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All Torkoal, No Play
Ash and friends are walking through the Valley of Steel on their way to Petalburg Gym when they encounter a Torkoal being attacked by a Skarmory and several Magnemite.  May’s Skitty and Torchic drive the Steel-type Pokémon away. The Pokémon of the Valley of Steel turn out to be very territorial, and both Torkoal and the kids have put themselves in danger by trying to cross the valley.  Regardless, they decide to press on. Team Rocket is in pursuit, though at first the trio is attacked by Skarmory and later Steelix.  They are sent blasting off and nearly hit Ash and his friends on the way down, falling into a chasm instead.  May tumbles off the edge, and Ash and Torkoal work together to save her.  They are attacked by a Magneton, which Torkoal sends flying using Flamethrower. Magneton is found by the Steelix, who then goes looking for Torkoal and the kids.  When they meet, it turns out that Torkoal came to the valley looking for a fight with this powerful Pokémon.  The two begin to fight, with Ash directing Torkoal. Steelix has the advantage until Torkoal uses Overheat, knocking the giant Steel-type out. Torkoal joins Ash’s roster of Pokémon, and the gang leaves the Valley of Steel.

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Manectric Charge!
Ash and others has finally arrived to Mauville City. While on their way to Wattson, Max saw a Carnival. With the excitement, they go in the Carnival and enjoy the fun. Ash, May, Brock free they're Pokemon and play some games together. All of their Pokemon seems to be having fun... but they didn’t know that Team Rocket is there and planning to do evil schemes again. While May, Torchic, and some other Pokemon are dancing, the mascots reveals themselves as Jesse and James. They say the motto and Meowth comes out to the screen on where May and other Pokemon are dancing. All of them are surprised. Team Rocket caught all the Pokemon and try to escape. While the Pokemon inside the net are trying to escape, Wattson and others came in and save the day.After they blew up the balloon, Wattson and others were surprised because Electrike evolved! All of them are watching him evolve. Torkoal got sad and cries again. After the good things that happened to Wattson's Electrike, they invite Ash and others to visit Mauville Gym again... but Ash remembers something that happened to them once when they try to enter the gym. Anyways... they agreed to come over to Mauville Gym and have some a little battle. May and the Gym trainer (the dude with Wattson), challenge her into a battle. May used Skitty and the dude used Ampharos. The battle lasted but May didn't win the battle. After she lost, the dude realizes that May wants to be a Pokemon Contest Coordinator. He tells May some good information about Pokemon Contest. Now... the scene now focuses on James and Jesse. Both of them manage to find the Gym and try to enter the back door. They didn’t know that door is a
trapped just like what happened to Ash once. They ride into a moving panel and fell off into water that swirls around.Wattson challenge Ash one more time... so they battle... Ash used Torkoal and Wattson used the evolve form of Electrike. However from they battle... Wattson wins... After the battle ends, Wattson gives Ash new information on the next Gym. Max looks at his Poke-Navigator and he spotted the nearest city. They went off and say good bye to Wattson! Ooopps... not the end yet... Let's go and see what happened to Jesse and James in the water:There... after they survived into the water that swirls... they're on the platform again that is moving. It seems they we're exhausted :( While the platform is moving... the robotic Raikou appears and starts to malfunction... When the robotic Raikou malfunction, it explodes and Team Rocket also Blast off!!!!! Then the "To Be Continued..." appear...

Delcatty Got Your Tongue!
After they stopped by from Mauville City, they continue their journey towards Verdanturf Town. May is very excited to join another Pokemon Contest. While Brock is talking about the Pokemon Contest, they saw somebody working on the road. They seem to be familiar... As they walk through the road, they fell into the hole. After they fell... they reveal themselves as Team Rocket. They didn't say the motto this time. Ash and others shout, "It's Team Rocket", then Jesse and James says, "That's right and we came here to take your Pikachu". James grabbed the fish net and he tries catching Pikachu. Since they're too dumb, they carry Ash and others towards the surface. The battle began... James uses Cacnea, and Jesse uses Seviper. This time... May used Skitty to battle. While Skitty is battling with Seviper, Skitty lost... so Ash helped her by using Torkoal. While Skitty is being slapped by Seviper's tail, she landed on Torkoal's back and that causes Torkoal to release smoke in his back. Suddenly, Skitty seems weak. While May and Ash takes care of Skitty, Brock finishes Team Rocket by using Mudkip's Water Gun.After Team Rocket blast off, Skitty seems to be really weak after the battle. Torkoal was really sorry on what happened to Skitty. He cried again. May was all worried and she asks Ash to find a nearest Pokemon Center. Ash and others had finally around to the nearest city which is not Verdanturf Town. All of them are panicking because they can't see any Pokemon Center. While there's a lady passing by, they ask her. The lady said, "Sorry but there isn't an official Pokemon Center in here, but you can go to Pokemon doctor. It's right over there near that house". They thank the lady and they leave.With their luck, they finally found the place on which Pokemon are getting healed and massaged. They went in the house and they meet