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ZigZag Zangoose!
A Zangoose is running through the tall grass and goes on the road. It quickly passes by May and company. The Pokedex says Zangoose is a catferret Pokemon that usually is on four legs. If it is on two legs, it is angry. Then a second Zangoose comes up and talks in English to the first Zangoose. It turns out this Zangoose is actually Nicholai in one of his many costumes (“In the Knicker of Time”). Nicholai then invites May and company to visit him at his tent. He then discusses about what he did after meeting Ash and company. He said that Norman made Nicholai feel like an honored guest. The next day he battled for a Normal Badge. It turns out he lost horribly, as he reveals nothing in his hand. He says that one day everybody will be wearing knickers, which causes May and Max to picture their father in shorts. It doesn’t look correct. Then Nicholai challenges Ash to a battle, and Ash agrees. There will be a 2-on-2 battle between Ash and Nicholai. Nicholai starts with Marshtomp (and of course changes into his Marshtomp costume). The Marshtomp was at one time the Mudkip he had. The Pokedex states that Marshtomp can hold its water inside itself and that it is developed enough to walk on two legs. Ash decides to use Treecko. Meanwhile, Team Rocket is spying on the twerps. They agree to have Seviper sneak up on Pikachu during the battle and have it take Pikachu. Meanwhile, Marshtomp is using an array of Water Gun attacks. Treecko avoids the attacks, but it seems tired. Then Marshtomp uses Mud Shot to hit Treecko. Then it starts to go in for a Tackle, but Treecko uses Bullet Seed. This is super-effective against Marshtomp, and it faints like that. Treecko is the winner. Next, Nicholai decides to use his Zangoose (and changes into the Zangoose costume). It comes out, but does not focus on Treecko. Instead, it sniffs something, and runs into the nearby bushes. Then an intense battle can be heard and Team Rocket pops out of the bushes, with Zangoose and Seviper going at it fiercely. Ash checks Seviper in the Pokedex and it says that Seviper has had a generation-long battle with Zangoose and can sense a Zangoose from a long distance. Meanwhile, Seviper has Zangoose in a tight Wrap. Zangoose tries to free itself, and it causes Team Rocket to fall in the nearby stream. Then both Zangoose and Seviper plunge into the stream. Seviper can control itself in the water, but Zangoose is having a hard time trying to swim. It takes Mudkip and Corphish to save Zangoose from drowning. Team Rocket is on the other bank, and Jesse is mad that Seviper did not follow her orders. Seviper explains (via Meowth) that its natural enemy is Zangoose, and Jesse understands. She then decides to help Seviper defeat Zangoose, as she is reminded of Cassidy. At Nicholai’s camp, Nicholai is worried because Zangoose was severely injured in the battle with Seviper. Brock makes it some medicine and administers it to Zangoose. Zangoose will be fine after some rest. Then Nicholai wonders about how he can defeat Zangoose. Ash says that he can help as he battled Seviper many times, using Nicholai’s costumes. For some odd reason, Skitty decides to pop out of its Pokeball right now. Everybody chases it. Skitty zigzags around the place to avoid everybody, but is eventually caught. Ash-Seviper and Nicholai-Zangoose will now have a battle. Nicholai-Zangoose charges toward Ash-Seviper. It counters with a Bite, but Nicholai-Zangoose dodges it. However, Ash-Seviper launches a Poison Tail and it strikes Nicholai-Zangoose. Nicholai-Zangoose is down. Now Ash-Seviper starts with a Poison Tail, and Nicholai-Zangoose counters it. However, Nicholai-Zangoose is hit with Bite. In conclusion, if Zangoose misses the fangs, it gets hit with the tail. If it misses the tail, it gets hit with the fangs. Nicholai needs to find an alternative solution. Zangoose notices that Seviper is nearby and even though it is still injured, it runs away to battle. Seviper is immediately found, and a battle will begin with the trainers giving commands. Both Pokemon try to hit each other, but they miss. Meanwhile, James and Meowth sneak up behind Ash and cage Pikachu. They run away with the cage while May and company follow. Team Rocket seems to be able to run pretty fast. However, Ash has Corphish attack the cage and Pikachu’s cage goes flying high into the air. Pikachu’s cage lands right in the middle of the battle between Seviper and Zangoose. A huge pileup is formed as everybody tries to get the cage. Eventually Wobbuffet is able to escape with the cage as everybody runs after it. Wobbuffet is being chased, so it zigzags a lot. It actually does pretty well with trying to keep the cage until Jesse yells for everybody to stop. Ash takes this moment to swipe the cage from Wobbuffet. The focus is back on the battle with Seviper and Zangoose. Nicholai figures out that his Zangoose could win the battle if it zigzags like Skitty and Wobbuffet did.Zangoose takes the command and dodges both the tail and the fangs. It then hits Seviper for the win. Ash has Pikachu use Thunderbolt to blast Team Rocket off. Nicholai thanks Ash and company for their help, and our heroes continue to Fallarbor Town.

