is just as good as making food that tastes great. Brock begins to flirt and calls Rhonda a genius while holding Max's hand.

Meanwhile, Team Rocket is served what Meowth calls "red goo on a burger." James tries it and calls it completely out of this world. Jessie tries it and agrees with James. Meowth tries it and doesn't like it at all. Rhoda tells them that the next dish is even more delicious than the last. She brings out a plate of meatballs and Jessie and James love them. Meowth takes his plate and dumps them all in and then starts screaming "HOT!" He drinks a full glass of water as Jessie compliments Sneasel's way with spices. James comments that it's a perfect blend of sweet and sour. Meowth steals one of Jessie's meatballs and eats it, absolutely loving it. Meowth then accuses Sneasel of doing that on purpose. Sneasel chuckles as Meowth says that no one's gonna pepper-poison him and get away with it.

Back at Rhonda's, Ash and the others are served a beautiful array of foods. Everyone compliments how it looks and how Mr. Mime was able to make all of the food and put on a show at the same time. Mr. Mime invites everyone to dig in and they collapse. Rhonda asks if it was bad. Ash, May, Max, and Munchlax say that they'll be all right; they hope Brock tells Rhonda that in case he doesn't make it, he wants her to know that he loves her. Rhonda says that she knows it was bad and that no silly performance can make it taste good.

Suddenly, the wall bursts in and Meowth appears and yells at Sneasel. Rhoda comes in and tells Sneasel to stop as Rhonda wonders what happened. Brock says that he's seeing doubles so Rhoda introduces herself as Rhonda's twin sister. Rhonda tells her that she promised not to mess things up for her but now she’s starting a fight in her restaurant. Rhoda retorts that it was the Pokemon that started the fight. Meowth and Sneasel continue to fight as Jessie and James enter the room, telling Meowth to stop.

Rhoda investigates Rhonda's food and tells her that she's gotten all caught up in the visual again. She asks if its lunch or some kind of food exhibit gone wild. She continues that their father told them that food should taste good and appearance doesn't matter. Rhonda tells Rhoda that if her food looked better, she wouldn't have to give it away to people. She continues that Rhoda should develop a sense of style. The sisters argue until Rhoda proposes a Contest in which the winners are decided by who has the best flavor and presentation. Rhonda includes performance and tells Rhoda that their father said that a good restaurant is where the customers can enjoy the food and the dining experience. Meowth volunteers to be a judge for the Contest. Inside, Meowth thinks to be completely unfair to Sneasel. Ash, May, and Max all also volunteer to be judges. Brock tells them that whoever wins the Contest has no effect on who wins his love.

That night, Rhoda asks Jessie and James to coach Sneasel. James asks why and so Rhoda explains that no one can compete with Sneasel for taste, but when it comes to presentation, Jessie interrupts that it's not much to look at. James includes that he's seen better airline food. Jessie asks Rhoda why she's asking them to help her. She responds that Jessie is a Top Coordinator and must know more about artistic presentation than anybody. Jessie begins blabbing about her wins at countless Contests, which stuns James. She tells him that she's playing along so they can grab Sneasel.

Rhonda, meanwhile, asks Brock to give Mr. Mime cooking lessons. May suggests forgetting about the Contest and running the restaurant together. Rhonda agrees with her idea, but then says the Rhoda always treats her like an amateur. She says that winning the Contest may be the only way for Rhoda to treat her like a grown-up. Brock says that he'll help, but for the reason that he wants the two sisters to make up.

During Brock's cooking lessons, he tells Mr. Mime that all of the ingredients are in and that it's time for the spices. Mr. Mime floats them all over but Brock stops him and tells him that he must add just the perfect spices to match the ingredients. Meanwhile, Jessie gives Sneasel an ice block and tells it to use Fury Swipes to make an ice sculpture out of it. Sneasel makes a Sneasel statue as Meowth watches with an evil grin from around the corner. Brock tries Mr. Mime's food and tells him that it's much better. Mr. Mime tries it and also likes it. Jessie and James begin to dress Sneasel up. That night while Jessie and James sleep, Sneasel keeps cutting carrots. Brock tells Mr. Mime that it’s not bad and tells it do make it again from the beginning.