this beautiful doctor. As usual, Brock went crazy again but Max pinches his ear and drags him away. May talked to the Ayane, (the girl doctor) and they went inside of the room. All of them were amazed at Ayane's office. Her room has lots of Pokemon pictures with data of their status and a lot more. The girl doctor takes Skitty and tries to heal her by massaging at the back. While she's massaging Skitty, Ash had secretly found the picture of Ayane who was a Pokemon Coordinator once. All of them were amazed, especially May. After massaging Skitty, Ayane showed her trophies, ribbons, and awards to Ash and others. She invites them to take a cup of tea and she tells lots of stories about her. She told them that she has Skitty just like May. Ayane always joined in the contest and won every award they got. Ayane's Skitty always use the "juggling the balls" appeal to the Pokemon contest. She always got 10/10 from all the judges in there. She received lots of fame and fans because of her Skitty. While she went on, Ash and others listen carefully with a little excitement from May. Ayane also tell a story on how her Skitty evolved to a Delcatty. She starts her story when she and her Skitty are traveling in the woods. Both of them fought one trainer who has a mysterious Pokemon (which is Flygon). Skitty couldn't stand a chance and they lost. Just like May, Ayane is very worried so she ran to the nearest Pokemon Center. But she couldn't find any so she went to a Pokemon massage therapist. There she learned a lot of things like massaging and healing a Pokemon by using her hands. The old guy teaches Ayane how to massage. She observes the massage therapist. While her Skitty is fully recovered, the old guy gives Skitty a Moon Stone. The Moon Stone will let certain Pokemon evolve. Just like Skitty, it can only evolve through using the Moon Stone on her. So it was used she evolved into Delcatty. Ayane was very happy and that's the end of the story. All of them didn't know that Team Rocket is there watching them. Meowth has a plan to bring both Skitty and Delcatty to Giovanni so that they can be promoted to a higher rank. While Team Rocket is thinking of a plan, Ayane test Skitty to use the "juggling the ball" appeal attack. She throws 2 oranges on her and she manages to juggle it! While Ayane ask May to give it a try, her own Skitty refuses. After that, somebody knocked! It was Team Rocket. They disguise themselves as commoners with an injured Meowth full of bandages. They went in and they ask her to heal Meowth. While Meowth's bandage is being removed, Team Rocket slowly sneak in near Delcatty and Skitty. Ash and Pikachu notice something odd about the injured Meowth. They think it could be the talking Meowth. While Ayane is massaging Meowth, Jesse and James attached something to Delcatty and Skitty's neck. "Meowth, Meowth..." said Meowth while Ayane is massaging him. Meowth keeps mumbling until he accidentally talks! Ash and others were surprised. Team Rocket
reveal themselves. Jesse uses her Seviper to use Smokescreen. They left with Delcatty and Skitty.After the smoke screen is gone, they looked for Skitty and Delcatty until Ash saw Team Rocket's balloon getting away. All of them followed the balloon until they reach the mountain. While they’re flying, Delcatty used Ice Beam to blast off the balloon. After they fall, the thing that attached to their neck has been removed and they run to Ayane and May. All of them start sending out their Pokemon. While Delcatty is showing off... May tries to help Delcatty. They battle... Ash used Torkoal... they battle... until Skitty was closely getting wrapped by Seviper. May noticed that Delcatty used Ice Beam, so she tries to ask Skitty to use it. Unfortunately, Skitty isn't ready yet. So they fight... and fight... until Delcatty uses Ice Beam on them. It seems they’re not yet defeated. So May tries asking Skitty to use Ice Beam.... and... IT WORKED! Skitty manages to use Ice Beam, with her powerful Ice Beam, they beat Team Rocket! After all of that... May was really glad Skitty learned a new attack and a new appeal attack. They say good bye and they continue their way to Verdanturf Town!

Disaster of Disguise
This episode starts off with Drew battling a mysterious masked trainer. Drew uses Roselia to fight the masked trainer's Dusclops. The battle was so intense. When Dusclops launches an attack towards Roselia, Roselia faints. Continuing their journey towards the next Pokemon Contest Hall, Ash and others are in the Pokemon Center healing their Pokemon before they go to Verdanturf Town. When they enter the Pokemon Center, they see Drew talking to Nurse Joy about his Roselia. When Ash and the others see him they all walk up to him and ask what happened. May asks Drew what happened to his Roselia. Drew tells May that he was defeated by a masked trainer known to be a Pokemon Co-Ordinator. He also tells May that he won't be going to the Pokemon Contest due to the condition of his Roselia. May seems a little bit worried.After they talked to Drew, they go outside to train May's Skitty to do some tricks before she competes in the Pokemon Contest. They don't know that Team Rocket is there watching them. May commands Skitty to use Blizzard attack. Skitty does pretty well but Ash and the others are mad because Skitty hit them. After using Ice Beam, May tried to do the "juggling the oranges" again. This time, she thinks first what Ayane did. She slowly throws the oranges to Skitty one by one but Skitty can't handle more than 2. May was a little bit sad. They all don't know that there's a young boy watching them. While Ash, Brock, and Max are praising Skitty's skills, a huge twister comes to them. After the wind stops, they see the masked trainer who just appeared in the wind. May