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Maxxed Out!
Stopping at a Pokemon Centre on their way to Fallabor Town, the gang are surprised when a kid enters who looks like an older version of Max (they even have the same name). While the two boys don't get on at first, they are forced to work together to stop Team Rocket from catching Surskit, a Bug/Water Pokemon which can glide across water.

Pros and Con Artists
The gang have finally arrived in Fallabor Town so May can compete in her next contest. May is excited about the prospect of her Beautifly winning the competition and a ribbon, while all Brock wants to do is meet the female coordinators. However the gang encounter Grace, another competitor in the contest who is going to use her Medicham, known for it's fighting and psychic abilities. Things become even more intense when May's rival Drew turns up with his Roselia announcing he is to enter as well...

Come What May
The contest begins, and May is more determined to win than ever. With Ash, Brock and Max cheering her on, May and Beautifly soon find themselves progressing to the battle rounds against Drew and his Roselia, Grace and her Medicham and a disguised (and cheating!) Jessie from Team Rocket and her Dustox.

Cheer Pressure!
With the Contest in Fallabor Town over, the gang are now headed to Lavaridge Town so Ash can battle for his next Gym Badge. However they soon re-encounter Kazuchi, who taught his Plusle and Minun the Helping Hand attack and as a result was invited to join a group of cheerleaders. Soon the gang are in the company of said cheerleaders and thier leader, but it seems this group aren't fair when it comes to Pokemon battles.

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Game Winning Assist
Ash and company are being chased through a cave by some wild Slugma. The blame is being placed on Skitty because it had to pop out of its Pokeball and disturb the Slugma. Ash sees a lighted crack in the wall and tells Pikachu touse Iron Tail on the rock next to the wall. A path leading outside is revealed. Ash and company escape, but start to roll down a grassy hill. The narrator mentions that Ash and company tried to pass through a cave called by the Fiery Path so they could go to Lavaridge Town, but that didn’t work. Then they notice a Numel and look it up in the Pokedex. Numel is the Numb Pokemon that is active only when the magma inside its body gets warm. Skitty then decides to cause more trouble and starts to play with the Numel. Then it tackles the Numel, but Numel stays asleep. May then calls Skitty back into its Pokeball. The Numel wakes up, and starts to run to a nearby tree. It then eats some berries off the tree. Next, it tries to go to another tree, but a Furret comes up and stops its forward progress. The Furret’s trainer, Julie, shows up and tells Numel that it shouldn’t eat berries off trees. Then she notices Ash and company, and we get the usual introductions. She then asks if Ash and company were trying to go through the Fiery Path to Lavaridge Town when some Slugma attacked them. Ash wonders how she knew that and she explains that always happens to travelers going to Lavaridge Town. She invites them to her house, and Brock tries to make another love move. The Numel then cause some hot steam to shoot out of its back and Brock thinks that it was too hot. As they walk towards Julie’s home, Julie says that they should stay a night and she’ll make dinner. Brock tries to allow himself to make the food, and good testimonials are said. Because of this, Brock will be cooking dinner tonight. Julie shows Ash and company the pen where the Numel stay in. As they allow the Numel in, they are being watched by Team Rocket. They decide to steal the Numel to make a hefty