Battle Frontier 405-410

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The Right Place and the Right Mime
In Ash's house, Mr. Mime and Ash's mom are in the kitchen telling everybody about Ash's adventures. After a short while, the door bell rings. Munchlax and Combusken appear. Deliah is shocked and May appears in front of the door. Deliah is surprised to see May.

In Professor Oak's Lab, Misty, Max, and Tracey are looking at Squirtle, Charmander, and Bulbasaur. Misty feeds these three cute adorable Pokemon. As Max tries to help Squirtle eat the food, Squirtle cries thinking that Max will steal its food. Max apologizes and Tracey gets Max's attention by showing his drawing of the three Pokemon on the table. Max is so amazed of Tracey's drawing.

Max talks about Professor Oak. Tracey tells Max that he's been working with Professor Oak to gather all the Pokemon drawings. Max imagines that if he were to work at Professor Oak's, he could meet all sorts of Pokemon and do the same thing Tracey is doing.

After the conversation, it's time for the three Pokemon to go back in their Pokeballs. Max pulls out two Pokeballs and sends them in leaving Squirtle behind. When it's time for Squirtle, it runs away crying. Max tries to follow the Squirtle until it bumps into May.

Max is surprised to see his sister in Kanto. May asks Max what he's been doing with the crying Squirtle. Before Max could answer, Professor Birch, Oak, and Ash appear. They all greet May and Max.

Professor Birch explains to May that he brought Max to see Professor Oak and visit Ash as well. As Professor Birch is talking, a Muk grabs him and the gang just sighs.

In the living room, everyone is having a cup of tea. Ash tells May what his next plan is. He tells May that he'll be participating in the Battle Frontier. Ash explains that the Battle Frontier Facilities are scattered around Kanto. He explains that each facility has a Battle Brain which is the boss in each facility. After May hears all of these things, she is so happy for Ash.

Delia tells May that there are Pokemon Contests in the Kanto Region. With Muk on Professor Birch's back, he explains to May that Hoenn Region isn't the only place where Pokemon Contests are held. As May hears all about this, she's all excited to participate.

Ash asks May if she's willing to team up with him again for another new adventure. Both of them agree. Max tries to convince them that he will come but May tells him that it all depends to their Mom and Dad but Ash tells him that he doesn't need to worry about it. Max thanks Ash.

Outside of the house, Team Rocket is outside and thinks of a plan again. It seems that their plan is to catch Pikachu again.

In the living room, Delia and Oak are talking about Ash.

In the garden, Max May, and Ash are watching Ash's Snorlax sleeping. As soon as Snorlax wakes up, May releases all of her Pokemon. When Munchlax sees Snorlax, it is happy. Ash notices that Beautifly and Skitty are gone. May explains to Ash that they're at home.

Beautifly is her mom's Pokemon while Skitty is in their father's garden. A stampede comes... Ash looks back and he sees all of his Pokemon. Everyone is so happy to see them. As everyone comes close to them, Ash is gone. They all look back and see Ash being dragged by a bunch of Tauros. Bayleef follows Ash.

Ignoring Ash and Bayleef, Max and May are enjoying the Pokemon of Ash. May's Pokemon and Ash meet each other and everyone seems to be enjoying it.

Back with Ash, Tracey and Misty come to the rescue. Tracey rescues Ash by sending Marill out. Marill uses Water Gun on the Tauros. Behind the Tauros, Bayleef uses Vine Whip to save Ash. As soon as Ash was saved, Misty and Tracey ask Ash if he's all right.

Misty talks to Ash and laughs his training skills. She jokes Ash about how he can't handle his Pokemon until now. Ash gets a little mad but Max comes with all of Ash's Pokemon. When Squirtle sees May, Squirtle came running to May and hugs her. Misty thinks that Squirtle likes May so much.

Interrupting their conversation, Tracey tells Ash that Bulbasaur helped out a lot since it was there. Ash thanks Bulbasaur for such a wonderful job. Ash then brings out all of his Pokemon to introduce them to Ash's old
Pokemon. As soon as everyone's out, each Pokemon shakes their hands. Max and May are so amazed at the amount of Pokemon Ash got.

Behind the bushes, Team Rocket is there planning to steal all of the Pokemon in the field.

Team Rocket, disguised as reporters from Pokemon Sunday appear. They came to interview Ash and the gang. Jesse decides to interview Ash first and asks him about the Hoenn League. Ash is embarrassed. When the Wobbuffet camera man is about to talk, James covers its mouth because it will reveal that they're fake.

Everyone is embarrassed to look in the camera. Team Rocket asks them to have a group picture. With everyone embarrassed and asked to move back a little bit for the picture, they all fall down into Team Rocket's trap.

A net covers the hole and Team Rocket reveal themselves. After hearing that, Misty can't believe that they're still after Ash. Ash asks Grovyle to use Leaf Blade to cut the net that covers them. Jesse blames Meowth for the plan but before they could argue, Ash and the gang are back up.

James tells Meowth that its time for Plan B. Meowth brings out a remote and pushes it. A vacuum robot comes and sucks Totodile and Cyndaquil. With the help of Bulbasaur's Vine Whip, Bulbasaur manages to drag them back. With so much pressure pushing them in the vacuum, Squirtle cries as May tries to hug him and hold him.

Team Rocket still doesn't give up but when Snorlax uses tackle, the robot falls down and Team rocket is back on the ground. The Pokemon battle starts between Cacnea and Seviper.