shouts, "You're the Pokemon Co-Ordinator". The masked trainer admits that he's the one and Ash challenges him to a battle. The Phantom Masked Co-ordinator asks Ash to have a battle for 5 minutes. The battle starts and Ash uses Pikachu and the trainer uses Dusclops. The amazing battle begins. It seems that Dusclops is really strong. He uses some powerful attack like Shadow Punch, Agility, etc. Max is very worried about Pikachu and so are the others. While the two trainers are battling each other, there's a limousine coming by to the Masked Trainer's way. When he sees the limousine, he puts Dusclops back into his Pokeball and tells Ash that the battle is a draw. Once the Limousine comes to a full stop, a huge fat lady leaves the limousine and runs after the Masked Co-Ordinator. The Masked Co-Ordinator is very fast like wind so the fat lady can't catch up with him. While he's running, he accidentally scratches himself on a tree branch and falls. The fat lady is close to catching him but he gets up fast and runs while the fat lady falls too. When she falls, she sees a pencil that looks familiar to her. While she’s trying to get up, Ash and the others investigate it. The fat lady keeps asking Ash questions about that Masked Co-Ordinator. After the fat lady stops asking Ash questions, she tells a story about the Phantom Masked Co-Ordinator. She suspects that her son Timmy is the Phantom Masked Co-Ordinator. She pays a detective to see if he's really the Masked Co-Ordinator but it seems that Timmy is very sneaky and everybody in the town is afraid of the Masked Co-Ordinator. Apparently, the investigation fails. Mrs. Grim (Fat Lady) invites Ash and the others to her mansion to meet her son Timmy. After they arrive, Mrs. Grim calls Timmy very loud. In Timmy's bedroom, he's putting a bandage on his hand because he was scratched from the chase before. Timmy goes downstairs and Mrs. Grim introduces Ash to him. When they're done introducing each another, Mrs. Grim mentions if he knows whose pencil was found in the woods. Timmy can't answer and he said he'll explain it later, he grabs the pencil and runs off. From that situation, Ash wonders. Mrs. Grim invites Ash to take a cup of tea so she leads them to the living room. While in the living room, Mrs. Grim asks the gang to help her find the mystery about Timmy and leaves them for a while to do some errands. Ash and others are so happy that they got into a big mansion! They tell some stuff until a guy pops out in the empty chair behind Ash. All of them get surprised. The guy introduces himself as Mr. Grim, who is Timmy's father. He's very glad that Ash is there because he needs something from Ash. He knows that Mrs. Grim suspects that Timmy is the phantom masked Co-ordinator so he needs someone to be disguised as the Phantom Masked Co-Ordinator. He tells everybody that Timmy is his descendent. He shows his Costume and it seems very old. Timmy's dad was once a Phantom Masked Co-Ordinator. He battled lots of trainers and the only problem he have is that Mrs. Grim didn't like him because he loves Pokemon. That's the identity he uses when battling trainers. He also tells a story on how he gave up his identity to Timmy and gave it to him. It all started when Timmy was walking home. He sees a Duskull lying around in there, so he tries to adopt it. When he reaches his home, Mrs. Grim is blocking the doorway since she doesn't like any Pokemon in her house. So Timmy has no choice but to leave and return Duskull to the place where he found him. While Timmy is crying, his father appears at his back, and gives him the Phantom Masked Co-Ordinator costume. He wants Timmy to fulfill his dream. After the long story, he mentions that Timmy wants to be in a Pokemon Contest but his mother will not let him participate in the contest. After they finish talking to Mr. Grim, they all go to Timmy's room and surprise him. Timmy is shocked and he tries to hide his costume. His father says, "No need son, This guys are your friends ". Timmy is so happy when he hears that Ash is going to help him. The scene now focuses on Mrs. Grim. She's in the limousine and seems sad. While riding her limousine, she sees a young lady carrying a Poochyena asking her mother if she can bring it home. The fat lady remembers when Timmy asked her that. After that scene, it goes back to Ash and the others. While Max and May are training Skitty's juggling appeal, Mrs. Grim comes home. While she's trying to get out of her limousine, the twister again comes to them. May shouts! That’s when Mr. Grim and Timmy come out to check out what’s wrong. Hmmm... When they come out, they see this weird Phantom Masked Co-Ordinator on their balcony. While the Masked Co-Ordinator is saying something, there's a hook coming down this mask trying to get it out. It's TEAM ROCKET! and the Phantom Masked Co-Ordinator seems to be BROCK! Well... Team Rocket reveals themselves and says the motto. After that, they all panic and May uses Blizzard on Seviper since he's wrapping Brock! They blow up and Seviper lands on Team Rocket's balloon. This time, Ash uses Pikachu's Thunderbolt to finish them off. After they blast off, Brock falls down and Mrs. Grim kind of notices him! Mr. Grim seems to be scared because she may know it. Brock a.k.a The Phantom Masked Co-Ordinator runs off. After he runs off, Mrs. Grim goes inside of the house and she truly believe that Timmy isn't the Phantom Masked Co-Ordinator. When Timmy's mom is out of sight, Brock sneaks to Ash back and asks if she's still there. All of them seem very happy, especially Timmy. He thanks Brock a lot for disguising himself as Phantom Masked Co-Ordinator. After all that, May and Timmy are very excited to go to Verdanturf town to compete in the Pokemon Contest!

Disguise Da Limit!