The next day, Brock begins the chef battle and mentions the three judging factors. Jessie and James tell Sneasel it can do it. Meowth retorts and tells Mr. Mime to win it, only to have Brock say that as a judge, you must be impartial. Both Pokemon do exceptionally well in the Contest, with comments like "It's like a ballet but with pots and pans!" and "How'd it learn that!" While Mr. Mime is cooking, it remembers Brock's advice about the spices and adds just the right ones to make it taste right. Sneasel adds a little bit of dressing to its food and May calls it "a work of art!" Suddenly, Sneasel, Mr. Mime, and Pikachu get locked in a triple cage and Team Rocket says their motto? until they get to Meowth's first line. James tells Meowth that it begged for that line. Meowth tells them that they're gonna replace him with Sneasel once they get away. They convince Meowth to say its lines and the motto continues. Rhonda says that they're gonna pay for ruining her sister's trust.

Jessie, James, and Meowth hop out the window and into the balloon, Pikachu trying a Thunderbolt to get free. May and Brock send out Combusken and Mudkip and order a Fire Spin and a Water Gun. The two attacks combine but stop short of the balloon. James says that it's been a long, long, long, long, long road getting to actually stealing something. Rhonda orders Mr. Mime to use Trick. Mr. Mime’s ladle switches with Jessie's key as Max realizes what it does. Mr. Mime then uses Psychic to use the key to unlock the cage. Meowth gets locked in the cage and Mr. Mime, Sneasel, and Pikachu jump out of the balloon. On the way out, Sneasel pops it and Team Rocket goes blasting off again. Ash, Rhonda, and Rhoda reunite with their Pokemon, happy to see them once more. Rhoda offers to give the restaurant to Rhonda and she begins to walk away with Sneasel. Rhonda tells her to wait and hires Rhoda as Co-Manager and Sneasel as Head Chef.

With the restaurant reunited, Sneasel and Mr. Mime work together to create a meal that everyone enjoys. Rhoda and Rhonda get several compliments, and, as Ash and friends head for Saffron City and the sign on the restaurant has been changed to include both Sneasel and Mr. Mime.

Caterpie's Big Dilemma
Ash and friends are heading for the Battle Arena, Ash in high hopes of winning his second Battle Frontier Symbol there. However, first, they're heading for Saffron City where May hopes to earn her first Kanto Ribbon. As they walk through the forest, they hang their heads and walk slowly, tired from the journey. May says that they probably already missed it. Up above the trees, Brock and Max spot a Radio Tower, signifying that there is a town nearby. Suddenly, a Caterpie appears and May scans it with her Pokedex. A boy appears on a high tree branch and he accuses them of being the robbers from the previous night. He then orders Caterpie to use String Shot.

All tied up, Ash tells the boy that they aren't robbers. He doesn't believe them and says that they broke into the lab. May and Brock wonder where the lab is as Caterpie uses String Shot again to tie them up more. A man suddenly flies in with a pair of purple wings. He tells them that with an Alakazam's Future Sight, he can read the intentions of humans. He turns on the gadget on his head and tells them that their limo driver is waiting to take them to their own private island. The group tells him that that isn't true and that they are just lost on the way to Saffron City. The boy apologizes to them and they get taken to a lab. Ash is amazed with the place as May comments that they didn't know that the whole forest was the lab. The boy introduces himself as Xander and they all tell him their names.

Max tells Xander that he and Caterpie are awesome. Xander informs everyone that Caterpie is his first Pokemon and that someday they'll go on a journey, but for now they're studying with Doctor Gordon, who is an inventor. Dr. Gordon walks in and says that you can't make an omelet with out first breaking an egg or so they say! He continues that he wants to build a comfortable life for humans and Pokemon alike. From a pool of water, a giant tube appears and the top opens up to reveal a miniature room. Dr. Gordon explains that he built a massage chair with a Magnemite's Thunder Wave and he shows them a karaoke microphone that he built with Jigglypuff's voice. He starts singing into it and quickly falls asleep as Team Rocket spies on them all from outside.