Professor Birch and Oak appear. Birch was so amazed to see Team Rocket now. When Professor Birch is about to send his Pokemon to help Ash out, Delia holds his hands and tells him to let the young ones handle it.

Ash's Bulbasaur battles Seviper and May's Bulbasaur seems inspired by Ash's Bulbasaur. Both of May and Ash's Bulbasaur seem to like each other. When Seviper attacks, Ash asks his Bulbasaur to use Solar Beam to blast those two Pokemon out.

After seeing them blasted, Jesse, James, Meowth try to escape by pushing their robot away. Misty and Tracey step out with their Marill and Azurill. Both of them team up and use Water Gun. With the combination of Combusken's Fire Spin and Pikachu's Thunderbolt, they all drive away Team Rocket.

Ash is so happy for the job well done.

At sunset, Tracey puts Bulbasaur and Charmander in their Pokeballs. With Squirtle left behind, it cries. Squirtle goes to May. Everyone notices that Squirtle really likes May and Oak has decided to let May have Squirtle.

Max is so happy but Oak starts to tell that there are still many Pokemon in the world. In fact, Oak has upgraded their Pokedex’s with brand new unknown data. Max is a little bit jealous and sad. Tracey tells Max to not worry and gives him a new and improved Pokemon Navigator that can tell the location of the Battle Frontier Facilities. Max thanks Tracey.

As Max checks out his new PokeNav, he looked up the nearest Battle Facility. The Battle Factory is spotted near Cerulean City. As soon as Misty hears about this, she is happy because she needs to check
out the Gym and they could join each other on their way to the Battle Factory.

Oak tells everyone Good Luck and with Misty, Max, May, and Ash. They are all excited to go on a journey tomorrow morning.

As everyone is about ready to leave, they all say their final words to Ash's mom. In Delia's head, she is very proud of Ash for getting this far and being so great. Phanpy comes to Ash and it seems that it wants to come with Ash. Since Ash can't do anything about it, he decides to take Phanpy out.

Delia tells Ash to not worry because she'll tell Oak about Phanpy. Everyone leaves. Delia cheers Ash to go do the best he can. As everyone walks and continues their journey, Brock comes. Everyone is happy to be reunited with each other again.

What kind of adventures await to them...?

A Real Cleffa Hanger
After leaving Pallet Town to set on a new journey again, Ash continues his with May, Max, Brock, and Misty towards the Battle Factory in Cerulean City. Near the cave of Mount Moon, the gang decides to have a lunch break. While everyone is eating Brock's soup, Ash asks Brock what happened to his Ludicolo. Brock tells Ash that Ludicolo decided to stay home with his family.

Brock asks May if she got her Squirtle from Professor Oak. May pats the head of her Squirtle and tells her Pokemon that she'll be a good trainer to Squirtle.

"Beep Beep", the PokeGear of Misty is beeping. Misty takes out her PokeGear and answers her call. It's from her sister, Daisy. She tells Misty that someone needs to be in charge of the gym because no one is there and two of their sisters are busy. Misty is mad about this.

Since Misty needs to get back to Cerulean Gym, they will pass Mount Moon. Upon hearing this, Max is so excited to see the Clefairy inside. A bush rattles... what could it be...?

A Pokemon comes out from the rattling bush. It's a Cleffa. Everyone is surprised to see a Cleffa outside Mount Moon. Ash doesn't know anything about Cleffa so he looks up Cleffa's data in his Pokedex. As Ash is checking out its data, Cleffa is being friendly to the gang's Pokemon.

May goes up to Cleffa while it is talking to Mudkip, Munchlax, and the others. May introduces her Pokemon to Cleffa. Cleffa hides behind Munchlax. It seems Cleffa is scared. Max comments to her sister that Cleffa might not like her due to some reasons. May gets a little angry and Max hides behind Misty.

Misty lets go of her Azurill to play with Cleffa. Both of the Pokemon seem to be friendly with each other. Max says something about her sister again. Before May can hit Max, some air is sucking everybody up.

Cleffa and Azurill are sucked into Team Rocket's vacuum. Swellow then saves Cleffa and Azurill. Misty thanks Swellow for the job well done. After Cleffa and Azurill are back, Team Rocket and the gang start to argue again. Team Rocket wants to catch Pikachu and their Pokemon again.

The vacuum is launched again but it can't suck them that much. Jesse has no other choice but to fight. Jesse brings out her Seviper and asks it to use Poison Tail on Pikachu. It hits Pikachu and Pikachu is thrown down to a rock.

Pikachu is weak. Team Rocket takes this chance to suck Pikachu up to the vacuum hole before it regains its power again. Ash tries to grab them but Team Rocket's vacuum doesn't work as well. Meowth decides to use the full power of the vacuum and Ash is getting close to being sucked in.

The gang tries to grab Ash's feet. As they're trying to stop Ash from getting sucked in, Jesse is angry because it's not working. She grabs the remote and starts to push it. Jesse messes it up! Instead of sucking them in, they all blow them out. Jesse is really angry now. She starts to press every button on the remote.

Their vacuum machine is starting to act strange and it blows them up creating a huge explosion. With Cleffa in Max's hand, Max and Misty are separated from the gang. Before May can grip Max, it's too late. Misty and Max fall down to a river.