The scene starts in the Pokemon Contest locker room. May is there sitting with Skitty; she seems very nervous and she tells Skitty that she can do it. Then we see Ash, Brock, and Max waiting for Timmy to come. While they're talking, Timmy finally arrives. Without them noticing, Jesse and James are there listening and planning to do something evil. Since Timmy is there, Ash brings him to the Pokemon Contest Locker Room and teams up with May. They all wonder why Timmy is late. He tells everybody that his mom stopped him from going to the contest since she gave Timmy lots of books to read and made him do his homework. Fortunately, his dad helped him to get him out of there and tells Timmy to join the Pokemon Contest. Timmy was very happy and he thanks his father much. After his story, he tells Ash that he's very nervous. So Ash tells him to wear his Phantom Masked Co-Ordinator costume to conceal his nervousness in front of everybody in the crowd. Timmy also tells May that they should get ready and be prepared. After that scene in the Pokemon Contest Locker Room, it focuses on Timmy's house. When Mrs. Grim was about to enter Timmy's room, she sees her husband sitting instead of Timmy. She got shocked when she finds out that he's participating in the Pokemon Contest! In the Pokemon Contest Hall, the announcer was there welcoming the audience. The announcer also introduces the judges. After the introduction, the contest begins with Jesse. She uses Dustox and does a wonderful performance on stage. While she's doing tricks with Dustox, everybody was amazed at Dustox's skills. Of course, James and Meowth were there cheering in the audience. It seems Jesse got 28.5 out of 30 from the judges. Jesse was really proud of her Dustox. After Jesse's performance, the other two trainers performed but unfortunately they both got a score that is lower than 28.5 which means Jesse is in the lead. Ash was worried about May losing. Finally, it's May's turn to show off the skills of Skitty in the crowd! Ash and Max were cheering May that she can do it! After she lets Skitty out of her Pokeball, and Drew is there watching May's performance. After letting Skitty out of her Pokéball, May asks Skitty to do Blizzard, but Skitty fails. May gets a little disappointed. After that trick, she throws 3 oranges to Skitty. Out of their hard training Skitty, Skitty manages do it perfectly in front of everybody in the crowd. After that performance, it shows that May only gets 24.5, which makes her a little sad. But it's only round 1! Following May's performance, it's Timmy's turn to show his Dusclops's skills to the crowd. (He's wearing the Phantom Masked Co-Ordinator Costume). He first commands Dusclops to do some kind of a Blue Fire floating around the air. All of the crowd was excited. The score he got was 27.5. In Mrs.Grim's Limousine, Mrs. Grim is very mad at her husband. She tells her husband that she can't believe that Timmy is in the Pokemon Contest. In the Pokemon Contest Locker Room, everybody was there cheering for May. While others are cheering for May, the announcer appears on the big screen showing who will advance in the contest part on which they'll show their battling skills. It appears that Jesse, Timmy, May, and the other dude are going to face each other. The first match is between May and the other contestant. The battle seems to be very intense between May's Skitty and the contestant's Blastoise. While they're battling, it shows that Mrs. Grim and his husband have finally arrived in the contest hall to see Timmy. After the battle, May was decalred to be victorious. Following May's battle, it's now Jesse and Timmy's turn to face each other. While they're being introduced by the announcer, Mrs. Grim and her husband have finally entered the stadium and are ready to watch Timmy's battle. Ash and everybody is worried. Mr Grim was there giving a sign to Ash that Mrs. Grim already knows the secret about Timmy. Now the battle began. Jesse uses Dustox while Timmy uses Dusclops. They first launch their attacks to one another. Jesse commands Dustox to use Whirlwind while Timmy orders Dusclops to use Shadow Punch. From the battle it shows that Dusclops's Shadow Punch attack is extremely powerful. Mrs. Grim was there saying, "hmmm." After they first attack each other, Jesse launches an attack to Dusclops on which she made Dusclops fall down. She laughs and laughs, while Timmy is getting mad. The battle isn't over yet. They still continue the battle until Dusclops and Dustox both use a powerful attack that causes a huge explosion. After that explosion, the costume of Jesse gets removed and so does Timmy's mask. It seems that the time is over. The status bar seems that Timmy has more life bars than Jesse! Timmy wins! Jesse gets mad while James and Meowth joins her to reveal their true identity as Team Rocket. After they say the motto, Ash asks Pikachu to use Thunderbolt to them on which causes them to blast off again. After they blast off through the air, Timmy finds out that his mask is gone! He's very afraid until he sees his mother watching. Mrs. Grim was there standing and was about to cry so she leaves the stadium and goes outside. Now that Timmy won the battle, May and him will going to fight on the final round. Following after the intense battle, it's time for them to have a break. In the Pokemon Contest Locker Room, everybody was there including Mr. Grim. He explains to Timmy that he already told the truth to Mrs. Grim since it's the right thing to do. Even though Mrs. Grim is mad, she has to accept that Timmy wants to become a Pokemon Co-Ordinator. He also tells Timmy that she's not mad and tells Timmy about his wife's childhood. He told him that when Mrs. Grim is a little child, she liked Pokemon until her parents ordered her body guards to take away her Poochyena. He explained to Timmy that his mother doesn't want Timmy to get hurt when that happens to him. After that sad story... the final battle begins! This battle is very exciting. Timmy first launches his attack to May. He commands Dusclops to use Shadow Punch which causes Skitty to fall down. May was still very nervous. It seems that May's normal attacks don't work on Dusclops. It seems that there's no hope for May. Ash and the gang are worried too but Brock tells them that there's still a way. Finally, May remembers to use Assist. Upon using Assist, Skitty is now using different attacks. After taking away lots of points from Timmy, May wins. Both of them are very happy, especially Timmy since his mother now accepts that her son wants to join the contest and have his own Pokemon in the house. The only thing that Mrs. Grim wants for Timmy to do is not to slack off on his homework. Both mother and son are hugging saying how much they love each other. After May receives the ribbon, the episode ends.