profit by conning the money out of cold people in the mountains. Julie starts to take care of the Numel in the pen, while Max and Brock want to help her. Max just wants to be near Pokemon, as Brock wants to impress Julie. May challenges Ash to a battle, so she can get experience. Then Julie steps in and says that she would like to battle May with her Furret. So the battle begins. May sends out Skitty to fight Furret. May tells Skitty to watch the opponent’s moves, but Skitty just starts to tackle Furret. Furret dodges the attack, and tackles Skitty. May tells Skitty to listen to her, and then tells it to use Doubleslap, but that does minimal damage. May is told to look up Skitty’s attacks in her Pokedex. She tells Skitty to use Assist, which turns into Ember. It hits Furret. May tells it to use Assist again, and it launches a Silver Wind at Furret. However, Furret comes back and tackles Skitty for the win. Julie tells May that Assist makes a Pokemon use a move than another Pokemon in the party has, like with Torchic’s Ember and Beautifly’s Silver Wind. That night, Brock cooks a great dinner. At dinner, Julie says that she was once a Pokemon Coordinator. This news startles everybody, and she goes on and says that Skitty will be a great Pokemon. May is flattered. That night, Team Rocket comes in on a giant robotic Numel and starts to steal the Numel with two giant robotic hands. Both Furret and Pikachu hear them and tell their trainers of the bad news. Everybody starts to leave the house (May I mention here that they all found the time to get properly dressed.) Team Rocket is still stealing the Numel on the ranch, and Ash tells Pikachu to use Thunderbolt, but that doesn’t work. Then Team Rocket starts to run toward Ash and company. Skitty then decides to pop out of its Pokeball and run toward the robotic Numel. May chases after it and catches it. However, she lands on one of the robotic hands, which goes into the machine. Then Team Rocket escapes. Julie shows up with her kara nd Ash, Max, and Brock get in to save May and the Numel. Team Rocket is inside their robotic Numel dreaming of what they will do. James thinks of great ice cream, Meowth wants double cheeseburgers, and Jessie wants her own private island. Inside of the capture chamber, May notices that the Numel are still asleep. She tries to have Skitty use Tackle to open the chamber, but that does not work. Then she has Skitty use Assist, hoping for an Ember attack. However, it uses Gust. It tries another Assist, and Ember comes out and wakes a Numel up. The Numel then uses its steam to make all of the other Numel become awake. Then they all use Flamethrower on the walls of the chamber. Team Rocket notices that it is hot inside the machine and think the Numel woke up. Meowth just cools them down by turning on a water sprinkler inside the capture chamber. The Numel fall asleep again. Next, Skitty uses another Assist to cause the Numel to wake. Flamethrower is used again, and Meowth turns on the sprinkler. However, Skitty uses Doubleslap to break the sprinkler. The Numel eventually make some huge holes in the robotic Numel and escape. Team Rocket leaves their machine to find that not only is May here, but the other twerps have just arrived in Julie’s truck. They battle. Jessie uses Seviper to attempt and Iron Tail on Julie’s Furret, but that misses. Then Furret uses Slam to knock out Seviper. Then James uses Cacnea, which must hug its owner. Then it tries to Needle Arm Pikachu, but that misses also. Pikachu uses Thunderbolt to blast Team Rocket off. The next day, Julie thanks Ash and company for helping her. Then she shows where they can take a cable car up to Mount Chimney, which will lead to Lavaridge Town and Ash’s quest for his fourth badge.

