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A Double Dilemma
Ash and the others have finally reached Petalburg City. In the Pokemon Center, Ash and the others are there to heal their Pokemon before they battle Norman, the Gym Leader of Petalburg City. When Nurse Joy saw May, she talks about her father but Brock interrupts her. Max pinched his ear to got him out of the way. A fat lady with a bag of vegetables runs after she hears May noting that the gym leader is her father. They went out and started walking through the streets. While walking, they saw a bunch of people running towards them. They were interviewing May about her father Norman. May shows her ribbons which caught the people's interests. When Ash tried to show his badges, people ignored him and tried to kick him out of the way. Jesse and James are walking in the street and are very tired. When they see the picture of Norman and Carolina, they remember that he's the Gym Leader of Petalburg City. They see that he's very popular in the streets of Petalburg City. Jesse got an idea...In front of the fountain, you would see James dressed up like Norman, Jesse as Carolina, Meowth as May, and Wobbufet as Max. It seems that they're planning to do something evil again. One kid notices them and tries to look at them very carefully. After careful of investagation of the man, he says that it's really them! The man with a bandana tried to talk to Meowth who looked like May. At the other side of town, May is still in the middle of the huge crowd with an interviewer in front of her. The crowd got excited when May shows her Beautifly. Ash told Brock that Beautifly is really good. Two young guys interrupt them. They ask Ash and the others if Ash is going to battle Norman, the Gym Leader! Ash says yes and the two young guys challenge him to a battle. Ash used his Grovyle to fight the trainer's Golduck. The battle seems very intense because Grovyle has an advantage. On the other side of the town where the fake Norman, Caroline, Max, and May are, it seems that Meowth is having a picture-taking session. A lot of people go to them for their autograph and picture, but of course they have to pay. The battle between the trainer and Ash has finally ended. Grovyle wins. When they see Ash is so strong, some other trainers want to battle him at the same time. Ash challenges them one by one. After the battles, Ash seems tired but the trainers who want to challenge him, telling him that he's a coward. He got mad and starts the fight again with 4 versus 1. May is so tired after her performance in the crowd. The two young guys who battled Ash interrupt the reporter. They told the reporter that there's an incredible trainer who defeated all the trainer's Pokemon. May's fan had an idea. They want May to fight Ash! After Ash battled all the trainers, he saw a huge crowd with May and Max in it. Ash wonders why there's a lot of people with her. The reporter told him that they want to see Ash and May fight to see if Ash is really strong. Ash agrees to fight May. The reporter is happy as well as May because May will get even more popular if she defeats Ash. People on the other side of town saw that the Fake family isn't there anymore. The man tried to find them and they saw Jesse and James running. The battle between Ash and May begins. May used her Torchic while when Ash tried to use Pikachu. Pikachu refuses since it's tired. So Ash just used Taillow. When Taillow is attacking Torchic, the crowd is booing at Ash and Taillow. When May has a chance to attack Ash, she lets her Torchic use Ember on them and Ash and Taillow faint. The fat lady announces the winner and May wins! Jesse and James are still running from the people who want to have an autograph. While running and running, the fake Norman, Caroline, Max and May bump their way to the crowd with the real Max and May in it. They stopped and Max and May hopped down the platform and talked to the fake parents. May inspects the fake May which is Meowth, while the man and the fat lady argue about the real May. Ash and Brock try to see what's going on. May is very mad; she lets her Torchic out and asks it to use Ember on the fake family. The crowd got surprised. Team Rocket says their Motto. Ash and May shouts that it's TEAM ROCKET! The battle begins again between Team Rocket, Ash, and May. Seviper uses Smokescreen to get away from the crowd. They flew in the balloon knowing that they can catch Pikachu. When Team Rocket steals Torchic, May shouts and Ash asks his Pikachu to save the stuff and Torchic. After they fell, Ash finishes them off with Thunder. After the incident, all of them were very happy. The interviewer told them that they did a great job. Ash thought that he's the one who's great but it's actually Pikachu. Ash falls down and the crowd cheers for Pikachu. The crowd waves goodbye to them as Ash and company go to May and Max's house to battle Norman.

Love, Petalburg Style!