True Blue Swablu
The episode starts in a rain forest which is currently having a huge storm with loud thunder. A bunch of Swablu and Altaria are living in that forest. All of them are very scared of the thunderstorm. One moment... a huge thunderstorm strikes at their tree and it creates massive flames. So all of them flew away except one Swablu. After that scene, the story focus on Ash. Ash and company are still walking through the forest trying to find their way through Petalburg City. They seem pretty exhausted from all of the walking. All of them seem pretty tired when they learned that there's miles to go before they reach Petalburg City. They are very disappointed. But when Brock told them that he'll cook food, they seem very delighted. Ash, Brock, and May free their Pokemon from their Pokeballs. When all of them are out, the other Pokemon are seem suprised when they see Lombre. Lombre just ignores them. When Pikachu talks to Torchic to look for something, they run off. When they saw a burned tree in the way, the hear a Pokemon cry. It was Swablu. When they try to talk to it, Swablu sing a Jigglypuff song and they all fall asleep. When Swablu saw them asleep, Swablu tried to wake Torchic up. Torchic used Peck on May in order to wake up. When she woke up, she saw Swablu trying to fly but it can't. So May took out her Potion and sprayed it to Swablu. While May was doing that, Torchic used Peck attack to the others in order for them to wake up. Ash and the others all shouted when Torchic used Peck attack. A Nuzleaf hears them and a man comes and looks woried. When they look at Swablu, they see Swablu covered wit bandages. The Nuzleaf went by to look what's going on together with the man. When Swablu saw that man, it seemed very scared. The man introduces himself as Morita and asks them to go over to the house to take care of Swablu. Inside of his house, you would see Ash looking at his Pokedex to get the data of Swablu. Brock and the others seem to be having fun taking care of Swablu. Brock pours somekind of a medicine into a spoon and he let Swablu drink it. The man they met in the woods came in with a glass of tea. While they're drinking a cup of tea, Morita tells a story about Altaria's and Swablu's nest. It seems that Swablu is lost and got separated from its relatives. Ash looks at his Pokedex to see more information about Altaria since he's very curious about it. After they talked, Morita suggested them to stay at his house for a while. May is very happy because she wants Swablu to fly again! Team Rocket was sitting in a TREE with their telescopes observing Swablu. They think that if they catch it, Giovanni would be very pleased. Late at night...Ash, Brock, and Max check at May's situation. They saw May sleeping beside Swablu. (cool music is playing) When May heard them she woke up. Brock gave her a set of medicine to her! When Max told Ash and the others that May wants Swablu to be her Pokemon, May covered his mouth. After leaving May bunch of medicine, it shows how May really likes Swablu by always taking care of her 24/7. It's another day for them! Jesse and James are there observing Swablu's condition. When May tried to take off Swablu's bandages, they were very delighted to see its wing fully healed. Swablu tried to fly but it failed. Outside of the Morita's house, Ash lets his Taillow out so that they can train Swablu how to fly again. Swablu still can't seem to fly. So Ash and Pikachu make Swablu wings and wear them. They want Swablu to see Ash and Pikachu like other Swablu flying through the air. Ash and Pikachu demonstrate it by running so fast and they fly. After they finished demonstrating it, it's now Swablu's turn. When Swablu tried it for the second time... it failed again. For solution #2, May puts Swablu on Beautifly's back. Beautifly flies high so that Swablu can see how to fly again. After sightseeing, all of them seems very tired so they try to rest. On a late evening, they're still thinking a way to let Swablu fly again. When Max thinks of an idea, all of them were eager to ask what it is. Next day...It's time for them to try Solution #3. Max suggests that Beautifly should let out some powder to Taillow. Taillow went crazy and flied crazy! Now it's Swablu's turn to take the powder from Beautifly. When it gets the powder from Beautifly... it tries to fly and it works! Upon excitement, Morita shouts that he sees a lake because the man saw a couple of Swablu and Altaria. So they agree to go there! In a car, all of them seem excited. While their car is running, someone blows their tires. All of them seem very worried and May put Swablu at the top of the car when a hand catches it. It was TEAM ROCKET! They saw the motto and after that, they all wave goodbye to Ash and the others. When Ash tried to let Pikachu use Thunderbolt attack, Jesse reminds him that Swablu is in their hands. So May shouts to sing Jigglypuff's song. So they all feel asleep when James tries to tell Cacnea to use Pin Missle on them to wake them up. When Jesse and the others woke up, Cacnea is still doing Pin Missile attack. Swablu tries to go to the corner. When Swablu hitsthe gas tank, it creates a massive flame. Ash and others panicked so they run after the balloon. While Swablu is there staring at the flames, it seems very scared and it bring backs memories...It bring backs memories when the flaming wood, knock Swablu out. When the Balloon is creating huge fire. Ash and others to use Swablu's power to get out. They ask Swablu to fly! So Swablu tried to fly and it worked! All of them seems very happy! When they found out that Swablu is alive. Swablu fly at May's hand! A flaming basket lands in front of them in which Jesse and James are there. So Brock lets Mudkip and Lombre out to use Water Gun Attack. Once the flame vanishes, Team Rocket is scared and Brock ask Mudkip and Lombre one more time to use Water Gun attack to blast em off! After they blast off, they still continue their way towards the lake. When they reach it, May and the others didn't see any Swablu and Altaria so she decides to catch it. When Swablu hears a voice of other Swablu, it flies and look for them. Max shouts at May saying to CATCH it. But May decides to let Swablu reunite to its family again. Swablu seems so sad but May says that it's the right thing. All of them were crying and the episode ends.