A Fight For The Meteorite
Ash and company are currently headed for Lavaridge Town so Ash can earn his fourth badge in the Hoenn region. They find the cable car that will take them up the side of Mount Chimney, which they can descend down to Lavaridge on the other side. As they hear that the cable car is ready to leave, they rush into the gondola. Team Rocket, disguised as tour guides, also rushes into the gondola. The narrator asks if Mount Chimney will be the only thing in between Ash and Lavaridge Town. Team Rocket conspires that when the get off the cable car, they’ll hop off and snatch Pikachu. Meanwhile, they act as tour guides. Everybody notices that a red helicopter flies by. Jessie mentions the red helicopter, and Max says that he has eyes. Meanwhile, a man on Mount Chimney searches for something. The red helicopter (containing Team Magma) lands and they follow the man. As the cable kara scends the mountain some more, a gray helicopter flies by. Ash and company notice it and Jessie says once again that a helicopter flew by. The gray helicopter also lands on the mountain. Team Aqua members leave the helicopter. Their boss sends the A Team to stop the ascent of the cable cars and for the B Team to find the Meteorite. The Team Aqua A-Team go to the mountaintop cable car station. They bound and gag the workers there and cut power to the cable cars. Ash and company notice that they have stopped ascending the mountain. They ask the “tour guides” about what to do in an emergency. Of course, they cannot answer the question and start to panic. Brock uses a phone to call the cable car station, but there is no answer. Jessie starts to panic and accidentally destroys the phone. Then Team Rocket reveal themselves and are intent on capturing Pikachu right now. However, Brock explains that this would not be a great time to catch Pikachu. The man finds the Meteorite he was searching for and Team Magma reveal themselves. They ask the man to hand the stone over. He refuses and starts to run away. Then Team Aqua shows up. Team Magma Executive Tabitha sends his A Team to get the Meteorite. Team Aqua Executive Shirley sends a few of her members after the Meteorite was well. A battle begins. Meanwhile, Ash has found a rope in the cable car. He swings it and it clips on to the nearest transformer. Ash says that they can crawl across the rope and climb down the transformer and walk the rest of the way up the mountain. Ash is more than halfway across when Team Rocket decides that they do not want to be left behind. They jump onto the rope, and it breaks. Ash falls to the transformer and is alright. He says that he will walk the rest of the way up and get help. Team Rocket is on the cable car side of the broken rope, close to a long freefall. As Ash climbs the mountain, he runs into the man with the Meteorite. They hide as Team Magma rush past their hiding rock. Professor Gizmo explains that he wanted the Meteorite to study a rock from outer space. Ash is amazed, and says he will try to help him. In the cable car, everybody is hungry. Brock says that he made sandwiches, so May, Max, and him begin to eat. Team Rocket stares at him and ask if they can have some food. They are allowed to eat, so Jessie and James start eating the food rapidly. Meowth asks where their dignity has gone, but decides that he is hungry also. Team Aqua’s Walrein are losing to Team Magma’s Golbat and Mightyena. Team Aqua backs away as the Team Magma leader orders that their laser be ready when they get the Meteorite. Meanwhile, as Ash and Gizmo discuss the Meteorite more, a Golbat comes and takes it away. Team Magma then take off with the Meteorite. Ash and Gizmo conspire to get the Meteorite back. Team Magma puts the Meteorite into their laser and start it up. The laser is fired at some magma in the volcano. Gizmo says that the volcano is dormant but could become active again if provoked. They also notice that the Meteorite is in the laser. Gizmo plans to make a distraction as Ash goes to take the Meteorite. Gizmo announces his presence as Tabitha sends some people to get him. Then Ash rushes towards the laser and tries to break it. This causes the laser to become uncontrollable as Tabitha himself goes for Ash. However, Gizmo runs and tackles him. He says that it is better that the Meteorite not be available for anything than be used for evil as he pushes the laser, containing the Meteorite, into the magma. Team Magma and Team Aqua both leave, each awarding themselves victories for stopping each other. Ash and Gizmo help the cable car workers, and they send the cars up and down the mountain again. Team Rocket then conspires on the edge of a cliff that they will take this chance to catch Pikachu, but the rock below them gives way and they fall down a great distance. Ash sees Lavaridge Town, where he will battle for his fourth badge.

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Poetry Commotion!