May and Max have finally found Petalburg City. While walking along the road, May and Max see the poster of their dad hanging on the wall. May shouts that her father is famous. Ash cuts the excitement of May and Max when he tells them that he's ready to face Norman! Max and May have finally gotten to home. Brock is with them but Ash isn't. As they step towards the stairs, someone greets them. He's some kind of a friend to May and Max. They talk and talk until the friend told something that's going on between Norman and Caroline. They listen until Caroline welcomes them. Caroline is very happy to see Max and May. She hugs both of them until Max mentions where Norman is. Their friend interrupts them by sweeping the floor. May wonders...Caroline invites both of them to eat a snack. As they walk inside the house, May wonders what's going on...As Ash prepares for his next battle, he goes first to the Pokemon Center. He was happy when he comes in, until he sees Norman and Nurse Joy flirting with each other. Ash talks to him about the Gym Battle. Ash wonders why Norman is blushing... Norman and Nurse Joy bid farewell to each other. Jesse, James, and Moewth are there planning a way to catch Pikachu. Since they know that Ash is having a Gym Battle with Norman, they think of a way to snatch it. Inside of Max and May's house, Caroline is cooking as Max tells the story about Team Rocket. May tells him to shut up. They change the conversation to about their father. When May is asking about her father's whereabouts, Caroline turns back and starts getting a little mad. Their friend is trying to cut the coversation about Norman but he can't. As Caroline stirs the pot rapidly, May asks her if she's alright. Caroline says yes and and she starts rejoicing, trying to hide her emotion. Their friend tours them around their house. When their friend is telling something, Max interrupts them as they see Vigoroth. They talk until Max sees another pre-evolved form of Vigoroth and Slaking. May is excited as she looks its data on her Pokedex. When their friend has a chance to interrupt them, he tells May and Ash about Nurse Joy. All of them freak out... He mentions that Norman's hanging place is in Nurse Joy. Max shouts that his father isn't cheating on his mother. As their friend finishes talking, Ash finally finds them. Without their attention, Team Rocket has finally found them. Meowth sees Vigoroth, Slakoth, and Slaking with Ash and the others, so they plan on stealing it since Giovanni would be very pleased. Ash tells everybody that he went to Pokemon Center and he saw Nurse Joy with Norman. All of them run off to see if it's true. May and the others are running rapidly to the Pokemon Center to see if it's really true. As they enter, they see Nurse Joy and Norman flirting with each other again. May gets mad as Max tells him that their father can't do that. Norman sees them. He greets everybody without knowing that they just want to check if Ash is telling the truth. When Norman asks them what's the problem, May and Max bow their head down as Brock covers them up. As Brock is talking to Norman, he sees Nurse Joy smiling. He runs out after her and starts to flirt. Max and May's friend grabs Brock and takes him away. While James and Jesse are walking, they're thinking of a way to catch that Vigoroth and its family. As they walk through the forest, they see this strange door. As they enter it, they see this machine. While trying to inspect it, Jesse sees that the twerps are coming! In the Pokemon Center, Brock tells Norman to stop flirting with Nurse Joy. Norman doesn't know what he's talking about so May's friend gets him out of the way again. Norman asks them what's the matter. As May is about to say it, Caroline shows up! All of them get freaked out when they see that she's carrying a bag. Caroline seems very mad at Norman. They ask what he's doing in Nurse Joy's Pokemon Center everyday. When Norman tells them an answer, they think they don't know what they're talking about. May and the others is having a fun lunch in the forest. As they're eating, Team Rocket shows up. They saw the motto and the battle begins. Continuing the argument of Caroline and Norman, she shouts to Nurse Joy to stop flirting with his husband. Everybody gets shocked. She asks May and Max to go with her and go home. As Caroline is arguing with them, Max shouts to stop it. He stands up in front of everybody and tells them that Norman is a good gym leader and he won't try to ditch his Mom. Norman seems a little embarassed, as he tries to explain what's going on...With the intense battle of Ash and Team Rocket, Jesse's Seviper seems to be wiping Pikachu out. When James asks his Cacnea to use Pin Missile, they run through the door as it explodes. Team Rocket laughs until they saw Norman and Co. running to Ash. Team Rocket gets scared when they see Norman. The battle still continues. While they're fighting, Cacnea launches another Pin Missile. Cacnea accidentaly hits the machine that they saw before. Norman gets mad to them. Due to his anger, he calls Slaking out and blasts Team Rocket off! When they blast off... Norman runs to the machine as they told everybody that it's very important to him because it's for Caroline (Fireworks Machine). May shouts, "How romantic Dad!". Nurse Joy explains that she's just helping Norman to build that machine for Caroline. Brock noticed that she's very thoughtful and tried to flirt again. Later that night, Nurse Joy has finally finished fixing it. Norman tries it and it works. The fireworks create a Beautifly image in the clouds. All of them get happy as Norman and Caroline try to reconcile with one another. May was amazed to see the image of Beautifly. Caroline tells her that Norman and her is very sweet and they loved Beautifly. As Norman isn't with her, he goes to Ash and tells him that he's ready to have a GYM BATTLE with him. Ash accepts it as Max warns him that his father is strong. Everybody was happy that Ash will finally have a Gym Battle with Norman tomorrow. Ash is very excited as the episode ends.