Gulpin it Down
After the adventures of Ash and the others through the woods, they finally reach a nearby city on where they stop and rest. All of them eat their food in the park as they have sandwhiches for their snacks. May and Max was talking about going home in Petalburg City, when a Gulpin eats their sandwhich. All of them got surprised when they saw Gulpin eating all of their food. All of them got surprised and Ash looks at Gulpin's data through the Pokedex. May thinks that Gulpin is a good Pokemon and she wants it, when they hear an announcement from Officer Jenny which looks like there's trouble. Ash wonders what that was. As they walk through the city, they hear a lady screaming. The lady pointed out a bunch of Gulpin. When Ash asks Pikachu to use Thunderbolt, all of the Gulpin in the room try to eat Pikachu. When Ash is trying to pull Pikachu out, another horde of Gulpin come. As the number of Gulpin increase, a whistle comes from Officer Jenny, which Brock notices and looks like he's ready to flirt again with her. Officer Jenney, with her Tangela, helped them to get out. All of them got worried about the situation. Nurse Joy, from the company, is telling all the towns people about the horde of Gulpin lurking around. In the building, they met this old professor named Shakuji. Officer Jenny is locating the Gulpin's location until Shajuji points out the place. When Nurse Joy locates another horde of Gulpin, Shakuji alrerted them. Ash and the others wants to check it out so they come together with Shakuji and Officer Jenny. On the street, when they saw the horde of Gulpin running to them, Shakuji brought his tank that will help stop them. May and Max were surprised when they saw Shakuji launch a missile. The missile seems to contain pokeblocks which Gulpins become attracted to. When Shakuji pulls out his controller for the missile, the 4 Gulpins tried to eat it and the missile pokeblock flew. The plan of Professor Shakuji is to lure the Gulpin's to one place. While the flying remote controlling missile flew, a huge hand grabs it and it's TEAM ROCKET! May, Max, and Brock shouts at TEAM ROCKET! And Ash tells everybody that Team Rocket is up to no good. Jessie and James got mad until the Gulpin launched an attack to their balloon which was Mud Slap. Their balloon went down but Jesse still held the missile. The Gulpin seem very mad so they launch a Solar Beam attack that they makes them blast off. When the missile is about to fall, Brock manages to hold it but the Gulpin's attention is now at Brock. Officer Jenny helped to stop the Gulpin by using her 3 Pokemon. Ash also helped them by using his Treecko. When Shakuji plans to launch the missile, it flew again through the river where the Gulpins follow it around. While Jesse and James are walking along the road, they seem a bit disappointed until they saw the horde of Gulpins again on which they plan to steal. Late at night, Nurse Joy, Officer Jenny, and Shakuji are still observing the whereabouts of the Gulpins. It seems that they're in the sewer together and Team Rocket is following them. Shakuji tells them they have to stop it. The Gulpin seem to escape through the sewer and starts to lurk again in the streets. Ash and Jenny let their Pokemon out. Ash used Pikachu while Officer Jenny used Tangela, Meganium, and Paras. Officer Jenny used Stun Spore on which they were stopped at the moment. The Stun Spore attack seems not to work so they all panicked because it's coming near them! The tank that Professor Shakuji has comes, which makes them feel relieved. Now Shakuji's plan is weird because it has a sattelite dish which zaps them and throws them away in the air. All of them got surprised. Shakuji explains that the sattelite dish will to transport them through the tube that throws them through the air. When they are all finished, it seems that they're missing one more Gulpin. When Shakuji is trying to do the sattelite attack thing again, the power went out. All of them got scared...When the Gulpin is trying to attack them, Ash lets his Treecko out. While they're trying to fight Gulpin, Shakuji is trying to fix it! When Treecko is about to use Pound attack to Gulpin, Shakuji accidentaly zaps them and throws them away through the air. All of them got scared, including Ash. When the data of Treecko appeared in the computer of Shakuji, it seemed to malfunction. Ash got worried so he knocked on the tank until it exploded. Shakuji, Officer Jenny and everyone else saw two lights floating around which looks like to Gulpin and Treecko. All of them got scared until Treecko and Gulpin grow large. Shakuji told them that there must be something must have been wrong when they blasted off. Ash told Treecko to defeat Gulpin beacuse it will cause huge desctruction. A lot of villagers is trying to escape while they're fighting. They must prevent it from destroying the city. Ash holds out the mega phone and shouts at Treecko to battle Gulpin with the water! Treecko carried Gulpin and throws him in the water until Team Rocket was there walking.When Gulpin saw them while flying, Gulpin blasts them off. In the water, Treecko seems to be tired while Gulpin is trying to charge an attack. When Treecko is trying to jump, he shrinks to its own original size. Nurse Joy suggest Ash to let him rest for a while. The Big Gulpin seems to be a big problem to them so they suggest an idea to one another. It seems that May has an idea so they listen to it. May suggest that since Gulpin is a wild Pokemon, they may seems to catch it. So Shakuji tries to catch it but it failed. When Nurse Joy suggests to use different kind of Pokeball, Shakuji tried to throw it again! It works! May and Max rejoiced! Shakuji is very proud on himself so when he lets out his own Gulpin, it's stil big! All of them got shocked and Officer Jenny gets mad. So Shakuji tried to bring it back to his Pokeball. Now Shakuji told to others that he will just keep it to himself and as they look through the sunset, the episode ends.