Ash and Co. reach Lavaridge Town where they meet Flannery, the Gym Leader. Having just inherited the Gym from her Grandfather days earlier and determined to prove her abilities, she is just as eager as Ash to battle, but the Gym's battlefield is full of holes and therefore cannot be used. Deciding to help, the gang are soon hard at work filling the holes, however Team Rocket are standing by ready to snatch one of Flannery's Pokemon, a Torkoal that they can give to Giovanni!

Going, Going, Yawn
The narrator reviews the last episode where Ash and company made it to Lavaridge Town. There, they met Gym Leader Flannery and her grandfather, Mr. Moore (whom shall be called Grandpa). Then, through the power of teamwork, they defeated Team Rocket. Now Ash awaits his gym battle and his fourth badge in the Hoenn Region. Ash says that he should have an easy victory if he uses Corphish. The match between Ash of Pallet Town and Flannery, the Gym Leader of Lavaridge Town, will now commence. Grandpa (the judge) mentions that this will be Flannery’s first Gym Battle. Flannery argues with Grandpa, but he says to call him Judge. Then the judge explains that each trainer will use three Pokemon, but only the challenger may make substitutions. Flannery argues with this, but the judge corrects her. The match begins. Outside, Team Rocket try their plan of digging under and across to the battlefield, dig up, take the Pokemon, exit through the tunnel, and out to the balloon. Flannery uses Magcargo (nicknamed Mag) and Ash uses Corphish. Mag uses Flamethrower, but that misses. Corphish uses Bubblebeam and that hits. Then Corphish tries to use Crabhammer, but Mag uses Reflect to lessen the damage done. Then Corphish uses Bubblebeam to knock Mag out. Meanwhile, James feels some déjà vu, as they had tried this already (in Ash’s Gym Battle against Bugsy in Azalea Town in Johto). However, he doesn’t mind too much. Anyway, Team Rocket hits something. They hit some water and blast off. Next, Flannery uses Slugma. Ash switches Corphish out to use Treecko. This surprises everybody because Grass-types are weak to Fire-types. Slugma uses Flamethrower, but Treecko dodges the attack. It then uses Quick Attack, but the damage is lessened due to the Reflect barrier that Mag used. Then Slugma uses Flamethrower, and Treecko avoids that attack. It then goes in for a Pound attack, but Reflect stops that too. Then Slugma uses Smog to conceal itself. Then Slugma uses Flamethrower. Treecko dodges the direct hit, but some flames bounce up and give it a Burn. Ash is forced to switch Treecko out. Team Rocket had blasted off into a hot spring, and is now enjoying it. They decide that they will tell the boss about this place so he can feel good about it. They relax. Ash uses Corphish again. It tries to use Crabhammer, but the Reflect barrier once again proves defensive. Then Ash tries to use Bubblebeam, but Slugma uses Yawn to put Corphish to sleep. Grandpa is impressed (of course, he can’t say comments out loud as he is the judge). Ash returns Corphish. Pikachu decides to step in. It tries an Iron Tail, and it finally breaks the Reflect barrier. Slugma uses Smog to conceal itself and to confuse Pikachu. It hits Pikachu with a Flamethrower. Pikachu tries to use Thunder, but Slugma hides behind Smog. Then Pikachu decides to use Thunder, and the electric attack shocks the whole Smog cloud, and Slugma is knocked out. Flannery decides to use Torkoal as her last Pokemon. Pikachu tries a Thunder, but Torkoal uses Iron Defense to stop the blow. Then Pikachu goes in for an Iron Tail, but Iron Defense stops that also. Then Torkoal uses Sludge Bomb and it hits Pikachu. Pikachu tries another Thunder, but that is useless. Then Torkoal uses Overheat to knock Pikachu out. Ash uses Treecko. Iron Defense stops Treecko’s attacks, and Overheat is powerful enough to knock Treecko out. All Ash has left is a sleeping Corphish. It comes out asleep. Torkoal uses an Overheat, but its power is reduced by how many times it is used and Corphish isn’t hurt badly. Then Torkoal uses Flamethrower, and Corphish finally wakes up. It uses Crabhammer, but Iron Defense stops that. Torkoal uses Sludge Bomb to hit Corphish. Ash tries another Crabhammer, but Iron Defense stops that. Then Torkoal uses another Flamethrower. Ash wonders if Torkoal could be drawn out of its shell. Ash then decides to have Corphish use Crabhammer on the side of Torkoal’s shell. Torkoal spins around and around and become very dizzy. It is knocked out. Ash is presented with his Heat Badge as he is congratulated. Grandpa says that Flannery used Overheat much too early and that is why she lost. Meanwhile, Team Rocket is still in the hot spring, but they find some Ursaring want it too. The Ursaring blast them off.