Meowth tells them that they need to steal the inventions for the boss. Jessie tells them that she doesn't want it to be like the night before when Caterpie tied them up with its String Shot. Meowth comments that they'll move in while "the twerps" distract Xander and Dr. Gordon. Outside the lab, Xander and Dr. Gordon bid farewell to Ash and the others as they head out for Saffron once more. Caterpie suddenly races off as Xander wonders if the robbers are back. Dr. Gordon races off to investigate and everyone follows. They run into the lab to find Team Rocket grabbing several blueprints from the shelves as Meowth stores them in a pouch. Dr. Gordon asks if they're Ash and friends, but they say that they aren't. Max alerts him that they're crooks as Xander has Caterpie move in for battle. Jessie sends out Seviper as Meowth moves out with the blueprints.

James grabs an orange box off of the table as Dr. Gordon objects. They start to leave but Caterpie uses String Shot and gets the box back. Seviper steals it back once more, but Pikachu uses Quick Attack and the snake drops it. It bursts open and several small blue balls come bouncing out. Caterpie eats several of them and starts to glow faintly around the edges. It then grows to monstrous proportions. James asks the gargantuan Caterpie if it'd like to talk things over, getting a reply that it doesn't. It attacks them and they go blasting off again, dropping the blueprints in the process. Dr. Gordon tells them that truth is stranger than fiction as Brock explains that the candies were Mystery Candies which enhance a Pokemon’s stats. Dr. Gordon continues that he took every single thing that he could think of that would make a Pokemon better and combined them to make one large vitamin, as Max puts it.

May asks Dr. Gordon if Caterpie will ever return to normal; he tells her that it might, but he hasn't tested it out yet. Caterpie begins to grow even more, and everyone runs for the hills! Outside, Caterpie bursts through the ceiling of the lab and crawls out. It then proceeds to run off towards the town and the Radio Tower. Sirens go off as Caterpie enters town. People run in every which direction as the giant caterpillar slithers through the streets. It breaks through a bridge and continues on. Meanwhile, Ash, Xander, and the others ride in a cart as Dr. Gordon pulls them from inside a Machoke suit. He explains that he gets 10 times as much energy from the suit while moving about. May puts in that some of his inventions actually work. Xander calls to Caterpie and pleads it to come back, but it looks at the tower mournfully. Dr. Gordon collapses and the cart stops, everyone climbing out. Caterpie begins its ascent of the tower and the top half of it falls off, smashing into the town.

Officer Jenny arrives on the scene as the smoke clears. Dr. Gordon says that it's all his fault. Officer Jenny confirms that he's the one responsible for the Caterpie. All of a sudden, Caterpie begins to glow and evolves into a Metapod. May scans it with her Pokedex as Brock notes that Caterpie knew that it was going to evolve so it climbed to the top of the tower to get bigger and not cause as much damage. Xander tells Metapod that they'll find a way to make it small again and he begs it to come down. Metapod doesn't acquiesce to his request and stays put. On a nearby water tower, Jessie rages that they had something that makes Pokemon bigger and they lost it. Meowth says to imagine the boss with the candies; James says that he’d rather not. Wobbuffet then reveals three more candies in its hand and Jessie swipes them up. She announces to James and Meowth that they're going to steal the Doctor and have him make them all new inventions. They cheer for promotions as Officer Jenny wonders how to get Metapod small again.

Team Rocket arrives on the scene and says the motto again. Jessie tells Dr. Gordon that he is an unofficial member of Team Rocket as Meowth swipes him with a claw. Pikachu tries a Thunderbolt, but James releases Cacnea and has it use Pin Missile. Pikachu gets hit and retreats; Jessie sends out her Dustox too. She throws the Mystery Candies at Dustox and it eats two of them, letting the third fall to Cacnea, who eats it promptly. Both of the Pokemon grow to oversize and James orders his Cacnea to attack. Cacnea turns around to face James, blushing as it does. It flattens him as Jessie and Meowth get on Dustox with Dr. Gordon. James quickly follows and Dustox takes off, blasting Ash and friends with tons of air as it does.