Exploud and Clear
It's another day for Ash and company, as they are travelling back to Petalburg City. Ash and the others are resting in the middle of the woods eating Brock's special soup. While their Pokemon are still eating, Ash tells May and Brock that he's ready to battle Norman. When the Pokemon are finished eating, Max notices that Treecko isn't there. Ash wonders but Pikachu finds Treecko at the top of a tree. Ash seems puzzled. In the tree, Ash follows Treecko and asks him if he's mad at him. May, Brock, and Max wonder why he is like that. Corphish runs up the tree to help Treecko, but he knocks Ash down the tree in the process. When Max is trying to talk to Treecko, they hear a loud noise. They observe and see a Loudred. Its scream bothers Ash and the others so much so they cover their ears. Treecko sees Loudred running to a green haired guy named Guy. Ash gets surprised when he sees Guy is trying to stop Loudred. From all the running, Loudred seems very tired so it falls asleep. Ash and the others have a little conversation with Guy about him entering the Pokemon League. He mentions that the Loudred they saw is his. They all introduce each other. Guy is confused and he doesn't know what's going on with his Loudred. After a couple of exchanges, Ash challenges Gai to a Pokemon Battle. When both of them agree, they choose their Pokemon to use. Treecko jumps in front of Ash and it seems that he wants to fight. The battle begins between Guy's Loudred and Ash's Treecko. It's an intense battle. May and Max seem very nervous. When Loudred tries to use Stomp, Treecko jumped high and tries to use Pound attack on Loudred. The Pound attack of Treecko causes Loudred to slide down to a tree. When they seem pretty tired, both start glowing. All of them are surprised as Loudred and Treecko are evolving! Ash is very happy with his Treecko. When Guy's Loudred evolves, May looks at its data. Exploud uses the holes in its body to take in air so it can make a very loud noise. After that, Ash lookes at Grovyle's data. He's suprised to hear from his Pokedex that Grovyle is a fast Pokemon. Grovyle jumps up and uses some kind of an attack on the tree. Ash wonders what attack that was. Max tells him that it was a Leaf Blade Attack. After all the fun, Brock asks both of them if they still want to continue their battle. Both of them say yes and the battle resumes. After a couple of seconds, Exploud starts to act wild, disobeying its trainer. It starts hitting the branches and rocks. Ash tries to use Grovyle's Bullet Seed but it doesn't work. Guy tries to stop him but can't. He is forced to follow it. Ash and the gang follow Guy. Jesse, James, and Meowth are still in the forest trying to locate the twerps. All of them seem very tired and thirsty. Jesse exclaims that she wants water so she runs until sheaprocahes the end of a cliff. Exploud is there drinking. Jesse wonders if that Exploud is the evolved form of Loudred that they saw before on Dewford Island ("Gone Corphishin'" and "A Hole Lotta Trouble"). From that memory, they just turn down and try to walk away while Meowth stops them. Meowth has an idea that if they catch Exploud, Giovanni will be very pleased and they will get promoted. So they agree to catch it. Ash and the others are still looking for Guy's Exploud. He seems very sad because he can't handle Exploud too well. When Ash asks Grovyle to rest in his Pokeball, he refuses and jumps in the tree to look for Exploud. Guy asks Brock if a Pokemon's personality changes if it evolve. Brock says yes and he starts to wonder. Max asks something to Guy about his Exploud. Guy starts to tell the story about his Whismur before it evolved into Exploud. Whismur was scared about everything until it evolved. He remembers all the good times that happened to them. Team Rocket is planning to catch Exploud. They bring a gun that shoots corks out so Exploud cannot make a loud noise. When they successfully cover Exlpoud's holes with corks, their plan begins. They catch Exploud in a net. Exploud wakes up when it is covered by the Team Rocket's net. Exploud seems very mad so he gets rid of the corks and blasts Team Rocket off again. Grovyle hears Exploud's voice as well as Ash and Guy, so they follow Grovyle. When they face each other again, Grovyle still wants to battle with Exploud so the intense battle begins again. When Ash and Guy finally find them fighting, the battle has already started It seems that Grovyle is strong against Exploud. Guy seems sad when he sees Exploud run away from the battle. Without their attention, Team Rocket is still there planning to catch Exploud, this time with corks that follow Exploud wherever it goes. Guy sees them aiming the gun at his Exploud so he runs to protect his Pokemon. Unfortunately, the cork misses hitting Exploud but it goes back to hit them again. Ash sees it coming so he tells his Pikachu to use Thunderbolt on them. Ash sees Team Rocket so he asks Pikachu to use Thunderbolt on them. With the help of Exploud, they blast them into the air! After all of the trouble, Guy talks to Exploud. It seems that their old relationship comes back again. He thanks Ash but Guy agrees to let the battle continue between them. (The outcome of the battle is unknown.)