On the other side of the river, Max and Misty manage to survive with Cleffa, Azurill, and Pikachu. Max notices that Pikachu is weak. He suggests to find the nearest Pokemon Center but Misty tells him to not worry. Misty asks her Azurill to use Recover on Pikachu. After a couple of seconds, Pikachu is back to normal. Everyone is happy as well as Cleffa.

Since everything is back in shape, Misty and Max decide to find Ash and the gang.

Back with Ash, May, and Brock, they're all using Mudkip's nose to smell the scent of Misty or Max. Unfortunately, Mudkip can't sense anything. May starts to get worried about Max. Ash looks up at the sky and they notice that bad weather is about to come.

Behind the gang, a Clefairy and a Clefable come out trying to look for someone. As Ash and the gang turn back, Clefairy and Clefable run off back to the bush and hide. Brock tries to connect the dots and he concludes that Cleffa might be the one they're looking for.

As for Cleffa, Max, Misty, Azurill, and Pikchu, they are back in the forest trying to look for the gang. Max talks about her sister about Azurill. Misty tells Max that May is trying to participate to the Grand Festival. Their conversation is interrupted when Cleffa runs off.

Max suggests following Cleffa; maybe it might lead them to Mount Moon. As they reach Cleffa, it is just sitting down at the bottom of a tree eating berries. Max seems disappointed but Misty tries to cheer them up by eating the berries that they've found together.

Before they could eat their berries, a flock of Beedrills comes out of he bushes. Misty is freaking out and suggests running. As they're running, Max learns that Misty hates bug Pokemon. At the end, they reach the end of the cliff and fall down again.

Falling down in another forest, they manage to land safe with berries in Misty's hand. Max wonders where they are. As they look around, they notice that bad weather is about to come. A drop falls and
it starts raining. Cleffa starts to get scared and looks for a place to take cover. Misty finds a hole and they all hide inside for the time being.

With Ash and the gang, they all sit tight under the rain with the Clefairy and Clefable. Ash starts to worry about Pikachu as well as May worrying about her brother Max. May remembers the part where they got separated. May promises to herself that she'll find her brother.

Under the small cave, Misty and the gang finish eating their berries and they all start telling their stories in life. Max talks about how he likes Pokemon so much and how he hates his sister. Misty explains to Max that it’s normal to have a fight with their sibling because Misty and her sisters used to fight a lot. As Max realizes something about Misty, they learn a good lesson. After telling their feelings, the rain stops. Max asks Misty to find May and the gang!

Ash and the gang finally find a trail that leads to Max's whereabouts. As soon as they checked that it’s their footprint, they all run down and followed the trail.

Still looking for Ash and the gang, Misty and Max are walking in the forest. Cleffa and Pikachu are walking together singing. As they walk around, a vacuum sucks both of them again. Max tries to get hold of them but it’s too late. Wait... someone grabs Max's hand. It is May!

Max is happy to see May again. The vacuum stops and the gang are united again, as well as Cleffa with its relatives. May asks Team Rocket to show themselves. Team Rocket says their motto and the balloon appears.

Team Rocket is really determined to catch Cleffa and Pikachu. Meowth once again pushes the remote and it activates the vacuum. James tells everyone that the vacuum is much stronger than before.

As the gang is struggling with the air, Misty asks Azurill to use Bubblebeam on the hole. As soon as the water hits inside the machine, it started to malfunction and the balloon falls down. Team Rocket is angry and Jesse decides to have a Pokemon Battle.

Team Rocket is read to attack but Clefairy, Cleffa, and Clefable scream calling out their comrades to help. Bunches of Cleffa, Clefairy and Clefable arrive and they're all using Metronome. Munchlax comes out and starts cheering them up.

As the flock is doing their metronome, Team Rocket thinks that they're doing a dance. They all imitate it but as soon as the flock uses Solar Beam as well as Munchlax, Jesse decides to attack but Ash stops them and lets Munchlax and Cleffa's comrades to attack. It is a success. Team Rocket blasts off.

At almost dusk, everyone sees the Cleffa's comrades leaving. May and Max wonder where they're going. Brock tells both of them that they're heading to Mt. Moon so that they can do their dance at the moon.

Inside Mount Moon, bunches of Clefairy, Cleffa, and Clefable are dancing in front of the Moon Stone. As the gang watches them, they are very amazed.

Early in the morning, they pass Mount Moon and are ready to continue their journey towards Battle Factory and Mt. Moon. As Max and May are talking about the Clefairy's that they saw, Misty's PokeGear beeps again. It was her sister Daisy. Daisy tells her that she needs to be in the Gym ASAP.

As the gang reaches the two way path that leads to the Battle Factory and Cerulean City, Misty bids farewell to the gang. Misty wishes Ash and Pikachu good luck for the upcoming Battle Frontier Challenge. Misty looks behind and wishes May to do well on her Pokemon Contest. As for Max, Misty reminds Max on what she said earlier in the cave. May doesn't have any clue on what they just said. Misty and Max just laugh and they all parted their ways.

Numero Uno Articuno
Continuing Ash and the gang's journey towards the Battle Frontier facilities in Kanto, they're lost in the middle of the forest not knowing the exact location of Battle Factory. Ash asks Max if he really knows the location of the place. Max tells Ash that he finally finds the way. Upon Ash hearing this, he gets very excited...