Going for a Spinda
Ash happily shows his Heat Badge, his fourth badge in the Hoenn region. He then asks where the next gym is. Max says that the closest gym is in Fortree City, but Brock says that Ash should go back to Petalburg City. Last time they visited, Ash only had Pikachu, so he definitely would have lost to Norman. Now he is ready, as Max and May are excited to go home. They walk on the road and run into a Spinda. The Pokedex says that Spinda moves in an awkward state in order to confuse its enemies. It also says that no two Spinda have the same spots. Then some more Spinda come. A lady runs after the Spinda, but fails to catch them. The lady introduces herself as Claire (not the Gym Leader of Blackthorn City; the producers have just been running out of names) and her butler. Ash and company introduce themselves, as Brock tries to make himself look good. Max pulls his ear again. Claire explains that she is looking for a certain Spinda to give it back to an acquaintance. The Spinda in question has a heart-shaped spot on its forehead, thus it shall be named Heart Spinda. They decide to search for it, as it gave Claire lots of good luck. Team Rocket was overhearing them and decided to steal the Spinda and win every lottery. Then they can give it to people for lottery use at a cost of 99 percent of all winnings. Anyway, Ash and company search for Heart Spinda. They come across a bunch of Spinda. Brock sees a Spinda that looks like Heart Spinda but actually is a Spinda with a broken heart instead. Claire finds Heart Spinda but it mixes up with some other Spinda. Team Rocket then comes in their balloon and uses a machine to suck all of the Spinda up. They try to take Heart Spinda out, but it uses Dizzy Punch and Hypnosis to land the balloon. It escapes ascending a mountain. Team Rocket tries to attract Heart Spinda with another Spinda. They resort to using a Teddiursa. However, one of Teddiursa’s parents (Ursaring) show up and blast Team Rocket off. Ash and company decide to split up into two groups to find Heart Spinda. Some guy we’ve never heard of heads up the mountain. Team Rocket decides to try and costume somebody else to act like Spinda. Meowth is chosen, and somehow, it works! Heart Spinda shows up. Team Rocket catches a Spinda in their net, but it is actually Meowth. Heart Spinda runs away up the mountain. Team Rocket chases after it. Heart Spinda knows it is going to be caught, so it uses Teeter Dance to confuse Team Rocket. They accidentally step off the mountain. Claire comes and finally finds Heart Spinda. May and Brock also appear. Heart Spinda runs up the mountain and reaches a grassy field. Brock starts to look for Heart Spinda, but finds Broken-Heart Spinda again. Then Heart Spinda gives Claire. Brock catches on about this “acquaintance”, and it turns out the guy we only heard of once, which was two paragraphs ago, is the acquaintance. His name is Caine, a Pokémon Adventurer. Claire then explains thatthey are engaged to be married. Brock’s heart breaks. Then Team Rocket shows up in a giant Spinda robot. It takes all of the Spinda, including Heart Spinda. The robot is invincible to electricity as usual. Then Brock reveals his Kaiba nature (both are voiced by Eric Stuart) and gets very angry. He uses Lotad and Mudkip, but their Water Gun and Razor Leaf do not work. Then he uses Forretress and its Explosion to destroy the machine. All of the Spinda jump out. Brock ends up catching Broken-Heart Spinda. Claire gets Heart Spinda. Then Pikachu blasts Team Rocket off. Ash and company leave for Petalburg City. (Brock’s heart is still broken.)


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