Up on top of the Radio Tower, Metapod starts to glow and evolves into Butterfree. May scans it with her Pokedex as it lifts off into the air. Xander and Ash get on and give chase to Team Rocket. In the mountains, Dr. Gordon comments about the view and says that he never knew riding on a Dustox could be so pleasant. Meowth tells him that he'll soon be working for them as Butterfree comes into view. Ash yells to Team Rocket to give Dr. Gordon back, but Dustox speeds up, trying to lose them. Xander tells Butterfree to catch it so Jessie commands Dustox to climb and use Poison Sting. Butterfree dodges the Poison Sting and it hurdles towards the ground, where Officer Jenny drives the rest of the gang in her jeep. She avoids them all with some quick steering as Pikachu fires a Thunderbolt at Team Rocket. Dustox dodges it as it and Butterfree come closer to some telephone lines. Pikachu uses Thunderbolt on the steel towers holding them and Dustox is forced to swerve.

Butterfree then uses Supersonic and Dustox gets hit. It suddenly goes back to normal-sized and Team Rocket falls towards the ground with Dr. Gordon next to them. Meowth wonders why Dustox got smaller first when it ate the candies second. Dr. Gordon thinks that it could be a difference in the amount eaten but he isn't sure. Xander and Ash safely catch Dr. Gordon on Butterfree and let Team Rocket fall towards a lake. They crawl out of the lake to find May and the others arriving with Officer Jenny. Jenny tells them that they are under arrest for theft and attempted kidnapping. Jessie orders Dustox to use Psybeam. Pikachu surprises it by using a Thunder from behind as Butterfree brings Ash, Dr. Gordon, and Xander in. With a Whirlwind from Butterfree, Team Rocket is sent blasting off again.

That night, as the sun sets on the lake and the surrounding area, Butterfree shrinks back to its normal size and flies down to Xander. May comments that it was cool to see a giant Butterfree, but she's glad it's back to normal. Officer Jenny tells Dr. Gordon to lock away all of his Mystery Candy so that it doesn't happen again, to which the Dr. replies that he has none left. He says that it was just a mistake and that failure is a step on the road to success. He continues that he'll continue to make great inventions. Officer Jenny tells him to keep them inside his lab next time. Xander then asks Butterfree if it would like to be his Pokemon and accompany him on his Pokemon Journey. Butterfree obliges and Ash says that maybe they could battle someday. Xander says that he’ll have to do a lot of training before he can battle Ash. May chimes in that she's really psyched for her next Contest in Saffron City. And now the gang knows that candy isn't always good for you, bigger is not always better, and trying your best is as good as achieving success.

The Saffron Con
Ash and friends have finally arrived in Saffron City , the day before the Pokemon Contest is to be held. Outside the Contest Hall, May calls out Combusken, Munchlax, and Squirtle and tells them that they are finally at the Contest. Munchlax and Squirtle sigh, obviously not too excited. May points this out and Max explains that they haven't been in a Contest yet. Brock asks why May is so excited since she skipped lunch to come to the Contest Hall. She answers that she wants to get her first Kanto Contest Ribbon and she wants to get all of her Ribbons before Drew does.

People begin to enter the Contest Hall as Ash and the others wonder what's going on. May asks a man with a Mankey if the Hall is open. He answers that it is called Open Stage and Coordinators are allowed to go and see the Stadium to help plan their performance. Inside, workers continue to ready the Stadium as a man speaks to, who appears to be, Vivian. Ash and the others come in and admire the Stadium as the woman takes center stage. A man in the front row cues the spotlights and tells the woman to send out her Pokemon. She calls out an Espeon and tells it to use Swift.

Stars come from Espeon as it uses a Psychic attack. The stars hover as if in space and then form several rings, through which Espeon jumps through to finish up. Squirtle admires the display and bounds up to the stage, releasing a Bubble attack. The woman picks up Squirtle and asks it what it's doing on stage. May and the others run up and May says that Squirtle got away from her. The woman gives it back and tells May that her Squirtle is a born performer asking if it'll be in the Contest. She says that she doesn't know yet as Squirtle nods its head enthusiastically. May thanks her, calling her Vivian. She corrects her that she isn't Vivian. May says that she was the emcee in Hoenn Contests and even awarded her some of her Ribbons.