Late at night, Ash and the gang are still lost. This time, Ash blames Max for his false sense of direction. Max is ashamed and blames his PokeNav for giving them wrong directions. Everyone sighs and starts to give up that they won't reach Battle Factory right away. Brock suggests that they spend the night in the forest and continue the search in the morning. Ash is really mad about this and starts to complain.

May stops Ash and tells him to just look at the beautiful moon while spending a night in the forest. As they're looking at the moon, a Sheer Cold from an Ice Pokemon comes across them. Ash is shocked when he sees an Articuno flying around. With May not knowing the legendary Ice Pokemon, Articuno, she immediately looks up the data in her Pokedex.

As Articuno flies away, Ash wonders where it's going. As they watch Articuno fly, the see a revolutionizing air craft flying with Articuno. As the aircraft starts malfunctioning, it explodes in the sky creating a huge black smoke. After the smoke clears up, Articuno is gone.

Somewhere in the forest with Ash, Team Rocket sees what happened in the sky, including seeing the Articuno. Meowth tells Jesse that instead of going to the Battle Factory, they can steal the Articuno and give it to the boss. James asks Meowth what's the use of Articuno to the boss. Meowth explains that when it's summer, Giovanni can use Articuno to cool him off. After Meowth telling everyone the advantage of having Articuno to the boss, they dream of getting a full promotion and money.

However, James doesn't like the idea and starts to tell everyone to ignore Articuno and asks the gang who would be in the Battle Factory any moment tomorrow. When they figure out it is Pikachu, they are
determined to catch Pikachu!

Back with Ash and the gang, they finally find a Pokemon Center for them to spend the night. As usual, Brock gets excited as he sees Nurse Joy behind the counter. Brock starts to flirt again with Nurse
Joy by telling her sweet things. Unfortunately, Max pulls his ear to get him out of the way.

Ash and May then ask Nurse Joy if she knows the exact location of the Battle Factory. Nurse Joy asks Ash if he's participating in the Battle Frontier. Ash tells Nurse Joy yes and Nurse Joy tells Ash that to spend the night in the Center and set off tomorrow morning.

Early in the morning, everyone is ready to set out on a journey to the Battle Factory. As Nurse Joy tells Ash the exact location, a man interrupts. It is Scott. Ash is so amazed to see Scott and they both greet each other.

Scott wonders who are the people accompanying Ash. Everyone introduces themselves to Scott. After the introduction, they all drive down the valley
towards the Battle Factory. Finally, after the rough ride, they're in the Battle Factory.

As they try to get inside, they feel something is coming. An explosion comes at them by the door. A crazy machine is malfunctioning and it’s going in any direction. Scott asks the gang to use their Pokemon to stop it. Ash and everyone agrees and lets their Pokemon out. As 3 of the gang's Pokemon cooperate, they stop the crazy machine.

As the driver comes out to the machine, they thank everyone for saving his life. Ash wonders who he is. The driver jumps from his machine and starts introducing himself. Before he could even say his name, an assistant of him comes and interrupts them. The driver is disappointed for the interruption and introduces his assistant to the gang.

Continuing the introduction of the driver, he revealed himself as the Head Leader of the Battle Factory. As wonders what he means and Scott explains that he's one of the Battle Frontier Brains. Ash is excited and introduces himself from Pallet Town and is ready to take on a battle.

High above a tree, Team Rocket is there spying. James sees Pikachu and excited to catch it as usual...

The assistant of Noland does the call to tell the Pokemon to come from the field to eat. With Munchlax in May's Pokemon, it comes out and joins Noland's Pokemon on eating the food. Noland explains to Ash that this is the set of Pokemon that Ash is going to use for the battle. Ash gets excited to see which Pokemon he wants to use for the battle. Unfortunately, Ash can't decide right away.

While the rental Pokemon are eating their food, Munchlax comes running at their food and takes it away. May is so disappointed at Munchlax again.

On the rooftop of the Battle Frontier, Team Rocket is there spying again. As they realized that Noland is a Frontier leader, they have something in mind again.

As May tries to follow where Munchlax went, they go to a warehouse. Inside, they see Munchlax and the aircraft that they saw the other night when they saw Articuno. A Sheer Cold comes behind Munchlax and they are afraid to see Articuno flying across them. Everyone including Scott is amazed to see an Articuno.

When everything is settled, Noland introduces his Articuno to the gang and tells them that Articuno is his best pal. Everyone wonders how he got an Articuno. Noland tells the gang the story on how he
got an Articuno.

When he was flying with his aircraft, he saw an Articuno flying with him. Unfortunately, Articuno was badly injured and it was falling from the sky. Noland went to rescue Articuno by making it land on his aircraft. From that time, Articuno was friendly to him and agreed to stay with him.

Max asks Noland if he can fly on Articuno and Pikachu in his aircraft. Noland says yes and he is so excited. Noland tells Articuno to get ready for another flight. In the sky, Max and Pikachu are excited. With so much laughter on Max and Pikachu's face, Noland decides to do some tricks on his aircraft by spinning around.

On the land, they are happy to see Max having fun. Ash comes while Scott sees something is coming down from the sky. It is Team Rocket's new robot! They say their new motto but Noland sees them and asks Max who they are. Max tells him that they're up to no good and Noland immediately lands.