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Balance of Power!
Having already won four badges during his adventures in Hoenn, Ash finally starts his long-awaited rematch with Norman, except this time it is an official Gym Battle with a Balance Badge on the line! Ash begins with Pikachu while Norman starts with a fast Slakoth which Pikachu is unable to hit, and after receivng a bit of damage, Ash is forced to change to Torkoal to counter Slakoth's Blizzard attack. With Norman's Vigoroth and Slaking still to come, and Max rooting for his father to win, can Ash defeat the toughest Gym Leader he's faced so far...

A Six Pack Attack!
Fortree City is the location of the next Gym, so this is the gang's destination, however they soon meet up with Professor Birch, who si on his way to Littleroot Town's harbour where he is to pick up Professor Oak who is visiting Hoenn. Ash and Brock decide to join him while May and Max go to Birch's lab. At the lab May and Max meet up with Birch's assistant who shows them a new batch of starters, and then Professor Oak (who has made his own way to the lab) turns up. Max is overjoyed to meet his idol, and Oak lets him meet a Bulbasaur, Charamnder and Squirtle. However soon Team Rocket turn up and nab all six starters and take them to their Secret Base. With Ash, Brock and Birch still waiting at the harbor, it's up to May, Max and Oak to rescue them!

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The Bicker the Better
Starting in the Pokemon Center, Ash, Brock and Max are ready to leave and head to Fortree City to get Ash's Feather Badge from Winona. He asked Max to find the right way by using his PokeNavigator. When they are all about to leave, Pikachu stops them and Brock remembers that May is still inside packing all of her cosmetics. Inside of the Pokemon Center, May is happily fixing her cosmetics accessories until Ash asks her to stop it. He pushes May out. When May sees a Mirror, she stops and starts looking. Ash gets mad at her. Walking in the woods, Ash and May seem to have an argument. Brock and Max just sigh until a beautiful and handsome man appears. They introduce themselves as Andrew and Oscar. Max gets surprised and Brock seems to be in love with Andrew. Oscar and Andrew start talking about having a Tag Battle. They both perform some kind of a dance until Brock comes to Andrew and starts introducing himself. Max drags him out. The battle between Oscar and Andrew vs. Ash and May begins. They both let Nidoqueen and Nidoking out. Ash lets his Corphish out until Ash notices that she hasn't picked her Pokemon yet. Ash gets disappointed and it seems he's mad. Finally May decides to let Skitty out! The intense battle begins between them. They fight and fight until May and Ash's pokemon starts to be messed up. Instead of Skitty hitting Nidoqueen and Nidoking, she's hitting Corphish. Andrew and Oscar were amazed to May's Skitty. When May just keeps commanding Skitty an attack, Skitty doesn't know that Corphish is frozen because of her Ice Beam. Ash gets really mad at May's Skitty so she used Ember on Corphish. After Corphish is unfrozen, he chases Skitty. While they're chasing each other, Andrew and Oscar start glaring at Skitty until they've decided to finish the battle. They both ask their Nidoqueen and Nidoking to use a Combination Attack. They combine by rolling to Skitty and Corphish. The battle ends and Oscar and Andrew runs! Deep inside of the forest, Team Rocket was there discussing some things. As they discuss things, Oscar and Andrew come and ask for Tag Battle. Jesse whispers to James that they can snatch their Pokemon and they all agree to have a Tag Battle. The battle began between Jesse's Seviper, James' Cacnea VS. Nidoqueen and Nidoking. It starts off with Seviper's Bite attack but he missed. Andrew and Oscar decide to use a Combination Attack again, using "Hyper Beam" so that they can beat Team Rocket's Pokemon easily. When Nidoqueen and Nidoking launch their first attack, Seviper wrapped Cacnea. Jesse and James starts to argue just like May and Ash before.Since they're busy both arguing, Andrew and Oscar decide to finish the battle by using Hyper Beam one more time. They used it and they all blast off. Oscar and Andrew seems very proud on winning the battle again. Walking in the middle of the forest, May and Ash are still arguing. Brock and Max just ignore them and tell each other that they feel sorry for