The woman corrects her that her bigger sister is the emcee in Hoenn and that she, Lillian, is the emcee for Kanto Contests. At the Pokemon Center , May stirs her drink as she says that she doesn't know which of her Pokemon to use. Max tells her that she should probably use Beautifly or Skitty who have experience. Brock comments that it's good to use Pokemon who have experience. May then announces that she has chosen Squirtle, saying that she wants to go with the Pokemon that she brought with her to Kanto. Brock and Ash agree with her decision as Nurse Joy announces that Contestant 45's Pokemon have passed their check-ups and are being brought out. The doors open and Munchlax, Combusken, and Squirtle come riding out on a stretcher as May bounds up and goes to get them. However, she screams when she sees who it is bringing them out. Ash, Max, and Brock go to investigate and discover that it's Harley! May asks Harley what he's doing in Saffron.

Meanwhile, Jessie (in disguise) enters the Contest Hall and hands the attendant her Hoenn Contest Pass. The attendant rejects it and says that she needs a Kanto Contest Pass to enter. Jessie introduces herself as the Empress Coordinator Jessabella, the Thoroughly Fabulous. She comments that the attendant must've heard the press reports. James and Meowth arrive, James holding a rod attached to a ball which slowly releases confetti on Jessie. James says that he is the Empress's Lackey: Jamison. Meowth says that he is Meowthison, the Empress's Great Pokemon Wrangler. The woman tells Jessie that she can't enter with a Hoenn Contest Pass and needs a Kanto Contest pass. She gladly gives Jessie one and registers Jessie for the Contest.

Outside, Jessie says that she must win the Contest to have the money rolling in. Meowth asks her if since they didn't win in Hoenn, what will make Kanto any different. Jessie kicks him and asks him what he was saying. He tells her that she's a loch for Top Coordinator. Jessie then continues that she didn't win in Hoenn because she didn't have the right Pokemon and tells James to bring out his Cacnea. James objects to the idea until Meowth tells him that one way to earn points in the Contest is to show a bond between Trainer and Pokemon. James gets the idea and sends out Cacnea, only to have it hug him. Jessie notes what they mean and isn't so sure that she likes the idea.

Inside the Pokemon Center , May asks Harley again what he's doing there and if he's really Nurse Joy's orderly. He tells her that it's not official but he's volunteering. Everyone looks surprised so Harley explains that his Cacturne was sick and Nurse Joy treated it, making him ashamed of how he acted before. He continues that he's going to turn over a new leaf and help others. May asks about the Contest, to which he replies that he's still entering. He then tells everyone that they are allowed to substitute Pokemon between the first and second rounds. Max doesn't believe him, so Harley knocks him over anime-style and says that he's not lying.

Harley tells May and the others that he's not surprised that they don't believe him, and that he's a different person. Nurse Joy walks out and Harley asks her if it's true that Coordinators can switch Pokemon between the first and second rounds. Nurse Joy confirms it and Max comments that he was telling the truth. Nurse Joy asks Harley where his friends are from and he says that May is one of his very best friends from the Contests back in Hoenn. Nurse Joy mentions that they have good taste and that Harley has been a big help. Everyone is surprised at this.

Nurse Joy then tells May that switching Pokemon between the first and second rounds is not required and is decided by the Coordinator. She continues that all of May's Pokemon are in fine condition and would be good to use in the Contest. Munchlax goes to sleep as Combusken and Squirtle look on excitedly. May announces that Combusken and Squirtle will participate in the Contest and they jump over to her, Squirtle doing several flips. Harley calls Combusken cool and also mentions that he can't say enough about her little Squirtle.

May tells Harley that she's sorry about not trusting him but Max says that he still thinks something's up. Ash tells Harley that he's satisfied as long as Nurse Joy trusts him. Nurse Joy tells Harley that he can take his break and to have fun before she leaves. May asks Harley about the Contest and he tells her that he's still entering. He then asks her whether or not she's entered yet. May responds that she forgot and Max tells her that she should've done it while they were at the stadium. Harley asks May if she still has her Pass from Hoenn. She nods that she does and he tells her that the Hoenn Pass will get her into the Contest there too and that registration is open until 11:00 the next day. The gang heads out as Harley follows, laughing evilly.

Outside, Jessie releases Cacnea and it gets scared. James tells Cacnea to hug Jessie as she thinks to watch the face. Cacnea hugs James instead; Meowth notes that it couldn't bring itself to hug Jessie. Jessie says that there's no rush as James tells Cacnea to hug Jessie. Meowth walks over and tells Cacnea that it's an ugly job, but it's got to be done. Cacnea finally jumps over and hugs Jessie, whose screams are heard all around the forest.