When Ash is ready to fight Tam Rocket, he realizes that he doesn't have Pikachu. Instead, Ash tries to pick one Pokeball but Team Rocket gets it off from his hands with the claw's robot. Team Rocket is happy and they continue stealing the Rental Pokemon. Before Team Rocket could fly off, Noland crashes his Airplane on the robot causing the Pokemon that they stole to fall down.

Max is happy to see that the air craft isn't damaged with the crash. Noland decides to finish the battle off by asking Articuno to lift the aircraft, throw it away, and use Hyper Beam. With Team Rocket gone, they are truly amazed at Articuno's power.

Late at night, everyone is having dinner outside the stadium. As they're eating, Ash tells Noland that he wants him to use Articuno. Noland agrees to these terms and tells Ash that he can choose one Pokemon of his to combine with his 2 rental Pokemon.

Ash knows what to use... he looks up to the moon and sees Charizard. With Charizard being reunited with Ash again, he comes to Charizard giving him a warm welcome...FIRE

Scott wishes Noland good luck battling tomorrow. Noland is fully determined for this awesome battle. Articuno will face Charizard eventually. Who would win this intense battle? Stay tuned!!!

The Symbol Life
Early in the morning, Charizard is roaming around the sky doing a morning practice. It dives down to the water and gets up in the air. Ash is very amazed at this. Next, Ash asks Charizard to do Flamethrower while flying.

May, Max, and Brock are watching Ash and Charizard do their training on the Battle Factory Balcony. Max remembers when Charizard competed in the Johto League and Brock tells him and May more about Ash's Charizard.

Back in the air, Ash is still busy with training Charizard. He asks Charizard to use Hyper Beam at the clouds and fly up to the sky. May is very amazed at Charizard's speed as well as Max.

In the forest, Team Rocket is there again spying at Charizard. Meowth has an idea again to catch Charizard but Jesse doesn't like the idea and likes to catch Articuno instead. Jesse explains to James that Articuno is far more powerful than Charizard. Meowth asks Jesse on how to get Articuno. Jesse tells them and they all agree to catch Articuno.

Entering the field, Ash is very excited to see the whole stadium. Noland comes and wishes good luck to Ash. He calls Articuno up in the air and Ash called up his Charizard. Before the battle starts, Scott asks Brock, Max, and May to go up to the balcony to watch the battle.

On the roof of the stadium, Team Rocket is there planning to catch Articuno. Meowth proposes his plan to everyone and it goes like this. While Charizard and Articuno are fighting, they will make a whole in the roof and watch Articuno comes to their spot. When the right time comes, they'll release a net and catch it. When it happened, the twerps will cry begging for the release of Articuno. Team Rocket chuckles and starts creating a hole in the roof.

In the viewing seat, Max is so excited to see Charizard fight Articuno. May cheers Ash. The battle is about to start. The referee opens up the roof. Max and May wonders what's going on. Scott explains to them that it’s needed for two flying Pokemon to battle.

As for Team Rocket, they start falling from the roof as it opens up completely. Team Rocket then finally falls on the battle field. Max exclaims Team Rocket's presence. Team Rocket tells their motto and as soon as they're finished, they run. Ash tells them to stop as they run away. Noland asks Articuno to use Ice Beam and Ash combines its attack with Charizard's Flamethrower and Pikachu's Thunderbolt. That attack blasts Team Rocket off.

Now that everything is settled, the referee starts the battle. Both Pokemon fly up to the air. Ash asks Charizard to use Flamethrower while flying. Articuno tries to counter it with Ice Beam but it didn't work. Articuno is hit and falls down. Max is getting excited knowing that Fire attacks are stronger against Ice types.

Ash is getting excited thinking he has the advantages. Noland asks Articuno to fly and attack Charizard. Instead of Charizard dodging, it uses Flamethrower. Articuno is circling around the flame as it tries to
go at the top of Charizard.

Scott tells everyone that Articuno is up to something. Ash seems to be struggling. Noland then asks Articuno to use Smoke Screen. Charizard can't see anything and Articuno takes this time to tackle it. Charizard falls down. As Articuno tries to attack it while its down, Charizard gets up fast and uses Hyper Beam. The attack successfully hits Articuno! As Articuno falls down, Ash asks Charizard to use Seismic Toss to finish up the battle.

Noland quickly tells Articuno to dodge it. As Articuno is back up in the air, it uses Ice Beam on Charizard but it doesn’t work. Charizard decides to use Flamethrower to prevent it from coming near. Unfortunately, Articuno flies around the flame and uses Wing Attack on Charizard.

Charizard falls making everyone shocked. Ash screams at Charizard, looking so worried. Charizard is fairly okay but Articuno starts to use an Ice attack. Before Charizard could dodge it, it hits Charizard and freezes him up to the wall.

Scott tells everyone the real ability of Articuno is speed. Back with Charizard, it's beginning to get weak. Ash can't think up of another way. Ash remembers something while they're doing their morning practice. As they're flying around the sky, Ash notices Charizard glowing red and its using Overheat. After that memory, Articuno starts to attack Charizard with Ice Beam again. Charizard immediately flies trying to avoid
it. Unfortunately, Charizard's wings are hit with ice Beam.

With the ice material frozen on the battle field, Noland asks Articuno to smash it creating hail. Charizard covers himself with its wings. Brock is very amazed at Articuno's combo. Charizard flies up to the air. Brock notices that Charizard's wing is frozen. However, that thing doesn’t affect Charizard's ability to fight. Now, Noland uses the same combo again creating hail. Charizard uses Flamethrower to melt them but it didn’t work since they're too many.