each other. In another part of the forest, Jesse and James are both arguing just like what Ash and May are doing. It seems they're very mad about losing to Oscar and Andrew. While talking and talking they didn't notice that May and Ash are walking with Team Rocket on the other side. After they saw each other, Jesse grabs May and ask to fight with James and Ash by doing the Tag Battle again. Brock and Meowth seem to be tired with this kind of battle. With Brock being the judge, the battle starts. They all let their pokemon out. With Jesse's Seviper and May's Skitty, they join up and start fighthing Ash's Corphish and James's Cacnea. When Jesse and May's Pokemon seems to be losing to Ash's and James's pokemon they seem to be pretty mad. The battle still cotinues until Jesse is fed up with them. She lets her Dustox out and uses Gust to counter attack them. The battle continues but all of them are attacking each other! It seems that they're not used to being in a Tag Battle. With Brock being the Judge and Wobbuffet beside him, they were blasted in the wall. Now Max, Meowth and Pikachu seem very tired of this battle. Meowth gots an idea about getting Pikachu. Since Jesse and James still fighting each another, Meowth uses body language to catch Pikachu. When both of them figure out what Meowth is trying to say, James's Cacnea used Smokescreen. With huge smoke, they grab Pikachu and run away. Ash stops them as Team Rocket says their motto. Ash askd Pikachu to use Thunderbolt but it won't work. Now May tries to help by using Skitty. When Skitty is in trouble, Corphish helps her. Now it seems that the Tag Battle is now working. They team up again and blasts Team Rocket off. Pikachu runs to Ash and starts hugging each other. May apoligizes and so does Ash. They feel sorry for each other and they join up again and try to cooperate once more.

Grass Hysteria
Ash and company are continuing towards Fortree City so Ash can challenge the gym leader to earn his sixth badge in Hoenn. However, they appear to be lost on the way. Their location does not appear on either the PokéNav or the guide book. Suddenly, a wild Skarmory comes out of a nearby bush. Skitty then randomly comes out of its Pokéball. Skarmory flies toward Skitty but May shields it. Skarmory ends up carrying both Skitty and May. Skarmory flies away. Ash and company chase the Skarmory. However, they are stopped at a fence and two people say that entrance is not allowed into the Forbidden Forest. Ash and company explain that May and Skitty were taken over the fence. They are eventually gained entrance into the forest; however, the other people must accompany them. In the forest, Skarmory lets go of May and Skitty on a small mountain. May puts Skitty back into its Pokéball. She then notices a Bulbasaur using its vines to take a plant. However, it slips and May catches it from falling. Bulbasaur has apparently never seen a human before, so it uses its vines to touch May. Bulbasaur is OK with it. However, some other Grass Pokémon do not like her presence on their land. Ash and company then talk to an old man about their problem. The old man says that man has not entered the Forbidden Forest; the Grass Pokémon there have been left alone. The old man advises the visitors to leave immediately and they do so. Team Rocket is spying on Ash and company. They figure that if the Grass Pokémon do not know about humans, they would be easy to steal. They eventually decide to snatch the Grass Pokémon. May is now downright scared of the Grass Pokémon. The Pokémon start to attack, but May dodges. Bulbasaur tries to calm the other Pokémon, but it does nothing. May has to use Torchic to stop the onslaught. She runs away. Bulbasaur wants to follow, but it is stopped. Ash and company are now wondering what to do outside the forest. Ash convinces Brock and Max to save May. As Ash and company start to enter the forest, they are noticed. Only Ash is able to enter the forest. May is hiding in a bush with Torchic. She notices some Stun Spore, so they leave the bush and come across some more Grass Pokémon. She is about to be attacked when Ash arrives. Pikachu uses Thunderbolt to scare the Grass Pokémon to form an escape route. They keep running into assorted Grass Pokémon until they run into a cliff. As they are surrounded by a horde of Grass types, a large Venusaur comes. Venusaur touches Ash and May with its vines like Bulbasaur did. Bulbasaur