Go Go Ludicolo!
Still traveling through the woods, Ash and the others are finding their way back to Petalburg City. Since they're very tired from their long journey, Max suggests to rest for a while. While resting, they're very excited to go back to Petalburg City, including Ash. May shows her 2 ribbons that she currently has won. Ash told everybody that with lots of pokemon on hand, he can beat Norman easily. He let all of his Pokemon out to introduce Grovyle to the others. All of them got very excited when they see Grovyle while Corphish is jealous. They still talk on how excited they are that they will finally reach Petalburg City. Taillow interrupts the coversation when they see oranges in his beak. All of them got interested with it and Taillow lead them to a tree full of oranges. When they saw it, Corphish runs fast to let the oranges in the tree fall off but instead of the oranges dropping down, the oranges got squashed. Now, Grovyle helps them by cutting the branch of the oranges and it succesfully works. Torkoal came to him and cried. All of them think Grovyle is great when all of the Pokemon run at him. Corphish (as he was jealous) and when it tries to say one more word, a net grabbed all of them. It's team ROCKET! They all shout and Corphish tried to get out but he failed again. Now it's Grovyle's time to help; he used Slash on the net and all of them fell off. Grovyle used an attack that makes them blast off. After they blast off, they think the Grovyle is really amazing. Torkoal came to him again and cried while Ash and the others are talking about how great Grovyle is. Corphish heard them so it goes to Grovyle and tried to make a fight but Ash stops them. Brock thinks that Grovyle seems to be jealous. All of them think so too, but Brock suggests to continue their lunch in the woods. When they're about to eat their sandwiches, they saw a Ludicolo dancing to strange music. May checks its data with her Pokedex. Brock says something about Ludicolo until the man with a strange hat and a weird moustache comes in with a drum. The man sings while Max was very excited to see a dancing Pokemon. After he finished singing, they introduced themselves and the man whose singing is known as Pancho. Everybody wondered if Ludicolo is the evolved form of Lombre. Pancho told them yes and told everybody that he used a Water Stone to let his Lombre evolve to Ludicolo. Brock was very excited about this and consequently lets his Lombre out of its Pokeball. Brock told his Lombre that he will let it evolve to Ludicolo. Pancho was very happy to hear it, and asks Ash if he's looking for a challenge. Ash accepts the challenge and Grovyle volunteers to fight Ludicolo. Corphish gets jealous again and starts making fights with Grovyle. Ash asks him if Corphish wants to fight and it agrees. Ash told Pancho to ready but they saw them chilling off with a strange music. All of them says, huh? Now it's time to battle between Ash's Corphish and Pancho's Ludicolo. Ash have the chance to attack first but Ludicolo evades Corphish attacks. They way Pancho battles is by the rythm of the music. When Ash ask Corphish to use Bubblebeam, Ludicolo counter it while dancing. The battle is very intense until Ludicolo used Agility! May and Max seems very worried. When Ludicolo used Mega Punch, Corphish fell down, but it quickly gets up to fight again. Another attack blew Corphish off but it keeps trying his best. On Ludicolo's final attack, Corphish faints and Brock announced Pancho's Ludiclo is the winner of the match. Ash get sad. The prize that Pancho and his Ludicolo won is their lunch. Pancho thanks them and leave. May told Ash that she's hungry but all of their food is gone. May's stomach grumbles while Corphish is very sorry that they lost. When Brock tried to cheer them up, Corphish seems to be sensing something so he went off and all of them wonder where it could possibly went. Ash is worried about Corphish so he asked Taillow to find Corphish. Everybody told them that Corphish ran off maybe it's mad because it thinks that he's the cause. Corphish ran so fast. Pancho and Ludicolo sat on the woods and try to dance again. When Corphish heard the music, Corphish ran to them and seems mad. Corphish is telling them to battle again. Without their attention, Team Rocket is there looking at Ludicolo and Corphish. They still have an idea that if they catch it, Giovanni will be pleased! So they all agree to catch it. Jesse and James laugh until Corphish saw them. Corphish run to the branch of the tree and leaps to the net and try to reach the top of Team Rocket's balloon. When he reach it, they blast off. Ash and others are still looking for them until they saw Team Rocket's balloon is coming to them. They ran off and when the balloon reach the land, Pancho, Ludicolo and Corphish came out in a smoke until Team Rocket says their motto. After they say the motto, Ash thanks Corphish until Jesse lets Seviper out and the battle begins. Corphish is now showing its skills to everybody. They end the battle when Corphish used Bubblebeam and they blast off. Pancho thanked them and tried to talk to them about Corphish. They all worship Corphish skills and they all tried to eat together with Brock's famous soup! After the meal, the battle still continue but this time Ash used Torkoal. when Ludicolo tried to used MegaPunch, Torkoal hides to its shell. Ludiclo used Agility and Torkoal used Flamethrower to determine the real Ludicolo. Ash’s battle continues, the episode ends.

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