Noland then asks Articuno to do its finishing combo. Articuno flies up to the air while Charizard is steady floating in the air. Ash then asks Charizard to use Overheat attack. Charizard starts glowing red. Max doesn’t remember Charizard using Overheat during the Johto League. Scott then compliments Ash as he can win this battle.

With Overheat, the ice on Charizard wings melt. It flies up to the air joining Articuno. Charizard uses Overheat while Articuno uses a huge ice attack. Both attacks clash together and it creates a huge smoke. Noland looks down and asks Articuno to use Wing Attack. That attack hits Charizard.

Ash is getting worried about Charizard since Overheat used lots of Charizard's stamina. As he's thinking of a way, Noland continues to ask Articuno to use Wing attack. As it comes closer to Charizard, Charizard holds him up and Ash begins to ask Charizard to use Seismic Toss.

The attack is successful without knowing who's down as the smoke covers them up. As the smoke clears up, Charizard is down while Articuno is struggling getting up. The referee is about to announce the defeat of Charizard but Noland stops him.

Articuno then faints while Charizard gets up to his feet. The referee announces Charizard to be the winner! Everyone is happy, including Scott. Scott is thinking that Ash may have a chance to be the Battle Frontier champion.

Ash thanks Charizard for a good battle. Noland calls up Ash and thanks him for a great battle. He asks his assistant to get the symbol. Noland picks it up and gives the Knowledge Symbol to Ash. Ash happily accepts this and does his usual "I've got a badge/symbol" pose.

Noland gives Ash a Frontier Symbol Case. Ash thanks him. At sunset, Articuno bids farewell to Noland. Ash then bids farewell to Charizard as it goes back to the Charicific valley. Scott tells Ash that the next leader is in the Battle Arena. Max looks up at his PokeNav and points up the next location.

They start to leave as they continue their journey towards the next Battle Frontier site.

Hooked On Onyx / Hooked On Onix
After getting the symbol from Noland at the Battle Factory, Ash is ready to head towards the next Battle frontier site, the Battle Arena. As Ash and the gang are walking along the cliffs, Ash is looking at the symbol he won from Noland. May, Max, and Brock are getting tired of walking. Max asks Ash to stop but Ash says that they need to go to the Battle Arena as soon as possible.

Ash finally rests and he is very very tired. The gang sits in front of him and watches him complain. Ash asks May for water but when May gives him the water bottle, it is empty. Ash freaks out and tells the gang the he wants water.

Brock gets the idea that since they're in the mountains, a river must be nearby. Brock asks Max to prepare food for the Pokemon while he and the gang are looking for the river. Everyone is very tired and rest while Mudkip is looking for a river. After a couple of minutes, Mudkip finally finds a river. Unfortunately, Ash is really weak and tired.

As for Max and the Pokemon, Max just finishes preparing food. He goes to a rock and rest. Pikachu tries to talk to the Pokemon of the gang but the Pokemon are angered when Munchlax is eating their food behind Pikachu. May's baby Squirtle cries while Corphish is really mad and attacks Munchlax with a bubblebeam attack. Before Munchlax can be hit, Munchlax falls asleep and the baby Squirtle of May is hit. The baby Squirtle gets really mad and uses Bubblebeam at Corphish.

Corphish uses Harden and the attack that Squirtle does creates chaos. Everyone runs away in every direction creating a huge smoke. As the smoke clears up, they still see Squirtle and Corphish trying to aim at each other. Both of them are stopped when a bunch of angry Geodude talk.

The gang's Pokemon were surrounded by the bunch of Geodudes. They are very angry at the trouble that Corphish and Squirtle did. Phanpy jumps out into the air and used Rollout. The bunch of Geodude’s do the same thing and chases the gang's Pokemon. Max finally wakes up and sees all of the gang's Pokemon being smashed by Geodude's rollout attack. Max finally comes and sees that Pikachu, Munchlax, Phanpy, Corphish and Squirtle are gone.

The gang finally arrives and Max immediately tells Ash what happened. Ash is very shocked about this and asks everyone to look for Pikachu and the gang. Brock asks Mudkip to lead the way.

Somewhere in the mountains, a bunch of Golem, Graveler, and Geodude are gathered around one big Onix. After a couple of seconds the bunch of Geodude’s appear and report to their leader, Onix. Behind the rocks, Team Rocket is there watching the flock of Geodudes, Golem, and Graveler. They wonder what they are doing and tell them that if they catch one of those Pokemon, Pikachu won't stand a chance against blasting them off.

It's time for Team Rocket to do their plan. They approach Onix and have a proposal about the recent things that happened. They brainwash Onix telling them that the trainer of Pikachu is a poacher. As Onix listens, they ask everyone to flee and attack the gang.

In the forest Max, May, and Ash are looking for the gang with Mudkip. Behind the bushes, they didn't know that they crossed away with the gang. As for Squirtle and Phanpy, they are in a garden of roses. Squirtle is very happy of the flowers until they are attacked by a Beedrill. Phanpy protects Squirtle but a bunch of Beedrills started following them.

Back with Corphish and Pikachu, they meet up with Squirtle and Phanpy but they are busy running away. When Pikachu and Corphish see it, they drive them away.