appeals to Venusaur to not kill Ash and May. Venusaur’s only request is that Torchic should be returned. Team Rocket is spying on them, of course. They get an idea on how to swipe all of the Pokémon. Ash and May accompany the Grass Pokémon to a small river. Bulbasaur thanks May. Ash tells Bulbasaur that he got his own back in Pallet Town. The Bulbasaur leads May and Ash to a scenic overview of the forest. It notices a city. They explain that humans and Pokémon live together outside the woods. Max and Brock finally receive clearance to enter the forest; however, they must get their friends and leave as quickly as they can. He also notes that it is easy to get lost in the forest. Ash and May are still enjoying the scene when Team Rocket barges in on a huge gardener. They use robotic hands to take the Grass Pokémon and store them in a net on its back. Team Rocket notices Ash and May and starts to chase after them. Team Rocket comes out and says the motto. They then advise May and Ash to get out of the way. Pikachu tries an electric attack, but Wobbuffet deflects the attack. Brock and Max eventually find Team Rocket, who is taking Bulbasaur. Venusaur steps in and uses Vine Whip to free Bulbasaur. Venusaur goes and tries to take the net holding the Pokémon. After a struggle, Venusaur is unable to get the net and falls down. In the process, May and Bulbasaur are put in the net. Venusaur gets up to notice that the machine is not working correctly. It seems the Grass Pokémon that have been captured are resisting the machine. Bulbasaur uses Razor Leaf to cut the net and free the Pokémon. Team Rocket refuses to give up, as Pikachu’s attacks are still useless. However, Venusaur uses its Solar Beam to blast Team Rocket off. As Ash and company are leaving the forest, Bulbasaur chases after May. May asks Bulbasaur if it wants to join her and it agrees. May now has a Bulbasaur.

Hokey Pokemon
While walking in the middle of town, May is so excited about her new Bulbasaur. Ash mentions that he needs to go to the Pokemon Center to check with Professor Oak. May lets Bulbasaur out of her Pokeball and she lets her Pokemon walk. Bulbasaur runs to a store on which has lots of fruit. May follows Bulbasaur and asks it not to run away. Max yells at her and says that they need to go the Pokemon Center. When May turns around to respond to Max, Bulbasaur runs to a truck. Brock yells and the truck leaves. Everybody runs after the truck. When the driver sees Ash and Brock running so fast, the driver stops and May was finally glad that she got Bulbasaur again and they proceed on their way to the Pokemon Center. Inside of the Pokemon Center, Team Rocket was there "fixing" the Trade Machine. It seems that they're planning something. When Ash and the others get inside of the Pokemon Center, Team Rocket sees them and tries leaving. Ash talks to Nurse Joy and greets her while Team Rocket sneaks their way out. Nurse Joy sees them walking away so she tells them that she's very thankful. After they leave successfully, James mentions that their plan is working! As Nurse Joy talks to Ash, Brock tries to flirt with her again. Max drags him out of the way. Ash mentions to Nurse Joy that he needs to use the video phone to talk to Professor Oak. On the phone, May was proud to show her Bulbasaur to Professor Oak. Ash gets an idea! He asks Professor Oak if he can let his Bulbasaur transfer over so that May's Bulbasaur can have company. As Ash gets the Pokéball through the trade machine, he notices that it's empty. The children come to him and say that their Pokeballs are empty too. Nurse Joy comes and ask what's going on. She tells them that the Trade Machine was newly fixed and the guys that Ash saw were the ones who fixed it. Ash wonders as the real technician comes. Nurse Joy is shocked! Behind the back of the Pokemon Center, Jesse and James are so happy that they got all of the Pokemon that the people transferred over the machine. James explains how it works as Jesse and Meowth notices Ash and the others! Nurse Joy yells at them for being thieves! Team Rocket says the motto and starts flying up with their balloon. As they go higher, Pikachu can't attack them no more since their balloon has rockets on it. It goes so high and fast when suddenly the engine stops working. Team Rocket panic’s and they blast off. Ash and others are worried about his Bulbasaur until May sees that there's a Pokeball falling from the