Harley mentions to May that he met Drew in the Kanto Region. She tells him that she met up with him too. Harley wonders if Drew will enter the Contest as Ash asks Max if he's still suspicious. Jessie suddenly runs in with Cacnea wrapped in her hair. She collapses on the ground as James whines about his Cacnea and Meowth says that they will help it. Jessie exclaims that they should worry about her. Ash and the others walk over to investigate. May wonders what happened and Harley thinks that she's a Coordinator that got into an accident. Chansey takes Jessie and Cacnea away and Harley rushes off to help Nurse Joy. Max states that he didn't know that people could get hurt that badly while practicing. May comments that she still has to, anyways.

Meanwhile, James and Meowth plan to steal all of the Pokemon so that Jessie will win? Outside, Ash asks May if she'd like to battle him to practice for the Contest and she sends out Squirtle. As the Tiny Turtle Pokemon appears, an arm grabs it, and Pikachu too. May yells for them to give Pikachu and Squirtle back. James and Meowth appear in the balloon and say the motto, James taking most of Jessie's lines and Meowth taking some too. Max says that they're missing someone. Brock suggests that Jessie got fired, but James and Meowth say that she didn't and it's too embarrassing to talk about.

Ash calls to Pikachu and tells it to use Thunder, but then stops when he realizes that it could hit Squirtle. Inside the Pokemon Center , Harley mentions to Joy that Jessie and Cacnea are hopelessly tangled together. Joy says that they'll have to cut her hair and a Scizor appears as Harley leaves to get her friends for "moral support." Back outside, several Pokemon get swiped up by James and Meowth as Harley appears on the scene and releases an Ariados, ordering it to use Spider Web. Ariados creates a web that stops the balloon and Harley tells May to attack.

She sends out Combusken and orders a Sky Uppercut. The cage breaks and all the Pokemon fall to their Trainers as Lillian arrives on the scene. Squirtle lands in May's arms and then jumps back out and fires a blue beam at Team Rocket, sending them blasting off again. Squirtle lands happily as May asks it if it learned Ice Beam. Ash and the others walk over, Ash commenting that it learned Ice Beam without her even teaching it. Max says that it was perfect timing and Brock adds that it was Squirtle's way of thanking her for all the love she's shown it since they joined up together. May asks Squirtle if it's ready to win the Contest as Ash says to Pikachu that they should thank May. May takes the thanks and gives it to Harley because he showed up with his Ariados. Harley says that he was happy to help out. May wishes Harley luck in the Contest as Ash comments on their friendly rivalry. Lillian watches the scene from a distance, proud of how May acted.

That night, Jessie is happy that they captured all the Pokemon. James tells her that they failed again, Meowth blaming it on ?the twerps!? Jessie says that with her charm and talent, she and Cacnea will win anyways. Cacnea flexes its arms, ready for the Contest as James calls Jessie "baldy." Meowth says that her hair may be short, but she's long on confidence. Jessie embarrassedly tells them not to look at her hair.

The next morning, as May tries to register, the woman tells her that her pass is invalid and that it's past the registration time. May argues that she was told that her Hoenn Pass would get her in and that the deadline was at 11 and not 10. The woman tells her that whoever gave her that information was badly mistaken and May sinks to the ground, having lost her chance to enter the Saffron Contest. Max says that Harley strikes again as Ash comments that the whole thing with Nurse Joy was fake. Brock puts in that Harley really did help out but he used that to gain May's trust. May screams that she fell for it again as Harley watches, happy to get revenge.

Lillian walks in and asks May why she's so down. She then apologizes for the joke and approaches the counter. The woman tells Lillian about the Hoenn Pass and Deadline so Lillian explains that the previous day, the Pokemon were all stolen from the practice fields and that May saved the day. The woman realizes that there wouldn't be a Contest without May and says that she remembers that she did get May's Pass Renewal and Registration the previous day and must've misplaced it. Brock flirts with Lillian before Max pulls him away. May receives her new Contest Pass and an orange Ribbon Case before Lillian leaves, saying that she must get ready for the Contest. Max says that she's so nice and Brock comments that that only makes it harder for him to choose between Vivian and Lillian. Meanwhile, Harley watches and states to himself that May's Ribbon Case will stay empty!

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