As for Brock waiting in the place where they rested, a bunch of Geodudes appear and he is trapped inside a metal cage. Jesse appears and laughs at

Now that Pikachu, Phanpy, Corphish, Squritle are reunited, they continue to look for the gang. As they're walking in the forest, they see Munchlax at the top of the tree eating apples. Munchlax is excited to see them but he fall down when a bunch of Gravelers and Golem appear in front of them. Pikachu and the gang are scared and run away. As they're running, Corphish sees the river and asks everyone to run in the river. Everyone jumps onto a log and says goodbye to the Golem. As they are drifted away, the log bumped into a rock and throws them away to the waterfalls.

Pikachu and the gang finally survive and are at the land. Golem and the gang corner them and a cage locks them up. James appears but when Pikachu and Corphish try to attack the cage, it backfires. James pities them and asks the flock of Gravelers and Golem to start carrying them.

With Brock, Pikachu and the other Pokemon are being offered to the leader Onix, they are very sad. As for Ash, Max, and May are still finding everyone, Max asks ash to climb to the rocks and see if they're there.

When Ash reaches the top, he sees Brock and the Pokemon being trapped. Ash tries to look down and see May, Max and Mudkip being trapped in the cage by Meowth and a bunch of Golems. Now that everyone except Ash is gathered around Onix, Team Rocket finally appears and says their motto.

After their motto, Meowth says that they finally caught Pikachu and continues to brainwash Onix. Ash appears and talks to Onix. Ash tells them that Team Rocket is up to no good. Meowth stops Ash and tells Onix that they're lying. Ash continues to tell Onix the truth while the gang helps Onix to be convinced. Meowth translates what Onix is saying and it seems that Onix wants to battle.

Ash sends out Grovyle and the battle between Onix and Grovyle starts. Onix uses Iron tail but it doesn't hit Grovyle. Grovyle jumps up and uses Bullet Seed. The attack works well and it blinds Onix. While it’s blinded by Bullet Seed, Grovyle uses Leaf Blade to finish the battle off.

Team Rocket is very amazed and starts to do Plan B. They leave to a field.

As Onix stands up, a Team Rocket robot appears and attacks Onix with a rock. Onix commands his younglings to free the gang. Everyone gathers to protect the gang and fight Team Rocket. Team Rocket has the power to stop rock Pokemon so they use water to wash them out. When everyone is fainted, Team Rocket grabs Pikachu's and Onix's tails. As Meowth is cheering that they caught Pikachu, James tells him to look down. He sees Onix's tail is stopping them from flying.

Now the gang decides to blast them off. Ash uses Corphish's Bubblebeam to destroy the mechanical hand that holds Pikachu. May then asks Squirtle to use Bubblebeam to the other mechanical hand to free Onix. Now for their final attack, Pikachu and Onix teamed up and blast Team Rocket off.

Now that everything is fine, Ash and the gang are friends with Onix. Ash and the gang are riding Onix to reach their next destination!

Rough, Tough Jigglypuff
Continuing Ash's journey towards the Battle Arena, Ash and the gang are passing through the forest. As they walk, they fall into a trap. The gang suspects that it must be Team Rocket but a Loudred with his trainer comes and they are shocked.

Inside the house, the trainer of the Loudred apologizes and gives everyone his business card as he is a ranger. He introduces himself as Miso-san and his Loudred to everyone. May looks up the data of Loudred in her Pokedex while Brock is giving compliments to Loudred. Miso-san then shows everyone his PokeBlock Juice that he's using for his Loudred. May is amazed when she hears about this.

Outside of his house, all of the gang's Pokemon are eating their lunches as the gang watches May feeding Munchlax and her Pokemon. Ash asks Miso-san about something but they are interrupted when they hear a rattling sound behind the bushes. The Pokemon stop eating and Loudred is alerted. Miso-san asks Loudred if that's the "it". Ash still doesn’t get what’s going on so he observes. After a couple of second, a Jigglypuff pops out behind the bushes and May is so excited to see a Jigglypuff but Miso-san stops everyone from getting near at Jigglypuff and he asked his Loudred to attack it. Jigglypuff bumps into the tree but it gets back up easily. When Miso-san is about to ask Loudred to attack it one more time, he notices something about Jigglypuff. He stops and sees his Loudred in loved with Jiggylpuff.

Brock tells everyone that Jigglypuff used Charm on Loudred to make it stop attacking it. Miso-san can't believe what happened. Jigglypuff chuckles and uses a fire attack on the gang. As they are down on the ground, Jigglypuff started singing.

Everyone starts to feel drowsy except for Loudred whose Soundproof ability prevents attacks like Sing to take effect. After Jigglypuff is finished singing, it chuckles again and leaves. At the time Jigglypuff leaves, the Charm spell on Loudred is removed. When Loudred is back to normal, he doesn't know what happened to the gang and their Pokemon.

He immediately comes to Miso-san and wakes him up. As soon as Miso-san wakes up, he immediately looks for Jigglypuff but it’s already gone. Miso-san starts crying.

In the air, Team Rocket is flying in their balloon and saw a Jigglypuff. Meowth has another idea that can benefit their boss if he has Jigglypuff. After hearing Meowth's plan, they think they'll get a promotion if they catch it.