sky. May asks her Bulbasaur to catch it and Ash's Bulbasaur comes out! Ash is so happy that his Bulbasaur is safe. They decide to hunt them down so they ask Beautifly and Taillow to search around the forest. In the middle of the forest, Team Rocket's balloon crashed. They're very confident that their Pokeballs are safe so they start leaving with the Pokeballs in their bag. While James is walking, he does not notice that his bag has a hole in it. The Pokeballs drop one by one. Taillow and Beautifly sees a bunch of Pokeballs that looks like a trail to Team Rocket's hideout. They both find Ash and the others to tell what's going on. As Ash was glad about the good news, they both follow the trail of Pokeballs that leads to Team Rocket's hideout. Inside of Team Rocket's hideout, Jesse and James put their bag of Pokeballs down until Meowth notices that James's bag is empty. Jesse gets mad and they go outside to get them back. While picking the Pokeballs one by one, Ash and others arrive! They all both fight to get the stolen Pokeballs. James's strategy to beat Ash is batting the Pokeballs to them and when the Pokemon come out, they knock Ash's out. When they find a strategy to stop them, Max and May go to the roof and start distracting them. As they fight and fight, Team Rocket finally blasted off. After the fight, they return to the Pokemon Center and bring the stolen Pokeballs back to their owners. They're very glad and Nurse Joy thanks them. When Ash sees Professor Oak on the video phone, he sees Oak with bandages on his face. Oak tells them that the grass Pokemon went crazy and he needs Bulbasaur back. Ash tells his Bulbasaur to go back to Professor Oak. As Ash's Bulbasaur is ready to get inside of his Pokeball, he says goodbye to May's Bulbasaur. They go outside as they head to Fortree City to get the Feather Badge from Winona.

Wiscash and Ash
The episode starts when Brock is cooking their meal. They first rest in a rest house which is near a pond. While Max and May are preparing for their meal, Ash is in the harbor looking at his badges. While mentioning that he's ready for the next gym battle, Max and May call to Ash that the meal is ready. Ash told them that he's coming when he trips on a bucket. He accidentally throws his badge case with badges in the pond. A Whiscash catches it and the episode title shows up. All of them gather in the pond as May looks at Whiscash's data. When Whiscash opens his mouth, Ash thought that he's giving the badges to him. Instead, he refuse and swam in the water. Ash ask Corphish to battle but he got whipped off by Whiscash. Now, Whiscash dived in as well as Ash. When he get near to the grassy seas, his foot got stuck up and drowned! In Ash's Dream, he sees Pikachu's image. He tries to wake up and grabs it. (It's just fishing bait). When the fisherman gets Ash up to the surface, he introduces himself as Mr. Su. Since Ash was in the water for a long time, he gets a cold! He sneezes and when he's finished, Mr. Su tells them about the Whiscash. Ash is still mad about his badges. Mr. Su tells them that he's one of the best fishermen out there and he agrees to help Ash on one condition. When Max embarrasses him, he hides in the corner and tries to leave. Ash shouts that he needs his help to get his badges and tells him he'll do anything. Mr. Su gets happy and comes to him with an un-assembled fishing rod and asks them to fish with him. He shows his Pokemon bait collection to them and they all chose their bait. Without their attention, Team Rocket was there watching. While fishing, Ash and the others are bored while Mr. Su is catching lots of fish but he can't catch the one he likes. Ash and the others walk up to him and tell him that there's no fish here especially Whiscash. Mr. Su brings them to another place in which lots of Pokemon are in the sea. He tells them that he'll probably find the Wishcash that ate Ash's badges here. As Mr. Su keeps talking, he tries to throw the bait on the far side. Ash tells him that he can do it too! So he tries... but he can't. Max volunteers and he successfully ties up with Mr. Su. As Mr. Su gets embarrassed by being beaten by a kid, he hides himself again. Max shouts that he got something in his rod. As he tries to grab it, it's a baby Whiscash. Mr. Su tells him to hold still. When the baby Whiscash shows up, the big one who stole Ash's badges was there! Mr. Su shouts as Ash is ready to bring his badges back