Back with the gang, everyone is on the lookout for Jigglypuff. Inside Miso-san's house, they just finished drinking a cup of tea. May sees a portrait of Miso-san's family. Miso-san takes the picture and tells them the story about his daughter. It all started when it was her daughter's birthday. Her daughter wanted Miso-san to give him a present and that is a Jigglypuff. From that time, he resigned from his work and started hunting for Jigglypuff. As he tried and tried to catch a Jigglypuff, he met a Loudred and caught it to help him catch a Jigglypuff.

After telling the story, everyone feels bad about Miso-san but the gang agrees to help Miso-san to catch Jigglypuff for him. Miso-san gets excited and thanks them so much.

Outside of Miso-san's house, Team Rocket is there eating behind the bushes while they're listening to the twerp's conversation inside Miso-san's house. When Meowth is about to take some food from the picnic basket, Jigglypuff comes and Meowth touched his head. When Team Rocket sees Jigglypuff, they are very excited to catch it.

When the gang tries to catch it with their bare hands, Jigglypuff burns them down with Flame Thrower. Team Rocket doesn't give up and still tries to catch it. This time, Jigglypuff sings and makes Team Rocket drowsy.

Loudred senses that Jigglypuff is nearby. It goes inside the house and tells everyone that Jigglypuff is around. Everyone is very excited about this and they are all determined to catch Jigglypuff.

Jigglypuff continues to sing while Team Rocket is feeling drowsy. After a couple of minutes, they all sleep. Jigglypuff comes and eat Team Rocket's food. After Jigglypuff eats the food, the gang appears. Ash tries to attack Jigglypuff first but Max tells him that close range attack isn't a good idea because Jigglypuff can sing and put them in sleep. Brock then
tells Miso-san to use Loudred to distract Jigglypuff's attention. Loudred uses Screech and Pikachu used this time to attack it with Thunderbolt. It doesn't work! Jigglypuff jumps and used Rollout on Pikachu.

As Jigglypuff continues to use Rollout, it hits Team Rocket and it makes them wake up. They are startled to see Ash and the gang. They say the motto but are rudely interrupted when Miso-san goes in front of him and gives them his business card. Jesse and James are clueless on what Miso-san is giving them. Wobbuffet and Meowth are arguing with Loudred. As soon as
Loudred is angered, it throws Meowth and Wobbuffet to Jesse and James and that makes them blasted off.

Jigglypuff is happy to see them blast off but Ash thinks that it's time to get serious and catch it. Jigglypuff runs away when Ash is ready to release one of his Pokemon, it runs away. When Ash is about to follow it, Brock stops him and tells him a plan... That it is to lure Jigglypuff by using Pokemon food...

In front of Miso-san's house, there's Pokemon Food in front of the door. The gang is behind the bushes trying to observe. Finally, Jigglypuff comes. It comes running to the food but once Jigglypuff smelled it, it stays away from the food. Brock is shocked about his plan and the food he made.

May has another idea. She'll try to lure Jigglypuff with her May Delicious Pokeblock... wait... Muchlax eats the pokeblock she had on her hand. May doesn't know what to do anymore. Brock suggests the easiest way to catch it is to battle it. Max had an idea about on how to catch it.

The next day, Miso-san and the gang come outside and try to challenge Jigglypuff once again. Loudred used Uproar while Jigglypuff used Rollout. As Jigglypuff uses rollout across Loudred, Ash opens the door and lets Jigglypuff locked up inside Miso-san's house.

Inside the house, Jigglypuff doesn't know where he is. Ash's Pikachu comes behind Jigglypuff and asks Jigglypuff to battle. Pikachu uses Thunderbolt but Jigglypuff is fast enough to dodge it. Ash and the gang are watching both Pokemon battling. Miso-san prays that Jigglypuff will be hit so that he can catch it when it’s weak.

Jigglypuff then used Sing to make Pikachu sleep but the plan of the gang started to work. The music that Jigglypuff is creating is backing fire at it. Jigglypuff fell asleep and Miso-san was so happy. Brock tells Miso-san that it's time for him to use his Pokeball to catch it.

Miso-san hesitates on catching Jigglypuff. Ash and the gang asks him that he needs to catch it to give to her daughter as a present. Unfortunately, Miso-san realizes something when he sees Jigglypuff peacefully sleeping.

Miso-san decides not to catch Jigglypuff and Ash was confused about this. Ash tells him that he needs to catch it for his daughter but he said his daughter would understand why he didn't bring her a Jigglypuff. Miso-san tells them the reason why but Max tells him that he needs to catch it for his daughter. After a couple of conversation, they all understand Miso-san.

May asks Miso-san what present he will give to her daughter. Miso-san told them that he's going to give Loudred instead. Miso-san whispered at a poor Jigglypuff before they all left.

Back at Miso-san's house, his wife is at the garden watering the plants. As soon as Miso-san entered their garden, his daughter welcomed him and asks him for a Jigglypuff. Miso-san then tells his daughter, Lisa, that he didn't catch a Jigglypuff just like he promised. His daughter was sad but Ash and the gang tells all of the hard work that Miso-san did just to catch a Jigglypuff.

After hearing Ash, Lisa tells his dad that it's all right as long as he's back. Miso-san cried and hugged her daughter. Some interrupted them as they hugged. Jigglypuff is flying across town trying to go to Miso-san's house. Brock explained that Jigglypuff earned the trust of Miso-san.

Miso-san talks to Jigglypuff and asks her to join. Jigglypuff agreed and Lisa was very happy about this. From their happiness, Jigglypuff sang and they all fell asleep...

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