to him. In the middle of the pond, Team Rocket was there. While they're talking, someone bites Jesse's hair! She tries to grabbed it and it's a Feebas! She tells James that this Feebas is ugly so he throws Feebas back. While Jesse is busy taking Feebas off her hair, James spots the twerps! Mr. Su and the others are in a boat trying to find Whiscash. As they try to wait for some fish to bite the bait, Mr. Su feels that Whiscash bit his bait! Everybody gets excited. As he tries to bring the fish up to the surface, it's just a Magikarp. Everybody gets disappointed as Ash feels that something bit his bait! All of them are convinced that it's Whiscash! So they try to help Ash to get up to the surface. Whiscash seems very big so Ash asks Corphish to use Crabhammer on him. As he did that, he was transported to the land. When he finally captures it, he lets Grovyle out to weaken it. As Ash asks Whiscash to bring his badges back, a nets grabs Whiscash! It's Team Rocket! They say the motto and start to fly. All of them panic so Mr. Su helps them by following the balloon. As they reach the balloon up, the balloon crashes. They all fight on the land and the battle begins. As the battle goes longer and longer, Whiscash escapes from the net and uses an Earthquake that makes Team Rocket blast off again! After blasting off... Whiscash sneezes the badge case to Ash. As Whiscash tries to leave, Mr. Su stops it and reveals his true desires! He wants Whiscash! All of them get surprised when he lets out his Fllaffy. May looks at his data as Fllaffy seems it can't weaken Whiscash. Since it doesn't work, Mr. Su brings his Masterball out. All of them get surprised as Mr. Su shouts that he's sure that Masterball can't fail on catching this Pokemon. As he throws it, Whiscash just swallows it and leaves...He just laughs and tells them that it was ok! In the middle of the Sunset, everybody bids farewell to Mr. Su and thanks him for everything!

Me, Myself, and Time!
Ash and company are taking a “shortcut” to Fortree City through the Kuri Kuri Mountains. The fog is heavy, and Ash has fallen behind the rest of the group. May says that they would have saved time by going the long way around the mountain. Team Rocket is, of course, trying to follow them. They seem to be lost as well. Ash is walking by himself. He notes that it is hard to see, when he falls down a slope. Ash lands on the ground after his fall. Team Rocket thinks they hear something, and Jessie pretends to be psychic. She leads them in a direction. May and company are safely out of the forest. However, they notice that Ash is gone. They have to search the mountain for him. Ash comes to a person who is singing in a hollow tree. The fog immediately clears to reveal a woman. However, she is immediately concealed, so Ash just continues on. He is just about ready to step off a proper cliff when he notices where he is. Then he suddenly notices a new Pokémon. The Pokédex says that it is Baltoy, a Pokémon that spins like a top. It is said to have lived with ancient people. It is just about ready to spin off the cliff, so Pikachu tries to stop it with a Thunderbolt. However, it does nothing, as Baltoy keeps spinning. Ash notices in the Pokédex that Baltoy is a Psychic/Ground type, so Electric attacks are useless. Pikachu uses Quick Attack to stop Baltoy. Now a girl runs up to get Baltoy. As usual, Ash is accused to hurting Baltoy with no reason. He explains that Baltoy was just about ready to spin off a cliff, and she apologizes and thanks Ash. Team Rocket falls off the same hill Ash did earlier this episode, but Jessie notices the Electric attack. They decide to go there. Ash is resting on a rock while talking with the girl simultaneously. The girl introduces herself as Callista. She explains that she wants to be an archaeologist. However, her parents want her to be a doctor. When they found her “discoveries”, they confiscated them. Callista kept a book for herself. Later, Callista received a phone call. The person on the other end of the line told her to go to the Kuri Kuri Mountains. The book is Nova issue 15, with a feature of the Baltoy civilization. The mountains are said to have “the greatest treasure in the universe”. There is also a song in the book. Callista sings the first part, and Ash follows with the next part. She asks where he heard the song, and Ash explains that he heard a woman singing it at a place not too far away. Ash leads her there. Team Rocket was spying the whole time. They decide to follow Ash and Callista to get the treasure. They hope for a big promotion and a corner office. They will use the swoop and swipe method. Team Rocket gets to the woman at the tree first. They demand a battle. James uses Cacnea (which still hugs him) and Jessie uses Seviper. The woman uses her Xatu. Cacnea tries to use Pin Missile, but Xatu counters that with Reflect. Then Xatu uses Teleport and Pecks Cacnea. Ash and Callista arrive on the scene and join the battle. Callista makes Baltoy use Rapid Spin on Seviper. Cacnea gets fried with Thunderbolt. Finally, Xatu blasts Team Rocket off with a Shadow Ball. Callista asks the old woman about the “greatest treasure in the universe”, and the old woman leads the other two into the tree. They fall through a very long hole into a secret room. On the wall are some Baltoy Civilization writings. The civilization seems very advanced. Ash asks where the treasure is, and the old woman points to a large disc. However, there are some large rocks on it. Ash tries to lift the rocks, but he is unable. The woman says that her Baltoy is trapped under the rubble. Xatu sets up a Reflect barrier over everybody, while Callista’s Baltoy uses Confusion to move the rocks and explode them. The woman finds her Baltoy in the center of the large disc. She recalls it into its Pokéball. Then they step on the disc, and the woman says that her parents told her not to be an archaeologist, and she wasted a great deal of time trying to convince them. She shows them a Nova book issue 15; however, it is much corroded. The old woman claims that she used it for many years, but Callista says that the book was released only a few months ago. Anyway, the old woman says that Baltoy needs to use Rapid Spin in the center, but the room starts quaking. Team Rocket barges in on a digging tank. The old woman says not to get near the disc, lest they wreck it. Team Rocket goes toward the treasure, so Xatu tries to peck the tank. Meowth complains that it is ruining the steel finish. This tells Ash that there are no electric barriers this time, so Pikachu Thunderbolts them. Then Baltoy uses Rapid Spin to destroy the front part of the tank. Xatu blasts them off again with Shadow Ball. After that scuffle, the old woman says again that Callista should have Baltoy use Rapid Spin on the center of the disc. It complies, and it opens up an ancient magic, creating an orange glow. The disc lights up and creates an upward orange light. The old woman steps into the light, and she reveals herself as Callista. For those of you new to the series, no two characters ever share the same name (with a few exceptions of course). This is no exception to the rule. Young Callista realizes that the Baltoy civilization’s greatest invention is a time machine, as time is the greatest treasure. She runs up to the barrier and is worried that she doesn’t know what to do. Old Callista says that the same person cannot be in two forms at the same time for a long amount of time, so she must go. She tells Callista to remember her dreams. She leaves
for the future. Ash and Callista bid each other farewell, and Callista leaves. Then May and company come and are glad that they finally found Ash. However, Ash knows that time is important, so he immediately wants to go to Fortree City. (He doesn’t even care about lunch, which may possibly be a first.)

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A Fan With A Plan
The gang enter Ruiboso Town, and May is delighted to see that a Pokemon Contest is due to begin the next day. Deciding to enter, May meets up with Drew, who is also entering with his new Masquerain, but Drew is soon surrounded by a lot of female admirers (sounds a bit like Gary) which makes May feel a little jealous. However, the jealously is forgotten when she also gets a group of fans approach her. Tsukiko, the head of the group, explains that they saw May in the Verdanturf Contest and that she will be entering this contest with her Lairon and Flareon, making May realize she's got a new rival. Deciding to enter Bulbasaur in the contest, May and Tsukiko have a practice battle when Team Rocket appear. It seems that Jessie has attempted to enter Dustox in the contest, but she can't as she doesn't meet the entry requirement of a Ribbon, so she's gonna steal one instead...

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